Egypt Cancels Millennium
Pyramid Capstone Ceremony
Flight 990 Ramifications Likely Reason
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The New World Order's beer blast and shindig scheduled to usher in some "luciferian" age beginning in 2000--highlighted by putting a "gold" capstone upon the Great Pyramid while Masonic symbols are projected upon the sides of the massive structure--have been cancelled... by Egypt.
It seems Egypt is still highly upset about the crash of EgyptAir Fl. 990 and subsequent defamatory and unfounded insinuations by the U.S. government that co-pilot Gameel el-Batoutty crashed the plane and killed all 217 passengers in some lunatic suicide action.
Tough luck, New World Order Lizards. I guess you dumped on the wrong people a little too much this time.
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Dec 16, 1999 - 01:06 PM
Egypt Cancels Plans to Cap a Pyramid in Gold for Millennium The Associated Press
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - In an apparent nod to public opinion, the government on Thursday canceled its plan to cap the Great Pyramid in gold for the millennium celebrations.
Egypt had planned to usher in the New Year by affixing a gold-encased capstone on the Great Pyramid, built as a tomb for King Cheops about 4,500 years ago.
The 30-foot high cap was to be lowered by helicopter at the stroke of midnight Dec. 31, making the broken pyramid whole again, if only for a night.
Culture Minister Farouk Hosni gave no reason for backing off the plan, but said the decision was made despite technical advice that it would not have damaged the monument, Egypt's Middle East News Agency reported.
Egypt's millennium celebrations feature a 12-hour concert at the foot of the Giza pyramids with 1,000 performers.
Egypt, whose recorded history goes back 6,000 years, is promoting the celebration as the start of its seventh millennium.


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