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Send Them To Plum Island With Hannibal Lecter

North By Northwest Of The Grind Factor

The Tweedle Dees & Tweedle Dums Of The Dark Side

The Hot Pursuit Of Hamster Swine With The Treadmill Spinning Blues

In the Garden, the Quiet Morning, Alone With The Speaking Heart

Dancing In The Court Of Everlasting Justice

The Long Way, The Short Way & The Right Way

Waiting For The Dawn To Rise On The Beach Of Last Resort

We Celebrate The Anniversary Of The Israeli Attack On The USA. USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Ridden Hard And Put Away Dead


Fee Fi Fo Fum More Dead Lizards & Then Some

Dancing With Lord Aya Amidst The Wonders Of The Apocalypse

Praise Ye The Psychopaths Here Below

The Perpetuating Agony Of Relentless Quest

A Darkness Blacker Than Night. The Horror!!! The Horror!!!

Doing The Backstroke In A Swamp Of Neutered Nutrias

Jumping Jeremiah's Fishsticks & Sundry


The Why & The Wherefore Of Whatever

Kismet Cowboys & Cryptic Digressions

Marching With The Dolphin Regiment

Being Origami As Opposed To Constructing Origami

A Personal Update In Search Of The Impersonal

The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Sheetrock

The Walking Wounded Victims Of Each Other


The Humidity Of Mortality On Pinball Planet

Appearances Are Lies In Manifestation

Through All The Darkness Of This World, The Sun Is Still Shining

'Uh Thank You... Thank You Varry Varry Muche'

Here In The Kingdom Of The Doomed Serfs

Dancing To That Strange Accordion File Music In The Still Of The Night

Weaponized, Military Grades Of BS

You and I and What Lies Between

Here In The Painful Aftermath


Gunsights On The OK Per Se

Finding Your Way Through The Empire Of Flesh

To Prioritize The Light Within

Only Thinking Makes It So

Of Not Having Boat Drinks In The High Tower

Patterns & The Principles Of Contemporary Morph

Dreaming Of Slender Man In The Angst Abyss Of Comatosia

More Than Any Of These Things & All Of These Things

Snake Bit City & The Real Deal


The Gathering In Of Every Single Separated Self

Madness Is Only A Seashell Beyond The Sea's Reach

Out Of The Echoing Darkness The Avatar Is Coming

Another Day, Another This Way Or That Way

The Suffocating Confines Of The Matrix Of Materialism

Live Free Or Die In Any Number Of Ways

The Incredible Lightness Of The Invisible Being

Cruising Down The Smoking Mirrors Highway


The Reverse Kundalini Lords Of Metropolis

Frogs On A Slow Boil & Stevie Spielbergs Candiru Christmas

Ukrainian Goon Squads & Life Otherwise

The Transiting Conditions Of The Inner & Outer Sun

The Lap Dancing Prostitutes From The Sarajevo Redux Bardo

The Final Departure Of This Fentanyl Drenched Piscean Age

Kali Yuga & The Long Bataan Style March

The Great Work & Building The Body Of Light


The Bryan Singer Pederasty Society of the Unprotesting Virgins

Holy Smoking Cowpies & The Typhoid Mary's Of Material Excess

The Easter Equinox in the Deciding Year of Change

Dirty Harry Sun Bathing At The Dead Pool

Suicide Antipasto & The Age Of Hypocrisy

Noah & The Hard Rock Transformers Meet The Village People

Mr. Optimism At The Worm Food Sushi Bar

Old Man Apocalypse & The Dodo Bird Factor


Water In Our Hands & The Imprisoned God

Little Georgie Sorrows & The Kites Of The New Serengeti

Ruminations On The Concept Of Free Will

Love & The Road To Self Discovery

Contemporary Evil & The Source Of All Good Things

The Industry Of Scholars In The Pursuit Of Answers

Toreadors, Dancing Bears & A Love Supreme


The Looming Dangers Of Samoa & Occult History

Weekend Warblers Whose Character Is Fate

On Being Able To See Around Corners

Sirius Bidness In Times Of Material Darkness

The Evil Scourge Of Zionist Hate - Anti-Gentilism

Out Of The Shadows & Into The World's Of Light

The Cornucopia Of Grace & Holocaust Porn

The Children Of Draco With Judgment In The Wind


Allegorical Tales Of The Bloodsucking Oligarchss

Bringing Light Into The Darkness Of The Mind

To Turn Again... To Turn Away

All Is Not Quiet On The International Front Of Selfishness

Pop Tart Philosophers & Wallaby's In Camouflage

If You Do Not Seek, You Will Not Find

Hitching On The Wrong Side Of The Road Down Humiliation Road

Big Trouble In Little Japan & Other Things


The Lasting Curse Of Selfishness

Demodex Mites & The Power Of Bhakt

The Signature Dish Of Our Times

Ageless Wisdom &... Everything Else

The Second Coming & The Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Trismegistus

It Came From Beneath The Valley Of Seeing Through A Glass Darkly

The Crises In The Windshield & Anthropomorphic Gods

The Serenity Guarantee From The Guardian Of The Mind


The Invisibility Factor Of Lady Nature; Frankie Avalon Lite & Coke Zero

Why Don't We Do It In The Luge With Shapeshifting Reptiles?

