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David John Oates - Reverse Speech

4-28-17...Trump, Tillerson, Mattis, McMaster Reversals All Point To NK War

3-17-17...New Reverse Speech Political Newsmakers

3-9-17...Trump's Stunning Reversals

3-3-17...Reverse Speech Newsmakers (90 minutes)

2-20-17...More Stunning New Speech Reversals

2-17-17...More Stunning New Speech Reversals

2-3-17...Latest Political Reversals

1-20-17...Oates - Trump Inaugural Reversals - Reverse Speech Analysis Of Donald Trumps Inauguration

1-12-17...Revelations From Obama's Final Two Speeches

12-16-16...Reverse Speech Political Newsmakers

12-2-16...LISTEN! Stunning Speech Reversals On PizzaGate & Trump

Listen! Speech Reversals - The Best Of Donald Trump

Listen! Speech Reversals - The 'Best' Of Hillary Clinton

11-18-16...New 60 Minutes Trump Reversals

11-10-16...Post Election Speech Reversals

11-4-16...Stunning New Reversals On Hillary

10-21-16...Reversals From The Final Debate!

10-13-16...Prof James Fetzer & Preston James with Special Guest David John Oates - Key Speech Reversals On Hillary & Trumps Stunning Assassination Prediction
Hour 1
...Hour 2

10-12-16...Debate Speech Reversals!
Hour 1
...Hour 2

10-7-16...Reverse Speech Political Newsmakers

9-29-16...Reverse Speech Analysis Of The Debate
Hour 1
...Hour 2

9-1-16...More Stunning Political Speech Reversals

8-19-16...Latest Political Speech Reversals

8-8-16...Hillary's Failing Health Reversals

8-5-16...Reverse Speech Newsmakers

7-29-16...Reversals Of Hillary Clinton At DNC - MP3

7-29-16...Reversals Of Hillary Clinton At DNC - Vid

7-21-16...Reverse Speech Of Melania Trump

7-19-16...Reverse Speech Of Melania Trump - Vid

7-6-16...Reverse Speech Of Comey's Announcement About Hillary

7-6-16...James Comey Speech Reversals

7-1-16...More Stunning Political Speech Reversals

6-22-16...Latest Campaign Speech Reversals

6-3-16...Reversals Of Hillary's 'Great Speech'!

6-1-16..Reverse Speech Of Bill Clinton On Vince Foster's Death

5-20-16..Stunning Reversals On Gingrich And Ryan!

5-6-16..Latest Political Reversals

5-2-16..Trump Says Cruz Dad Helped Lee Harvey Oswald

5-2-16..Lyin' Ted's Reply About His Father Knowing Oswald

5-2-16..Reverse Speech Of Cruz Denying His Dad Knew Oswald

5-1-16..Mind-Blowing Speech Reversals On Psycho Lyin' Ted - Pt 1

5-1-16..New Speech Reversals On Donald Trump - Pt 2

4-25-16..Special Reverse Speech Report On Cruz-Kasich Outrage

4-8-16..Stunning Reversals On RNC Priebus Show Clear Conspiracy

3-8-16..More Amazing Trump Reversals with Daivd Oates

2-19-16..SHOCKING Reversals On The Pope! On Donald Trump, The Clintons & Liar Cruz! - Part 1

2-19-16..SHOCKING Reversals On The Pope! On Donald Trump, The Clintons & Liar Cruz! - Part 2

11-3-15..Trump Telling His 100% Truth - Listen To His Astonishing Speech Reversals!