Headlines 2


Kirwan - The New Atlantis That Died

Is New Mass Extinction Underway Now?

10 Giant Whales Die Off SoCal - Mass Deaths Walruses, Birds, Too

Fetzer - US, Israel...World's Two Top Terror Organizations

Area 51, ET Life Both Exist Says NASA Boss

US Unemployment Up In Half The States In May


Putting Charleston Killings in Context

The War On Cash Enters Final Phase

10 Ways Hillary & Jeb] Are Basically The Same

Pentagon Builds Cruise Missile Shield For US Cities

Obama Wants Regime Change (coup) In Ecuador

ALEC - The Backroom Where Laws Are Born - Vid

Charleston Massacre To Conceal TPP Deal

New Social Media Platform - 'The People’s Site'

CIA Could Have Stopped 9-11 - FBI Agent

Walmart Hiding $76 Billion In 78 Foreign Tax Havens?

UN Court Seeks Prison Term For Journalist

Climate Change Doubting Scientist Barred From Papal Mtng


Saudis to Offer Putin Deal He Can't Refuse?

Nothing Stop Saudis Getting Russia Defensive Weapons

Docs Show Saudi Efforts To Stir Trouble In Iran

Saudi FM Cable Reveals Qatar's Plots Against Yemen

How Saudi FM Controls Arab Media

Cables Reveal Secret Saudi Influence In OZ

Saudi Forces Thwart Houthi Attack On Yemeni Border

Bombs In The Air – Then Boots On The Ground

Putin To Stay Silent On New Presidential Bid In Any Case

Russian Navy To Modenize 10 Nuke Subs

McCain - US Will Supply Gas To Ukraine

Ukraine Gets More Obsolete Armored From UK


Yanukovych Ousting Was Illegitimate Says Porky

Ukraine receives 55 Junk APCs From UK

Over 10,000 Soldiers Desert Ukrainian Army

Lithuania To Continue Arms Supplies to Ukraine

One Civilian Dead As Kiev Shells Donetsk

US Tries To Repeat Vietnam War Scenario in Ukraine

IMF Programs 'Failure' In Ukraine, Greece

Anger To Stop BDS, Israel Threatens To Sue Boycotters

French FM Warns Israel Over illegal 'Settlements'

Israel Bombs Lebanon To Destroy Own Downed Drone

Some Of Hitler's Art Works Sell For £280,000


U.K - Welfare Cuts Of £12 Billion

Greece Cuts Deals With Moscow

Greece – Thousands of Package Trips Remain Unsold

Netanyahu's Latest Demagoguery

Israel Bombs Lebanon

Israeli Forces Shoot Pal Teen Dead In E Jerusalem

Iran Censures US Double Standards On Terrorism

The IMF Should Not Be In Europe - Greek Minister

Evans-Pritchard - Greek Debt Crisis The Iraq War Of Finance

Greek Crisis - European Political Expediency Will Kill The Euro

BRICS Bank To Start Business On 7 July


Rosneft Working With Sinopec On Pmts in National Currencies

Gazprom, UniCredit Austria Link €300 Million Loan Deal

Solar Energy Driving China Demand For 800m Oz Of Silver

Russian Su-35 China Trump Card In S China Sea

Chinese Billionaire - US Treats China IN A Wrong Way

Asia-Pacific Tensions Threaten To Spiral Into War

The 'Great Satan' And The New Silk Road

NATO Unhappy Over US Nukes In Europe

US To Cut Intel Coop With Germany, If…

Roberts - Washington Impotent To Prevent Armageddon

The World According To Americans


Delaware 18th State to Approve Recreational Use Of Pot

Young Americans Taught To Act Violently In Conflicts

LA Cops Shoot Unarmed Man In Head, Then Cuff Him

West Philly Shooting Wounds 7 People

Shooting At Detroit Basketball Court Kills 1, Injures 9

380,000 Urge SC Confederate Flag Removal After Shooting

Anti-Austerity Protests - Tens Of Thousands Rally In UK

London Councillor Mocks Anti-Austerity Protesters On Twitter

Funniest Banners At UK Anti-Austerity March

Cameron Threatened To Shut BBC On Election Bus

750,000 UK Men Want Child Sex Say Crime Chiefs


UK Terror Cops Groomed Our ISIS Runaway Wives'

UK Energy Companies Give Staff Ant-Stab Vests

MRSA In Pork - Farmers Demand Cut On Antibiotics Use

Fracking Poses 'Significant' Health Risks To Humans

Why Do We Ignore The Obvious?

Maussan Expert Reverses Course - It's A Mummy!

Mysterious UFO ‘Scouts’ Vegas 1967 - UFO Hoax

Original SIGHTINGS.COM For Sale

Why Do We Ignore The Obvious?


Kirwan - Suspended Animation

Lindsay Graham Defends Confederate Flag

US Already Spends Billions In War On ISIS

Saudi Jets Continue To Bomb And Kill Across Yemen

1934 Hollywood Film - The House Of Rothschild

Will A Jew Be America's Next President?

'Diabolical' Experiments On US Military Students

Medicinal Marijuana Dates Back Almost 5000 Yrs


How Phones Are Tearing Us Apart

Dreier - Greece, You Are in Great Danger!

Putin - World No Closer To Cold War Nuke Standoff

Big Lie Always Follows Mass Shootings By Whites

Want To Get Rich? Become A CA Water Atty

NASA Is Indexing The ‘Deep Web’

Humans Can Navigate By Smell

China’s Stock Market About To Collapse

Hybrid Technique Sees Into Human Body

Lyme Disease Can Be Gotten From Dogs' Ticks

Reasons To Love Bacteria, Fungi And Spores


The Animals Most Likely To Kill Americans

Kodachrome America 1930s And 40s

Kodachrome America - 40s, 50s And 60s

Medical Kidnapping in ME - Grandpa Commits Suicide

Lakota Warriors Vow To Crush Dirty Rainbow Hippies

Mysterious Women Built The Megaliths Of Portugal?

Red Devils In Airshow Mid-Air Parachute Drama - Vid

10 Engine Drone Goes From Helicopter To Plane - Vid

The Orangutan Trap

Flatulent Cows Cause Shed To Explode

John Lennon UFO Link To ET Berwyn Mts Mystery

MUFON Asst St Dir Requests Ban Slides Promoters

The Visit - An Alien Encounter


NASA Openly Admits Alien Life Exists - Disclosure Due

Hillary Calls For Still MORE Gun Control

Pentagon Quietly Building Cruise Missile Shield Across US

China Reveals Deadly New Armor-Piercing Gun

DHS Secretly Recorded Vid For Would-Be Crisis Actors

Humanity Developing Resistance To Govt Lies

3 Mineral Waters Can Remove Aluminum From Brain

More Irresponsible US Iran Bashing

Signs Of Fakery In Charleston Church Shooting

Record Numbers To Rally For Bernie Sanders For 2016

Sanders - Unbowed, Unchanged, Unafraid Of A Fight


Lobbyists Give $1.6 Mln To 3 US Senators Running For Pres

Charity Threatens To Sue Ex-Dir For Exposing Clinton Fdn $

Baron Rothschild indicted in France Over Fraud Case

Our Species Will Disappear - Earth In New Extinction Phase

US Prison Pop Soars To 2.3 Million At Cost Of $7 Billion

Wiki Releases 276,000 New Documents From Sony Hack

25 Things We Did As Kids …Get You Arrested Today

US To Supply Gas To Ukraine In 2 Years

Kiev Waking Up To How Dangerous Kolomoisky Really Is

US Senator 'Arm Kiev' McCain Visits Ukraine

‘Powerful People In The West & KIev Don't Want Peace


Ukrainians Desire To Join NATO - EU Shrinks

Failed Mistral Deal Causes Fight Among French Agencies

Russia Reveals Two Warships To Replace Mistrals

Russia Rules Out SCO May Become Military Alliance Like NATO

Russia, Japan To Join In LNG Production On Sakhalin

China, Japan, S Korea Mull Holding First Summit Since 2012

Putin - US ABM From Treaty Forces Russia To New Arms Race

Putin - Russia Trying To Be Superpower, Just Wants Respect

Putin -Language OIf Ultimatums Unacceptable For Russia


Putin Reveals Details Of His Private Life

Putin - Situation in Syria Could Have Followed Libya, Iraq

Defence Ministry To Prevent Color Revolution In Russia

Year Old Photos Of Tsar's Photographer

Saudis, Russia Sign 6 New Petro Deals

Yemeni Troops Seize Control Of Saudi Military Base

Massive Explosions Hit Saudi City

15 Airstrikes Rock Aden Saudi Dawn Raids

Yemen Peace Talks Turn Violent in Geneva

MoD Confirms Brits Arming Saudis In Yemen

Wiki Releases 1,000s Top Secret Saudi Govt Docs


Wiki - Saudi Docs Reveal OBL Death Cert Non-Existent

State Dept Accuses Iran Of Supporting Terrorism

US-KSA Alliance Represented By al-Qaeda In Geneva Talks

Hezbollah Attacks Kill ISIL Cmdrs In Lebanon

Boycott Israel Campaign Gaining Momentum

Pal Group Claims Responsibility For Attack On 'Settlers'

Flotilla To Test Israel’s Gaza Blockade

Israeli Military Launches Cyber Command

No Saving Global Financial System - Vid

Bank Holiday Preps Begin In Greece, Liens At Athens ATMs

Europe In Denial As Tsipras Cuts Deals With Moscow


EU Shot Itself In Feet w/Anti-Russian Sanctions

German Businesses Oppose EU Anti-Russian Sanctions

US Companies Set To Stay In Russia For The Long Haul

Ron Paul - US Stock Market About To Collapse

Tens Of 1,000s Protest In Heart Of Britain Against Austerity

Scot Lawmaker Astonished At Links Moldova's Billions

200 Yrs On - How Battle Of Waterloo Shaped Europe

London Cops Crackdown On Anti-Austerity Marchers

‘Hatred & Lies’ - Euro Parliament Pres Slams UK Debate

Japanese Grab Up 1st 1,000 Emotional Robots In A Minute

Wisconsin Higher Ed Under Attack


How The Battle of Waterloo Shaped Europe

Belgian MDs Euthanize Patients w/o Their Consent

Column Of Ash As Mt Sinabung Erupts

S Korean Air Suspends More Flights to Japan - MERS Outbreak

65+ Thailand Hospitals To Fight MERS Virus – Prime Minister

Strong 6.6-Magnitude Quake Rocks Chilean Coast

Environmental Groups Launch Lawsuit on EPA to Block Pesticide

Metaphysical Effects Of A Magnetic Pole Reversal

Promote Deadly Nuclear Energy & Ban Beneficial Hemp

Synchronicity, Myth And The New World Order

Genetic Link Found Between Mental Illness, Creativity


Russia Too Help VZ Oil Sector With $5 Billion Loan

Putin - Russia Managed To Avoid Deep Economic Crisis

Russia Warns Sweden

Pentagon Tries To Catch Russia In Arctic

Florida Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal

How Obama Consolidated Legacies Of Bush, Clinton

CA Mom Fights Corrupt LA System To Recover Daughter

The Water Crisis Isn't Limited To California

CA Coastal Wine Country Hit By Water Wars


21 Of 37 Biggest Sources Of Drinking Water Disappearing

The Real Landscapes Of The Great Flood Myths

Texas Adored By Some, Despised By Most

'Will Tow Icebergs To Market’

This Is How It Ended For Jeffrey Sterling

Husband Gave Unfaithful Ex-Wife Half - Literally

The Beginning Of The End Of The Eurozone

10-Yr Old Rape Victim Denied Abortion

US Mid-Continent Seismicity Tied To Injection Wells

Viruses Are Traveling Through Commuter Networks


Large Pyroclastic Flows At Mt Sinabung Volcano - Vid

Master The Perils Of Riding The Subway

Making Meat Cleaver Fom A Circular Saw Blade - Vid

3D Printing Ia Bridge To The Future

Sensor For Detecting Earth’s Magnetic Field In Animal

African Elephants May Be Extinct In Next Decade

A Ton Of Ivory Will Be Crushed In Times Square

Very Intense School Fire Drills in China - Vid

Cosmic Inflation’s Five Great Predictions

Ancient Greeks Feared Zombies

Children’s Reports Of Past Life Memories


Jeff, Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder - Psychic Discoveries - Vid

Planet Jeb

Bill Clinton Would Fight And Die For Israel

US Continues Aggression Against Russia

Putin Straight Talk vs Obama Double Talk

China 4th Hypersonic Missile Test - US Tensions Grow

Nanoparticles Enable Remote Control Brains


Obama Unilateral Presidency Crashes Into Constitution

Obama Trade Bill Passes House, Senate Now Controls

Jade Helm - NV State Prison Turning Into FEMA Camp?

Obama Calls For Gun Control In Wake Of Church Shooting

V-280 May Replace Entire US Army Helicopter Fleet

Senate OKs $612b 2016 Defense Funding Bill

Broken - Americans No Longer Believe In US Institutions

For The Next Idiot Who Thinks You're 'Unpatriotic'

Senators Want $9 Billion For Amtrak Railroad

Number Of US McDonald’s Shrinks First Time In Decades

JoeTalk - The End, Part 3 - Vid

Zuckerberg Gives $5 Million To Scholarships For Illegals

Senate Panel Doubles 'Jewish Earmark' To $25M

Network Of Global Corporate Control - Vid

Milton Friedman On The Drug War

121 Illegals Released By Obama Committed Murder

Enforcement? What Enforcement?

