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Libya Crisis

Gaddafi 'Sold 20% Of Libyan Gold' In Final Days

Russian Shoulder-Fired Missiles Looted In Libya

Libya - Mystery Of Libyan Military Convoy Crossing Into Niger

Leonor - Libya Rape Part Of War On Islam - Vid 

Leonor - Amazing Libyan Oasis Of Ghadames - Vid

Libyan Military Convoys Reported In NIger - Vid

ZATO Genocide - Carpet-Bombing Libya


Huge Libyan Armored Convoy Leaves For Niger

Talks Break Down At Bani Walid - Vid

China Denies Offer Of Arms For Gaddafi 

Mahdi Nazemroaya - Destroying Libyan Culture - Vid

Meyssan On NATO Invasion Of Tripoli & War Crimes - Vid

Libya's Great Man-Made River Project & NATO Crimes

Young Libyan On NATO Siege Of Sirte - Vid


Ron Paul Straight Talk On Libya - Vid

Libya, Inc - Coming Waste, Fraud, Plunder On Grand Scale

Gaddafi, UK, US Past Secret, Cozy Relationship

Tripoli Residents Reluctant To Give Up Guns

Turkey And Israeli War Of Words

MUST VIEW - Why The Rothschilds Are Destroying Libya - Vid

Carving Up The Libya Corpse For Profit

Lessons From the Zionist Attack on Libya

Libya - 'Yes, I'm Saying It Is ALL Lies'


Libyan 'Rebels' Listed As Terrorists By US State Dept

UK Forces Attack Gaddafi's Last Strongholds

West fears Libyan Missiles In Terrorist Hands

Mahdi - Libya Is Part Of Post 9-11 Perpetual War - Vid

30,000 Bombs On Libya - Thomas Mountain - Vid

Globalists To Rebuild Libya

NATO Perpetrating More War Crimes In Libya

30,000 Bombs On Libya

Hideous Scramble Underway For Libyan Oil 

Govt Admits Duncan's Links To 'Libyan oil cell'

Libya - The Minister, The Tory Donor And An Oil Contract

Gadaffi In Hiding - Fiery Speech, Vows No Surrender

NATO Killers Besieging And Terror Bombing Sirte

Gadaffi In Hiding - Fiery Speech, Vows No Surrender


US Backs Al Qaeda In Libya

Gaddafi Son Saif's September 1 Speech In English - Vid  

Leonor - NATO War Criimes - DU Spread On Libya - Vid  

Leonor - NATO Tactics Mean Libya Will Never Surrender - Vid


Leonor On Gaddafi's Daughter Aisha - Vid

Leonor Archeology In Libya At Sabrata - Vid

Journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya In Malta After Libya - Vid

