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The Greatest Heist Of This Century
By Jim Kirwan
Unlike most crimes this one was NOT done with firearms, it was created and completed on computers and with the full cooperation of the nation's largest law enforcement agency:
The Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The FBI was AWOL during the crimes of 911; and now it turns out that during the Greatest Heist of the Century the FBI is again asleep at the switch. The amounts of money involved in the accounts held by the citizens in the mega-banks of the United States; comes to perhaps the largest amount of assets, properties, and money that was ever targeted by any criminal-corporate group. This goes well beyond the scale of mob activities, drug dealers, or anything else in the playbook of organized crime. This is in the tens of trillions of dollars!
What the hell am I talking about? I'm talking about the refusal of the Banks to refund the money and close the accounts which they are holding, against the will of account holders, who want to close their bank accounts-nationwide! While the individual accounts may be small for the most part; there are also major accounts that are also at risk: For the FBI to have remained 'UNAWARE' of this corporate-crime-in-progress is unforgiveable!
The FBI comes under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Justice, which was headed by Ashcroft when they created the image of this "thing" as illustrated above. Despite all its fearsome attributes there is nothing in there that refers to 'PROTECTING the PUBLIC' from massive corporate thefts: Especially NOT from the largest multi-national banks in the world. But that "JOB" still belongs to the FBI
This situation has been developing for months now, and yet the FBI has done nothing about insuring that people can get their money from these banks, where those with accounts, have chosen to close their accounts because they can no longer trust in the solvency of the banks to protect their money.
This situation should NEVER have come-down to this: But it has because the FBI doesn't work for the public, it works for the Bankers and the sold-out politicians that are being funded by these same banks that have resorted to having their own customers arrested for seeking to close their accounts. When a major CRIME is committed nationwide involving huge sums of money, or in the course of a major Bank being robbed, the jurisdictional responsibility always falls to the FBI to investigate the CRIME-so where they hell are they-this time?
"This crime was created over a period of two decades that is at work on our entire country right now ­ this is not some 'opinion' this is a mathematical fact ­ tens of trillions of dollars are being extracted from the United States of America."
The BACKGROUND notes are all variations on the crimes being committed now: They are furnished here in a one-stop version of the overall idea of what is happening right now, today. Since apparently the clueless FBI apparently has not been keeping up with daily events throughout the nation: Here's a starter for them, so that just maybe they might want to begin to look into this "Greatest Heist of This Century!"
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Don't close your bank account today. People are being arrested
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