Are We On the Brink
of Armageddon?

By: Frances Fontaine


"The Bible gives a ratio of forces at a given political situation of the end times
which, if read in the context of today, does begin to look familiar"

-  Major General Chaim Herzog,
Ambassador to the U.N.

    Moses predicted that before the end of time the Jews would regain their homeland. Chapters 36-38 of Ezekiel describe Israel's rebirth. On May 14, 1948 the Jews returned to Palestine and formed the nation of Israel. Jesus used a parable in Luke 21:29-33 where he referred to Israel's rebirth and said that a generation shall not pass away before all things predicted in the Bible would be fullfilled. It is believed that a Biblical generation lasted for 50 years. This year on May 14th, will mark Israel's 50ieth anniversary.

    Jesus warns us in Matthew 24:21-22 that man would destroy nearly everything that lives in the last days. Man has never had that ability before, but we most certainly do today. With the biochemical and thermonuclear weapons that we possess today, we could almost certainly wipe nearly every living thing off the face of this planet.

    Is the prevalence of the UFOs in our skies today, the fulfillment of Jesus' prediction in Luke 21:11 where he states "There will be terrors and great signs from heaven"? The Greek word for heaven can mean any of the following three things, Earth's atmosphere, outer space, or the abode of God.

    Background Information:

    To understand what is and will happen in the impending war in the Middle East, you have to first understand the attitudes that exist between the multifarious peoples, cultures, religions and regions of the Middle East and how and why we find ourselves in the predicament described in the Bible commonly known as Armageddon.

    The first thing to understand is that the Jews are determined to never lose Israel again and if backed to the wall by aggressors they will fight back. Generally, they use a retribution system known as "an eye for an eye", but if it looks as though they are about to go down for good, they will not hesitate to bring their enemies down with them - even if it means launching nuclear warheads aimed at their enemy's territory.

    The prevalent "anti-West" sentiments felt by the Arabs, are due in no small part to historical events that occurred within this century, when France, the UK and US carved up the Middle-East, into small countries and deposited puppet dictators at their helms. Due in no small part to the large oil reserves found in the Arabic countries there. It was their way of seizing and maintaining control of the oil reserves whilst giving the appearance that it was the Arabs who actually owned and controlled these reserves. The imperialist powers of the west, who imposed these new borders and dictators did not care about the atrocities that these newly appointed dictators committed against their own people and largely ignored all human rights violations that were being perpetrated by their puppet governments in those regions.

    This sentiment currently brewing amongst the Arabic population has given rise to the Islamic "jihads" declared against the west - mainly the US, as they are the enforcers of the imperialist powers in that region.

    Combine those ingredients with what happened in the 1991 Gulf War where Iraq was nearly totally devastated by the "U.N. forces" and the imposed sanctions that have nearly starved Iraq to death since then. This not only leads the Arabic populations, but much of the rest of the world's populations to feel that Iraq has been subdued quite enough and does not need to be attacked again. If the US & UK insist on attacking it again, there is apt to be reprisals not only from the Arabic populations but from other countries that sympathise with Iraq's predicament. This could trigger another world-war or as it's called in the Bible "Armageddon".

    Political-Economic Factors:

    "What is now being discussed at the highest levels of government, in both the United States and abroad, is the creation of a new world economic system - a system that will affect jobs in America and elsewhere, the prices consumers pay and the freedom of individuals, corporations and nations to enter into a truly planetary economic system. Indeed, many observers see the advent of the Carter administration and what is now being called the 'Trilateral' cabinet as the harbinger of this new era."
                                                                                                            - Jeremiah Novak,
                                                                                                                Christian Science Monitor,
                                                                                                                 Feb. 7, 1977
    International Trade:
    Britain, Portugal, France, Holland and the US posted tariffs to protect their own industries before WWII. Tariffs were added on to the price of imported goods making it difficult for other countries to compete with the same kind of products produced domestically.

    During WWII it became obvious that this system wasn't working very well and so two economists, John Maynard Keynes of UK and Harry Dexter White of US got together in July 1944 in Bretton Woods, NH to draw up a new plan. That plan took it's name from the town where it was born.

    The two main problems they had to contend with were, worldwide currency instability and indiscriminate raising of protective tariffs.

    They solved the first problem by proposing fixed currency exchange rates. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank were established not only for that purpose but to provide credit to the poor and war torn nations.

