The astronomy that will unfold in the sky over the Maya on the winter solstice of 2012 is the key to understanding why the Maya restart their calendar on this exact day. This book makes it easy for you to learn why the Maya metaphorically saw this astronomy as the sacred triple rebirth of the sun and when you also consider the special configuration of the sacred tree, you have a more complete picture of why the Maya picked this precise day.


Mainstream astronomers say that this event will not cause anything unusual to happen to us. I think the Maya also knew this. So why would their rebirth metaphor be so important to them? Did their psychedelic rituals reveal to them a mystical view of reality? Did they see the greater reality that lies behind our ordinary reality and did they awaken to their true fundamental identity? Is this the profound spiritual rebirth that they hold forth as so important and is it available to you at any time, not just in 2012? Yes! The more I dug into 2012, the more mind-blowing it all became! Perhaps you will have a similar experience!

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Amazon review number 1:

Finally someone really smart has figured out 2012! The author clearly presents the astronomy that will unfold in the sky over the Maya on that special day and then shows how that astronomy is used as the basis of a beautiful, timeless metaphor of transformation and rebirth. While this is a unique and fascinating perspective, the section of the book that I found most interesting was the explanation of the core meaning of that rebirth metaphor: the spiritual rebirth when we awaken to our true self, our eternal awareness. There is much to ponder in this brilliant booklet!

Amazon review number 2:

Mr. Razzeto's analysis of 2012 was one of the most interesting interpretations that I have heard. He makes the information very easy to digest and gives us much to think about. He is also a great communicator and very fascinating to listen to. I am very intrigued and look forward to learning even more about the Mayan culture. I highly recommend this book and Mr. Razzeto's lectures as well. (A lecture can be heard on his YouTube channel: working4peace.)

Amazon review number 3:

I have a science degree and have been an admirer of the night sky for several decades. I am also a casual reader of new discoveries in Astronomy. I have been curious and intrigued by the special event coming in 2012 but all the previous articles that I have come across did not satisfy my need for understanding. Finally, I got this small but wonderful book and was happy to find it has a well researched and thoughtful take on the whole "Mayan 2012" mystery. I was well aware that the best ancient civilizations had amassed an amazing amount of knowledge of the movements of the stars. The careful research and thoughtful interpretation in this book made for a wonderful read.

Amazon review number 4:

Finally a look at 2012 without all the baloney. The facts are well researched and explained so it was easy to understand. It was super interesting and really got me thinking. Thank you Mr. Razzeto!

All reviewers gave the book the full five stars!

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