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Zionism DataPage

Jews Against Zionism:
"...it is our obligation to make it known in order that everyone should understand that the Zionists are not the nation of Israel... and it is most definitely our holy obligation to announce before those nations of the world that the Zionists are not the spokespeople of the nation of Israel..." - Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum

"It (labeling people 'anti-semitic') has been a handy and effective weapon which has destroyed countless careers and is responsible for the totally illegitimate Zionist regime. Zionists have cleverly suggested for a hundred years, by smearing their critics as 'anti-Semites,' that the Zionists are the legitimate conquerors of Palestine. Zionists have never actually SAID they were Semitic - just that their enemies are 'anti-Semitic.' Pretty neat...and completely dishonest. But in light of the genuine anti-Semitism of the Zionists it becomes a bizarre obscenity when these non-Semitic aliens accuse their Semitic victims of 'anti-Semitism'.
I believe this is the central issue regarding The Jewish Question. When awareness of this matter becomes more widespread, and it will now, the Zionist state will lose support even from the deluded Christians, who need Semitic-type Jews running "Israel" for the fulfillment of their bloody dreams. The Zionists will be exposed as pseudo-religious gangsters." --J. Bruce Campbell
"Once a day on average I get a letter from someone asking me how I could allow myself to be published and interviewed by Jeff Rense, the popular web and radio host who publishes way too much anti-Israel material. I have no problem answering, "Because he lets me, which is more than I can say about the mainstream Jewish media." Jeff Rense is an honest voice and he permits me to reach a huge audience of New Age Lefties, and misguided Righties bombarded with lies about Israel.
-Barry Chamish Author: Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, The Last Days Of Israel - Israeli Edition, and Israel Betrayed

Attempts To Smear Rense.com As 'Anti-Semitic' Continue

"Freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy."
-- Walter Cronkite, 1980

Jews Against Zionism

Zionism Unmasked

Two Anti-Zionist Heroes Speak Out

FREE Listen - MP3
Jeff With Gilad Atzmon & Br Nathanael On The Greatest Threat To The World

More Holohoax Trickery - Work Camps vs Death Camps

Auschwitz - Commemorating 70 Years Of FAKERY

6 Million Lies


The Unknown Adolf Hitler

Documents Show How US Allowed Israel To Have Nukes

US Military On Israel Nuclear Blackmail Of America

Psychopathology Of The Zionist Mind

How The 'Holocaust' Was Faked - Read The Facts

Zionist Forces Arrest Camel In Bethlehem

What Zion Doesn't Want You To See

More Holocaust Fantasy Fraud Memoirs Revealed

How Zionism Exploits Judaism, Kills Jews Around The World

Eustace Mullins - Zionist Anti-Christ Will Rule The NWO - Vid

Peak Crackers - The Anti Semitic Jewish Zionist Punch Bowl - Vid

The Cause Of Our Conflict

Ward - Zionism...The Worst Plague In The History Of Mankind

Bishop Williamson On The Evil Of World Zionism

You'll Never Guess Who Started The Holocaust Story!

Protecting The Truth From Those Bad Holocaust Deniers

Mark Elsis - Amazing Documentation Refuting The Holocaust

David Icke - The Elephant In The Living Room

Jeff Rense And David Icke On Zionism - Listen Free Here

READ - The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion

'Zionism - World Conquest Through World Government'

David Icke Joins Rense In Exposing Zionism
The Zionist Elephant In The Room


Anti-Semite & Anti-Semitism Are Tricks, We Always Use Them' - Vid

Facebook, Illuminati And ZIONISM - Vid

Journalism In These United States

How Zionism Infiltrated, Took Over America

'Unless You Are Jewish, You're Nobody In Hollywood' - Vid 

What Do 'Holocaust Deniers' Believe? - Vid

Duff - IAEA Exposed As A Zionist Front, Spy Agency

Icke - The Zion Main Frame - Vid 

Bernstein - My Farewell To Israel, Thorn Of The Middle East

Helen Thomas Skewers Zionism - Again

Icke - Rothschild Zionism...They Dare Not Speaks Its Name

David Icke - The Bloody Rothschilds - Vid

Complete NWO Plans Exposed By Insider In 1969

A Real Case Against The Jews, Written In 1928 By A Jew

Dr Alan Sabrosky - Israeli Involvement In 9/11 - Vid

Jewish Boy Viciously Arrested By Thug Jewish Cops - Vid 

AIPAC 101 - What Every American Should Know - Vid

Auschwitz - Another Analysis

1934 Film 'The House Of Rothschild'

Eustace Mullins Overview Of Rothschild History - Vid

See The Difference Between Zionists & Jews

Zionist Jew Attacks Anti-Zionist Jews - Vid

Anti-Zionist Jews Beaten By Zionists - Vid

No One Can Understand What Has Happened
To The Planet Without The Following...

Rothschild Six Part Documentary - Vid

The History Of The House Of Rothschild

The Khazarian Zionists - Vid

The Incredible Jewish 'Holocaust'

The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion Archive


David Duke - The Coverup Of Zionist Organized Crime! -- Vid

David Duke - The Zionist Matrix Of Power - - Vid

David Duke - How Zionists Divide And Conquer -- Vid

David Duke - 13 Hollywood Basterds -- Vid

David Duke - Will the White Race Survive? -- Vid

David Duke - Wikileaks Exposes Zionist Treachery -- Vid

Walt Disney's War With Hollywood's Jews

The Khazarian Zionists  - Vid

Massive Israeli Manipulation Of US Media Exposed - Vid

US Prof Destroys 'Holocaust Icon' Wiesel

Auschwitz - Another Analysis

How A Zionist-Communist Takeover Happens - Vid

Kevin MacDonald - The ADL...Managing White Rage

Zionist Israelis Arrest Vanunu Again

Vanunu Confirms Israel's Global Thermonuclear Blackmail

USAF Paper On Israeli Thermonuclear Black Mail Of US

Israel's Palestine Policy - 'Kill Them All'


Zionist Genocide, Rape Of Palestine Since 1948

Palestine And The Demise Of Conscience

Disgrace In The Hague

Netanyahu Visit To Stop Putin Selling Arms To Iran

Hugo Chávez Accuses Israel Of Genocide

Israeli Go-Ahead On Illegal Jerusalem Homes

Kawther - EU-Israel & The Loss Of Human Rights

Racist Israeli Govt Warns Against Marrying Non-Jews

Kawther - UN Employees Disrespect UN Resolutions

Palestinian Organs for Sale and Experiments

History - The Zionist Role In The Bolshevik Revolution


MSNBC Bows To Jews - Removes Buchanan Article

Zionist Jewry's Indisputable Plan For World Domination - pdf

Exposing Zionist 'History'

'The Jewish Century' - Blazing Historical Facts

Wiesenthal Center Boss Calls For Starving Pal Children

How The Khazar Rothschilds Devoured Europe

The Criminal Rothschilds - Vid

US Presidents Murdered By Rothschild Banksters

How Metternich Was Captured By The Rothschilds

Zionist Media War On Healthy Eating - Hilarious!


