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Halloween, my favorite time of year. It was my Grandpa's birthday and a time when we could get scared with ghouls and goblins, well lets just say a justifiable time of the year for getting scared. I lived two years ago in a building that is far more unique looking than anything I had ever seen (even on television) as for the possibilities of being 'occupied.' When people think about being scared and the realities of haunting's most do not realize the energy behind the concept. Frightening is not even close to the bizarre things that can and will happen in an occupied place. It has been two years since the building and when I think about what went on within the walls -- well it is disturbing. This is for you who think you are fearless. The building has about twelve rooms for living quarters, kitchen and showers. The rooms are next to one another with doors for privacy (with locks) and a ball room on the main floor. This is a five story, hundred year old building with all original everything (almost). It was Autumn the first year and at about 6:45 a.m. that morning I was in my room -- the building was empty (fact). I heard a woman's voice moaning. I went out of the room to check the building and realize it is empty. I went back to the room and heard the voice again. This episode lasted about twenty minutes. I finally narrowed down the voice to my bed room wall.

There was another time when my neighbor was gone for a week and I was alone in the building. She had returned to inform me that the bible up on the shelf was laying perfect on the floor facing up and the window was closed. The shelf was about seven feet from the floor. Like it had been placed there for a reason. I had countless times when I had heard foot steps in the attic, walking across the ceiling while I would be reading (no tv's) or getting ready. After a year in that building and most of the time alone, well, foot steps, doors shutting, scratches and marks on my body were nothing compared to the picture I am sending with this story -- look at it, this is a picture of the dead and some are very disturbing. Once again it is of the unknown and yet a reality. Just you wait and see.

Submitted by Shannon Kelly

It was a cold January morning in 2006. My wife and I were finally on our first ghost hunting trip. For this first trip we chose Hotel Vendome in Prescott Arizona. We requested room #16 for the activity that has been reported there and it did not disappoint as my story will tell. It is said that room #16 holds the spirit of Abby and her cat. Abby and her husband were the original owners of the hotel, but when she fell terribly ill they fell behind in taxes and one day when her husband left for medicine, he never returned. Abby continued to await his return in room #16 but and after two weeks with no one to care for her or check in on her, the owners found her and the cat lifeless as they had both starved to death.
Upon arriving at the hotel we decided to go into the lobby and check in before unloading our baggage. We stepped through the front door and that is when everything changed. I found out on this trip that I am a sensitive to the presence of spirits because on entering the hotel I lost all my equilibrium, began to sweat uncontrollably, I couldn't catch my breath and I became slightly dizzy. I had never felt that before and told my wife I needed to step outside for a moment to collect myself. After checking us in my wife came outside and asked what had happened and all I could tell her was that it felt like something had gone straight through me and it had made me feel sick. We unpacked our bags and headed upstairs to the room, carefully. When we opened the door we found a beautiful room with early period furniture and accessories and it seemed very quaint and cozy. The shock was upon opening the closet door to hang our clothes. Inside the closet was one early period dress and we both jumped back at the site of the dress both thinking there was someone in the closet. Upon inspection we both had a good laugh and proceeded to unpack and hang our clothing. While my wife was kneeling into the closet to put our shoes in a droplet of some kind hit her in the arm. She called me over to look at it and sure enough her arm was still wet. We inspected the closet for anything that might have caused it like a condensation line or something, but there was absolutely nothing in there that could have caused it.
We made out way around the hotel to check the place out and we then decided to head out to the town for a planned evening with a friend of ours who was playing guitar at a local tavern. While we were leaving I set up a digital voice recorder by the bed and left it running for the 3 hours we were gone. We arrived back at the hotel at 1:15AM and decided we would go over the digital recording. At 12:02AM on the recorder we caught something that shocked us both. In very clear words we could hear someone say in a rushed and anxious voice, "I need my medicine, get my coat hurry." We both about fell on the floor and just as we started to discuss it the television turned on by all by itself, it was a static channel with the volume turned almost all the up and I am sure it woke the neighbors in nearby rooms. This scared my wife quite a bit and I tried to come up with a logical explanation, but after hearing the voice recorder that was not an easy thing to do. After about an hour passed with no further activity my wife and I decided to turn in for the night. It took a while for me to fall asleep. My wife however reported to me in the morning that for over an hour something was moving or playing with her hair. She said she had only slept for about an hour and had tried to wake me several times but I didn't hear her. For our first ghost hunt it went better and was more eventful than I had expected. I am now a firm believer in the afterlife and we already have another trip scheduled in Tombstone Arizona for October 2009. Until then take care and Happy Halloween.
Submitted by Scott and Jennifer Davis

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