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Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork! We received some incredible, excellent work and some wonderful gifts of madness and the macabre!

The Winner Is...


THEY LIVE! by Lovin Logic


Face The Nation! by Paul Dillard



Nosfercheney! by Marc

Untitled by Gabe Torok



Monster by Kanuter2000

Bush & Cheney A Hit At Annual
Halloween Party
by Kanuter2000



FrankenKerry! by Donnie Reid


Fiesta Quixote by Sean Simmans


Chupacabra! by Betsy Hultin


The Dummy by SpecialK


Cheneygolum by Tim Tully

November 2 by SpecialK



Alien Hybrid Son! by Edwin Mullins


Sticky Dick by Paul Nudd


Bush-Reptile by Donovan


Salmonella by Paul Nudd



New Zombies by Sean Simmans


The Bush by Paul Nudd



Thing With Two Heads by The Griffin

The Sequel! by The Griffin



Liar by Jim Deveron


The Real President by Helen McClemons


Frankenbush by Tony Naz

Holy Shiite, Batman! by Tony Naz


Home Sweet Home by Carl Miller


The Guardian by Carl Miller


Little Monster by PDB


Day The Stooge Stood Still by Ned Edwards



Mad Car Disease by Edwin Mullins


Last Cowboy of the Apocalypse by Joseph Eagle



Empty! by Mel Thompson


Someone's Watching Me... by melodee



Mathra! by Mebs


Orwell-o-Lantern by Terry Melanson



Dobby Does Politics by Adam Webb
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Nightmare by Terry Melanson



Texas Beer Night by Woody Pope


Dawn of the Dick by Lo-Fi


Halo of Fire by Helen McClemons


Dawn of the Dick by Lo-Fi



Night of the Waking Dead by Tony Naz


Invaders From The FBI! by Space Commando



Happy Halloween by Azrahn

Fright by Holisticstoner



George And Lloyd by Marc


If I Only Had A Brain by Max Nova



Danse Macabre by Marcel DeClercq


Stormy Night by Carl Miller

Vampire Baby by Doug LaFarge


Mystery Revealed! by Lovin Logic



Trick or Trick by Dr. Demedia


Trickin & Treatin by Taldwarf



Creepyhollow by Topmanxkat


The Chosen One by Colin Deane



Evil Pumpkins by Chad Severin


Bigfoot Jack by Topmanxkat


The Shaft by Joe Cundari


Tales From JR by Joe Cundari
Winner 2004 Splash Art Contest!

All Hallows Een by Woody Pope


Flatwoods Halloween by Topmanxkat



Trick Or Treason by Azrahn


Mission Accomplished by Chad Severin



Tortured Souls by Azrahn


The Haunting by Counselor


Marital Nightmare by Gary Hayes