Uncivilized Western Civilization

Proof - Reality Does NOT Exist Until Observed

Courtney Love Fails To Stop Doc ‘Soaked In Bleach’

The Science Of The Near Death Experience

Irresponsibly Freezing Russian Assets

Broken Record - Again, Obama Blames Shooting On Gun Laws

Obama, CNN's Don Lemon Called 'Uncle Toms' On TV


Church Shooting Suspect Wanted To Start Civil War

Ramsey Clark Leads Suit Against Bush, Cheney Over Iraq War

All US States Fail To Meet Police Use-Of-Force Rules

Chicago Cop Opens Fire On Black Teens In Car - Vid

At Least 400 US Citizens Killed By Police Annually

Symptomatic Contacts of MERS Index Case In Thailand

Ukraine Vol Batt Mines Base, Threatens To Fire On Govt

Ukraine Natl Guard, CA Nati Guard Agree On Cooperation

EU Eastern Partnership Plunged Ukraine Into Crisis

Henderson - US Continues Aggression Against Russia


Russian Missile Divisions Put On Alert In Kamchatka

NATO Ups Tensions In Baltic

Chechen Leader - West Special Forces Killed Nemtsov

Russia - World's Highest Numbers Asylum Seekers

West Fears Non-MSM Coverage Of Global Events

Western Stooge Kudrin Suggests Early Russia Pres Election

Russian Eastern Military To Hold Iskander-M Drills

Nuland: Russia’s Nuke War Plan 'Less Dramatic'

French Invent Robots To Replace Border Police

5,000 Get Dengue Fever In South Yemen

Yemeni Army, Ansarullah Rocket Attacks On Saudi Base


Turkish Intelligence Allowing Arms Flow Into Syria

Turk ISIL Terrorist Confirms Ankara-Takfiri Ties

Israel Attacks Syrian Army Base

Israel Questions, Frees 16 Jews After Church Torched

One Constant - US Troublemaking In MIdeast

Pentagon - Iraq Likely To Split Into Three States

Russia's New City Of The Future

Bloomberg St Petersburg Coverage Embarrassing

EU In Denial As Tsipras Cuts Deals With Russia

Russia, Greece Ink €2b Deal On Turkish Gas Pipeline

Russia Ready To Consider Greek Bailout


Greek PM - Grexit Will Collapse The Euro

Greece Can Learn From Iceland's Banking Crisis

EU Extends Sanctions Against Russia's Crimea

Anti-Russian Sanctions Can Cost EU $114 Billion

Europe Should Stop Being ‘Useful Idiots Of The US

Russia Aims To Ensure Comfortable Investment Climate

Jim Rogers - 'Russia Is Rising, I’m Investing'

Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, McDonald's Avoiding Tax Probe?

UBS Had Libor-Rigging Instruction Manual, Former Trader Claims

UK National Debt Tops £1.5 TRILLION


Bolivia Strikes Big Oil - Morales

Evangelist Said Islam ‘Satanic’ Doctrine Faces Prosecution

Warming Idiot - Mankind Extinct In 100 Years

DDT Exposure In Utero Ups Breast Cancer Risk 3.7x

Call To ‘Genetically Screen 4 y/os Fo Learning Deficiencies,

Clean Water Like An Egyptian With These Seeds

Going Green - India To Become Top Solar Energy Power

TX Fracking Region - ‘Incredibly Alarming’ Levels Of Water Pollution

US Nuclear Power A Costly Failure

Someday, Your Car Might Kill You To Save Others

Fugitive T-Shirt - You Can Run But You Can't Hide


Dempsey Uses Stars Wars To Inspire War On ISIL

Kiev Authorities Have No Idea How To End Crisis

Kiev's Junta Forces Terror Bomb Donbass

Porky Fires Security Chief

Pentagon To Use Robots To Fight Eurasia War

Clinton Chronicles - Conspiracy Shocker - Vid

Greeks Turn To Vladimir Putin For Help

Greece Faces Banking Crisis

Local Farming Can Feed Most Of America

Smartphone Gave Me Painful Neurological Condition

$17 Billion Blunder Has America Reeling

Russia To Land Craft On Moon In 2019

Brian Williams Starts Apology Tour - Vid

Sunday Times - We Just Publish Position Of The UK Govt

MERS Recombination Acknowledged

Charlie Hebdo - Gateway To Totalitarian Government

Scientists To Study How To Slow Spread Of Diseases

The Paradigms They Are A Shifting - Vid

The Ultimate Scientific Revolution

New ‘E-Rifle’ Connects AK-47 To The Web

Purgatory Revisited

UFO On Radar Made ‘Two Landings'

UFO Hovers, Stops Clocks, Affects Radios, Zooms Away 1965

Roswell Slides - The Child From Montezuma Castle

Col Halt Returns To Rendelsham 35 Yrs On

Why 'They' Fear Telling The Truth Of ET


MERS S Korea Cases Increase To 166 - Deaths To 24

Russia Wants To Know If US Landed On Moon

Russia Investigating NASA

Charleston Church Shooting - The Larger Covert Op

New Encrypted Social Network To Rival Facebook

Canadian Government Servers Attacked by Hackers

AMA Prepares Gag Order For Medical Dissenters

Minutemen Nab 2 CIA Agents With 1300 lbs Cocaine

McDonald's To Shrink In US

7 Giant Lies About Red Meat


The Astonishing Effects Of Cannabis - Vid

FBI Joins Probe Into Charleston Church 'Hate Crime'

SC State Sen Clementa Pinckney Killed In Church Shooting

These Are The Dictators Donald Trump Loves

Poll - Bernie Sanders Catching Up With Hillary

Voters in Three Key States Consider Hillary Dishonest

Hillary Claims More Fake Twitter Followers Than Any Other

Trump Hired Crowd Of 'Supporters' For 2016 Announcement

Neil Young Tells Trump He's Backing Bernie

45 Vets Sign Letter Urging Drone Pilots to Stand Down

Calls For Forced 'Natl Service' For 18-28 Yr Olds Begins

FBI Going After ISIL In Anti-Terror Campaign Inside US

City Threat To Arrest Vet For Living Off Tkhe Grid


MI Cop Kills 17 Yr Old In Traffic Stop - Skates

LA Cops - Accidental Shootings Due To Fancy New Gun

Pentagon Knew Of MDs Gruesome Practices A Decade Ago

Examples Of Israeli Viciousness

End Impunity - Israel Is Brutalising International Law

Footage Allegedly Shows IDF Sniper Killing Pal w/out Cause - Vid

'Justifying Israel's Genocidal Actions' Against Pals

IDF Who Beat Cuffed Pal Girl Get Suspended Sentences

Judaism vs Jewish Identity Politics - Shapiro & Gilad Atzmon

DPR Leader In Frank Talk With His People

Porky Taps Tony Blair To Join Kiev Advisory Council


Ukrainians Say One Kiev Gang Was Exchanged For Another

Nationalist Call For US Style Concentration Camps In Donbass

MH17 Crash - Whistleblower Comes Forward With Info

Russia Reacting To Dangerous Western Provocations

Russian Non-Invasion Worries Europe Capitals

EU Extends Sanctions Against Russia

Russia Prepares 30th Humanitarian Convoy For Donbass

Russia To Build New Gen Space Surveillance Systems

Russian Official Wants Intl Probe Into US Moon Landings

Russian Monitors Prevent Two Attacks At Donetsk Airport


NATO Chief Unveils Biggest Build-Up Since Cold War

NATO Launches Largest Military Exercise Since Cold War

Pentagon Hires Anti-Russia Group - More Aggressive Policy

Soros Calls For US, China Alliance Against Russia

Greece Eyes 'Involvement' In BRICS Bank

Juncker Promises Tsipras 'Improved' Bailouts

West Sanctions vs Russia Extended Far Longer

Russian Economy Able To Withstand West Sanctions

Bloomberg's Putin Exclusive Nothing But Fiction

Gazprom To Supply Gas To China, Japan & India


Russ To Build New Gas Pipeline To Germany Via Baltic Sea

Russian Assets In Belgium ‘To Be Seized As Yukos Comp’

Vanishing Bio-Weapons Lab in Tbilisi, Geworgia

US Pays For 'Post-Ebola Syndrome’ Study In Liberia

Ebola May Be Hidden By Pregnancy

CDC - First Case Of MERS infection Spread Inside US

MERS Confirmed In Thailand Ex-Oman 75M

Guangdong MERS ex-South Korea - Eurosurveillance

Malaysia MERS Import N Gene Identical To Jeddah


The Great TPP Death Trap For India, China

Dirty Fast Track Politics

Global Conflict Cost World $14.3 Trillion In 2014

Some 60mn People Displaced Worldwide - UNHCR

US Issues 2,000 Work Permits To Immig Despite Crt Order

Over 70% Of Slovaks Oppose EU Migrant Quota Plan

US Visa System Will Not Return Online Until Next Week

US Detention Ctr Refuses To Give Water To Immigrants

Yemen Peace Talks Deadlocked

Yemenis Subjected To Genocide - Ansarullah

Yemen Factions Agree To Ramadan Ceasefire


Geneva Mtng May Condemn Al Saud For Genocide In Yemen

Turkey, France Stonewalling Geneva Talks On Yemen

Saudi Airstrikes Target Yemeni Convoy In Aden, Kill 31

Baghdad Displeased With Int'l Coalition's So-Called War On ISIL

John Kerry 'Compiling' More Lies Against Syria

Cop On Cam Brutally Murders Ex-Wife in Car

Bono + Monsanto To Flood African Ag With GMOs

Electric Sun/Earth Connection Confirmed (Again) - Vid

US Treas Has ‘Frozen’ Debt 90 Days @$18,112,975,000,000

Walmart - 'Extensive & Secretive Web' Of Overseas Tax Havens

The Surprising Trend With Drug Testing In Colorado

Six Ways The Civil War Changed American Medicine


Video Shows Chickens Being Brutalized On US Farm

Fracking Linked to Low Birth Weight Babies

2 Countries Got Into A Fight Over - Nutella

Antibiotics Are Filling Chinese Waterways

The Doctor Who Prescribes Fruit And Vegetables

MRSA Found In Supermarket Pork

Australia Killing Hundreds Of Koalas

The Colossus Of Rhodes

Predator vs Protector

Being Aware Of Our Energy


9 Killed In 'Hate Crime' At Historic SC Black Church

Trump's Pitch To American Voters - Vid

Moscow Rips Hillary For Her 'Russian Threat' BS

Soros Warns Russia-China Will Take On US

Russian State Assets In Belgium To Be Seized

Security Flaw - 600 Million Samsung Phones Exposed

Kiev Soldiers Confess To Cold-Blooded Murder

NATO Shows Its Teeth To Russia

A Woman Will Be On New $10 Bill In 2020


NBC Brian Williams Reach Deal

Zio-NWO Wields AI To Massively Up Their World Control

N Korea Hit By Worst Drought In 100 Yrs - HAARP

Documentary Shows Ferocious Anger Against US Bases

Beijing Getting Bad Rap In South China Sea Disputes

Myrna's Message To Mayor About Hawaiian Beach Park - Vid

Doom - Game Of Thrones As College?

Israeli Soldiers Beat, Injure Pal In West Bank - Vid

Warsaw In Talks On Stationing US Military Warehouses

'Still Occupied' By US – Ex-Chief Of Austrian Intelligence

EU Calls for Regime Change in Macedonia

Joining NATO Threatens Sweden’s Security – Media

Merkel’s Computer Used To Hit German Parliament

Rally Against Anti-Russia Sanctions In Italy’s Bologna

Moldova, Ukraine Wage Hybrid War Against Transnistria

VZ Calls For CELAC Meeting Amid Ecuador Coup Plot

US Allocates 'Democracy Funds' for Cuba

US, VZ Officials Meet In Haiti


Dallas Police HQ Attacker Shot Dead By Sniper

Far-Right Groups Protest Against Mosque Building In UK

Eurosceptics Issue Warning To Cameron On EU 'Purdah'

Surprise! Scientists ‘Crack Code’ To Happiness

Android, Win 7 Power Up From Covert DSL Command

Comet Lander Philae Awakes From Hibernation

Aspartame And Drug Interaction

The Double Standard of Racism In Education

Hangar 1 Pushes Another Fraud UFO Document

'UFO' Flying Over Toowoomba Region - Pic

Former Director Roswell UFO Museum Has Died


Kirwan - Two

Hillary Calls Iran, N Korea, Russia Traditional Threats

NYT 'Investigates' Russian Donations To Donbass

US Installed Bolshevik Regime In Ukraine - Vid

1,000s Of Military Vehicles Outside Underground Bunkers? - Vid

Monsanto Calls Itself A 'Sustainable Agriculture Company'

Dairy Farmers Want USDA OK To Hide Aspartame In Milk

Global Warming Hoax Plays Into Hands Of Nuke Industry

Pro Nuke Trolls Are Now Out In Force

ISIS Col Was Trained By Blackwater, State Dept For 11 Yrs

The Robot Society - The Sheeple To Lose Jobs

Kill The Goy - Jewish Murderers Get Off Scot Free


S Korea MERS Emerged From The Pentagon BioWar Labs

MERS Confirmed Cases In Korea Up To 138

South Korea MERS Deaths Hit 14

First MERS Transmission Outside An S Korea Hospital

S Korea Must Restrict Travel Amid MERS - WHO

WHO Assessment Of MERS In Korea


Soros Predicts Class War And Mass Riots

New Film Reveals Details - Kurt Cobain MURDERED?

