Late Night Radio Storm As Art Bell
Draws Fire For Guest-Bashing
Trouble In Dreamland
By Michael Goodspeed

On April 17th of 2001, national talk show host Art Bell posted on his web site a letter from his syndicator, Premier Radio Networks, to National UFO Reporting Center founder and president Peter Davenport. In this letter, PRN Vice President Alan Corbeth asserts that Davenport did not wish to appear on Coast to Coast AM with Bell replacement Mike Siegel unless he was compensated financially, and that Davenport repeated this request to Art when Art scheduled him for a guest appearance on February 5th of 2000. Corbeth stated categorically that this is not the policy of PRN, and criticized Davenport for appearing on other talk shows without financial reward.
The decision of Bell to go public with this allegedly true information has left many in the UFO community flummoxed, because Peter Davenport has been one of the most respected independent researchers in the field of UFOlogy, as well as a valued guest on Art's show, since the early 1990s.
Some find it a bit too coincidental that this accusation has been posted just days after the Seattle Chat Club removed the name "Art Bell" from their moniker, because of their investigation into the infamous Jonathan Reed/Robert Raith "alien burrito" tale. It's been known for some time that a number of UFOlogists in Washington (where the NUFORC is based) were doing legwork into the claims of Reed and Raith. The Seattle Chat Club's investigation found that Robert Raith and one "Dr." Chacon, a reported microbiologist who claimed to have done DNA analysis on Reed's physical "evidence", are actually co-workers at a gas station and mini-mart, and that Mr. Chacon is certainly not a doctor, nor did he "flee the country in fear for his life," as has been asserted by both Reed and Raith.
It's also worth noting that the UFO Watchdog web site, which has published numerous exposes on popular Bell guests, recently posted an email from Peter Davenport where Davenport states categorically that Jonathan Reed is a liar and has confabulated his tale.
So the question is worth asking: Is Art Bell attempting to damage the credibility of Peter Davenport, simply because Davenport is not willing to support apparent hoaxes like the Jonathan Reed story?
Did Art really believe that his audience needed to know about Davenport's alleged desire to be compensated financially? What was the news worthiness of this information? Why not keep it "in house" and resolve the matter privately? Is Peter Davenport not worthy of the most perfunctory professional courtesy?
I know of no instances when Davenport has intentionally "dissed" the Bell show, for obvious reasons. He has always been one of Art's most loyal, popular, and CREDIBLE quests, which makes this situation even more perplexing.
Davenport is not the only former Bell guest who has recently come under fire. Last week on C2C, Richard Hoagland claimed that Tom Van Flandren has allegedly doctored a Mars photograph for his Meta Research presentation. This is especially shocking, because Van Flandren has long been Hoagland's most credible ally and supporter. And like Davenport, Van Flandren is an almost UNIVERSALLY respected researcher whose ethics are viewed as above reproach. I personally know many long time friends and colleagues of Tom's who are nothing less than appalled by Hoagland's accusation, which has not been supported by anything resembling fact.
What gives here? Is Hoagland worried that Van Flandren might be "stealing his thunder" as the world's leading proponent of artificial structures on Mars? Is Davenport being damaged because he has the audacity to stand on principal and not support people and agendas he knows to be fraudulent? Are Art and his compadres sending a warning shot to all independent researchers, that they must NOT challenge the Bell agenda, lest they suffer the most dire consequences to their careers and reputations?
Consider the fact that Davenport and Van Flandren are not the first Bell guests to have their characters assassinated on national radio. Take a look at the long list of popular "alternative" personalities who are either banished from C2C or have been actively smeared:
Dr. Richard Sauder, author of Kundalini Tales. When Sauder contacted Whitley Strieber about appearing on Dreamland, Sauder was told that his book Kundalini Tales and the theories within were "too conspiratorial" to be presented on the air. This was very perplexing, because it was WHITLEY STRIEBER who wrote a positively glowing forward to Sauder's book.
David Icke, author of numerous books on the NWO, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, and one-world conspiracies. To my knowledge, Bell has never publicly addressed why Icke is no longer allowed on his show. Like Sauder, Icke has stated on other talk shows that he believes C2C to be a promoter of disinformation.
Courtney Brown, PhD, remote viewer. Remember the Hale-Bopp fiasco of 1998? Brown refused to give the name of the man responsible for doctoring the photo of the infamous Hale-Bopp "companion," and was subsequently reamed by Strieber and Bell in an on air tag team match. Never mind that it was Bell who mercilessly promoted the photo on his show for weeks, ignoring public opinion that the photo was a fake. Did Bell need a fall guy to take the blame for his own lack of judgment and scruples?
Sherman Skolnick, independent journalist. Skolnick was responsible for exposing the largest judicial bribery scandal in US history in his home state of Illinois. He does have some admittedly far-reaching theories, but not any more so than Hoagland, Morton, Dames, et al. To my knowledge, Skolnick has never been featured on C2C, even though he is arguably more credible than the majority of Art's guest.
