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By Mac Tonnies
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Elsewhere on the Cydonian Imperative site I concluded that the only conspiracy at work concerning Cydonia re-photography was one of "mutually assured ignorance." In light of Malin Space Science Systems' abrupt, unannounced photo-dump of 4-5-00, I've been forced to re-examine this stance. My research was aided greatly by reading Dr. Stanley V. McDaniel's 'The McDaniel Report', a 1993 document exposing the unsound methodology and flawed epistemology that threatens the prospect of retrieving high-resolution images of Cydonia in the near future.
'The McDaniel Report', not to be confused with the website of the same name, is ultimately a scathing examination of one Dr. Michael Malin, principal contractor for the Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC), originally designed for inclusion on the failed Mars Observor mission. Malin, in an unprecented political move by NASA, was given legal 'ownership' of any and all incoming Mars images, during which he is free to release them essentially at his whim. Although his status entitles him to a six-month period in which to prepare and sort any Mars photos deigned fit for public exposure (a suspicuously long period, to say the least), Malin's revelation that numerous images of Cydonia have been taken in the last two years calls the integrity of MSSS and NASA into serious question.
Given that privately sequestering photos of possibly explosive scientific value (even for a period of six months) is absurd, one is naturally forced to wonder where these images have been over the last 28 months - and, more disturbingly, why the public was not made aware of their existence until April 5.
This issue is made even more perplexing when one takes into account Malin's outspoken criticism of Cydonia rephotography. He has described rephotographing the Face (and other anomalies) as a "waste of time" again an again, appealing to the prevailing (and provenly false) official position that the 'Face' is a trick of light and shadow that "vanishes" at different sun angles. (After years of controversy, NASA was forced to admit that the Viking frames 'proving' that the Face was an illusion never even existed - but only after disseminating this fiction to Congressional staffers and interested citizens. I personally received an edited version of this document several years ago, which goes to considerable lengths to avoid mention of nearly 20 years of cross-verified independent research.)
Why, then, has MSSS continued to not only take photos of the Cydonia region, but apparently target specific sites in the Cydonia region?
Malin admits on his website that a second attempt to re-photograph the Face was made, resulting in a sequencing error that returned no useful data. But orbital calculations show that additional opportunities for re-photographing the Face (and possibly other anomalous formations) have been met by consciously repositioning the Mars Global Surveyor.
Whether additional photos have actually been taken remains an opoen question for the time being. But, given Malin's duplicitous involvement with the issue, I think it's naive to reject the possibility that NASA is in possession of additional high-resolution Cydonia pictures.
With the mainstream news media effectively placated by the horribly over-contrasted 'Catbox' image of the Face in 1998, whatever agency ultimately responsible for handling the Cydonia situation apparently feels it can continue its disservice to science with impunity. The nature of this 'Agency' is, of course, the centerpiece for the understandable concern and annoyance that has flooded Cydonia discussions on the Internet.
It's conceivable that Malin's convenient stranglehold on incoming Mars data is in fact a means for an intelligence organization to monitor (and possibly screen) controversial new photographs. This isn't nearly as paranoid as it sounds.
In 1960, NASA was provided with an exhaustive document by the Brookings Institution, a think-tank based in Washington, D.C. The report, examining future "peaceful activities in space," specifically mentions the possibility of discovering alien artifacts on the surfaces of other celestial bodies, Mars being one of the candidates. (This speculation was almost certainly not the product of the authors' imaginations; Dr. Carl Sagan, the most articulate and well-known astronomer to have addressed the possibility of extrasolar visitation, had concluded that it was plausible that we might encounter telltale signs of intelligence in the solar system as we continued to expand into space.)
In a possible foreshadowing of our present predicament regarding Cydonia, the Brookings report warned that public knowledge of advanced nonhuman intelligence could shatter existing social paradigms, and urged secrecy if alien ruins were discovered. Alarmingly, such secrecy measures conform to the confusing politics that have descended on NASA/JPL's Mars exploration program after the failure of the Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Polar Lander (with a former head of the supersecret National Security Agency being placed in a position to potentially dictate Mars policy behind the scenes).
Are we being skillfully (or unskillfully) acclimated to the existence of probable extraterrestrial ruins on Mars? It's worth noting that the Brookings paper recommended a period of acclimatization before revealing definitive proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. Certainly an issue as potentially incendiary as the literal redefinition of our species would warrant similar contingencies.
The most outspoken voice for this viewpoint is Richard Hoagland, who provides his perspective in the following two articles. (Including these links does not mean that I endorse Hoagland's perspective on Cydonia or anything else; indeed, I think his standards for evidence and enthusiasm for the scientific method have degenerated since the publication of his excellent book, 'The Monuments of Mars'.')
Malin Suddenly 'Finds' New Images of Cydonia - Skullduggery Continues at MSSS:
Malin Points MGS at the Face - But What is He Hiding?:
Additionally, Hoagland notes some interesting symmetry in a mesa adjacent to the Face (and muses that it was in fact one of MSSS' specified targets) and points out a low-resolution anomaly on the Face itself that he identifies as a possible entrance, complete with ramp.


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