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Living Under The Midnight Sun

From The Shadows

Misdirected Rage

Week 3 Of The Police State

Impossibility Of Full-Spectrum Dominance

TERROR..The Fear Of Fear Itself

Our Past Is The Future


2012's Freedom From Responsibility


2012 Mirrors 1099 AD

America Held Hostage!

Beyond Apathy

Listening With The Mind's Eye

One, Two, Three Just Like Clockwork

Have We Failed?

Projections & Perspectives



Is Israel Attacking America?

When REASON Sleeps

The American Wall

We've Only Just Begun


What Is 'Security'?


Physical Impossibility Versus Reality


The Crucible Of Freedom

The Many Faces Of Torture

Waiting For The Other Boot To Fall


The Language Of Defiance

More Than The Chessboard 


Overlooking The Obvious


How Did We Become A Battlefield?

Ending The USA


Three Very Disappointing Women

 No One Is Immortal


Thought Crime Trials Are Coming

Dreaming The Impossible Dream

The Story That Was Never Told!


The Illusion Of Freedom

The Zionist State Of Amerika

Finding A Code To Live By

Ignoring The Obvious!

What Is Here & Where Is There

The Lingering Stench Of Fascism

When Conversations Are Terminated

The STRIKE That Wasn't


Cashing-In Our Checks Today


'The Now'


Orgies Of Empire

Coming Together Now!

What About The Children?


Response To Henry Makow's 'The Banker Explained 'Occupy America' Scam'

Free The 99%

Multi-Dimensional Games

Robbery In Progress!

The Greatest Heist Of This Century


The Bloated Blue Line

Freedom's Not Just Another Word!



Clean The Slate!

Think For Yourself

A Nation of "Oakies"

Overlapping Parallax Views 

When Les Is MORE...As In Visible

Owning Is One Thing ...Using Us Is Another

Overdue Clarifications!

San Francisco Shows Us How!


Scratch San Francisco From 'OCCUPY'


Where There Is A Will, There's A Way!

Beyond The Masks

The STRIKE Against Us

Confrontation And Choices

Question Everything Again!

Governmental Additions To Global Criminality

Seeking & Thinking


Remember, Remember The 5th Of November

Reversing  FRAUD And The National Debt

Excess Baggage And Those Who Determine That!


End Double-Speak DUMP The DEBT

Just Another Sunday In Amerika

The Unwanted Facts! 

The Anatomy Of Silence

Silencing The Children


Death Of The Cash Economy

LIFE Is A Moving Target

Slogans Are No Substitute For Reality

We Are All Targets Now



The Story That Will Not Die!

'Somethin BIG Is Comin'! 

The World's Largest Slave Auction

The Deepest Secrets

Nothing Is Real

That Promised Future is Here

What And Why In Libya

How Bad Will It Get?

ATTENTION - The Latest Hurricane ALERT

Hey! Come Out From Under The Rock

ZATO's New Temple Of Babel

Against The Barbarioc Crimes Of Israel - Vid


Rise Against The Barbaric Crimes Of Israel

'Something Wicked this Way Comes'

Ending Amerikan Politics


First We End The Slaughter

Children Of Children

Things To Know About BART

Background For Anonymous Demonstration On Monday

Anonymous Comes To San Francisco

Fascist BART Cuts Cell Phone Service Under City

Naming Names



In The Shadows Of Discontent

Global Austerity Is Obscenity Incarnate

Corporate Immortality?

Do Something!

Text For Economic Collapse A Mathematical Certainty

20 Cents - The New Minimum Wage

The Treason In This Dictatorship

Dancing On The Edge Of Oblivion - Vid


Some Facts Not In Evidence

America's Free Fire Zones

On The Eve Of Destruction

Boehner 'Wants To Hurt Some People'


Living With Insanity

Qualifications Are Required

Localizing The License To Kill!

We Must Risk Everything

The Money Changers Last Hurrah

Rage And Outrage Are Waiting - Vid

Rage & Outrage Are Waiting

Survival Alone Is Not Life

Obsessions & Obligations

235 Years And We Just Can't Make It Anymore!


Ackerman Is An Illiterate Ass!