To Be A Slender Reed, Bending In The Wind

A Cold & Fiery Darkness Or A Shining Eternity Awaits

Neurosis In Search Of Psychosis & A Purgatory Of Perversity

Being Resident In Through A Glass Darkly Land

Lips & Fingertips At The Cosmic, Cartoon Assizes


The Ineffable's Player Piano & The Apocalypse Symphony

Time & The River Do Not Stand Still

The Stupor Bowl - Dancing In The Hallucination Zone

The Dance Of The Scorpion & The Flight Of The Eagle

The Howler Monkeys Of The Moment In The Perpetual Land Of Oooh's And Ah's

To Bring Down The Vampire Banking Syndicate

The Road To Damascus Factor & The Great Swamp Of Fundie

The Watcher From Within

Bearding The Zio-Ogre Bankers In Their Den


The End Of The Bad Drummers Who Hijacked Holy Drummerland

All These Things - In The Context Of The Apocalypse

Six Flag Waving Nations Over Fundieland & Elsewhere

The Sirens Of Appetite & The Doors Of Perception

The Many Splendored Opportunities Of An Abundant Life

To Speak The Truth & That Oasis In The Desert Thing

The Art Of Camouflaged Agendas & Other Things


Of Devil Signs And The Singularity Of Force

The Culture Of Greed & The Suicide Of Evil

From Poleaxed Steers To Sold Out Whores

Israel Executes 3 Little Girls & It Doesn't Matter

Fear & The Artificial Landscapes Of Terror

Of Departing Monsters & Serious, Transformative Change

The Small Print On Mr. Apocalypse's Business Card


Mr. Apocalypse Is Going To Get You, One Way Or The Other

The Ever Tightening & Widening Gyre Of Disappearing Whiffenpoofs

Living In A Time Of Darkness On A Sea Of Madness

Sitting In The Bakelite Chair Waiting In The Bus Station Bardo

Cosmic Laundry Day... Slip Sliding Away

The Year Of Living Dangerously With Mr. Apocalypse

No Time For Dumbasses, Steampunking On The Gloom Train

Inflexible Processes & Cultural Decline


Now Comes That Most Welcome & Unwelcome Year

Gotchaland & The Angels Of Retribution

On The Doorstep Of A New World

Poetry In Motion, Wave Upon The Ocean

A Written Christmas Card Of Gratitude And Thanks

Surfing The World's Of Light In The Footsteps Of The Master

Here's Your Vichyssoise From Hell, Bully Boys

Yahweh's Boys, The Wide Boys From The Temporal Swamp

Powers, Placements & Potentials. Now Is The Given Moment


Somewhere In Recent History, Normal Killed Itself

A Treatise On Not Criticizing The Criminals Who Abuse Us

A Choreographed Comedy Of Errors In Search Of The Mark

Merry Christmas Fom The Empire Of Flesh

Turbo Stupid & The Dominoes Of Interactive Evil

Love & Fear And The Heart Of The Populace

Zio Claws & The Imperial War Bank Machine


Mr. Dutroux To The White Courtesy Phone

Hanging Bodies & Dark Towers Of Radiating Torpor

The Gollum Progression & The Grinch From Talmudia

Evil Passing & The Planetary Kali Yuga Blues

Political Correctness & The Rise Of The Ridiculous

Rack'em & Stack'em, Critical Mass For The Planetary Ass

Dancing In The Suburbs Of The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