Gaddafi Loyalists Told To Surrender Or Face ZATO

Rebel Leaders Put Libya Death Toll At 50,000

'Megrahi Letter' casts further doubt over Lockerbie conviction

NATO's Genocidal Rape Of Libya

Gadaffi Disappearance A Clever Move


NATO Zionist Controlled Butchers Vow To Stay In Libya

Ron Paul On Libya - Vid 

Libya - The Greatest Betrayal

Gadaffi Family Members Said In Algeria

The Real Truth About Libya - Vid

Leonor - What NATO Wants Us To Hear! - Vid

The Jews Behind NATO's Rape Of Libya - Vid

Reports Libyan Army Fighting Hard, Rebels Captured - Vid

Claim 'Rebels' Seize Loyalist Stronghold Near Airport

Libyan 'Rebels' Massacre True Libyan Patriots

Rebel Assassins Terrorizing Libyans

France, Italy Drool Over Libya's Wealth


Pepe Escobar - Libya Is Iraq 2.0 - Vid

Al Qaeda Killer Said Rebel Cmdr In Libya

Libyan Tripoli Resident - Rebel Flags Everywhere

Tripoli 'Captured'...But NATO Still Bombing It 

United Nations & US To Loot Over $1b From Libya

Gaddafi Switching To Guerilla Mode - Vid

Gaddafi On TV As Rebels Claim He's Trapped - Vid

ZATO Hand Of Death Over Tripoli - Rows Of Corpses 

UK, French Soldiers Directing Sirte Attack

Libya - The Manufacture Of Consent

US, SA To Unlock $1.5 Billion Of Libyan Assets

Libya - Keep The Freedom Flame Alive

Kaddafi's Latest Communique

Mahdi Nazemroaya 'Not Safe' In A Tripolii Hotel - Vid

NATO's Libya War - A Nuremberg Level Crime


Libya: Weapons Could Go To Terrorists

Fisk - Mistakes Of Iraq  Rehearsed Afresh

Libya - British SAS Leads Hunt For Gaddafi

Chavez - Libya's Tragedy Begins With Gadhafi's Fall

Libya - The Bridgehead Into Africa

Leonor - NATO Killers And PsyOps - Libya Will Win - Vid

ZATO Psy-Op In Libya - MSM Caught In Lies

Zionist Libya - Controlled By Mercenaries

Saif Gaddafi Connections To Rothschild Elite

Saif Gaddafi And ZATO War Propaganda

Order - Kill Non-MSM Reporters In Libya 

Mousa Ibrahim Tripoli Speech - Midnight August 23 - Vid

Leonor - Tripoli August 23 Update - Vid 

Putin Decries Libyan Invasion by ZATO - Rips NWO

Malaysian MSM LIbya Coverage - Lies And NATO Propaganda 


Gaddafi Safe In Tripoli Says Son

Secret Role Played By Brits In Attack On Tripoli

Saif Gadaffi Rallies People In Tripoli To Crush Rebels

CFR Richard Haas Calls for NATO To Occupy Libya

Gadhafi's Son Free - Says Things 'Fine' In Libya - Vid

Kucinich - Time To End ZATO Illegal War In Libya

Libya Raped, Its People Massacred For 144 Tons Of Gold

Gaddafi's Defeat Will Not Save Obama Presidency

Kirwan - ZATO's New Temple Of Babel

NYT Gross Lying About Libya And Palestine

ZATO And The Wannabe Whores Of Babylon


Mahdi Nazemroaya In Tripoli - Afternoon 22 August

Mahdi Nazemroaya In Tripoli - Late Morning 22 August - Vid 

Franklin Lamb In Tripoli - Morning 22 August - Vid 

NATO Slaughter In Tripoli - Al Qaeda Death Squads Turned Loose 

MUST VIEW - Mahdi Nazemroaya Describes NATO Horror - Vid 

Rebels 'Haven't Secured Anything, They're Just Shooting' - Vid

NATO Killers Sneak Attack On Tripoli - Mass Slaughter Underway - Vid

Journalist Franklin Lamb Shot In Tripoli - Vid

Rebels Pour Into Tripoli, Gadaffi 's Forces Crushed

Gaddafi's Speech Of August 21, 2011 - Vid


NATO Kills Fighters On Both Sides Near Misrata

Ex-CIA Chief - Kaddafi Was A Good Anti-Terrorism Partner

US/NATO/Israeli Organized Butchery Of Libya - Vid

WikiLeaks - Guantanamo Detainee Now Libyan Rebel Leader

Libya - Western Leaders Call For NATO To Murder Gaddafi

Air Strike Flattens Building In Gaddafi Compound

Civilians Flee Misrata - Fighting Continues

Farakhan Warns Obama On Libya

NATO Tries To Kill Gaddafi Again - Bunker Bombed 

Al Jazeera's War On Gaddafi

Attack Of Obama Death Drones On Libya


Libyan Refugees Flee To Tunisia - Rebellion Crushed

Libya Rebels Get $25m Of US Military Equipment Via Pentagram

West Ups Libyan Presence - France, Italy Send Army Teams

Mission Creep In Libya

UK War Boss Says Libya Is The New Afghanistan

Libya - UK Sends In Military 'Advisers'

'Advisers' From France Join UK To Aid Libya Rebels

Libya Rebels Behead, Mutilate Gaddafi Troops Who Surrendered - Vid

EU Awaits UN Approval To Invade Libya 

Britain To Fund Evac Of Refugees From Misrata

Staging A 'Humanitarian War' Against 'Southland'


What Next in Libya?

Cameron Won't Rule Out Brit Invasion Of Libya 

Cameron - International Invasion Of Libya A Certainty

Libya Fighting Rages Amid Conflicting Reports on Rebels Fleeing

Libyan Military Pounds NWO Rebels In Ajdabiya, Misrata

An Intelligent, Inside Look At Gaddafi And Libya

Libya - Regime Change At Gunpoint

Libyan Rebels Getting Anti-Tank Weapons 

Obama, Cameron, Sarko Committed To Ousting, Killing Gaddafi 

Female Colombian Snipers Fighting For Gaddafi 


Setting The Stage For Inserting US Troops Into Libya

Libya's Great Man-Made River

US, NATO Bomb Tripoli Again - More Casualties

UK To Wage War On Libya 'Until Gaddafi Overthrown'

UK Sends Armor To Rebels

Libya All About Oil...Or Central Banking?

Libya - US Considering Using Nuclear Weapons - Pt 2

Fearful Sarko Imposes No Fly Zone Over Riviera Retreat

Jihadees Are Coming In To Support Gaddafi

Libyan Air Strikes Cause NATO Rift With Britain, France

Libya's Parallels With Saddam's Iraq Truly Ominous

Libya - It's All About Oil


Libyan Army Pounds Misrata

Libya Rebels Reject African Union's Peace Initiative

France, UK Say NATO Must Increase Libya Killings

Planned US Nuclear Attack On Libya - Part 1

Moussa Koussa To Leave Britain

NWO Rebels Reject Cease Fire Unless Gaddafi Goes

Pentagon - Current Cost of Libya War $608 Million 

Gaddafi OKs Plan To Stop Fighting, Allow Peacekeepers

Libyan Army Shoots Down 2 Rebel Attack Helicopters

Rare Footage Of Libyan Military - Vid

Lies, Damned Lies And Libya

Globalists Executing Final Leg Of NeoCon Plan


Rebels Pushed Back Toward Benghazi

Libyan 'Rebels' Stall Without US-NATO DU Death From Above

South Tel Aviv Is On Fire - Vid

General Says US May Invade Libya With Ground Troops

We're Not Being Told The Truth About Libya

Libya To Unleash Wave Of Migrants On Europe

Libyan Minister To Take Turkish Peace Plan To Gaddafi

Rebels Flee Eastern Libya City - Vid

'British' Planes Bomb Libyan Oilfield

Mercenaries Could Help Rebels Say UK Generals

Nutter Van Rompuy - Massacre In Libya 'Averted By EU'