Wiesenthal Center Boss Calls For Starving Pal Children

How The Khazar Rothschilds Devoured Europe

The Criminal Rothschilds - Vid

US Presidents Murdered By Rothschild Banksters

How Metternich Was Captured By The Rothschilds

Appeasing Israel - At What Cost?

Israel's Fifth Column - The People In Between

Anti-Zionists: The New Heretics

Heroic Zionist Jewish Defector Warns America

An 'Unknown Holocaust' & Hijacking Of History

Why Judaism Is Not Like Other Religions


Obama's Mind-Control Speech To America's Students

Putin Triumphing Over Zionist-Controlled West

Jewish Money-Lender Bernanke Should Be Fired

'The Jewish Century' - Blazing Historical Facts

Exposing Zionist 'History'

Israeli Prof - Israel 'Can Take The World Down With Us'

Zionist Israel's Thermonuclear Blackmail Of America

Zionist Israelis Slaughter School Kids With Phosphorus

Pessimism Over Netanyahu's Next Policy Speech

Israel Murders Unarmed Protestors

Israel's Heinous Attack On The USS Liberty


More Israeli Demolition

Palestine Lawyers Prepare 936 War Crime Suits

Lunatic Israeli 'Settlers' Dedicate New Site to Obama

Zionists Responsible For 9-11...Too Many Coincidences

How World Zionism Created WWII - Vid

Max Blumenthal - Feeling Jewish Hate

Jewish Racist Hatred Of Obama In Israel - Vid

Zionists Spew Hatred At Obama Speech

Jews Are NOT Zionists

How Zionist Terrorists Forced Jews Into Israel

The Emotional Violence Of Jewish Advocacy


Zionist Jewry's Victory Over America

Israeli Settlements Not Illegal - Zionists

Settlements Are Illegal Say Jews For Justice

'In Gaza, All Dreams And Hope Are Gone'

O Divided Little Town Of Bethlehem

History According To Netanyahu

Jews To Hold Provocative March In Arab Town

IsraHell's Subhuman Assault On Gaza

Toben's Arrest - New Assault Against Free Speech

Freedom Lost By One Is Lost By All


Extradite Toben, Declare War On Michael James

Holocaust Questioner Toben Arrested In England

Help Dr. Fredrick Tobin Help Save Free Speech

To Question The Holocaust Is Not To Deny It

Anti-Zionist Jews Greet Ahmadinejad In New York

Jewish Rabbi - Zionists Are Godless Criminal Thugs - Vid

Nuclear Threat Is From Israel NOT Iran

Jewish Rabbi Weiss - 'Ahmadinejad Wants Peace'


Mr Sarkozy And The CIA

Zionist Press Attacks Heroic Toronto Street News

Quotes On Zionism - Meet Yours Masters

60 Years Of Zionist Israeli Nuclear Proliferation

Bolshevik Jews Plotted Ukrainian Holocaust

Ukraine Opens Formal Probe Of Soviet Holocaust

Soviet Genocide In Ukraine -  1932-33

The Jewish Mafia & USA Bankers

Will Zionist Jews Kill Mike James?

Holocaust Questioner Dismissed As 'Insane'

This Side Of Midnight


Award-Winning Pal Journalist Tortured By Shin Beth

The Terror That Begot Israel

A Plan To Destroy Anti-Zionism & First Amendment?

Israel's Unending Lust For Human Abuse

Deconstructing Six Million Holo-Myths

ZioCons Seek To Draft US Women

Zionist Zelikow - 911's Inside Man

Remembering Israel's Attack On The USS Liberty

USS Perps Never Brought To Justice

USS Liberty Should Be Campaign Issue

USS Liberty Hit Shows How Israel Dominates US


'No Place For Morals' When Jews Are Imperiled


Israel - A History Of Hate Crimes

How American Jewry Lost Its Soul

Israel Falling From Grace?

Zionist Tanks Demolish More Homes

Zionists Continue Home Demolitions

Zionists Kidnap 5 Kids

US Torturing Children

US Defends Child Treatment

Zionism Versus Judaism

'Bush More Zionist Than Olmert'

Zionist Snipers Gun Down School Children

Zionists Destroy Farms, Fire On Fishing Boats

Zionist Cops Club Unarmed Nakba Marchers

Zionist Jews Terrorize Gaza With Inhuman Sonic Booms

Zionist Jews Bulldoze Orchards, Farms

Zionist Jews Imprison 100s Of Children

Zionist Jews Cause Gaza Health Care Collapse

60 Years Ago, Zionist Jews Stole Palestine

Zionist Israel Rolls Out Red Carpet For Bush

Zionist Jews In Tank Decapitate Mother, Take Kids

Brave Zionists Raid Orphanage, Steal Sewing Equip - Vid

Zionist Jews Kill 9, Injure 35, Destroy 23 Homes

Google Censors Anti-Zionist Site

Mullins - Zionist Bankers Financed Hitler, Both World Wars


Armed Israelis Storm Gaza, Kidnap 30

This Week - Zionist Jews Kill 9, Injure 29 Palestinians

Zionist Jewish 'Settlers' With Assalt Rifles Storm Village

Armed Jews Invade Village, Kidnap 5 Children

Cameraman Held Prisoner 6 Yrs In Guantanamo

'Mission Accomplished' - 5 Years Later


Crushing Palestinians Free Movement

Jews Shoot 12-Yr Boy In Head, Demolish Homes.