If There Is A Devil, The Devil Is Your Mind


A Zombie Apocalypse On The Streets Of The Great Sata

Don't You Know We're Riding On The Disinfo Express

Mr. Apocalypse Is The Ronald McDonald Of Armageddon

Welcome To The Age Of I Don't Give A Sh*t

The Seek, Speak, Spread The Truth Conference

Ambulatory House Plants & Burning Bacon Heads

Lowering The Moat Portcullis Against The Unseen & Unwelcome Visitor

The Return Of The Son Of Twitterhead With Blue Forceps Marks


A World Beyond Lawyers & Vampire Banks

The Last Gasp Of The Satanic Ridiculous & A Primer

Israel Killed John F. Kennedy & It Wants To Enslave Or Exterminate You

The Dragon Of The Apocalypse At The Crossroads Of Impasse

Support The Dupes Who Die In The Banker Wars

Dilettantes, Dabblers & Ouija Board Warriors

An Apocalyptic Frottage In An Age Of Hannibal Lectors

Groovin In The Grove On The Rainbow Wisdom Highway


The Victims Of Foreign Banker's Wars In The Land Of Eternal Stupid

The Bint Paradise Of Helminth Crawlers In The Age Of The Aeolist

Drunk & Stupid, With Doomsday In The Event Horizon

Haute Tension in Broken Heartland

Soulless Corporate Whores, Doing The Inverse Cowpie In The Pig Sty

Sooner Or Later, Out Of The Hearts Of Humanity

The Cowgirl From Hell On The Damnation Train

The Pending Descending & The Treasures Of The Heart


The Joker Is Twerking With Bobby Vinton's Hair

Freedom & STD's At The Wham, Bam, Thank You Mam, Emporium

In Pursuit Of Hope Beyond The Lizard Skins In The Flame Room

A World Of Flaming Sh*t & Shake 'n Bake Truths

On The Brink Of Irresistable Change

Bread And Circuses & The Toxic Elite

The Sinnergogues Of Mannischewitz At The Circlejerk De Soleil

Fasting Through The Hunger Games In Freak Out City

The Rectal Dysfunction Rats From Lodi With The Darkside Blues Again

How About A Nice Slice Of Papa John's Acne Breakout Pizza

Round & Round The Spiral Highway


The Collapsing Empire Of The Zio-Ogre

Twerking Whores & Chicken McNuggets Are Made From The Same Ingredients

The Hookers In Lycra & Their Last Gasp Demon Pimps

The Nimrod Collective & The Hail Satan Brigade

The Old Soft Shoe Outside The Kingdom Of Boredom Ad Infinitum

Outcasts From The Junta Of The Status Quo

Twisting In The Wind, A Momentary Hiatus

Waking Up AND The Fandango Tango

Showcasing The Skells & The Vampires


Michael Rivero In The Crosshairs Of The IRS, In Toadstool Nation

The Cosmic Brooming Process Of The Approaching Avatar

Dancing With The Stars, Mr. Apocalypse Eclipses Mr. False Flag."

The Nocturnal Bot Flies Of The Apocalypse

Harridans & Soulless Whores In The Flotsam & Jetsam Tanks

Fifty Shades Of Totally Jerking Off

Doing The Dog Paddle In Deep Dung Jell-O

The Duped, The Despicable & The Depraved

The Impossible, The Improbable, The Real & The Unreal

Crank Up That New & Improved, Old False Flag


Rat Fink Nation; King Of The Garbage Heap In The Great Unwashed World

Bobbing For Road Apples In The Late Great American State

Mr. Apocalypse & The Judgment Face Of God

Pretend You're An Egyptian When You Loot Their Museums

The Big Squeeze & De De De De Denouement City

In Pursuit Of The Presence Of The Ineffable

The Big Windup & The Eventual Follow Thru

Hell's Unfinished Symphony In Illegal Minor

The Big Windup & The Eventual Follow Thru

Mr. Apocalypse Is Lifting Up Offal Winfrey's Donna Karan Skirt

On The Toxic Fewmet Trail Of Offal Winfrey


Hypocrites, Disinfo Agents, Halfwits & The Big One

The Enemy Without And The Enemy Within

Lighting Up The Bughouse In The Age Of Looney Tunes

Orcs In The Rafters & Trolls In The Woodpile

The Talmudic Tit Fruit Children Of The Father Of Lies

Mr. Apocalypse Is Dancing In The Meringue Of The Doomsday Cake

A Dirge For Helen Thomas & Other Headstones In The Cemeteries Of Night

The Trayvonita Tango, Over To Hayseed County In The Teratogenic States Of America

The Darkness Within The Darkness & The Light Within The Light

The Queen Of Farts & The Cat-Houses Of Congress


The Nearly Unendurable Stench Of A Gone Dead Culture

Silverfishsteins, Riverworlds & Virgin Sperm Dancers

Ass-Hats & Mulligan Stew In My Inbox Too

The Lidless Eye & The Yo Yo Dance Of Butch Napolitano

The Last Gasp Monsters & The Zones Of Transition".

It's The American Way; Not To Go, C'est Terrible!