More About Libya And Its Pure, Light Crude Oil

Zionists Behind Little Sarko's Libya Killings

'Free Libya' Oil Tanker Loads First Stolen Libya Oil

Tarpley - Al Qaeda - Pawns Of CIA Insurrection From Libya To Yemen


US-NATO Allies Join In Race For Libya's Oil

Nato Lacking Strike Aircraft For Libya War

Libyan Rebels Deny Offering Lockerbie Compensation

McKInney - Obama Gets His Groov Back By Attacking Africans

Rebel 'Leader' Demands More NATO Death From Above

Rebels Say They Are 'Frustrated'

Libyan Rebels Set For First (Stolen) Oil Exports

al-CIAda Grabs Surface-To-Air Missiles 

The Dirty Secret Of British Arms Sales To Libya

Ex Guantánamo Terror Detainee Is Training 'Rebels'

British Team Arrives In Benghazi For Rebel Talks

Obama's Terror War On Libya

Gaddafi Stopped Nuke Program, Terrorism Many Yrs Ago

Libya - 400 Illegal Immigrants 'Disappear' On Way To Italy 

US Jets Pour More DU Death Onto Libyans

The REAL Tribe Seeking Libyan Regime Change - Vid


US To Resume Slaughtering Libyans To Help 'Rebels' - Vid

US Covering Libya With Nuclear DU Death

Western Military 'Advisers' Visible In Benghazi

The Shady (CIA) Men Backed By West To Replace Gaddafi 

Libya's 'Torturer-In-Chief' Offered Asylum In Britain

How Zionist Media Sells Us Into War - The Truth About Libya

Fierce Fighting Said To Continue In Brega


NATO Air Strike Kills 13 Rebels - Vid

Lindauer - The Butchering Of Libya Was Planned Long Ago - Vid

NWO Rebels Claim To Recapture Oil Town Of Brega

'NATO' Air Strike Mistakenly Kills Batch Of Rebels

Libyan Govt Allegedly 'Talking' To 'West' About Conflict

Syrians March In Tens Of Thousands Again President

Gaddafi's Green Book - Western Democracy Is A Dictatorship - Vid

How Burning The Koran Led To Murder In Afghanistan

Israelis Kill More Palestinians In Air Strike

Gaddafi's Green Book - Western Democracy Is A Dictatorship - Vid

Double Standards From The West 


Devvy - The Other War Powers Act

Libyan Govt Dismisses Rebel Ceasefire Offer As Insane

America's Long-Planned Nuclear Attack On Libya

Rebels In Chaos - Libyan Military Strengthens Grip

Invade Libya And Steal Its Oil To 'Save' It - Vid

Gaddafi Rejects Rebel 'Cease Fire' Offer

Libya Al Qaeda 'Rebels' Lose US Air Support, Ask For Cease-Fire

Robert Gates - No US Troops On Ground In Libya 

Gaddafi Envoy In Britain For Secret Talks

Libyan Intel Chief Denies Defection Rumors

Libya: dilemma over defector's 'electrifying' Lockerbie information

Robert Gates: No US 'boots on ground' in Libya

Britain in talks with 10 more Gaddafi aides

The Truth About Libya


Libya Spy Chief Defects

Disillusioned, Frightened Libyan Rebels Flee To Benghazi

UK Backs Clinton In Arming Libya 'Rebels'

Libya - Is West Playing Into al-CIAda Hands?

NATO 'Takes Control' Of Libya Air Ops

Defusing Another UN Time Bomb

'Rebels' - A CIA Army Of Al Qaeda Terrorists, Anti-Black Racists

Obama Inks Secret Military Assistance To Rebels (illegal)

Br Nathanael - The Battle For Oil In Libya

Rebels Flee As Libyan Military Recaptures Brega

Inhuman Obama - Bombing Libya How World Should Work

Zionist Sstanic America To Give Arms To 'Rebels'


Clinton - UN Resolution Gives US OK To Arm 'Rebels'

US Warned Arming Rebels Not Allowed By UN Resolutions

Rebels Flee Libyan Military Counter-Attack

Zionist US Killing Libyan Civilians Say Russian Docs On Scene

US Wants To Arm 'Rebels' In Libya

'Rebels' Already Set Up New (World Order) Central Bank Of Libya!

