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My name is Ashley Charron and I saw your site and thought I would submit my story.

Last year, Columbus Day weekend I was in Keene, NH for a friend's wedding. It was a beautiful weekend and after the reception on Sunday night my friends and I decided to go to a few ‘Haunted Hotspots’ in Keene.. given that it’s October and a few of my friends are curious about paranormal activity we decided to go exploring. I’ve always also been curious about ghosts and spirits and have had a few unexplainable encounters…

However on Sunday night I had a spine chilling experience in the Woodlawn Cemetery outside of the Sumnar Knight Chapel. My friends and I approached the Sumner Knight Chapel and parked the car about 20 Ft. from the Chapel. My friends decided to get out of the car to walk around and explore the Graveyard. My friend Amy and I who were in the backseat of the car decided to roll the window down and just sit back and watch them fail at trying to experience a Ghost or Spiritual encounter.

I gave the boys my camera to take pictures of the Chapel which was very eerie and dark. Inside the car I had my iPhone with the window more than half of the way down, put the flash option on and took a shot in the dark trying to capture what the Sumner Knight Chapel looked like from inside the car… I was planning to mobile upload it later and after I snapped the photograph the following disturbing image is what I captured. I have also attatched a copy of the photograph after having it lightened up by a professional photographer.


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Photo Taken: 10/9/2011 around 12:15 AM
Woodlawn Cemetery, Keene NH. Photograph taken 20 ft. from Sumner Knight Chapel.
©2011 Ashley Marie Charron
Used by permission - Unauthorized reprinting/exhibition prohibited
without written consent of copyright holder

After looking at this more closely, there is no doubt in my mind that this photograph is a once in a lifetime experience. After much discussion and commentary on the photograph almost all who view it not only say that it is disturbing but feel as though the unknown figure looks as if they are knocking on the vehicle. Many believe the figure to look like a small child, a little girl specifically. I decided to see what Google might come up with on the Woodlawn Cemetery and typed it into my search bar, this is what I found via website

“Woodlawn Cemetery Keene New Hampshire - Sumner Knight Chapel - The whole area near the Knight Chapel is a major hotspot. The chapel itself is home to a very unhappy spirit and it’s presence is almost overwhelmingly strong as you get within 15 feet of the Chapel. Near the chapel is the spirit of a little girl who will sneak around and peer from behind trees at you and on voice recorders you can get sounds of a girl giggling. You have to go away from the Chapel to encounter her. Warning, do not curse in front of the Chapel. There is a spirit who will wash your mouth out with soap if you do. Several people have documented the taste of soap in their mouths and others can smell the soap (Similar to Ivory Bar Soap in my opinion) on the breaths of the victims.”

Submitted by Ashley Marie Charron


My daughter Tasha was born a normal child in all ways. At the time of about four she had an imaginary friend she started to talk with in her room while playing. She called her Amelia. I knew that children would make-up friends while playing. My oldest daughter would make fun of Tasha talking to Amelia. I knew it would be a phase and Amelia would be gone like all imaginary friends, in time.

As my oldest child went to school, Tasha and I would be home alone. I had to keep my eye on Tasha at only 4 years old as she was into everything. We enjoyed hanging clothes outside on sunny days. One sunny day Tasha was watching cartoons on TV and I decided to hang the clothes with her out back. She had a favorite chair by the TV. We went out to hang the clothes and returned back down the hall to the living room. When we came closer to the TV, I could see a child setting in the chair at a side angle. I thought one of the neighbor kids had came in the front door and took a seat to watch the show, since the kids did come and visit sometimes. When we got closer I froze and dropped my laundry basket… The child had no LEGS sticking out from the chair!! She slowly turned, but I never saw her face, only her hair moving. Then she kind of disappeared like steam from a pot.

Tasha said "Did you see her Mom?"
"Yes, I did!" I exclaimed, quite frightened.
"That’s Amelia," Tasha said.

I was really afraid for myself and Tasha too. If Amelia was a ghost or evil spirit, I had seen and read enough to know this wasn’t going to end well. Later that day I told Tasha that Amelia had to go to the light, or someplace away from us, I was thinking. She said she would tell her. I hoped that thing was gone.

The next day I was feeling better, thinking, maybe I really didn’t see anything… just nerves or a glass of bad milk. I was grabbing at straws. At about noon Tasha was playing in her room, and I called her for lunch. Tasha was eating her sandwich and we were talking. I was hoping to forget yesterday. Tasha stopped my thoughts when she said that she told Amelia she had to go away. Shaking, I asked, "What did she answer?"

"Amelia will be STAYING, and she came FROM the light, Mom." Tasha said.

I couldn’t speak for fear!

Days, Months and Years have gone by. Now it’s 6 years later, and I never saw the phantom of Amelia again.Tasha slowly stopped talking to Amelia. I think her classmates and society finally got rid of Amelia. At least out in the open.Tasha has the strangest ability to stay away from life’s little bumps in the road. Could it be Amelia is still near her? Tasha is growing up fine with no mental or social problems. But me... I know what I saw and it still makes my hair stand on end.

Submitted by Tracy



The year was 1980. My husband and I had moved into our first home. It was not the home of my dreams but it was affordable and nicer than most of the homes in our price range. The previous owners were in financial trouble and let the house go pretty cheap compared to other homes in the area. I loved the neighborhood. We made a lot of friends there. The house itself was kind of dark. Dark paneling in the living room and dark colors throughout. We did a lot of painting and remodeling.

The first couple years were great. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then things started to change.