A Cup Of Upchuck Formula, Down At The Paddles Club

The Ascent & The Descent & The Dead Zone Zombies

Enjoy Your Double Bloomburger On Hard Roll With Toe Cheese

The Monsters Of Irony & The Beasts From The Pit


Two For The Tango Or Dancing In The Dark

The Excrescent Efflorescence Of The Flowers Of Evil

Of Ring Pass Nots, Animated Shits & Positive Ends

On The Cusp Of Irrevocable Change

The Hasbara Hula & The Empire Of Vice

The Ship Of Fools On A River Of Darkness

A Viral Plague Of Megalomaniacs & The Fall Of Empire

Eternal Vigilance Is The Price Of Liberty Valance

Singing & Dancing In A Golden Shower


A Lord Of Infinite Space, Looking Through A Munchhausen Periscope

The Lothario From Loserville In Handjob Heaven; Ben 'Sompow' Rhodes

Lowdown, Dirty, Rotten, Filthy Liars

Sewerhead Harper & The Martini Soaked Monsters

The Pasto & The Anti-Pasto At The Apocalypse Cafe

The Dream Fog & The Cemetery Future

Truth & Lies In A Material Culture

Payback & Push Back From The Lip Of The Crypt

Stepping On Frogs And Enemy Mines. Kaboom

Unspeakable Madness At The Turning Of The Age


Erdogan & The TrashkeNAZIS At The Department Store Of Death

Going In Reverse From The Cradle To The Hearse

Crazy, Crazy For Feeling So Screwed, Blued And Tattooed

The Crucible Of Karma & The Horn Of Plenty

Accessories Of The Darkness In The Devil's Playground

Dancing With The Retards, Fry Cooks & Sewer Felchers

Not Exactly A Walk In The Park

Schmoo Nation & Their Disneyland Jesus Christ

An Ignorance & Denial Too Vast To Measure

Virtue, Integrity ...And What We Get


Viral Denial, When The Revolution Come

Talking About The Black Widow Spider Family & Sundry

Enduring Adytums & Castles Made Of Sand

The Darkness At Noon & The Light Of The Dawn

Teddy Boy Herzl & The Lord Of Chaos

Blood Ticks, Lampreys & The Running Of The Beasts

Visible Resonance & Visible Dissonance

Something That Crawled Out There & Died


Of Defining Ourselves & Being Defined

Not Your Usual Penisinshula's Like Telepathic Dolphin's

Hog Lagoon Heaven In The Late Great American States

The Dung Beetles From Armageddon Babylon

An Open Letter To The Police Commissioner Of Boston

Hackers, Indifferent Slackers & Metaphysical Trackers

Anonymous... Are They Real? We Shall See

Watching Sick City Disappear In My Rear View Mirror


Is It Real Or Just Passing Strange

Man With No Heart, Wishes For A Brain

Step On The Gas And Save Your Ass

Feeding Off Of The Hydrolyzed Fat Of The Golden Calf

Manly Won't Mind But You... Had Better Get A Clue

The Awakening, Planetary Wide, Slumber Party Hoedown

Appetite Junkies In An Unlivable Rat's Nest

Too Big To Jail And Too Prone To Fail

Fluffer Lackeys, High Rent Boys & Dead, Very Dead Children

Mysterious Winds Of Unknown Provenance


Wu Wei, Aft Gang Agley & Whatever's Right

The Cowardice Implicit In Our Denial Of The Truth

The Doomed & Clueless Rich In Freefall

Deaf Beethoven, Listening To Timeless Music

And The Darkness Has Broken Under The Revealing Light"

Exit Bags And Unseen, Hidden Entrances

Concerning Ravenous, Insatiable Beasts With Human Faces

Talking 'bout The Spawn Of Satan That Moves Among Us

Conscious Precipitation Of The Appropriate Desirable


A New Pope At Child Molester Central & Other Things

The Gatekeepers And Vipers Among Us

Onward And Upward To Higher Ground

Marooned On The Planet Of The Demons From Dumbass

Catapulting To The Bending End

Looking Out For Number One, While Drowning In Number Two

Somewhere A Wing, No Bird Is Flying

This Horse Needs A Rider

The Ides Of Hell Are Calling Your Name

Talking About Spiritual Master's Blues In B-Flat


The Zio-Satanic Consortium On Its Way Out The Door

The Pink Panther Meets The Pink Elephants

Fire And Ice, Naughty And Nice...

Carry On My Wayward Something Or Other

On The Plains Of Armageddon With The Battle Already Won

Swimming Out Beyond The Borders Of Belief

By Way Of Attempted Explications

Tubing Down The River To Shylock City

There's Smoke And Then... There Are Mirrors


Dog Poet Transmitting 2

A View from Arunachala

In the Land of Tamil and Sunshine

On the Cusp Of 12/21/12 Or Whatever

Technical Problems in Paradise

India's Sunny Clime

Just Streaming Through

The Satanic Schematic and the Devil Inside


The Essential Posture Of Liberty

Droit de Seigneur In Last Gasp Country

A Celebration of Vipers and the Trembling Dominoes

From Jonestown to the Mad Hatters Tea Party

Batshit City and Organ Harvesting, Disney World


Oh Brave New World, That Has Such People In It

"What's it all About, Visible"?

Stop Me, Before I write about The Same Thing Again

The Visible Darkness of the Unyielding Night

Snuggle Humpers & the Bareback Congo Warriors

Banker Nation's, Thug-life Brutalization of Civilization

The Trained Observer in the Horse Latitudes

Cans of Whoop-Ass Wholesale, by the Light of the Darkling Moon

Kali Yuga Twilight in Skank Town


Sand Blasting the Dancing Wraiths in a Temporary Darkness

Mr. Apocalypse & His Elves Take A Walk With Mr. Inevitable

Mr. Apocalypse is not Looking for a Little Head

Deep... In to the Base of the Joining

The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk from Don't Give a Shit Central

