Mouse The Dog Located
By Horse Whisperer
By Victoria Clausen
New Zealand News from The Press

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Retired farmer Tony Prentice had almost given up hope of seeing his 13-year-old fox terrier, Mouse, again after she went missing in wild country for nine days.
Mouse and Mr Prentice, 76, have been almost inseparable since his wife died, but Mr Prentice had to leave Mouse with his daughter when he was offered a flight to the Warbirds Over Wanaka air show at Easter.
Mouse disappeared from his daughter's farm at Ngaio Downs, north of Kaikoura, on the second night of her stay.
The family was devastated and the community rallied around to try to find the tiny dog. "Our problem was where to start looking," Mr Prentice said.
One of his other daughters decided to contact a horse whisperer in the United States. She had been impressed with Bill Northern's ability with animals when he had recently toured New Zealand.
She faxed and e-mailed Mr Northern a location map and photographs of Mouse, and he used a pendulum to try to find where she was.
He told Mr Prentice that Mouse was still alive, although frightened, and was hiding in rough country. He said she had hurt her foot and had a sore eye, both of which were found to be the case.
After a few days of trying to pinpoint Mouse, Mr Northern telephoned from Virginia on Wednesday afternoon to say he had a strong message that she was at the Clarence bridge.
A short time later a man telephoned asking about the $500 reward for the missing dog. He was in the Clarence bridge area and said she had been found on an island at the mouth of the Clarence River.
After nine days in the wild, Mouse was overjoyed to be reunited with Mr Prentice. He paid the reward and was happy Mouse was back.

Editor of the Editorial Pages
The Press - Christchurch 5-8-00
Dear Sir,
I want to thank you for the nice article about us which appeared in Monday's paper. You should know that I was not the only one looking for the wee dog "Mouse" who had gone missing . This was truly an international effort. In the US there was my wife Ann and student Jim Gottwald. In New Zealand there was Natalie Mallett of Christchurch, Rose Frame of Dunsandel and Lester Morris of Central Otago. I have worked with these people and they are all very good. They were probably more important than I was in keeping tabs as to where "Mouse" was each day.
It is always very difficult to lose a pet and even though finding lost animals is not my strongest gift, I usually try to help. The fact that we were contacted by Tony's daughter, Cindy Hampton right away was a big help in our efforts. We are on a great streak right now which I hope never ends.
Bill Northern


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