Mario Lanza:
Singing To The Gods

Newly Revised and Expanded American Edition
(University Press of Mississippi 2005)
Just over a year ago I was approached by University Press of Mississippi who expressed an interest in publishing an American edition of my Lanza biography SINGING TO THE GODS. At that time UPM was in the process of publishing David Weaverís masterful BLACK DIVA OF THE THIRTIES: THE LIFE OF RUBY ELZY and David felt that SINGING TO THE GODS would also be a good fit for their catalogue. Happily, UPM agreed and I set about ëAmericanizingí my biography for a U.S. edition.
Changes include a new Introduction plus updates and additions to the text throughout, with new contributions from Mother Dolores Hart, Al Teitelbaum, Peter Prichard, and the wonderful Leila Edwards who coached Mario for his Pinkerton performances in New Orleans. Several more concert reviews from Marioís final tour have been added as well, courtesy of Cees Kouwenberg in Holland, and the photo layout has been substantially revised, with more rare pictures from Terry Robinsonís collection.
In response to many requests the songs listed in the revamped Discography are now cross referenced to their current availability on Compact Disc, with BMG product and Jeffís CD as the primary source. I have resisted doing this in the past as it remains a fluid situation but most of Marioís recordings are now available on CD and any new releases will be noted in future printings of the book. The U.S. edition is also graced with a striking new cover.
MARIO LANZA: SINGING TO THE GODS will be published by University Press of Mississippi in July 2005 and will be available throughout the United States and Canada at a cost of $30.00.