Doctors Remove 222 Nails
From Man's Belly

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopian doctors have removed more than 200 nails swallowed by a mentally ill patient after the man complained of stomach pains, his surgeon said on Monday.
Medics spent more than an hour extracting 26 ounces of items from Gezahenge Debebe's stomach after an X-ray revealed it was crammed with assorted pieces of metal.
``The metallic objects removed from the patient included 222 rusty nails, keys and coins,'' Assefa Woldu, surgeon at the Tibebe private hospital, told reporters.
Woldu said 40-year-old Debebe was thought to have eaten the items during his 20 years as a mental patient.
He said Debebe was recovering well after the operation, which was conducted over the weekend.


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