Now Playing At Your
Local Theater: Bestiality
By Dr. Chuck Baldwin
Excluvise WorldNetDaily Commentary
© 2001

When confronted with the rot and filth portrayed in modern movies, most of the Hollywood elite will argue that their movies do not attempt to influence society's values - they simply reflect them. I ask then, when did Americans begin having sex with animals? I may not be the most avant-garde man in the country, but that one really snuck up on me.
A movie produced by Sony Pictures that is currently playing in theaters across the nation called, "The Animal," pushes the envelope of sexual misconduct by depicting bestiality to America's 13-year-olds. That's right, the theme of this disgusting movie is people having sex with animals! To make matters even worse, the film is rated PG-13.
We must assume, therefore, that Hollywood feels that America's 13-year-olds are routinely engaging in bestiality. Either that, or Hollywood is attempting to take the culture war to the next level. (But that would mean that they are trying to influence children's values, wouldn't it?)
The only encouraging aspect of this pathetic picture is that hardly anyone is going to see it. It is a box office bust. Hallelujah! But before you relax, remember that this is only a flanking unit. The main force is only a short distance behind.
Such a tactic by the cultural Marxists in Hollywood means that the battle to reshape the moral fabric of our society has already progressed well beyond homosexuality. Indeed. Culturally, that battle has been lost. Consider:
* President Bush and the Republican Party have joined the Democrat Party in capitulating to the homosexual agenda. Just this week, the Bush administration posted a job for what is being called a "gay and lesbian program specialist." According to the New York Times, the Agriculture Department intends to recruit, hire and promote homosexual workers. Accomplishing this task is the job of the new "specialist." The new position will earn about 100,000 taxpayer dollars annually. This is in addition to the openly gay people Bush has already added to his administration.
* The Bush administration has refused to rescind any pro-homosexual policy implemented by former president, Bill Clinton.
* The 2000 Census reports that homosexual households have shown "huge increases" during the past decade. Such households have skyrocketed over 200 percent in states such as Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts and Montana, to more than over 700 percent increases in states such as Delaware and Nevada. And the trend isn't slowing down.
* Fortune 500 companies and high-tech industries are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into pro-homosexual causes.
* The American Medical Association recently proposed a resolution that asks national youth groups (such as the Boy Scouts) not to ban homosexuals.
* America's public schools have become active promoters of homosexuality and lesbianism. When the National Education Association holds its annual convention shortly, it will introduce a resolution that condones and promotes homosexuality (as it does every year). Most sex education courses being taught in government schools today unabashedly legitimize and normalize sodomite behavior.
* Movies and television sit-coms are now inundated with homosexual and lesbian themes.
* Even mainline churches are putting their stamp of approval on deviant sexual conduct. Just a few days ago, the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted to drop a ban on ordaining homosexuals.
The list is endless. Now that sodomy has made it to Main Street, it's time to move on. The next battlefields: bestiality and pedophilia. "The Animal" is a cheap probe, a tasteless, low-budget experiment designed to test the nation's reaction. What will pastors do? What will parents do? How will the kids react? And if recent history is any indicator, this exploratory probe into the resolve of our moral conscience will be met with unequivocal indifference. And that is exactly what the cultural Marxists are counting on.
It may take 20 or 30 years before bestiality and pedophilia begin to enjoy social acceptance. But I remind you that it was only 20 or 30 years ago that homosexuality was socially repugnant and politically taboo. Look where it is today.
Today, bestiality appears as cheap entertainment at your local theater. Tomorrow, it will be given a number and proposed as a bill in Congress, given a scientific name and condoned by the medical community, praised from pulpits and integrated into the public schools' sex-education curricula. Unless God-fearing, decent people wake up to the fact that we are in a culture war - and that we are losing it - and start acting as if their children's future is worth fighting for, the disgusting depictions of this movie will become the next generation's standard of normalcy. Then what?
Dr. Chuck Baldwin is the host of Chuck Baldwin Live, a daily, two hour long radio call-in show on the events of the day. In addition to writing two books of theology, "Subjects Seldom Spoken On" and "This Is The Life," he has edited and produced "The Freedom Documents," a collection of 50 of the greatest documents of American history.


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