The Government's 'Response'
To Utah Chemtrail Spraying

From R. Peterson

Dear Mr. Rense -
I have been watching the chemtrail phenomenon in the skies over Salt Lake City for over two years now. At one point, a big green gob of the stuff landed on my daughters windshield. We were being heavily sprayed one afternoon a few months ago, so I decided to call the National Weather Service here to see if they knew anything about it.
A receptionist answered phone, and I asked her why airplanes were crisscrossing back and forth over our skies, and spraying some unknown substance. She immediately became very uncomfortable with my question, even stuttering at one point, and responded by saying "oh, no sir, those are normal "contrails." I explained to her that you could literally watch these planes (I counted about 10) spray this stuff from one end of the valley to the next, turn around, and start all over again. She then got very nervous and said "let me get my supervisor".
At that point, a very gruff sounding man came on the phone, and in a stern voice asked me what I wanted. Once again, I was told that these "trails" were nothing more than normal "ice crystals" forming from the planes exhausts because of the "cold weather" (it was 85 degrees that day). I explained to him that I had observed these planes crisscrossing back and forth for hours, not only on that particular day, but on many other days as well.
After a somewhat heated argument with him, he finally said the following: "It's our position that these are normal contrails", at which point he HUNG UP ON ME!
It was obvious to me that this guy had all of his answers memorized and down pat, as he gave me the exact same explanation at least three different times. It was also apparent that this guy was not a normal employee of the NWS, but was a special government agent, placed in that office specifically to "field" these types of calls, as I am sure that many, many people here are calling the NWS offices with the same questions.
I thought you might find this of some interest.
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