'Angel Hair' - A Human
Or ET Creation?
By Brenda Livingston
Living-Tracer Enterprises

*Mysterious "angel hair" -- micro strands covering acres, white fibrous "goo", luminous flecks and long strands -- fibers that dissipate quickly -- falling from the sky onto trees, houses, countryside
*UFOs -- strange unexplained lights, discs, spheres, fireballs in the atmosphere -- have been reported or recorded over a hundred if not thousands of years
*Persistent contrails have in some form existed since the making of skywriting planes and jet engines -- but never in such grand proportions witnessed across our skies since 1994...nor with the strange consistency, associated "clouds" and prism effects
*Spherical objects and strange "cloud" substances apparently associated with persistent contrails -- fill our skies -- the usual "clouds" being manipulated by the objects into geometric and swirling patterns
It would seem at first that these topics would not have much in common -- except that they all seem to appear in our earth's atmosphere --distant and elusive--just beyond our grasp. But might there be connections...from the distant past?
Anecdotal Reports
While it does appear from age-old reports and paintings that similar materials may have fallen from the skies at least as early as the 14th century (see Bonaventura Salimbeni's "Glorification of the Eucharist" 1600 - this account from the 1700's:
"In 'All the Year Round' is described a fall that took place in England, in the towns of Bradly, Selbourne, and Alresford, and in a triangular space included by these three towns. The substance is described as "cobwebs"--but it fell in flake-formation, or in "flakes or rags about one inch broad and five or six long." Also these flakes were of a relatively heavy substance--"they fell with some velocity." The quantity was great--the shortest side of the triangular space is eight miles long." September 21, 1741.
Pulling It All Together? ... Oblong Object Makes Trail w/ Falling Debris & "Angel Hair"--1952
One of the most interesting cases which appears to connect UFOs to contrails to "Angel Hair" happened on July 19, 1952 over a river in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. "The attention of Customs Inspector Sr. Domingo Troncoso, then with the Peruvian Customs Office at Puerto Maldonado on the jungle frontier with Bolivia, was called to a very strange cigar-shaped flying object over the river area. The big dirigible-shaped craft was flying horizontally and fairly low in the sky, passing from right to left from the observers position. It was leaving a dense trail of thick smoke, vapor, or substance on its wake. This object was a real, structured, physical machine and may be seen from its reflection in the waters of the Madre de Dios river underneath it. The object was estimated to be over a hundred feet long."
Wendell Stevens states in the video "UFOs From Beyond-Sightings" that the trail appeared to produce debris, dark objects and "angel hair" which covered the area under it. (See "UFO Photographs Around the World": Wendle Stevens/August Roberts, published by UFO Photo Archives)
Cigar Shaped UFO Leaving Trail Of Substance-1954
On October 22, 1954, principal Mr. Rodney Warrick and students watched with astonishment as "a large, silvery, cigar-shaped object" hanging in the sky suddenly took off "in a horizontal trajectory". In its wake, this object left a trail of white web-like substance which floated down and hung on the wires along the road. It was reported to have descended in both strands and balls. [reported in Lorenzen, UFO: The Whole Story and Hill's Unconventional Flying Objects]
Spheres & Web-Like Substance-1973
At 2:00 p.m. on October 22, 1973, in Sudbury, Massachusetts, a child ran into the house calling to his mother to come outside to see "the biggest spiderweb in the world". The mother discovered in her yard a silvery-white web-like material covering bushes and hanging from the trees. As she looked toward the sky, she witnessed a shiny, silvery, spherical object moving off to the west as more of this web-like substance fell from the sky for another 2 hours. The witness took samples on construction paper and placed them in a glass jar and into the refrigerator taking them to a local laboratory for examination. The material was white and translucent and diminishing rapidly. (UFO Investigator, March 1974)
20 Silver Balls & 'Cobweb' -- 1998
"At 5:04 p.m. on Sunday, August 9, 1998, according to USA Today, dozens of residents of a small Australian community Quirindi swear that they saw cobwebs fall from the sky after twenty silver balls passed overhead and called Australia's National UFO Hotline after the incident.
According to the Tamworth, N.S.W. North Daily Leader, "Mrs. E. Stansfield, 61 years (old), said that she saw cobwebs falling from the sky. She saw which passed overhead. When she went out to her daughter, she too was covered in fine strands of cobweb. When she tried to pick it up, it disintegrated in her hand. The family car had cobwebs all over it."
Shimmery Strands & Persistent Contrails--2001-- A New Link?