Cave Dei Videt and Hearts of Wonder

Demented Peacocks and Shooting Gallery Jack in the Boxes

Time Like a Ballerina, Dancing at the Bottom of a Lake


Shit on a Shingle from Bankerscum Nation

Joe Six-Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow in Anywhere-Land

The Cold, Hard Daylight of Temporary End Times

Papa's Delicate Conditions and the Funhouse of Complexity

Fat City and the Rat Scratch Fever

The Voice of the Darkness and The Hasbara Trolls


The Shitstream Media, Crown Colony Syndrome and The Black Nobility

The Dark Narcotic Wonderland of The Dis-Enfranchised States of America

The Chia Plant Heads at the Smorgasbordaterria

The Witchburners From Troll Central

The Horn of Pornocopia and the Masturbating Custers

Eaten by Ouroboros and Buggered by Cthulhu, in a Wal-Mart Wonderland

Into and Beyond the Infernal Reaches of Frankfart

The John Wayne Gacy, Clown Clones meet the Pedophillirasters at the G.M.O

Hell's Cuisinart and the Devil's Chosen Children

The Devil and the Deep Blue Apocalypse


Dark Hearts Not On The Mend

Marvelous and Meaningful Things

Bless Their Pointy Little Heads

Mr. Apocalypse Does, Ground And Pound

Tinsel Glitter and the Cup that Holds our Joy

Lord, Lord, I'm leaving Dumb-Ass City

Cavorting like Deranged Baboons with a Serious Case of Red Ass

The Kali Yuga, Train Wreck Brigade Shmoos


The Nitrous Zone of the Rapture of the Deep

Sliding Down an Endless Wall into the Silence

Buggerland Heaven, with a Side of Kiddie Porn

On the Road to Somewhere, with no Suitcase in my Hand

The Monster Shake n Bake Machine

Riding a Water Buffalo into the Parts Unknown

The 9/11 Plug-Ugly Circle Jerk Blues

Go Tell It On The Mountain, Israel Did 9/11

What Do You Do? Coo Coo Kachoo

The Humpty Dumpty, Sidewalk Egg

Be Smart As Paint


Quo Vadis Echoing in the Darkness

Maurice Chagrin on the Grassy Knoll in NYC

Wonder Bread Slinky on the Stairway to Nowhere

McDonald's S&M Club and the Chuck E. Cheese Bind and Ride

The Land of the Flea and the Home of the Slave

The Lords of the Temporary and the Great Work

Twitter Fellatio in Asia Minor with Modulation to B Flat

The 'Hang The Banker's' Christmas Tree Ornament

Fish in the Ocean and the Monkey Mind

Goat Boy Country and the Worlds Beyond

Bozo the Clown and a Six Pack of High School Girls

Bath and Beyond in the Rubber Room


Runaway Stupid and the Train to Nowhere

Mesmer-Bot's In The Department Of The Depraved

The Enemy At The Gates Of Wonderland

The Truth is Out, There Is No Moon

The Murder Cult of Globoctopus Industries

The Wonderland of the Subconscious

Pinup Girl and Heart-Throb Boy Continued

Not Thirst For Kirsty And Other Things

The United States of Dumbass opens a Can of Whoop-Ass

The Times of the Season in Armageddonville

Fata Morgana Land and the Department of Fate


Killing Jesus for a Bowl of Goat's Foot Soup

Cannibals Feasting on the Imaginary Lake

Yours Is The Truth And Everything That's In It

The Spring Cleaning Period of the Aquarian Age

A Prince Among The Living And A King Among The Dead

A Good Blind Date, Especially If You're Blind

Dumbass 911 Short Sheet Street

Lights, Smoking Mirrors and Misdirection


The Crust of Ignorance and the Jesus Bunny

Ten Days to the London Scarelympics

The Road of Ignominy and the Lord's of Parsimony

These Things Too Are For The Purpose Of Demonstration

Getting My Mind Right And Shaking It Here, Boss

The Declaration of Total Dependence upon The Spawn of Satan

The Satanic Brotherhood of the Golden Calf

Kali Yuga and the Brotherhood of the Golden Calf

Brain Dead Acquiescence, Mephistopheles and Faust

The Dark and Hideous and the Great Unwashed

From The Ridge, One More Valley And One More Mountain


Relentless is as Relentless Does

The BP And Fukushima Nightmare Twins Do Lunch

'Brazillions And Kingdoms And What About Me?

The Roach Motel At The End Of The Universe - Vid

The Roach Motel At The End Of The Universe

The Improbable, The Impossible And The Inexplicable

Professional Courtesies From Sharks In The Water

They Live!...With The Walking Dead Inside Your Head

Rambling Around Here And There

Seeking Sustenance On Hungry Wednesday

A Dessert Topping And A Floor Wax


That Big Open Air Affair

Channeling Road Apples Through A Cosmic Cider Press

Frottage Fever And A Date With The Reaver - Vid

Frottage Fever And A Date With The Reaver

Out Of Function At Armageddon Junction

The Pervasive Influence Of A Poisonous Dream

Eat Drink And Be Wary

Mayday! Mayday! Incoming!!

Make Your Own Angel, Put Wings On A Whore


The Long Way Up The Mountain On Memory Lane

Les Visible's Lost Soliloquies Of Shakespeare - Vid

One Person's Heaven Is Another Person's Hell

A Thick And Toxic, Restless Soup

A Ruminating Perspective On An Unknown Theme

The Swine Flu Smorgasbord Cuisine Of Rot

Hammers And Nails And Avatars, Oh My

The Kings Of The Highlife And The Cannibal Pigs

The Halitosis Winds From The Corruption Choir

Thomas Aquinas, Sigmund Freud, Rheumatoid Arthritis Syndrome


Nut-Jobbers Deluxe With Extra Cheese

What's Not On Second

The Music Of My Spheres And The End Of Fear

The Soft Stool Brigade On Batshit Mountain

The Sweet Swinging Ineffable

Three Blind Men With Mercury In Retrograde

What It Is and How It Is, Amen

Pizzas From Hell In A Flaming Dumpster

Political Dissent In The Land Of The Sheeple


The Currency Of Lies On The Information Highway

The Group Consciousness, Telepathic Resonance

Six Flags Over Nukeville, Opening Soon

To Rely Upon The Ineffable

Super Bowl Sunday And The Material, Kabala Girl

The Hades Syndrome And The River Styx

Global War And Hunger Porn On The Way To Fat City

Whipped Onward And Hammered Home

To Choodle Into The Armageddon Sunset

Colored Perception And Limited Perspective

The Sandusky Principle And The Hive Mentality


Why Can't I Get There From Here?

