Small Roundish Scoop
Mark Called A 'Punch Biopsy'

From Brian Vike
HBCC UFO Research

OTTAWA, Ontario Canada
First week of February, 2003.
HBCC UFO Note: The gentleman who sent me the report and photos is a very credible person. Also there is information I cannot and will not make available on this case. Plus the person this case relates to will remain anonymous. The photos of the marking on the man's left wrist will be posted on both of my sites. As more information comes in I will be posting the updates to my site.
As always, I would like to thank the person for sending me the information and pictures.
Dear Brian,
Something kind of interesting happened in the first week of Feb. 2003. I had gone to bed around midnight and woke up at 08:00. Upon waking I found a small roundish scoop mark on my left wrist, characteristics were as follows:
1. About 1/8", two millimeters in diameter.
2. The bottom of the wound is concave.
3. There was no pain at all associated with the wound.
4. The bottom of the wound was flecked with very small dots of blood.
5. The bottom of the wound was slick and smooth as if it was cauterized.
6. It looked as if it had been done just five minutes before I awoke.
7. The wound took two months to heal and is now only visible using a jeweler's loupe.
- There is nothing sharp near my bed that would cause a wound.
- I know there was no wound on my wrist before hitting the sack because upon retiring I took off my watch and did not observe any blemish in the left wrist area.
Thinking it had been a rather large insect bite, I went to a local Ottawa clinic. The doctor looked at it and said, why did you have that done? When I informed him how it had appeared, he became quiet and paused for a few moments, then said that the mark was from a procedure called a "punch biopsy" that appeared to be done by a left-handed individual using a laser
scalpel-type device.
The doctor said that he could not comment on this officially and recorded the reason for my visit on my file as an "insect bite". He also consulted a small notebook and gave me a URL stating that I could get more information. The doctor stated that this was the fourth or fifth case of what he called "involuntary sampling" and noted it appears to be an emerging phenomenon.
The fact that this doctor had the URL handy is pretty interesting. BTW, I didn't question him further as he was uncomfortable. When I mentioned this to a friend he was at my front door within seconds of saying, "This I gotta see" and hanging up.
Funny this stuff should happen to me now, I'm not a young kid at (age deleted) so why "they" would want to sample the DNA of an old fart is beyond me.
Of the attached images, I took the dark image, while my friend took the rest.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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