Jewish Army Raids Orphanage, Take Sewing Goods.

Midnight 1967 - Jewish Jets Fire On Refugees

The Fraud Of Zionism

Rabbi Exposes Zionism's Key Role In Holocaust

Jews Consider American Minds 'Tillable Soil'


Shocking - Zyklon B Test On Humans - Vid

David Cole - Incredible Auschwitz Revelations - Vid

One Third Of The 'Holocaust' - 30 Parts - Vid

One Third Of The 'Holocaust' - Entire Film - Vid

Science - No Evidence Treblinka Exterminations - Vid


Zionism - The Real Enemy Of The Jews

Zionism A Lethal Virus In Western Politics

Israel - Founded By And Living On Terror

The Evil Of Zionism

Porn Used By Zionists To Destroy Morals

Zionists Foment Race War In Germany, Leave Clues

Zionism - The Real Enemy Of The Jews

Zionism A Lethal Virus In Western Politics

Zionist Outrage - Zundel Attorney Gets 3 1/2 Years

Finkelstein's Fate Proves Zionists Run US Universities

Put Option On America, Part 3

Statecraft As Stagecraft - The 'Political' In The Protocols

Following Zakheim & Pentagon Trillions To Israel & 911

Poll Shows How Unrepresentative Neocon Jews Are

Blaming Jews

People Finally Connecting Jewish Money To Jewish Wars

Maureen Dowd Tees Up The Modern 'Jewish Question'


ADL Battles Internet Free Speech

Heroic Rabbi Weiss Blasts Zionism At Annapolis

Who Rules America? - See Vanity Fair's Top 100

Data Center

Convenient Archive Of Anti-Zionist Stories

The Protocols Of The
Elders Of Zion

AIPAC Jew Attacks
Anti-Zionist Jews
- Vid

Zionists Attack
Anit-Zionist Jews
- Vid

US Prof Destroys
'Holocaust Icon' Wiesel

How A Zionist-Communist Takeover Happens - Vid

'Defamation' - Astonishing New Film On Anti-Semitism Reviewed

Vanunu Confirms Israel's Global Thermonuclear Blackmail

Zionist Israel's
Thermonuclear Blackmail
Of America

Icke Joins Rense
In Exposing Zionism
The Zionist Elephant
In The Room

Hear Jeff & David Discuss This Enormous Problem

Listen To The
Interview Free

Zionist Israelis Arrest Vanunu Again

Rothschilds Control Half
The World's Wealth
- Vid

USAF Paper On Israeli Thermonuclear Black Mail Of US

Jewish Dominance Of US/World
Porn Industry

Jews Against Zionism
Thank Jeff

Zionism And The
Jeff Rense Program

A Statement From
Jeff Rense On The Holocaust

Lendman - Jews
Against Zionism

Ex-Mossad Agent
Ostrovsky's Revelations

Mossad Agent - How The Media Is Controlled - Vid

Mossad Agent -  No Such Thing As Dual Loyalty - Vid

Mossad Agent - B'nai B'rith And ADL Are Terrorists, Liars - Vid

Mossad Agent - Mossad Is 'Little God' - Vid

The Shocking Jewish Role
In Slavery - Pt 1
What Jewish Historians Say
- Vid

The Shocking Jewish Role
In Slavery - Pt 2
The Media Coverup
- Vid

History - The Zionist Role In The Bolshevik Revolution

Astounding Achievements
Of Zionism

The Incredible Jewish 'Holocaust'

Walt Disney's War With Hollywood's Jews

How Israel
Controls America

Zionism - The Real
Enemy Of The Jews

Zionism For Dummies

Wiesenthal Center Boss
Calls For Starving Pal Children

History Of The House
Of Rothschild

How The Khazar Rothschilds Devoured Europe

The Criminal Rothschilds - Vid

US Presidents Murdered By Rothschild Banksters

How Metternich Was Captured By The Rothschilds

'Anti-Semitism Charges Are Tricks, We Always Use Them' - Vid

Ilya Ehrenberg - The Man
Who Invented The
'Six Million'

Jewish Talmudic Quotes -
Facts Are Facts

AIPAC Jew Attacks
Anti-Zionist Jews
- Vid

Hitler DID Shake
Jesse Owens' Hand

Texe Marrs
Who Owns The Majority
Of The Media?
Click Here

The Jesuit Hoax

Marrs - Do The Jews Own Hollywood And The Media?

Is There A Zionist Jewish Bias In The Media?

Seven Jewish Americans Control Most US Media

Near Total Zionist Jewish Control Of UK Media

Fear And Censorship Rampant In Patriot Community

Champions Of Zionism

Defame Jesus...Win Awards - Criticize Jews...Go to Jail

Talk Show Thug Calls For Deaths Of Critics Of Zionism - Vid

Why Are Jews Persecuted?

The History Of Palestine
Since 1878
- Vid

Rise Of US Jewish Power - 'Nothing Short Of Astounding'

Half Vanity Fair's Top 100
Power Brokers Jewish

The Twenty Victories
Of Revisionism

Zionism's Key Role
In The Holocaust

Is Zionism Of God? (pdf)

The Power Of
The Rothschilds

10 Questions To
Zionists - By Rabbi Michael
Dov Weissmandl

The Difference Between
Jews & Zionists

A Factual Appraisal
Of The Holocaust
By The Red Cross

What Really Happened?

Shocking - Zyklon B Test On Humans - Vid

David Cole - Incredible Auschwitz Revelations - Vid

One Third Of The 'Holocaust' - 30 Parts - Vid

One Third Of The 'Holocaust' - Entire Film - Vid

Science - No Evidence Treblinka Exterminations - Vid

Zionism Is
Nobody's Friend

The Hidden History
Of Zionism

Zionism -
Real Enemy
Of The Jews

Zionists Made Deal
With The Devil

Main Zionism Archive

Holocaust Debate

Israeli Kinesset Seeks
To Make Questioning
Holocaust Globally Illegal!

