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Kawther Salam

A Queen Remembers Scenes Of Horror From WW2

Are PA Embassies Smuggling Weapons For CIA?

Palestinian Brigadier Slapped In Face By 'Hitler'

Heavy Gun Fire At Office Of PA Minister Of Religion

Zionists Kill Palestinian With Help Of PA Killings

EU - Unprecedented Bribes For Palestinians, Israelis

Catastrophe In Gaza & The World Remains Silent And Blind

Uruguay Breaking Intl Conventions On Drug Control

Egypt - No Acknowledgment Or Justice For Mass Protester

Former Police Officer Murdered In Bethlehem

Dutch-Israeli Dispute Over Gaza's New Scanner


Man Arrested For Decorating Christmas Tree

EU Involved In Implanting Jewish Colonies In Palestine

Zionist Settlements Are Violation Of International Law

Fire Deaths In Gaza Strip Due To Electricity Cuts

Egypt Involved in Crimes Against Humanity In Gaza

US Court Opinion Exposes Abbas Son As A Thief

Israel Heads IAEA From Behind The Scenes

Noon Session In Favor Of Israel At IAEA

UN Votes To Allow Israel To Keep Nuke Arsenal

Collusion To Thwart UN Resolution On Israeli Nuclear Weapons

Jordan Demands Accession Of Israel NPT Treaty

Israeli Spy in UAE Does Israels Dirty Work in Gaza

Egyptian Military Builds Buffer Zone With Gaza

Farewell Of An Iranian Ambassador

Ban Ki-moon: Diplomacy Needs A Chance In Syria


Austria Stands For A Peaceful Solution In Syria

Why Israel Assassinated 3 Palestinians Near Ramallah

Israel Kill 3 Pal In Coordination With PA

Pal Authority Figure Rapes 12 Yr Old Daughter In Israel

Short Analysis Of Egypt’s Political Pressures

25 Egyptian Police Executed In Sinai - Israel Did It?

USD148 Million To PA For Selling Palestine To Colonists

Egypt’s Disastrous Bloodshed Requires Urgent Investigation

Egypt - EU Condemns Violence Warning Of Uncertain Future

2200 Killed In Cairo - Police Crush Pro-Morsi Protests


Ashton Deplores The Loss Of Lives In Egypt

Intl Conference On Oslo Accord - Impact And Future

Italian Co. Complicit In Israeli Violations Of Intl Law

Dutch Prosecutor Drops War Crimes Case Against Riwal

Ramadan At The Israeli Checkpoint

Israeli 'Settlers' Burn Olive Grove For Eighth Time

Abbas Running Smear Campaign Against Hamas In Egypt

Corrupt Governor & Thief Appointed Minister In Egypt

Ashton Holds Talks With Ousted President Morsi


Occupied Childhood's Video - Vid

Zionist Fox Company Will Open a Branch In Ramallah

EU Calls For The Release Of Ousted President Morsi

Guidelines For The Eligibility Of Israeli Zionist Entities

Morsi Picture At Al-Aqsa Mosque Strongly Criticized

Israeli Soldiers Detain Palestinian 5 Yr Old In Hebron

Egypt - A Revolution Bought for $6 Billion

Meeting A Fellow Palestinian At A Govt Event

Over 50% Of People Are Overweight And Obese


Israel Exports Impure Magnesium To USA

Dr. Harb - From Ramallah To USA

Alarming Rise in New Drugs

UNRWA Welcomes Singer, Mohammad Assaf

The President Who Wants To Be Worshiped

An Hour To Murder An Old Man Under The Sun

Allegations Around IFJ Presidential Elections

Israel Must Choose Between Haifa And Hebron


19.2 Euro Million From EU Taxpayers For Corrupt Regime

EU Ambassador Visits South Sinai

Jerusalem Between Zionists Theft, PLO Ignorance

Terrorist Jews Wrote - Christians Are Monkeys

Bill Clinton Gets Half A Million From Israel

Two To Three Years Until The Situation Settles In Egypt

Life If Journalist in Hunger Strike Endangered

Letter From Palestinians In the Diaspora


New Israeli Military Order Not Protecting Children

Supreme Judicial Council Steals 430.000 EUR From EU Donations

Ethnic Cleansing Continues Under Peace Initiative - Vid

Palestine Is NOT A Farm Of The Saudi King

Austria To Host Secret Palestinians, Israeli Talks?

Prisoners Main Issue In Talks Between Presidents Fischer, Abbas

Ethnic Cleansing To Prepare For Military War Exercises

African Group Calls For Return Of Stolen Cultural Property


18M German DM For Treatment Of Jewish Colonist Wastewater

Discriminatory Access And Water Apartheid In Palestine

Lives Of Hunger Striking Prisoners Endangered

Gaza Police Detains Young Men For Their Haircut

Borders Borders - An American Poem For You

Who Helped Israel Murder General Abu Hamdiya?