    To solve the second problem they created what is known as the "most favoured nation" system, allowing nations who had trouble competing internationally, to apply for the status of "most favoured nation", thereby allowing them to export to countries, without having to pay any import tariffs at it's destination. This system is a part of the "General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade" otherwise known as GATT.

    The US was left to enforce the Bretton Woods system until the early 1960s when it found it could no longer maintain stability in the system or enforce it's rules. A number of incidents culminated to cause this:

    • The US dollar's stability and power were compromised due to the increased deficits in the US' balance of payments and the removal of the gold standard that backed the value of the dollar.
    • Japan and the EEU presented strong competition in the marketplace, weakening the US' power to exert pressure on violators of the system.
    • Poor third world countries couldn't afford to buy from other countries.
    • In 1971  Nixon devalued the dollar and imposed a tariff surcharge on imported goods.


    The Rise of the Trilateral Commission & The CFR:
    After many unsuccessful attempt by various groups to establish a new system, David Rockefeller recruited Zbigniew Brzezinski, a specialist on international relations from Columbia University to help him devise the policies of a new system.

    They decided to divide the "policing" of their new system up, between Japan, the EEU and the US. That's how the commission got it's name "Trilateral", referring to the three economic forces that enforce it.

    The Trilateral Commission regulates far more than the Bretton Woods system did. According to Jeremiah Novak's statement he made on Feb. 5, 1977, "The rules cover such areas as international monetary systems, international trade in raw materials and industrial goods and use of 'commons', such as the oceans, space and the poles. These rules are seen as universally applicable and subject to sanctions in the event they are violated."

    A quote appearing in an article in the July 1977 issue of the Alantic Monthly reads as follows: "Although the commission's primary concern is economic, the Trilateralists pinpointed a vital political objective: To gain control of the American presidency."

     Jimmy Carter became a charter member of the commission in 1973. After he was elected president, he proceeded to pack his administration with Trilateralists. The Trilateralists also managed to pack the  EEU  and Japanese administrations as well.

     George Bush  was also a Trilateralist.

    The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek and US News and World Report publish reports minimizing the commission's influence and power. Could that be because many of the news media executives are also commission members?

    The editor-in-chief of Time Magazine, directors of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and editorial director of the Chicago Sun-Times, circa 1980 were all members of the Trilateralist Commission.

    CFR Connection:
    A foreign policy group specializing in international affairs visited the US State Department in 1939 and offered it's services. It was called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

    The Rockefeller Foundation financed the group's policy-making efforts.

    Barry Goldwater is quoted as saying, "Since 1944 every American Secretary of State, with the exception of James F. Byrnes, has been a member of the CFR.

    "I believe the CFR and it's ancillary elitist groups are indifferent to communism. They have no ideological anchors. In their pursuit of a new world order they are prepared to deal without prejudice with a communist state, a socialist state, a democratic state, monarchy, oligarchy - it's all the same to them."

    Dangers of Trilateralism:
    They have taken upon themselves the right to make significant global changes, that affects freedoms of millions of people, with no public consultation, no debate, no election and done in virtual secrecy.

    They may have knowingly and purposely or perhaps unwittingly, if we are to give them the benefit of the doubt, set the stage for the one world political-economic system. Which in recent times seems to fall under control of the U.N. - which is largely if not totally controlled by the dictates of the  U.S. Presidency and it's administration policies.

    Pulling It All Together:

    Map graphics by Stephanie Fontaine

    The ten political economic regions referenced in Revelations 17:12 says very specifically that, "the kings have recieved no kingdom as yet" implies that these leaders are not leaders of countries - or political leaders. So, my theory about these 10 kings is that they are geo-political and/or economic affiliations.

    Revelations 17:5 refers to Babylon - which can be thought of as present-day Iraq, as "The Mother of Harlots".

    Revelations 17:16 says that the representatives of the ten horns shall hate the whore, shall make her desolate, and naked and shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

    You will note that in Revelations 12:6 there is a woman who flees into the wilderness where she is fed by God for 1,260 days or three and a half years. Then in Revelations 12:14 she is given two wings of a great eagle (ie: symbolic of the USA) where she is fed by the serpent for a time and times and half a time. A time is defined to mean a year by Biblical scholars - hence, they take this reference to the amount of time to be three and a half years. The total of this time is seven years altogether. The same time period that has elapsed between the 1991 Gulf War and our current situation.

