Only In America
By Jim Mortellaro

Only here. Where our Founding Fathers tried so hard to protect and defend us from every conceivable danger to the Constitution, every conceivable danger to our freedom and every conceivable hazard to our then unique way of life.
They failed.
Under our present system of governance, we elect people to represent our interests. We have the right to vote them out of office in the event they do not protect those interests. We don't. Instead, we allow them, our elected officials, to walk all over us, all over our liberty, all over our rights and our freedom. We do that.
We've lost our right to govern ourselves because we let our elected officials take the helm. We do nothing when they go against our wishes. We are weak and they are strong. This is not government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is government of, by and for politicians and do you think for a SINGLE MOMENT that they care ONE WHIT about you and yours? If you do, stop reading. You don't belong in my article. Go away.
The motto and modus operandi of our elected officials is ... greed. Most of these people are "career" politicians, people who would do virtually anything in order to keep their jobs. And one of the things they do is create problems where none exist. Often, problems which do exist, are salved by new laws which reduce freedom further. Because the reason the law is created, to solve a problem, doesn't. Instead, it merely treats the symptoms.
When I was a kid, there wasn't a house on the block or in the neighborhood without fireworks. Dads supervised and kids enjoyed. Families existed, where there were actually two parents. And will wonders never cease, they were not of the same sex. I shall retire to bedlam.
Kids knew there place. They understood just how far they could go and usually went no further. When they did, they either got hurt or they got punished. One or the other. We always had fireworks in our backyard every Fourth. Twice I had a salute go off in my hand. Accident. My parents did not go ballistic. They figured that the pain was punishment enough.
It was.
Is this a gripe about not being able to buy and use fireworks? Of course it is. But it is not the only reason. Cheeses, there have to be a hundred of them, and all of these important to our very way of living, the way our Founding Fathers envisioned this country to be. Of, By and For the People. Us. You and me.
Fireworks are illegal and the police and politicians actually solved the problem of fireworks sale and distribution. I wonder why they cannot do the same for drugs? Hmmmm. Maybe there is a reason? I think so. And I am not even (in my own mind) a proponent of conspiracy. Although by God and all the ships at sea, if there are no conspiracies afoot to change the manner in which Americans live, freely, if you people cannot perceive this, then we are lost. Anyone out there feel that you are being governed well? Governed according to the Constitution? How many of you know what the Constitution is and what it stands for? How many of you know your rights under that Constitution?
Do you think I am being too hard on you - on us? Listen to this. I am listening to the CBS radio news, 880 on the AM dial in NYC. I hear this little factoid.
EIGHTEEN PERCENT (18%) of high school students thought that the American Revolution was fought against France. France?! Eighteen percent. They must not read Rense.Com. Gosh almighty people, is this what we are teaching 18% of our kids? To know nothing? I don't blame young people for not knowing their (our) history. I am blaming our teachers. I blame you and me. I blame parents for not asking how school was today and what was covered in class. I blame our system of living which has gone down hill since Regan became president.
Whilst I have forgotten the exact percentage, I heard another prognostication by the newscaster that a large percentage of American youth were not aware of who the combatants were in the War Between the States!! Dear Lord, please save us from our culpable stupidity. And teachers want a raise? For what? Firing Lehmberg? Cripes, he'd have taught them some history!
You think maybe this is the end of it? Fireworks? Right. And the check is in the mail. You can't use your cell phone in your car without a hands free setup in this state of NY. The only one. Why? Because it's dangerous. You can no longer keep a firearm in your home without a permit. IN YOUR HOME! Why? The kids. The kids. I ain't got no kids.
But listen to this truth. When my dad taught me how to shoot I was five years old. The shotgun was a 410 gauge. Now here is the Piece des Resistance. The gun was in the hallway closet. Dad's closet. From age five through age about 13, when I went to take my hunter safety training program course, I never went near it. Why? God man, my dad told me not to. And I understood clearly that his word was not just the law.... his word also made common sense. I listened to my dad. I still do. He is a gentlemen. A man of honor and integrity. I should be that kind of man. I cannot stand in dad's shoes. I admit this. He is to be 89 this coming August. He still drives Mom around Somers town. Mostly to doctors appointments. And he is a man everyone in Somers looks up to.
A member of the Somers Lions Club, the K of C and well known in his community, James Mortellaro, Sr. used to carry the American flag during the Fourth of July celebrations. He still does. But he does not march in the parade any longer. Instead, the Lions Club drives dad around in a hired limo, a convertible and dad carries a lighter and smaller flag. That's my Dad. And I love him. Wanna know something? He loves me. When dad goes, I just won't be the same man. I will have lost a piece of myself. Like an arm or a leg. Much worse.
What is happening in this once great nation? Danger. From ourselves. From people who have little common sense and less sensibility. From the destruction of the family. From the loss of love, touchy-feely-kissing kind of parental love. What is dangerous is the idiot who cannot control him or her self without someone telling him or her where to go, how to get there and what to do when they do get there.
If this is the way you wish to live, go ahead then. Me? I prefer to believe that people can be sensible whenever they use their cellphone. Or take a drink. Or smoke a cigar or even a cigarette. Who the hell is guilty of taking our liberties and our freedoms away.
We are. Each and every one of us. Because we cannot make decisions without someone else calling the shots. Because we use little or no common sense. Because you allow people, your elected officials to lie to your face. While behind your backs they hiss.
There is more illegality among our elected government officials than exists among the people they wish to regulate by their laws. Think about it. Just how free are you to do what you please? And why aren't you? Because you have lost your ability to use your God given common sense. You have acted in ways which have allowed government to come down on you for not using common sense. And in the process, government has no alternative, no choice, but not to use it on your behalf. In stead, they use their own greed and avarice. In lieu of governance in your favor, it is governance in their favor. Neat arrangement, huh?
I wish to drive where I want when I want to drive there. I wish to carry a concealed weapon because I need to. I wish to have a cigar once in a blue moon because I enjoy it. I wish to take my old SAAB 96 for a ride without people trying to have me arrested because it smokes. It is supposed to stupid. It's a two stroke engine. And the smoke coming out of it is cleaner than most 1980s vintage cars. Sue me.
I wish to have the right to hunt if it be my choice. Without having some people call me names and point. I wish to do many things from which I am precluded from doing because the minority seems to be in control. How the hell did that happen?
People of the United States wake up please. So we can all enjoy life a bit more. And have it our way. Like Burger King, only without the tainted meat. Love your kids. Let them want to be with you more than with the Mall crowd. It is your right to tell them what to do. As long as you give them the example they would wish to follow. Otherwise, they cannot and do not respect your judegment. See how it works? Neat huh?
Jim Mortellaro


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