NWO Rebels Fight Libyan MIlitary On Road To Sirte - Vid

US Moves To Arm Al Qaeda Rebels In Libya

Libya Is An Obvious War For World Government

Libya - The Zionist Dragon & The Drums Of War ­ Pt 4

Libyan Military Stops NWO Rebel Advance - Vid

Rebels Flee From Libyan Military

US Says Not Working With Rebels In Libya - Vid (more lies)

Gadaffi Demands End To Genocide, Destruction Of Libya


NWO Meets To Carve Up Theft Of Libya

Roberts - Obama Raises US Hypocrisy To A Higher Level

Satanic US Sends Ground Attack Planes To Slaughter Libyans

NWO Backed Ragtag Rebels Run From Sirte Resistance

NWO Rebels Stopped Short Of Sirte

Zionist US To 'Take Down 7 Countries In 5 Years' - Vid

Al Qaeda NWO Rebels To Export Captured Libyan Oil

NWO Planned Regime Change In Libya

Proof Libyan Invasion Planned 10 Years In Advance

NWO Bombs Civilians In Tripoli

Russia Says Attacks On Gadaffi NOT Backed By UN

Libya Claims NATO Actions Illegal - Vid


Libya's Blood For Oil - The Vampire War

NWO Butchers Attack Gadaffi Home Town Of Sirte

NWO Al-Qaeda Rebels Move West - Vid

Who Are The Libyan Freedom Fighters & Their Patrons?

Libya - The Zionist Dragon & The Drums Of War - Pt 2

Joe On Libya, Obama, Dumb Americans - (Note: Profanity) - Vid

NWO Al Qaeda Rebels Taking Control Of Libyan Oil

Al Qaeda Rebels Claim Ras Lanuf

US-Led Libyan Ground Assault Planned


Libyan War Could Last Months

NWO Air Massacres Help Rebel Coup Attempt In Libya

NWO Air Slaughter, Rebels Take Ajdabiya

US-UK DU Butchers Covering Libya With Death

Rebels And Zionist Air Power Advance Toward Brega

Libya - The Zionist Dragon & The Drums Of War ­ Part 1

Libya - Obama Calls For Jihad

Libya - Reporters See Proof Of US Killing Civilians

NWO Air Slaughter Force Libyan Military From Ajdabiya

US Ready To Arm Rebels Against Libyan Government

Zionist US Wants Bigger War On Libyan Military 

Zionist US To 'Take Down 7 Countries In 5 Years' - Vid


Russia Intel - NWO DU Butchers Invasion Of Libya Soon

Libyan Rebel Commander Admits Al Qaeda Links

No Fly Zone Turns Into All-Out Attack On Libya

Gaddafi Nails Fraud Obama - Watch For Yourself - Vid

Situation Critical In Ajdabiya Says Reporter - Vid

Rebels Whine About Gadaffi Hiring Help For Army

Libya's History Includes Other US Bombs Of Death

NATO Killers To Take Over 'No Fly' WAR On Libya

NWO Death From Skies Not Stopping Ground Fighting

US/UK Zionist Killers Dig Talons Into Sovereign Libya

CIA Libya Rebels Are TERRORISTS Who Killed GIs In Iraq

Libyans Mourn Dead - Killed By Butcher NWO US Air Strikes - Vid

Zionist US Slaughters More Civilians In Tripoli Bombings

Zionists Boxer, Pelosi Back Obama's Unconstitutional Libya War


NWO Butchers Continue Bombing Tripoli - Vid

Smug, Arrogant RAF Statement On Their Brave Slaughter - Vid

NATO Argues - Libya Continues Fighting Armed Insurgents - Vid

French Destroy Single Libyan Air Force Plane

Gaddafi Residence, Compound Attacked By NWO Bombs, Missiles

Libya's Biggest Tribe Joins March Of Rconciliation To Benghazi

Libyan Expats Plot Revenge For UK Bombing Raids On Gadaffi

NWO Airstrikes Fail To Dislodge Libyan Armor

Libya Ground Attack Likely Says Russia

Zionist Missiles Try To Genocide Libyan Military - Vid

Zionist UN 'Triumph' Unravelling Already


UK Minister Admits No Libya Exit Strategy

'Libya War Could Last 30 Years'

NWO Killers Join With Rebels In Misrata Fight

NWO Enters With Rebels In Fight For Misrata, Ajdabiya

Libya Air Strikes Move From Statics To 'Dynamic' Targets 

Libya - US Planes Dropped 2 Bombs To Protect Pilot

UK Navy Running Short Of Tomahawk Missiles

Gaddafi Defiant - US Continues Illegal War On Libya - Vid

NWO War On Libya Uses Key Illuminati Word 'DAWN'


Death From Skies Slow Libyan Military - Vid

Libyan Fire AA At NWO Jets Over Tripoli - Vid

Not Many Targets Left For Killers Over Libya

Marines, Helicopter Shot Civilians In F-15 Pilots Rescue - Vid

Fighting Across Libya Intensifies

China Calls For Immediate Cease-Fire In Libya

Moscow Calls For Cease-Fire In Libya 

Brazil Calls For Cease Fire In Libya

Libyans Attack Rebels On Ground, Battles Rage - Vid

F-15 Shot Down Over Rebel Territory

US Expands Death Zone In Libya - Remember Iraq?

US Killer F-15 Crashes In NWO-Rebel Territory - 'Mechanical Failure...'

