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Radiation/Japan & The US


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Total Gamma Radiation 2017.3 Year To Date In US

Total Gamma Radiation On US Year To Date

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 29 and 30, plus 30X

Radioactive Plutonium Detected In Air Near Hanford

Total Gamma Radiation YRTW No 27 And 28

Watch Animated Map Of Gigantic 3-11 Japan Quake

Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

Fukushima Radiation Blasted US In March 2011 - Model

Real Time World Earthquake Monitor

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

National Nuclear Emergency Map
Updated 24/7 In Real Time

MeteoEarth - Click On Winds

Obama OKs DEADLY Hikes In 'Safe' Radiation Exposure

Obama Raises 'Safe' Rad In Drinking Water 27,000x Higher

Huge Radiation Readings In CA And NM Disappear

Enormous W Coast CPMs Vanish After Site Back Online - Vid

Japan Earthquakes 2011 Visualization Map - Vid

W Coast Covered In Massive 3/11 Radiation - Vid

Coverup Of West Coast Radiation From Fukushima

Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

WATCH - What Cesium 137 Will Really Do To You - Vid

Chart Of Radiation Dose Levels In Millisieverts

Jeff & Dr. Russell Blaylock - Supplements
To Fight Radiation Exposure
- Vid

National Radiation Map - Updated Every Minute

Radiation Dose Chart

The Radiation Database User Guide - Vid

No One Knows Where 3 Fuel Cores Went In Groundwater

Obama 'Dramatically' Ups 'Safe' Rad In Drinking Water

Japan Answer To Radiation - Massive Natural Indoor Farms

Extinction - 100% Death Rate For Baby Orcas - W Coast Dead

TEPCO Profits Soared 71% First Half Of 2014

US Govt Injected Citizens With Uranium

Proof Radiation Is KILLING The Pacific Dana Durnford & Terry Daniels - Vid

HORROR - Proof N Pacific Nearly Extinct Of Life - Radiation - Vid

Garmany - Nuclear Decommissioning Now 'Too Expensive'!