The Zionist Manifesto - Part 1
The Zionist Manifesto - Part 2
The Zionist Manifesto - Part 3
The Zionist Manifesto - Part 4
The Zionist Manifesto - Part 5
 Mearscheimer & Walt - Why We Took On The Israeli Lobby  
 So Who's Afraid Of The Israel Lobby?  
 Israeli Co Has Security Control Of US Nuke Arsenal  
 Prof Richard Dawkins On The Power Of The Jews  
 Zionists Exert Fascist Control Over Jews   
 Is This How NORAD Was Duped?  
 The Power Of The Rothschilds  
 Ha'aretz Editor Tells UN Israel Is An Apartheid State  
 The Zionist Neocon Threat To America  
 Because It's 'Funny' When Jews Do It  
 Weaponized Porn - Our Judeo-Pornographic Culture  
 Another ISP Yields To Zionist Pressure  
 Abe Foxman - Holocaust Denier  
 Firing Foxman  
 ADL Zionist Tyrant Foxman Fires Jew With Conscience  
 Is Zionism Anti-Semitic? - Disturbing Quotes From Leading Zionists - Part 1  
 Is Zionism Anti-Semitic? - Part 2  
 Zionism And Israeli Propaganda - Important Quotations  
 Counterpunch - Zionism As A Racist Ideology  
 Jewish Rule  
 Protocols The NWO Blueprint  
 The Jewish Conspiracy Is British Imperialism  

 Is the New World Order Jewish?  
Isreali Racism, Hate Education In Textbooks  
 Crushing, Satanic Unopposed Zionist War Lobby  
 Historian Glosses Over Eichmann-Zionist Collaboration  
 The Zionists Have Stolen Our Name  
 Rabbi Teitelbaum On Zionist Heresy  
 Remembering The USS Liberty - Four Decades Later  
 40 Years Ago - Israel's Attempt To Sink The USS Liberty  
 Eyewitness To Israeli Slaughter Of USS Liberty Sailors  
 Sinking USS Liberty Part Of Plan To Nuke Egypt?  
 Zionist Jews Pressure Bush To Sign Hate Bill  
 The Jews Of Prime Time  
 Swedish Magician - Vegas Run By 'Gays And Jews'  
 Anti-Semitism - A Zionist's Best Friend  
 Zionists Snap Up Remaining Non-Jewish US Newspapers  

 Facts Are Facts - Jewish Dominance Of The Media  
 Who Is Charles Jacobs?   
 Astonishing Evidence Against The David Projects  
 JDL Assaults Renowned Canadian Free Speech Hero  
 Israel Power Infiltrates Democrat Presidential Debate  
 Anti-Zionist Critic Finklestein Denied Tenure  
 Dershowitz Behind Finkelstein's Denial Of Tenure?  
 Petition In Support Of Dr. Norman Finkelstein  
 Roseanne Barr Blasts Zionism And Israel  
 Courageous Israeli Dissident Journalist Schossen Missing  
 New AIPAC-Israel Lobby Video (Mostly In English)  
 Holocaust & Concentration Camps  
 Zionism And The Birth Of Middle East Terrorism  
 Anti-Israel Orthodox Jews NY Bldg Destroyed In Blaze  

 Anti-Zionist Rabbi's Synagogue, Home Destroyed By Fire   
 Zionism Is Polarizing The Jewish People   
 Army Docs Reveal Zionist/US Complicity In Bolshevik Revolution  
 Most Jewish US Congress Ever  
 Encore - 2 Of America's Top Scholars Attack Israel Lobby In US  
  Jewish Defense League Declares War On Torah True Jews  
 Another Jew Boldly Speaks Out Against Zionism  
 'Zionists Were Spiritually & Physically Responsible For The Holocaust'  
 Rabbi Speaks Out About Zionist Role In Sacrifice Of Jews  
 '6 Million Died Because Of The Zionists' - Rabbi Teitelbaum  
 'The Millions Of Jews Who Could Have Been Saved'  
 Zionists Made Deal With The Devil  
 Israel Now Desperately Seeking War With Iran  
 Israeli General Urges US-Israel Attack On Iran   
 Nimmo - 2007: Year For Israeli-Neocon Attack Iran Plan  
 Holocaust Remembrance - Behind The Campaign  
 The Zionist Lobby And US Corporate Irresponsibility  
Israel Lobby Terrorizes US Congress - Former Senator  
Prior 911 Knowledge Said Overheard In Hebrew  
Combating The Zionist Network ­ Part 1  

Zionism: Pitting The West Against Islam  
Will There Be A Zionist Century?  
Who Really Controls America?  
Jewish Spy In US Navy Pleads Guilty (Media Almost Silent)   
The Israel Lobby Is Trying To Sell US Another War  
Proof - Zionist Complicity In The Nazi Holocaust  
10 Questions To Zionists - By Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl  
Zionism - Compulsory Suicide for Jews  
The Zionist Protection Racket  
Zionism - A Conspiracy Against Jews  
History Of Shameless Zio-Nazi Cooperation  
Muslims, Jews, Christians Join To Condemn Zionism  
A Factual Appraisal Of The Holocaust By The Red Cross  
Are Zionists Behind Banning Of Truthful 911 Scientist?  
10 Key Questions For Israeli Zionists  
Zionist Racism Exposed Again - 'They Aren't Human, They Are Arabs!'  
War Crimes  

Death Threats Hit Prominent Political Columnists 


Zionist Thugs Threaten Another Rense.comWriter & Program Guest 


Zionist Terrorist Attacks On Rense.com 

Zionism Is NOT Judaism  
Why The Holocaust Must Be Questioned  

An Auschwitz Eyewitness Account  
The Nonexistent 'Auschwitz Gas Chambers'?  
Israel - Let Me Count the Ways  
Aid To Israel Completely Out Of Control  
ADL Seeks Closure of Largest University in Ukraine  
Hate Bill Will Pass Committee Judiciary!  
Don't Be Hoodwinked By'Anti-Hate' Bill S.1145  
Three Key Witnesses Against Sharon Assassinated  
The 1982 Israeli War Against Lebanon  
The Simon Wiesenthal Center - A Bastion Of Zionist Power  
'Holocaust Creationism'  
House OKs 'Anti-Hate' Bill - Freedom Of Speech In Jeopardy  
ADL Briefs House On Cooperation On Internet 'Hate'  
U.S. State Dept Says New Testament Is "Anti-Semitic"?  
Heroic Vanunu Continues To Challenge Zionist Israel  

