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Shadow World

From Nick Redfern
When I first became interested in the UFO puzzle I was a firm devotee of the works of people like Donald Keyhoe and Leonard Stringfield - the "nuts and bolts" brigade, in other words.
Throughout my teens and early twenties, things were relatively black and white: UFOs were alien spaceships; extraterrestrials were abducting people for their DNA; and a wealth of alien debris and pulverized ET corpses - recovered from a variety of crashed UFOs - was carefully stored away at secret military bases all across the United States.
But then, one day, I woke up.
It became clear to me as time progressed and as I began to delve into other, more esoteric and - what some would call - mystical areas, that the modern day mystery that we call the UFO, was in reality merely the latest incarnation of a phenomenon that has been with us for probably as long as we have existed (and maybe even longer).
Today, I am as convinced as I ever was that a small percentage of UFO reports represent something unknown, something from elsewhere, something truly alien in a literal sense - but not extraterrestrial in origin.
Manipulation, camouflage, exploitation, deceit, trickery and deception are its calling cards. I know not at all what the origin of the UFO mystery is, but I do not believe that its presence on our planet is of benefit to us as a species in the slightest.
We are a pawn in a bigger picture; and while there is indeed interaction between our species and this other intelligence, the simplistic angle of "aliens are coming to Earth to steal our DNA so they can bolster their dying species" is far too simplistic, sci-fi driven, and wide of the mark.
As I have said before, DMT, altered states and the use of archaic rites and rituals are far more likely to invoke a UFO experience than looking at the stars on a dark night and hoping the Martians might land ever will.
And that all brings me to Brad Steiger's book, Shadow World, re-published by the good folk at Anomalist Books seven years after it first appeared.
Now, Shadow World is most assuredly not a UFO book. So, you may ask: why am I making it the subject of today's blog-post? Okay: bear with me.
Steiger's book deals with life-after-death and the multitude of beings, entities and creatures that seemingly inhabit those twilight realms that exist beyond our own. Yet, as with the UFO issue, the spirit world is not all that it seems.
Everyone loves a good ghost story; and the creepier the better - even more so with Halloween just around the corner. However, Shadow World reveals that the other-side is not just spooky and creepy: it can be downright sinister and dangerous too.
Poltergeists, animal spirits, classic cases of loved ones returning after death and more feature prominently within the pages of Steiger's book.
However, it is with respect to two key issues of Shadow World that I draw your attention: Spirit Mimics and Spirit Parasites, as Steiger accurately describes them.
As the author says: "The nastiest beings in Shadow World are the Spirit Parasites, entities that are especially dominant in places where murders or other acts of violence have been perpetrated. These entities can accumulate to make any house a repository of evil. Hideous and grotesque in appearance, they most often manifest as reptilian-type entities [Italics mine]. Quite likely, Spirit Parasites are the traditional 'demons' encountered throughout human history. They are also capable of possessing unaware or vulnerable humans."
With respect to Spirit Mimics, Steiger says: "they appear to be entities who wish to impersonate men and women in order to experience the full range of human emotions, especially those of love and companionship. And then there are those more distasteful encounters, when these entities behave in ways that are mischievious, bordering on cruel. I have come to term these entities Spirit Mimics, for they generally do excellent impersonations of us humans. For quite a period of time, these mimics can do a remarkably good job of fooling the men and women with whom they have chosen to interact [Again: italics mine]."
Although Steiger does not go down the alien path in Shadow World, it became clear to me on reading his book that the other-worldly entities - and their actions and activities - that he discusses are eerily similar in many ways to those of our so-called "aliens."
Of course, as most students of ufology will know, such parallels have been made on many occasions - the problem is that for the die-hard "nuts and bolts" crew, it's far easier to ignore such controversial matters.
