Extraordinary Opportunity - 60 Second Spots
On The Jeff Rense Program Less Than
$7 A Minute...Nationwide, Worldwide

Amazingly Affordable Nationwide,
Worldwide Radio Commercial Rates
Expose your product or service on one of the most respected nationally-syndicated talk and information platforms of all. This a special opportunity for you to have the benefits of big-budget advertising for a fraction of the industry standard cost.   
The Jeff Rense Program is now into its 23rd year as perhaps the most unique, listener-honored talk radio platforms of all. We present news, information and fascinating personalities like no other program in the medium. For full details,  click here.

Our program is nationally-syndicated on the
Rense Radio Network, twice per night online, and your product's commercials will literally be heard around the world.
The Jeff Rense Program is broadcast at the following times:
LIVE -  Monday - Friday 7pm-10 pm Pacific 
Encores -  Twice Per Day, 365 Days Per Year  
See The Rense Radio Network Schedule Here
Two 60 Second Commercial Package Options
$1495 Per Month - Provides 2 commercials per program totaling 6 commercials per 24 hour day and 180 per month = $8.30 for each 60 sec commercial minute.
$1895 Per Month - Provides 3 commercials per program totaling 9 commercials per 24 hour day and 270 per month = $6.99 for each 60 sec commercial minute.
Note - If you would like the voice of Jeff Rense to narrate your commercial, there is a one-time recording fee of $995, and you may only use Jeff Rense voiced ads on the Rense Radio Network. 
Contact us today and start to broadcast your message, nationally and worldwide, to the most well-informed, intelligent audience in talk radio.  All we need is your pre-recorded 60 second commercial on CD or emailed to us in MP3 format, and payment, and you are off and running. We reserve full right of approval over all submitted advertising text and ad content.
A Second Bonus - On a space-available basis, your commercial may be inserted into other Rense Radio Network Talk programs at no extra charge.
This is a great opportunity for you to spread the word about your product on the most unique and respected program in talk radio.
Don't delay, start today!


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