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John Rappoport

Life and death in the fake news business

The secret circle that controls governments

The 'dependent victim' PsyOp

Social-media censorship - here are the deep basics

Beyond an artificial world

The American Destiny

America on trial

The big one - How environmental killing
becomes a medical disease

Remember that pandemic that was going to
wipe out humanity? We're still here...

The Individual vs The Reality Machine

Trump, The NY Times And Fake News

Government-Pharma Collusion In Mass Deaths By Opioids

Washington Post CIA Connections - Back To Basics

US Sent BioWar Materials To Iraq

Why The Federal Government Broke
The Law For 30 Years

Bang - Another China Vaccine Scandal

Engineering And Shaping Perception For The New World

AI And The Future Of Medical Treatment

US Govt Broke Vaccine Safety Law For Over 30 Years

What Globalists Say...And What They Really Mean

Accusation - Hillary Never Had A State Dept Email Addy
She Always Used Her Private Unsecured Email

Independence Day Of The Soul

Is This The Century Of Secession?

Socialism Exposed - Thick Lipstick On A Global Pig

The Occult Archetype Called Vaccination

It's Showtime In North Korea

Visions Of The Empire

Did Fracking Cause The Hawaii Volcano Eruption?

Say Hello To The FBI Mole Inside The Trump Campaign

The Psychiatric Matrix - What You Need To Know

The Big Vaccine-Autism Lie

Press Is Ignoring Two Huge Vaccine Scandals

Psychiatry And The Great Fraud

A Spiritual Experience, Dedicated To My Wife

Government 'Can't Find $20 Trillion' While Pensions Tank

They Aren’t Just Coming For Our Guns,
They Are Coming For Our Brains

Syria Missile Strikes - Based On What Evidence?

5G Wireless - A Ridiculous Front For Global Control

Fake News And The Programmed Viewer

Elderly London Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder
For Defending His Home Against Thieves.

The London Cops' Firm Definition Of ‘Thought Crime’

The Deeper Reason For Drug Ads On Television

Incredible Pandemic Hoax From The Ministry Of Truth

'UFO Disclosure’ - A Covert Op To
Discredit Real Disclosure

The Rise And Fall Of CNN - 'Most Trusted Name In News’

UFOs, Tesla, DeLonge, ETs, Covert Ops

UFO Disclosure - The Insider Game Of 'Reliable Sources'

Trump's War Against The Corrupt Media Continues

Globalist Corporations Are Blind In The Face Of Doom

Genetically Modified People - What Could Go Wrong?

The CIA vs The Presidency - This Isn't' The First Time

The Individual On Trial

What Is Liberty? What Is A Mind?

To The People Of Europe Who Still Believe In Freedom

The Government's Real War Against Natural Health

Judge's Order To Block Trump's Temporary
Immigration Travel Ban Is Ridiculous

Fake News Actors, Robots, Androids, TV Creations

Ready To Inject Your Child With "Safe" Vaccines From China?


Do Chicago Gang Thugs Want Revolution With Trump?

Trump's Toxic Ag Policy Will Be As Bad As Obama's

Obama Is Back...And This Is What Will Happen

Mass Resignations At State Dept, UN Funding Cut - It's A Start

Actual Hacking - Every Reporter Needs To Understand Sharyl Attkisson's Case Against The US Government

Robert F Kennedy Jr - The Best Thing That Could Happen To The Environment & Free Market Capitalism

Scientists March To Support Global Warming Censorship - The New Ridiculous

Medical Fake News Is The Mt. Everest Of Fake News

The Individual vs Globalism

Reporters Tell Me The Truth Off The Record About The Fake News Biz

One Takeaway From Trump's Inauguration Speech - Gang Carnage


Analyzing Mainstream News Anti-Logic

Who Gave US Uranium To Putin - Trump Or Hillary?

Why Fake News Matters

Will California Secede From The US? I Hope So...

