Bigfoot Tracks Found In
Ontario, Canada Forest

PEAWANUCK, Ontario (UPI) - Large prints found in a forest on the shores of Hudson Bay indicate that Bigfoot, a large hairy man-like creature that has mystified people for decades, is alive and well in northern Ontario..
Abraham Hunter, the chief of the Weemusk First Nation in Peawanuck, Ontario, some 1,100 miles (1,800 km) north of Toronto, said Wednesday he examined the footprints last week after a member of his community first sighted them.
Each footprint, he said "was 14 inches or so (long) and five inches wide" and there "were quite a few of them, more than twenty" heading toward a river.
The footprints were first sighted as a community member of Peawanuck was driving in a four-wheeler through the Polar Bear Provincial Park, one of Ontario's largest wildlife reserves on the south shore of Hudson Bay. Since then, Hunter said, several people from Peawanuck have examined the prints.
The prints were some two yards apart, indicating that the creature had a very large stride, and they were definitely not those of a bear.
"A bear would have four different footprints," Hunter said.
They were heading toward the Winisk River, which flows through the park.
The creature left no hair on the shrubs as it passed, but the footprints sank quite deep into the soil, indicating that Bigfoot was big and heavy.
"It's not just in one area" that the footprints were sighted, Hunter said. "There's about three different areas, one about three kilometers (2 miles) away, and another two kilometers (1.25 miles) away.
"These were not the first sightings either.
"About 20 years ago, there was a sighting about 25 or 20 kilometers (15 or 12.5 miles) downstream." In fact, the creature itself was sighted about 20 years ago, but it was not until next day that people in the area went to the spot and "did find footprints, (each) 16 inches in length," Hunter said. "It looked like a man," was very hairy, and was "heading toward the bush."
In Toronto, Brett Kelly of the Ontario Natural Resources Ministry, said an area supervisor for the ministry and two other people visited the spot where the latest footprints were found and took photographs. "They are sending the photographs down for us to have a look."
"Apparently, there have been 16 other sightings in the province of Ontario" in different areas, including "Algonquin Park, the far west of the province, (but) mostly in the north," Kelly said.
"There was a sighting last year, in 1999, and a previous sighting to that in the western part of the province," he said. The sightings reported were of the creature itself and its footprints.
In the latest sighting, "I think it's quite heavy, because it left quite a deep footprint, but there's no estimation of what the actual size of it is."
After the sighting near Peawanuck, "our ministry staff saw a second set 150 kilometers (93 miles) east."


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