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Morris Herman

Looking At Deforesting With No Solutions - Morris

Bananas, A Cow, Our Senses, Russia & 911 - Morris

Misperceptions - Nemstov, Gorby USSR, Ukraine, Putin - Vid

ISIS Videos From Fabricated Minds - Morris

Ron Paul Prepping Secession - Vid

Relentless Russian Cold War Will Become Hot - Morris

Looking At ISIS From The Gulf - Letter

USA is Designed To Be A Failed State - Vid


Poland's Mess Stops It Looking At Ukraine - Vid

Israeli Spy in ISIS - China - Iran - Yemen - Vid

ISIS - Foreign Aid - Uprooting Makes Otherness - Vid

Shaking Hands Used To Be A Dignified Thing - Vid

197 US Officers Dismissed Under Obama - Vid

US Military Morale - Why Do They Fight - Vid

ISIS And Palestinians - Vid

Syriza Will Fail If...New Gov't Doesn't Control Military & Intelligence - Vid

Democracy Is Doomed & Dying - Vid

Russia Trusts Porky Like Theives Are Trusted To Steal - Vid


ISIS - Greek Govt Sink TTIP - Vaccinations - Vid

Making Aubergine Dip And Chapati -Vid

Beyond The Rational Mind And Hoaxes - Vid

ISIS Burning Jordanian Pilot - Dont Believe - Vid

Agreeing With Lieberman, Its Israels Crunch Time - Vid

Any Vaccine Can Lead to Autism - Measles Not Lethal - Vid

Hezbollah Anew - UK Mil Psy Op - Austerity For The Poor - Vid

BBC Headlines Or Headlies? - Vid

Israel In A Corner...Attack Or Retreat? - Vid

Israel Kicks Syria - Soros Finances Syriza - Vid

Hezbollah Retaliates Kills Israeli Soldiers - Vid

Gay Rights Means Exhibitionism, Enforcement - Vid


Hezb Recruiting, Pr Andrew, Terror Hysteria, Oil Prices - Vid

It’s Cosmic Music - We're Going Fast - Vid

Israel Attacks Hezbollah In Syria, War Imminent - Vid

Inclusiveness Is Causing Crime, Insanity & Perversity - Vid

ICC Gaza - Paris Motives - Peace In Nature - Vid

Glasgow Bin Lorry False Flag Or Hoax? - Vid

Arming Jews - False Paris - Fighting ISIS - Fake Crises - Vid

Why The How Of 911 Is So Passionate - Vid

Demos - Wage Slavery - Holocaust Education - Vid

African In The Diaspora Perspective - Vid

Paris Anomalies, Ethnic Divisions, Disinfo - Vid


Muslims Should Leave France - Vid

Paris Proves A Drunk Nation Gets Duped - Vid

Wars For Alcohol, Sodomy Ins, Fiat Enslavement - Vid

Our Ruling Elite Are Psychopaths - Vid

Paris - Hoax Or Massacre For The Death Of Islam - Vid

Known People Disappeared So How Can It Be Hoax? - Vid

Usury, Banksters Enslave Us To Materialism - Vid

Europe Pro And Anti Islamic Rallies - Vid

Russia Provoked - The Dismemberment Clock Is Ticking - Vid

Why Are Israelis Prying Everywhere? - Vid

Gang Stalking 2.0 - Ugly Egypt - Jews - Vid


US Consular Officials Stoned In W Bank Expected - Morris

Gang Stalking - Localized Occult Imprisonment - Vid

Impossible To Know What To Believe Anymore - Vid

The Gay Identity Is Not Legit It's Indoctrination - Vid

UN Plans To Make Us An Unhealthy Mongrelized Race - Vid

Blogger Arrested Saying Woolwich A Hoax - Vid

Asia Smiles - Tasers - End Times - Vid

Jewish Race Myth - Vid

Our Solar Calender Divorces Us From The Moon

Introducing The Cambodian Language - Khmer

Belarus And Kazakhstan Confusing The West - Vid


NATO Joining - SinoRussia - North Korea - Vid

Russia Fakes Weaknesses - Vid

Mercury - Russia - Jewish Race Fraud - Cambodia - Vid

Will Russia And Iran Part Ways?

