Illuminati Symbol Cheered and
Worshipped Across Britain

By David Icke

Hitler would be so proud

We are drowning in ritual in Britain this summer. As I write, the Olympic flame is being carried through the streets before cheering crowds in most of the population centres of the country on its way to the games in London at the end of July.

Meanwhile, the country (though far from all of it) is also celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and her 60 years as bloodline head of state of Britain as well as 16 Commonwealth countries including Canada and Australia.

Both celebrations are actually rituals to worship two major symbols of the very Control System that is enslaving the people doing the cheering, clapping and waving of flags. Depressing? Yes, if you allow it to be, but I don't, because it achieves nothing. It is just another potent example of that which has held humanity in servitude for aeons - ignorance. Put a nicer way, lack of information.

The Olympic torch relay in which the flame is carried from Greece to the Olympic venue every four years (every two including the winter games) has nothing to do with the ancient games at all. It was instigated at the Nazi Olympics in Berlin in 1936 which were overseen by Hitler's propaganda chief and occultist, Joseph Goebbels ...

... In the run up to the Berlin games, the International Olympic Committee agreed to German requests that a flame should be kindled from the rays of the sun in Olympia, Greece, home of the original games, and carried by torch to the host city. The 'Olympic' tradition of the flame relay had begun and it is being continued on the streets of Britain as you read this.

Some 3,330 runners carried the flame to Berlin through Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Germany in 1936, while 7,000 are doing so across Britain in 2012. On its way through Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia in 1936 protesters were brutally dealt with in keeping with the 'Olympic spirit'.

The Nazis of 1936 also made the Olympic rings popular and brought them into widespread use at Olympic Games to this day. They ordered that a milestone with carved Olympic rings be installed at the ancient site of Delphi before the torchbearers trotted off for Berlin.

Later, two British writers visited Delphi and found the said milestone with its Olympic rings and recorded in their work, History of the Ancient Games, that the ring symbol originated in ancient Greece when it was actually designed by the originator of the modern games and promoted to prominence by the Nazis.

As in Nazi Germany in 1936

so in Britain in 2012

Come cheer and worship the symbol of those that would enslave you...

...and if you want to make a profit sell your torch on e-Bay, as some have.



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