World War 3 Written On The Wind

When We Went To War!

The Society That Fails to Act

Prosecuting The Public

Even Mirrors Lie!

When Everything Is Family

Electromagnetic Pulse Waves

Let's Be Clear


Anger & Fear

Evil Is Unrelenting


The Enemies Within!

Fortress America

Dreaming The Forbidden Dreams

The Oval Office

The US War Department


America's Death Squads

Grandeur And The Life It Represents

The Answers Are Written On The Wind

Who Is Leading Us To Where 

What Have We Become

Freedom's Flame is Flickering


Tracking The Dreamslayers

All Lies Are Not Equal

Ending Political Lives

America Is Dying Of Paranoia


Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave

If Only!

Prove It!

When The Smoke Clears... CELEBRATE!

Demystifying The Collapse Of American Society


Playing The HAARP Aard And Other Fallacies

Reaping The Whirlwind!

Staying Alive!

The Method Of Their Madness

Arrogance And Nuclear Power

Shadow Aspects Of This Society

Frequencies Rule!

Celebrating Earth Day

The Year Of The Vultures

Meltdown - Trickling Down On The Global Population

Lies And The Global Cult Of Silence

Paying The Price Of Business As Usual


If You Have Nothing To Hide Then You Have Nothing To Fear

Our Silent Executioner

Creating & Perpetuating Traitors

The Time Has Come

The Economy & The USA Are Burning!

Ending The Nazis & The Federal Reserve


Deconstructing Congress


Second Thoughts On Shutdown

The Good News - Part 2

'Of The Few, By The Fewest' - Part 1

Obama Is Running For President Of WHAT?

Cheney - Our Globally-Immortal War Criminal 

The Shadows Behind Our Secret Governments

Living Without Laws

Genocide Comes Back To America

The Narrative Continues

Shadows Of Sabotage

The 2002 Bush Doctrine Triumphant!

RISK & the Covert War of LIES

Postcards From The Edge


Cooperation Vs Competition

Continuing A Narrative

Coming To America?

Science And The Art Of Life

Letter To Jim Kirwan

Rights & Responsibilities

We Can't Rewrite History, But...!

Fear Of The FEAR

Designing The End Of Humanity

US Declares War On Democracy!

Kingdom Of The Khazars

United States Incorporated

Resurrecting Barriers Between Church & State



Israeli Origins & the Deadly Consequences

War 'To-Go' 

Truth In The Aftermath

The Astrolabe In The Hourglass

Our Shadow War On Shadow Enemies

Trusting The USS Titanic

People Without Dreams

Take It Back, Take It All Back!

Having It Both Ways?

When Love Is Hate, Then War Is Peace


Free Enterprise The Basis For Western Democracy 

Americans Are Prisoners Of War

Reaping What We've Sown

Kiss Egypt Good Bye? Not Yet!

Destroying The Liars And The Lies

Lust, Greed & Indifference Equals Chaos Theory

Demonizing Human Rights

Flight Of The Phoenix

Phase III - Hypocrisy Implodes Worldwide

The War On Women Revisited

Sub-Humans And Their Apologists


Egypt - Phase II

The Pretext For Terrorism Is Under Attack

Decades Of Desecration Cannot Be Denied!

Patterns of Perversity

Egyptian Uprising On Trial

Freedom And Democracy Now

The 3,000 Dead Will They Speak For Egypt?

Hunger Revolutions & Activism

At Last! Another First In History


The Struggle To Breathe Free

Phase II - Egypt Awakens, Strikes Begin

'5' Is the Magic Number

See Something, Say Something!

Arrogance & Condescension

Egypt - Wrestling With 'The Dream Of Reason'

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Between The Cracks!

The Future

The Superbowl Of The Middle-East

Janus Incarnate

Betrayal - The Stench In The Air Over Cairo

Behind The Sun

Life In The Shadows

Israel Actually Does Not Yet Exist!