China Calls For Immediate NWO Cease-Fire In Libya


Call For Fatwa Vs Dave Cameron, Bill Hague, Liam Fox - War Crimes

Gaddafi Sitting On 143.8 Tons Of Gold

CIA's Libya 'Rebels' Killed US Soldiers In Iraq

NWO Bombs Tripoli 3rd Night, Kills More Civilians - Vid

UN Postpones Vote Praising Qaddafi's Human Rights Record

Putin Likens The Libyan War To The Crusades - Vid

Libyan Dentist Nails The Lies Of The Rebels, NWO Killers - Vid


West Fails To Kill Gaddafi - Tripoli Enraged - Vid

After Hit, Butcher UK Says Gadaffi 'Could Be Targeted'

Gadaffi Compound Building Destroy By West Missiles

Rothschild NWO Nuclear Attacks On Sovereign Libya Continue

NWO DU Nuclear War On Libyan Nation Continues - Vid

China Intensifies Condemnation Of War On Libya

Cruise Missile Try To Murder Gaddafi - Compound Hit Hard

Anti-War MP - Libya Is Now A War On Culture - Vid

Rothschild Globalist Killers Pour DU On Libyans In Nuclear War

US, Brit, French Terror Attacks On Libya Continue - Vid

Arab League Condemns Bombing Massacre In Libya - Vid

African Union Wants Halt on Libyan Attacks


More Lies About Libya

Gadaffi - Nations Bombing Libya Are Terrorists (correct) - Vid

NWO Slaughters Libyan MIlitary Column On Ground - Vid

Michael Moore Blasts Killer Obama Over Libya

Gadaffi Calls Globalist Onslaught 'Colonial Aggression' - Vid

NWO War On Libya Uses Key Illuminati Word 'DAWN'

Why Can't We Just Stay Out Of Libya?

Illegal NWO War, Killings To Take Libyan Oil Continue - Vid

NWO DU Ritual War On LIbya - Minerva & Purim


Benghazi Rebel Stonghold HIt by Artillery, Rocket Fire - Vid

NWO War On Libya In Full Swing - Vid

Obama's Bay of Pigs in Libya: Imperialis

US Military Begins Newest War - Attacks Nation Of Libya

US Fires Over 114 Missiles At Libya - Vid

Ron Paul - US War On Libya Totally UnConstitutional - Vid

Globalist Jets Slaughter Libyan Army Tanks, Crews

Zionist Sarko Sends Killer Jets Onto Libyan Soldiers

Rebel-Flown Jet Downed - NWO Prepares Ground Attacks On Libya

NWO Jets Now Flying Over Libya Pressing 'No-Fly' Zone

Rebels Claim To Have Repulsed Attack On Benghazi

Gaddafi Ignores Globalist Thieves, Moves On Benghazi


Fighter Jet Comes Down Over Benghazi - Vid?

Tanks From Both Sides Approach Each Other In Benghazi - Vid

Gaddafi Loyalists 'United And Will Fight For This Land'

Washington's UN War Resolution On Libya

Zionist Empire Strikes Back At 'Mad Dog' Gaddafi 

Fisk - First There Was Saddam,Then Gaddafi. Vacancy For New 'Hitler'

Explosions Heard In Benghazi

Afghan Civilian Killer Obama Warns Gaddafi Not To Harm Civilians

Criminal West Orders Gaddafi Give Towns BACK TO REBELS Or Be Bombed!

Marxist Communist Obama Says He Supports War On Libya

Libyan Crisis As It Unfolded Friday March 18

Libya Declares Immediate Ceasefire

Gaddafi If Libya Is Attacked

Brit, France, US Prep For War On Libya (to steal oil)


Germany Refuses To Attack Libya

Libya Closes Airspace After UN No-Fly Vote

Bahrain Police Round Up 'Protest' Leaders

Footage Show Strength Of Bahrain Crackdown - Vid

Libyan Rebels Face Final Defeat

UN OKs Nuclear War (DU Weapons) On Libya - Vid

UN Votes To Help Steal Libyan Oil - OKs No-Fly Zone

US Wants UN To OK Libya Air Strikes (War)

Cameron Frustrated With Obama Refusal To Act

UN Security Council To Vote On No-Fly Zone

Libyan Military Moves Further East - Vid

Gaddafi Winning So Obama To Bomb Libyan Army

Libyan Army Issues Ultimatum To Benghazi

Libyan Military Expects To Take Benghazi In 48 Hrs


Libyan Army Pounds Misrata - Vid

Benghazi Surrounded By Libyan Army - Vid

Benghazi Rebels Claim 'World Has Failed Us'