NWO Ruble Sony NYP - Vid

Turkish Lira Punished For Russian Gas Pipeline - Vid

Putin's Advisor Dugin Preventing Color Revolution - Vid

Are Iran And Russia Part Of The NWO - Vid

Meaning Behind Putin's Speech - Vid

Tycoons, Patriotism Often Dont Mix - Vid

Putin Cuba Sydney Taliban Syrians Palestine ISIS - Vid


Ruble Drop From Financial Speculators - Vid

Sydney Terrorists Sounds Like A Hoax - Vid

Loathing Christmas - Letter From Mr A - Vid

The Zion Branded Race Card In Idaho - Anonymous Letter

Israelis In The US - Haram For AmerIndians - Vid

Commons Debate On Money Creation & Society - Vid

Why Israel Attacked Syria Again - Vid

Zionists Are Not Only In Tel Aviv - Vid

Bosnia - Spectre of War Grows - Vid


EU Disintegration - Mass Migration - US Poodle - Vid

Syria - ISIS - Bahgdadi - Guantanamo - Vid

We Are Programmed...ISIS - Iran - Syria - Libya - Vid

Deracination Is The Systematic Alienation Of People From Land And Culture - Vid

Ukraine An Excuse For Russian Sanctions - Vid

Orchestrated Race Riots Deflect Our Attention - Vid

Truth Is Antagonistic In Our Materialistic Age - Vid

Once Upon A Time There Was A State - Vid


Two Hadiths And A Book Against Eating Beef - Vid

911 Reality Freakout - Kobani & Israel - Shifting Loyalties - Vid

Health, Ferguson, Pollard, GNM, False Heros - Vid

911 No Planes? - Ferguson Race Busing - Vid

Devil Wants Sunni Shia Civil War & Pakistan Collapse - Vid

Any Bank Using Gold Currency To Be Shut Down? - Vid

When Israel Enters The War Asia Muslims Will Act - Vid

The Devil's Democracy - No Accountability - Vid

Gaddafi On Men, Women And Wage Slavery - Vid

Meeting The Cambodian Traditional Doctor - Vid

Roundup In Our Wheat - Accident Recovery - Vid

Sweden Supports Palestine - An Israeli Ruse? - Vid

Petition To Remove Apple CEO Tim Cook - Vid

ISIS To Mint Gold Coins - Irony Of Them Leading In Honesty - Vid


Tripoli Is Now Safer - Phone Call With Libya

Ethnicities And The Bounties Of Wars Is The Refugees - Vid

Vets Day Fodder - Apple CEO Gay - Splintering Slavs - Vid

War On Afghan Is A War On Pashtuns - Obamacare - Vid

Woolwich - Jews - AlJazeera - Ron Paul - Melting Pot - ISIS - Vid

Old Boys Networks & Red Lines - Stuck In The Matrix - Vid


Mysterious Vigilantes Disappear Pravy Sektor Thugs - Vid

Hungary's Cultural, Economic Revival Bucks The West - Vid

Uruguay Pauper President's VW And His Guerilla Past - Vid

We Are In Non Ancestral Lands By Design - Vid

Israel's War On Islam Focuses On Al Aqsa Mosque - Vid

No News To Make Space For Mid term Elections - Vid

Calling The Shootings Hoaxes Will Keep The 2nd Amendment - Vid

Is Burkina Faso An Invite For France Retaking W Africa - Vid


QE - Iraq - Gaddafi - The Pope - Vid

Contagious Virus That Kills People…Proof? - Vid

How To Make Puri and Chapati - Vid

Making A Nepali Curry - Vid

Gaddafi's Green Book Means We Are Anti Democratic - Vid

Mr B No Longer Has Fury At The Politicians - Vid


How To Make Silver Colloidal - Vid

90% Of American Homes Poorer - Vid

Hoaxes - From Ottowa To Fake US Airdrop - Vid

The Truth Is Derided & We Are Distracted From It - Vid

Anonymous Letter On The Ebola Scam - Vid

Will Kobani Attack Yielkd Turkey-Kurd Alliance? - Vid


Vaccine Industry A Law Unto Itself - Vid

ISIS Is A Decoy To Destroy The Arab World - Vid

ISIS House Of Mirrors Approaches Bahgdad - Vid

Prophecies, Green Screens...EveryOne Is Under Attack - Vid

ISIS, Ebola, Trolls, Alcohol - End Times Get Closer - Vid

Centralisation Is The Rape Of Our Lives - Vid

The Nation State Is Indeed A Fable These Days - Vid

Govt Stops Talks - Hong Kong Protests Resume - Vid

Our Rulers Want Us Lonely And Bored - Vid

Ukraine A Ruse To Draw The Big Powers Into War - Vid


Troops To Iraq Syria Africa Gaza To Make People Lonely - Vid

Ebola And Beheading - Measuring Disinfo And Fear - Vid

The Battle For Donetsk Airport Explained - Vid

China Will Not Lose Face Over Hong Kong - Vid

US Will Always Be Bombing Indigenous Peoples - Vid

Measuring Trust In People, Slogans And Media - Vid

The Damascus View Of US Bombing - Vid

Small Thoughts On Everyone Sinning & Corrupting - Vid

ISIS Forewarned Of US Attacks, Germany Talks Incest - Vid

The New War On ISIS Is Going To Be For Years - Vid


Must Be Regime Change In DC, Tel Aviv For World Peace - Vid

The Houthi Takeover Of Yemen Explained - Vid

NSA - Everyone, Everywhere, Everythiing - Vid

Report Of Assad Tacit Agreement With USA - Vid

Turkey Needs To Leave NATO If It Is To Survive - Vid

Scottish Rigged Referendum - Vid

US Demise Far More Than Income And Power Loss - Vid

Ebola Is An Excuse To Decimate Communities - Vid

Russia Needs More Friends + Arab World + 911 - Vid

US Is Legalizing Weapons It Is Sending To Syria - Vid


Cries For Justice In Anti-Democracies Useless - Vid

Greece A Lab Rat In A Wall Street Scam - Vid

9/11 - Nukes, Thermite, Molten Metal & Judy Wood - Vid

What Syria Can Do When The US Bombs ISIS In Syria - Vid

Prepping More War On History - ISIS The Excuse - Vid

The ISIS Hype Will Be Used On The Gulf States - Vid

The Hate ISIS Campaign Was A Trap - Vid

Pundits On 911 - Links Instead Of Thoughts - Vid


Assad Means Lion…And US Will Bomb Syria - Vid

What Didn't Really Happen On 911? - Vid

Usury Allowed For Goyim When A Business Loan - Vid

Healthy Asians - Gang Rapes A Hoax - Vid

No One Wants A Ceasefire In Ukraine - Vid

US Has Continually Bombed People For Decades - Vid

British MP Galloway Physically Assaulted - Vid

Why There Is Shooting Across Kashmir LOC - Vid


Muslim Brotherhood's Foolish Shortsightedness - Vid

Independent Ukraine Is A Crimean War 2.0 - Vid

Don't Waste Your Time Hating ISIS - Vid

ISIS Hysteria Used To Target Saudia Arabia - Vid

Israel's Unconditional Defeat In Gaza - Vid

Syria Loses Major Air Force Base - Huge Loss - Vid

Is Gaza Part Of War Of Arab Extinction? - Vid

We Are All Gaza Palestinians Now - Vid

The ISIS Hype Is To End The Rule Of Law - For Them And Us - Vid


ISIS - Israel's Stick In Battle With Syria - Vid

Staged Beheading A Casus Belli To Attack Syria - Vid

Ferguson & Beheading To Distract Us From Gaza - Vid

How To Make Money Selling Drugs - Vid

Hitler The Greatest Monster Of All History, Or... Vid

Small Needs For The Coming Madness - Vid

Israel's Ukraine Proxy War On Russia - Will It Go Regional? - Joaquin - Vid


Demonizing Those Who Refuse Debt - Vid

Cambodians Tell Pol Pot Story Never Told - Vid

Jihadists Will Continue After Peace - Vid

Yemen The Houthis And Al Saud - Vid

TPTB Must Get The Deserters Back - Vid

Yemen, The Houthis And Al Saud - Misconceptions, Misunderstandings - Vid

Syria Peace Only When NATO Calls Off Turkey And The Refugees - Vid

Secret Societies Inevitable Due To Nepotism - Vid


When Planted DisInfo Becomes News It's A Hoax - Vid

Sisi And Egypt - Return Of The Old Guard - Vid

Messianic Fervor To Put Everyone In Debt - Vid

Letter From France...It's Finished - Vid

We Live In The 'The Monetary World' - Vid

Comments Get Lost On Youtube Because Of Google+ - Vid

Escobar - US Backing All Sides In Thailand - Vid

Flight 370, Indochina, Libya - Vid

Baghdad Bombs Everyday - What Iraq Is Like Now - Vid

Kurdistan in Iraq Friends With Israel & US - Vid


We Are Being Molded To Support Foreign Intervention In Libya - Vid

There Is NO Security On The Internet - Vid

Kiev Airport Gets The Tel Aviv Treatment - Vid

Polygamy Was Normal Religious Practice - Vid

Explaing The Current Libyan Situation - Vid

Libya A NATO Success, Israel Never Gets A Mention - Vid

The Power Of Money Confuses Everyone - Vid

Boko Haram Hoax Kidnappings To Invite Imperialists - Vid


Naqba Palestinian Day Of Catastrophe - Vid

Visa And Mastercard To Pay Russia Reveals a Lot - Vid

Eastern Ukraine's New Republics Consolidate - Vid

Ukraine Doomed For Refugees And Suffering - Vid

At An Iranian Arms Exhibition - Vid

Russia Is Watching Ukraine Provoke Her - Vid

The Anti Christ Brought Fiat Money & Monogomy - Vid


Mystical Islam Angels On Our Shoulders - Vid

Provoke Putin - Double Ukraine Deaths Before Vote - Vid

Zionist War Criminals Will Get Reassignments - Vid

If Kiev War Goes Live. Russia Will Annex - Vid

The World Is Now A Building Site Of Strangers - Vid

A Jewish War On Russia For Over A 100 Years - Vid


Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal - Israel Guilty of Genocide - Vid