David John Oates, founder of reverse speech. Oates' problems with Bell went way back before the infamous lawsuit and "feud" of 1999. In 1998, Art abruptly dropped Oates as a guest, and over the next year aired accusations that Oates had doctored reversals (which Art later admitted was not true), and engaged in cyberstalking tactics against Art and his show. Most agree that Oates contributed greatly to his own downfall, as evidenced by his odd affiliation with the less-than-credible Robert AM Stephens. But to date, no one has adequately explained why Oates was banished at the absolute height of his popularity.
There are numerous other researchers, journalists, remote viewers, and UFOlogists who have been overlooked by C2C, while the usual suspects named Scallion, Dames, Reed, Hoagland, and Morton continue to thrive. This strikes many people as just a tad incongruent, as Art continues to feature blatant frauds and hoaxers while simultaneously slamming anyone who either challenges him or gets too close to the truth.
It's also worth noting that Art has never touched any of the following topics on his show or website: discrepancies in the official police report of the Columbine massacre; a possible conspiracy behind the death of Princess Diana; a conspiracy behind the FDA's approval of aspartame (or NutraSweet) and other deadly food additives; theories that numerous high-ranking NASA officials have ties to the Third Reich; and don't forget Art's total dismissal of every Clinton and Bush related scandal over the past several years.
Is it possible that a show as hugely popular as C2C has been somehow homogenized or influenced by the hands of either the black or official government, to create confusion, disharmony, and tumult in the already disjointed world of the paranormal? Or is this simply the case of a giant media monopoly maintaining it's stronghold through mercenary force? In either case, an increasing number of independent thinkers have expressed their anger over Bell's behavior, and are demanding that Bell begin treating his colleagues in the alternative milieu with the respect they have earned.
Note - We are posting several comments below, pro and con, to illustrate the diversity of views we are receiving over the Peter Davenport-Art Bell news story...which is the largest story to hit ufology in many months and will be covered here as the news item it is. We expect to hear the OTHER side of the story from Mr. Davenport shortly and will post it here. As always, we present a multitude of controversial stories for your consideration. For those few who would censor the news, be advised this site is not about to change its committment to covering the issues of the day.

From Bill Hamilton
I saw this posting and was compelled to comment.
I was scheduled to be on the Mike Siegel show on or around March 13th, the anniversary of the Phoenix Lights. When Art returned to the air he ignored the bookings with Mike and never responded to me or to my agent regarding my booking.
All I know is that when I called Art Bell in 1997 about Ed Dames appearance on the show and his erroneous theories, Art told me that it was only entertainment and not to take it seriously. After that, he never invited me back on his show.
It galls me that phonies like Sean David Morton speak at conferences and my ongoing research never gets heard anymore. Perhaps the audiences like the wild sensationalism better than hearing legitimate information from difficult research, but information that could have a far greater impact on their lives than baseless prophecies. I have often wondered whether I should become entertaining for the sake of sharing info, but I decided it is better to share what I have learned with a few willing minds than try to wow an audience with sensationalistic claims. After all, we are just trying to find out as near as possible what is really going on in the world using all of our abilities and faculties.
Art avoids the good researchers you feature such as Richard Sauder and he doesn't want to rock the boat regarding his star guests - Hoagland, Dames, etc...
Soon he will be featured on XM satellite radio and heard from anywhere an XM satellite broadcasts. We need a strong alternative. We need Jeff Rense, a talk show host with a keen mind who is willing to explore all sorts of subjects and ferret out the truth from all the claims.
We vote for you, Jeff.
Bill Hamilton
Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.
From Sheryl Jackson
Mr. Rense, I have been a fan of your site for over three years. In the past you have not engaged in the petty and conceited arrogance that appears to be on your pages now. By that I refer to the Once Late Great Art Bell. He is no longer a credible source of news or entertainment. For you to even lower yourself to mention his show or his very presence as part of the human race, undermines your own credibility as a journalist, newscaster and gentleman.
I ask you to ponder the past several years of what you know about Art Bell and then just shut up. He is not credible, he is not a journalist, and he most certainly is not a gentleman. He is trying to reestablish himself on the air and he has no where to go. His time is over, but that will have to become evident to him, so that he can just go away and take his nasty personal habits with him.
You, on the otherhand, during his absence, have become a great source of up to the minute breaking news. The people who run and work your website for you have given you this credibility for your own personal advantage when on the air.
By lowering yourself to the filth and degradation of Art Bell you lose 250 points on a 15 point scale. You also are dragging your staff down with you.
You do not need to do or say anything further about him. His behavior will do him in, as evidenced by his continued bashing of people who helped him move into the number one spot years ago. Like all things, he has to realize that he is over. Most of us who ever listened to him in the first place, have left the fold so to speak.