Fighting Breaks Out In Benghazi - Vid

Libyan Army Assaults Rebels In Ajdabiya

Gaddafi Denounces Rebels

Qaddafi Retaking Libya From NWO Rebels

Kaddafi Tells Rebels - Surrender Or Run

Libyan Rebels Urge West To Murder Gaddafi


Libyan Army Drives Further East - Vid

G8 Leaders Abandon Libya No Fly Zone Ideas

Rebel Prepare For Last Stand In Benghazi

Rebels Under Heavy Attack

UK Pushing For War On Libya

Gaddafi Army Routs Rebels In Eastern Libya

Libyan Jets Hit Tobruk Ammo Dump - Fighting Rages In East

Rebels Allegedly Recapture Brega

Libyan Army Vows To Crush Rebels

Brega Falls As Ragtag Rebels Flee Toward Benghazi - Vid

Libyan Tanks Roll East - Retreating Rebels Fear Revenge

Libyan Military Routs Rebels, Moves Further East - Vid

Libya's Military Retakes Towns From Rebels - Vid

British Speciall Forces Bungling In Libya


Gadaffi Forces Gain - US Considers War Via 'No Fly' Zone

Libyan Forces Begin To Liberate Misrata From Rebels

Rebels Mass Retreat From Ras Lanuf, Brega - Vid

Intense Fighting In East Of Libya

Libyan Army Completely Controls Zawiya

Libya Rebels Face Government Onslaught - Vid

Gadaffi's Military Pushes Rebels Eastward

Libyan Forces Victory In Ras Lanuf - Vid

NATO Vetoes No-Fly Zone Without Resolution

Little Zionist Sarko To Ask War On Libya With Air Attacks

Kaddafi May Reveal Big 'Secret' About Little Sarko

Libyan Government In Firm Control Of Zawiya - Vid


UN Diplomats Talk Libya Moves - Rebels Losing - Vid

France's Little Sarko Formally Recognizes Rebels In Libya

'Aid' Ship Unloads Unknown Cargo In Benghazi - Vid

Ras Lanuf, Brega Under New Govt Assault - Vid

Libyan Military Have Rebels In Retreat

Rebels Being Pushed Back More And More

Rebels With RPGs Fire At Gaddafi's Artillery

Ourgunned Rebels Fight Heavy Weapons

Russia - Outside (US, FR, UK) Meddling In Libya 'Unacceptable'

Arming Rebel Groups Could Backfire On The West

Why The US Must Not Intervene In Libya

Britain Should Think 'Long And Hard' Over Military Action

UK Threatens Gaddafi After BBC Team Beaten

UK Pushes EU To Demand That Gaddafi Quit

Squatters Take Over Saif Gaddafi's London Home

Pack Journalism Promotes War On Libya


Gaddafi Forces Claim Control Over Zawiya - Vid

Battle Rages For Zawiya

New Images From Ras Lanuf Fighting - Vid

Outgunned Rebels Continue To Fight In Ras Lanuf - Vid

'No-Fly Zone' Is A Euphemism For WAR

UN Paves Way For No-Fly Zone 

Britain Not Enough Planes To Do No-Fly Duty

Brit (Rothschilds/Banksters) Plan To Steal Gaddafi Oil Revenue

Libya Military Closing Grip On Zawiyah

Gaddafi In Defiant Speech (Correctly) Blaming Outsiders - Vid

Libyan Military In Fierce Attack On Zawiyah - Vid

Rebels Deny Talks With Gaddafi - Vid

US Sees Stalemate In Libya - Vid

Libyan Govt In Fierce Fighting With Rebels - Vid

Pro-Gaddafi Forces Launch Major Attacks

Bankers Fund Rebels To Steal Gaddafi Wealth, Libya's Trillions

Why Gaddafi Could Survive Like Saddam In 1991

Libya Calls For Rebel Atrocities Inquiry


NATO Weighs (Illegal) Libya No-Fly Options

China Cool To No Fly Zone Proposal

Libya Military Claims Victories - Vid

Gen Petraus Jokes With Gates About Attacking Libya

US Asks Saudis To Supply Libyan Rebels With Weapons

Libya - Obama Says US Considering 'Military Options' 

Obama Raises Pressure On Gaddafi

Libya - Britain, France At Center Of No-Fly Zone Move

Libya - MI6 Officer Seized Had Signed Letter By Cameron

2 More UK Universities Linked To Libya Regime

Libya Denies Gaddafi Seeking Deal To Leave - Vid

Libya Civil War Might Destabilize Africa

Russia Says NO To Any Military Intervention In Libya

Libyan Government Forces Hit Back At Rebels

US-NATO Attempted Coup d'Etat In Libya?

A Hotel Wake Up Call In Libya's Ras Lanuf


NATO Starts 24/7 Surveillance Flights Over Libya

Revolt About To Become Full Civil War - Vid 

Welcome To The Libyan Front

Pro Gaddafi Forces Fighting On Both Sides Of Tripoli - Vid

Rebels Losing Ground To Libyan Military

Updates From Libyan Cities - Pics

Conflicting Reports - Libyan Govt Holds West, Rebels East

America's Secret Plan To Arm Libya's Rebels

Heavy Losses For Chinese Companies In Libya

UK Counts Cost Of Botched SAS Mission

Berlusconi 'Sent Escorts To Gaddafi Opponent'

Is Gaddafi An Oil Robber Baron?