In These End Times Leave The Cities - Sheikh Imran Hosein

Will Ukraine Civil War End Pax Americana? - Vid

The Big War Is Coming And What To Do - Vid

Iran Helped The Bosnians In The Balkans War - Vid

Interest Rates, Glamour & Wild Shots In Kuala Lumpur - Vid


Malaysia Booming - Some Social Cost - Vid

Crimean Tatars Denouncing Violence - Vid

Singapore The Little Israel Of Asia - Vid

Quran Declares Holy Land Given To The Israelites - Vid

Crimea - The Biggest Setback To Zionism Ever - Vid

Yoichi Shimatsu...Unraveling The HIjacking Of Flt 370


Russia Not An Empire In The British Sense - Vid

Pearl Harbor vs 9/11

Flt 370, Pollard, Refugees, Everything Under Zionism - Vid

Our Entire Lives Are Under False Beliefs - Vid

Transexuality Amongst Us - Vid

Never Enough For Predators Of Our Monetary World - Vid


Natural Farming - Permaculture & Masanobu Fukuoka - Vid

Tribals And Natives Under Threat Everywhere - Vid

Booming Frontier Towns In Tribal Areas - Vid

Iran Deal Is About A Comprehensive ME Peace Deal - Vid

The Last Days Of Indigenous Peoples - Vid

Man Claims No Food For 12 Yrs, Celebrates Life - Vid


Freedom Of Speech In A 1984 World - Vid

Cows Wars And A Violin - Vid

Every Generation Dumber Than The One Before - Vid

ZOG Means Our Zionist Occupied Governments - Vid


Wild Shots Notting Hill Carnival - Vid

Zionist Takeover Is Orchestrated...Not Random - Vid

Syria Can Only Win By Defeating Zionism - Vid

Greenwald Gay Agenda - Erdogan Loses Hamas - Vid

Extraditing UK People And Putting In Solitary In US - Vid

Egyptian Anti Sisi Demo London August 18 2013 - Vid

Letter From A Bedouin At This Time - Vid

Balcombe - The BBC Reporting Unlikely To Frack - Vid

UK Protests Require A Gay Presence It Seems - Vid


England - Balcome Frack Protest...Land Agent Explains - Vid

Security Expert - Keep A 2nd Home Computer Offline - Vid

We Need A Campaign To End Corporations - Vid

The Kurds Are Mobilising - Vid

The Royalty, The Moon, The Aliens & 9/11 Planes - Vid

Ignore Fracking Protests - UK Government Tells Planners

Forest Gardening Explained, Pt 2 - Vid

The Mind Of Dave Dees Illustrations - Vid

Our Religion Is Destroy All Of History - Vid

The Ex Jew Is A Myth - Vid


Nothing Can Stop World Zionism - Vid

Permaculture Festival London July 14 - Vid

We've No Trust In Each Other & Vaccinating Muslims - Vid

Turkish Ships Now Barred From Egypt - Vid

Orthodox Jews Refuse To Talk On Camera - Vid

Ley Lines...Megalithis Circles...Ancient Civilisations - Vid

Inexplicable Baalbek - Machu Pichu - Shuman Res - Vid

Will The New Egypt Allow Palestinians To Arm? - Vid

Colourful And Crazy BanglaDesh In London - Vid


US Ups The Ante In Iran Sanctions - Vid

Our War On Communities - Vid

Football No Longer The Most Important Thing - Vid

What Has Turkey Got In Common With The Arab Spring - Vid

Our Elections Are Not More Fair Than Iran's - Vid

Erdogan's Troubles Are Not Over - Vid

The White Man Is Getting Wiped Out - Vid

Bilderberg Visitors Interviewed - Vid


The Bilderberg Show OverHyped - Vid

I Did Not See Bilderbergers In The Jewish Community - Vid

At The Bilderberg Venue The Day Before - Vid

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey And Israel Are Allies - Vid

Erdogan's Kharmic Spring - Vid

Battle For Qusayr, Sectarianism, Zionists, Zombies - Vid

Morris - Ruling Us Is Like Stealing From A Baby - Vid

The World Of Indian Musical Instruments - Vid


Calling Syria A Civil War Is A Vast Deception - Vid

Our Wars Are To Stop Closed Communities - Vid

Anything But The Truth- Vid

Russia Has Stopped A Middle East War- Vid

Just Be Yourself End Times Are Here - Vid

Middle East Update For Beginners - Vid

Obamagate Drawing The Civil War Battle Lines - Vid

We Are Blinded By Science And Spin - Vid


Turkey Bombing, The Jewish Non Race & More - Vid

Our Origins, Identity And Capitalism All A Hoax - Vid

Choudary's Gang Draws Shia Blood On London Sts - Vid

Israel Bombing Damascus Firms Iran, Russia Resolve - Vid

Did Israel Use WMD On Syria? And What Jewish Race? - Vid

Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, Russia Preparing For War - Vid