The work of Whitley Strieber, example, demonstrates for me, at least, that our "aliens" may inhabit a realm of existence that straddles both the physical world and that of the after-life. There are numerous accounts of so-called alien abductees experiencing phenomena in their homes and lives that an investigator of what, in simplistic terms, we might call "the paranormal" would ascribe to the work of spirits and poltergeists. Whereas the ufologist would point to little grey men with large black eyes as being the culprits.
The reptilian appearance, the mimicry, the deception and the desire on the part of the entities that Steiger talks about to "experience the full range of human emotions", sound awfully like our alleged aliens who earnestly claim to come from far-off star systems and worlds with weird and wonderful names, and who use us, exploit us, manipulate us, and do indeed seem to want to understand the nature of human emotion.
Interest in the human soul (and not always a positive interest - from our perspective, at least) on the part of the "ETs" is a recurrent theme in some of the more enlightening ufological works. However, you're unlikely to see such issues discussed at some of the bigger, popular UFO gigs that are held every year. Why not? Simple: It ain't good for business, that's why. And, so, such matters are often relegated to the side-lines; when in reality they might be integral parts of the puzzle.
And Shadow World reveals more than a few disturbing events in which the human soul seems to be a key factor.
So, what's my point? Well, it's this: in the same way that the work of people like Strieber and Strassman delves deep into areas that are not at all popular with those of an "It's all ET" mindset, so Steiger highlights case after case that will not sit will with those who see the afterlife as being one based merely around the simplistic "love and light" approach.
And although Steiger does not address the matter, a reading of his book offers further evidence (as far as I am concerned, at least) that the entities that some of us view as aliens, that some view as gods or demons, and that others view as evil spirits whose sole purpose of existence is to create misery and terror, may well all be different aspects of a single intelligence that has been with us in varied forms since time began.
Brad Steiger's Shadow World tells us much about the harrowing nature and intent of entities that, as he notes, may well be "multidimensional beings."
The book may also, albeit inadvertently, give us a deeper insight with respect to where we should really be looking for the answers to the UFO puzzle.
And with that, I think I'm going to go outside, start a bonfire and burn my first edition of Flying Saucers Are Real.
Ufology of the 1940s and 1950s is redundant. Utterly redundant. Yet some nostalgia-driven souls still fly the flag for the "good old days" when the subject was simple, when George Adamski hung out in the Californian desert and met people from Venus, and the "aliens" regularly landed to collect their "soil samples" - always ensuring that they were seen by someone whose story would bolster the belief that, yes, ET was here.
You should buy Steiger's book for what it tells us about the afterlife, the spirit world, and some of the stranger, malevolent, and downright hostile beings that inhabit our planet - for this reader, they may just be your little grey men, too
To learn more about Brad Steiger's Shadow World and purchase copies, click here.
In-depth review of Shadow World 
'Shadow World'
By Brad Steiger
Anomalist Books
Review By Dan Allen 
Ronin Studio
It's now been about 16 years since the event that literally changed my life. Before that time, I was one of those folks that had a passing interest in the paranormal. Aside from a pair of UFO sightings, I didn't have much interest other than passively viewing old reruns of Rod Serling documentaries. Then came the low point of my life, where on that fateful evening, I had the barrel of an 8mm Mauser pressed to the bottom of my chin, ready to pull the trigger. Something wouldn't allow the action, and over the next month, I became acquainted with my spirit guide (my own personal guardian angel), a she-wolf named Stardancer. From that point onward, as you may imagine, my interest in anything and everything connected to the realm of the paranormal has become an obsession.
Aside from living on the border of many Native American reservations and having many friends on those reservations with whom I could speak about my experiences, I began to acquire a 
rather large library on the topics of spiritualism, UFO's and every aspect of paranormal phenomena. One thing became noticeable: among the best of those books I had collected, the most repetitive author was Brad Steiger. Eight years ago, on a whim, I wrote to Brad, expecting like so many other authors, not to hear back, but I did, and from there on in, Brad has become not only an indispensable mentor and cherished colleague, but one of my most treasured friends.
