These images were submitted anonymously in extremely high resolution scans from negatives (14 megs-15 megs each) allowing for exceptional enlargement and analysis. There are no visible lines or wires in the images which means that whatever this object is, it is flying on its own power. The UFO is seen traveling from extremely close up to considerably far from the photographer, with excellent image reference provided by trees and homes in the second and third frames. The following statement accompanied the photos:

"I have 3 UFO pictures that I got from a friend of a friend. The original photographer doesn't want anything to do with it. I suppose he's worried about the press hounding him. They were taken in Southern California. The guy was taking pictures of his family in the preceeding frames, and then he hears the UFO, and snaps a few pictures of it as it goes by. Take a look. They're some of the clearest UFO pictures I've ever seen."

Since the large majority of UFO reports describe craft as being silent or with slight humming noises if any, we wonder what the noise sounded like. Is this a remote-controlled model or drone of some kind? If you have seen one like it or know about something like this for sale...let us know immediately. (We'd like one, too!)

 For excellent close ups of the UFO, click here

High Resolution (Large Monitor) Image of Craft for Analysis, here

Submission of a unique tri-level photo revealing UFO flight path