"We are seeing gossamer-thin, shimmery strands seeming to be from 1 foot to 8 feet to 20 long, visible mainly when brightly backlit by the sun. These can be observed falling/drifting high up in the sky--or draped lightly on cars, trees, fences, etc. with careful inspection and bright light. It is otherwise virtually invisible." Some of these "falls" seem to be associated with a large number of persistent contrails overhead...a few witnesses say that they followed with binoculars the substance from a persistent contrail to the ground.
"Angel Hair"
While there are obviously multiple events and projects occurring in our atmosphere -- there certainly may be many sources for these strange substances falling to earth. Descriptions range from clumps of "goo" to fine filaments covering large areas to cotton-like balls suddenly snowing on lawns. Perhaps these are from the same general source (i.e., UFOs) but with variations in substance depending upon the type (i.e., sphere, cigar, oval, etc.)...or these substances are from a variety of sources....some human made.
Many sightings of "angel hair" at high altitude drifting downward to the ground have been reported in the form of "flecks and strands" -- the balls or flecks ranging in size from less than an inch to several inches in diameter and the strands between 1-2 feet to 30+ feet in length. Usually these are reported during a clear blue sky, the flecks (balls) and strands appearing translucent in the sunlight. (Many witnesses used binoculars and looked up close to the morning sun and were alarmed at the amount of the substance and the length of time of these "great snows".)
Clumps of fluffy white material falling like snow or found on tops of weeds or grasses have also been witnessed after a strange has fog lifted. One such "fall" occurred on November 2, 2000 in a North Texas community:
"I awoke to a thick almost dusty colored fog along the bottom land near my house. As the sun began to rise, this eerie fog began to lift -- the sky above the fog was clear and the top of the dusty fog looked white and wispy similar to some of the wispy cirrus-like clouds associated with persistent contrails. This fog rose in a matter of minutes revealing small white fluffy almost cotton ball looking material all over the tall weeds in the area. These balls looked to be about 2-3 inches in diameter and literally vanished as the sunlight hit them."
Multiple reports are streaming in of observers with binoculars witnessing strands as long as 30 feet along with silicon-looking or translucent appearing "flecks" (ranging in size from less than an inch to 6 inches in diameter) floating downward at an angle from high altitudes.
It is interesting to note that over the last few years, reports have come in from those concerned about persistent contrails ("chemtrails") -- describing rather large stringy and even tube-like substances along roadways and draped over trees and power lines.
The weather and atmospheric conditions usually differ for each type of "angel hair" (using the collectively accepted descriptive terminology which undoubtedly describes differing materials). From observations and reports over time, it appears that the very fine prism-filled strands fall on large areas over night usually on a clear night, the "flecks and long strands" often fall from a milky blue sky, "cotton balls" or fluffs appear on the landscape after a strange white wispy fog lifts and the long fibrous "goo" or tubes seem to fall with a sky full of persistent contrails -- tho the reports vary.
What -- if anything -- do all these reports have in common?
Black Lights Microfilaments & Phosphorous Trails
A most interesting report of tiny filaments discovered on clothing which brightly flouresced under a blacklight suggested phosphorus or barium titanate microfilaments or polymers possibly emanating from persistent contrails or other atmospheric source:
"On my person, I had detected [using a blacklight] persistent "patches" (probably formed from drying raindrops on Thursday as well as persistent and residual "microfilaments" on a sweater worn during a "normal-looking" (but otherwise exposure) day.
The fluorescing characteristics of each are fascinating. They start glowing about their complete portion long before they are even directly in the light path, and will do so even if you have a moderate-wattage incandescent bulb lit simultaneously (just for inspection purposes). They also "respond" very quickly to black light "stimuli" - meaning they need no "charge" time, they "peak" as fast as you can bring the light over - and put forth an amazing glow for something so absolutely invisible under normal sunlight illumination -- or for that matter, under standard household or office lighting....
..the refractive index of barium titanate (BaTiO3) and found it to be highly refractive, even among many such refractive substances (it weighed in at around 2.5 -nearly double the refractive index of water or ethanol, and higher even than that of glass ...we're looking for something which is pretty darned small ("powdered", for size purposes, though it is not "ground" in manufacture), very refractive (splits light passing through it into constituent wavelengths), an enhancing mechanism for certain wavelengths of light, and quite possibly transparent (think about the other items on moondog's original list - air, water, ethanol, glass)."
Might there just be a connection between the refractive properties of this substance and that observed in the clouds formed from persistent contrails exhibiting similar qualities or associated spherical objects?
