CHUPACABRA - Resources

Sited in Puerto Rico, Chile, even as far north as Mexico, this strange blood-sucking monster has been reported to leap, fly, disappear almost instanty and possesses vivid, glowing red eyes. Its victims have ranged from large cattle to small farm animals. Though no Chupa has even been captured, there is mounting evidence for its existence, including forensic examinations of its unusual "syphon" bite marks and the drained blood of its prey. Some believe the Chupacabra to be a cryptozoological anomaly, others a scientific experiment gone awry... and others, even a spirit being or demon!
weird   SEA SERPENTS - Resources

Since man has sailed the sea, gargantuan waterbound creatures of unknown species and origin have been witnessed, battled and on rare occasions captured post mortem. Some turned out to be the remains of extremely large, rotting basking sharks, yet others remain a mystery. Sea Serpents have been seen around the world, in both salt and fresh water bodies for centuries, and there has been no shortage of sightings in the 20th century, from Nessie to Ogopogo to Champ. Giant snakes, eels, squids and seemingly prehistoric creatures continue to be reported and photographed.
  BIGFOOT/SASQUATCH - Resources......Bigfoot Yell (Wav File)

This elusive hominid has been seen in almost every part of the world, from the Yeti of Nepal to the Swamp-Ape of the deep South in the USA. Bigfoot, or as native Americans have called him, 'Sasquatch' appears to be a heretofore undiscovered ape which walks upright and remains on the move to avoid detection. Small families of Bigfoot have been seen, though solo sightings are the most common. Ranging from seven to twelve feet tall with its signature footprint more than four times the size of modern man, Bigfoot is at the forefront of several cryptozoological research teams worldwide. Unidentifiable hair samples remain the only concrete evidence for this creatures existence, apart from its imprint in snow and soil and some questionable films and photographs.


Perhaps the most enigmatic of weird creatures reported have to do with flying entities, sometimes described as 'humanoid', other times as simply horrifying or grotesque amalgamations of known species such as monkeys or bats. Like tales from medieval times, gargoyle-like monsters in the skies are yearly reported around the world, sometimes attacking people. The infamous 'Thunderbird' of the Southwest has reportedly absconded with small children. From the ghostly to the ghastly, flying creatures make up an undeniable niche in the world of weird creatures photographed and encountered.