For those of you less familiar with Brad Steiger, Brad has not only had multiple personal experiences with paranormal phenomena, but is one of the most prolific authors and chroniclers of all things beyond the understanding of academic science. He has authored over 160 books since the 1960s, several of which are considered groundbreaking in their scope. Brad has become known for his style of straight forward reporting of incidents, without much of the interjected commentary leading to a specific conclusion that is depressively common in the genre. Brad writes straightforward account as experienced by those relaying their accounts, never assuming its origin. When Brad does comment or classify, it's well worth attention, for his experience in any discipline of the research is golden.
Recently, many of Brad's publishers have begun republishing his seminal works, which should be viewed as indispensable for any student researcher of the esoteric. Most recently, Anomalist Books has re-issued Shadow World, which was first published in 2000.  Shadow World is a chilling sojourn through the realm of the spirit world, and once again challenges our perception of where and why spirit beings originate.
No, this is no mere gallery of ghosts and ghouls; it provides a panoramic painting of the motives and classifications of ethereal beings, as well as questioning from where these entities come. You need not be an expert on ghosts, but merely love ghost stories. Here is a mere thumbnail of the material you will find within:
*Spirits of the Dead: What we traditionally refer to as ghosts spirits of those who have passed on, but in some manor, have not been able to shed their earthly attachments. Some have benevolent attachments, helping or guiding family members or living occupants of a house, others malevolent, intent on revenge or harm to the living.
*Poltergeists: As translated from German, "Throwing Spirit"an entity that disrupts a house or designated place, often levitating or hurling objects aboutusually bringing harm to the living.
*Phantoms: Ethereal apparitions seen by many people. Often known for preying on the fears and emotions of the living around them.
*Animal Spirits: Most often pets that return to say their last good-bys to their cherished human partners, but also cases of animal spirits guarding lands, and some with grievous harm on their "minds". Do animals possess souls? From the abundant stories (and many of my personal experiences), this matter is without question!
*Nature Spirits: Down thorough the ages, also called Devas, Fairies, Gnomes and Elves. Often more mischievous than harmful, these spirit beings are known to protect certain historical areas, and there are many who, to their discontent, have learned the hard way not to violate certain protected areas.
*Deiform Spirits: Protectors and haunters of ancient ruins, burial grounds and archaeological digs. These are the spirits once worshiped as gods...whatever they are, they are supernatural in origin.
*Spirit Parasites: Most likely, beings that are historically known as demons. These beings are often grotesque in appearance, and have nothing good in their motives. They are often present in areas that have a history of violence, murder or demonic worship. These are the entities usually linked to houses or rooms that appear to be evil.
*Spirit Mimics: Beings that assimilate a solid form, sometimes mimicking known living people, some just assimilating people. They often mimic human form and voices, but usually speak in outdated lingo and have strange mannerisms.
*Spirit Residue: What is thought to be psychic impressions left on a room or area, linked to a tragedy from the past; usually viewed as a spirit "film loop," continually replaying a tragic moment from the past.
Brad proposes these classifications in the beginning and separates several example stories by these classificationsbeyond this, this book is an example of what Brad does bestput true stories down on paper for the rest of us to enjoy. These classifications may soon expand, may at some time be explained, but then again, one point both Brad and I agree uponsome aspects of the unexplained may just remain thatperhaps the creator intends that we never know the basis for such phenomena, which is why we refer to this as "the Great Mystery."
Any way you look at it, this is a truly eerie read. This book is guaranteed to chill you to the bone while you lay in bed reading this. That's a hard thing to do to me personally. I've been attacked by a malevolent entity, have had to battle a demon that had a hold of me in the past, and through my spirit walks and visions with my spirit guide, I've seen things so horrid, I haven't had a good scare moment from a horror movie in over a decade. Keep in mind as you read this bookthis is not the fantasy from the mind of a very imaginative fiction writerthese are all stories that are real!
