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Mantiq al-Tayr


Congress To Obama - Screw Palestine

Cease and Resist

Israel Routes US Forces in 'Six Hour War'

A Humanitarian Gesture

CNN's Zionist Bullshit On HAMAS

Israel Launches Savage Assault On Helpless Palestinians: Arab Governments Do Nothing As Usual

Murderous Israel Does It Again


Some Notes On The Current Scandal

Back to Business as Usual

Mittpocalypse - Mittian Gray

Mittpocalypse - Rmoney

Mittpocalypse - Bibi Forever

The Mittpocalypse: You Know It's Coming

Another Product Of Jewish Radicalization Programs

The Blood Of Our Children Is Dripping From Their Hands


Joel Gilbert's Wet "Dreams"

USS Liberty - A Day Of Rage

The Bank Of A Far Away Stream

Mantiq's Predictions For 2013

Michael Grimm Is A Crook, War monger, And Israel-Firster

Zionist American Jew Murders Christian Palestinian In Eilat

'Let Them Eat...'

Hey Politicians, Get Mantiq's Latest Invention

Kenneth Timmerman's Knesset Campaign


Altayr - An Ode to Urim and Thummim?

Let's Go Beat Up Some Arabs

Let's Send Woody Allen To Israel

Has The Muslim Brotherhood Penetrated The National Security Council?

Altayr - Ramadan Kareem

Altayr - NitMitt Womney Unplugged

Obama And The Holocau$t Mu$eum

All We Care About Is Being Good Zionists


The Return Of The Tayr

A Clean Break

Turkey, Syria And Xymphora


Peres, Pollard, Obama And Freedom

Jonathan Pollard Hospitalized

You Know You Are A Judeo-Christian When...

Celebrate Israel? - Vid


Congressman Ackerman...'Free Jonathan Pollard'


Kathy Ireland And Carl Levin To Speak At AIPAC Conference

Stealth Zionism

Obama Runs For Office In Israel

Rep Charlie Dent, Israel And HR 3166

The Idaho Caucus

101 Ways To Screw Palestinians


The Zionist Bullshit Photo Editor

Israel Fisher?

The Being Which We Have Become

Yahweh Good, Allah Bad

Manufacturing The Muslim Menace

NPR, O'Keefe And The Mooselims

Support Your Own Illegal Israeli Settlement


Kill A Palestinian And You Shall Enter Heaven

Mubarak Calls On Obama To Step Down As President

Devastated In Cairo

Obama Announces Won't Run For Egypt Presidency In Sept


A Cry For HELP From Egypt

Do Not Buy Israeli Hummus (Or Israeli Anything)

Problem In Bumfuck, Idaho - Part 1

Open Letter To The President On Jonathan Pollard

Free Jonathan Pollard 

A Christmas Messsage

Tis The Season For Treason

How Many More Must Die For Israel?

The Story Of The Good Mooselim

Pigs, Piper And Palestine

A Veterans Day Lament

The Choice Is Clear

Abbas Caves In - Recognizes US As A Jewish State

Come On Terry, Light My Fire

 Dr. Terry Jones Will Burn the Talmud On 9-11

We Are All Palestinians

Forsaken - The USS LIBERTY, Gaza, The Rachel Corrie And You

Joint Congressional Resolution 666 Supporting Israel

Gaza Flotilla - Separating Truth From Zionist Bullshit

Al-Tayr - The Israeli SOBs Have Gone Too Far, Again

Freedom Flotilla - 'Israel Is Threatening To Attack Us'

A Modest Proposal For President Obama

A Ship Too Far

Is 'Elie Wiesel' His Real Name?

Obama's Lunch With Elie 'The Fraud' Wiesel

Charles Schumer (Likud, New York)

Teaching Congress Shit From Shinola

The 'Peace Process' Is A Complete Scam

A New Way To Celebrate Passover

Joe Biden Got What He Deserved - So Will America

Birth Certificates And War

The World Is Insane

Mantiq's Musings On 2010

The Song Of Solomon

Israeli VP Obama Slams Zionist Lobby W/Hanukkah Party

Muslims Defend The Virgin Mary

Frosty's Zionist Bullshit Flakes

Killing Arabs Is Good For Them

Did Israel Kill JFK? - No Surprise If It Did

The ADL Vindicates Michael Collins Piper

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