Israeli Attack On Syria An Act Of War - Vid

Orthodox Jews Have Orchestrated The Modern Jew - Vid


Israel Making The Biggest Middle East War Yet - Vid

Societal Ills Are Due To Secretive Plans - Vid

Russia Supplies Assad's Syria - Vid

Zionism Today A World Power Corrupting Everyone - Vid

Democracy Is Just A Front For Other Goals - Vid

Boston Becoming A Very Very Real Hoax - Vid

Morris Is Not A Jew - Vid


The Modern Jew Designed On A Piece Of Paper - Vid

Boston Another MSM Show In A Never Ending Saga - Vid

America Taken Over With Hollywood Effects - Vid

Boston & Waco Blasts...You Can't Believe Anything - Vid

Thatcher's £10M Funeral...With Protests - Vid

Boston We Shouldn't Drown In The Info - Vid

We Are The Failed State Not North Korea - Vid

NK The Mighty Mouse Many Are Rallying To - Vid


Protectionism Might Be Best? - Vid

We Are Bombing For Social Anthropology - Vid

Maggie Thatcher Actions And Legacy - Vid

We've Been Taken Over By Stealth - Vid

The US Backed Down With N Korea - Vid

Israel Hacked Is A Publicity Stunt- Vid

Upset Woman On What America Has Turned Into - Vid

Islamic View Of The NWO - Vid


911 Planes And Our New Religious Crusades - Vid

Israel...9-11...7/7...And... - Vid

Street Scenes From Iran End Of March 2013 - Vid

Max Keiser, Pollard, Smoke And Mirrors - Vid

Russia And China - A Ticket to Prosperity - Vid

WWIII Coming To A Place Near You Soon - Vid

Bashar Assad Is Ok - Damascus Phone Call - Vid

Mythical Jews, Aliens and Crashing the Economy - Vid


Earthicide Is In Full Swing Now - Vid

What Life Is Really Like In Palestine - Vid

Britains Austerity Budget Is A Cover - Vid

Cyprus Is A Proxy War Against The Slavs

Zio Servants Must Lie To Earn - Vid

Fukushima Will Leak Worldwide For 100s Of Yrs - Vid

Is Sandy Hook Turning Schools Into Prisons - Vid

Secretary Of Venezuela Solidarity At London Vigil - Vid


British MP Corbyn Praises Chavez At London Vigil - Vid

An Ode To Hugo Chavez - Vid

NWO Shock Troops Are The Brainwashed - Vid

Meteors Hit Russia When Asteroid Flies By

West Fear Of China Causing Pakistan Destabilization

Pakistan Volatility And Resilience Explained

MKultra and Manchurian Candidate Explained - Vid

Wars For Taboos, Lies And Indoctrination - Vid

Sandy Hoax For Disarming Veterans - Vid


Sandy Hoax...No Indignant Parents - Vid

Is Hollywood Programming Us? (is grass green?) - Vid

Sandy Hoax Is Embarrassing The 911 Truthers

Evil Has Been Let Loose On The World - Vid

Usury is the Weapon For Getting Our Minds - Vid

False Flags and The Manufacture of Consent - Vid

OIC Islamic Nations Leaders Bow Down To Zionists - Vid

Mali Egypt Syria Algeria Analysis - Vid


Sandy Hook, Mali...We're Being Diminished - Vid

Sandy Hook...Weakest Part Of US Empire - Vid

Dont Call Me A Jew - Vid

Mumia...A US Political Prisoner - Vid

Sandy Hook Gene Rosen At A FEMA Camp In 2008 - Vid

Thwarting Russian Iranian Syrian Retaliation - Vid

Will This Be The End Of Israel? - Vid

Making Refugees Helps Capitalism - Vid

Belgian MP Stands Up Against War - Vid


The Reasons For Our War Crimes - Vid

Iraq Protests Explained - Vid

Russian Opposition Bosses Get Help From US Embassy

The Money Institution Must Be Ended

Dispelling Vaccination Myths - Vid

Obama's Inauguration Roadshow Hoax - Vid

Algeria A Target In This Recolonisation Of Africa - Vid

20th C. Horrors Pale To Where We Are Headed - Vid


Advertisings Secret Social Engineering Messages - Vid

Your Govt Bought By Religious Money Changers - Vid

French Mali Intervention A Disaster - Vid

Sandy Hook, JFK, Bali, Madrid, 7-7, Same Same? - Vid

We Dont Have An Original Thought Amongst Us - Vid

Spotting The Disinfo - Vid


Sandy Hook...The Hoaxers Always Win - Vid

Sandy Hook - The Conspirator's Plot - Vid

Eurasian Union...New Capitalist Soviet Union - Vid

Russian For Beginners 1st Lesson - Vid

PA Cancer Skyrockets With Nuclear Power - Vid

The Economy Is Worshiping Our Enslavement - Vid

Why Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Are There - Vid

Sandy Hook & What Requires Disarming Americans? - Vid


Sandy Hook A Satanic Center? - Ritual Forces - Vid

If Sandy Hook A Hoax Then No Dead Children - Vid

Americans Buying Guns Like Crazy - Vid

Russian Policies In 2012...A Look Back - Vid

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax? - Vid


Post Sandy Hook Gun Confiscation In January - Vid

From Pogroms To Palestinians & Greed

Sandy Hook Shootings...Private Grief, Public Questions - Vid

Shooting Shows America Is Irreparable - Vid

Syria - Let Us Spill Ink, Not Blood - Vid

Summary Of Sayed Nasrallah Speech Of Dec 16 - Vid

Morris...The Chabad Are Programming Us All - Vid

Morris - Miliband Pushes The New World Order Personna

A Voice From Bani Walid Libya - Vid


Most Russians Think Homosexuality Is Perversion - Vid

Iraq After US War - Born Of A Planted Constitution - Vid

Morris - UK, Syria & Egypt Dec 6 - Vid

Egypt In Turmoil...Al Ahram Foreign Editor - Vid

Nasrallah Will Not Let Syria Fail - Vid

Syrian Refugee Camps Targeted By Traffickers - Vid

Morris - The Jew As A Race Is A Fraud


The West Cant Pay Syria's Price - Vid

Lebanese Conduit For The Syrian Insurgency - Vid

The Gaza-Israel War - Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Louisiana Sinkhole And Too Many Natural Disasters - Sarah

Morris...The Age Of Push - Vid

Ehud Barak Going And Iran Resupplying Gaza - Vid

'Rebels' After All Turkey-Syria Border Posts - Vid


Egypt Heading For Chaos And Conflict - Vid

Morsi, Egypt, Gaza And Iran...Al Ahram Editor - Vid

Gaza Israel Conflict - Iran Won

Gaza 2012 - The Losing Battle For Submission - Vid

Dr Judy Wood...Glimpses Of 911 - Vid

The Axis Of Resistance - Israel's Demise? - Vid

Israel's Miscalculations Calls All Into Question - Vid


911 Dr Judy Wood Presentation, Part 1 - Vid

911 Dr Judy Wood Presentation, Part 2 - Vid

911 Dr Judy Wood Presentation, Part 3 - Vid

911 Dr Judy Wood Presentation, Part 4 - Vid

911 Dr Judy Wood Presentation, Part 5 - Vid

Gaza Regional Resistance News Update - Vid

Voice Of Resistance From Gaza - Audio


Why Israel's Gaza Attack? - Vid

Gaza Attack To Test Egypt - Vid

The Mossad Is Hiring - Vid

Iraq After The US Occupation, Part 3 - Vid

How Democracy Should Be - Vid

Iraq After The US Occupation- Vid

Russia's Serbia Plays The EU And Clinton - Vid


Russia Is Not Giving Up Its Independence - Vid

Serbs, Roubles, Ukrainians And The Russian Bear - Vid

Paul Crag Roberts - Election & Democracy Excerpts - Vid

Syria's Russian Bear Striking Or Sleeping? - Vid

When Its The End Of The World - Vid

Kurdish Spring Unfolding - Vid

Sardinia..50 Yrs Of Deadly US Military Occupation - Vid

Damascus All Unpredictable But Life Goes On - Vid

Gays To The GeoPolitical Rescue - Vid


US Dollar Reserve Status Pays For The Murder Of Muslims - Vid

Bani Walid Road Opened

FrankenStorm is Exaggerated...Piers Corbyn - Vid

Detailed, Wide-Ranging Picture Of 'Liberated' Libya - Vid

Aleppo Now Flooded With Turkish Products- Vid

Bani Walid Dr Who Stated Gas Attack Said Killed- Vid

Sirte Al-Qaeda And The Looting Of Libya- Vid

Kidnapped Bani Walid Man Released Today Talks- Vid


Morris Comment On Bani Walid Disaster Exodus- Vid

Qatari Emir The Most Powerful Person In Libya - Vid

Bani Walid 25 Oct 11:15am GMT - Full Report - Vid

Bani Walid People Refused Right Of Return...Stranded - Vid

A Call From Bani Walid...19.30 GMT - Vid

3 Desperate Libyan Voices At Downing St Protest - Vid

Morris On RT - Tragic Western Intervention In Libya - Vid

Serbian Conflict Has Historical Roots - Vid

Anti War Protests In Turkey Are Rampant - Vid


Greece, Anything Could Happen - Vid

Tribes, Baathism & The Jamahariya - 3 NATO Enemies - Vid

Braving Beirut Battles For Bread In 2008 - Vid

When Everything Is Haram...The NWO Person - Vid

War Crimes In Bani Walid 10 Oct - Vid

Libyan Embassy London Demonstration For Bani Walid - Vid

Bani Walid Council Member Explains Conflict - Vid

Warfalla Now The Palestinians Of Libya - Vid

Bani Walid - 20+ Grad Rockets Fired Today - Vid


Video From Inside Bani Walid Hospital - Vid

The Siege Of Bani Walid And Libya - Yusuf Shakir

Divide and Conquer Still Works In Lebanon - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - MSM Hiding Real Reasons For Economic Collapse - Vid

Is UK Deporting British Intel Informants To US?