Warning To Trump - Don't Approve GMO, Pesticide FDA Horror Show

My Position On Donald Trump

Intel Agencies Make Living By Lying - Now They're Truthful?

War On People - Fear And Loathing In NY & DC

When Virtue Is The Greatest Crime

Obama Fundraiser - Sex With A Minor…Case Dismissed!

The Great Fear Is That Vladimir Putin And
Donald Trump Will Have THIS Conversation

How The Mainstream Media Went Stark Raving Mad

WaPost CIA Ties Destroy It's Russian Hacking Scam

An Open Letter To Vladimir Putin

Ode Of Joy To Brian Williams, Mr. Fake News

Why I Named My Site 'No More Fake News' In 2001


The Twits At Twitter Threaten To Ban Trump

Memo To Bannon - Solve The Water Shortage Problem

David Gergen's Elite Ties, His Attempt To Stop Trump

Here's Why 'Fake News' Sites Are So Dangerous

Rappoport - Major Media Crash…Scapegoat Needed

Trump Won't Prosecute Hillary - Politics In The Matrix

Trump Destroys Media Stars Face To Face

A Second Open Letter To Steve Bannon (Mr Inside)

An Open Letter To Steve Bannon - Trump's Inside Man


Trump Succeeding As President LIke Forcing A
Vampire To Walk Through Death Valley At Noon

Major Media Crash…They Need A Scapegoat ('Fake News')

The Entrepreneur-Visionary And His Challenges

Univ Students Get 'Cry-In', Play Doh, Hot
Chocolate Therapy Over Trump Election Win -
Soon They Will Be Wearing Diapers

Will Donald Trump Keep His Promises?

Podesta - 'We Are Not Done Yet'

The Clintons And The CIA Deep Relationship

Incredible Response To Rappoport's Article On
Naked Teen 'Art' Photos In Podesta's Home

Leaked Memo - Clinton Foundation Broke The Law

Podesta, WaPost Article, Photos Of Naked Teens On Walls

The Rise Of The Deplorables

Rappoport - Who I Write For


Yes, A FOUR Yr Old Allowed To Undergo Sex Change

CDC Medical Police State . Their Right To Detain Anyone

Power Outside The Matrix - Cult Of Reality Builders

Is The CIA Getting Ready To Dump The Clintons?

The Front Page If Hillary Becomes President

5 Threats Trump Poses And 6 Plans To Stop Him

There Was A Man

Super Tuesday - Vote Fraud Looming? Prop 37 Flashback

Zen Gardner Talks To Jon Rappoport

Once When We Were Free


The Pope Appeareth

The Migration Of Populations vs The Individual

Official Science - The Grand Illusion Of All Robots

Big Money - Pump And Dump As A Way Of Life

The Individual vs Collective Mind Control

The Plan For A Future Australia

Apple Mind Control News In On The Way

Obama, Remember Why We Hired You...Ram TPP Thru

What Is Monsanto Hiding In Secret Documents?

The CDC: Mind Control On A Vast Scale

Every Television Newscast Is Staged Reality


The Tree

The Individual vs The Goo

Did Russia And China Import Depopulation Corn?

Oprah Has Home On Monsanto Pesticide Poisoned Maui

Once In A Lifetime HI Vacation Among The Pesticides

The Judge In The Monsanto-Maui Suit Is Tainted

Staging Ferguson - A Covert op And Al Sharpton

Who Is Gary Hirshberg? Why Is He Bankrolling A Failed Anti-GMO Campaign?

Vaccine For A Disease That Doesn't Exist?

NSA Alive & Well At Colleges - Code MDA-904

Depopulation Vaccine In Kenya And Beyond


Ebola, Monsanto, Holmes And The Basis Of PsyOps

The Invention Of 'Virus Reality'

Ebola Hoax - 'My FOIA Request To The CDC'

Has Ebola Virus Been Isolated From A Human?