    Now, that woman is mentioned again in Revelations 17:18 where it says she reigns over the kings of the Earth, in relation to inciting the hatred and resulting devastation of "the whore" who we've already determined to be Babylon or it's country Iraq.

    Later in Revelations 18:2, just 2 verses down from Revelations 17:18, we read, "Babylon the great is fallen is fallen" - the first fallen might refer to the devastation caused by the 1991 Gulf War, while the second fallen probably refers to it's destruction the second time around in the impending war.

    The UN As The Beast and 666 It's Mark:
    Revelations 13:1 portrays a vision of a beast rising out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns each sporting a crown. Then in Revelations 17:9 it is revealed that these seven heads represent mountains that rise out of the sea. As my daughter's map clearly demonstrates these seven mountains are symbolic of the 7 continents, which indeed do seem to have risen out of the sea. At my request my daughter also placed ten horns on the map to represent the reflection of the current political-economic regions. There is one horn to represent each of the following affiliations or regions:
    •  NAFTA  in North America
    • Mercur (Unsure if that's the name given it) for the South American FTA
    • EEU in Western Europe
    •  The Vatican  in Rome Italy
    • Eastern Europe representing the Slavic countries that once comprised the USSR
    • African States in Africa
    • Arab League and OPEC in Saudi Arabia
    • Asia which encompasses most of Asia, the Pacific, Australia and NZ, excluding China
    • China
    • Antartica has it's own horn because it has a unique character in that it's not the domain of any one country and is a community based on scientific research.

    I've already pointed out that these ten "kings" aren't really political leaders as indicated in Revelations 17:12, thus I am assuming these "kings" represent economic or some other common affiliations rather than "political" affiliations.

    You will note that "GATT" the "General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade" sprung from the Trilateral Commission's work. Whilst GATT has no formal relationship with the UN, it cooperates with it and is considered part of the UN system.

    The Economic and Social Council of the UN also oversees the following commissions and organizations:

    • Regional Commissions
    • Functional Commissions
    • Sessional, Standing and ad hoc Committees
    • UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    • WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization
    • ILO - International Labour Organization
    • FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization
    • UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    • WHO - World Health Organization
    • IMF - International Monetary Fund
    • IDA - International Development Association
    • World Bank
    • IFC - International Finance Corporation
    • IFAD - International Fund for Agricultural Development
    • ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
    • UPU - Universal Postal Union
    • ITU - International Telecommunications Union
    • WMO - World Meteorological Organization
    •  IMO  - International Maritime Organization (clink on the link to see their resolution 666)

    The IMO Resolution 666 installs the GPS satellite tracking system as the standards for land, sea and air navigation. Is this a precursor to forcing the citizenary of Earth to accept GPS tracking devices perhaps? Will we each be forced to carry one of these on our person at all times, one day?

    Those are just the organizations and committees that are directly or indirectly under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council, the UN has five other councils as well!

    Once you realize what the UN controls, you begin to realize that we already have the one world government predicted in the Bible and that each and every nation on earth, has basically lost it's sovereignty to the UN. Our national leaders are all merely puppets of the UN, implementing laws and regulations to conform to the UN's wishes.

    Here is the text of the UN Resolution 666:  (you will note it deals with Iraq)

    United Nations Resolution 666,
    September 13, 1990

        The Security Council,
     Recalling its resolution 661 (1990), Paragraphs 3(c) and 4 of which apply, except in humanitarian circumstances, to foodstuffs,
    Recognizing that circumstances may arise in which it will be necessary for foodstuffs to be supplied to the civilian population in Iraq or Kuwait in order to relieve human suffering,
    Noting that in this respect the Committee established under paragraph 6 of that resolution has received communications from several Member States.
     Emphasizing that it is for the Security Council, alone or acting through the Committee, to determine whether humanitarian circumstances have arisen,     Deeply concerned that Iraq has failed to comply with its obligations
    under Security Council resolution 664 (1990) in respect of the safety and well-being of third State nationals, and reaffirming that Iraq retains full responsibility in this regard under international law including, where applicable, the Fourth Geneva Convention,

    Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,

        1. Decides that in order to make the necessary determination whether or not for the purposes of paragraph 3 (c) and paragraph 4 of resolution 661 (1990) humanitarian circumstances have arisen, the Committee shall keep the situation regarding foodstuffs in Iraq and Kuwait under constant review;
        2. Expects Iraq to comply with its obligations under Security Council resolution 664 (1990) in respect of third State nationals and reaffirms that Iraq remains fully responsible for their safety and well-being in accordance with international humanitarian law including, where applicable, the Fourth Geneva Convention;
        3. Requests for the purposes of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this resolution, that the Secretary-General seek urgently, and on a continuing basis, information from relevant United Nations and other appropriate humanitarian agencies and all other sources on the availability of food in Iraq and Kuwait, such information to be communicated by the Secretary-General to the Committee regularly;
        4. Requests further that in seeking and supplying such information particular attention will be paid to such categories of persons who might suffer specially, such as children under 15 years of age, expectant mothers, maternity cases, the sick and the elderly;
        5. Decides that if the Committee, after receiving the reports from the Secretary-General, determines that circumstances have arisen in which there is an urgent humanitarian need to supply foodstuffs to Iraq or Kuwait in order to relieve human suffering, it will report promptly to the Council its decision as to how such need should be met;
        6. Directs the Committee that in formulating its decisions it should bear in mind that foodstuffs should be provided through the United Nations in co-operation with the International Committee of the Red Cross or other appropriate humanitarian agencies and distributed by them or under their supervision in order to ensure that they reach the
    intended beneficiaries;
        7. Requests the Secretary-General to use his good offices to facilitate the delivery and distribution of foodstuffs to Kuwait and Iraq in accordance with the provisions of this and other relevant resolutions;
        8. Recalls that resolution 661 (1990) does not apply to supplies intended strictly for medical purposes, but in this connection recommends that medical supplies be exported under strict supervision of the Government of the exporting State or by appropriate humanitarian agencies.

    VOTE: 13 for, 0 against, 2 abstentions (Cuba and Yemen)

    United Nations Resolution 666 Summary

        The following statement is quoted from a summary of UN resolution 666.
    The summary is from a publicly released book called "United States Participation in the UN," and was issued by the U.S. State Department. It can be purchased at the United States Government Bookstore for around $10.00.  The resolution 666 was passed on September 13, 1990, and was (or is being) carried out by The International Committee of the Red Cross.

        In response to the concern of several UN member states about possible hardships imposed on vulnerable segments of the Iraqi CIVILIAN population resulting from sanctions on foodstuffs, the Security Council adopted this
    resolution on September 13.  It outlined the mechanism for Security Council determination when humanitarian circumstances specified in 661 exist for the Sanctions Committee to authorize specific food shipments.
    Resolution 666 also OUTLINED PROCEDURES UNDER WHICH FOOD SHIPMENT AND DISTRIBUTION should occur in order to assure food reached its intended beneficiaries. Further, the resolution stipulated that the HUMANITARIAN AGENCIES MUST DISTRIBUTE OR SUPERVISE DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH FOOD SHIPMENTS.  Conveying U.S. views on the resolution, the U.S. Representative, Ambassador Pickering, noted the SAFEGUARDS in this regarding food distribution were necesary, NOT OPTIONAL, to ensure food reached its beneficiaries.  "The resolution just adopted... gives a strong role to the Sanctions Committee in implementing the policies of the Security Council.  It ENSURES that THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY IS PREPARED TO RESPOND TO CASES OF genuine human need in a way that meets those needs without destroying the strength of the sanctions."

    If you wish to see the other Resolutions dealing with Iraq visit the following link .

    You will note in this resolution the UN members are tasked with ensuring  that both Kuwait and Iraq have adequate food supplies and that the food supplies reach the people for whom it's intended.

    You will also note it mentions they are to use the  Fourth Geneva Convention  as a guideline for carrying out these directives of Resolution 666. If you clicked on that link, to read the text you'd have found it's a convention dealing with the treatment of civilians during hostilities.