Once again, my hat goes off to Brad for expanding our knowledge, challenging our perceptions, and on a personal note, being able to make me personally feels chills once more! Even if you are not a paranormal buff and just merely like scary ghost stories as bedtime entertainment, Shadow World is a must for your personal library!
-"Wolfman" Dan Allen
Writer / illustrator, Studio Ronin
Sensational Review Of Shadow World!
Shadow World: Steiger's Latest And Arguably One Of His Best!
By Micah A. Hanks "Micah A. Hanks" (NC, USA) - See all my reviews
August 29, 2007
Of all the people one may associate with in the course of a lifetime, the brightest and happiest among them are the ones who, perhaps due to their will to abide lawfully and in harmony with their surroundings, often maintain a strange attraction to darkness. Author Brad Steiger is no exception, and perhaps his extraordinary charity and goodness helped allow him to draw from the depths of the darker nature of our selves for his latest work, Shadow World: True Encounters with Beings from the Darkside. Steiger, having conducted research through five decades and across four continents, concludes that a richly populated Shadow World exists all around us; a haven for the things that man has instinctually feared since birth, and will continue to question until the end of time.
As influential as he is eloquent, Brad Steiger is the only writer who has ever scared me, and yet that same fear has kept me glued to the pages of his books for as long as I can remember. For those of you who dare to be frightened by the strange truths Steiger will reveal in this latest work, in summary I must add this quote from T. S. Elliot:
"Between the conception and the existence... between the essence and the descent, falls the Shadow."
-Micah A. Hanks
From Nick Redfern
Anomalist Books have just published a new edition of Brad Steiger's Shadow World. This isn't your average book on the spirit world. Nope: it also focuses upon 'multidimensional beings' and the 'Cosmic Trickster' element of the paranormal.
In other words, it should be required reading not just for those with specifically 'life after death' interests; but also for those who appreciate and understand that sometimes (and, actually, more often than many even realize) particular aspects of Ufology seems to inhabit this twilight realm too - such as so-called 'alien abductions,' for example (in my personal view, at least).
Here's what the publisher has to say about the book:
'We are pleased to offer our reprint of Brad Steiger's Shadow World, free of the soft, New Age spin the previous publisher had put on the book. This edition presents the darkside unadulterated. Our back cover blurb reads: 'Having conducted research through five decades and across four continents, investigator Brad Steiger concludes that a richly populated Shadow World exists all around us. When it impinges on our ordinary plane of shared reality, this dark dimension is sometimes frightening, occasionally menacing, but always worthy of cautious exploration. Spirits of the dead are but one of the many types of beings that inhabit in the Shadow World. Others appear to be multidimensional beings, some of whom may be benign, while others seem to be cosmic tricksters or troublemakers bent on mischief. And unfortunately some of the beings that seem to have our best interests at heart may in fact have entered our world with the intention of possessing our bodies or capturing our souls.' Not for the squeamish.'
Anomalist Books
Shadow World: True Encounters with Beings from the Darkside
By Brad Steiger
Anomalist Books
Trade Paperback, 270 pages, $14.95 · ISBN: 1933665270
Reviewed by Brent Raynes
In another reprint of an earlier Steiger classic, Brad explores the strange Shadow World of multidimensional beings, tricksters, shape-shifters, "nature spirits," poltergeists, even mimics who impersonate us, and some just downright demonic sounding characters. Whatever their explanation, origin, or ultimate reality, you'll have a hell of a time prying your fingers loose from this riveting book of true spine-chilling supernatural accounts written up as only the master storywriter himself can do!
Brad Steiger offers his readers various thoughtful and carefully researched possible interpretations for these very puzzling manifestations, suggesting also helpful guidelines, prayers, and other strategies in dealing with any Shadow World interactions that may unexpectedly intrude into our own lives
ShadowWorld Review


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