Yeaning To Breathe Free

Ending The New World Order

The Truth Of The Matter

The Running Of Beasts

A Ticket To Hell

Death By Design From Above


Making Gods Out Of Monsters

If Poverty Is Virtuous Then Profits Are Obscene

'Kill The Boss Good-Bye'

DHS And The Rebels

Memories ~ Regrets

Blood Sweat & Tears

Backup Comm System 'Miraculously' On & Ready On 9-11

New Handheld Weapon Causes Blindness 1.5 Miles Away

Third Attempt To Force Implementation Of Real ID

'Fear Itself'

'The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is FEAR Itself'


Tenacity - The Forgotten Power

Everything Is Personal & Always Has Been!

San Francisco The Death Of Civic Center

Surviving The New World Nightmare

Pragmatisms' Folly

Privatizing The Public!

'Is The Constitution Irrelevant?'

When To Fold & When To Fight

The Stranglehold On San Francisco

Ending 43 Years Of Surrender To Israel

Cheney, Bush, Obama - Zionista Bitches

Do Everyone, Or No One, TSA

Invisible Truths

Who Are They Really?


Ending Freedom On The Internet

Ottawa Ought To Be Outlawed As A Destination City 

This Must Be Said, Repeatedly!

Where Everything Begins

 Forget Politics

Bipartisanship The Key To Self-Destruction

Have You Had Enough Yet


Snitch City Incorporated

Watching & Waiting Are Never Enough

Who's Country Is This Anyway!

Uniting Right Hand Of Facism With Left Of Darkness

A New Declaration Of Independence From Israel


What Goes Around Comes Around

Using Leaks To Rearrange The World

 The Thought Police State, 2010

Who Decides What Is Valuable & What Is Not

USI's War Is Over - WE LOST

Wikileaks, Defining The Moment?

Where Have All the Critical Thinkers Gone?

Overwhelming Force A Transparent Mirage

Failing To Protect US-INC From the Public

A Short, Short Story

Killing The World One Nation At A Time

When War Is Peace

We've Been Had!

Visit Jim Kirwan's Amazing Art Gallery

TSA - ZERO 'Terrorists' Caught, Fourth Amendment Shredded

'What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate!'

Surpassing Orwell's 1984 In 2010!

TSA, A Major Threat to Public Health?

Myths Of Power V Reality - Pt 1

Myths Of Power V Reality - Pt 2

Israel Is The Tail That Is Wagging The World 

The World's Largest Crime Scene

Mr. Skull & Bones

America's Super-Secret War Criminal

Licensing Assassins

It's Not Just About Flying! 

TSA Expands Into VIPER

Who Is Responsible For TSA?

Response To Cantor's Pledge Of Allegiance To Israel

The Non-Existent Contract

The Backlash Begins

TSA - Easy As One, Two, Three!

Footprints In The Sands Of Time

Veteran's Day In The Depression


Ghosts Of The Global War

Three Monkeys & The Haitian Epidemic

Patterns In The Mists Of History

Real Changes We Must Now Pay For

The Ultimate Irony

The War Upon Ourselves

The Fifth Dimension

A Stranglehold On SF City Hall

The Complaint Department

Pelosi Is To Blame For Screwing 58 Million of Us

Congress Screws 58 Million Americans

Pelosi On The Homeless & Foreclosed

'Yesterday Was A Lie'

Ideas Cannot Be Killed With Weapons


TREASON In The Face Of The Enemy

Terror, Terror, Terror... Where's The Proof?

The Forgotten Victims And Their Executioners

Compromise At The Core

Living In The Moment

The Night of the Living Dead

Promises & Pipedreams

Seeing What Cannot Be Spoken

Broken Promises Create Broken Lives 

Yada, Yada, Yada!

Six Days That Changed Everything!

Correcting The History By Opening the Records

The Great Lie

Turning Dreams Into Nightmares

BP ­ Beyond Prosecution?

Immunity & Sabotage

Deepwater Horizon...Capturing The Planet!

Declaring War On The Universe?