    If you've been reading or listening to the news at all since the end of the Gulf War you'd know that the US and UK have been trying to block and otherwise impede any and all food or aid destined to reach Iraq. They have intentionally been trying to starve Iraqi citizens since 1991 in hopes that the severe economic conditions would incite the Iraqi population to revolt and overthrow Saddam Hussein.  Violating  both the Geneva Convention and the UN Resolution 666, as evidenced in the following news report:

    07:06 PM ET 02/12/98

    Iraqi children suffer
    consequences of U.N. sanctions

                By Alistair Lyon
                BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) - His cries barely audible, Ahmed Mahmoud Rashid lay on a table and feebly kicked his shrunken limbs as a drip was placed in his wrinkled arm.
                The suffering of the dehydrated Iraqi baby, two months and 17 days old, and his weeping mother Fatima was an indirect result of Iraq's protracted wrestling with the United Nations.
                U.N. sanctions, imposed after Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait and maintained to force Baghdad to dismantle its weapons of mass destruction, have devastated the country's once impressive health services along with the rest of the economy.
                Despite Iraq's oil-for-food deal with the United Nations that began in December 1996, the supply of drugs, oxygen, anesthetics, medical equipment and even detergents remains precarious and unpredictable, Iraqi doctors say.
                ``He has had a month of vomiting and diarrhea,'' said Yasir Raouf, 29, a doctor at Baghdad's Saddam Teaching Hospital for Children, showing Ahmed's yellowish, distended belly.
                ``He has lactose intolerance and needs special feeding with specific formula milk, which is not available.''
                On a nearby bed, 18-month-old Bashar Naji Abid breathed rapidly in obvious distress. He suffers from kidney and respiratory problems that could lead to brain damage and death.
                Raouf said the hospital did not have disposable syringes needed to do blood tests to investigate his kidney infection.
                In the cancer ward, a shortage of cytotoxic drugs has greatly reduced the chances that children like 9-year-old Hazem Fahran can survive their leukemia.
                The drugs, used after chemotherapy treatment, should form part of a regular regime which Raouf said was normally able to cure 90 percent of victims of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
                Hazem, sitting listlessly on his bed, has missed many rounds of treatment. ``He has most of the complications of leukemia -- renal failure, hepatitis,'' said Raouf. ``The disease is progressing in all his body.''
                Hospital director Samir Kalender said it was short of everything from injectable antibiotics to intravenous fluids.
    ``Sometimes we have to stop doing surgery because we are missing drugs or gloves or anesthetics,'' he said.
                He said some supplies were coming under the oil-for-food program under which Iraq can sell $2 billion worth of oil every six months to buy essential food and medical goods.
                ``But it is not enough and it is not continuous,'' he said, adding that supplies from other sources such as private relief agencies had dried up since the U.N. deal took effect.
                Iraqi officials say an estimated 1.5 million children have died needlessly in the past seven years and blame U.N. sanctions.
                U.S. officials say Iraqi President Saddam Hussein spends too much of the money at his disposal on grandiose building projects and his military machine.
                Either way, children are the principal victims of a conflict they cannot comprehend, as U.N. documents testify.
                A UNICEF report said chronic malnutrition rates for under-fives in southern and central Iraq had increased 70 percent since August 1991 and deaths had risen several fold.
                ``A child with diarrhea in 1990 had a 1/600 chance of dying; in 1996 this became 1/50,'' it said, to illustrate what it called a lethal synergy between malnutrition and infection.
                ``A child with pneumonia in 1990 had a 1/60 chance of dying; in 1996 1/8 children with pneumonia died.''
                The report attributed malnutrition to economic conditions in which gross domestic product per capita declined to $600 from $3,500 and public worker salaries now averaged $3 to $5 a month compared to $50 to $100 before 1990.
                ``If they can get drugs, most of these children could be cured,'' said Raouf, standing outside the cancer ward. ``It's their right to have treatment, isn't it? They are innocent.''

    Despite the UK's and US' attempt to starve the Iraqis into rebellion against Saddam Hussein, causing his overthrow, it has not worked and in 1996 Iraq signed an oil-for-food deal (as was mentioned in the previous article) allowing them to export $1 billion worth of oil for food every 90 days. Recently the UN augmented that amount, to alleviate the suffering and starvation in Iraq. Now that the UN has augmented the amount, the US and UK are trying to find a way to keep the Iraqis deprived of this additional food, so they're planning a war. Which as evidenced by recent reports on CNN, will make it difficult if not impossible to deliver the food to the intended recipients, since the UN has ask the volunteers to evacuate from Iraq. If they're not there they can't help distribute the goods to those who need it. So has Clinton and Blair achieved their objectives after-all, by threatening war, they've effectively cut off the influx of food and other aid to Iraq. Technically, they don't even have to drop a bomb now, all they have to do now is sit in the Gulf with all their amassed troops and keep threatening to drop bombs, in order to keep the relief workers out of Iraq.

