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Paul Craig Roberts

Roberts - Russians Don't Understand The
Seriousness Of The US 'Kremlin List’

Roberts - The Twitter President

Govts, Media Lie As Elite Enslave Humanity

Is Peace Or War At Hand?

Truth? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Truth

Russia In The Cross Hairs

Charlie Hebdo, A Free Press & Social Security

Ruin Is America’s Future

Charlie Hebdo


Police Threat In US Is Too High

Charlie Hebdo, Tsarnaev’s Trial - Cui Bono?

The Outlook For 2015

US Can't Defeat Russia, China

US Trying To Have Putin Assassinated

Dysfunctional America

Obama Fights Ebola With Czar And Soldiers

The Lie Machine


US Govt Can't Be Trusted To Tell Truth

Washington Is Destroying The World

Washington's Secret Agendas

Will Russia, China Hold Fire Until Only War Is Left?

9/11 After 13 Years

Warning To World Of US, NATO, EU Insanity

West Legitimacy Gone (won't talk 'Zionism')


EU Is US Puppet On Russia Sanctions

Israel Lobby Eliminates Another Critic

Washington Piles Lie Upon Lie On Us

What Russia Can Do About Ukraine

World Must Brand US, Israel As Criminals

Murder machine: Militarized US police

US Police Brutality Lost On No One

Why Should The World Need USA, Israel?

Will Putin Realize Russia Holds The Cards?

Defining Away Economic Failure

If Nuclear War Doesn't Kills Us, Ebola Might

West Is Brainwashed Over Israel

Israel Killing, Stealing It's Way Thru Palestine

Moral failure Of Western Govts


World Doomed By Western Insouciance

Another State Department Hoax?

Does Russia Have A Future?

US Intelligence...Russia Didn't Do It

New Republic Is Queen Of The Presstitutes

How American Propaganda Works

Malaysian Airliner, New Sanctions - Who Benefits?

US War Crimes From Africa, Mideast To Ukraine

The Entire US Gold Hoard Is Gone


US Beating Nuclear War Drums

Washington’s Iraq 'Victory'

World War II - The Unknown War

Russia’s Rise To Global Power

Whatever Became Of Morality?

Putin’s Threat Just Stunned US & Europe


The Social Cost Of GMOs

Justice In Dead In America

Washington Intends Russia's Demise

Militarist Bunkum

Russia Should Ignore Obama's 'New Cold War'

The Fed Is The Great Deceiver

Call The Police At Your Own Peril

US Moving World Closer To War

Moving Closer To War


Washington Drives World To War

Washington Is Humanity's Worst Enemy

US Using WTO, Dollar System To Control Russia

Obama Issues Threats To Russia, NATO


9/11 And Other Lies

'Western Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun'

Obama Pushing Us Toward The Final War

Must Listen - Roberts...Best Status Of Ukraine Crisis Yet - Vid

Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun

The Greatest Crisis In Mankind’s History

How Much War Does Obama Want?

Washington Wallows In War Lies


World War 1 All Over Again

USA Engineers Venezuela Overthrow

Merkel Whores For Washington

Obama Regime Hypocrisy New World Record

US Is Completely Busted, Non-Delivery Of Gold, War

The Western Media Is A Lie Factory

Putin Speaks

Obama Against Crimea Self-Determination

US Losing Game To Russia In Ukraine


Ukraine Crisis Portends Apocalypse

Ukraine 'Neo-Nazis'...Power Comes From Our Guns

Ukraine Falls To Intrigue And Violence

Is Ukraine Drifting Toward Civil War?

The Five Criminals...Lying Through Their Teeth

US Organized Protests To Topple Ukraine Govt

Gestapo Replaced Rule Of Law In America

More Misleading Official Employment Stats

The Money Changers New Plot Hatches


The Money Changers Serenade

How America Was Lost

Dollar Fate Is Fate Of US Power - Vid

An Interview With Paul Craig Roberts

Ignored Reality Will Destroy Human Race

As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap

Stand Up, Americans


What Became Of Western Civilization?

Real Crisis Is Not The Shutdown

US Financial Crisis Deeper Than Debt

The Rule Of Zombies

Why Obama, Kerry Desperate For War

The West Dethroned

Things Are Bad & Getting Worse

DC's Drive To Hegemony Is Drive To War

Washington Thinks You're Stupid

The New 'No Jobs' Economy

America Discredited


2 Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth

US Govt Unaccountable To People, Law

US Tries To Push Back Dollar Blowup

Today’s Job Report

Lawlessness Is The New Norm

US Driving World To The Final War

Stasi In The White House

Why Disinformation Works

No Bear Market In Gold

The Financial Press...A Disinfo Machine


Truth Is Offensive

Iraq After 10 Years

When Truth Is Suppressed, Nations Die

Hugo Chavez

Staring Armageddon In The Face

How Deregulation Resurrected US Economic Insecurity

The Missing Recovery

Polluted America

What If?


America Shamed Again...A Colonized People

Nature's Capital Is The Limiting Resource

Attack On Sovereignty

The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion

The Greatest Gift For All

No Doubt They'll Take Guns Away - Vid


Obdurate Washington

Paul Craig Roberts - The Bin Laden Myth

Paul Craig Roberts - American Immorality Is At A Peak

Will The Dead Vote? Machines Hacked?

US Is Now A Gestapo Police State - Vid.

US Political System Has Collapsed - Vid

A Culture Of Delusion

The 11th Anniversary Of 9/11


Both Parties - Americans Are Disposable

The Republicans Cross The Rubicon

The Western Onslaught Against International Law

America's Descent Into Poverty

Ecuador Stands Up To The British Gestapo

Is Washington Deaf As Well As Criminal?

Election Outcomes Based On Non-issues


The Dispossessed Majority

The NeoCon War Criminals In Our Midst

The Neoconservative War Criminals In Our Midst 

Can World Survive Washington Hubris?

Financial Collapse Is At Hand - When Is 'Sooner Or Later'?

Washington's Hypocrisies

Are Americans Catching On?

Disinformation On Every Front

The Israeli Lobby vs Truth

US Seeks To Avoid Responsibility For Israeli Actions

Paul Craig Roberts On 2012 And The Banking Crisis - Vid


Obama Raises US Hypocrisy To A Higher Level

The Perfidy Of Government

Kleptocrats At Work

Our Endangered Civil Rights

How The Government Spins Unemployment

Incipient Fascist State


2011 - Dissent Is What Rescues Democracy

Wikileaks & US Govt Mendacity


Who Precisely Is Attacking The World?

Fabricating Terror

Police State USA - TSA Gestapo Empire

The Stench Of Growing Economic Decay Grows Stronger

Phantom Jobs 

The Collapse Of Western Morality

The War On Terror 

It's Official - The US Is A Police State

The True Cost Of The War

The Nazification Of The United States

The Ecstasy Of Empire

It's Official - The US Is A Police State

The Collapse Of Western Morality

Chelse'a Wedding - Let Them Eat Cake

Economists Are Shills

US Economy Being Destroyed - Vid 

Hillary Clinton's Latest Lies

Is Petraeus McChrystal's Replacement Or Obama's

Helen Thomas...An Appreciation

Is Petraeus McChrystal's Replacement Or Obama's

Helen Thomas...An Appreciation

America's Complicity In Evil

'AIPAC Buys US Elections' - Vid

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