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Emerging Police State

 Secret Patriot Act II Destroys Remaining US Liberty
 SF Chronicle Blasts Patriot Act 2 In Editorial 
 Secret Plan To Increase 'Patriot' Act Exposed By Moyers
 DOJ's Sweeping Expansion Of Anti-Terror Act
 DOJ Expansion Of Patriot Act Criticized
 Bush Plans More Police StateViolations Of Constitution
 Ashcroft Has Become A Constitutional Menace
 America - A Police State In The Making
 Police State USA
 Beyond Repair?
 Operation Citizen Snitch Sniffs Out America's Most 'Unpatriotic'
 Turn Yourself In and Get It Over With
 Feds Open 'Total' Tech Spy System On US Citizens
 Bush Routes TIPS Calls To TV's 'America's Most Wanted'
 Ashcroft's Master Plan to Spy on Us
 Foundations Are In Place For Martial Law In The US 
 Is Bush Plagiarising Orwell?
 Death Of Free Speech And Individualism In NWO America
 Bush Would Send SWAT Teams To Journalists' Homes
 Letter To Companies Who Send TIPS Employees To Homes
 With Homeland Security In Mind, Summer Camp Trains Teens
 America - Soon To Be The Largest Police State Ever
 US Citizens Lining Up - 'I'm Happy To Spy For America'
 Snitching For The State
 Homeland Security Horrors
 The Slow-Motion US Coup d'Etat Continues
 Justice Dept Forging Ahead With Operation TIPS
 Ridge Wants US Army To Have Homeland Arrest & Shoot Power 
 USPS Reverses Itself On Joining TIPS Homeland Spy Program
 US Postal Service Says No To Bush's TIPS Program
 Citizen SnitchInsanity Or Security?
 Bush Wants Letters Carriers, Meter Readers As Informants
 WND 'Citizen Spies' Poll
 Police State? No Doubts
 Beyond RepairFarewell To Politics, It's Time To Move On
 81 Year Old US WWII Veteran Warns Of Bush-Nazi Similarities
 Bush Aims To Recruit 1 in 24 Americans As Citizen Spies/Informants
 Operation TIPS To Begin In August - Spy On Your Neighbors!

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