    Connecting the US President With the Antichrist:
    Revelations 13:3 mentions the antichrist as having a deadly head wound, and in Revelations 13:4 the dragon (symbolizing China) gave power to him (probably the donations to Clinton's campaign made by the Chinese) and who is able to make war with him? (Which denotes the supreme world super-power - who else maintains that position but the USA?)

    Now I am going to explain why I am saying the US President (it's not any man in particular, but rather the man who occuppies that office) is the antichrist.

    You will note the reference to the deadly head wound and also remember that  JFK  was shot in the head in Dallas Texas in 1963. Back in the days that John recieved these visions from God and wrote the book of Revelations, there was technically no such thing as political assassinations. Generally when emperors, kings or other types of leaders were killed it was in conquest. The conqueror would then conquer the land whilst maintaining his original title. Thus, if a king conquered the domain of an emperor, the emperor would be killed or deposed and the king would then assume control of the territory whilst maintaining his title of king.

    So the fact that JFK died by a head wound, yet the American Presidency continued under Lyndon B. Johnson's leadership, denotes that "the deadly wound was healed."

    The US President George Bush, bribed and coerced the Security Council and other UN members in 1991 to lead a bombing campaign against Iraq as evidenced by the following snippet from the  International War Crimes Tribunal .

    President Bush coerced the United Nations Security Council into an unprecedented series of resolutions, finally securing authority for any nation in its absolute discretion by all necessary means to enforce the resolutions. To secure votes the U.S. paid multi-billion dollar bribes, offered arms for regional wars, threatened and carried out economic retaliation, forgave multi-billion dollar loans (including a $7 billion  loan to Egypt for arms), offered diplomatic relations despite human rights violations and in other ways corruptly exacted votes, creating  the
    appearance of near universal international approval of U.S. policies toward Iraq. A country which opposed the U.S., as Yemen did, lost millions of dollars in aid, as promised, the costliest vote it ever cast.

    President Bush consistently rejected and ridiculed Iraq's efforts to negotiate a peaceful resolution, beginning with Iraq's August 12, 1990, proposal, largely ignored, and ending with its mid-February 1991 peace offer which he called a "cruel hoax." For his part, President Bush consistently insisted there would be no negotiation, no compromise, no
    face saving, no reward for aggression. Simultaneously, he accused Saddam Hussein of rejecting diplomatic solutions.

    Now we come to  President Bill Clinton who I believe is the one described in Daniel 7:28, because he is described as not only being charismatic but also better looking than his contemporaries. It is just my opinion, but both Clinton and Blair could fit this description, although I think Clinton has more charisma than Blair, but they are both definitely better looking than any of the other current national leaders, that I've seen and know about.

    In Daniel 7:25 it says he'll be a very charismatic leader who will think to change times and laws. Under Clinton's administration they enacted House Resolution 666 (text and a commentary follows) which is a very dramatic and what would be to me, if I were a US citizen a very scary example of this.

    House Resolution 666

    By: Jeff Head

    This resolution seriously erodes the rights of every American and is a huge step  leading towards totalitarianism and a Police State.  While, if we could always be assured of totally upright law enforcement, judges and elected officials, this bill would be harmless, history has proven that such conditions will not exist.
    Therefore, this bill opens the door for the aboration of rights given to us by God and embodied in the Constitution.

    In essence this bill states that police no longer have to be restricted in gathering evidence by the rights of the accused.  In this country, allcitizens are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, and until such time, the God given rights are vouch safed by the Constitution.  No more.  If a law officer, local, state or federal, can say that,  "the
    search or seizure was carried out in circumstances justifying an objectively  reasonable belief that it was in conformity with the fourth amendment", then anything goes.  While this alone does not sound too terrible (but it is), the law then states that the fact that the officer(s) had a search warrant, by definition, defines their actions as
    conforming to a reasonable belief ..

    "The fact that evidence was obtained pursuant to and within the scope of a warrant constitutes prima facie evidence of the existence of such circumstances"

    This, in the opinion of the writer is a license for more Waco.s, more Ruby Ridges, etc. and  presupposes that the trampling of rights is justified by any policeman, acting with any warrant.  Waco and Ruby Ridge (and many less publicized events) teach us the danger in this.