The Landlords Of Eminent Domain

A Bad Case Of Chosen People Syndrome

By Way Of Some Kind Of Explanation

The Monsters At The Turning Of The Age

The Department Of 'Shit Happens' Of Cosmic Affairs

The Macaroni And Cheese Wonderland Of The Inexplicable

Nightshade Nightmares Of The Monsters Among Us

In The Times Of The First Church Of Blind Acquisition


Red Tea For The Gillerman

Under The Big Tent At The Circus Of Appetite And Ignorance

Jeff Rense And Impasse City

Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky On A Gone Dead American Train

The Torturous And Byzantine Road Of Self Deception

The Currency Of Lies On The Information Highway

The Group Consciousness, Telepathic Resonance

Six Flags Over Nukeville, Opening Soon


To Rely Upon The Ineffable

Super Bowl Sunday And The Material, Kabala Girl

The Hades Syndrome And The River Styx

Global War And Hunger Porn On The Way To Fat City

Whipped Onward And Hammered Home

To Choodle Into The Armageddon Sunset

Colored Perception And Limited Perspective

The Sandusky Principle And The Hive Mentality

Why Can't I Get There From Here?

The Landlords Of Eminent Domain

A Bad Case Of Chosen People Syndrome

By Way Of Some Kind Of Explanation


Blind, Naked And Clueless

Anachronistic Strokebooks And The Pipes Of Dread

The Curious Nature Of The Self-Chosen Few

Disinfo Agents, Oprah Graduates And Whatever May Be True

The Mossad Merengue Of The Dancing Disco Dead

Extract From The Watchmaker Chronicles

Transparent Lies From The Division Of Dumb And Dumber

Push And Shove Dancing In The Public Square

Busking At The Corner Of Shit And Go Blind

Condo Dwelling In Perpetual Hamster City

The Big Empty Wasteland Of Indefinable Angst

Something About Precessions And So On


Count Your Lucky Stars

Lie Down With Dogs And Wake Up With Cat Scratch Fever

On This Potpourri Sunday

The World Declaration Of Independence From Criminal Israel - Vid

Don't Make Me Come Down There

A World Declaration Of Liberation From Criminal Israel

The Grantig Army In The Fata Morgana Of Paradise Veiled

Clarity, Certitude And The Confusion Of Opposites

The Landfill Of Disinfo, Piled Higher And Deeper


Anti-Semitic And Uncle Khazar Bonking In The Box Seats

When In The Course Of Human Events

The Pointless Cartoon Sacrifice Of The Military Dead

Degrees Of Darkness In The Absence Of Light

On The Cusp Of The Moment In The Tightening Vise

9/11 and The Big Smoke and Lie Machine

The End Of The Road In The Rear View Mirror


To Divine, To Intuit And To Comprehend

The Eternal Night Time Of The Eternally Damned

Les Visible, Lord Buckley And Whatever

Dick Cheney, War Criminal And Chickenhawk Deluxe

When The Guano Explodes At The Zombie Prom

Shit And Shinola On The Banks Of The River Of Darkness

Getting Rid Of Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles

Talking Bout The Baboon Red Ass Of Pornographic Need

Skateboarding With A Bent Wheel In Visibilandia


The Tree of Stupidity And The Fall Of Empire

ZATO And The Wannabe Whores Of Babylon

The Monkey Mind And The Dog Of Desire

When The Music Is Over, It Turns Into Sh*t

Whores To The Right Of Me, Whores To The Left Of Me

Reflections In A Petri Dish

The Wild Suicide Of The Untouchables"

The Black Swan Is On The Wing - Vid

High Thuggery And Criminal Skullduggery

Cat In The Kitchen, Mouse Behind The Icebox


The Black Swan Is On The Wing

The Grim Reaper And The Slouching Beast Approach

Crimson In The Clover, Over And Over

Unheimlich And Strano

The Dolphins Sunbathing On The Armageddon Train

As We Come To The Changing Line

Mr. Apocalypse And His Walking Stick

Palestine And The Irresistible Winds Of Change


One More Lone Gunman Who Wasn't Alone

Fame Is A Many Splintered Thing

Am I from Outer Space?

Connecting The Dot Machine

Fire And Rain And A Little Insane

Musing On The Banks Of A Dry River Bed

Rupert Murdoch Dog Paddles Over The Cosmic Sewer

Willingly Marching To The Guillotine And Auto Da Fe

Dog Poet Transmitting The Apocalypse

Sunglasses Of Serendipity

Rumblemania Steel Cage Match - Evil vs Evil


"Gentile Jambalaya is on the Menu."