The Criminal-Legend Of Jimmie & William

'Word Magic' - Part Two

'Word Magic'

The SUPREME Delusion

Detroit & Depression

The Forgotten History & The Progression Of Lies

'When Silence Becomes Betrayal'


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Empire 

The Zionist Face Of American Government

16,500 More IRS Agents To Enforce Obamacare

Bottom Line - 'Surrender Or Else!'

Reject The Census

Asymmetric War Comes To America

Privatizing The Census

Haiti & the Four Stooges

An Ancient Labyrinth of Lies

Bits & Pieces - Pt 1

Treason And The Double Standard

'We Have Been Here Before'


In The Absence Of Sanity

Death In The Shadows

Executing the Office

The Holidays & All That Jazz

Star-Crossed, Unfinished Savage State Of Israel

Payback - As A Thought Form

When Does Tyranny Become Treason?

'Protection' - The Great American Racket

Cutting A Deal With Nature



Going Back To The Future

Happy Anniversary Amerika!

Money & The Global Stage

What Did You Know & When Did You Know It?

Cops 'R' The Greatest Threat

Perfecting The Trifecta

Judges, Juries & Executioners

Challenging The Lies

Slavery Transformed America

Fighting Ghosts & Shadow Governments

Americas' Freedoms Contradicted

American Enslavement

Government Is This Public's Enemy!


Welcome To The Masquerade

Passion & Denial

Welcome To The Masquerade

Passion & Denial

44,000 Americans Die!

Constructing The Omissions & Lies

Back To Freedom?

We Have Always Known The Answers

Thought Crime Is Death

The Tower Of Babel, Revisited

History & The Rear-View Mirror

How Quickly We Forget

Government Riots Against The Public




Searching The Shadows



The Answers Are Blowin' In The Wind

The Darker Side of Deception

The Invisble Unifying Factor

One, Two, Three

The Burning Flag Of All Nations

Killing The Nightmare

History Is Repeating Itself

34 Million People Have Been Harvested

300 Million Without A Country

Calling A National General Strike

Act 3 - The Imperfect Storm

Risk And Stability


Falling In Love

'Moral Authority' Is Dead!

Reality And The Takeover

Challenging The Inevitability Of The Apocalypse

Reality And The Takeover

Our Extraordinary Dream Killer

The Pentagon Papers ­ Revisited

Loyalties & Consequences

State Of The Union 2009

The National ID Bracelet

Legacy Of The Bush Brigades

'We Shall Remain' From American Experience


Where is the Rage

Just Knowing Is Not Enough

Voices That Cannot Be Silenced

What's Going On?

'Obamanomics' The Inelegant Solution To Everything

Back Again Through The Hourglass Darkly

Pelosi to Kirwan


The Enemy Within!

The Revolution That Killed Society

War Criminals

The Golden State Is Melting

How Much Longer Will It Take?

Shadows, Reality And War

Who Owns You?

It Comes Down to This!



HATE Incorporated


After The War?

Fear & Loathing In The System

Freedom Under Fire

The Fire & The Sword

Caught In The Crossfire

For The Record

Cheney's 'SECURE' Location

Show Us the Money!

Anatomy Of The Plot To Kill The Nation

Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow


Humanity Under Siege

Inflicting The Occupation

Shattering The Myths

Suspicions Confirmed



Easter In The Holy Land

Symbols Can Sometimes Say It All

The Dreamslayer And The Savior

Unimaginable Tragedies?

Can We Stop The Bleeding?

War On The Citizens Of Oakland

Using The Discarded Silver Bullets

The Silver Bullets Were Ignored

Usury Remains Untouched

Again & Again & Again!

Spitting On Article 13


Arrogance Incompetence & Greed

Death Threats For AIG Executives

Confirmation Of Reality & Responsibility

Liquefying The Melting Pot

Challenging 'USA Incorporated'

Extortion By Privatization

The New Flat-Earth Society For The New Dark Ages

If, If, If

Between The Cracks

Grapes Of Wrath & Other Nightmares - Revisited

Vision & Sacrifice

Conquering The Abyss

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Vision & Sacrifice


Conquering The Abyss

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Halloween In February

The Racist, Apartheid State Of Jewish Israel

Delusion & Denial

'Quality Time' At Gitmo University

Nightmares Haunt The Corporations

Debating Semantics In The Tower Of Babel

WAR From Vietnam To Gaza

The Dream Of Euripides Is Dying

The Answer Is Hiding In Plain Sight

'The Dream' Revisited


Gaza Is Burning

The BART Killing Still Bleeds

Law Or Chaos

Martial Law In California

Government To The People ­ Drop Dead!

