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Ted Lang

Comrades Against Arms

Breaking Point

The Cheesy, Sleazy NY Times & The Madman

Thank You, Mr. Nader!

The Evil That Parties Do

Bush Lights Fuse On Another Constitutional Principle

Individual And State

America ­ DOA!

NY Times Arrogance - Downing Street No. 2

Consider Their Actions Afterwards

Red Tide A-Risin'

The Establishment's Voting Machines

Ron Paul, Our Last Hope, Won't Be Allowed To Win

The Establishment

Couric B. S. ­ Mushroom News

Impeachment Will Trump Executive Privilege

Israel, Cheney & Bush - What Did They Know and When

America In Crisis - Increasing Police Violence

 Impeach Cheney, Bush And Pelosi
 A Growing Threat ­ Police Vs The People
 Establishment Vs Grass Roots America 
 Quick Brown Fox ­ Lazy Yellow Dog
 Congress ­ Illegitimate And Off The Table 
 Scheming Skull
 Why Senator Stevens Needs Internet Censorship
 Dear Congressman Conyers
 Immediate Impeachment ­  The Only Way Out & Back!
The Cheney Affair
 Most Corrupt State Strikes Out First!
 Gore's Globaloney
 We Have The Power
 Cheney-Bush Planning For New 911 
 Madam Of The House
 I Don't Want No Satisfaction!
 Backpeeling The Government Onion 
 Media Treatment Of Paul Is Criminal
 Rigged Debates And Jailed Reporters
 The New Numbers Racket
Whitman's BAD ­ Bonds, Ash, Dust
 Truth Defectors
 The FDA's 911?
 The Red Hand Of Deception
 Made In China - Poison For US!
 Basic Articles Of Impeachment
 The Bad Shepherd
 Let US Think About Them
 Another Multiple Motive Massacre?
 Arrogance Unbelted!
 Media's Attention Deficit Syndrome
 Newspaper Mentality
 Propaganda Lost?
 Gender Equality Debunked
 AIPAC vs America
 Bush Obstructs Justice
 Generals And Patriots
 Madame Senator, You Are No Jack Kennedy!
 Criminal State Exposed
 Criminal State
Acid Test For Congress ­ New WTC Evidence
 Power Of The People
 America Needs Pain
 Ron Paul - America's Last Chance
 'The Root Cause'
 Form Of Government
 The Zionist Agenda ­ Part I
 The Zionist Agenda ­ Part II
 Basic Rules Of Victory
 Foxman And The ADL Must be Stopped!
 Three Questions & Two Walls
  And Now America, The President Of
 Combating The Zionist Network ­ Part 1
 Combating The Zionist Network ­ Part 2
 The Zionist Network
  Arguments For A 911 Inquiry
  Fool Me Again? No Thanks!
 The Bush Crime Wave
 Reason Vs Treason
 America - A Failed Republic
 Beginnings - Thanks Alex And C-Span
 The Zionist Character Assassination Of Mel Gibson
 Impeach Bush And Congress
 A Nation Without Sovereignty
 The Truth, The Bad, And The Ugly
 The Way
A Conspiracy Most Foul
 Highway To Hell
A President For All Seasons
Land Of The Free - Home Of The Depraved
Waiting For The Midnight Hour
Congress - Stop The Bush/Cheney Iran Attack!
Bush And Cheney Must Be Impeached
Gun Control In The NJ Garden Of Evildoers
Main Stream Media Dirty Tricks

Israel Rules America!  

'Israel Controls US Govt, Pentagon, Foreign Policy & Media' 

Charlie Sheen - A True American Patriot 

 911 ­ One Simple Question 

A Republican For Gore
The Nazi Bush Regime
The Nazi Destruction Of America
Media Competition - Ensuring Freedom
Why Must Congress Nazify America?
Police State New Jersey
Hey IRS ­ What About AIPAC?
Police State New Jersey
There Was A Time
Public Enemy No. 1 ­ The Media!
The American Resistance
Spikes Of The American Resistance
New Jersey - Zeen's The Scene
Impeach The GOP!
A Noble Cause
The Emperor's Tailor
Bush Peddling
America's Truth Defector Holds Court!
A Veto For Bush
Three Remaining Events
A Healthy Hatred For Government
America's Greatest Natural Disaster: Bush!
The Alcoholic In The White House
The Nazi Bush Regime
Our Nazi Media
The O'Reilly Tractor
Jumbo Liar, Crawfish Die, Georgie Dumbo
The Bush Administration Is Dead
Ashamed To Be An American
Blame Game Double Standard
The Trashmen
Unstable Stable
The Bush Gang - Get The Internet!
Jew Against Jew
Israel - The Source Of Atrocities
The Bush "S" List
Guns & Badges
An Elephant's Bad Memories
Smoke From The Rove Stove
Something Did!
A New Declaration Of Independence
Connecting The Dots - Where Did America Go?
Butler - No Bush Manservant
Despicable Deception - DOD Body Count Fraud
The Day Of Record - For The Rag Of Record
The Mehlman Spins Twice
If Bush Can Do It, So Can We!
Crimes Of The Times - Fiction And Suppression 
Prosecution Versus Prevention - 'Logic' Of Patriot Act
The Downing Street Memo - Time On Their Side 
Bentagon Vs Newsweak - What's The Beef? 
The National Guard Is Not The Militia - Armed Citizens Are!
Bush Angles and Tangles - Acute And Obtuse
The Weehawken Five - The Weakest Link Is Now Strongest
America Can Be Saved - Bush Must Be Impeached
Major 911 Curiosity Completely Ignored By The Media
An Act Of War! - 911
Swish! - Horrific Media Spikes
US Media Preps Americans For Attack On Iran

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