I remember running the vacuum cleaner in the upstairs hallway. There was a door to an attic crawl space above the stairs. The door suddenly flew open. I screamed and literally ran out of the house. I went to my neighbor's house because I really believed something or someone was in the house. My neighbor came back with me. The door was still open but there was nothing out of the ordinary in the house.

My cat would go downstairs (the house was a tri-level) in the lower level and just yawl. It was a creepy sounding meow and it was ear piercing. She just started doing this one day and it was always in the same corner.

I was sound asleep one night and was awakened by my husband choking me. I started fighting him off and he finally let me go. I was screaming at him and he jumps out of bed, turns on the light and is running around the room, looking under the bed, in the closet, behind the dressers. I literally thought he lost his mind.

He kept saying "Where is it?" I'm screaming "Where's What? Are you crazy?" He finally calms down enough to tell me his story. He wakes up in the middle of the night to see a large gray cat attacking me. In his mind, he grabs the cat and is pulling it off of me, where in reality, he had me by the neck. I was very shaken and crying.

I went in the bathroom to put water on my face when I realized my chest was burning. I opened my nightgown to find bleeding scratch marks on my chest.

We both checked the whole house and only found my two cats who were sleeping downstairs. He swore it was much bigger than our cats and was gray in color. My one cat was solid black and the other was a brown tabby.

I have always wondered what actually attacked me that night. Thankfully, there was never a recurrence with the demon cat.

Submitted by Kathy


A few weeks ago my nine year old son broke the silence at the breakfast table by making the following comment.

"Dad, you don't have to stand by my room at night."

I was a bit confused, so I asked him, "What do you mean? I don't....." I stopped short of saying that I don't stand outside his door because sometimes I do like to look in on him.
He continued, "Dad, I see you standing there. I can hear you breathing. Just because you move out of the way I know you are still there."

I was scared by his statements for a number of reasons. First, I never hid from him. Second I always stood fully in the door and he was always fast asleep. Additionally, he said he could hear me breathing.
"How often do you notice me?" I asked with a smile. I didn't want to terrify him by explaining that I check on him once a night and only for a moment.

"Come on Dad! Every night!" He obviously thought I was joking around with him because he grinned from ear to ear and giggled. "I'm not a little kid Dad. I know you are there."

"I'm sorry buddy, I'll stop. OK?" He nodded his head in agreement and finished his breakfast. Then, we got up from the table and had a great day together. I spoke with my wife about what he had said. She mentioned that he was probably dreaming. Maybe he was half awake and noticed me or something like that. We knew there were no other men in the house for him to see. Soon the morning’s events were forgotten and evening came.

I had forgotten about the morning’s discussion but my wife had not. "Mike, don't you dare freak me out or I'm going on the couch with the cats and you can stay in here by yourself." She furrowed her brow a little and waited for a reply.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Oh, you mean the thing about him seeing a man by his room? Don't worry. I'm not doing anything except for going to sleep." I slid into bed. "But, I am going to stay awake for a while just to satisfy my own curiosity. I mean, I checked all the doors and windows and there's no way someone is getting in here. No way at all."

I felt my wife kick me under the covers, "I'm serious! You better shut up Mike!"
An hour or two later I looked up from my book when I noticed movement in the hall. "Hey buddy, come on in." I whispered. I put down my book, smiled and leaned forward to get a better look into the hall. What I saw wasn't my son but looked like the right side of a man side stepping into the darkness of the hallway.

I froze for a second, squinted and shook my head. Then very clearly came the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Every one of my senses told me someone was there. I felt the presence. What is more, the presence I felt absolutely terrified me.

My wife must have felt the bed shake as I stiffened with fear. She woke and looked at me, then toward the bedroom door. "Mike, what is it?" She whispered. Then we heard the breathing. There was no mistaking the sound. It was almost a gurgle. I looked at my wife and saw pure terror on her face. There was no reason to ask if she could hear it.

The next few moments are more of a blur than an actual solid memory. I bolted out of bed and dashed into the hall. It was empty, the only open door was to my sons room. So, I took three large steps, pushed his door all the way open and turned on the light. He was fast asleep. Nothing in the room looked out of place. I turned off the light and stood there for a moment longer.

I was tired, angry and confused.
Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw it.

I snapped my head to the right and glimpsed the image of a what I thought was a man with short brown hair and thick dark rimmed glasses. He was wearing a green long sleeve shirt or sweater. Just as quickly as I saw him he was gone. In the time it took for my eyes to fully focus he was out of sight.

Was I going nuts? I checked the entire house. Not a single thing was out of place. I didn’t sleep a wink.
In the morning my son and I walked over to the neighbors to visit with them and their children. As the boys played I told them about my experience. They both became visibly pale and had the following to say, "Mike, the house you live in was the first home your landlord built. He lived there with his wife while he built the rest of the homes in this subdivision. They were on their way home from a bar a few years ago when they got into a bad motorcycle accident. She wasn't wearing a helmet. When we went to see her in the hospital we couldn't recognize her at all. She looked like a man. It was terrible. She died a few days later."

"Did she have dark rimmed glasses?" I asked.
"Um, no she didn't, but her eyes were so black and blue that it almost looked that way."
I shook my head. "Well now what do I do? I mean I can't just ignore what happened. I mean my son is seeing this woman on a regular basis!"

"Move out, Mike. For you sons safety you have to move."

We gave our landlord a 30 day notice on 10/11/2012. We signed the lease on a new house effective immediately.

Submitted by Mike Gonzalez