May 5, 2000
Ok, strange title, but true. My name is Gregory J. Avery. I am a trial attorney, but I also serve MUFON as its State Director for my home state of Louisiana. I therefore spend a lot of time looking up. So much so that I am sure I often appear as a fool. Itís a small price to pay.
I have been studying this ultra strange business of Chemtrails in our skies and over our heads. I have had a theory for some time that there has to be some UFO involvement with this activity. Not that UFOís are creating the trails, but that the eco-factor of Chemtrails has to be too much for UFOís to pass up. It is well documented in videos and testimony about UFOís and their conduct with ecological or natural events. They have been photographed, video taped and otherwise observed taking samples of leaves, plants, water, and volcanic clouds. Chemtrails surely seem to at least affect our air quality.
The reason for my curiosity on this issue is that currently, Chemtrails do not fit into the Ufology paradigm box. Thus MUFON does not investigate them. If proof is found for a solid connection, then, MUFON and its vast membership would turn their resources to one more part of the skyÖ.to study and investigate UFOís interacting with Chemtrails. Ufology will follow the UFO action and there seems to be a lot of it when Chemtrails are around, at least over my back yard.
Every video clip posted tonight and every picture posted was taken with a Canon GL1 Digital Video camera that has 3 CCD (charged couple device) chips as part of its optics. That captures greater detail than any camera without such technology. I think that difference has allowed me to capture what has been there all the time.
All of these video/still images were taken from my back yard. There is nothing special about my back yard. Your yard will surely do fine. All you need is the right equipment and a Chemtrail passing within video range.
I have photographed a hundred Chemtrails and Chemplanes, in many states, and have never captured this most interesting aspect of UFO activity. Unless the UFO Chemtrail interest started the day I pointed my camera up (4-10-00), I therefore conclude itís the extra investment in video technology that has made the difference. I will present this information at the MUFON Symposium in St. Louis in July, 2000. Afterwards I hope my colleagues and their membership throughout MUFON world wide will add to the ranks of those hardy individuals who have been studying the Chemtrail enigma. And may the extra intensity of such focus compel those involved to tell the truth, for a change.
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