Libyan Government Intensifies War Against Rebels

Israel Sending 50,000 African Mercenaries To Help Gaddafi

Libya's Armed Forces Fighting Battles With Rebels - Vid

Rebels Westward Push Stalled By Libya Forces

Rebels Halt Gaddafi Forces At Misrata

Both Sides Making Claims For Same Cities 

Brit Soldiers Released By Rebels

US Gas Prices Jump 33 Cents In 2 Weeks

Gaddafi's People Support Holds - Revolt Stalls

Gaddafi Says Libya Is Fighting Terrorism

Libya Government Forces Push Rebels Back

Gadhafi Supporters Mass In Tripoli Streets - Vid

Libyan Troops Said Recaptured Zawiya - Gunfire In Tripoli

Gaddafi's Son - 'We Will Not Step Down' - Vid

Disorganized Libya Rebels Push West

Gadaffi's Forces Encircle Zawiya, Tighten Grip

Fighting Fierce In Zawiya - Many Casualties


Heavy Fighting As Gaddafi Moves To Retake Rebel Towns

Govt Forces Pull Back From Zawiya City Center

Rebels Repel Govt Military In Central Zawiya City

Gadaffi's Unknown, Huge, Magnificent Water Project

British Say Army Ready To Invade Libya

Libyan Rebels Being Coached By UK Military

Britain To Send MI6 Spies, SAS To Kill Gaddafi

Gadaffi Forces Break Rebel Lines - Enter Zawiya - Vid

Rebels Advance On Oil Hub In Libya Civil War

Libya Forces Attack West, Rebel Push In East - Pics

Libyan (Freedom-Loving) Rebels Accused Of Targeting Blacks

Is Libya Part Of A Globalist Strategy?

Rebels Locked In Fierce Fighting With Gaddafi Forces

Libya Fighting Leaves Many Dead - Vid

Gaddafi Forces Seek To Widen Control

Libya - Globalists Have Zero Legitimacy

Libya's Chemical Weapon Stockpile- Weapons of Mass Distraction?

Gadaffi's Tight Grip On Tripoli Holds Firm

Fighting Rages In Libya's East

FKN News - No Lie Zone For Libya? - Vid

Small Clashes Reported In Tripoli

Six Reasons Not To Intervene In Libya

Obama Declares Gadhafi Must Leave Now

The ICC Is After Gaddafi ­ A Man Who Isn't Black

LSE Head Quits Over Gaddafi Scandal

Gaddafi's Forces, Rebels Fight For Oil Facilities

Fear Stalks Tripoli - Gaddafi Hangs Tough

Egyptian Special Forces Secretly Pour Into Libya 

Russia, China, France Oppose Military Action Vs Gaddafi

14 'Justifications' For US Invading Libya

US Aircraft Fly Egyptians Home From Libya

US Readying Military Invasion Of Libya

Obama Says Gadaffi Must Go (Obama Must Go...)

Libya Lurches Toward Civil War

Gaddafo Said To Favor Chavez Offer Of Help

Gadaffi Forces Control Zawiya Refinery

Gaddafi Offensive Vs Libya Rebel Held Towns Grows

US Navy Planning What Against Gaddafi?

Despite Every Effort To Evict Him, Gaddafi Still Holds On

Gaddafi's Forces Capture Dutch Marines 

More Talk About A No-Fly Zone In Libya

Arab States Warn Against Foreign Intervention In Libya

International Criminal Court To Investigate Libyan Violence

Libya - Hugo Chavez Peace Plan Under Consideration

Fisk - The History Beneath The Gaddafi Rebellion

Mandelson Should Be Probed Over Alleged Gaddafi Links

David Cameron's Secret Talks With Blair On Libya 

Roots Of The Arab Revolts And Premature Celebrations  


The Bold Imperial Plunder Of Libya 

Libya Rebels Celebrate 'Victory' In Small Town

Gaddafi Loyalists Denounce Rebels

Gaddafi Warns West Of Bloodbath Over Oil Control

US Considers Military Intervention In Libya

Muslim Brotherhood A Tool Of MI6 And CIA

Change Is The Order Of The Day

Gadhafi Refuses To Buckle - Launches Offensive In East

Russia Warns Against US, West Intervention In Libya

Libya Spiraling Toward Civil War

Panic On Borders As Chaos Engulfs Libya

SAS Ready To Seize Gaddafi's Mustard Gas

Gadhafi Military Fights In Eastern Libya - Results Unclear

540 College Students Said Abducted In Libya

Kadaffi Loyalists Move East, Take Town

US Sending Marines, Naval Units For 'Humanitarian' Aid In Libya

Keep US Imperialist Hands Off Libya


Kadhafi Fails To Break Rebel Siege

Wall St Drops On Oil Fears

Chavez - US Wants To Invade Libya

Gaddafi Bid To Retake Nearby City Fails

Reports - US, Brit, French Military Already In Libya - Vid

Russia's FM Knocks Down No Fly Zone For Libya

US Warns Of Libya Civil War

US Naval, Air Forces Near Libya

War Lover Obama - Gaddafi 'Delusional', Unfit To Lead 

Body Bag Fate Of Mutinous Soldiers In Libya

Blair Agreed To Train Gaddafi's Special Forces

Revealed - How Tony Blair Armed Gaddafi

US Treasury Blocks $30b Of Libya Assets

Misery At Border As Gaddafi's Guests Flee

Col Gaddafi's Billionaire ChildrenGadhafi Secure In Tripoli...For The Moment

Gadhafi Fights Back Against Disorganized Rebels

US Moves Military Nearer Libya, Helps Rebels

West Ready To Use Military Strikes Against Gadhafi - Reports

Libyan AF Jet Bombs Base Held By Protesters - Vid

Libya Protesters Spurn Offers Of Foreign Help

African Mercenaries 'Immune From War Crimes'