Don't Mention The Word J**  
911 Israeli Spy Report FOX Was Forced To Pull  
Global Holocaust-Deniers Bill Passed In Knesset  
'Israeli Terror Is Worse' Says Former Israeli Minister  
Israeli Wall Violates Rights - UN Experts  
Israel, Mossad, Iran And A Nuclear False Flag Attack  
US Indicts Two Pro-Israelis For Passing Classified Data  
History Shows Israel Will Kill US Troops  
For Hire: Elite Israeli Squad To Break You Out Of Jail  
Archives Show UK Helped Israel Get Nuclear Bomb  
Caught Stealing Millions? No Problem, Just Flee To Israel  
Israeli 'Art Students' And 'Movers' Mystery  
Challenge Of Jewish-Zionist Power In Era Of Global Struggle  
Jew Against Jew  
Welcome To Zionised Britain  
Wal-Mart 'Open-Minded', Sells The Protocols  

Protocols & Zionist Occupied Governments  
The Protocols Of Zion Updated  
The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview  
Robert Fisk & The Protocols Of Zion  
The US Supreme Court & The Protocols Of Zion  
Protocols Of Zion - Origin Of The Bush 'Patriot Act'  
'Protocols Of Zion' - A Non-Zionist Jewish Perspective  
Supremes & The Protocols - Where Did Our House Go?  
War For Israel  
French Prof Who Asked For Holocaust Investigation Banned  
The Great Gulf Between Zionism And Judaism  
Jews Have Debased American & Jewish Culture - Rabbi  
How Not To Be Interviewed By CNN About The Holocaust  
Russian Paper Prints Expose Of Talmudic Basis Of Israel  
'Jewish Good Fortune,Russian Tears'  
Russian Lawmakers Target Zionist Groups  

Anti-Zionism Is Unrelated To Anti-Semitism  
Zionism Promotes Anti-Semitism  
Jews In Yemen - Israel A Zionist State, Not Jewish State  
Zionist Israel's Exploitation Of The Holocaust  
How Zionists Spy On American Citizens 24/7   
Zionism's Useful Idiots  
Jews Against Zionism Blast Sharon's Fear-Mongering  
The Hidden History Of Zionism  
Another Jew Speaks Out Against Zionism  
Einstein LetterWarning Of Zionist Facism In Israel  
IDF Soldier Describes Killing 30 Palestinian Children  
Traditional Jews Apalled By Connection To Israel  
On Anti-Semitism  
Bush And Kerry Both Dance To Sharon's Tune  
Schoolgirl Riddled With Bullets... And No One Is To Blame  

Only Zionists Kill Like That  
IDF Clears Officer Of Repeatedly Shooting 13yr Old Girl  
Bush Signs Global 'Anti-Semitism' Law  
US To Rate Countries On Their Treatment Of Jews  
Bush Signs Global Anti-Semitism LaW  
State Dept Objected To 'Anti-Semitism' Report Bill  
Wal-Mart Open-Minded 'Protocols' Review Angers ADL  
IDF Sniper Executes 10 Year Old Girl At School  
Mr. Sharon On Killing Palestinians  
US Foreign Policy Unfairly Favors Israel  
Candidates' 'Blind Spot' Toward Israel  
US Vetoes Resolution Against Israeli Incursion In Gaza  
Israeli Nuclear Terrorism  
Israel Of America? America Of Israel?  
French Prof - Nazi Homicidal Gas Chambers Never Existed  

Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On The Jewish People  
Sharon To French Jews: 'Move To Israel As Soon As Possible'  
Mr. Sharon - French Jews Don't Need Your 'Help'  
Chirac Says Sharon Not Welcome In France  
Jews Against Zionism Thank Jeff  
Bold, Courageous Jews Condemn Zionism  
Anger At Petition To Keep Jerusalem Exclusively For Jews  
French-Jewish Prof's Fiery Letter To Simon Wiesenthal  
Makow - Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews  
Jews And Immigration  
Is The UN Now A Global ADL Jewish Congress?  
The Jews Don't Want To Know  
The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism  
Zionists Promoted Eugenics - Just Like The Nazis   
Jewish Communities Planned To 'Block Bedouin Expansion'  
Prominent US Jews, Israel Blamed For Start Of Iraq War  
The 'Jewish' Conspiracy Is British Imperialism  
Zionist Jews Attack Mexican Heritage In LA County  
French Jew Admits Staging Hate Calls  
Yet Another "Hate Crime" Debunked   
SoCal Prof Stage Fake 'Hate Crime'  
Is Congress Aiding A Massive Israeli Deception?  
Israel Supporters Push Bill HR 4230 To Censor Americans  
US Jewish Groups Back Bill To Monitor Universities  
Schools Not Teaching Pro-Israel Views To Lose Funding  
Bush Hands Keys To Sharon - Backs His West Bank Policy  
Christian Zionist Mentality Exposed  
Orthodox Jews To Demonstrate Against 'State' Of Israel  
The Shadow Of Zog - Israel Shamir  

The Unmentionable Source Of Terrorism  
The Protocols & You - Zionism Unchained  
To Those Who Think All Jews Are Pro-Israel & Zionists  
The Zionization of Florida   
Who Controlled Russia - Amazing Statistics  
Zionist Plans For World Government - 1946  
The Protocols Of Zion - Updated  
How Labor Zionists Sacrificed Europe's Jews In WWII  
A Non-Zionist Jew's Reply To 'Assasinations' Story  
America's Jews Tired Of Being Used By Their Own  
Why American Jews Wouldn't Support A Jewish President  
A Jewish Writer Looks At America's Jewishness  
The New Zionist Captivity  
World Jewry Declared Total War On Germany In 1933  
Who Really Controls Poland?  
Anti-Semitism Vs Anti-Zionism - A Practical Manual  
Jews Opposing Israeli Policies Harassed & Intimidated  
The Big Z And The Little z  
Jewish Leaders Pose As Pastors - Pan Gibson's 'Passion'  