Beware The Gobblegloom, My Son

A Trompe L'Oeil On The Face Of It

I'm With Stupid And Proud Of It

They're Not Crazy, They're Stark Raving Mad

Waiting In The Moment Before The Coming Unknown

To Know The End From The Beginning

Cognitive Dissonance On Revolution Road

A World Of Delusion On A Ball Of Confusion


It's The End Of The Beginning Of The End

Madness At The Break Of Dawn - Keep On Keeping On

Just The Facts Ma'am

The Shortcoming, Long Time Going

The Nameless Villains In The Shadows

The Enablers And Their Psychopathic Masters

Vampires Are Real

Emerald Tablets And Times Of Transformation


Where Is The Antidote For The Poison In The Well?

The Masks Of Deception In The Carnival Of Broken Dreams

The Base Of The Mountain And The Wheel Of Fire

They've Got A Thing For The Crack In The Liberty Bell

Binnie The Rat Nitwityahoo

Little Georgie Sorrows And The Cowabunga Cowpie

The Cisco Kid Frottage With The Gangbanging Ponchos

In The Time Of The Clown Princes Who Would Be Kings

Palaces Of Excess And Temples Of Wisdom

The Men Who Sit Behind The Men Who Work The Lie Machine

Halfway Around The World Before The Truth Has Its Pants On

Some Kind Of War, Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

Circumcising The Truth In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

Dreaming Of Reptiles Under A Skinny Dipping Moon

The Paint House Illusion Of Corrupted Light

Bad Ass Bozos On The Downtown, Hellfire Express Train

The Amazing, Rotating, Glow In The Dark, Bin Laden

The God Game In Rama Lhama Ding Dongville

The One In The Middle Is Definitely Bin Laden.

The Extraordinary, Inter-Dimensional Ship Is Landing

Ironies, Epiphanies And Satya Sai Baba

Purifying The Pump For The Apocalypse Factor

Love In Disguise In A World Of Lies


Visible's Primer On Basic Economics And Prosperity

If It Isn't Israel, It Must Be Space Aliens Or Monsters

The Avatar Is Within You

Soundtrack For A Petri Dish

Glamour And The Ghost Cities Of The Moon

Looking For Dr. Pangloss In An Orwellian Nightmare

The Pending Judgment Of The New World Disorder.

Spiritual Survival In A Temporal World - A Random Chapter

Free Will isn't What It Cracks Up To Be


Gaboon Vipers And Radioactive Hedge Fund Bankers

The Mad Bulls Are Loose In The China Shops

Here Comes April - Don't Be A Fool

Hey Mom, Is That Me In The Petri Dish?

Our Hidden Enemies Who Pose As Friends

Navigating The Road Of Our Karmic Misfortune

Time To Wake Up And Smell The Bodies Burning


The Desperate Dreams Of The Demon Spawn

Israel - The Ace Of Spades Of Evil

Down The River Of Life To The Ocean Of Presence

If It Walks Like A Werewolf And So On And So Forth

One Of The Darkest Evils The World Has Ever Known

Self-Righteous Enablers

Sunbathing On The Sunless Riviera Of The Devil's Backside

Catch And Release In The Trout Stream Of Life

Things You See When You're Riding Out Here

Henry Kissinger - A Loathsome Toad

The Pending Doom Of Banker World

Red-Eyed Stallions In Pursuit Of The Mare Of Destiny

The Dark Side Of The Devic Realm Rising

The David Rockefeller, Ball and Chain, Armageddon Club

A Legendary Shit-Smeared Clown From Long Island


Digging Yourself In And Digging Yourself Out

Jacque Fresco, On Behalf Of Humanity, I Call Him Friend

"Row, Row, Row your Boat, Down the Nightmare Stream"

Wandering Like A Stroke Victim Down Heart Attack Lane

The Weirder It Gets...The Stranger It Looks

Killing People Starts With Making Them Sick

Immortal Love, Hiding In Plain Sight

The Madman Sees A Kindred Spirit

Petraeus And Lieberman Sing The Arias Of Hell

Bitches And Hos And Our Man In Pakistan

The Law Of Return, Again And Again And Again


Revolution On The Water, Revolution In The Air

A Legendary Shit-Smeared Clown From Long Island

Digging Yourself In And Digging Yourself Out

Jacque Fresco, On Behalf Of Humanity, I Call Him Friend

"Row, Row, Row your Boat, Down the Nightmare Stream"

Wandering Like A Stroke Victim Down Heart Attack Lane

The Weirder It Gets...The Stranger It Looks

Killing People Starts With Making Them Sick

Immortal Love, Hiding In Plain Sight

The Madman Sees A Kindred Spirit

Petraeus And Lieberman Sing The Arias Of Hell

Bitches And Hos And Our Man In Pakistan

The Law Of Return, Again And Again And Again

Revolution On The Water, Revolution In The Air


The Coronation Of Trivia And The Headsman's Axe

Love In The Time Of The Hadron Collider

Looking For A Smack-Down On The Road To Damascus

BP's Feinberg - His Face And Posture Says It All

Dream Time On The Road To Shitville

There's No Easy Way Around The Stones In Your Path

Something Is Hidden In The Remote Places Of The World

Globoctopus Tightens Its Grip

The Love And How To Reach It

The Fundie Flu And The Chosen People, Too

The Hidden History and our Invisible Guides


The Revolutions Of The Outer And Inner Worlds

John's Boner Is A GOP Guidon, Flying At Half Mast

Wild Forces And Wild Times

Talking New World, New Age System Blues

Talking New World, New Age System Blues

We've Made Our Bed And We're Sleeping In It

Fire, Fire Burning Bright With The Tigers In The Night

One More Litmus Test for the Strong, Silent Types

In The Kingdom Of The Hungry Ghosts


The Real Deal Doesn't Need To Be 'New And Improved'

An Empire Of Lies, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

The Cost of Celebrity and the Price of Fame

Strange Days & Strange Dreams On The Frontier

Empty Suits And The Darkness That Moves Them


There's An Ill Wind In The Willows

It's A Long Hard Highway And I don't Know Where It Ends

Somewhere Down A Dark Road

What If We All Just Tried A Little Harder?