EU Petitioned To Save Palestinian Prisoners lives

Theft Of The EU Social Allowances

Gaza Strip Is Swarming With Western Intel


Indicators Of War, Not Peace, In Obama's Visit

Shoes On Display To Protest Obama Visit

Palestine Map Gone From Entrance Of Jesus Birth Place

Britain - It's Time To Apologize

Palestinian Children Face Forced Expulsion From Their Homes

Abbas Bribes A Journalist With Diplomatic Pass

Murder In Jail Under Cover Of EUPOL COPPS

Erdogan - Islamophobia A Crime Against Humanity

Palestine, Syria Horrors A Disgrace To Humanity

Austria Offers Conf Of Civil Society Partners From Syria


The Silencer - Libel Litigation As A Threat To Free Speech

Political Dialogue - The Only Solution To The Syrian Crisis

13% Of Palestinians Were Victims Of Criminal Offenses

Russian Fireball Largest Ever Detected By CTBTO Infrasound Sensors

Egypt Accuses Israel Of Stealing $5 Billion - Israel 'Angry'

Israels Filthy World Of Espionage, Organized Terror And Secret Prisons

Egyptians Eat From Garbage Containers

Egyptian Security Try To Eradicate Muslim Brotherhood

US Actress And UN Goodwill Ambassador Visits Vienna


Scandal - Palestine NOT An Observer State At The UN?

Corruption And The Mistresses Of President Arafat

How Jews 'Celebrated' The Israeli Elections?

Reading The Zionists Election Results

EU Budget For Palestine Used To Protect Israel

Occupation Entity Run By Maniacs And War Criminals

Learn From Israel How To Become A Terrorist

Memories Of My Childhood - Black September

New Year Fireworks From Vienna - Vid


Abbas Says Honor Killings 'Benefit Women'!!

Qatar, Saudi Arabia Turn Syria Into Regional Conflict

Appeal To The UN To Help Syrian Refugees Enter Palestine

Jesus Behind The Apartheid Walls

I Am Ashamed Of The US Government

Bethlehem: Christmas Message With Female Touch

Jewish Psychopath Murders Teenager In Hebron

Millions Of Women Go Missing Yearly


Israeli Airstrike On Home Unlawful

Jerusalem Folklore Between Development & Judaization

Egyptians Demand Amendments To Camp David Agreement

Voices From The Occupation - Ashour Hamada...Fatality

Folklore Dance At UN Attended By Diplomats - Vid


Abbas To Sign Side Letter Not To Accede To The ICC

Palestinian Amb Calls On Israel To Invade Gaza

Stench Of Israeli Crimes Engulfs Debate Of Journalists

Israel Has Journalists In Its Sights

Suppressed News On The Prevention Of Genocide

Israeli Target, Murder Two Palestinian Journalists In Gaza

Israelis Murder Palestinian Family Of 11 With Airstrike


Palestine Slaughtered But Palestinian Embassy Sings

Casualties Rise On The Fourth Day Of Israel Massacre

President Abbas Reluctant To Visit Gaza

66 Killed and Wounded in a Series of Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Israel Assassinate Babies, Hamas Resistance Head - Vid

Egypt Recalls Ambassador From Israel

A Protest Dance vs Israeli Soldiers & Colonists - Vid

Zionists Bomb Gaza From Four Sides

Action Plan On The Safety of Journalists


Palestinians In Diaspora Denounce Abbas

Response To Abbas Concession Right Of Return - Vid

'There Was No Reason For My Son’s Death'

Zionist Peres Praises Abbas Treason 

Palestinians Demanded A Trial For Abbas 

Political Volatility In The European Union


Journalist Scandal At An Austrian Chamber Of Commerce

Claims About The Use Of The Internet For Terrorist Purposes

A Call On Kazakhstan's President To Recognize The Schanaosen Massacre

Transnational Crime - Proceeds In Billions - Victims In Millions

Jerusalem Dome Of The Rock Shown At International Conference

Diaries Of An American Woman 

€9.8 Million Aid From EU At Risk Of Disappearing


New Sex Abuse Committed Under Presidential Protection

Letter From A Political Negotiator

How Jews Celebrate Yom Kippur?

Israel As A State Does Not Exceed The Borders Of June 1967

Flames Of Israeli-Iranian Conflict Heated IAEA Session - Vid

The Fights Against Corruption & Urban Violence


European Justice Ministers Sign EAW Protocol

110 Votes In Favor Of Nuclear Safeguards In The Mideast

Israel Absent From Start Of 56th IAEA General Conference

US Ambassador Killed - Fingers Pointing At Israel

President Abbas Shoes For $23,500 - What Did His Hat Cost?

