Sharon Wants 'Another
Million Jews' To Move To Israel

Jerusalem - Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon said on Friday that one of his main goals was to convince half a million Jews from Latin America and about 80 000 from South Africa to immigrate to Israel.
"We need to bring another million Jews here. That needs to be a top priority of all governments," Sharon told the English language Israeli daily Jerusalem Post.
"It will be another country altogether. We have seen the contribution of the million Jews who came here in the last 10 years," he added in reference to the Jews from Russia and the former Soviet republics.
When asked where the new wave of immigrants could come from, Sharon said he thought mainly of Jews living in Latin America.
"There are 230 000 Jews in Argentina in a very difficult economic situation, and another 130 000 Jews in Brazil. There are 50 000 in Mexico and there are others in Venezuela", he said.
"In addition, there are still 80 000 Jews in South Africa, a very strong community." - Sapa-AFP
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