The Abydos Egypt Temple Glyphs - What Do You Think?
Note - Is the entire Abydos glyph issue just another 'Rorshach' perception issue? Are there really aircraft and a submarine depicted? Or, is it something much more mundane? What do you see? Here is a note from Jens Hassler via UFO Updates - Toronto which makes the case for not so very advanced technology...
By Jens Hassler <
From UFO UpDates-Toronto <
These hieroglyphes surely don't represent any 'modern technology' (it would be hard to imagine modern looking helicopters in ancient Egypt). Instead, the drawings are nothing more than normal egyptian hieroglyphs like the 'hand' or the 'basket'.
The 'helicopter', for example, consists of two 'forearms' that carry a thing like a table. The lower portion of the 'submarine' is the hieroglyph 'basket'. The basket is - again - held by a forearm.
If you look at the normal egyptian hieroglyphes and compare them to these drawings, you'll see that this is nothing 'special', only misinterpreted constellations of hieroglyphes. I don't know what these symbols represent, but I can say for sure that they're nothing unusual.
So, let's bury this old legend and concentrate on 'real' mysteries.

Photo by Dr. Ruth Hover
Courtesy of Bill Hamilton,
Executive Director, Skywatch International.
From Bill Alford <
From UFO UpDates - Toronto <
The hieroglyph in the scene in the Temple of Set I in Abydos which supposedly showed helicopters, submarines, etc are the result of palimpsest where an inscription has been written on more than once with some of the plaster falling away and the results indeed look like modern craft.
Bill Alford