The Medical Cartel Is King In A Globalist World

Freedom…And Those Who Hate Freedom

Flu Shots And The Incredible Shrinking Flu Hoax

CDC Whistleblower - 'Oh My God…What We Did'

Breaking A Delusion Of Cause And Effect


Ebola Hoax - The Numbers Game

Hypnotic Data - 4 Essential Features

Dept Of Defense Ebola Manual - Smoking Guns

'Cause Of Death' - The Big Lie

Ebola - How To Stage A Fake Epidemic

The Ebola Fear - Transmission Of The Virus

For Alert Minds - The Art Of The Covert Narrative

Ebolagate - 47 Questions And Answers


'Tracking Ebola Contacts' Call In The Surveillance State

'History Proves Vaccines Are Quite Safe' - Oh, Really?

Imagination And The FireImagination And The Fire

Ebola - What Op Is Beng Planned For Western Nations?

There Are 2 Other MMR Vaccine Whistleblowers

CDC Liars - '1 Million Ebola Cases By January'

Vaccines And Depopulation Experiments


Exclusive - CDC Whistleblower Was A Fraud Machine

Ebola - The Covert Op Of Modern Medicine

Pediatrics Journal - Fraud, Brain Damage, Follow The Money

Vaccine Fraud? What About Psychiatric Fraud? Staggering.

CDC Whistleblower's Contact Censored

Update- CDC WhistleblowerTalking With Congress

Mercury, Vaccines, Autism - More Fraud At The CDC


Staged Reality Of The Medical Cartel

The Press Takes A Holiday…Every Day

CIA Records - Killing With BioChem Substances

CIA MK-ULTRA - They Intended To Use Drugs For 'Everything'

What Are US BioWar Scientists Doing In Ebola Zone?

Why Hasn't A Pandemic Ever Started In Brooklyn?

Outrageous Coverup Of OKC Bombing Continues


The War Inside The War In Afghanistan

Secret Space

Fluorides, The Atomic Bomb And A Spy

Psst, Kid, Want Drugs? I'm A Psychiatrist

Obamacare - Watch Out For 'Predictive Modeling'

Why The FDA Should Be Charged With Murder

Imperial Psychiatric Empire Is Invading The Mind


Why The Law Of Attraction Fails

Who Produced The Movie Called Reality?

More On Roundup-Gluten Intolerance Connection

Why Should A Poem Exist In This World?

Monsanto Man


Brave New Mind Control - Everyone Belongs To Everyone Else

Is The NSA Manipulating The Stock Market?

Ukraine - The End Game

Annie's Natural Foods, Carlyle Group - SAME Top Shareholders

How Public Relations Led GMO-Labeling Astray

Why Can't Churches Consign Monsanto To Hell From The Pulpit?

Coexist With Monsanto Or Destroy It? Follow The Organic Money


Magic Trick - Promoting Diseases That Don't Exist

What Happens When Only 16% Of Flu Patients Have The Flu?

The Government Knows It's A Medical Killing Machine

The Strangest Thing About Vaccines

Spiritual Fascism

Went To College, Got The T-Shirt And $150,000 Debt

Propaganda Mind Control - Turning Truth Backwards

The CIA Man And His Mind-Controlled Prop


Freedom As A Symbol & Freedom As A Reality

Scientists Create False Memories - What Part Of Matrix Is This?

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, Hurrah, Hurrah

Mind If We Store Your DNA And Share It With Everyone?

Booking A Reservation For The Movie Called Reality

Designing The Mind...A Fable

The Hoax At The Bottom Of Autism & Alzheimers

The Fatal Flaw In The Human-Machine Interface


Mind If We Store Your DNA And Share It With Everyone?

Booking A Reservation For The Movie Called Reality

Designing The Mind...A Fable

The Hoax At The Bottom Of Autism & Alzheimers

The Fatal Flaw In The Human-Machine Interface

Current UFO Disclosures & The Incredible, Edible NYT


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