He obviously does not need help digging his own grave, and you lose the power of your position everytime you print or say anything about him.
Maintain your truth and honesty. Shut up. The wise man is not he who knows when to speak, but he who knows when NOT to.
Sheryl Jackson

From RC Johnson
I was sad to see the above article published in your "news" center. It struck me as little more than sanctioning an editorial that serves as an attack on your internet/radio competition. This seems so unnecessary since I and, I suspect, many other people listen with pleasure to both the Jeff Rense and Art Bell shows. In the relatively small world of alternative programming such as your program and that of Art Bell, is it really productive to get in to a sniping war that attempts to discredit the proponents of ideas and beliefs that are part of a sub-culture already residing far out from the borders of the mainstream? As to the content of the article, the only "fire" I could see that Art Bell drew for "guest-bashing" was from the writer himself. Mr. Goodspeed resorts to veiled unproven suppositions and outright opinions that remain unfounded after reading the article. I am a sceptic by nature, but I remain open to new ideas. I have received much information from the Jeff Rense program that has stimulated me to engage in further research and reading. I certainly don't accept the assertions from even a majority of your guests, but that's ok. I find the Art Bell show does the same for me.
The issue of the "alien in a freezer" story as an example of Art-Bell-as-bad-man allowing a hoaxster and liar to be a guest on his show is really troubling. I find the "Dr. Louis Turi: Astropsychology Readings" portion of your schedule to be ridiculous and almost funny if wasn't so pathetic. I believe "Dr." Turi to be a fraud who isn't even very imaginative in his repetitive horoscopes. But I take you at your word and don't "assume" that you support or agree with his assertions. You say that you encourage your listeners to draw their own conclusions. I feel that you and Art Bell, each in your own way, very artfully give your guests enough of the proverbial "rope" to either hang themselves, or to hoist themselves to a higher level of credibility. Do I think the "alien in a freezer" story is a complete hoax? You bet I do! But I am able to decide that for myself and this kind of garbage serves as a healthy reminder to approach the field of the paranormal with caution and healthy skepticism. I listened to the Art Bell broadcast when he discussed the Peter Davenport issue. I heard him vouching several times for Peter Davenport's honesty. Wasn't it strange that Mr. Goodspeed only referred to an email posted on the Art Bell site and basically ignored Mr. Bell's live discussion of the issue?
This story closes with not-so-veiled accusations of the Art Bell show being influenced by the "black" (secret?) government. This is using the conspiracy theory club in a manner that reminds one of Mcarthy hearings of the 1950's. Substitute communist for black government and there you have it! Finally, you have said on your show words which made me think that you were actively involved in at least overseeing the stories posted on your website. If you do supervise this content, you might at least have identified this "story" as an extremely hostile opinion of your most immediate competitor. I like your show, Jeff Rense. Please don't alienate people like me by posting "news" such as I have been discussing in your news center.
Robert C. Johnson

The 'X' Zone / The 'X' Media Group
St. Catharines, Ontario
Friday, April 20th, 2001
For Immediate Release Position Statement on Peter Davenport
To Peter Davenport & The National UFO Reporting Center
Peter Davenport, of the National UFO Reporting Center has been a guest on THE 'X' ZONE RADIO SHOW a number times over the past years and has always been a model guest. As for his work with the NUFORC, it is one of the most vital assets that the International UFO research community has at their disposition, as well as the many people around the world who are witnessing UFOs. Both THE 'X' ZONE RADIO SHOW and I are appalled at the recent events which have surfaced between Peter Davenport and Art Bell.
I can assure one and all that if I had the same resources at my disposal as Art Bell has at his, both monetarily and otherwise, I would make certain that organizations such as the National UFO Reporting Center and individuals like Lloyd Pye for the much needed testing of StarChild would receive a token of appreciation for all their hard work, dedication, loyalty to the cause and integrity in their chosen fields. It would seem that one in the position of Art Bell would only be too willing to help out where financial funds would be well spent. These are only two of the many people and organizations that have made Art Bell and Dreamland and Coast-to-Coast the internationally syndicated success that they are.
How soon we all were to forget about Hale-Bopp, the Dr. Jonathan Reed Case, The Alleged 25 mile diameter UFO over the coast of California, and the Y2K Scare.... just to name a few. However, it was just months ago when I went on the record stating my personal opinion and statement as to Art Bell's return to late night radio. I hate to say it by this was a prophecy I predicted that did come true. My apologies go out to all the people who are in the world of the paranormal and the science of parapsychology, ancient mysteries, mythology, folklore, Wicca as well as the established sciences who have been guests on talk radio shows in Canada and the United States, who have been in some way affected by Art's latest attempt at rating grabbing - unfortunately at the cost of such a hardworking and credible person like Peter Davenport. If anyone would like to contact me for a further statement, please email or (905) 327-6665.
Rob McConnell
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