Saudi Pages In 9/11 Report Appear Blank

Ex CIA Boss Tenet Warned Of Threats Before 9/11

CIA Chief’s Anger Against 9/11 Secret Report Revealed

Pentagon Publishes First Ever Legal War Manual

7 Key Events To Happen By The End Of September...

West Coast Birds On Way To Extinction - Zero Babies

More Dead Sea Mammals On W Coast Than In History


Docs Show US Govt HIDING Radiation Levels On W Coast

Fukushima Now So Fragile, World Catastrophe Any Moment

Roberts - Happy Birthday Magna Carta

House Reject Fast Track Authority - For Now

Presstitute Media Support Anti-Consumer Fast Track Authority

Second Hack Hits Federal Intel, MIlitary Personnel

Stolen Fed Workers Data Worth $140m Dark Net

Koch Bros Huge Step To GOP Civil War

Iceland Recovering Fastest...After Jailing Bankers

TX To Recover $1 Billion In Gold From NY Fed

Another Bad Milestone In CA Drought


Most Problematic Attempts To Get All The Water

Five Things We Still Don’t Know About Water

When A Govt Declares MEMORIES Classified

The Giza Pyramids And The Belt Of Orion

6 Kiev Troops Killed, 14 Wounded In New Clashes

Kiev Killers Shell 3 Districts In Donetsk

IMF Will Support Ukraine, Default Or Not

Ukraine Debt Now 100% Of GDP

Neo-Nazis Azov Battalion Bashes US Congress

Slovak Donbass Vol - Our Way Of Fighting EU, NATO

Ukraine Oil Depot Fire Started By Owners


1990's - The Rape Of Russia

St. George Flag Over Biggest NATO Base In Baltics

Moscovites Oppose Fake Petition To Nuke America - Vid

Russian Co Makes World's Cheapest Helicopter

The 6 Million Song

Egypt Opens Borders With Gaza, 1,000s Pals Cross

Washington's Nakba Museum

Israel's Debka - Yemeni Rocket Killed Saudi AF Cmdr

New Saudi Airstrikes Kill 12 Civilians, Injure 15 i

Ex Saudi Crown Prince To Flee To Britain

Saudis Ask Militants To Kill Pakistani Officials

Saudis Terror Bomb Yemeni World Heritage Site


Bush Urges Obama To Send Combat Troops To Iraq

Syria Denies Downing of Military Jet in Daraa

Is Deutsche Bank The Next Lehman?

Gas Superpower Iran To Invest $100 Billion

Koç Pops Up At Bilderberg

American Empire Imploding Home And Abroad

20% US Female College Students Sex Assaulted

Shootout In Front Of Dallas Police Station - Vid

Bag With Explosives Blasts Near Dallas PD HQ

The Biggest Crooks In The US Are Now The Cops

FL Cop Kills Homeless Black In Front Of Kids


Identity Politics, Medicare Sedatives, West Makes Demons - Vid

Chipmunks Wearing Mini Spy Microphones?! - Vid

Giant Rats Saving Lives, Reviving Economy - Vid

Time To Connect Without Cell Phones - Vid

Must-Have Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

When Your Employer Just Stops Paying You

Dog-Killing Bees Menacing AZ

How Planes Make Jaw-Dropping Take-Offs - Vid

The Psychology Of An Ethnic Fraud

Think Before You Ink

5 Incredible Breakthroughs In Pot Science


Biden, Porky Agree To Keep Sanctions On Russia

Western Creditors Outraged At Ukraine Default Threat

US Planned War On Terror In 92 Countries Days After 9/11

CIA Victims Tell Shocking Stories

David Rockefeller Turns 100

Rain, Though Welcome, Brings Drought Fire Hazards

CA Cuts Farmers Share Of Scant Water

Europe - Creating A Post-Gender World

AZ Man Survives 500 - 1,000 Stings By Bee Swarm

Japan To Send Probe To Martian Moon

Reports Of Synthetic Marijuana Poisoning Up 229% In 2015


Jeff & Jay Parker - Evil Rules The World - Vid

Kirwan - Three

Americans Are The Dumbest People Ever

Peace Scarier Than War - US Trapped In Vicious Cycle

Hillary No Different That Obama Just More Militarist

Bill Opens Up About His Relationship With Hillary

House Dems Vote Against Obama Key Trade Deal

Iowa Straw Poll Now Dead

Ingestible Identification Microchip Closer

DHS Whistle Almsot Lost Child For Probing Corruption

US Weapons Costs Soar In Engineering Stage

Inside The Secret World Of NSA Art


Alt Media Challenges Western Bias - Ecuador Pres

Monsanto Is Trying To Change Its Name

Doom - College Grads - Prepare To Be Underemployed

CA Sec Of Ag Couldn't Be More Wrong About Drought

Russian Jet Encounters US Spy Plane Over Black Sea

Russia Concerned About US Weapons In Space

Russian, US To Cooperate In Space Exploration

One-Pager On Latest Developments In Russia

How Floating The Ruble Rescued Russia

Russia Thanks West For Sanctions

Poverty Rate In Russia Jumps To 16%

WaPost Editors Urge Aiding Ukrainian Fascist Tyranny

Congress Blocks Aid To 'Repulsive' Ukraine Neo-Nazis


Porky Would Get 13.6% Of Votes If Elections Held Today

Donbass Protests - Justice For Victims Of US War In Ukraine

EU Vols in Donbass Fight For Noble Cause - German Media

New Ukraine Life - Euro Prices, Post-Soviet Salaries

Madsen - US Longtime Support For Ukraine's Fascists

Obama’s Stupid Propaganda Stuff

Why Is DC Still Pushing For War With Russia?

Transnistria Worried About Ukrainian Army Mobilization

Russian Peacekeepers In Transnistria Hinder EU-Moldova Affairs

NATO Finally Apologizes For (DU) Bombing Yugoslavia

Saudi Jets Hit Yemen Bus, Kill 20 Civilians

Russia To Promote Single Strategy To Counter ISIL


Pal Official - US Made ISIL, Will Destroy Itself ‘By Own Hand’

ISIS Missing Link Alt News, NATO Saying Same - Vid

US Military Ops Against Islamic State Reach $2.74b

Turkish Intel Giving ISIS Safe Passage Into Syria

President Graham Would Go To War In Iraq & Syria

Rep Schiff Slams House Rejection Of War On ISIL

Martin - Did We Pull The Plug On The Shah?

US Intel Forges Documents Against Iran

Russia, Egypt Carry Out Joint Navy Drills In Med

The Most BIZARRE Thing Netanyahu Ever Said?!

Israel Whitewashes Mass Murder

Missile Murder Of 4 Gaza Boys No Crime Rules Israel


Israeli Dozers Level Palestinian W Bank Farm

Activists To Shut Down Israeli Arms Factory In Gaza

Most Israeli Jews Support Segregated W Bank Buses

Bilderberg…Where Criminals Mingle With Ministers

Behind Bilderberg, TLC - Globalists Have Major Problem

TTIP - Part Of US Plot To Isolate Russia From Europe

Leaked TPP Trade Bill Healthcare Annex

IMF Walks Out Of Greece Bailout Talks

Greece Refuses To Blink Despite EU Warnings

TX Wants Its Gold Back From The Fed (ha)

Ukraine Will ‘Default’ If Misses $75m Eurobond Pmt


Ukraine Bonds Plunge After 'American' Ups Default Threat

Guardian View On HSBC - A Bank Beyond Shame

China’s Spies Hit The Blackmail Jackpot

Pentagon Warns China To Stop Building In S China Sea

Why May China, India Need Russia’s Armata Super Tank?

China Conducts 4th Test Of Nuclear Delivery Vehicle

Japan - An Extramarital Affair Isn’t Adultery If You Pay For It

N Korea Faces Famine If Drought Continues Says S Korea

Shinzo Abe...Decadent And Depraved

You’re A Criminal In A Mass Surveillance World

’Superpower' Cops Now Use On Crime


Cop Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man Thru Patrol Car Window

La Schools Use Book Of Genesis In HS Science

Enviros Hysterical As 'Climate Change' Scam Falls Apart

Reality Still Bites For Gen X

EU Widens Crackdown - Amazon Now Under Investigation

SGI-USA Youth Give 8, 500 Nuke Abolition Petitions At UN

UK To Fast-Track Fracking Without Public Consent

New Software In UK Schools To Stop Radicalization

Russians Create Interface That Controls Machines Mentally

How Taxpayers Fund Tony Blair's Global Business Empire

Brit Teen Stabs Teacher Who Tried To Take His Cell Phone


Big Pharma To Blame For Rise Of Deadly Superbugs

Canada Supreme Court - Medical Pot Legal In All Forms

Time To Ban Toxic Flavorings From Processed Foods

GM Moths Field Release Near NY Causes Outrage

12 Behind The Scenes Secrets Of Airports

Panamas Tweeting Potholes

Additional Mummy Photo Found - Maussan Backpedals

Ceres Mysterious Spots - NASA Gets Best Shot Yet

Your Enemy's Enemy Is Your Dog - Scientists

We Subconsciously Predict Future Emotional Events

Virus Hunter Kaspersky Becomes The Hunted

10 Companies Act Like They Hate Customers

The World According To An Illusionist - Pics


Addicted To Telling The Story Of Marijuana

Insect Parts, Mouse Poop in Your Food

How To Sail Through Space On Sunbeams

Half Million US Kids Not Getting Enough Water

Tiger Numbers Growing in Russia - Vid

When A Giant Mirror Shows Up In Jungle - Vid

Here’s The Plan To Save New Orleans

Alexander The Great Family Tomb Yields Few Secrets

Microscopic Sculptures In Luxury Watches

The Secret Lives Of Elves And Faeries

Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pills The New Normal?


Senate Pushes For Lethal Aid For Kiev

Hillary More Militant Than Obama - Chomsky

S Korea Reports 11th MERS Death

Google Aims To Manage Entire Cities

Kirwan - Four

Hack Compromised Every Single Federal Worker

Oops! Fed Admits QE Widens Inequality

McDonalds Hire White House Press Secretary

SCOTUS Destroying American Democracy

Obama’s New Plan To Save Iraq - Tear It Apart

Expecting 'Goodies' For Fast Track Vote?

CA Literally Sinking Into The Ground

CA Drought-Relief Money Is Unspent

World May See Bigger Number Large Quakes

Pulling The Plug On Lake Mead - Vid


122 S Koreans Infected With MERS

Ebola Comeback In Guinea, Sierra Leone - WHO

MERS Spreads Across Asia, S Korea Fails To Contain It

Deadly Flesh Eating Bacteria Appears in FL Waters

£120,000 For Narcolepsy Caused By Swine Flu Vax

Globalism And Mandatory Universal Vaccine

Pentagon Plan Will Cut Future Military Pensions 20%

Pentagon To Aid US States After Complex Catastrophes

Congress Secret Hearing Into DoD Anthrax Shipments

CIA Humor - Mocking Transparency 'Conspiracy Theories'

US Med Examiners Can Keep Organs From Dead - Court

Record Number Americans Renouncing US Citizenship


American Dreaming - From G7 To Bilderberg

Skelton - Journos Pampered At G7, Harassed At Bilderberg

Behind Bilderberg, Trilateral - Globalists Have A Problem

Kiev Pronounces Minsk Agreement Dead

Ukraine Private Lender Debts Must Be Restructured - Porky

US Hints At 'Sacrifices' For Restructuring Ukraine Debt

Kiev's Pivot To West Puts Ukraine Sovereignty In Jeopardy

Kiev To Put S-300 Missiles On Transdniestria Border

Drone Over Ukraine Oil Depot Blaze Shows Disaster - Vid

Russia Takes Full Responsibility For Crimea Nuke Facilities

US Circling Russia With BioWeapons Labs

China Rebukes US 'Microphone Diplomacy'


Russia Will Coordinate Muslim Countries Fight vs Terror

Russians Highly Confident in Putin Foreign Policy

Russia Developing Upgraded Version Of Oka Missile

Renzi - Italy, Russia One Same Side Of Tracks

NATO Ready To Snatch Kaliningrad From Russia

Caldicott - US, Russia Playing Nuclear Chicken

Ex-French PM - 'Obama Dragging Europe Into Crusade vs Russia'

Jeb Bush Calls Putin a 'Bully' - Big Word For A Bush

More Sources Reject Saudi AF Cmdr 'Heart Attack'

Saudi Air Force Cmdr Killed By Yemen Missiles

Saudi Military Bases Targeted By Yemeni Missiles


Yemen Forces Raid Saudi Base Near Border

ICC Investigating Israeli War Crimes - Hold The Cheers

Israel Spied On Hotels Used For Iran Nuclear Talks

Israel's Strategic Position 'Enhanced By Arab Chaos'

'Dirty Bomb' - ISIS Can Build WMD

Could Israel Use Dirty Bombs?