Consider the following report in a newspaper 50 years previous to the above observations:
Police officers in Philadelphia in 1950 discovered a strange luminescent form floating to the ground:
In the Philadelphia Inquirer, September 27, 1950, it was reported that two South Philadelphia police officers while patrolling on Vare Blvd. around 10 p.m. spotted what looked like a "parachute" slowly drifting downward at treetop level. This 6 foot object settled to the ground and the officers called for two other officers to join them in investigating this strange landing. "The four officers stood a few feet from the object....turned on their flashlights...whereas it gave off a purplish glow, almost a mist that looked like it contained crystals." When one of the officers reached out to pick up part of the object, "the mass on which he laid his hands dissolved, leaving nothing but a slight, odorless sticky residue." Within 25 minutes the whole object had evaporated.
Did our government or R&D establishment have projects in 1950 that discarded web-like phosphorescent material which fell to the earth? Might these odd jelly-like substances be related to UFOs? There certainly have been reports of mysterious "glows" reveal by a blacklight on the persons and clothing of those claiming extraterrestrial or UFO abductions or experiences.
Several multiple witness reports of most unusual luminescent contrails behind oval lights in the night sky add to the mystery. A Navy seaman on board a ship out to sea reported to his superiors that he and others of the crew had watched as an oval shaped light circled the ship sporting a long persisting luminous contrail. A whole neighborhood north of Dallas was stunned as a golden white oval object moved silently over their houses leaving behind a billowing luminescent trail.
Were these UFOs or the latest two-seater craft designed by human underground special projects? Is there a connection between these strange luminescent contrails and bright blacklight filaments and the web-like purple glowing object found in 1950? Could the objects within persistent contrails or perhaps objects creating some of the PCs be the creators of these glowing trails? Might a phosphorescent substance be a by-product of propulsion or other process of certain unconventional flying objects?
[It is also interesting to note that many UFO researchers claim a connection between "alien abductions" and a substance found on clothing and skin which casts a strange glow under a black light.]
Lab Reports
Clearly in order to draw a clear association, one would have to have a multitude of verifiable observations of this material followed from persistent contrails or a UFO to ground level... and there have been such reports. Another important element to making a clear association (regardless of origin) is to obtain many reliable lab analyses of clean samples. At present there is an ongoing effort to collect samples and send them into reputable laboratories for analyses.
We have reports of fine hair-like strands covering acres of fields, clumps of clear or brown gelatinous material, long strands of "goo" draping over cars and power lines, drops of clear sticky substance on windshields, cotton-like balls falling like snow, blizzards of luminous flecks and strands drifting high in the atmosphere. What they all appear to have in common is that these forms fell from the sky and dissolved or evaporated rather quickly at ground level.
Are these substances all from the same source or from a variety of sources? Could not that which fell to the ground years ago now be simulated by another more modern source? Perhaps we have both human and "heavenly" sources for this material? Through a bit a current science, we have found the following.
Several "angel hair" samples from the 1990's with similar characteristics and lab test results have been openly shared. Frontier Analysis Limited compared four samples (one associated by observation with "chemtrails" overhead) and found them similar. What this lab found was a silk-like protein polymer...not made by spiders though similar to caterpillar silk.
In one recent sample of "white fibrous material" provided by Retha Rutherford to Frontier Analysis, fatty acid amides (not found in previous samples) were found in addition to hydrocarbons such as eicosane which was found in a previous sample. This was suspected as "part of the purported gelatinous material (goo) noted by the witness" or "final degradation products". (See website at for photos and report and for excerpt from this report and an another interesting lab analysis)
As stated in the Rutherford lab report: "The fibrous material compares to that from "angel hair" falls in Los Gatos, California (October 19-20, 1977), Sacramento, California (November 11, 1999, and Burns Oregon (November 4, 1999) which was analyzed by this laboratory."
Another similar sample indicates that the "fibrous material with protein amide linkages" had references to silk but was definitely not cobwebs. The report further states: "The fibers also have small amounts of an ester type material and other components on the surface." Some of the volatiles found include solvents, surfactants, antistatic components, viscosity builders ...various hydrocarbons.
This would suggest a human origin although it is hardly far-fetched to consider that visiting extraterrestrials or other yet to be discovered entities making our planet their home could use and produce similar chemical components for their creations and projects.
A documented report from Australia indicates that a "fall" of a "shapeless mass" over Victoria in October 1953 contained traces of Boron, Calcium, Magnesium and Silicon in a nylon-like compound. The sample is in the possession of Andrew Tomas, a former editor of UFOIC Australian F.S. Review and is presently kept in an air-tight jar. The mass now measures only half an inch across having shrunk from some three feet. It appears that silicon and a "nylon-like compound" were in use in the early fifties. One might ask what the purpose might be for this substance -- if dropped from the sky by humans in the early 50's.
