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Dave Lindorff

Recognition Of Cuba Doesn't Mean End To US Subversion

Eleven Reasons I’m Ashamed To Be An American Citizen

Brown Killed For Not Obeying Police Authority

Dickensian US Working Conditions Almost Guarantee Ebola Catastrophe

US Launches Wars And Backs Coups In The Name Of Democracy, But It Wonét Back Real Democracy Activists in Hong Kong

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder Leaving


Ebola - Cuba Sees A Crisis, Sends Docs, US Sees Opportunity, Sends Troops

Satellite Images Of Alleged Russian Artillery - Fail

What Russian Invasion? In-Place Cease-Fire Reached In E Ukraine

Hackers Used Govt Spyware To Data-Rob iCloud

Two Chance Meetings While Traveling in Europe


Who’s The Real Aggressor In Ukraine? (Hint - Not Russia)

Smart Social Policies In Finland, Dumb Here

America’s Obsession With War As Foreign Policy

CIA Analysts Won't Support WH Claims Against Russia

Police Need To Be Demilitarized, Remade As ‘Peace Officers’

Beware The World’s Leading War-Monger And Terrorist Organization


Leaving Brennan As CIA Director Means The Triumph Of Secret Govt

Time To Go On The Offensive To Improve - Not Just Save Social Security And Medicare

Barbecuing The Palestinians

If You Believed The Secretary Of State’s Poison Gas Lie You’ll Love His Latest One

Already Abused By Cop, DA & Court, Occupy Protester Now Trashed By NY’s Leading Paper

CIA Spies Found In German Parliament, Spy Agency

What’s Next? Insurance Won't Cover Transfusions?


Discussing DHS Calling ThisCantBeHappening A 'Threat'

FaceBook Experiments With Manipulating Your Mind

DHS Brands ThisCantBeHappening A ‘Threat’

Telling It Like It Is, Not Like It Will Be, On Climate Change

The US Empire Is In Decline

AG Holder’s Big News About Prosecuting Chinese Spying A Joke

DC Occupy Crackdown And The Dark Side Of The Boston Bombing - Pt 2

Interview With Jailed Occupy Activist McMilan's Atty

Nine Jurors Ask Judge Not To Send Occupy Protester To Jail


Kangaroo Court Convicts Occupy Protester

Russia Warning Ignorance, Scary Mistake By US

SCOTUS Upholds Disbarment Of Ex KS AG

FCC Wants To Give Corporations Their Own Internet

DC, Corporate Media Full Propaganda Mode On Ukraine


Conversation With A Police Chief

Feds Exonerate FBI Boston Bomber Investigation

FL State’s Attorney Takes A Dive On FBI Murder Probe

Did FBI Execute Boston Marathon Bombing Witness?

Crime's Down, So Why is Police Aggression Increasing?

Feinstein Finally Goes After CIA But Not For Lying To And Spying On US


Crowd Support & Barrett Brown's Partial Victory

What If Americans Demanded The Ouster Of This 'Government'?

Police State Gears Up

Justice Gets The Shaft When It Involves Mumia:

Obama’s 'Raise' For Federal Workers Is A Bad Joke

Denying Climate Change - While Exploiting It


NY New Mayor Really A Lefty...Or A Poseur

Nation’s Major Paper Now Says Snowden’s A Hero But Won’t Say Obama’s A Criminal

The Looming Battle For Real Social Security

US Hypocrisy Over Diplomatic Immunity

About Time American Idiocy And Paranoia Over Marxism Got Called Out

What If Our Premature Nobel Laureate President Is Having A ’63-Style Kennedy Moment?

Americans Want Better SS, Medicare & Less Military Spending


Islamic Name? US Banks May Not Want Your Business

In Finland Saunas Are Hot, Retirement Is Cool

Is NSA Spying Really About Blackmail?