Inferno Reported Near Israeli 'Nuke Center'

Fetzer - US Is Camouflaging Israel Nukes

Israel Has Arrested 95k Palestinian Minors Since 1967

Netanyahu's War Against BDS Pays Off

The Truth About Israel And Palestine

Israel Suspends 'Pimping' Lawmaker


Israel Denies Treatment To Injured Palestinian

ISIL Brings Al-Qaeda To Brink Of Collapse

Spy Virus Linked To Israel Hit Iran Talks Hotels - Report

Ex Intel Dir Tells Congress Iran Will Soon Have WMD

Terrorists Can Use Drones For BioChem Attacks

Mexico To Boost Daily Oil Output By 10%

Greek Default Imminent Without Russian Help

TTIP Vote In Euro Parliament Drops into Chaos

Protests, Parliament Chaos Hurting US Plans For TTIP Deal

Farm Lobby To Oppose TTIP Unless EU Relents On GMOs

TTIP Trade Deal Set To Trigger Wave Of Privatization

TTIP Lets Foreign Multinationals To 'Hold Europe To Ransom'


Zio-TPP Will Weaken Nuclear Safety

Zio-US Congress Rushing TPP Thru - Goyem Lose

Big Pharma Revealed As Puppetmaster Off TPP Secrecy

Secret TPP Healthcare Annex Published By WikiLeaks

TPP Deal Undercuts US Health Care System

'Unlawful Killing' Princess Diana Banned Doc 2011

Rothschild Tells Osborne To Sell RBS At £14b Loss

Iceland Recovered Imprisoning Bankers And Let Banks Fail

JoeTalk - Law Of The Jungle - Vid

Cameron Admits Anti-Russia Sanctions Hurting UK, EU

Greek Default Imminent Without Russian Help

China Launches Internet Police, Govts Jealous


China's AIIB Structure Revealed, Germany Pledges Support

'Climate-Smart' Agriculture Is A Corporate Deception

Save Pacific Islands Of Pagan And Tinian From US Bombs

What Would Orwell Make Of The Guardian In 2015?

Hospitals Are Dangerous Rip-Offs

Zio-BBC Media Using Fake Footage As 'News'

Severe Weather Warning Across UK

'BBC Bias' - EU Referendum Coverage To Be Monitored

Obama Helped Scottish Nationalists,™ Claims Sturgeon

Washington Fears Brexit Says Sturgeon

UK Home Secretary Supports Mass Surveillance Of Citizens

Got Any Labels On You?

Estrogen - Climate Change Underway

Pedos More Likely To Have Physical Deformities, Be Left Handed

Biggest Great White Ever On Camera?

Giant Cliffs On Mercury Defy Any Explanation

Man Faced 20 Ys For Clearing Browser History

How Prisons Kick Inmates Off Facebook

OR Grass-fed Ranchers Face Charges For Grazing

Map Shows UFO Sightings In The US

Snakes Infest House in Maryland - Vid

Common Signs 30 Days Before Heart Attack

Food Waste In America

China's $10 Billion Railway Across S America

Afghanistan’s Buddhas Rise Again

Magnetism May Help Heat The Sun's Corona

El Niño - What On Earth Will Happen Next?

GM Cotton No Increased Profits For Indian Farmers

Gateways To Thee Egyptian Underworld

Scientists Just Found Way To Make Dinosaurs

Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria in Our Food

Dying Star Forms 'Butterfly' Nebula - Vid

Things You Didn't Know About Vitamin C


Army Special Ops Denies Jade Helm Martial Law

Killer AMA's New National Mandatory Vaccine Rules

Kirwan - Five

Kirwan - Six

Obama To Send More Ground Troops To Iraq

Why Is MERS So Contagious?

Ocean Temps In The Tropical Pacific Rising

Canadian Senate Votes To Keep Fear Alive

How Mixing Water Can Create Electricity

Most Dangerous Prison Escapees Travels Far

Fatal Car Crash Reemerges For Caitlyn Jenner

Electric Shock Therapy Makes A‘Trendy Comeback'

America’s War Black Girls


Major VT Hospital Plans To Remove GMOs

Is Chivalry Dead?

Should We Kill These Dangerous Creatures? - Vid

Wild Chimps Glug Alcohol Using Homemade Tools

Hospitals Are Blatantly Ripping Us Off

7 Of The Healthiest Carbs You Can Eat

Sweating Out India’s Deadly Drought

Dare To Disagree - Vid

‘Massive’ Cigar UFO Reported Over TX

UFO Photographed Over Loch Ness

The Roswell Slides -The Will To Believe


Roberts - Ukrainians Dispossessed, Americans Next

Jeb Vows To Tamp Down Putin’s ‘Aggression’

Moron, Idiot Americans Petition To Nuke Russia

MERS Deaths Rise To Nine In South Korea

WHO MERS Mission To South Korea

Obama Attys Ask Secret Court To Ignore Fed Court

NSA Spying May Cost US Companies $35 Billion

Ron Paul Slams Militarization Of US Police


Rubio Can't Handle Money

The Killer Elite At Home And Abroad

Whistle - TSA Operates On Fear, Distrust, Lax Security

US Passes Russia As Top Oil, Gas Producer

Alarm Spreads Over Meltdown At French Nuke Plant

Pro-Nukers Dream Of Thorium Reactor A Boondoggle

Fake Cell Towers Cover London To Hear All Cell Calls

WH Tries To Explain Press Evac While First Family Stays

SS Posts Agents To WH w/o Background Checks


US Losing Over Hubris, Bellicosity, Stupidity - Buchanan

Darth Vader More Popular Than All 2016 US Candidates

Doc Trains Troops In Inhuman Techniques Gets $10 Mn

CNN To Produce 'News-Like Content For Advertisers'

Russia Sanctions Explained In One Super Short Tweet

Italy Lawmaker Wears Putin T-Shirt In EU Parliament

Mysterious Military Vehicles On Hungarian-Ukraine Border

Czechs, Slovaks Form Volunteer Fighting Unit In Donbass

Breakaway Ukraine Republics Both Want To Join Russia

Maidan 3.0 Organizer w/Ties To US? Evicted From Ukraine

Kiev 'Bans' Crimea, Donbass From Using Their Mineral Wealth


DPR, LPR Did NOT Recog Crimea As Ukrainian

Saakashvili Wants Asia-Europe Ferry To Bypass Russia

878,000 People Flee Ukraine, 1.3m Internally Displaced

Blaze Continues At Kiev Oil Depot

UK Stays Silent On Kiev Anti-Gay Violence - Ambassador

US Ukraine A NATO Base To Attack Russia - Italian Politician

Der Spiegel Apologizes Over Bellingcat MH17 Report

NATO Launches 'Very High Readiness' Drills In Poland

Russia to Remain 2018 World Cup Host Nation

FIFA Suspends 2026 World Cup Bidding Amid Scandal

US Accuses Russia Of Missile Violations

US Fails To Explain Alleged INF Treaty Breach By Russia


Putin Sees Western Policy Backfire

Yemeni Troops Hold Control Over Saudi Military Base

Saudi Warplanes Pound Areas Across Yemen

Egyptian Cops Arrest US Emb Worker On Terror Charges

Egyptian Soldiers Kill 22 Militants In Restive Sanai

Suicide Bomber Attacks Tourist Site in Egypt

No Iranian Missiles Deployed In Iraq’s Anbar

ISIS Has Enough Material To Build Dirty Bomb

15,000 Join Iraqi Shiite Militia To Counter ISIL

Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns?

Smiling Syrian Rebels Support Caitlyn Jenner


US To Put New Base in Iraq To Retake Ramadi

Libya Coastal City Of Sirte Under Full ISIL Control

Myth Buster - The ISIS Supply Chain

Pals To File Complaints Against Israel At ICC

Israeli Troops Pull Lebanese Flag From Border Area

USS Liberty Info Hidden By Zionist Control Of Congress

China Bans Its Nationals From Building Israel 'Settlements'

'Boycott Israeli Film Festival!' Say Filmmakers

Israel Rage At US Over Advanced Arms To Arab States

Israeli Army Erases Criminal Records Of Soldiers

UN Peacekeepers Sex-Abused 100s Haitian Women, Girls


Abe's Views On WW2 Risk Disgracing Honor Of Japan

China Condemns 'Irresponsible' G7 Declaration

Worthless Money, 7/7 London, G7 Opposes Russia - Vid

G7 - Talking Shop For Western Global Hegemony

What A Load Of Hypocrisy At The G7!

Calls For 'TTIP Light' Amid Charges Of Secrecy

'Controversial, Toxic' TTIP Vote Postponed In Euro Parliament

Senators Ask IMF To Deny China Yuan Reserve Status

Gazprom Using Renminbi For All Crude Sales To China

Iran Prepares Trans-Caspian Trade With Russia

Doom - Can Legitimate Online Education Exist?

Commencement Graduation & Employment Prospects

10 Worst Food Companies Poisoning You Daily & Lying

Billionaire - Thought Of Poor Rising Up Keeps Him Awake

Britain's '£100 Billion A Yr Money-Laundering Problem

Too Poor To Die - Funeral Poverty Is Surging In The UK

Disney Profits Soar - Firing US Workers, Hiring Foreigners

Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper

Tony Blair Pleaded With Judge To Spare Petraeus Jail

50 US Hospitals Overcharge Uninsured By 1000%

Ethics Of How To Make ''Moral' Robots

Anti-Muslims Launche Muhammad Cartoon Campaign

US Adds Brit Lab To List Of Accidental Anthrax Shipments


F-35A Engine Fire Investigation Finds $50m Damages

Rip It Up & Start Again - Radical Plan For EU Reform

Germany Orders New Air Defense And Battleships

Alarm Spreads Over Meltdown At French Nuke Plant

Heartburn Drugs May Up Heart Attack Risk - Warning

Aspirational Parents Doom Kids To Desperate, Joyless Life

Electric Star Formation Confirmed

Blood, Collagen Found In Dino Bones Could Rewrite All

Man Sues Chinese Actress For Starting At Him From TV!

1,000,000th Corvette Restoration Update - Vid


Lights Are On In Washington But No One's Home

March Toward Global War

Jade Helm A Psy Op To Trap US Patriots?

The American 'Military Coup Of 2012'

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Kiev Moves Grad Rockets Very Near Truce Line

'US Could Arm Kiev To Force Russian To Obey INF Treaty'

WiFi Can Count People Without Electronic Devices

Glass On Mars Could Hold Clues To Ancient Life

Fed's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan A Sham

Magical Mystery Tour Of American Austerity

How Many Nations Don't Have A Central Bank?

6.2 Quake Strikes Off Japan Coast

Deutsche Bank CEOs Resign After Scandal


'The Globalization Of War'

Europeans Brought Disease To The New World

Haunted Bunk Beds in WI Torment Family

The 'Law And Order' Crowd Is Killing Our Freedom

7 Marine Animals Not OK With Seismic Blasting

The Amount Of Sugar At Starbucks Is Amazing

US To Import Egg Products From Netherlands

Al Capone & Chicago's Violent Mobster Past - Vid

Is Aluminum A Major Threat To Bees?

The Power Of Landlords


Jeff & Terrible Tim Rifat - GeoPolitics & Psychic Warfare - Vid

Physics Of Ionospheric Heaters - Killing The Pacific - Vid

Warmonger Obama Wants More Sanctions On Russia

Insane US Petition Asks Obama To Nuke Russia - Vid

How WH Will Work With Hillary's Campaign


Enviro Activists Claim They're On List Of 'Extremists'

CIA Director Admits - US Foreign Policy Causes Terrorism

China Military Brass Visit US Amid S China Sea Row

Pilot Who Flew 9/11 Airplanes Blows The Whistle

Hastert Pleads Not Guilty

Russia Asks For Explanations OF Dempsey’s Statements

TSA Fails To Identify 73 Airport Workers Linked To Terror

Feds Can Charge You For Clearing Search History

Radio Sputnik Host Was Targeted By Secret 'Shadow NSA'

Hackers Can Make Medical Pumps Administer Fatal Doses


Russia Watching US Missiles Deployment In EU

Russian Combat Android Able To Run By Year End

Kiev Rejects Offer To Keep Donbass Part Of Ukraine

Ratseniyuk Meeting With US Oligarchy, IMF This Week

Firefighters Die In Massive Fuel Storage Blaze - Vid

Ukraine’s Silent Hill - Black Sky - Vid

WaPost Features Op-Ed By Ukraine Putschist

US Gen Feared Putin To Challenge Existence Of NATO

Middle East - A Look At Current Strategic Analysis

Israel Detonates Dirty Bombs Near Pal Bedouins

CIA Chief In Secret Viisit To Israel Over Iran N-Talks

Ban Leaves Israel OFF Child Rights Violators List


Israel Military Recruits 1000s With Criminal Records

Nuclear Saudis? ‘All Options On The Table’

Saudis Host Conference On Human Rights (har)

Yemen Carnage - Stop Arming Saudi Regime - CAAT To UK

2 Saudi Soldiers Killed, 4 Vehicles Destroyed By Yemen

World Must Know Truth Of Saudi War On Yemen

ISIL May Be Building Dirty Bomb

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks US Army's Site

G7 Backs Iran-P5+1 Efforts For Final Nuclear eal

BRICS To Pass G7 In 2-3 Years In Joint GDP

Obama Free-Trade Authority To Create 'Global Governance'


US State, Defense Secs Join Push To Pass Free Trade Deals

Skelton - Forget G7, Bilderberg Has The Big Guns

Skelton - G7 Just A Giant Press Release, With Sausages

Bilderberg Meeting Takes On A Corporate Flavor

Bilderberg 2015 - Implementation Of The A.I. Grid

Greek Exit Would Trigger E-Zone Collapse - Tsipras

Iran Rolls Out Huge Untapped Riches

Questions We Should Have Asked About Technology

Monsanto Eyeing Syngenta Merger, Move To UK

HSBC Moves To Cut 25,000 Jobs

Singapore Co To Invest In Russian Far East Ports


Watch Out Profs, Robots Are After Your Jobs

Ex-Big Pharma - We Are Trained To Lie - Vid

America’s Largest Mental Hospital Is A Jail

US Cops Kill More In Days Than Other Countries In Yrs

Pakistan Performs 150 executions In 6 Months

US Police Don't Hire Intelligent People

Man Jailed At Rikers w/No Charges For 3 Yrs Kills Self

Female Military Vets Suicide 6x More Than Other Women

Ex Spanish PM In VZ To Meet Right-Wing Leader

Oil Dispute Between Guyana And VZ

Zac Goldsmith To Run For London Mayor


Shrinking Nation - Japan's Birth Rate At Record Lows

Scientists Link Creativity To Mental Illness

UFO Orbs Photographed Over Forest Grove, OR

Mike Fortson, Saw Phoenix Lights Craft Dies

Mike Fortson – The 'Phoenix Lights' Original Report

The Martian - Official Trailer

Smart Sex Toy Will Track Your Every Move

Scientists Discover Scores Of Weird Species


US Army Site Hacked As Obama Demands Cyber Law

Obama Rips Putin As Wrecking Russia For Empire - Vid

Ratsenyuk Pledges To Reclaim Crimea, Donbass (har)

Big Ukraine Oil Depot Fire - Vid

Are Kiev, Separatist Casualties Really 'Equal'?