    Please read the following bill carefully in light of history :

    104th Congress H. R. 666  As Reported in the House CONGRESS
    nion Calendar No. 7
    104th CONGRESS
    1st Session

    BILL                                     H. R. 666
    TITLE                              (REPORT NO. 104-17)
              To control crime by exclusionary rule reform.
                                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                          JANUARY 25, 1995
    Mr. McCollum introduced the following bill; which was referred to the
    Committee on the Judiciary
                                          FEBRUARY 2, 1995
    Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union
    and ordered to be printed
    TEXT                                       A BILL
              To control crime by exclusionary rule reform.
               Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
               of  the United States of America in Congress assembled,
                This Act may be cited as the `Exclusionary Rule Reform Act of   1995`.
                (a) In General  . - Chapter 223 of title 18, United States  Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:
              `Sec. 3510. Admissibility of evidence obtained by search or  seizure
                `(a) Evidence Obtained by Objectively Reasonable Search or  Seizure  . - Evidence which is obtained as a result of a search  or seizure shall not be excluded in a proceeding in a court of  the United States on the ground that the search or seizure was  in violation of the fourth amendment to the Constitution of the United States, if the search or seizure was carried out in circumstances justifying an objectively reasonable belief that  it was in conformity with the fourth amendment.  The fact that  evidence was obtained pursuant to and within the scope of a  warrant constitutes prima facie evidence of the existence of  such circumstances.
                (b) Evidence Not Excludable by Statute or Rule  . -
                    (1) Generally  . - Evidence shall not be excluded in a proceeding in a court of the United States on the ground that  it was obtained in violation of a statute, an administrative  rule or regulation, or a rule of procedure
    unless exclusion is expressly authorized by statute or by a rule prescribed by the  Supreme Court pursuant to statutory
                    (2) Special rule relating to objectively reasonable searches and seizures  . - Evidence which is otherwise    excludable under paragraph (1) shall not be excluded if the  search or seizure was carried out in circumstances
    justifying  an objectively reasonable belief that the search or seizure was  in conformity with the statute, administrative rule or  regulation, or rule of procedure, the violation of which  occasioned its being excludable.
                (c) Rule of Construction  . - This section shall not be construed to require or authorize the exclusion of evidence in  any proceeding.`.
                (b) Clerical Amendment  . - The table of sections at the  beginning of chapter 223 of title 18, United States Code, is  amended by adding at the end the following:
              3510. Admissibility of evidence obtained by search or seizure.`.

    Daniel 7:24 says he shall subdue three kings, I ask you to consider Clinton's flouting of France's, Russia's and China's warnings to him regarding the current situation in Iraq.

    If you still doubt the US Presidency is the antichrist, ask yourself this: Which other leaders have been able to dictate and impose their will on the UN members and Security Council besides the US President - namely George Bush?

    How Will The War Evolve and How Long Will It Last?

    For a very vivid description of what the battle will be like read Isaiah chapter 13. Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 further describe the battle. According to Ezekiel 38:2-6 Russia and the countries that comprised the former USSR, Persia (which are all the Middle East countries of today), Ethiopia (or black African nations - probably Islamic), Libya, Gomer and all his bands (former Iron Curtain countries), Togarmah (South Russia) and many people with thee (indicates not all countries are named) will be the participants.

    It says in Daniel 7:25 that this will go on for three and a half years.

    Daniel 11:40-45 goes on to explain that at the end the Arabs and Russians will come at Israel and many countries shall be overthrown. In verse 44 it indicates that tidings out of the north and the east shall trouble him. I am assuming that the east might refer either to Europe or China (depending on how you delineate East here). The north, I'm not sure of, because quite frankly, I don't know of any countries north of Russia - unless you go right over the top of the pole to North America.

    Russia's motives might be to not only protect Iraq from the injustices inflicted on it by the US and allies, but to also capture and secure the Gulf region oil supplies and incapacitate Israel, the only nuclear power in the region.

    In Zechariah 14:12 it implies that all the nations that fight against Israel will have thermonuclear bombs dropped on them.

    According to Revelations 9:16 there will be an amassed force(s) of troops numbering 200 million, who as indicated in Revelations 9:15 will wind up killing off one third of all mankind.

    Eventually China will become involved in the war, moving into the area of the Euphrates (Iraq), as described in Revelations 16:12.

    It appears as though five out of the seven fallen kings mentioned in Revelations 7:10 could mean that five out of the seven continents will be laid waste by this war. It goes on to say, that after they have fallen there is one more king to come, but he's only given a short time.