The Endless Tragedy Of The Clueless And Manipulated

You Are Invited To The Wedding Of Stupidity & Vanity

On New Year's Eve, 2010

The Western World's Murder Of Logic And Reason

Julian Assange And Abe Foxman Get Married

On Christmas Day, 2010

The Toxic, Cultural Waste Dumps Of The World

What's Any Of This Got To Do With That?

Someone's Tossing Ice Cubes into the Devil's Coffee


The Early Bird Gets Cosmically Wormed

A Transmission from the Invisible Planes

Weaving Like Drunks into the Event Horizon


Of Bleached Anal Rings and the Displaced Heads of Kings

The Royal Lizard Emporium of the Feckless Doom

Vlad the Impaler at the Armageddon Film Festival with a Match

Helen Thomas and the Zio Ogres from the Synagogue of Satan

The Tunnel of Light in the Spider's Web

The Shrink Wrapped and Processed Formica Life

Stick A Fork In Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head, They Done

The Psychopathy Of International Banker Scum

This Is Our Greatest Crime Against Ourselves

Israel And The Global Frottage Pat Down Rape

A Slumber Party In Hell

The Demons Among us at the Cannibal Feast

A Congregation Of Vipers At The Charity Ball

The Bending End of Conspicuous Damnation

Separation And The Worlds Of Differences And Unity

Coca-Cola, Max Keiser And Killer Bumblebees

They'll Be Singing? Tears Of Rage And Tears Of Grief?

The Wobble Factor In The Inferior Realms

Hey Buddy, Could You Help a Gentile Out?

Tattooed Bankers With A Case Of Cosmic Red Ass

The Vampire Bankers Host The Invisible Siren Chorus

Suspended Waterfalls And Constipated Clouds

Trembling House Of Cards Is Beginning To Tumble

Fear Is A Magnetic Force, Often Appearing As Anger

The Queen And Sexy Sadie Need Some Heat

An Imaginary Reach-Around In The Mouthpiece Of The Beast

The Elite & Chosen People Laughing Business Game

The Same Old Same Old Don't Say My Name

Does It Hurt Yet...Or Does It Still Hurt?

Gotter And Dammerung On The Horizon

When You're Cool The Sun Is Always Shining

The Teabagging John Waters Considers Pornographic

Time For That Old Time False Flag Redux

Moon-Walking Into The Dimensional Shift

Monsanto Must Go Into Saddam's Shredder

The Truth Is An Unwelcome Guest

The 9th Anniversary Of Israel's Attack On America

Whirlpools & Tornadoes & The Suicide Of Evil

Hey Buddy, Want To Buy A Watch?

The Costumed Self In The Temporary World Of Time

Waiting On The Cosmic Ex-Lax

Let's Send BP Into The Fires Of Hell

Enemies Of Humanity & Their Empty Suit Puppets

Fishsticks & The Temporary Art Of A Plastic Stationary Ass

Homo Erectus And The Kiss Of Rothschild

The Stupids Take The Prize, Scream For Their Own Death

A More Poetic Version Of Lady Truth...NoLess True

The Truth Is The Best F**k In Town

The Anacondas And The Jesus Jumping Girl

It Came From Beneath The Valley Of The New Shangri-La

Time & The Bus Station & The Perfect Justice Of Life

How They Do It & The Solution To Their Evil Intent

The Occasional Posting From Transmission Central

The Unstoppable Force of Irresistible Change

It's Going To Rock Your World

The Man With The Bullhorn

Bringing The Extremes Into The Middle

It Doesn't Matter What We Do Because No One Says A Thing

There Must Be A Reason But The Reason Can't Be Sane

Nice Girls By Day, Hookers By Night

Finding The Expert Or Being It Instead

Maybe They Are Right, Despite The Evidence, Is That True?

Peculiar Disconnect With Sex

What Part Of This Are You Reading

The Impending Dimensional Shift

Falling Into The Pit With Ben Stein And Tribe

Reflections In A Petri Dish

I Forget What It Is That I Can't Remember Any More

A Note From Jeff Regarding 'I Forgot What It Is...'

Oil For The Lamps Of Heaven And Hell

The World Of Most People And The Power Of The Unseen

Dick And Jane Get Crucified On Corfu

The Polanski Gambit And The Old World Order

I Forget What It Is That I Can't Remember Any More

Ride The Apocalypse On The New Ship Of Seeing

Holocaustianity And The Rape Of Palestine

Shades Of Gray And The Abattoir Stench

The Convenient Media Rope-A-Dope With The Pope

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