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Global Warming...
Fact Or Fiction?

Scientists To Blame 'Fossil Fuels' For Global Warming

Cow Emissions Harm Planet Far More Than C02 From Cars

Holocaust Or Hoax? - The Global Warming Debate Heats Up

The Sun Is Heating Up 


Global Warming - Green Lies And Amazing Truths

Newsweek Hides Global Warming Denier's Ties to Big Oil

The Great Global Warming Swindle - UK Channel 4 (video)

Global Warming New Justification To Do Anything

Warming Report To Warn Of Coming Drought

Opposition To Global Warming Severely Suppressed

Powerful UK Documentary Trounces Man-Made Warming Hoax 

The True CO2 Record Buried Under Gore (pdf)

What Really Causes Climate Change? (pdf)

Gore And The Great Luddite Hoax Of 2007


US CO2 To Soar By Whopping 20% By 2020

CO2 Output From Shipping Twice As Much As Airlines

CO2 Rise Directly Related To Global Warming video

Mars Melt Suggests Solar, Not Human, Cause For Warming 

Global Warming - It's Enough To Make You Sick

Carbon Dioxide Levels Are At 820,000-Year High

Gore...A Convenient Liar

The Fraud Of Global Warming (pdf)

Who's Lying About Global Warming?

Global Warming In A Climate Of Ignorance

Everybody Talks About The Weather


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