Israel Exploded Dirty Bombs In Negev Desert

NYT Rolls Out McCarthyism For New Cold War

Crop Circles Mystify Southern Russia

The ‘Invisible’ White Man Holding The Camera

Fix The Soil, Feed The Planet, Save The World

Medicinal Cannabis Approved For NZ Teen In Coma

Patient With Drug Resistant TB Being Treated In MD

Giant New Galaxy Found At Edge Of Universe

Major German TV Exposes 'Holocaust' Lies - Shocks Nation

History’s Cruelest Hoax - Semitic Khazars

Rand Wants To Know Why Cops Getting Bayonets - Vid

Obama - Jewish Traditions Make 'US A Better Place'

Obama On His Amnesty - ‘The Law Of On Our Side’

MSM Hides Bill Clinton Alleged Pedophilia On Epstein Island

Hillary's Corruption Is Legendary - Political Analyst

Judge Napolitano - Why NSA Loves 'FREEDOM' Act

CA Beaches Full Of Dead Sea Animals - Fukushima Rad

West Coast Soon To Be Hit With MASSIVE Cesium 137

Kirwan - Seven

10 Ways to Use JADE HELM 15 Against NWO

Big Pharma's Astroturfing And Media Manipulation

US Intel - 'No Comment' On Support For ISIS

US Has 'Democracy Problem' - NYC Mayor

White TX Open Carry Activists Defy Police, Live - Bvp

Facebook, Twitter, Blog Monitored For Posts Re Govt

Police Now Behaving Like Intel Agencies?

Slide Toward 'Velvet Glove' Fascism Continues

Lord Monckton - Global Warming Ceased 18 Yrs Ago


South Korea MERS Confirmed Cases Increase to 87

MERS - 2,300 Quarantined, 1,800 Schools Shut In SK

South Korea MERS Transmission Hospitals

South Korea MERS Patients Hospitals - 26

South Korera MERS Patients Epidemiology

HK Issues S Korea MERS Travel Warning

The Jade Helm Deception

Ron Paul - Soros Pushes US Bailouts, Arms For Kiev

US Troops Train Kiev Soldiers On Russia’s Doorstep

If This Video Doesn't End War In Ukraine…- Vid

Masked Attackers Break Up Tent Camp In Kiev’s Maidan

Kiev Ignores Contract With Gazprom, Pay Hungary Instead

Right Sector Violently Disperses Kiev Gay Parade

Belarus Military Drills At Ukrainian Border, Tightens Control

Obama - More G7 Sanctions On Russia If Ukraine Continues

Without Russia, France Doomed To Defeat, Humiliation

Russia May Give Ag Investors Land For Free

RussiaTo Export 1.3m Tons Of Grain To Iran

G-7 Leaders Stay Tough on Russia - Irresponsibly

Lendman - Is Pentagram Planning War Against Russia?

The Secret Cause Of World War 3 - Vid

Russia Has Better Things To Do That Start WW3

Raytheon Launches State Of The Art SM-3 Missile

Norway Commits To NATO Missile Defense System

UK May Host US Nukes To Counter 'Russian Activity'


Putin Intends To Undermine NATO - JCS Chair,Dempsey

Russian Central Bank - End Of Recession In 4Q

90% Of Credit Card Readers Use Same Password

Bilderberg 2015 - Full Attendee List And Agenda

Pot Legalization Could Bring Million Jobs To CA

Egyptian Analyst - Saudi Royals Face Saddam Fate

Ansarullah - Saudis Using Chem Weapons On Yemen

Yemeni Army Continues Hitting Saudi Positions

Iranian Warships Berth In Omani Port

Iraqi Peshmarga Forces Seize ISIL Chemical Bomb

Iraqi Volunteer Forces Destroy ISIL Base In Nineveh


Iraq Recaptures Baiji From ISIL

Iran Ends West Monopoly On Reverse Osmosis Desal

ISIL Makes Inroads In Libya Amid Country's Chaos

Amazon.com Caught Selling ISIL Magazine

93 Pal Children Jailed In Israel’s Ofer Prison

Three N Italy Regions Refuse More Migrants

6,000 Migrants Rescued In Med In 48 Hours

Med Migrant Crisis - Over 50,000 In 2015

Juncker Accuses Tsipras Of Lying

Greece Won't Fully Accept Bailout Proposals

Safe Bet May Be Greece Joining BRICS


Deutsche Bank's Co-Chiefs Resign

103 Yrs Later, Wall St Just As One Man Predicted

Central Banks Losing Control Of Financial Markets

Chinese Imports, Exports Continue Down In May

US Exports To Iran Increase 60% Since 8-24

Iran Begins Building Largest Refinery

Most Americans Not Ready for Retirement, Half 55+, No Funds

Over 2 Million Europeans Sign Petition Against TTIP

G7 Protesters Unite Against TTIP

FIFA Confirms Russia May Lose 2018 World Cup

German Media Ripped Over MH17 Report From Ex STASI


Moldovan PM Accused Of Forging HS, College Diplomas

EU Must Change Constitution If it Wants UK

Cameron - Ministers Face Sack In They Back EU Exit

Attackers Rip Hijab Young Muslim In London

NASA Launches 'Flying Saucer' To Edge Of Space

Wi-Fi System Allows Users To Charge Devices Remotely

Army Corps Seeks ‘Civilian Workers’ Ahead Disaster’?

TX Cop Suspended - Pulled Gun On Teens At Pool Party

Jury Convicts LAPD Cop For Kicking Woman In Groin

New Ferguson Chief Hints 'Paid Protesters' Fueled Unrest


Disabled Woman Sues AA - Forced To Crawl Onto Plane

Army Corps Seeks ‘Civilian Workers’ Ahead Disaster’?

Dogs That Say Grace Before Dinner

Most Americans Aren’t Ready For Retirement

New York Food Banks Running Out Of Food

UFO Hovering Over MT Dam For 5 mins

IR Video Camera Shows UFO Ejecting 2nd Object

Mystery UFO Orb Caught At A Synagogue - Vid

500 Pages Of Oz UFO Files Unearthed

UFO Sighted Over Essex

UFO Hunter Gets 4 Yrs For Starting Fire


Kirwan - Eight

Obama Sidelines Kerry On Ukraine Policy

5 Reasons George W Still One Of Worst Pres Ever

Sarah Palin’s Bitter Cry For Attention

Pals Face 20 Yrs For Throwing Rocks At Tanks

The Nature Of American Denial

Princes Fleeing Saudi Arabia After Yemen Scuds

Saudi Oil Firm Aramco Targeted By Yemen

Report: Riyadh In Range Of Yemen Missiles

Expert -Yemeni Army May Fire S.S Missiles At S. Arabia

Firing Scud Missiles A Warning To Saudis

Yemeni Religions Join Ansarullah Against Saudis

Tesla's Lower Wardenclyffe Tower Prototype Raised!

The ’60s Great What If? - Kennedy And Vietnam


Your Boss Wants To Control Your Vote

Overlooked Danger Of Delirium In Hospitals

Midwest Battlecry Goes Up vs Tar Sands

Action Movies - Stop Taking Away Our Heroes

How A Hollywood Spy Film Brainwashes

Chasing Crooks In My Jimmy Choos

My Dizzy Breakup With My Antidepressant

Time-Lapse of London’s Rail Tunnels - Vid

NASA Not Ready To Detect Life On Europa

Overland Through Central America


Bureaucrats Destroy Soul Of Education In Japan

NEC Develops Way To ID Everyday Objects

Cannabis Coffee - The Latest Marijuana Craze

India's Recent Heat Wave Absolutely Brutal

Beautiful Time-Lapse Of Orchids Blooming - Vid

Remarkable Story Of The World’s Rarest Stamp

Ireland Gardasil Survivors Start Support Group

British Media Acknowledges Toxic Vaccines

Mindfulness Has Lost its Buddhist Roots

Diabolical Origins Of Biological Warfare

You Are The Final Frontier


Russia Reviving DEADLY Nuke Trains With 30 Yars ICBMs

JCS Boss Gen. Dempsey Irresponsibly Bashes Putin

US Deploys B-52 Nuclear Bombers To Baltic Exercises

Neocons Aim To Provoke Global War With Russia

Is Pentagram Really Preparing To Nuke Russia?

Pentagon - Sanctions Failed To Make Putin Back Down

WW3 Being Fought Piecemeal - Pope Francis

Russia, China Not To Accept US Vassalage Status

Br Nathanael - Bruce Jenner’s Jewish Enablers


US Shouldn't Give Allies ‘Blank Check’ Confronting Moscow

Russia ‘Never Viewed Europe As A Mistress’ – Putin

Kiev Border Gunboat Explodes Off Mariupol

Twitter Users Find Kiev Buk-MI Missiles

Putin Makes His First Reference To DPR/LPR Autonomy

'Impeach Porky!’ Massive Rally In Central Kiev

Western Irritation As Kiev Violates Ceasefire - Russia

Saakashvili's Expensive Habits

Porky, Obama Discuss Situation In Donbass Before G7

Nasrallah Wars & Refugees, Transnistria & Saakashvili - Vid

Snowden - 'The Biggest Revelations Are Yet To Come...'

2nd Anniversary Of Snowden's Revelations


Rumsfeld Admits Bush Wrong To Push Dem On Iraq

Where Is John Kerry?

G-7 Summit - Russia Bashing Featured

Henderson - ISIL Created For Perpetual War - Vid

'A Pattern Of Professional ISIS Recruiters Work'

Syrian Moslems Open Mosque Named For Virgin Mary

Israel Bombs Gaza

Israel Bombs Gaza, Closes Crossings After Rockets Fired

Atzmon - No Left Is Left

David Aaronovitch And The Jewish Solidarity Industry

French Comedian To Get Intl Freedom Of Speech Awd

Alan Dershowitz Plight


500,000 Refugees In Libya To Try Crossing To Europe

US Ups Chem Weapons Sales To Repressive Regimes
Egypt Holds First Naval Drills With Russia Off Alexandria

Yemen Fires 1st Scud Missile Into Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arms Depot, Convoys Hit By Yemen Missiles

Detained Saudi Officer - Riyadh Hiring Somali Pirates

US Jets Hit Iraq Army Hezbollah Battalions In Fallujah

Russian S-300s In Iran May Shift Mideast Power

Schoenman - Zionists Want US To Attack Iran

JoeTalk - China Is In Control Of The US - Vid

Judge Jeanine - Is Obama Delusional - Vid

One Screwed-Up Jenner-ation

1st Year Class Resigns Rather Than Take More Debt

Gold At $64,000 – Bloomberg’s ‘China Gold Price’

Is The Price Of Gold Really Headed Above $19,000?

German Gold Demand Blows Rest Of West Away

Greek Banks On Verge Of Total Collapse

Europe Ready to Compromise With Greece On Bailout?

Greek Bailout Before IMF Repayment

EU's Junker Snubs Greek PM, Declines Phone Call

Hungary 1st EU Nation To Join China’s Silk Road

Oil - OPEC’s Lengthy Suicide Note

West Creditors Want To Raid Ukraine Central Bank


The Slide Toward 'Velvet Glove' Fascism Continues

Rising Euro Anger At 'Nazi’ Social Workers

German Cops Storm Elderly Woman For Debating 'Holocaust'

Portugal Big Success At Decriminalizing Drugs 14 Yrs Ago

MoD Sought Childrens' Data For Recruiting?

UK Border Cops Can't Handle Volume Of Immigrants

S Korea Toi Track Cells Phones To Enforce MERS Rules

14 MERS Infections Added In S Korea, Another Death

Gardasil Vax Killed Our Daughter

Planet X Claimed To Be Seen Over CA - Ya Think?

Eerie Sounds From The Sky Being Reported Again

In India, 'Hitller' Brand Is Big Business


$8.5 Trillion Missing From Pentagon Budget

YouTube Content Censorship At Hillary's Office Request

Jeb Bush’s - Titans, Tycoons And Lobbyists

An Obama Statement Packed With Lies

If US Lures Belarus, Armenia, Russia Is In Trouble

Thousands March in Anti-Govt Protest In Kiev - Vid

New Shelling Hits Homes In East Ukraine - Vid

WH, NYT Turn Ukraine Truth Upside Down

East Ukraine - Explosive And Very Dangerous


MERS Kills 5th, 64 Infected In South Korea

Israeli Warplanes Hit Northern Gaza Strip

The Secret History Of SEAL Team 6

Fox News Freak Show Heroes

How Cable News Hurts Democracy

Emails Show Close Industry Involvement In TPP Talks

Why Obamatrade’s Global Governance Kept Secret?