Who Was the Donkey Who Signed The Protocol??

Palestinians Call President Abbas to Resign


91 Children Hospitalized From Contaminated Water

Fatah Gunmen Kill Palestinian Security Chief In Jenin

Israeli Theft Of Natural Resources In Occupied Palestine

Criminal Israeli Navy Harassing Palestinian Fishers, Video

Donors Should Reevaluate Support For Pal Security Forces

The Holocaust Industry And PA Propaganda

Palestinian Officials In Pilgrimage To Auschwitz

EU Critical Of Israel’s Human Rights Violations


A Man Slaughters Wife In The Streets Of Bethlehem

Israeli Intel Escalates Blackmail, Detention Of Pal Patients

Romantic Prison Overlooking A River, Cafe, Swimming Pool

EU-Israel Association Council Violates The Constitutions Of EU

Girl Murdered At Ramadan Breakfast

World Bank Complains Of Inefficient PA Institutions

Governor Of Vorarlberg Suspends Circumcisions


Urgent Appeal From Al-Aqaba Village

Diaries Of A Journalist Who Was In Germany

Liechtenstein - Alpine Principality Without Mercy

Arafat Widow Demands Exhumation Of Late President

Revolution In Palestine - Down With Abbas! 

Prisoners On Hunger Face Death In Palestinian Prisons 

Arrest Warrant Against Shaul Mofaz


US Fundo, Drugs Trafficker Is Deputy Health Minister

15 Yrs Jail For Exporting Gas To Israel At Low Prices

Which CNN Reporter Spoke About The Armenian Massacre?

Impeach The United States Government

The Bitter Reconciliation Between Abbas & Hamas

Guantanamo In Jericho

A Corrupt Foreign Minister Receives US Support


Palestinian Minister Rapes Child In Tel Aviv?

The President Who Can Be Described As A Fat Cat

Demands For Expulsion Of Syrian Ambassador

Egyptian Cultural Evening In Vienna

Bloodsuckers Posing As A State

A Cowardly Act Against My Mother Helped Discover A Crime

Notes - A Female Journalist In A Military Helicopter

Zion's Two Minutes Of Hatred In Vienna

Death Of Governor Sends Message To Zionists

The Shameful Crime Of Modern-Day Slavery

Assassination In Cold Blood In A Quiet Village


Morocco Government Protests Austrian FPO Party

Journalist Imprisonment For Writing About Govt Corruption

Videos Of Theft Of Palestinian Water - Vid

Continuous Violations Of Human Rights In Palestine

Christ At The Checkpoint - Hope In The Midst Of Conflict

ONE Palestinian And Israeli State

Call For An Immediate End Of Ethnic Cleansing By Israel

10 Theses For A Scientific Conception Of The 21st Century

Girls Forced Into Hysterectomy At Pal Hospitals

Israeli Arsonist Sets Patagonia National Park Ablaze


Jesus Christ And The Zionists Horror At Passover

A Terrorist In The Business Of Human Rights 

The Legality Of Israel Is A Ruse

Israeli Lessons In International Terror

The March To Expel The Jewish Colonists

Syrian Embassy Staff Hides Behind Curtains

Ukraine Govt Kidnaps Palestinian For Mossad

US- Israel Interests Parasitizing The Arab Revolutions


'It Is Time To Hit Israel Like Libya'

Hillary Faced Black Flags, Anti-US Chants In Tunisia

An Artist In The Midst of My Grief

Human Rights Or Money For Silence?

Mossad Abducts Gaza Power Plant Director In Ukraine

Woman Attacked For Speaking Truth At The UN 

The Israeli Day Of Terror - Vid


Torture Without Limits, Jail Without Cause

Dairies of My Happiness and The Pain of Prisoners!

The Zionist Regime Under The Shadow Of Inattention

Screams Of A Prisoner Boy At The UN

A Quote From Gadhafis Demented Green Book 

Gaddafi And His Miserable Green Book 

Mubarak Ruling Egypt From Sharm El-Sheikh? 

Libyan Dictator Promises To Hunt More Civilians 

Egyptian Military Urged To Halt Torture Of Detainees 

Vanishing East Jerusalem



US Citizen Has Disappeared 

Government Document Captured From Egyptian Thugs

Dictatorship Bans Demo In Support Of Egypt

Egypt Applies Israeli Plan To Crush Revolt

Analysis By An Egyptian Woman

Decline And Death Of US Infrastructure

Mr. Obama - We Don't Want Illegal Alien Amnesty

72m LEGAL Immigrants Added To US In 24 Yrs

Mossad - The Biggest Loser In Tunisia 

The Screams Of A Child Abducted By Monsters

EU Spying Scandal of 2003 Points to Mossad 


European Diplomats Draft Demands Jerusalem Protection

 A Cold-Blooded Execution

Idan Tal Wants To Burn My Family 

A Woman Killed By A Gas Grenade

Palestine Calendar 2011

Questions About Your Mother?

