Mario Lanza - Singing
To The Gods On BBC
9PM (BBC2 Tx. in March 2006)
Mario Lanza - Singing To The Gods On BBC
Mario Lanza was the greatest American tenor of his time, selling more records at one point than Frank Sinatra. With a golden voice and looks to match he made audiences swoon for most of a glorious post war decade.  His films and recordings brought opera to the masses and he was the first tenor superstar and a major influence on many other singers from Elvis Presley to the three tenors.
Split between the desire to establish himself as a serious opera singer and the temptations of Hollywood, Lanza was tormented by self-doubt, and resorted to alcohol and over-eating. He died at 38, his promise only partially fulfilled.
The film celebrates Lanza's incomparable talents and tells as well the tragic story of his brief life.
Made in collaboration with Warner Home Video, who will release a DVD version of the documentary, the programme includes an unusually generous selection of clips from Lanza's classic MGM and Warners movies, including "The Great Caruso", "Serenade" and "For the First Time".
Executive Producer for BBC Wales: David M. Jackson
Editor: Andrew Findlay
Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Kidel
A Calliope Media Production for BBC Wales
60 minutes