Snowden - The Balance Of Power Is Beginning To Shift

Snowden Deserves Credit For 3 Privacy Victories

Martial Law Or Is Jade Helm A Psy-Op To Frighten?

The Alamo 1836 vs Hiroshima 1945

Dumping Of Trinity Lake Into Lewiston Lake - Vid

Hate Speech Prosecution In Montana

Keystone Pipeline Workaround Approved


Caitlyn Jenner Guest Of Honor Tel Aviv Gay Pride?

Henderson - The Secret Saudi-Israeli Meetings - Vid

Hawthorne Police Manipulating Dashcam - Vid

The Booming Business Of War In Israel

Mossad Posed As CIA To Recruit Terrorists

Geopolitics Is Behind The FIFA Scandal

The Hunger Games Of CBS - Disgusting

A D-Day Vet Shows Normandy To His Son

First Wave At Omaha Beach

Japan Economy Thrives On Temp Workers

France Pins Nuclear Hopes On Exporting Reactors

Scientists Make Self-Repairing Aircraft Wings

Arizona - 1 Of Every 100 Children In Foster Care

UK - Over 8,000 People A Week Risk Losing Homes

Is Today's University The New Multinational Corp?

5 Scientific Discoveries Made in Dreams

Textiles Have Remade World Time And Again

Don't Imitate Your Heroes. Adapt And Expand

How A Student Found Plasma Tubes In The Sky - Vid

Diver Swims With Mother Whale And Calf - Vid

America’s Prison Population Keeps Increasing

40 Reasons Jails, Prisons Are Full Of Blacks, Poor

As MERS Virus Spreads, Key Questions And Answers


Knowing Symptoms Of Liver Disease May Save You

5 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow At Home

40% Of Europe's Sharks, Rays Face Extinction

Portugal Decriminalised Drugs 14 Years Ago

Chopra - How The Universe Pulled A Vanishing Act

How To Fight Garden Pests Like The Colonists

Kirwan - Day Nine

Jeff & Richard Sauder - The Fall Of America - Vid

Is Washington Planning Barbarossa II?

Madsen - US Agencies Tearing Up Constitution


NSA Surveillance Reforms - Are Telecome Cos Ready?

Reforming NSA Requires Taking Their Money - Whistle

Amazon vs Google Fight To Store Our DNA In Cloud

USA Freedom Act Is Anything But

US Army Terrifies MI Town With Surprise War Games

MN Church Turns Blind Eye On Child Abuse

Rand Wants To Tie Pentagram $$ To Release Of 9/11 Docs

Secret Obama Global Treaty, Jade Helm Martial Law

US Copter Shot Near Mex Border - Emer Landing In TX


US Fails To Recruit Taliban Fve Informants - Reports

Washington Complicit in Honduras' Corruption Scandal

Lost History - Atlantis, Pyramids & Ark Of The Covenant

The American (Estalishment) Catholic And Forrestal

West African Ebola - An Alternate Theory Of Outbreak

MERS S Korea Quarternary Case - First Community?

Alaska Just Experienced An Insane Heat Wave

Obama To Urge G7 To Maintain (Worthless) Russia Sanctions

Canada Warns Russia It Won't Rejoin G7 With Putin In Power

Merkel Follows US - Seeks To Further Isolate Russia

NATO Military Blocks To Chip Away At Russia


Putin Tells What it is Like To Be Him

Moscow Closely Watching US Plans For Missiles In EU

Russia Attack NATO? Only In Madman's Dream’ - Putin

Today Is D-Day, D Is For Donbass

Roberts - Ukrainians Dispossessed, Americans Are Next

Porky Gives Roshen Share To Rothschild

MH17 Crash Report - Bellingcat Author Was Stasi Employee

Ron Paul Stunned Soros Seeks To Expand War In Ukraine

West Broke Promise To Russia By Expanding NATO

EU Angry At Russia’s Travel Ban - Ignores Own Sanction List

US-Saudi Genocide In Yemen

Saudis Shoot Down Scud Fired By Yemen Shia Rebels


Yemen Hospitals 'Disastrous' Humanitarian Situation

Russian Analysts - Saudi Regime Crash In 3 Years

Saudis Say Iran Greater Threat Than Israel, ISIS

Pentagon New Shipments Of Weapons To Iraqi Army

ISIL Uses Chem Weapons, Works To Obtain Nukes

Israel Media Thinks ISIL Wants To Take Arab Peninsula

UN Report Accuses Israel Of Crimes On Children

Israel A Children's Rights Violator - UN Report Says

Israel Urges US To Soften Iran Talks Deadline

Hezbollah Warns Israel Against War

Greece Will Not Accept Absurd Proposal From Troika


Putin To Meet Tsipras In 2 Weeks In Russia

Putin Warns va Speculation Over Greece's E Zone Future

Tsipras Warns Against Attempts To 'Punish' Greece

JoeTalk - Obama Is Killing Us All, 3 - Vid

JoeTalk - Obama Is KIlling Us All, 2 - Vid

Beau Biden Brain Tumor Linked To Cell Phone

China Dismisses US Hacking Accusations

S Korea Increasing Its Arsenal, Agitates North

Philippines Pres Wants Japanese Troops In His Country

Russia’s Biggest Bank Issues Credit In Yuan

Chinese Currency Expands To Middle East


Chinese Firms Look To Drop NYSE Listings, Go Home

US To Lose Its Ground Under BRICS Pressure

Animal Alzheimer's May be Killing Off World’s Bees

Malaysia - 160 Stranded On Mountain After Quake

New Test Shows Any Virus You've Been Exposed To

Vaccines - The Battle For Informed Consent

What Makes A Makerspace?

Living In The Climax Of Awakening Ages

Cigar Shaped UFO Hovering Over Golf Course

UFOs Over Saigon During Vietnam War

SETI Chimes In On The Roswell Slides


Irresponsible New York Times Russia Bashing

NY Slimes Use 'Legalese' To Attack China

Japan Sees Record Natural Population Decline In 2014

DOJ/DHS Is Spying On Anti-Govt Social Media Usage

D-Day = Devil's Day - June 6, 1944

New Orleans Could Disappear Later This Century

America Is A Ponzi Scheme

Hollywood’s Pedophilia Epidemic Exposed

Snowden, 'Power Beginning To Shift’

See All 50 States From The Air - Vid

Nebraska's Gov Threatens To Execute Prisoners Out Of Spite

New Mom Begged Doc - ‘No, Don’t Cut Me!’

Florida’s Special Sponge For Soaking Up Pollution

World's Biggest Aircraft Could Start New Age Of Airships - Vid

DARPA Robotics Challenge - Vid

Did The US Overreact To 9/11?


Ted Talk - How FBI Creates Terrorists In US

Moving To Tornado Alley? What To Know

French Court - Unconstitutional To Cut Off Water To People

Officials Close Parts Of Calif's Coast, So Filthy

Shares Of Co Making 'Female Viagra'-like Drug Soaring

Neuron Probes Are Exposing The Brain As Never Before

Einstein & Relativity

John Cusack Unloads On The Media

5 Books Will Decrease Your Dependency On Big Pharma

Egg Shortage In America

Fed Court Orders Interior Dept. - Reveal Fracking In Gulf Of Mex

Br Nathanael - ISIS In Greater Israel's Scheme - Vid


Guangdong China MERS Is Jeddah Recombinant

Researchers Finally Studying Other Chemical In Pot

Why I Ditched My Smartphone

Dreier - 'I'm So Proud To Be Hetero!’

US Officials Sought Taliban 5 As Informants

Putin - Ukraine Crisis Caused By Western Partners

331 Bodies - Chinese Cruise Ship Disaster

US Helicopter Shot From Sky Near Mex Border

Duggar Sisters Defend Brother Josh

10 Shocking Stats You Need to Know About Water


Sam Walton Ran Japanese Internment Camps In WW2

‘Vote For Me’ If You Want More Wars - Lindsey Graham

Sen Majority Leader McConnell - Obamacare Is A Mess

Snowden - Obama Secretly Expanded NSA Spying On US

FBI Spy Aircraft Can Include Cell Site Simulators


FDA Panel Pushes Ladies’ Viagra - Are Risks Worth It?

EPA - Fracking Doesn’t Cause Widespread Pollution (right)

Appalachia Region Battling Hepatitis C, Braces For HIV Outbreak

1,000s Injured - DPR Leader Says 'Huge Losses' Of Kiev Forces

Porky To Sack All Who Block Uk-EU Non-Visa Regime

Kiev To Allow Foreign Military In Ukraine - With Nukes

11 Countries to Supply Lethal Weapons To Ukraine

Porky Blocks Vote On Donbass Secession

Kiev To Create Project To Indoctrinate Donbass

Russian Military Potential 'Higher Than US'

Salon - NYT, WH Turn Truth On Ukraine Upside Down


Ashton Carter To Talk Russia With US Cmdrs In Europe

US May Deploy Cruise Missiles In Europe For Russia

Military-Industrial Complex Restarts Cold War

West Unleashes New Propaganda War Against Russia

Netanyahu Flips Out Over Boycott

South Carolina Signs Bill To stop Anti-Israeli Boycotts

Israel And Saudi Arabia Conspiring Against Iran

Saudis, Israel Admit Holding Secret Talks To Harm Iran

Yemen Army Announces Capture Of Saudi Forces

Pakistani Clerics Denounce Saudi Pro-ISIS Policies


Pakistan Not Talking Nukes With Saudis

Hezbollah Makes Fresh Gains Near Syria Border

Satire - Wikileaks Reveals Full Text Of TPP

TTIP Will Legalize Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Wiki Docs Raise Concerns TISA Threatens Nations

Wiki Docs - Murky Trade Deal Could Mean End Of Privacy

Russia Wants To Boost Gold Reserves To $500 Billion

Russia Doesn't Seek To Return To G8

OPEC Maintains Production At 30 Million Barrels

The 'Better Than Cash Alliance' Has Orwellian Plan

New Reports - There Is NO Global Warming


Kids Say They Were Abused At CA Police Boot Camp

Mass Incarceration Drives Poverty, Inequality In US

60% China Underground Water Not Fit For Human Contact

China Calls For No Additional Demands In Iran Nuclear Talks

Vietnam To Buy Western Fighter Jets, Drones

Greece Delays IMF Repayment Until End June

Juncker - 'Grexit Was Never an Option and Will Not Happen'

Putin, Tsipras Discuss Gas Pipeline In Greece, Turkey

Greece Condemns US For Meddling In Its Domestic Affair


Jeff & Neil Sanders - Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own

John Cusack - Obama Worse Then Bush

Why The Right To Vote In The US Is A Fraud

Deceptions Of Freedom - Reviving Patriot Act

War To Resume In Ukraine Any Time Now

US Hiding Kiev Truce Violations

Kiev Army Tries To Issue Draft Papers On A Bus!


French Govt Support For Attack On Donetsk Condemned

NATO Ships, 5,600 Troops In US In Baltics

Idiot US May Add Missiles To Buildup In Europe

Why EU Sanctions Will Be Extended On Russia

Vladivostock To Go Visa-Free For Foreigners

ISIS And Other Atrocities 'Made In The USA'

US Claims Assad Is Helping ISIS (more lies)

Scientists Reveal More Staggering, Massive W Coast Die-Offs

Time To Let Edward Snowden Come Home

Snowden Hero, Drug War’s Over, Guns Not For Hunting

How NSA Tramples Freedom, Harms Public Safety


US Govt Hacked - Feds Say China Did It

Military Swore Its Anthrax Was Dead

Google - Humans Will Become Hybrids By 2030

We Are The Propagandists

Vietnam 'Sovereignty' Cruise To S China Sea Is

Greece Moves Closer To Eurozone Exit

Our Legal System Is Failing Most Americans

The Secret Islands Of America's Unwanted

Sharp Increase In Mount Sinabung's Activity

Swipe And Sign Cards Start October 2015


Blanca Earliest Cat 5 Hurricane In East Pacific

Ebola Corpses Taken On Public Transit In Guinea

Doom - Cheated By Admin, Whole 1st Year Class Resigns

Bieber Guilty Of Assault

Star Trek Actress Suffers Stroke

What The Aurorae Look Like On Mars

NASA's Epic Mission To Pluto

Predictions Of Solar Storms Much More Accurate - Vid

Jon Stewart Rips US Islamophobia Problem - Vid

The Bravest Walks Ever Taken

The Lonely Life Of A Lost Lander

Steamy Summer Begins For SLS With RS-25 Test - Vid

4 Million Current, Ex-Employees Hit By Data Breach

The Monsanto - Autism - Parasite Connection

Subtle Energies - Ancient Knowledge Now Modern Science

11:11 And Synchronicity – What Does It Really Mean?

Why Do We Still Vaccinate?

Alleged Pakistani Spy Pigeon Arrested in India - Vid

10 Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions

OK Joins TX Prohibiting Local Fracking Bans

School Stops 'School-To-Prison' - Ignores Assaults

Fossil Jackpot Off Las Vegas Strip

Ancient Urns Or Drinking Vessels For Giants?

Tiny Tremors Make Map Of Earth’s Subsurface


Plants Know When They're Being Eaten - Vid

World Still Unprepared For Global Pandemic

Enormous Scope Of US Drinking Problem

Fracking Wells Linked To Lower Birth Weights

Can Deep Sleep Fight Alzheimer’s?

Obese & Pregnant - Bad For Mother And Baby

Homeopathics Extremely Helpful For Cancer Patients

Veterans First To Try Cyber Physical Therapy

Cognitive Dissonance & Psycho-Pharmaceutical Ind

Arrhythmias, Heart Problems In A SHTF World

Biotech Co Developing Needle-Free Vaccines


Sungazing Myths Exposed

My (i) Buddy - Vid

Dimensional Jumping, Already

What If the Allies Had Lost World War I?