Gaddafi's Diplomatic Immunity Revoked By Britain

Britain Freezes Gaddafi Family Assets 

Libya Govt Uses Western Arms  On Rebels


Rebels Gain Firepower In Nearest City To Tripoli

Pro Gadhafi Forces Patrol Tripoli

Gadhafi Forces Abandon Some Tripoli Areas

Rebel Forces Close To Tripoli

Defections Reported In Town 35 Miles From Tripoli

Secret UK £10 billion Talks Qith Libya

Blair's Secret Calls To Gaddafi Revealed

UK Arms Companies Visited Tripoli 3 Months Ago

No Signs Of Gaddafi's Rule Left In Remote Strongholds

Special Forces Swoop On Libya, Extract Brits

Gaddafi's Son Said 'Hiding On Venezuelan Island


Globalist UN Hits Libya With Sanctions

US Orders Gadaffi To Leave

Battle For Tripoli Continues - Vid

Libyan Opposition Picks A 'Leader'

Livergood - Fake Revolutions

Deek - Grotesque Hypocrisy Sweeps Middle East - Vid

Gas Jumps 17 Cents In One Week

Gaddafi's Son Takes Prominent Role

Libyan Protesters Ask For More Grief In Tripoli

Gaddafi Threatens Protesters Again 

SAS Ready To Save Brit Oil Workers In Libyan Desert

The Destiny Of This Pageant Is In The Kingdom Of Oil

UK Tells Gaddafi Loyalists Defect Or Face War Crimes

A Crazy Prophet

Libyan Protesters Ask For More Grief In Tripoli

Pressure Mounts On Defiant Gadhafi

Dr. Hesham Tillawi Explains The Arab Revolutions - Vid


Gadhafi Forces Quell Tripoli Protests

Kadhafi Crackdown Escalating

Heavy Fighting Reported In Tripoli - Ferry Departs

Izzadeen - Replace Gaddafi & Forget Democracy - Vid

Protestors Come Out Across Libya - Deaths Reported - Vid

US Gasoline Rises 6 Cents Overnight

Heavy Fighting Reported In Tripoli - Ferry Departs

Protestors Come Out Across Libya - Deaths Reported - Vid

US Gasoline Rises 6 Cents Overnight

iPad Imperialists Who Want To Invade Libya

Gadhafi's Son Asks Pal Blair For Help Against 'Enemies'

Swiss Government Freezes Gadhafi's Assets

Gadhafi's Billions To Be Seized By Britain

Demonstrations Against Gaddafi To Meet Hail Of Bullets

Mercenaries Gather In Tripoli For Final Battle


Gadhafi Warns Libyans Of Chaos If Protests Don't Stop

Gadhafi's Forces Move Back Into Zawiya City, Many Dead

Gadhafi Shot? Unconfirmed Report

Gadhafi Stikes Back As Civil War Grows

Gadhafi Blames Unrest On al-Qaeda

Oil Hits $103 Then Backs Off Some

Tripoli - A City In The Shadow Of Death 

Libya - Foreign Mercenaries Terrorizing Citizens

Britain Borrows BP Jet To Evacuate Citizens

Malta Denies Plane - Reports Gadhafi Daughter Aboard 

Gadhafi Tightens Grip On Tripoli - Anarchy Moves West

Foreign Nationals Begin Major Evacuation From Libya

Reports - Libyan Crew Bails Rather Than Bomb Oil Fields - Vid

Gadhafi Loses More East Libya Cities

Obama's Strange Silence On Libya

Lack Of Unified Opposition Helps Gadhafi

Gaddafis' Hidden Billions - Dubai Banks, Plush London Pads

UN Ambassadors Clash Over Condemnation Of Gaddafi

Supporters Mass To Back Gadhafi - Vid

Gadhafi's Personality Drives His Four Decade Reign

1,000 May Have Died In Libya To Date - Report

Cameron Vows To Rescue Stranded Brits In Libya


Gadhafi Vows Fight To Death, Oil Ports Close - Vid

Gadhafi Speaks To Nation, Warns Protesters To Stop - Vid

Gadhafi Heir Friend Of Andrew, Mandelson, The Rothschilds

Libya Turmoil Pushes Oil Up, Stocks Down

UK Plan To Fly Brits Out Of Libya

Key Libyan Diplomats Disown Gadhafi's Regime

UN Security Council To Meet Over Gaddafi Crackdown

'Now We've Seen The Blood Our Fears Have Gone'

UK Firm Defends Libya Military Sales

Cruel, Vainglorious, Steeped In Blood, On His Way Out?

2 Libyan Pilots Fly Jet Fighters To Malta For Asylum

Militia Said Shooting At Protesters In Libya Capital

Libya Crisis Pushes OIl Higher

Libya Protesters Claim Control 2nd Largest City

Libyan Protests Move Closer To Tripoli

US Accuses Britain Of Legitimizing Gaddafi 

US Considering 'All Appropriate Actions' In Libya

UK Sold £200m Crowd Control Equipment To Libya

When Tyrants Want Tear Gas, UK Happy To Oblige

Libya - Protests Gather Pace - Gaddafi Son Vows Fight To End

Libyan Protesters Ransack State TV HQ, Burn Govt Bldg

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