RT Correspondent On Turkey-Syria Conflict - Vid

Syria Does Not Want War With Turkey - Vid

Will Georgia Threaten The Russian Bear Again? - Vid

Aleppo And Damascus Update 10-2-12 - Vid

Report From The Turkish Syrian Border - Vid


Corrupt Africa...Yahya Explains - Vid

No One Is Going To Protest Anything - Vid

Message To Muslims, Americans From Sheikh Hosein - Vid

Our Shadow Govt Acts With Religious Impunity

Extremist Proxies Take Over in Mali - Vid

India Is Getting Blamed For Neighbours Issues - Vid

Green Libyan On Benghazi, Embassy & The Film - Vid

Zionist Anti Islam Film To Derail Obama - Sheikh Hosein Pt 1 - Vid

Turkey, Afghanistan, Pak & Zionists - Sheikh Hosein Pt 2 - Vid

Aleppo - A War Zone Sept 14 - Vid

Poverty And Refugees - Vid

A Bad Season in Lebanon...A Short Letter - Vid


The Aim Is To Divide Syria - Vid

We And Libya Are Paying For Israel...Morris - Vid

Arabs Are Not Just Arabs - Vid

NZ Troops Withdrawing From Afghanistan Early - Vid

Russia's GeoStrategic Agenda - Vid

Dorda - Libya's Ex PM Update...Ongoing Hell - Vid

Central Damascus Resident Phone Conversation - Vid

West Special Ops Tasked To Disable Syrian SAMs - Vid

The Musical Reed Finds the Divine...Duncan Mackintosh - Vid

N Lebanon Due To Explode...Jean In Lebanon - Vid

Syrian Military is Winning Says Commentator - Vid


Kurdish Alevi Lady...The War Will Spread - Vid

Scottish Govt Refuses Vote On Gay Marriages - Vid

Resistance Girl From S Lebanon Explains Fighting - Vid

This Is All A Dream - Duncan Mackintosh - Vid

Our Wars Are Racial And For Assimilation

Retroshare - Send & Receive SECURE Email, Chat & More - Vid

Don't Ignore Your Dignity And Purpose - Vid

It's Not The Bilderbergs And It's Not The Masons - Vid

Syria...Forget The Ransom, Kidnap Your Relative - Vid

Libya August Update - Libyans Return From Syria In Boxes

The Mistake Of Thinking One Is Jewish - Vid


The Batman Shooting And Showdown In Syria - Vid

Religious Imperial Wars For A Luciferian Cabal

Esoteric Tour Of Arts, Nature And Science

The Chabad...The Empire...The Usury - Vid

Aleppo Aug 2 Update - Vid

Morris Herman Interviews Michael Hoffman - Vid

Iran Culture and Kurds - Vid 

Supermarkets Are Designed to Malnourish Us - Vid

An Iranian Woman Explains Iran's Position - Vid

Up To 20% Of Aleppo Controlled By 'Rebels'


Apologising For Erdogan...A Tricky Situation

Syria..The Media Lies Of Aljazeera & The BBC - Vid

Aleppo Fightings Critical...Helicopter Gunships Used - Vid

Destabalising Syria Is A Mossad Operation - Vid

Womens Rights As A Tool Of Political Control - Vid

Morris Talks About The Powers That Be - Vid

The Syrian Conflict Is Not Sectarian - Vid


Syria Might Now Meddle In The Golan - Vid

Efforts To Dismantle Libya's Tribes Underway - Vid

Rumi - A Voice Of The Heart, Part 2 - Vid

Green Libyan Counter Revolution Any Day Now - Vid

Rumi - The Most Prolific Poet Ever - Vid

A Libyan Says 'New' Libya Is A Failure Pt 1 - Vid

Gaddafi Followers Are Majority Of Libya Pt 2 - Vid

Syria's Military Strength - Vid

Lavrov-Clinton Deal To Give US 'Honorable' Afghan Exit - Vid

Steiner BioDynamic Farm...More Than Organic - Jennie Pt 1


BioDynamic Farming Is Sustainable - Jennie Pt 2

Biodynamic Farm - Dairy & Sacred Spaces - Jennie Pt 3

Fresh Water Is Literally The Strongest Medicine - Vid

A Steineresque Esoteric Look At Technology - Vid

Syria Can Only End Up As A World War - Vid

How To Clean The Inside Of The Body...Ayurveda - Vid

Muslims Reinforce Jewish Criminal Class As Religion - Vid

Breivik Violence Not Common Sign Of Mental Illness - Vid



British Complicity In The Iranian Holocaust?

