Ed Mitchell Most Unhappy
With Greer Using His Name
As Disclosure Witness
From Dr. Jack Sarfatti
Subject: Astronaut Ed Mitchell on Washington Times story of the
Greer UFO Disclosure Conference
To: Edgar Mitchell
Organization: Internet Science Education Project

"Steve Greer...began to overreach his data continuously"
- Edgar Mitchell
Edgar Mitchell) Jack, et al: The Washington Times (story) on UFO disclosure mentions my name as a witness for the Disclosure Project -- which I am not ...and have not been.
(Jack Sarfatti) I am not surprised at all. If you look to see who is running that CSETI Horse and Pony Disinfo Show & Tell you will recognize familiar names. Consider the source. As a Navy man and NASA Astronaut who really was Out There, you know what I mean. :-)
(Edgar Mitchell) I cooperated with Steve Greer some years ago, but he began to overreach his data continuously, necessitating a withdrawal by myself, and, I believe, several others. I have requested to be removed from any web site, announcements, etc., but see that has not taken place.
(Jack Sarfatti) Typical of politically-based influence operations. The real motive of the Press Club Event was the issue of militarization of space not UFOs, on which reasonable well meaning people can differ of course. Since many millions of voters believe UFOs are real, getting control of the UFO movement clearly is a top priority for all the players.
(Edgar Mitchell) Although I firmly believe it is time for openness and disclosure by government, I object to being misused in this fashion and acquire guilt by association with certain claims that simply are not true.
(Jack Sarfatti) I feel exactly as you do. I think you, Don Ecker and I see it eye-to-eye on this one.
(Edgar Mitchell) I, nor any crew I was on (I was on three Apollo crews), received any briefing before or after flights on UFO events, saw anything in space suggesting UFOs or structures on the moon, etc. We did it just like we said in official reports. My only claim to knowledge of these events is from the individuals, mostly of yesteryear, who were in government, intelligence, or military; were there, saw what they saw, and now believe it should be made public. But I claim no first hand knowledge, nor have any. Pass it on to the rest of the net, if you will.
--Edgar Mitchell
(Jack Sarfatti) Is The Pope Catholic? Pass it on. I certainly will. :-)
'Disclosure Project' Oversteps Bounds
From Jason Leigh
To all,
First, thanks to Dan of UFOzone for sending me this article: from Jeff Rense's one-of-a-kind excellent world news website.
Second: Dr. Steven Greer used my copyrighted UFO videos to sell, promote and include in his past 'paid public lectures,' without my expressed permission.
He showed my stated UFO video tape (of June 11, 1995, (c) by Jason Leigh) to the U.S. Congress in 1997, as was verified by Dr. Bob Hieronimus (and was mentioned to my surprise on one of our 'on-air' radio interviews), who was present at that U.S. Congress meeting conducted by Dr. Greer, again: without my written, or expressed permission. A blatant copyright infringement . . .
I wrote to Dr. Greer, who at first, denied having ever showed this footage, but then recanted when I wrote him back and related what Dr. Bob Hieronimus had told me, stating that he (Dr. Greer) had,"forgotten."
Now, I certainly didn't mind--and was actually proud that my UFO footage was included in the presentation to the U.S. Congress back in 1997, but NOT when it was used in 'paid lectures' presented to the public and was also included in his UFO promotional videotape--which was also 'sold' for purposes for profit, or monetary gain: yet another copyright infringement.
Since the amazing broad daylight UFO was videotaped by me on June 11, 1995, I have invested over $5,000 to date to present this 'proven' footage to the world--for free. But when another would take (or steal) this copyrighted footage and profit from it without so much as a 'howdy do' to me, it certainly would have put most anyone in a mood of discontent.
It seems that the stories we have all heard of Dr. Greer and his 'non-profit' organization ('non-profit' meaning he does not offer any moneies towards charites--only towards the 'Disclosure Project') 'using' other people's research, names and photographs to promote his own project is such a derogatory issue, that we should all be infuriated by this inexcusable conduct.
I, for one, am bewildered at the attentions he has been able to reap via the paranormal and major media in his 'Disclosure Project,' which should have a post-script to it by giving credit where credit is due to the many HUNDREDS of people he has used as well as the above mentioned thief and misuse of other people's work and names, usually, and apparently: without their consent. He should be brought up on charges for his illegal actions in an attempt to force the U.S. government to admit to the reality of UFOs, but this would just bring yet another collective 'black eye' to this field of research, which is scared enough by the countless others who have perpetrated hoaxes and lies, most assuredly for personal profit and gain.
Will I sue Dr. Greer for infringing upon, and profiting from, my copyrighted video of the UFO? I am not sure at this point, although others in this field have suggested that I should--and must.
What say ye?
I affirm that the above is true, and correct. Jason Leigh
Dear Mr. Bassett:
With respect, the majority of the MUFON members who we surveyed believed the Greer "Disclosure Project" was unsuccessful. Moreover, most thought it set back Ufology. Here were some of their reasons:
Ufology was mixed with other issues -- like Space Based defense deployment. Space systems are a primary focus of the Bush administration. And, are were to think that sworn officers and esteemed graduates of West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy are dupes who do not hold the U.S. public's interest in defense matters?
Witnesses were publicly known prior to the disclosure -- none were insiders. Only one person that he eye-witnessed (ET) alien bodies. When asked what ETs looked like, Clifford Stone's statement was ludicrous. Mr. Bassett, were these the best of 400 witnesses that Dr. Greer vetted?
ET's are not hostile... What then do we do with the work of Dr. Jacobs (and 50 years of UFO/ET studies by other researchers), abductees, ET hybrids, implants, cattle, human mutilations and hostile acts (Brazil and South Africa).
Mr. Bassett, unless Congress acts, your new Paradigm Clock setting at 11:59 PM should be reconsidered...
Jerry Glass,
Director MUFON
Riverside County, CA
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