Activists Disrupt Building Of UK Nuke Weapons Factory

Chernobyl - Ukraine's Nuclear Time Bomb Ticking

Cameron Plan To Burn UK Mountain Of Plutonium

US Foods Begin To Be Monitored For Fukushima Rad

Hanford Nuclear Site Clean-Up - The Mess Gets Worse

Fall 2013 US Garden - More Mutations, Sick Plants - Pics

Gunderson - Fukushima Plume To Hit West Coast In 2014

Mission Impossible? R4 Reactor Fuel Removal

OR GOP Chair - Sprinkle Nuclear Waste From Airplanes


FDA - Don't Worry About Radioactive Fish From Pacifc

Fukushima - 300 Tons Of Liquid Death Into Pacific Daily

EnviroReporter - EPA Nukes Radiation 'Safe Exposure' Rules

STUNNING Radiation Levels On Flight From Chile To US - Pics

No Safe Place For US Nuclear Waste

US Spent Nuclear Fuel Epic Problem

Mystery Japan Black Mold Measured At 170, 000 CPM

Sellafield Sent Radioactive Waste To A Landfill


MI Nuke Plant Dumps Radioactive Water Into Lake MI

How Prussian Blue Removes Internal Radiation From People

Fancy New Lids for Nuclear Waste Casks

US Nuclear Plant Gave NRC Faked Fire Protection Records

Fukushima Worker - 2 Sieverts/hr In Leaking Radioactive Water

Big Death Surge In US After Fukushima Radiation Plume Arrived

Nuclear Radiation In LA Air Surges 419% - Vid

Radioactive Black Fungal Spores Blowing To US

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All the Time


Fukushima Radiation Killing SoCal Seals, Sea Lions

120 Tons Radioactive Water May Already Be In Groundwater

Gas Build Up Could Explode Hanford Tanks - Vid

1/3 Of West Coast Children Have Thyroid Problems - Fukushima

1 Dead, 8 Hurt In AR Nuke Plant Accident - 'No Danger To Public'

Dead, Dying Seals All Over SoCal Beaches (...Fukushima) - Vid



Starving, Dying Sea Lions Overfill Shelters

EPA - Expect More Radiation In Rainwater

Cancer Pandemic - Reaping The Seeds Of Nuke Tests

Mayflies, Squirrels & Rats Cause US Nuke Plant Trouble

LA To Feds - Clean Up Rocketdyne

R1, R3 & R4 SFP Cooling Stops Working - TEPCO Can't Figure Why


Radioactive Recliner Chairs, Apt & Household Goods Common

Feds Want To Ship Hanford Radiation Leakage To NM

Officials Don't Know Where Hanford Underground Leak Is

67 Hanford Radioactive Waste Tanks Said To Be Leaking - Vid

Massive Betrayal Of Trust At Hanford

Death Occur Frequently 85 km From Fukushima - Vid

Radiation Food Lab

There Is No Christmas For Radiation

Mutations Showing Up In FL Vegetable Garden - Vid

Up A River Without A Cleanup - Boeing's Meltdown Makeover, Pt 5

Toxic Department - Boeing's Meltdown Makeover, Pt 4

Operation Astroturf - Boeing's Meltdown Makeover - 3

Dirty Deeds - Boeing's Meltdown Makeover, Pt 2

Greenwashing Rocketdyne - Boeing's Meltdown Makeover, Pt 1

Boeing's Meltdown Makeover


Radioactive I-131 In Philly Water Almost 2x Over Legal Limit

Last Of 4 Old San Onofre Generators Shipped - Vid

Drive-By Shows Generator Rad Reading At 329 CPM! - Vid

Dec 2nd Radioactive Fukushima Rain Falls On Ontario - Vid

Gunderson - Oyster Creek Plant Leak Worse Than Said

Huge San Onofre Steam Generators Hit The Road

Officials Won't Say If Ongoing San Onofre Leak Is Radioactive - Vid


Hanford Radioactive Waste Tank Failing - Leak Confirmed

Hydrogen Leak Detected At San Onofre

Fairewinds...How Citizen Scientists Can Sample Radiation - Vid

ID Nuke Lab Fined After Workers Exposed To Radiation

WHO Chief's Courage - 'There Is No Safe Level Of Radiation'

Nuclear Power And A World Full Of Radioactive Waste

Severely Mutated Corn Near Portland, OR - Vid


Three Mile Island Goes Bust … Again!

50 Workers Exposed To Radiation At PA Nuclear Plant

Rense & Michael Collins - Fukishima Radiation In CA Produce

Grave Problems At Davis-Besse And Palisades Reactors

Bechtel Incompetent To Complete Hanford Nuclear Cleanup

Nowhere To Hide - New Fukushima Fallout Findings In US 

High Cesium Suspends Cod Shipments 200 Mi From Fukushima

Copters To Measure Radiation In Bay Area

Sinkhole Radiation 15x Over Limit, Residents Warned

Big, Radioactive Hanford Waste Tank Leaking?

1/3 Of San Onofre Work Force Laid Off


New Low Dose Radiation Dose Study - Bad News - Vid

Some Police Now Have Radiation Detectors

Edison Finds More Damage, Backs Off San Onofre Restart

Inhaling Just One Hot Particle Can Cause Cancer - Vid

Cesium Covers The West Coast, In Pine Needles, Soil

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants Ill, Hair Falling Out

Weidner - It's Been 3 am For Over A Year Now...