London Criminalizing Homeless With $1,500 Fines

New Retirement Age Is Not 65, Not 80, Not 95

Monster Tunnelling Under London Streets

How I Wish - How I Wish I Was Here

When I Was Done Dying – A Cosmic Ride - Vid


Jeff & Gerald Celente - Coping With Catastrophe - Vid

Feds Destroyed Evidence In NSA Whistleblower Case

Freedom Act Violates Constitution's Fourth Amendment

FREEDOM Act Passes, Effectively Kills Freedom

Obama Must End US Mass Surveillance Abroad

FBI Wants Full Access To Encrypted Data

DEA Triples Electronic Spying Ops, Bypassing Fed Courts

US To Give Up Internet Control In 2016

Freedom Act Just As Destructive As Patriot Act

9/11 Saudi Files To Open Can Of Worms

MT Keeps Farmer’s Savings - No Charges On Him


Majority Of NY Voters Want Total Govt Overhaul

Ocare Ruling Could End Subsidies For 6.4m In US

Boston Attacker Allegedly Out To Behead Pam Geller

NASA, Verizon Plan Drone Network From Cell Towers

FBI - Privacy Must Be 2nd To National Security

Wanted! For Cheering At Graduation

GMO Corn - The POISON Plant Everyone Eats

There Is No Global Warming

Did Israel Assassinate Michael Collins Piper?

Unarmed Dillon Taylor Killed By Salt Lake Cops - Vid

Killer Cops Take Another Innocent Life - Vid


Madison Police Clear Cop Of Unarmed Teen's Death

Ron Paul - CIA The Biggest Threat To Our Liberty

War Returns To East Ukraine

Kiev Renounces Minsk Ceasefire

RT Crew Witnesses Donetsk Shelling Aftermath - Vid

Russia Warns Kiev Against Minsk Truce Violation

Russian Army Engineers Finish Crimea Water Pipeline

Ukraine's Right Sector Announces War Mobilization

Kiev Grants Foreign Troops Right To Enter Country

Kiev Wants Foreign Troops Aiding Donbass

WarPorky - 50,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Deployed In East


Kiev Military Admits Using Weapons Banned By Minsk

US Blames ‘Majority’ Of Ukraine Truce Violations On East

Russia Urges US To Reveal Satellite Data On MH17

US Won't Give New Info On MH17 Crash

Naming Witness ‘Significant Step’ In MH17 Probe

West Needs To Get Tough With Russia – Chatham House

USAF To Protect Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish Skies

NATO In Massive Naval Drills, Ignores Refugee Crisis

Yemeni Troops Stage Rocket Attack On Saudi Base

Saudi Jets Target Yemen's Rare Historical Monuments

Scores Of Civilians Killed In Saudi Airstrikes On Yemen


Houthis Disprove US Mediation In Yemen Talks

War On Yemen, US Plans To Use Nukes On Mideast

Al-Jazeera Disinfo Campaign On Iran

2 Egyptian Police Shot Dead Near Giza Pyramids

Israel To ISIL & Nusra - Thank You!

French Telecom Giant Orange To Terminate Israel Ties

Israel tells France To Fire 'Anti-Semite' Orange CEO

UK Students Union VotesTo Boycott Israeli Goods

Netanyahu Attacks National Student Union Boycott

Israel - Pal-Led Boycott Movement A 'Strategic Threat'

Israeli Cops Clash With Ethiopians In Tel Aviv

Chinese Media Blame Obama For Mideast Trouble

West Stirs Regional Crisis Tko Increase Israel’s Safety?

US Fuelled The Rise Of Isis

US Claims Assad Supporting ISIS (!) As US Does

ISIL Foreign Minister Killed

ISIL Closes Dam Gates Sparking Fears Iraq's Anbar

ISIS Claims Responsbility For Gaza Rockets Into Israel

Multiple Airstrikes On Gaza After 2 Rockets Hit Israel

FBI Identifies Thousands Of ISIS Twitter Sayanim

Venezuela Plans to Double Oil Production

Russia May Soon Sell Debt In Yuan

Putin - 12 More Countries Interested In Working w/SCO


We Need Russia Back In G8 - German FM

Russia Losing $150-$170b Yr In Export Revenue

Iran, China Work To Resurrect Silk Road

Swiss, German Cos Will Back Russia’s Industrial Rev

Grexit To Have Positive Effect On Greece, E-Zone

Merkel Seeks To Carry Out Radical Euro Reform

Cartoons Mocking 'Goldman Rats' & Hillary All Over NYC

South Korea MERS Cases Increase To 40

MERS South Korea WHO Update

South Korea Soldier MERS Confirmed

MERS Transmission Chain In South Korea


CDC Release Full 2015 Riyadh MERS Sequences

Corp Cult Captures, Destroys Our Best Grads

Overspending To Give Millennials ‘Apocalyptic' Debt

More & More Countries Join War On Cash

New MERS Cases Close 700 S Korea Schools

Colombian Court Invalidates NATO Coop Agreement

French Scholars Say Stop Seeing Russia As 'Monster'

16 UFO Encounters During Vietnam War

US Investigated UFO Sightings In Madrid

UFO Propulsion Systems - Pt I

NASA Releases Space Nuclear Power Study


Bush, Walker Top GOP Polls, Hilary Fading…

OSCE - Kiev Heavy Weapons Moving In SE Ukraine

China, India Want To Buy Russia's Armata Tanks

'Holocaust' Central To Jewish Power In Post WWII US

Scientists Warn Of MASSIVE Die-Off On West Coast - Vid

IAEA Whitewashes Fukushima Disaster

Raised $500m For Haiti - SIX Homes Built !


BP Linked To Dolphin Deaths In Gulf of Mexico

Goldman Sachs Owns America

Crude Oil Prices Lost Half Value During Recent Months

Mass Evac Underway As Indonesian Volcano Erupts

Wiki Releases Trove Of Docs Of Secret TiSA Deal

Russian Navy’s Top 5 Military Innovations

Shell Discusses $2.3 Billion Debt To Iran

The Tar Sands Sellout?

Your Entire Life Is An Illusion

Walking Fish Could Spell Disaster In Oz


Kirwan - Where's The Outrage?

George W Bush Now More Popular Than Obama

Live Anthrax Sent To 51 Labs In 17 States, 3 Nations

Pentagon May Have Sent Live Anthrax To Itself

Explosive New Revelations Over Jade Helm 15 Exercise

Ron Paul - Jade Helm 15 Update - Vid

Jade Helm 15 Realistic Military Rules & Directives - Vid

SCOTUS - Cops DO NOT Need Warrant To Search Your Home

'Courageous' Blogger To Get Species-Reassignment Surgery


Obama - Made US The ‘Most Respected Country On Earth - Vid

Mike Piper Passes At Age 55

US Citizen Privacy At Greater Risk w/New NSA Reform

Whistle - Data Collection Unaffected By Surveillance Expire

Snowden - NSA Spies On Cameron; - Backdoor Into GCHQ

Snowden - History Shows Domestic Spying Doesn’t Work

FBI Now Has Its Own Domestic Surveillance Air Force

FBI Misuse of Patriot Act Authority

UK Guardian - US, China Can Avoid War If US Quits Empire

Rand Calls For Release 9/11 Report Implicating Saudis

McCain Says Obama ‘Delusional’ About US


Obama Still Loves TSA, Even With Its 95% Failure Rate

Obama Forces Judicial Watch To 'File 225 FOIA Lawsuits'

US Secret Service Boss Used Agents To Guard Girlfriend

CIA Detainee Reveals Even More Sex Abuse, Torture

US FIFA Official Admits Taking Bribes For World Cup Votes

Illegal Alien Tuberculosis Outbreak Brewing In East TX

Nasty Bug Lets Hackers Into Apple's Mac Computers

'Israel Plans False Flag Hit On US To Cause War On Iran'

Israel - Global Isolation Continues

Israeli Forces Kidnap 5 Pal Fishermen Off Gaza

Dysfunctional Ukrainian Military


Kolomoisky Creates New Political Party 'UKROP'

Russians Release Name Of Key Witness To MH17 Crash

Kiev Shelling Leaves t Least 15 Dead - Donetsk Republic

Medvedev - Equal Response To Any New Sanctions

EU Upset Russia Would Impose Counter Travel Bans

Possible Tactical Nuclear Strike (Neutron Bomb) in Yemen?

Saudi Blockade Of Yemen - Terrible Toll On Civilians - Iran

Saudi Warplanes Bombard Civilian Areas In Saada

Saudi Forces Raid Shiite Mosques iIn Qatif Region

Takfiri Thought Created By UK Matches Zionism

ISIS Takes Casualties In Clashes With Hamas In Gaza

Iraq Forces Seize Saudi Weapons From ISIS Fighters


Former CIA Spy Says US Not Seeking To Defeat ISIL

ISIS, Al Qaeda Working With Western Strategic Designs’

Elite Iraqi Forces Storm ISIS Bases In Salahuddin

300 ISIL Fighter Killed West Of Ramadi

110 French Militants Die Fighting With ISIS

ISIS Terrorists Take Big Losses In Western Baghdad

TPP - Wiki $100,000 Bounty For 'US Most Wanted Secret'

Oil Prices Won't Crash Again

Fund Mgr - Gold Pops Again, Something Ominous Brewing

It's Official - The 'Helicopter Money' Calls Have Begun


Creditors Agree On Bailout Proposal For Greece

Russian Banks And European Savers Team Up

Goldman Sachs Analyst Found Dead

S Korea Tests Missile That Can Hit N Korea

Famous Japanese Hot Spring Closed Over String Of Orgies

NASA To Cut Travel To Mars In Half

See Idiot FL Cops Mace Each Other - Vid

New Coalition To Fight Police Brutality in SC

Michigan City Raises Citizen Taxes To Pay For Cop Brutality

Activists Clash With Pro-Cop White Supremacists in DC

Social Media Special Needs Kid Taken By CPS


The LEGAL Killing Machines

Feds Sanitize Vaccine Injury Reporting

The Age Of Localized Manufacturing

Expenses Watchdog Upholds MPs Whopping 10% Pay Raise

Revealed - MI5 Protected Child Molesters

UK Forced To Rethink Terror Laws After Trial Collapse

Self-Defense In The UK Is Illegal

200 Schools Closed in S Korea Over MERS Outbreak

PoWiFi Uses Radio Waves To Connect, Charge Devices

Australia Has Lowest Temps In 40 Years

Test Says Worlds Doesn't Exist Unless/Until We Look At It


Secession - The Time Has Arrived

IMF Adrift As Kiev Sinks

Odessa Hangs Red Neckties For Saakashvili To Eat

Right Sector Threatens Kiev Gay March

Russia New Super Heavy Rocket Launches In 2016

ISIS - A Zio-Friendly Invader Of Syria


Jewish Voice For Peace = Jewish Voice For Supremacism

US Secret Surveillance Reinstated

Ex-CIA Officer - Freedom Act Zero To Do With Freedom

Congress Surveillance Reform Vindicates Snowden

Right And Left Agree - TPP About Corp Control

USAF Competition To Replace Russian Rockets

GMO-Free Zone In Southern Oregon Upheld

Growing Alarm Over Hillary's Emails

Rand Paul And The Secret 9/11 Docs

Walmart Is A Cultural Sickness

Why Has America Stopped Winning Wars?


Huge Amount Of Data NSA May Be Giving Up

Obama Coalition Supported Islamic State In Syria

A US State Wants Control Over Its Gold

Nuclear Weapons And The Language Of 'Power'

Fed Vice Chair Says Bankers Should Be Punished

MERS Confirmed Cases In S Korea Increase To 30

US Military Is Testing $40,000 Surveillance Drones - Vid

Over 800 Schools May Collapse In Big Quakes

Chem Companies To Write Own Safety Standards In US!

TPP Death Pool - More Pharma Destruction Coming

Corporate Land Grabs For Palm Oil A Disaster


Why US Police Privitization Is So Dangerous

FIFA Head Resigns, Asia Rising, Syria Cul De Sac - Vid

Europe Plots An 'Alternative World Cup' To Hurt Russia

The Terrifying 9.0 CA Quake - Vid

The Failures Of The Enlightenment - Vid

Pushing You Into A Cashless Society - Vid

Cotton Isn't As Innocent As You Think - Vid

The Unpredictable Era Of Editing Human Embryos

The Big American Soak

Bird Migrants Offer A Glimpse Of The Planet's Health

How Much Do Skyscrapers Actually Move?


How Ticks Are Turning Moose Into ‘Ghosts’ - Vid

Will Fake Skin End Animal Testing

How 'Pygmy' People's Rampant Pot Use Protects Them

If Food Was Pot, Boston Would Starve

Fructose Adds To Weight Gain, Physical Inactivity

20 Of The Healthiest Foods You Should Be Eating

Ways To Improve Health At Your Desk Job

No Garden? Here Are 66 Edible Plants You Can Grow

Bee-Friendly Gardening Going Mainstream

Monastery Guardian Of The Lance That Stabbed Jesus?

'A Magical Healing Journey'


Did An ET Spacecraft Crash In Western China?