The Trial Of Israel

The National Intelligence Design

Show Us The Money

The Parallax View

The Silent But Complicit Player - Part I

The Silent But Complicit Player - Part II

Reconstructing The Nation On Sand


'Continuity' Died Today

Not Only Can Americans Not Read...

Full Fathom Five

Confront The Delusions

Something That Jingles In Your Pocket

Order Out Of Chaos

Context - The Elegant Key to Everything


What Are We Going To Do About It?

Bait & Switch

Are You Disgusted Yet?

Return Of The Living Dead


Finally The Duopoly Is Unmasked

Who Is Barack Obama?

The Failure To Confront Is No Alibi

What's Going On?

This Question Must Be Answered

Keep Friends Close & Enemies Closer

9 Day Notice


The Age Of The Grasshoppers

Question Everything!

Hey - It's Just Business!


Destroying The Village 'To Save It'

The Man Who Never Was


Children Of The Empty Promise

Money The Ultimate Addiction

It Was A Rescue!

The Devil's Advocate!

The Long Disputed War Is Over!


Seven Days In October

America Under Siege

Tomorrow The Coup?

Anatomy Of The Murder

Are We Finally Coming Back To Life?

The Color Of The Future

The Art Of Politics

Fixing The Blame

'Our Surrender Has Been Negotiated'

Fiat Government By Presidential Proclamation

Still Alive In Outlaw Territory


Who Will Speak For Us?


The Trap

Huge Holes In The Parachute

Meltdown 2008

Politicians Are Not People

Give Your Heart To The Hawks

'Shine Perishing Republic'

The Death Of Freedom

Secrets & Lies

Everybody Knows!

Open Letter To Mr. Gordon Brown

Where Freedom Once Thrived

Limitations, Liabilities & Lies

Where Is FEMA?

One-Hundred & Thirty Seven Years

One Question

We Are Not 'At War'

Creating Success One Failure At A Time

From Betrayal To Failure On The Road To Empire


The Apocalypse

'By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War'

Anniversary Five Of Shock & Awe

Black Friday's Back!

Dump The System

Zionism - Never Have So Few Done So Much...

California's Solution To The Real ID Card

The Madness Of Israel Must Not Continue

Rebuttal - 'Palestine Belongs To Israel'

The New-Age Of Nightmares Part II


Where The Freedom Was

Your Life Or Your Freedom

Tomb Of The Unknown Casualty In 'War On Terror'

A Parallax View Of 'Change'

Americans - People Without A Country

Martial-Law Enforcement Has Been Privatized!


Ending The Threat From the Judeo-Christian Ethic

'Change' WHAT Change?

Again & Again

The Threadbare Cloak Of Invisibility

The Autopsy On The Not-So-Sudden Death Of America


A Chain Reaction

Demystifying The Candidates

In Harm's Way

3 Microscopic Threads Keeping Camps At Bay

'Change' Will Mark The Repetition Of US History

Strike 1

Strike 2

Strike 3



There 'R' No Consequences

Addendum - A Million Dollars A Minute

A Million Dollars A Minute!