How Jews Are Brainwashed & Manipulated  
Jews Opposing Israeli Policies Harassed & Intimidated  
Anti-Semitism Vs Anti-Zionism - A Practical Manual  
New Book Advocates Jewish Supremacy  
Bush's Projection Of Israel's Worldview  
A Chilling Interview With Zionist Benny Morris  
Hate Speech:Anything Jews Hate to Hear  
Facts Are Facts  
A Crude Attempt To Equate Anti-Zionism With Anti-Semitism  
The Protocols Of Zion - A Literary Forgery  
Protocols Forgery Argument Is Flawed  
Protocols Of Zion - Matters Not Who Wrote Them  
Anti-Semitism, Real And Exaggerated   
The Zionist Jewish Role In Causing World War II  
Zionism = Racism  
Jewish Persecution - A Primary Tool Of International Zionism  
The Hidden History Of Zionism  
Hitler Looks At Zionism  
Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism  
Anti-Semitism Is Not the Real Danger To Jews Today  
The Jews Are Not A Race  
Who Are Jews? - The Jewish Racial Myth  
Comments - Who Are Jews?  
The Kol Nidre  
'Our Race Will Rule Undisputed Over The World'  

Full Speech Of Rabbi Rabbinovitch Found  
Zionism And The Third Reich  
The 'Kosher Nostra Scam' On US Consumers  
Sharon's Infamous Comment - "We Control America"  
Israel's Anti-Semitism  
He's An Anti, She's An Anti, You're An Anti, Too  
Seven Jewish Americans Control Most US Media  
The 'Kosher Nostra Scam' On US Consumers  
Strange Bedfellows - Anti-Semitism and Zionism  
Christian Zionism  
Makow - Rothschilds Conduct 'Red Symphony'  
He's An Anti, She's An Anti, You're An Anti, Too  
Are The Israelis Willing To Start World War III?  
What Right Do Zionist Jews Have To Palestine?  
Zionists Try To Block Awarding Peace Prize  
The Roots Of Evil In Jerusalem  
Monsters In Our Midst - The US, Britain, & Israel  
Mahathir In Final Message To Jews  
A Warning To The Jewish People - Zionist Endanger Jews  
Kremlin Targets Jewish Tycoons In War On Critics  
The Jewish Role In The Bolshevik Revolution  
Armageddon - Zionism's Diabolical Goal  
Makow - The Real Cause of 'Anti Semitism'  
Letter From Ernst Zundel  
Were Zionists Involved In Financing Al-Qaeda?  
'Malaysian PM Was Right - They Rule The West' - Israel Shamir  
All Hail The Jewish Master Race?  
A Non-Zionist Jew Replies To 'Jewish Master Race'  
Mexican Jews Hail New Anti-Discrimination Law  
'My People are American. My Time is Today.'   

Jew Accused Of German Genocide  
Criticizing Zionism - It's Forbidden To Say Such Things   
'Israelization' Of US Mideast Policy Continues  
Torah Jews Reject Zionism  
The New Mafia  
UN Condemns Sharon's West Bank Wall  
Holocaust Claims Committee Blasted  
Triumph Of The Will: Jewish Cultural Hegemony  
The Real Cause of 'Anti Semitism'  
More Examples Of Zionist Racism  
Alan Dershowitz - Plagiarist  
A Proposal to Shut Down All Funding of Israel  
The Real Cost Of US Support For Israel - $3 Trillion  
Extracts From The NWO Protocols Of Zion  
Protocols -The NWO Blueprint?  
Does A Satanic Cult Rule The World?  
Did Rothschild Write The Protocols Of Zion?  

The Rest Of The Story

Oh, Danny Boy, The Pipes, The Pipes...

Bush's Zionist Golden Boy Defames Muslims

Realities Of Israeli Oppression Rarely Aired In US

Israel's Wall Longer, Sometimes Twice As High As Berlin

Understanding Jewish Influence

 3 Israelis Charged With Selling Weapons In CentAm

Greater Israel -- What Does It Really Mean?

Greater Israel Comments

Israel Mocks 'Peace Plan' OKs New Gaza Construction

 Pacifist Zundel's Health Deteriorating - Jail Extended

 Zundel Bail Hearing - Day 3 - Judge Charged With Bias

 Zundel Hearings: Day Two

First Day Of Zundel Hearings - Shocking News

Romanian President - Holocaust 'Not Unique To Jews'

The New Israeli Marriage Law - 'Israel Is A Racist State'

Bronfman: Jewish Leaders Creating Rift Between Israel-US

Zionist False Flag Operations In Iraq And Israel

Blacks & Jews: The End Of An Alliance

Christian Zionists Criticized For Opposing Mideast 'Road Map"



'Jews Own Iraq' Says London Jew, Other Jews Agree

Zionists Threaten To Kill California College Paper Editor

 'Because We Are Jews'

Palestinians Say 'Zionist' Christians Illegitimate

Quotes 'With Attitude' From The Jewish Talmud

Declaration By UK Jews Opposed To Zionism

Myth Of Tiny, Little Israel - Zionist Tentacles Everywhere

House Leader DeLay - 'Israel's Fight Is Our Fight'

Pollards Israeli Recruiter Reemerges On US Soil

Jews Against Zionism - The Hidden Protest

Bush Clearly On Israel's Side Say Palestinians

Sharon Says Israel Will Keep Building Security Barrier

Outposts Show Israeli Failure To Honor 'Roadmap'

Why Is US Turning A Blind Eye To Israel's Nukes?

 Does Israel Target Children?

Israeli Wall Cuts Off Palestinians From Jerusalem

Near Total Zionist Jewish Control Of The British Media

Israeli Army Accused Of Cruelty

Pakistan Got Israeli Weapons During Afghan War

Makow - The Jewish Century

Anti-Semitism In Israel

The Holy War Israel Wants

Israeli Proposal Would Restrict US First Amendment

USA-Israel : A Costly Friendship


Statistical Comparison - Israeli/Palestinian Killings 

BBC World TV Points Finger At Israel's WMD

Israeli Army Chief Admits Blunders Against Palestinians

Norwegian Man Arrested After Yelling At Israeli Embassy

 Don't Mention That Mussolini Saved Jews

Jewish Writers Say Zionists Drove US To War For Israel

Israel Accuses BBC Of Competing With 'Nazi Propaganda'

Terrorism And The Origins Of Israel - Part 1 
& 2

Swiss Group Boycotts Israeli & Jewish Products

 KS Company Fined $6000 Over Anti Israeli Boycott Charges

The Israelization Of American Policy

Jewish Nazis Raise Hell In Israel

Not A Word About Israel's WMD

The Campaign To Criminalize Criticism Of Israel

Is A US Military Pro-Israel Junta Ruling Iraq?