Let Us Sing Beautiful Songs

Merry Christmas Still Celebrated In Palestine - Vid

End The Spread Of Jewish Cancer In Palestine 

Conclusions About The MidEast 'Peace Process' 

Assange 'Rape' Accuser Allegedly Flees To Palestine Village

The Israeli Culture Of Drinking Urine

Gods Anger Burns Israel

When Imprisoned Women Cry In The Dark

Confrontation With PA Commissioner At UN


A Prosaic Speech Of Solidarity With Israel

Iran Confronts Israeli Crimes At The UN

Calling For Any Apology Action On Balfour

500 Email Contacts Of The Israeli Government

 Names Of War Criminals Donated By Israeli Soldier 

Fashion Show At Morocco National Day

Palestinian Marines Training in US and EU 

CV Of An American Woman

Memories Of A Woman From USA - Vid

A Magic Halloween Festival

Dublin Heritage - Culture, Art And Guinness

50 Years Of 'Peace-Keeping' Mission

Ban Ki-moon Warns EU Of Anti-Islam

Organized Crime Balloons To Global Proportions

2 Israelis Jailed - Attempted Bribery In Georgia

Prosecution Of Freedom In France

Execution At Dawn In Holy Jerusalem

Arab Doctors Lead In New Medicine In EU

Burying Nuclear Waste In Palestinian Territories

Obscene Israeli Behavior Behind The Scenes At UN

IAEA Adopts Atomic Weapons In Middle East

A Policeman And A Terrorist

Voices Against Poverty 

Israel Stops Journalist Mission From Entering Gaza

A Medal For War Crimes

Yearning And Tears At The Eid

A Monologue With A Deaf Diplomat

A Palestinian Rent-Boy Goes To Washington

Christian Party Honors Muslims in Ramadan

Militarization Of An Arab School In Israel

Killing Cats...Or Men, Women & Children - Vid

Where Is The Sense of Decency? - Vid

The Octopus Of Death And Terror

Riddle Or Conspiracy Of Traitors - Vid

Girl Hanged On A Tree In 'Honor' Killing

Cheap Price For Release Of An Israeli Spy

Israeli Rabbis On God-Ordained Child Sex Mission

The Fog Of Smear By The Wife Of A Convert 

End Of The Quiet Before The Storm In Lebanon

Death Of War Criminals Over The Carpathian Mts

James Bond Or Israeli Thug?

Chinese FM Brings Troublemaker To Austria

Lettuce Lady Arrested In Jordan

Condom Revolution Called Out By The UN - Vid

HIV Epidemic At A Crossroads

The Princes In The Yellow Dress

Vienna 'Life Ball' Ended By Thunder & Rain

Water And Drug War

A Lovely 55 Year Old Car

Egyptian Jewish Leader Convicted Of Fraud

Singing And Dancing Under Rain And Sun 

Angels & Devils - Mozart, Strauss, Hitler, Hertzl

Ban Israel From The London 2012 Olympics

A Gay Parade For The Gaza Concentration Camp

Learn About Israeli Terrorism - Vid

Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades Steals My Articles

Announcing A Small Victory Over Israel

Gay Parade Subverted By Zionists

A New Mossad Agent Capture In Lebanon

Jewish Vandalism - Vid

Media And Zionist Propaganda

The Elements of War In The Mediterranean

What's Ahead? A New Massacre Or Genocidal War?

Muddy Pal Authority Involvement In Gaza Blockade

An Explanation Of Anti-Semitism

Flotilla Resolution Breaks Zionist Propaganda

Two On Flotilla Sue The Israeli Government

 More About Captured Presumed Mossad Terrorist

Israeli Embassy In Poland Protects German Mossad Agt 

Flotilla Costs MK Al-Zoubi Parliamentarian Privileges

Media Center Administrator Shot On Flotilla

Dozens Of Passports Stolen From Flotilla Participants

10,000 Demonstrate Against Israeli Terror - Vid

Calls To Murder MK Who Was On Flotilla? - Vid 

Potato Peelers Justify The Flotilla Massacre

Israeli Soldiers On Flotilla Shot By Friendly Fire

Demonstration, Gas and Eggs in Vienna

Flotilla Passengers Now Prisoners

Israel Has Crossed The Rubicon

Jews Fired Before IDF Landing -
Wounded Bled To Death

Call For Protection Of Journalists On Flotilla

Direct Bias Showed on BBC on Flotilla Crime

Flotilla Massacre - A Reply To Turkish-Iran Relations

A Letter For YOU

Demands Of Trials For Journalist Murders

The 'Justice' Of Executions?

Massive Strike VS UNRWA Repression Policies

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