'Rebels' Using Thermobaric Weapons In Syria - Vid

Queen's Jubilee - A Republic Wouldn't Change Anything - Vid

The Indestructable Honda C90 Motorbike - Vid

9/11 No-Planers Still At It - Vid


Western Wars Are For Assimilation - Vid

Explaining The Iraqi Resistance - Vid

Iran Nuclear Talks And Even War Talk, Too - Vid

Terrorists, Turkey, Prophesies - Sheik Imran Hosein - Vid

Wherever The West Has Gone Society Crumbles - Vid


Wahhabis - Salafists - Sheik Imran Hosein - Vid

The Smell OIf War In The Mideast Wherever You Go - Vid

Wars Are Turning Indigenous People Into Carbon Copies - Vid

Russia Has Drawn A Line In Sand, Turkey Ignores Sanctions - Vid

The Father, The Son, The CIA And The Mossad - Vid

Mahdi - Iran NOT Expecting Or Fearful Of Attack - Vid

Learn Beginners Farsi (Persian) With Tina - Vid

NATO Summit & 17 Nation War Games On Syria Border - Vid


Learn Arabic (Colloqial Levantine) With Syrian Girl - Vid

Syria - The Elections, Assimilation & The Zionists - Vid

Syria Has An Insurgency NOT A Civil War - Vid

Iran Has More Integrity Than Any Other Islamic Nation - Vid

The Russian Hope - Sheik Imran Hosein - Vid

The Syrian Opposition Are Terrorists - Vid

Sufis, 911 And False Flags - Vid

Bahrain F1 Race Silenced Screams Of The Tortured - Vid

London Mayday...More And More Action - Vid


Video Of Aleppo And Prices Go Sky High - Vid

Syria Update 27 April One bombing 9 Killed

Armenia Firmly In Russian-Iran Alliance

Hörstel - NATO, XE Push For Oppressive DeMockracy - Vid

Unjust UN....A Cumbersome Uncompromising Cartel - Vid

Tehran Video & Comment On Political Islam - Vid

Eliza Interviews Morris On The Illuminati - Vid


Morris - Preparations For A War...Voice Over - Vid

Mr Aleppo - Desperate Syrians Update - Vid

Sheikh Haneef - From Drones To Political Islam - Vid

An Insider Account Of The Oil Situation In Libya

Bahrain's Forgotten Revolution - Vid

Syrian Girl - DeMockracy Is A Farce

Aleppo, Syria Resident Speaks About Todays Bombings - Vid

Pro Assad Syrian Demo London March 17 - Vid

Syrian Girl - Damascus Bombings Today - Vid


British PM On African Foreign Aid - Vid

Africa Update - Thomas Mountain - Vid

Libya Update - Partial - Jan 30 2012 - Vid

US Nuclear Sub And Destroyer Enter Red Sea

Assah - Egypt Is Not Yet A Failed Revolution - Vid

Sheik Hosein - US$, Iran, Syria, Zionists, Weird Disasters - Vid

Sheik Imran Hosein - Israel Taking US To Its Grave - Vid

Syrian Girl Visits Syrian Memorial For 1973 Israel War - Vid

Zionists Back All Sides - Syria, Turkey, Libya - Vid

Crusading For Mercantalism - Vid

IMF Pushes Nigeria To Civil War


Syrian Girl - DeMockracy Is A Farce

Aleppo, Syria Resident Speaks About Todays Bombings - Vid

Pro Assad Syrian Demo London March 17 - Vid

Syrian Girl - Damascus Bombings Today - Vid

British PM On African Foreign Aid - Vid

Africa Update - Thomas Mountain - Vid

Libya Update - Partial - Jan 30 2012 - Vid

US Nuclear Sub And Destroyer Enter Red Sea

Assah - Egypt Is Not Yet A Failed Revolution - Vid

Sheik Hosein - US$, Iran, Syria, Zionists, Weird Disasters - Vid

Sheik Imran Hosein - Israel Taking US To Its Grave - Vid


Syrian Girl Visits Syrian Memorial For 1973 Israel War - Vid

Zionists Back All Sides - Syria, Turkey, Libya - Vid

Crusading For Mercantalism - Vid

IMF Pushes Nigeria To Civil War

What The Baath Party Is...Part 1 - Vid

Mass Syria Rallies Against Conspiracy Today - Vid

Afghan Demonstration In London - Vid

Kony 2012 Is A Con Africom Military Intervention - Vid

Green Libyan Soldier Tells His And Libya's Story - Vid

Zionism...Invisible Force Behind All Upheavals - Vid


Color Revolutions Soros Or Levi Flavors - Vid

Michael Cremo - Human Types Have Been Here Millions Of Years, Pt 1 - Vid

Michael Creamo - Human Types Have Been Here Millions Of Years, Pt 2 - Vid

Michael Cremo - Human Types Have Been Here Millions Of Years, Pt 3 - Vid

Zionists Willing Victims For Orthodox Jewry? - Vid

Syria Update 23 feb - Voice Over of Report - Vid

Selling Out Nationalism For Paper Money - Vid

Syrian Girl - What Syria Should Do - Vid

Why Are The British Always Rioting?


Syrian Girl - Syrian Demographics An Intro - Vid

Syrian Girl - Syria's Neighbours Turkey & Iraq - Vid

Kurdish Independence March In London - Vid

Syrian Girl - Why Al Qaeda Is Al CIAda - Vid

Secret War Aims Of Mass Assimilation - Vid

Iran Supreme Leader Statement 2-3-12 - Vid

Fiat Money, Sex Changes, Alcohol - Vid

British PM On African Foreign Aid - Vid


Africa Update - Thomas Mountain - Vid

Libya Update - Partial - Jan 30 2012 - Vid

US Nuclear Sub And Destroyer Enter Red Sea

Assah - Egypt Is Not Yet A Failed Revolution - Vid

Sheik Hosein - US$, Iran, Syria, Zionists, Weird Disasters - Vid

Sheik Imran Hosein - Israel Taking US To Its Grave - Vid

Syrian Girl Visits Syrian Memorial For 1973 Israel War - Vid

Zionists Back All Sides - Syria, Turkey, Libya - Vid

Crusading For Mercantalism - Vid

IMF Pushes Nigeria To Civil Wa


Thierry In Syria - Not Going As Israel, NATO Wanted - Vid

US Defeat Sealed With Taliban Office In Qatar - Vid

Morris Speaks - Syria Will Go To War With Israel - Vid

Syrian Girl - US War Crimes In Fallujah - Vid

Elite Fooling Everyone

Syria, Sectarianism & US Iraq Withdrawal - Vid 

Dr Yusuf Shakir - Tripoli Now Full Of Intel Agents - Vid

Morris Rant - Holocaust, Dissidents, Anti-Zionists - Vid

Sinking Of S Korean 'Cheonan' A False Flag Op - Vid


North Korea the Least Assimilated Country on Earth - Vid

Post-Gadhafi Libya: Naked Neo-Imperialism - Vid

A Kurdish View Of Turkish Bombing - Vid

Thierry In Syria Update - The Mercenaries Paymasters - Vid

Morris Rant - DPRK And Rene Guenon - Vid

Rene Guenon - Democracy Has No Dignity - Vid

Turkey....What Is It? - Vid


Arab World Update - 2 Seconds To Midnight - Vid

Destroying The Black Culture - Thomas Mountain - Vid

Mountain - Vaccinations Bill Gates & Democracy - Vid

In Memory Of Dear Leader Kim Jong-il - Vid

Afghan Night Raids & Nearly 1 Million Contractors - Vid

North Korea Is Not So Isolated - Harpal Brar - Vid

Cairo Report 12-19-11 - Vid

Judaism Is Just A Front - Vid

US Killing Pak Soldiers & Iran Downing Drone Explained - Vid


North Korea Not So Isolated After All - Vid

The Fed's Aims Are Deviance And Assimilation - Vid

Thierry In Syria - Russia Pours In Advanced Weapons - Vid

New Pakistan Independence - End Of US In Afpak

Anti-NATO Humanitarian Worker Returns From Libya - Vid

In Praise Of Gaddafi's Green Book - Vid

Assad Of Syria Speech 12-2-11 - Vid

Morris - A Black Man's Rant - Vid 


Making Zombies With Darwin, Alcohol & Genocide - Vid

London Occupy Activist...Tahrir Inspired Everyone - Vid

Palestinian Journalist - Israel & Saudi Hidden Hands - Vid

Report From Cairo - People Are Angry - Vid

Libya - The TNC Leadership Is All Abroad

A Tripoli Resident Describes The Current Situation - Vid

Will Zintan Rebels Go Green? - Lizzie Phelan

Syrian Kurd Exiled Film Director Talks About Syria - Vid


The Kurds And Alawites - A Primer - Vid

The Only Political Tool Left - Sex Allegations - Vid

Syria Reacting To The Arab League - Vid

Libyan Green Resistance Is Strong - Lizzie Phelan - Vid

Son Of Former Top Libyan Official Speaks Out - Vid

Morris Rant - Russian Israelis Are Not All Jewish - Vid

Islamic Scholar Explains The Libyan Conquest - Vid


A Morris Rant - Intel, Qatar, Libya - Vid

Afghani Claims US Generals Trafficking Heroin - Vid

Appeal Of Brother Of Former Libyan Minister - Vid

Algerian Fatiha Speaks About NATO Intentions - Vid

Saif Al-Islam - 'We Have Not Surrendered' - Vid

Dr Judy Wood...Where Did Towers Go? - Pt 1 - Vid

Dr Judy Wood...Where Did Towers Go? - Pt 2 - Vid

In UK - Dr Judy Wood On 9/11 Anomolies - Vid

Destroying The Family By Replacing Love With Lust - Vid


Dissecting The Imperialist Deaths Of MIllions - Vid

A Libyan In London Speaks About Libya, Pt 2 - Vid

A Libyan In London Speaks About Libya, Pt 1 - Vid

Zionism Defined - Vid

Gaddafi - More Hype? - Vid

Shocking Call For An 'NTC' In The USA (Mind Control)