Nuclear Dangers - Mankinds Most Desperate Hour


DHS Study Coverup Of Fukushima Fallout Over US

Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone - Vid

Hanford Radioactive Waste Tanks Failed Requirements

Small Dose Radiation May Be Worse

Radiation Triples At Tokyo Monitoring Station

Global Radiation Catastrophe & Cataclysmic Evolution

'Staggering Mess' Tsunami Debris Hits Alaska Coast Early

Mass Radiation Released From US Nuke Plants 1958-1984


Fukushima - The Unspoken Crisis Of Global Nuclear Radiation

Gunderson On The San Onofre Problem On PBS - Vid

Gunderson At San Onofre - Listen - Audio

EPA Failed To Monitor, Protect Americans From Fallout

3rd Plant Species With Radiation Mutations In Michigan

Japanese Seaweed Radiation Doubles

LA Air Even Hotter With Radiation

SF Bay Area Milk Radioactive - 2x Over Allowed EPA Limits

SoCal Kelp Radioactivity Danger To Fish Lovers? - Vid

The Buckyball Stops Here - Detecting Low Radioactive Levels

US Warns Fukushima Tsunami Debris May Be Radioactive


Fukushima Radiation In SoCal Fish, Kelp Food Chain

Berkeley Plutonium Tests Admitted 200-300 Weaker Than Feds

Beware Of Spring Maximum For Radioactive Fallout

Caldicott Is Evacuating Boston If Reactor 4 SFP Collapses - Vid

Fuskushima Radiation Reached Alaska In Less Than Month


Ailing San Onofre Nuke Plant Downsizes Staff

SF Treasure Island Radiation Worse Than Thought

4 Nuke Reactors In US Shutdown In Last Few Days

More Than 50 Caverns Under Louisiana Sinkhole

Louisiana Sinkhole Disaster, 400 Sq Ft Gaping Hole - Photos

Govt Wants 'Worst-Case-Analysis' Of Louisiana Sinkhole

Warm Long Island Water Causes NY Reactor To Shut Down

Giant Louisiana Sinkhole May Be Radioactive

US Freezes All Nuke Plant Licensing Decisions


Shocking Radiation At Ottawa Home Downspout After Rain -Vid

LA Air Radiation Doubles -Vid

A Single Piece Of Radioactive Fruit = Hundreds Of X-Rays

US West Coast Waters To Carry Very High Levels Of Radiation

Indy Studies Soon To Disclose West Coast Radiation

Cesium 134, 137 In SF Area Backyard Sand

How Fukushima Cesium 137 Will Cover The West Coast - Maps

Michael Collins EnviroReporter Wins Top LA Press Club Award

Cesium 137 Found In Virginia Rain -Vid

Radioactive Sea Spray From Shore Waves Blow Far Inland

Kucinich Demands Investigation Of Leak At Davis-Beese


Even If Yucca Mtn Were Open Now, We'd Need A Second

Dock From Tsunami Washes Up On Oregon Beach

World Food Chain May Be Compromised...Radiation Inescapable

Congressman - Unknown How Fallout Has Affected US Waters

Should We Hide Low-Dose Rad Exposures From The Public?

'Stanford Scientists - Cesium In Tuna Not A Big Problem

'Absolutely Every' SoCal Bluefin Tuna Has Fukushima Radiation

As We Said - Fukushima Radiation Now In TUNA Off CA Coast

Exclusive - WHO Coverup Of Fukushima Radiation Is Unscientific Hogwash


LA Rain Radiation Over Five Times Normal

Feds Forbid San Onofre From Reopening

Fukushima Radiation In SoCal - The Endless Bummer

Rad News Digest

Isotopic Identifier Fund - Help Us Do What The EPA Won't!

Look Again -  Massive Radiation Spread Over The US On 3-20

ALL Of W.Coast, Most Of US, CA Covered In Radiation March 20

Imported Fish Held Back - To Be Checked For Radioactivity


Gunderson - New Data Fukushima Radiation Spreading Worldwide -Vid

Uranium-Filled 'Buckyballs' From Fukushima Meltdowns Headed To West Coast?

SoCal TV News Propaganda On San Onofre Risks - Vid

San Onofre - 100s Of Damaged Pipes, Radiation Released

Both San Onofre Reactors Damaged? Multiple Pipes Broken?