Terror Plot? Israelis, Expired Passports, U-Haul Truck Stopped

Zionist False Flag Operations In Iraq And Israel 

Greater Israel -- What Does It Really Mean?

Declaration By UK Jews Opposed To Zionism

Myth Of Tiny, Little Israel - Zionist Tentacles Everywhere

'Because We Are Jews'

Myth Of Tiny, Little Israel - Zionist Tentacles Everywhere


Jews Against Zionism - The Hidden Protest

The Jewish Century

Zionist Jews Control Right, Marxian Jews The Left

Do Jews Suffer From False Consciousness?

Jewish Communists - The Documented Truth

Fatherland - The Remake

The Lagrangian Point

Concerned Jewish Writers Claim Zionists Behind War

Thomas Reveals Mossad's Role In Lewinsky Affair

Maid & The Ogre: The Zionist Murder Of Rachel Corrie

'The Zionists Went Too Far' - Israel Shamir

Zionist Influence On The US War Machine

Buchanan Blasts Israel-First Neocon Cabal

Buchanan Charges Zionists With 'Warmongering'

Zionism & The Art Of Humbuggery

'False Surrender' First Linked To Zionist Propaganda

Zionism Has Triumphed

Makow - How Not To Be An Anti-Semite

The Great Gulf Between Zionism & Judaism

Judaism & Zionism Are Not The Same Thing

 Never Say 'Sorry' - Moran, Dixie Chicks Pummelled
Zionism Unbound
US Media Airs Alleged Jewish Role In Iraq War
Why Was Perle Meeting With Adnan Khashoggi?

Stranger Than Fiction - An Independent 911 Investigation
 Israel's 'Use' Of Its Nuclear Weapons Against US
 Heads They Win, Tail We Lose
When Sharon Says Jump, Bush Asks 'How High?'
 Zionist Power In Bush Administration
The Amazing Warnings Of Benjamin Freedman
'This Is A War Between Judaisim And Islam'
 Israeli Spy Rumors Fly On Gusts Of Truth With 911
 Collaboration Between Zionism & The Third Reich
 Israel Has Never Repaid A US Loan
 Rabbi In Hebron Says Annihilation Of Non-Jews Acceptable
 The Life Of An American Jew In Racist-Marxist Israel
 The Induction of Civic Insanity In The 'Age of Pharaoh'
 1933 And 2002 - Compare And Contrast
 The Zionist Roots Of The 'War On Terror'
 Warning - Iraq War Could Put World Into Deep Recession
 Did You Know? The Palestinian Case Against Israel
 Sharon Will Expand Jewish West Bank Settlements
 Berliners Protest Effort To Rename Road 'Jewish Street'
 Confessions Of A Zionist Ex-Mossad Agent
 The Sopranos And The Shapiros
 Secret WWII Disaster Revealed
 Zionists Made A Deal With The Devil
 Chamish - Rejoice Not, Hopeful Israelis
 Zionism And Its Impact
 US Financial Aid To Israel - Figures, Facts And Impact

 Saddam - US Is Out To Destroy All Centers Of Arab Power
 JDL's Irv Rubin Brain Dead After Suicide Attempt
 New Data On Auschwitz Holocaust Count
 Bush's Grab For Greatness And Glory
 In A Vortex For The Future
 New Israeli Bill Makes Helping War Crimes Tribunal A Crime
 Dossier On Rev. Moon's Money Empire
 Wolfowitz - Israeli Zionist Wolf In The White House
 Christendom Goes Zionist
 Confessions Of A Zionist Ex-Mossad Agent
 Setting The Record Straight
 Iran Commander Calls For 100 million Strong Islamic Militia
 A Jewish Demographic State
 Congress Grants Bush War Powers Against Iraq
 Defending The Indefensible - A Jewish Scholar Defends Hitler
 Skolnick - The Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 18
 Full Gaza Invasion 'Just A Matter Of Time' Says Israel
 Think Tanks - Create New Homeland Intel Agency
 Is Iraq The Start Of The Third World War?
 Israel No Longer Immune To Truthful Media Criticism
 LaRouche - UN Must Declare Bush And Cheney Insane

 The Strange Case Of Jared Israel
 Sen. Lieberman's Zionist Connections - Conflict Of Interest?
 U Michigan Hosts 'Zionism Is Racism' Conference
 Arabs Enraged By US Naming Jerusalem Israel's Capital
 As The World Goes To Hell...
 Christians Should Reassess Support for Israel
 UK Professor Describes Israel As 'Mirror Image Of Nazism'
 'Next To Jews, We Hate Palestinians The Most' - King Fahd
 Criticize Israel? What's In It For Me?
 The Seven Pillars Of Jewish Denial
 JDL Targets Ron Paul And Other 'Israel Haters'
 Iraq Says It Will Repel 'Zionists' Attack With Knives, Stones
 Examining Historical Revisionism
 UK Chief Rabbi Says Israeli Policy Incompatible With Judaism
 Hitler Film-Maker Riefenstahl Faces Holocaust Denial Probe
 Is the Conspiracy Jewish? - The Controversy Of Zion
 Syria Sounds Alarm On US-Israel Ambitions In Middle East
 Communism, Zionism And Feminism Share NWO Pedigree
 A Glitch In The Matrix
 Hamas Says It Will Target Israeli Leadership
 Chamish - British Freemasonry Covets Israel
 The Unorthodox Orthodox
 Prominent Jews' December, 1948 Letter To New York Times

 Were Jews and Arabs Destined To Hate Each Other?
 Israeli Embassy Press Officer Fired For Condemning Airstrike
 Palestinian Gunmen Kill Rabbi In 'First Response' To Air Strike
 Rome Strikes Second Coming Deal With Jews
 History Of Nuclear Weapons - Israel
 We Really Do Have A Lot To Thank Ariel Sharon For
 Rabbi Michael Lerner Urges Jews To Support McKinney
 A Strange Kind Of Freedom
 More North American Immigrants Arrive In Israel
 Study Refutes Reporting Of Intifada Casualties
 Egypt's Largest Paper Lauds 2004 Candidate LaRouche
 Fury As Academics Are Sacked For Being Israeli
 Money To Israel - Or Else!
 The War Within Judaism - Ten Questions To The Zionists
 Orthodox Jews Fight To Wrest Judaism From Zionism
 Farrakhan In Lebanon - Says He Is Battling US Zionist Lobby
 Fatah Calls For Attacks On US And Zionist Targets
 How The Bush Family Made Its Fortune From The Nazis
 Bush's Speech All Puff, No Substance
 150 Arab And Palestinian Intellectuals Urge Total Resistance