Libya News Update Oct 17 - Vid


A Morris Rant - Vid

Morris Thinks Khamis Is Alive - Vid

Sirte Update And ArRai TV - Khamis Martyred - Vid

Libya News Update Oct 15 Early Morning - Vid

Libya News Update Oct 14 - Vid

Iran...An Ogre In Cahoots? - Vid


Russia Could Stop The Libya Carnage - Vid

Morris - Libya News Update Oct 11 - Vid

Westerners Now Too Weak To Fight For Justice - Vid

Red Cross Update On Its Activities In Sirte - Vid

Urgent Appeal To Help Sirte - What We Can Do - Vid

Morris - Libya News Update Oct 10 - Vid

Hezbollah, Iran & Israel On The Same Side In Libya

Libya News Update 10-8


Libya News Update Oct 7 - Vid

Sirte Update At Noon 10-6 GMT - Vid

Tripoli Update 10-6-11 - Vid

Benghazi & Eastern Libya Update - Vid 

Why NATO Is Attacking Tribes From Libya To Pak -  Vid

Libya Fighting Update Oct 4 - Vid 

Latest Libyan Update 10-3-11 - Vid

'NATO Worse Than The Nazis' - Vid

What Really Happened In Libya - Vid

Libya, Arab World Update From ArRai TV In English - Vid

Libya Update From ArRai TV In English - Vid

Iraqi Reveals The Horrible Truths - US Killed MILLIONS - Vid

I Am Ashamed To Live In A NATO Country - Vid


Libyan Expat Gives Update On 9-21-11 - Vid

Gaddafi Speech 9-20-11- English Voice Over - Vid

Drones Use Soaring - Military And Civilian Uses - Vid

Mousa Ibrahim Speech Of 9-18-11 - Vid

An Algerian Speaks - Israel Is Behind All Trouble - Vid

Why Gaddafi Is Called Gaddafi - Vid

Protests In London Of US Drone Use  - Vid

Rense & Tarpley - NATO Rebel Atrocities In Libya - Vid

NATO Butchers - Mustard Gas, Slaughter In Libya Continues

Mahdi - Algerian TNC Formed...'The New North Africa' - Vid

Leonor - Libya Rape Part Of War On Islam - Vid 


Leonor - Amazing Libyan Oasis Of Ghadames - Vid

Mahdi Nazemroaya - Destroying Libyan Culture - Vid

NATO Ravaging Sirte - Worse Than Gaza - Vid

Letter From Tripoli - Carnage Of The Innocent - Vid

Young Libyan On NATO Siege Of Sirte - Vid

Will It Be Algeria Or Syria Next? - Vid

Religious Elite Directs UK Racist Bombing Of Arabs - Vid

Hurricane Katia 2011 Strengthens In Atlantic - Map

How Turkey Alone Rebuffs Arrogant Israel - Vid

Algerians Afraid They Will Be Next - Vid

Leonor - NATO War Criimes - DU Spread On Libya - Vid  

Leonor - NATO Tactics Mean Libya Will Never Surrender - Vid

Leonor On Gaddafi's Daughter Aisha - Vid

Leonor Archeology In Libya At Sabrata - Vid


Morris Talking About Algeria Being Next - Vid

Leonor Archeology In Libya At Sabrata - Vid


Morris Talking About Algeria Being Next - Vid

Journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya In Malta After Libya - Vid

Algerian Government Is NATOs Best Friend - Vid 

Leonor - What NATO Wants Us To Hear! - Vid

Reports Libyan Army Fighting Hard, Rebels Captured - Vid

Libyan Tripoli Resident - Rebel Flags Everywhere - Vid

Libyan In London - Libyans Are Fighting NATO Troops - Vid

 Mahdi Nazemroaya 'Not Safe' In A Tripolii Hotel - Vid

Leonor -: Jounalists Freed - Tripoli Confusion - Vid

Leonor - NATO Killers And PsyOps - Libya Will Win - Vid

Mousa Ibrahim Tripoli Speech - Midnight August 23 - Vid


Leonor - Tripoli August 23 Update - Vid 

Gadhafi's Son Free - Says Things 'Fine' In Libya - Vid

Leonor - NATO Wanted To Kill Libya From Day One - Vid

Mahdi Nazemroaya In Tripoli - Afternoon 22 August

Mahdi Nazemroaya In Tripoli - Late Morning 22 August - Vid

Franklin Lamb In Tripoli - Morning 22 August - Vid

MUST VIEW - Mahdi Nazemroaya Describes NATO Horror - Vid 

Rebels 'Haven't Secured Anything, They're Just Shooting' - Vid


Exclusive - Increasing NATO Crimes In Libya - Leonor - Vid

Rense Exclusive - Leonor - Libya Without NATO Lies - Vid

Two Gaddafi Loyalists Reveal 'Rebel' Horrors - Vid

Rense Exclusive - 3 NATO Ships Sunk, 15 Senior NATO Personnel Held Captive In Benghazi - Vid

15 NATO Seniors Being Held Captive - Vid

Norway Massacre Causing Israeli Govt To Collapse? - Vid

The Norway Bombing And Israel - Vid (excellent)

