US Planes Hunting Discs -
Russian Tells Of 'Atom Saucers'
FBI Probes Story Of Soviet Ship Officer
From Frank Warren

The Milwaukee Sentinel
July, 7th, 1947

LOS ANGELES, July 6 (Special) - Federal agents today investigated a letter to the Examiner describing Russian supersonic atom-powered planes, resembling the "flying saucers."

A top flight atomic scientist to whom the Examiner referred the letter said it was "not all nonsense," and suggested the matter be turned over to the FBI.

The letter writer said he got the information from an officer aboard a Russian tanker recently in Los Angeles harbor.



The Russian, he said, also described experiments with controlled radioactive clouds in the artic, where birds, animals and even worms were killed.

The planes, as described by the Russian, to the writer, are only <? inches thick, with a kidney shaped outline and no propellers

The pilot lies on his stomach and is artificially cooled against the heat developed by the air friction.

"The outer surface is highly polished ," the Russian said. Both upper and lower surfaces are convex, like a giant lens. The lifting force is an entirely different principal found about 10 years ago among unpublished papers of a Russian chemist.

"Energy is needed for climbing, but no energy is needed when the airplane goes along the earth's gravitational contour lines."

The writer of the strange letter said he met the Russian in Wilmington and, because he wanted to hear about Russia, he invited him to dinner.

The Russian first asked where he could sell 18 polar bear pelts, which he received "for very dangerous work."

He said he had been assigned to go ove the route of the radio-active cloud near Lake Bakai ( or Baykai ) and pick up dead animals.



"They loaded a few small ships with all kinds of animals and directed the cloud over them," the writer said.

"During this experiment, a violent storm blew the cloud far north over the tundra, but before it disipated it destroyed all life in its way."

"The cloud may be controlled from land, from a plane or from a robot-piloted leader." As I understand it the controll is based on electro-magnetic waves and the cloud has two components: The carrier and the killer.




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