 Rabbi Convicted Of Fondling Female Teen
 Bush Gives Israel Blank Check In Assault On Palestinians
 American Jews To Build New Town In Occupied Territories
 Israelis Applying For German Citizenship As Refuge
 More Than 10,000 Jews Fought For The Confederacy
 One Has To Pity This Man, Bush
 Anti-Zionist Rhetoric Gains Ground In US
 When Didn't They Know It? And What About You?
 Top Jewish Lawyer Urges Death For Families Of Suicide Bombers
 Bush Wants To Rename DoD To 'War Department'
 What Is Antisemitism?
 Suicide Car Bomb Kills At Least 18 In Israel
 'I Don't Care Whether I Live Or Die - We Must Punish Pakistan'
 The Death Of Dr. Wiley - 'Murder, They Wrote'
 The Leash Is Off The FBI
 Saddam's 'Gassing The Kurds' Used As Pretext For Invading Iraq
 Less Than One Million Jews Died In The Holocaust?
 Hitler's Jewish Soldiers - Perhaps 150,000 Jews Fought Valiantly

 How The Bush Family Is Linked To The Jewish Holocaust
 Chamish - French Embassy Fire Fricassees Facts
 Zionism Said Wrong From The Torah Viewpoint
 A Jewish View Of The Jewish State
 108 Rabbis-To-Be Sign In Sympathy With Palestinians
 Report - Israeli Settlers Now Control 40% Of West Bank
 Zionists Kick Home Goal To Open Possible Gaza Season
 Do Our Jewish 'Leaders' Want Us All To Be Victims?
 Rabbinical Jewish Congress Against Israeli Government
 Bahrain Bans Al Jazeera TV On Charges Of 'Zionist Bias'
 Thousands Of Israelis Rally For Pullout From West Bank, Gaza
 Controversy Of The Auschwitz Swimming Pool
 Jewish Rabbi Says Israel Is A State 'Against God'
 NY Rabbi Requests 'Peaceful Dismantling Of The Israeli State'
 JFK's Concern Over Israel's Nuclear Bomb Program
 Detailed Interviews With Survivors Of The Jenin Holocaust
 Jenin - 'Will You Sweep Away The Innocent With The Guilty?'

 Illegal For US Firms To Boycott Israel - Up To 10 Years Prison
 A Forgotten Episode In Jewish History
 Controversial Jewish Professor Takes On 'Holocaust Industry'
 New Israeli Monitoring Group
 Chamish - Shimon Peres And His European Nazi Pals
 Zionism Is The Real Problem In The Middle East
 It's Not About Occupied Territories
 Double-Barrel Zionist Policy Targets Islam And US Muslims
 How To Be Proactive And Promote Israel
 Arabs Say Powell Failure Heralds More Violence
 Jewish Groups, ADL Call On U Of Colorado To Stem 'Hate'
 Immortal Heroes Of Jenin
 Israel Can No Longer Count On US Jews For Support
 Outrage At Oxford As Poet Gives Hate-Filled Newspaper Interview
 Myths Of The Middle East
 Red Heifer Born In Israel
 Jewish Slaughter Of Palestinians At Deir Yassin Remembered
 Palestinians Say No Powell Meetings Without Arafat
 Of War, Islam, And Israel
 Blair Shies Away From EU Law On Holocaust Denial

 Islamic States Warn Of 'All-Out War' In Mid-East
 Holocaust - Reports Of Israelis Slaughtering Palestinian Men
 Arafat's Harvest Of Hate
 US Columnists & Commentators Pro-Israel Or Pro-Palestinian
 LaRouche - Only The US Can Stop Israeli Suicidal Plunge
 Past Zionist-Jewish Terrorism - Some Historical Facts
 'Not Another Peace Plan - The Jewish State Must Be De-Nazified'
 Chamish - Rabbi Antelman Is Back
 Tehran Warns US Attack Would Be An 'Irreparable Mistake'
 Bush's Speech Sends Shockwaves Around World
 The 'Second Generation' Of Holocaust Survivors
 Chamish - Just As Scared, Just As Doomed
 Isreal Charged With Taking Organs From Dead Palestinian Boys
 Chamish - Peres Protecting Takes A Turn For The Weird
 Bush's Grandfather Linked To Nazis Says FL Holocaust Museum
 Ramadan 30-Part TV Special: The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion
 US Government Investigated Bush Family's Financing Of Hitler
 FL Holocaust Museum President Links Bush Family To Nazis
 British Jewish Group Calls For Dismantlement Of The Zionist State
 `Mega-Maniacs' Steering Sharon's Mideast War Drive
 'Isreali Plot' Theory Gains Momentum In Moslem World
 Vatican Refuses To Open Holocaust Records To Jewish Scholars

 PFLP Had Promised To Avenge IDF Killing Of Its Leader
 Time Judaisim And Zionism Go Their Separate Ways - Top Rabbi
 It Is Absurd To Say Israel Is Not A Racist State
 A Time To Hate - A Rabbi Speaks Out
 4000 Israeli Employees In The WTC Said Absent On 9-11?
 Terror In America - A Survey Of The Arab Point Of View
 Chamish - Who Created Islamic Extremism?
 Lebanese Druze Leader - CIA, Mossad Responsible For Attacks
 Religious Israeli Soldiers - Serving With Women Is Like Eating Pork
 The Political Significance Of Israel's Assassination Policy
 Surprising Historical Information On The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 Thousands Of Children Stolen From Early Jewish Immigrants To Israel
 Israeli Leaders Stunned By Decision Equating Zionism With Racism
 Jews Demonstrate Against Zionism
 Israelis Propose Building A 'China Wall' Between Them & Palestinians
 Ten Palestinian Movements Promise To Avenge PFLP Chief's Death
 Sudan's Bashir Says US Dominated By 'Zionists'

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