Overthrowing Venezuela As Part Of The Larger Picture


Banning Guns Threatens Survival

Cheney's War 'The Country Of Men, Not Laws'

Bush Creating DHS By E.O. Was Illegal

Remembrance Rebirth Or Global Rebellion

Crossing The Line Into Congressional Treason 


Ending The Debate Over Waterboarding

 No...Hell No! Not Another Cent!
 Into The Heart Of Darkness
 Five Days In October 
 YES 'A Coup Has Occurred' By Daniel Ellsberg - 'The Answer Is Blowin' In The Wind'
 'A Coup Has Occurred'
 People Without A Past
 In the Silence, Tyranny Thrives
 Dancing In The Dark
 Who Really Calls The Shots?
 The War Department Of The United States
 The New Inquisition
 We Took The Bait 
 Mocking 'The Art of War'
 'In Debt We Have Trusted'
 One Nation Under Surveillance
 Descending Into Babel
 Slaying Our Dreams, Created Our Nightmares
 Michael Chertoff And His Star-Crossed Past
 Cheney Exempts Himself From Reality
 There Are Cracks in Everything'
 Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose
 When Headlines Lie
 Silence - A Nemesis More Deadly Than Bullets
 The Stars & Stripes
 Regime Change In America
 Where Conscience Meets Policy
 The Uncensored Anger Manifesto
 Take Down The Flag Over Guantanamo
 Unraveling The Political-Military Paradox
 'One-More-Time'? THIS TIME Is One Too Many
So Much Criminality - So Little Time!
Take Bush To The Mat
1460 Days That Will Live In Infamy
The Inquisition Is Back!
We Are The Deciders
The Architecture Of Consequences
When "The System" Fails!
'Madame Speaker,' The Honeymoon Is Over
Too Late or Just Too Inconvenient?
The Seven-Headed HydraThat Blocks The Path To Freedom
Deconstructing The World As We Know It
FCK - All That's Missing Is The You
American Values - Must Begin To Reflect Reality
What, When, Where, Who & Why ?
Dissecting The Obvious
One Question For Nominee Roberts
Creating Catastrophe From Disaster - Anniversary Of 911
"Full Fathom Five"
'Justice' Casts A Giant Shadow
Serpents in the Garden
Our CRIMINAL Justice System
The 'SYSTEM' Has Been Destroyed
'Anti-American Traitor' Kirwan Answers A Lt. Colonel
WING - Trashing The Truth
A Climate Of Suspicion
Rescind, Revoke & Restore What's Left Of Us
A Return To The O.K. Corral
Taxation Without Representation Is Tryranny
Adjusting To F.A.C.E.
The Secret's Out
Capitalism & America's Obsessions
A Return To The O.K. Corral
Taxation Without Representation Is Tryranny
The Lean & Hungry Lions Of Our Discontent
Who Will Tell The People
The Brambled Bush Begins To Burn
Defying The Lord Of The Flies
Prayers & Promises
The Mask Is Slipping & The Nightmare Grows
Corporatocracy, Corporatism, Fascism
Ruppert - No Longer 'LIVE'
The Myths of Al Qaeda
Life In The New World Order
Conflicted Reality
Who Can We Trust?
 Apathy, Arrogance Or Fear
Amerika Moonrise Reply
Resistance is Not Futile
Closing Time
His Excellency
Armageddon In A Box
Unmasking The Outlaws
There Is Another Way
Living in the House of Lies
What Matters To You
The Truths That Can't Be Told
ZERO Tolerance Or Catch 22
One Thousand Days
Putting the Pieces Together
Many Of Us - Are About To Die!
Assessing The Threat
Where Will You Be Tomorrow?
The Killing Fields ­ At Home
Deadly Delusions
When Secrets 'R' Secret
Psy-Ops & Stupidity!
Cancer In The Tarnished House!
How Much Is Enough?
U.S. Department Of Offense
Tolerance & Representation
Enough Of This Hypocrisy!
When "Self-Defense" Is Indefensible
Protecting Our Real Enemy
No Justice, No Peace!
Bush Owes The World Some Answers
Pssst - Hey!
War Has Answered!
Illusions & Lies
The TRUTH is Missing in Action
When Lives Are Written In Invisible Ink
Our Eagle Is Headless
Requiem For America On Line
From The Smoke & Flames - The Truth Is Rising
Conclusions Anyone? 
The Contessa of Lies
FEAR Is The Real Enemy (INTRO)
FEAR, Part 1 - 911 Was Not An Attack It Was Murder
FEAR, Part 2 - Deceit & The Mask Of Leadership
FEAR, Part 3 - Club Five-Hundred & Thirty-Five

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