'Unusual Wear' On Many New Pipes At San Onofre

Radiation Leak Likely, Rotten Pipes At San Onofre

Illinois Statement On Nuclear Plant Accident


Radiation Cloud Detected Over New Zealand

A Whole HEPA Trouble #2 - Vid

Boise Infant Death Spike Tied To Fukushima Radiation - Vid

Hanford Cleanup A Nightmare

Plutonium Leaks From Hanford Risk Columbia River

EPA Overlimit Cesium In SF Area Milk Higher Than 6 Mos Ago

Fukushima Fallout In The American Heartland

14,000 Americans Already Dead From Fukshima Fallout

Hazmat Grade SoCal Rain Radiation...400% Over Normal - Vid

Rense & Roland Thomas - Anti-Radiation Superfood - Vid


Gunderson - OR, WA Ocean, Rivers, Fish Radioactivity - Vid

Dr Chris Busby - Long Term Radiation Effects, Pt 1 & 2 - Vid

Busby On Supplements To Block Fukushima Radioactivity - Vid

Monbiot Attacks Chris Busby For His 'Anti-Radiation' Pills 

Sky HIgh Rad CPM In SE Michigan - Mid US Hit Hard - Vid

Radioactive L.A. Air 300% Over Normal Background - Vid

Dangerously Radioactive Second-Hand Cars Haunt Japan

Radioactive Concrete Sold In Japan Home Center Store - Vid

EMF Radiation Has Staggering Effect On Living Beings

Fukushima Rain In St Louis, MO 270x Over Background - Vid

Cesium In Bay Area Milk Doubles In Past Month


10 Most Radioactive Places On Earth 

Canada Says Fish Test Rad-Free - Suspicions Grow

Plutonium May Be Flowing All The Way To West Coast

Massive Tokyo Anti-Nuke Rally Mocked By Japan MSM

Japan Schools To Program Kids About Radiation - Vid

BAD NEWS - St. Louis Rainwater 133x Normal Background - Vid

Np 239 Detected In St Louis 9/14/11 Radioactive Rainfall?

Japan To Promote Use Of Potentially Radioactive Lumber


'Non-Intrusive' Radiation Scanners For Heathrow

Rense & Michael Collins - Fukushima Radiation In Our Food - Vid

Video Shows US West Drenched By Fukushima Radiation - Vid

Radioactive Fill 10x Over Background Used On Niagara Roads

HI Testing For Radiation At Kaneohe Sandbar

Radioactive Cesium In SF Bay Area Milk Rising To Limit

St Louis Background Radiation 178 Times Normal! - Vid

Canada To Test West Coast Fish For Radiation

Yukon To Test For Radiation In Caribou Herd

DOE Cancels 'Radiation Is Good For You' Pitch

Radioactive Rain On Lake Louise, Canada - Vid

High Cesium In Ashes At Tokyo Trash Burning Plant


EPA Ships Its Radiation Monitors OUT Of Boise - Coverup

Jet Stream Took Radiation To US And Europe March 14-15

75% US Nuke Plants Leak Tritium, Groundwater Radioactive

Safety Rules Relaxed For Aging US Reactors (smart!)

Radiation Map Of Fukushima, Eastern Honshu - Bad News

Startling Map Of Fukushima Fallout Over Eastern Japan

Vast Area Of Japan Contaminated With Radioactivity

Earless Rabbits In China - Nuke Deformities Spreading - People Next

Significant Jump In Cesium 137 In Bay Area Topsoil

Is Fukushima Radiation Killing Babies In Philadelphia?

Gunderson - Metallic Taste Sign Of Hot Particle Exposure - Vid


How To Get Radiation Out Of Your Water

35% Spike In Baby Deaths In Pacific NW Since Meltdown

Fukushima Workers Exposure Tops 650 Millisieverts

Will Fukushima Cause International Higher Death Rates?

How Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease, Stroke

Cesium 137 In DE Drinking Water Over Max Levels

Parts Of Melted Cores Have Broken Into Drywell

Understanding Millisieverts & Radiation Effects On Humans

An Assortment Of Typical Annual Millisievert Doses

EPA's Failed Radiation Detection System

Things  You Can Do To Mitigate Radiation Poisoning

UC Berkeley - NoCal Kale, Strawberries Top Soil Cesium Rises

Pacific Ocean A Radioactive Garbage Dump


Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed

Radioactive Ash In Tokyo After March 11

Hamaoka Nuclear Plant Successfully Closed

Watchdog Blasts Feds For Cutbacks On Radiation Monitoring

German Stations Picking Up Fukushisma Radiation

There MAY Be A Two Year Window IF No More Big Quakes Hit

Feds Refuse Extra Radiation Testing Of Milk, Water

How Radiation Affects Children And Fetuses 

UC Berkeley - Radioactivity Up In Topsoil In SF Area

US Agency Abandons Public In Monitoring Japan Radiation 

Chile Finds Radioactivity In Korean Cars

RadNet Idiocy - The BullShitNet

Fukushima Plutonium, Strontium Are HERE In The US Since March 18

Helen Caldicott On The Japan Radiation Disaster - Vid


Planting Sunflowers & Marijuana To Clean Soil Radiation

Sunflowers To Clean Radioactive Soil? Maybe Not A Good Idea

SF Paper Rips UCB Prof Over Downplay Of Radiation Risk

Government & Media Radiation Cover Up 

Radioactive Iodine In Phoenix AZ Milk 1,600x Over Limit

Understanding Becquerels, Sieverts, Roentgens, Etc

Areas Where Food May Already Have Radioactive Fallout

Important - Radiation Dosage Chart

All Aspects Of The Growing Japan Radiation Threat To YOU


Severe Spike In Radiation Around #2 Reactor Fuel Pool

US Cities, States Not Testing Water, Trusting 'EPA' To Do It!

The Real Radiation Threat To The US And YOU

FDA-EPA Not Testing AK Fish - 'No Risk, No Need To Test'

Efforts To Stop People Using Rad Counters On Food Begin

Cesiium, Iodine Levels In SF Milk Samples Continue To Rise

Cesium Now In CA Spinach, Arugala, Kale

Dr. Blaylock - Japanese Radiation Could Pose Risk To US

Radiation Dose Chart


USDA Refuses to Test Organic Milk For Radiation

Water Radiation Removal - RO, Carbon Filter & Ion Exchange

Radioactive Seaweed In Puget Sound, But 'Not Harmful'

Japan Admits #2 Reactor Leaking Radiation - Containment Gone

Fire Breaks Out At Fukushima - Flames Said Now Out

Bob Nichols - What To Do About The Radioactive Poison

Radiation Protection - An Excellent Primer

Forbes - US Milk, Drinking Water Radiation Hit New Highs

Is There Radiation In Your Seafood? 

EPA, FDA Radically Differing 'Safe' Levels Of Radioactive Iodine

NoCal Strawberries, Mushrooms Positive For Cesium-137  

BC Rainwater - Radiative Iodine 100 Times Over US 'Safe' Limit


US Human Embryos Likely Absorbing Iodine, Cesium, Strontium

Uranium 234 In Hawaii, SoCal And Seattle

OSHA Radiation Standards And Charts 

Japan Radiation Reaches Kansas

Radiation Definitely In US Rainwater - Vid

VA Public Health Warns Not To Drink Rainwater

Official UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Iodine & Cesium Sample Data

Official UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Air & Water Sample Data

CDC Radiation Emergencies - A Fact Sheet

EPA Pulls 8 Of 18 Radiation Monitors Out Of CA, OR, WA

Canada Agency REFUSES To Test Milk, Dairy For Radiation

French Green Clay ­ How To Use This Radiation Protocol


Beta Radiation Spike In CA On 3-30

Radioactive Iodine 131 Found In WA State Milk/Dairy

Radioactive Cesuim 137 Found 25 MILES From Fukushima Plant

Fukushima Plutonium Leak Now Comparable To Chernobyl - Vid

Radiation Toxicity And Antidotes

Radiation Particles In Food Are A Slow-Release Health Threat


US-Europe Radiation, Jetstream Forecast Update 3-27-11

USA Radiation And Jetstream Forecast 3-26-11 -Vid

Radioactive Plume Hits Hawaii?