Leanor Visits Libya - Tells The Inside Story - Vid

Profiling An Islamic Fundamentalist - Vid

News Round-Up - Tearing The Lies Apart - Vid


Franklin Lamb In Tripoli - Libyans Ask Why Now? - Vid

Gaddafi's July 8 Speech In Tripoli - Huge Rally - Vid

600 Peace Activists To Israel, Incl Provocateurs - Vid

The NWO Religion Is Genetic Diversity

Afghanistan - War On Want - Vid

Brit Army Cuts Mean More Private Contractors

Morris On NY Gay Marriage Bill Passing - Vid

Was Weiner Not Supporting The NY Gay Marriage Bill? -Vid

Zionist Media Blackout As One Million Support Gaddafi - Vid

Israelis - Perks, Rotweillers And An Occultish Elite - Vid

Rense & Celente - The American Dream Is Gone - Vid

Multiculturalism - Designed To Destroy - Vid

Freedom Of Speech Can Mean Jail In The UK - Vid


UK Islamicist Convicted Of Soliciting Murder - Vid 

Eugenics - A Racist Spin Justifing Genocide - Vid

Fluoride - A Sinister Way To Dumb Us Down? - Vid

Rense & Tim Flanagin - Radiation In Your Home And Your Body - Vid

Six Climate Realist Specialists Speak Out - Vid

Our Controllers


NATO Killers Sneak Attack On Tripoli - Mass Slaughter Underway - Vid

Journalist Franklin Lamb Shot In Tripoli - Vid

Rebel Advances On Tripoli A Zionist Media Hoax - Vid 

Tripoli Update - August 20...Midnight - Vid

Syria Is Not Lybia - Syria Can Mean WW3 - Vid

Syrian KIllings, Violence And Protests Continue - Vid

Libya August 19 Midnight - Tripoli Update - From The Street - Vid

Egypt 'Secret Minister' Still Pulling Strings? - Vid

Franklin Lamb - Libya Update...It's Gaddafi Or NATO - Vid  

Libya Update On Misrata - Leonor - Vid


Tripoli August 18th Evening Update - Vid

NATO War Aims Include Gay Rights - Vid

NATO Butchers Cut Water, Power To Sabha - Leonor - Vid

NATO Butchers Bomb Zlitan - Leonor & Ahmed In Libya - Vid

UK Riots Mirror UK Criminal Government - Vid

Mercenary Rebel Horrors Committed In Misrata - Leonor - Vid

On Weddings, Sharia, Pakistan, Britain, More - Vid

Obama Protests Downing Street - London - Vid 

Obama Protest At Buckingham Palace - Vid 

Shame On You, Sir General Richards - Vid

It Is Illegal To Wish The Taliban Success - Vid

911, Erin, Weather Weapons And The War On Islam - Vid


911 And Thermite - The Cfficial Conspiracy Theory? - Vid

Islamic Demo US Embassy London May 6 - Vid

9/11 - No Thermite, 7/7 - No Rucksack Bombs - Vid

Fatah & Hamas - A Small Part Of The War On Islam - Vid

Brainwashed With Untruths Like The Origins Of Life - Vid 

Obama's Fake Birth Certificate Created To Keep Him Weak - Vid

Could We Have A World War In Two Weeks? - Vid

The Reasons For The Drone Attacks In Pakistan - Vid

Jewishness & Betraying the Soul & Spirit - Vid

Is The White Race Under Attack? Does Anyone Care? - Vid

Jewish Saying - There's No Such Thing As Bad Publicity - Vid

Anyone Can Be Indoctrinated - Can We Wake Up? - Vid


Are Our Wars Genocide? Are They Jewish? - Vid

Star Of David Tattoo On Injured Libyan Rebel - Vid

The Modern Mix - Radiation, Religion & Homosexuality - Vid 

How To Become A Banker & Where The Power Really Is - Vid

NATO Libya Putsch Likely Means Losing Afghanistan - Vid

Demonising Scott Ritter & Osama Bin Laden, et al - Vid

To Wear The Burqa Or Not To Wear The Burqa - Vid

Deciphering The Global Plans - Vid

Bonuses, Genocide, Mercenaries, Alcohol, Islamophobia, Usury - Vid

Gaddafi's Green Book - Western Democracy Is A Dictatorship - Vid


Invade Libya And Steal Its Oil To 'Save' It - Vid

If Syria Goes, We Have Pax Judaica - Vid

London's Night Riot - Neglected Assault Police - Vid

There Will Be No Jewish Revolution - Vid

Putin Likens The Libyan War To The Crusades - Vid

Anti-War MP - Libya Is Now A War On Culture - Vid

UN OKs Nuclear War (DU Weapons) On Libya - Vid

Beyond The Idea Of No More Nuclear Plants - Vid

Piers Corbyn - Earthquakes & Extreme Weather - Same Family - Vid

Piers Corbyn - All Reactors Are Nuclear Bombs - Vid

No Need For Muslims Marrying Cousins, Or BP In Libya - Vid

Libya Disinformation And Sleepers - Vid


Multiculturalism Or What? - Vid

The Revolution Coming To Us - Vid

Press TV Journalist Trainee On The Middle East - Vid

Multiculturalism - A Legacy Of Raceless, Faceless Rulers? - Vid

Alternative Health Diagnosis Face, Tongue, Nails - Vid

Ayurveda Health For Beginners...The Basics - Vid

Izzadeen - Replace Gaddafi & Forget Democracy - Vid

Were Avebury's Megalithic Stones Levitated? - Vid

The Failing Economy - Gimme Some Debt - Vid

Are Orthodox Thought Police Perpetuating Judaism? - Vid


Judaism, Just Another Cult? - Vid

'The Self-Make King Of Bahrain' - London Protest - Vid

The Fashionability Of Anti Zionism - Vid

Algeria - The Richest Country The Poorest People - Vid

Don't Be A Holocaust Denier - Nick Kollerstrom - Vid

UK's Top Muslim CEO Speaks Out

An All Arab Revolution - Top UK Muslim CEO Speaks Out - Vid

Anti-Mubarak Demonstrations In London - Vid

Egypt Will Follow Turkey - Not Iran, If West Acts Fast - Vid

Egypt, Gaza & Hamas vs Jewish Banks - Vid

Rense & Wooldridge - Disintegrating US Infrastructure - Vid

When Egypt Goes, Israel Goes Into Gaza? - Vid

London Failing In The Jewish Century - Vid

Rense & Piers Corbyn - Solar Lunar Forecasting - Vid

Rense & Ted Pike - The Talmudic Takeover - Vid

Piers Corbyn - Jet And Gulf Stream Dynamics - Vid

Piers Corbyn Queensland Floods Eclipses & Solar Flares - Vid

Piers Corbyn - Winters Will Be Coldest For Centuries - Vid


Rense & Celente - Righteous Rage - Vid

Ex Taliban Prisoner Yvonne Ridlley Converts, Campaigns - Vid

Rense & Jacobson - Mind Control In America - Vid

Rense & Dr. Soto - Ongoing Gulf Health Catastrophe - Vid

Rense & Dr. Soto - Gulf Region Residents Ill & Dying - Vid

Rense & Dr. Soto - Gulf Region Residents Ill And Dying - Vid

How Piers Corbyn Became A Weather Forecaster -  Vid

Piers Corbyn - Warm Weather Not Causing Cold - Vid

Rense & Jeffrey Smith - The GMO End Game - Vid

Darwin's Designer Dogs - Not - Vid

Rense & Moret - Google's Sinister DNA Plans - Vid

Rense & Robert Felix - Ice Age Now? - Vid

The Time To Dissolve The Jewish 'Identity'? - Vid

Dissolving The Zionist Back-Up Disk - Vid

Rense & Celente - Rage Against TSA - Vid

Rense & Gause - A Whiff Of Weimar Inflation

London Anti War Demo - Ex Soldier Returns Army Medal

7/7 - No Credible CCTV Or Witnesses

Izzadeen...Radical Brit Muslim, Or Political Prisoner?

7/7 9/11 Madrid Mumbai Kabbalistic Connection?

Rense & Gause The Logic Of The Meltdown

What The Wars Are Doing To The Soldiers

Rense & Weidner - They Way Things Are

Press TV-James Morris On US-Saudi Arms Deal

Usury: Making the Rich Avaricious & the Poor Poorer

Rense On Depleted Uranium - Our Calamity

Anti-Zionist Rabbi For Palestine, Judaism

UK Truther Convicted For Being On TV Show

A Rabbi For Palestine Defends The Talmud

Imam - 'Can't Blame Catholicism For The IRA'

Ahava (Israeli) Boycott In London Oct 2010

A Thousand Ways To Hijack A Religion

Anti-semitism And Censorship Both Rising

US Catholic Woman Adopts Islam, Lives In Jordan

Rense & Dona Prehistoric Unsolved Archeo-Mysteries

Corruption In Kabul - Fool Me Once

New Rense YouTube Videos

Israel Shamir On Russia, Syria And Israel

The Israeli No Peace Process Charade

Are Race And Insurance Jewish Patents?

 911 - Incredible Images, Original Questions

Obamas Health Care A Scam For A War Tax

The Age Of Mass Killings And Corporations

Rense & Celente - We Are What We Eat

911 Omnibus - Zakheim, Bush, Silverstein et al

AlQuds Demo London 2010

Morris Herman On Iran TV About Dr. Kelly's Murder

Rense & Celente - End US Wars Of Death, Horror

Rense And Celente Prepare For The Worst

Orthodox Jewry's Part In Today's Debacle?

When Being Jewish Is Zioneering

The Enforced Obsession Of Zionism

Some Zionists Killed Zionism - And More

Rense & Weiss - Jews & Arabs Lived Peacefully

Our Lives Becoming  Meaningless In The Jewish Century - Vid

Rense & Devvy - A Gals Plight In Our Trash Culture - Vid

Rense & Icke On BP Gulf Oil Disaster - Vid

Rense And Real Zionist News - Vid

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