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Norman D. Livergood

Iceland's Example To The World
 Wake Up! You're Being Murdered
 Counterfeit Progressives
 Diagnosis: Pathocracy - Cure: Commonwealth
 The Failure Of Communism And Socialism
 Capitalist Mass Murder Of American Workers
 Workers Must Demand Universal Health Care
 The Saving Remnant
 We Can No Longer Afford Vulture Capitalism
 Dollar Imperialism
 How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda
The Criminal Cabal's Plan To Destroy American Democracy
 Bush Deserves a Dishonorable Discharge
 Vanquishing Ignorance
 The Deregulation/Privatization Scam
 Why Americans Must Support Kerry 
 He's the Man
 Building a Unified Activist Citizen Taskforce
 America's Possible Future
 WMD Doublethink: Bush's Watergate
 The High Cabal's Economic War Against the World
 Double-Dealing Drug Companies
 Like Father, Like Son: How to Start a Gulf War
The Spoils of War
 Bringing Down A Tyrant
 War Of The Worlds
 The Bush-Saudi Connection
 Brainwashing America
 Profiles in Courageous Dissent
 Fighting For Democracy
 Why You're Not Getting the News
 Police State USA?
 The Nazification of America, Phase 3
 The New US-British Oil Imperialism
 Military Dictatorship USA?
 The Necessity for EnlightenedThinking
 The Criminal High Cabal
 Daring to Think the Unthinkable
 The Destruction of American Education
 Completing the American Revolution
 Global Economic Exploitation
 Building a Unified Activist Citizen Taskforce
 The World Dominance Plot
 War Crimes and War Profiteering
 Blowback: Costs and Consequences of American Empire
 A Second Pearl Harbor?
 A Supine Press Fosters an Uninformed Citizenry
 The Cost and Consequences of American Plutocracy
 Books and Cartoons to Beat the Bushes
 Taking America Back From the Plutocrats
 Citizens Are Responsible for Understanding
 Freedom in World History
 Vulture Capitalism
 Freedom and the Internet
 The Wall Street Scam
 A True Democratic Congressman:Henry B. Gonzalez
 Shame On America
 The Insanity of Ann Coulter and the Rabid Right
 The Rediscovery and Preservation of Human Wealth
 The Social Security Privatization Hoax
 Activity in the Spiritual World
 Listen, Little Man by Wilhelm Reich
 Egomania: the Invisible Pandemic
 Plotinus's Practical Mysticism
 The Ivied Walls Come Tumbling Down
 Battling Computer Viruses
 Brain, Mind, and Altered States of Consciousness
 The Magic of Language
 Illuminated Manuscripts
 The Menace of America Online (AOL)
 AOL's Greed Destroys NetscapeNavigator 6
 States of Consciousness: Evolutionary Aspects
 Clinical Psychology: Problems and Prospects
 Profiling and Personality Simulation
 Magic, Science, Religion, and Spirituality
 Technology and Learning

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