Some have reported various biological components in their tested samples purported falling from persistent contrails (chemtrails)...such as bacteria, fungi, molds... suggesting the possibility of biological warfare agents or test simulants. Many of the pathogens presented can be explained by ground contamination although some samples suggest a lab manufactured origin. Further collection and tests will be needed to sort this out. It would be important to also concentrate on the other components in these samples which are unusual or can be attributed to a human-manufactured source.
Suggestions that the larger clumps and strings of gelatinous material may be evidence of a "clogged nozzle on a chemtrail sprayplane" merit further investigation.
Human Made Possibilities
Is what has been termed "angel hair" something emanating from a human or extraterrestrial aerial object? Or is this strange concoction the result of a naturally occurring process in our atmosphere -- plaguing the public for 50 or 100 years?
One intriguing consideration is that either UFOs (the extraterrestrial version) or advanced military projects are at work here pouring out various forms, objects and substances into the atmosphere via persistent contrails.... perhaps even creating probes or robots within released substances.
And perhaps we have superconductors at work for levitation of an object/robot with a nitrogen coolant (which might account for the "cloudy" substance surrounding the PC related objects). Materials for creation, energy sources, communications, coolants, camouflage, radar jamming or enhancing all might produce by products or 'waste' in the atmosphere.
Are we looking at another example of back-engineering or a "knock-out" of handy ET camouflage or UFO propulsion or even object or robotic "creation" in the atmosphere? Perhaps we should look (albeit superficially at public release levels) at what is being researched and developed at universities with government/defense support. The possibilities are limitless but can be narrowed down by rational consideration of what open research is before us.
Taking a closer look at those "angel hair" lab results--we can now ask:
What material dissolves with heat and specific solvents, stretches like elastic upon quick action and shatters when struck with great force?
The answer could lie with latest greatest science-military-corporate brainchild ... polymers...chains of carbon atoms with links with other atoms such as oxygen, silicon, sulphur & phosphorus (most common) some forming crystalline or semi-crystalline solids...other liquids or melts. Silk-like polymers are changing our world -- used in the development of everything from exceedingly strong materials to semiconductor nanoparticles to superconductors. (for a review of the attributes of polymers see "Building with Snakes - the Physics of Long-Chain Molecules" a lecture by Adrian R. Rennie)
Bioactive polymers will be used as biological sensors-- sensing physical functions and blood levels of pharmaceuticals. Electroactive polymers that can "move" upon electrical stimulation can be used one day to replace damaged muscles -- in the meantime used as windshield wipers on a Mars-bound robot. Optoelectric polymers now used to create thin film transistors, electro luminescent flat panel displays and chemical sensors. *
Protein polymer creation is the culmination of the study of spider silk manufacture by spiders themselves and the subsequent development of an in situ spinning system which mimics the spider's spinnerets (biomimetics). This system constructs oligonucleotides which are linked to build repetitive gene units for protein expression with the end goal of producing flexible intelligent materials.
According to Mike Blair in "Chemtrails Said To Be Part of Top Secret Military Maneuvers Over America" published in The Spotlight 10-9-00, these "polymer fibers apparently have several applications in conjunction with the barium salt mixture". Some applications are as follows:
--"cloaking" of aircraft--when irradiated with the substances, an aircraft is invisible to radar and the naked eye
--advanced radar applications
--the decontamination and detection of biological weapons
--communications applications, including the ability to direct radio beams back to earth
--weather modification as a military weapon
--the Air Force Variable Terrain Refractivity Parabolic Equation (VTRPE), which, with the use of sophisticated computers, enables a person to view what an enemy radar system sees
Smart Dust -- Piezoelectric Polymers -- Aerial Robotics
Silk-like polymers -- tiny filaments with the capability of "intelligence" -- gathering and sharing information and acting in accordance with "programmed" instructions? Can understand fabrics changing color or constitution according to preference -- but what are these "silk-like" fibres and polymers doing high up in our atmosphere?
And then there are those nanotech devices... Might these infintesimal microbots perhaps be building larger devices to roam the atmosphere -- sensing and working on the weather or for less altruistic purposes?
Kristopher Pister is leading a team of researchers at the University of California at Berkeley that is developing tiny, electronic devices called "smart dust," designed to capture mountains of information about their surroundings while literally floating on air.
"Smart Dust is a project whose 3-year goal is to integrate communications, intelligence, power, and sensors into a package that is no larger than 1 mm."
