Israeli President Weizman
Will Quit On July 10
By Barry Chamish <>
JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israeli President Ezer Weizman will step down on July 10, three years before the end of his term, presidential spokesman Arieh Shumer told public radio Sunday.
Weizman, 76, narrowly avoided judicial proceedings Wednesday on corruption and tax fraud allegations.
Citing poor health, he has repeatedly said he wanted to quit before the end of his second term, which expires in 2003.
He also said he would delay the announcement of his departure to await the legal outcome of the allegations rather than leave quickly and give the impression of guilt.
Investigators concluded after a three-month inquiry that there was insufficient proof to charge Weizman, but said his behaviour raised serious moral questions.
Weizman received half a million dollars in what he described as presents during the years before he became head of state in 1993, but did not declare these to the tax authorities.


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