Strange UFO Light Show
Over Unionville, Michigan
From Kenny Young <>
UFOs Reported - Unionville, Michigan - 03-16-99
The following article is courtesy of Mr. Jeffrey S. Westover, an investigator from Michigan. The article mentions several recent sightings near Unionville, Michigan on March 16.
On March 11 and 14th, two sightings were reported from Clyde and Fremont, Ohio, one of which was sighted by a deputy who was dispatched to the scene. I opened my map and was slightly curious about a near- straight line that could be drawn from Unionville, Michigan to Fremont, Ohio with the locations of Milan, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio -where other sightings were reported from- situated in-between. Details of Toledo and Milan remain elusive. There were some indications that UFO sightings were reported near these two locations around this same time-frame, but these vague reports are without verification.
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Thanks much to Jeff Westover for passing along the following message:
Jeffrey S. Westover wrote:
A front page news story concerning area UFO sightings ran this past Wednesday (March 31) in the Marlette (Michigan) Leader and Huron Daily Tribune (Bad Axe, MI) newspapers.
The DeBoever/Unionville sighting was the topic of a WNEM TV-5 (CBS affiliate from Saginaw, MI) news story covered by Jay Brandow. The following week, on Friday March 26, WEYI TV-25 (NBC affiliate from Clio, MI) also covered local UFO sightings in their local newscast. The reporter allegedly had her own sighting just before the cameras rolled. I did not watch the TV-25 broadcast but am led to believe that they reported a completely different sighting in the Bay City/Midland area.
Below is the transcripted news story as appeared in the 3/31 Marlette Leader Newspaper.
By Stacy Langley (Huron Daily Tribune-Bad Axe, MI)
Unusual sightings have been the talk of town in Unionville (Michigan) and several surrounding communities as residents compare stories and probe officials about the weird light spotted in the skies last week.
The past few years, sightings of unidentified objects in the sky have been quite common and without much explanation.
Adiel DeBoever of Unionville said he was the first person to call Tuscola County Central Dispatch around 8:30 p.m. March 16 just after he spotted the lights in the sky hovering over his home.
DeBoever said this is the first time he's seen lights like this. He said they were bright orange in color and looked to be shining from the inside of an object.
"The lights weren't like a spotlight shinning down from the sky, but they were very noticeable", he said.
The sighting by DeBoever was just one of five reported that night by area residents who say they saw the unidentified flying object(s). DeBoever, who lives on Cottage Drive near Unionville, says the lights would just blink out of sight and then come back on, but the object seemed to remain in the same place the whole time.
"The lights were off and then came back on, it was eerie", he said.
DeBoever recalls that as far as distance, the lights probably were half a mile away to the east, just above the Department of Natural Resources wetlands when he saw them.
"They spanned about the entire length of a football field. There were two sets of light clusters which were bright orange. The larger one could have been further away", he said. "When my nephew came out of the house I said 'Eddie, there's a UFO in the sky' just joking and then the light blinked out, but came on this time.
"It appeared to separate into six other lights and they all moved and stopped in the shape of a large triangle object which then appeared to rotate on its axis."
Officials at the Tuscola County Central Dispatch say they have no explanation for what the lights were that night, but say that DeBoever wasn't alone in the sightings.
Shortly after DeBoever's call, Central Dispatch reports a call came in at 8:57 p.m. from a Juanita Township resident who reported seeing orange lights in the sky.
Just two minutes later, a Novesta Township woman called with a similar sighting. Callers from Fremont Township and the Fairgrove area followed. The caller described seeing orange lights in the shape of a football field, while the Fairgrove residents reported seeing a Z-shaped formation in the sky.
Officials from Selfridge Air National Guard Base said they couldn't offer any explanation about the lights in the sky, and no sightings were reported to the base.
End of article
Jeffrey S. Westover comments:
"I spoke with TV-5 news reporter Jay Brandow before this sighting was published in the Marlette Leader and following the TV-5 broadcast. Brandow told me that Selfridge had sent two F-16's into the area."