Kansas Supreme Court Revokes Law License Of Former AG

‘Please Don't Leave A Message, The Government Is Closed

The Police State Of America

Obama To UN - US Opposes Violence To Suppress Dissent

Obama’s Grotesque Hypocrisy Over Cluster Munitions

There Is No Justification For Obama’s War On Syria


Anti-War Conservatives And War-Monger Liberals

Iraq War Vet Brutally Arrested At Anti-Syria Demo

Obama And Kerry’s Big Lie

Obama Backs Down, Seeks Congressional Okay For Attack

Yet Again, The 'Answer' Is Bombing

Americans Oppose Hit On Syria, Obama Mocks Them

Manning - Crimes And Punishment (Or Not)

Detention Of Greenwald Partner In London Clearly Came On US Orders

Salem On The Potomac


Prosecution Of People Who Assist The Dying Must End

Pissing Off Friends Is A Doomed Strategy

US Police State Rolls On, Snowden Gets Russia Asylum

US Flaunts The Rule Of Law

Snowden, Trapped in Moscow Airport By US, Makes Formal Bid For Russia Asylum

Like Hale's Philip Nolan, Snowden Is Now A 'Man Without A Country'

Global Hero Snowden Accepts Russian Asylum Offer

NYPD And Brookhaven Lab Suggest A Terror Plot

Snowden Affair Exposed More Than NSA Spying


In Obamaland, ‘Rule Of Law’ Is For The Other Suckers

Empty Lectures About The Sanctity Of The ‘Rule Of Law’

Spy On Us All So We Won’t Lose Our Freedom

Is Naomi Wolf Working For The NSA?

Why Did Edward Snowden Go To Hong Kong?

Where’s The Bullshit Repellent When We Need It?

Obama Will Have To Prove He’s A Changed Man

Afghanistan War Comes Home To Philadelphia

A Pack Of Questions About The Boston Bombing

America, The WTF Nation

Tsarnaev Brothers Had A CIA Connection


Why Such Secrecy About Private Military Contractor’s Men Working The Event?

Something’s Rotten in Boston

A Violent Act Again In A Violent Nation

Obama's Betrayal Of Social Security

Lindorff/RT - Iran Nukes Could Be A Stabilizing Force - Vid

Indicting The Wrong Target In US Financial Capital

Chase Down Mega-Rich Tax Cheats And Recover Their Offshore Trillion$


Crashing The 2-Party System

And This Is Supposed To Replace Social Security?

Journalistic Malpractice At The Post And The Times

Much Ado About Nothing In Budget Debate

LAPD More Like An Army Of Occupation - Vid

The LAPD Got Their Man How They Wanted Him - Dead

LAPD Afraid Of What Renegade Cop Will Say

Freedom Of Information Takes Another Hit In The US

President Obama Must Be Impeached


Wild Horses Sold To Kill Buyer By BLM

Cognitive Dissonance At The New York Times

Hey, Hey Barack, How Many Kids Have You Killed Today?

Big Money But No Big Lines

Growth Is The Enemy Of Humankind

US Will Never Stop Funding MIlitarism

America’s Political Dysfunction - At Root Is An Unwillingness To Cut War Spending

FBI Ignored Deadly Threat To Occupiers

Obama’s Just Another Chicago Player Throwing The Game

Obama, Biden Are War Criminals Under UN Charter


US Presidents And Their Advisors Are War Criminals

America’s Teachers - Heroes Or Greedy Moochers At The Public Trough?

American Power Is In Terminal Decline

The Not-So-Bright Bulbs At The White House & Pentagon

A Palm Tree Grows Outside Philadelphia

US Ending The War In Afghanistan?

What if Obama Admin Wants Catastrophic Climate Change?

World Bank - Globe Could Be Cooked By 2060


The Grand Irony Of The Petraeus Sex Scandel

Election's Over - It's Time To Organize!

US Election Process Is Badly Broken

I'm Voting Third Party This Year

A Nation Armed To The Teeth But Living In Fear

Obama Campaign Dysfunction, Warnings Of Future Betrayal

Children Under Attack In Afghanistan & Pakistan

Britain Blows A Fuse Over Assange Ecuador Asylum

Killing Kids Is So American

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