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams - Premonition? - Vid 

Dr. Rosalie Bertell - The Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

More US States Find Traces Of Radiation From Japan

Chernobyl Survivor - 'Run Away As Quickly As Possible'


Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant 'Near Miss' In Report

Hazards Of Low-Level Radioactivity - PDF

How Much Plutonium To Overdose A Person?

Little Known About Radioactive Food Effects On Humans

Effect Of Radiated Food On Humans Still Harbors Mysteries


Radiation Protection - Now And In Emergencies

DHS Handed Out Free Radiation Monitors In SC

Dr. Chris Busby On Fukushima Radiation Risk

French Green Clay ­ How To Use This Radiation Protocol

Santa Monica - West LA Live Radiation Monitor - Vid

Sonoma And Santa Clara County CA Radiation Advisories PDF 1 & 2

Radioactive Plume Heading Toward CA Is 'No Threat' (oh?)


Beware Of 'Fake' Potassium Iodide

Sacramento Monitors Detect Small Amount Of Radiation

Chernobyl's Radioactive Hazard Zone - An Example

WHO Issues Guidelines For Radiation Exposure

Geiger Counter US Radiation Map - Numbers = Radiation Level 

Health Risks of Radiation Depend On Dose

Little Known About Radioactive Food Effects On Humans

Germany Maps Cesium Release Over Pacific

Feds Seize ALL Supplies Of Potassium Iodide - Report

Live Radiation Reading From Santa Monica Station

Radiation Exposure - Quick Guide To What Each Level Means

Radioprotective Measures For Exposure Victims

National Radiation Map - Refreshes Every Three Minutes


Exposing A BS 'No Need To Worry' About Radiation Statement 

Radiation Poisoning ­ Pacific 'People' Pollution

Conflicting Opinions - West Coast Said Not At Radiation Risk

Preparing For Nuclear Fallout - What To Do

Health Risks Of Radiation Depend On Dose, Duration

Radiation Spread Outlook Favorable For US At Moment

Calculated Time For Radiation To Cross Pacific, Hit West Coast


Potassium Iodide Runs Low In US

Jet Stream Forecast March 13-21, West Coast Direct Hit

Bad News - MOX Fuel Used In Exploded Fukushima 3 Reactor Bldg

Chernobyl-Like Disaster In Japan Impossible - Russian Scientists

World's Top Radiation Expert, Dr. Chris Busby, Disagrees

Monitoring The Jet Stream In Real Time - Graphic Map

US National Radiation Map

Notes On Nuclear Power Plants & Radioactive Emissions

Differences And Dangers Of Potassium Iodide And Iodate

Potassium & Iodine - Potassium Iodide Pill FAQ 

Chlorophyll Can Counter Radiation

Chlorella Used To Counter Radiation Treatment

Wheat Grass Juice And A Diet Radiation Effects

Scientists Warn Of ‘Ecological Armageddon’

Japanese Regulator Wants To Pour Fukushima
Death Water Into The Pacific

Fukushima - 100 Million Times Above Normal Radiation Hit Tokyo

Powerful FREE New Book - The Pacific Ocean Is Dying
Available Right Now As A Free Download - Here

We've Been Warning For Years, Fukushima Radiation
Has Destroyed 75% Of The North American Insects

Fukushima Radiation - Plummeting
Insect Populations Could Ravage Life On Earth

Massive (Fukushima) Die-Offs Around The World
86% Of ALL Insects In German Parks Gone

Catastrophic Losses Of Northern Hemisphere Insects

Vanishing Insects & Birds...Real And Widespread