Using MEMS technology developed by DARPA and its offspring research at a number a prestigious universities across the country, smaller and smarter devices are being manufactured at small cost. From basketball size to microscopic size -- robots with emergent and interactive ("swarming") behaviors are being tested for use in battlefield, rescue and intelligence gathering situations. (see for further information)
Bio and Neuro mimetic forms the blueprint for autonomous and learned activities -- with little need for continuous human control. Even so, the devices capable of atmospheric activity shown at university research sites can only reach low altitudes and are severely limited in-air time and distance. (see
Not only are scientists creating smartdust, super polymers and microbots -- they have fashioned "sensors" to float on the air looking much like seeds -- silicon maple seeds. These are released on the wind from fairly high altitude to gather information on weather conditions and other intelligence information. Might not these account for the "flecks" in the "flecks and strands" type of "angel hair"?
It is interesting to note in reference to barium titanate as the source of microfilament found on clothing mentioned earlier -- that "chemtrail" researchers have reported an increase in barium salts in the atmosphere. While this finding needs further examination and research -- it might indicate a relationship between the prevalence and increase of persistent contrails and the increase in this material.
It is also interesting that barium titanate (ferroelectrics) has dielectric and piezoelectric properties and polymers have been developed which also display these properties. Piezoelectrics is currently utilized in the operation of robots and microrobots on the ground...and perhaps in the sky?
Might superconductor technology and piezoelectric be utilized to create and fly aerial robots with emergent behaviors, mass communication and various sensors for elemental and intelligence gathering? Perhaps the atmosphere is now clouded with the remnants of this technology--some falling to the ground? (see l)
Some have suggested that the strands, flecks and fibres are formed by some mysterious atmospheric process. As one interested party theorized: "'Angel hair' may be a product of hydrocarbons (air pollution) combining with moisture in the air in the presence of high energy RF energy (microwave) pulses produced by a UFO. Over time, the threads change back into water and dust particles."
The late Paul Hill (a respected NASA scientist) in his book "Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis", suggests that "angel hair" may indeed be a part of little understood UFO processes.Others conjecture that these substances are a product of waste products released from aircraft. Still others conjecture that these form as a result of natural processes high in the atmosphere. I find it strange that scientists have not offered reasonable explanations for this odd material if this is the case.
Perhaps the atmosphere is now clouded with the remnants of ancient extraterrestrial and/or newly created human technology--some falling to the ground?
I have no doubt of the existence of very unusual contrails, objects and substances in the atmosphere. Yet after over two years of research -- I am still unsure about the origins of these three phenomena. And I have yet to actually witness strands of luminescent material emanate from an object (UFO) or a persistent contrail.
If we are to take seriously the reports over time of sightings of quickly dissipating material being released by unidentifiable craft -- then we must recognize a long-term relationship between this substance and UFOs. The question would remain -- who created these objects?
If it could be established that the same or similar substance fell from a UFO in the 18th century through present times -- we could at least begin to establish that ET or other undiscovered planetary entity was at work in this phenomenon. We simply do not at present have enough verifiable lab reports or analyses to compare over time (from the 20th century).
Even if we were able to establish a plausible connection between observed unidentifiable objects and "angel hair" falls -- we could not rule out the possibility that at some point humans in the early 20th century --developed the capability to create both probes or craft with high maneuverability and polymers or synthetic materials. Or could it be that some humans have been creating airships and exotic craft for several hundred years or more? Perhaps this secret talent has been passed down through the centuries and kept behind closed doors.
A possible explanation could be that both an extraterrestrial and human project(s) could be spreading out before us in our skies....and drifting into our backyards.
New photographs and videos are coming in everyday from all over the world that appear to show similar objects within and moving to and from some persistent contrails. Not only do these white cloudy objects interact with and link up with darker objects also seen with persistent contrails -- but the objects together have been photographed creating persistent trails (see the "TrailMaker" section of the Tracers website at and
It is conceivable that persistent contrails -- the classic spreading variety or those that create the strange "cirrus-like" clouds in our skies -- are the product of these white and dark objects or larger UFOs. In this case -- a connection between spheres observed dispensing "angel hair" overhead and spheres dispersing an unusual substance that appear as persistent contrails could be further explored.
To show an association between persistent contrails or UFOs and unusual substances falling to earth -- it would be critical to get samples of the same material at the same time from a contrail or behind an object (best of luck on this one!), from the air above the area where the substance has landed and has been collected -- with observers from air and ground.
What is exciting at this time is what observations, photos/videos and lab analyses we do have. Dissipating substances of various consistencies are falling from the sky. This has clearly been established. And it is clear that much more collection, collaboration and analysis will be needed to trace the source and purpose of these materials and substances.
With more information surfacing everyday...perhaps we are closer than we think to solving this mystery... More to come.

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