'The Warminster Thing' Immortalized In A Mural

NASA Prepares ‘Flying Saucer’ For Take Off

Record-Setting Hoverboard Flight - Vid

Surviving The Suicide Of A Sibling

Use Of Anti-Psychotic Drugs On Srs Rising - Vid

How Ikea Tricks You Into Spending More

Oz Docs Told Not To Prescribe Homeopathic items

Thousands Of UK Children Pushed Into Poverty


Filer’s Files #22 – 2015 Close Encounters

Filer’s Files # 21 – 2015 Alien Viruses

Filer’s Files #20 -2015 UFO Crash At St Augustin

CIA Is A Secret Govt Involved In Domestic Murders - Ron Paul

Ron Paul - CIA Is A Secret Government Way Out Of Control

Ron Paul - Ex-Im Bank Is Welfare For The 1%

For A Grand, You Can Join Hillary’s 'Grassroots' Campaign

More Speed Bumps For Hillary

Roberts - Climate Change


Pat Act Spying Provisions Expire - Nuke 9/11 Incoming?

Help! The USA PATRIOT ACT Has Expired!

Assange On Patriot Act, TPP, Media Freedom

Senate Reauthorizes Secret Spying With Freedom Act

Not 'Liking' Surveillance - Facebook Adds Encryption For Users

New US Cyber Search Rules Power Grabs By FBI

Patriot, Freedom Acts Won't Protect US From Terrorism

The Delusional World Of Imperial Washington

7 Quakes Hit Off OR Coast In Less Than A Day

Spooks Admit Snowden Made Them Rethink Methods


Obama Still Wants To Prosecute Snowden

Lapse Of Surveillance Powers Blow To US Snooping

Questions Raised Over Euro Surveillance Powers

US Telecom Giants Cooperate Eagerly With NSA

WH Wants Congress To Refine Military Force Authorization

Navy Wants to Bomb Pagan Island, Obliterating Wildlife

Pentagon Shipped Live Anthrax To Canada

F-35 Turkey May Make Its Debut This Summer

NASA’s 'Flying Saucer’ To Get Second Test Drive

OK Lawmakers Prohibit Local Fracking Bans

How Obama Blurred The Hollywood - Washington Border


Henderson - US Economy Shrinks - Vid

Blatter Resigns As FIFA President - Why?

Kiev To Completely Blockade Donbass - MP

Hacked Emails Expose Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master

Why DC Exiled Saakashvilli To Odessa

Will Crazy Saakashvili Start War From Odessa?

Our Leaders Are All Millionaires - Won't Listen

Another Western Big Lie Exposed

MH17 Shot Down By Ukraine Made Buk Missile - Maker

Russian Oil Output At Record Levels In May


Russian Warplane Flies Past US Warship In Black Sea - Vid

Inside Ultra-Elite Russian Military Special Forces - Vid

Saudi Positions Targeted By Yemen's Grad Missiles

Yemenis Fire Retaliatory Rockets On Saudi Bases

Ansarullah Captures Several Agents Of Turkey, Qatar

Yemen's Army To Reinforce Ansarullah

Saudis Shipping Arms To Al-Qaeda In Yemen

Saudiis Giving Terrorists In Syria Modern Weapons

Israel Jails Soldier For Eating Pork

Israel's Attempts To Steal Yemen's Ancient Antiques

Egypt To Send Ground Troops To Yemen Only If Needed


US Neocons Want War Against Iran

Iran FM - Certain Petrodollars Arming Terrorists

Saudi Arabia Braces For 141° Fahrenheit During Ramadan

Saudis Draining Joint Oilfield With Iran

Russia To Build Iran's 2nd, 3rd Nuke Plants In Fall

US, Allies Fan Crisis In Region For Israeli Safety - Iran

No Military Option vs Iran…Obama Tells Israelis

US-Led Coalition vs ISIS In Iraq, Syria A 'Mistake' - Lavrov

Russia Plans Mass Arms Delivery To Iraq

Syrian Speaker - S. Arabia Biggest Enemy Of Muslim World

Hezbollah Protecting Lebanon Against ISIS

Hezbollah - Fall Of Palmyra Not Strategic


Takfiri Commander Declares Separation From ISIL

ISIL Foreign Fighters Enter Syria via Turkey

Brennan Revealing US True Position In War On ISIS

US Is Using ISIS Like An Attack Dog

May Deadliest Month In Syria With 6,657 Killed

Balkans Is Hub For Foreign Fighters Joining ISIS

UN Recognition Of Palestinian NGO Angers Israel

Obama Should Learn Lessons Of Korean War Re China

US Extends Military Cyber Defense System To Include Japan

Greece To Pay $2b For Turkish Stream

Holding G7 Without Russia Makes No Sense

Anti-Russian Sanctions Hurt EU While US Feasts

German Companies In Russia Waiting Sanctions Removal

Russia To Negotitate Arms Sales In Rupees & Yuan

Russia's Oil Production In May 2015 Nears Record

Slovakia Confirms Interest In Russian S-300s

Texas To Create Own Bullion Depositor

India Slashes French Rafale Jet Deal By 70 Percent

Argentina Refuses To Negotiate US Hedge Debt

When Language Of Freedom Dies, Freedom Dies, Too

Life A Slow Death Sentence For Ross Ulbricht

Constitution-Free Zones Are Not A Conspiracy

JoeTalk - End Of Time 5 - Vid

JoeTalk - End Of Time 4 - Vid

JoeTalk - End Of Time 3 - Vid


Fatal Shooting Involving Pay-to-Play Deputy

Photo Raises Questions About FL Man’s Death By Cops

Cop Mocks Family Of Man He Killed

Blacks 2x More Likely To Be Killed By Cops Than Whites

EU Says Not Considering Boycott Of 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia

UK Pushes RIVAL World Cup To Qatar 2022

Time To Accept Brexit & Allow Britain To Back Off - EU Ministers

Blow To Italian PM - Anti-Establishment Gains Pace In EU

Law Enforcers Clear Migrant 'Slum' In Central Paris

PNCC & The New British Imperialism

Sturgeon - 2nd Indy Vote If UK Exits Europe

BBC Showed 'Horrendous Bias' In Scot Indy Vote

What if David Cameron Is An Evil Genius?


Pent Head Calls On UK - Keep Def Spending At 2% Of GDP

Brits ‘Weary’ Of War – Hammond Tlells Chatham House

Three Boys Murdered By VIP & MP Pedo Ring

What's Your Body Worth On The Black Market?

New Era In Cancer Treatment - Revolutionary Breakthrough

Just How Safe Is The Cervical Cancer Jab

Mysterious Turquoise Light Appears Over Holland

Oz Cops Edit Wikipedia Page on Teen They Killed

Oz Media Responsible For Islamophobia Rise

The Key To Everything Is You - Vid


Ashton Carter Using Vietnam To Provoke China

US Trying To Pry Belarus Away From Russia

Myth That NATO Has To Be In Europe

6,000 In NATO Lithuania War Games

Jeb Speaking At Secret Coal Industry Retreat

Rand Paul, Ron Wyden & End Of The 9/11 Terror Fog

US Obligated By Treaty To Defend 67 Countries

The US War On Catholic Rome


Hundreds Dead, Noises Heard Inside Sunken China Ship

Israeli Premier Warns Of Pal Boycott Campaign

Atzmon On Subversion Of The Pro-Palestine Cause

When You Kill 10m Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’

US Really Thinks It Has Right Be Global Cop

JoeTalk - End Of Time - Vid

JoeTalk - We Are Not Alone - Vid

MERS Confirmed Cases In S Korea Increase To 25

MERS Teriary Transmission In South Korea Hospital D

Lassa Victim Was A Frequent Flyer To Africa

Blair Dropped As Speaker Over £330,000 Fee



NASA's Fleet Of Fighter Planes

The Most Haunted Bar In America

Why Facebook Is the Junk Food Of Socializing

Drill Bit Suggests Advanced Civilization Before Humans

Actor We Need Guns In Schools

I Managed A Washington, DC Brothel

Cops Use Tasers Over 300,000 Times A Year

Forget Credit Cards, Now You Can Pay With Your Eyes

Striking Photos From The Villages Surrounding Chernobyl

The Most Dangerous Jobs In The US

Will Dictators Disappear?


The Rural Texas Towns Buried Under River Mud

Medicine’s Hidden Roots In An Ancient Manuscript

9 Outrageous Ways The Rich Spend Their Money

5 Chemistry Inventions That Enabled The Modern World

How A Cell Knows Friend From Foe

Mangaing Inflammation And Pain With Magnesium

What Zapping Your Brain With Electricity Feels Like

Night Sky Guide For June 2015

Eight Popular Ticket And Traffic Law Myths, Debunked

Can Micro-RNA Work Like A Decoder Ring?

I, Me And My Shadow Complexity


Kirwan - Will The Sun Rise In The West?

Pelosi Dodges Question On Hillary’s Trustworthiness

Military Confirms Jade Helm About Infiltration Of US

Does Jade Helm Violate Posse Comitatus?

Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

Rubio - US Is No Longer A Superpower

Madsen - US Policies va Russia, China Will State WW3

Patrick Henningsen - Empire USA

TSA 95% Explosives Detection Failure Rate


China May Install Air Defense Zone In S China Sea

US To Deploy Advanced Weapons Near China - Carter

Vietnam To Do More Land Reclamation In S China Sea

Chinese Ship With 458 Sinks On Yangtze River

Russia Has Right To Place Nukes In Crimea

Russian Army 50% More Intensive Training This Summer

Russia To Deploy Anti-Ship Missiles In Arctic In 2015

Russian Soldiers Hold 1,000 Winter Drone Exercises

Russia's Strategic Missile Forces To Hold 30 Exercises In Summer

Lavrov - 1 Mln Ukrainians Fled To Russia In 1 Yr


Ukraine Econ Crisis Worsened By Demo Catastrophe

New Shelling Of Ukraine’s Gorlovka Injures Five

Israeli Weapons, US Base Plans Found In Saudi Embassy

Saudi Princes' Revolt Against King, Crown Prince

8 Killed In Saudi Air Strike In Yemen's Sana'a

Yemen's Ansarullah Unveils Home-Made Missiles

UN Relief Ship Fired On Byy Alleged Houthis in Yemen

Holocaust Myth & Reality

Netanyahu Serial Lying Conceals Ugly Truths

BDS Movement Threatening Israel’s Existence - Bibi

Netanyahu Demands Pals Stop Anti-Israel ‘Campaign’

Stone Throwers Jailed For 10 Yrs Under New Israeli Bill


Palestinian Minors Face Torture IIn Israeli Jails

Gaza’s Unemployment Rate Highest In World

US Weapons To Iraq Used Against US Weapons!

2,300 Humvees In ISIS Hands In Mosul Alone

2,600 Killed In Egypt Since Morsi Overthrow, Prisons Full

Is Yellen Planning A Housing Market Crash?

Russia, China - Watch Out Moody’s, Here We Come

Iran, China Agree On New Oil Payments

Iran, China Ink Tech Confidentiality Deal

China & S Korea Lift Tariff's On 90% Of Products

Roubini - The Liquidity Timebomb'

Doom - Professor Quits Tenure In Protest Of Treatment

Britain - Last Bastion Off Broken Democracy

2015 General Election Most Unfair In Brit History

The Sunday Media Turns - mrctv.org

UFO Encountered By Two OZ Aircraft

‘Jellyfish UFO’ Photographed Over Netherlands

UFO Mystery Mongering Uses Satire Sites

Media Techniques That Restrict Spiritual Freedom

Göbekli Tepe - Burying Of An Ancient Site

Organic Hierarchy And Dark Side Deception

Why We Must End Mountaintop Removal Now

5 Cancer Myths Busted


US Senate Lets Three Patriot Act Provisions Expire

NSA Bulk Phone Data Collection Lapses

Surgery 'Likely' For Kerry's Broken Leg

DARPA Commissions Autonomous Killer Robots

Some CA Families Must Cut Water Use By 70%

Ave American Uses 40 Gal CA Water A Day

‘2,300 Humvees In Mosul Alone’

City Of London Fronts

Feds Plan To Seize 401(k) Retirement Plans

Obama Assault On Gun Owners w/12 New Bills


NBC Trying To Keep Brian Williams

'US Universities Addicted To Chinese Students’

How Your FB Activity Turns Into A Credit Score

Greece Debt Kills Businesses Across Country

FDA - NB Governor Can't Import Execution Drug

Hipsters Demand Ice Cream After 3 Are Shot

Trapped in Megachurch Marriage Nightmare

It Can Be Illegal To Withdraw Your Own Money

Solar Plane Pilot - Self-Hypnosis To Be Awake

Costa Rica First Nation To Ban Hunting

A Star Named ‘Nasty'

People May Drink More Than They Realize

GMO Salmon Susceptible To Disease

15 Pictures Capture Thrill Of Riding Waves


Giant Scope Splits Astronomy Community

'Egg-Shaped UFO' Descends Over Lake 1957

Inhabited Sky UFO Event - Vid

Roswell Slides Aftermath - Odds And Ends

Secrets Of Charles Darwin’s Breakthrough

Grim Choice For Addicts - Relapse Or Be Homeless

People With High Cholesterol Live Longer

Watermelon You Should Never, Ever Eat

Obama Has Become ˜Chronic Liar - US Journalist

Kerry Cancels Trips To Madrid, Paris After Broken Leg

Kerry Breaks Leg In French Bike Accident


Ex-MD Governor O'Malley Takes On Clinton

Over 300 Million Disenfranchised US Voters Since 1988

Time For The Second American Revolution

US GMD Anti-Missile System Plagued By Defects

1000s Of Teen Girls Sick After HPV Vax

S Korea Latest Victim Of Middle East MERS

MERS In China - 47 Citizens In Quarantine

Morales - Bolivia Not Refuge For Criminals Like US

Russian Travel Blacklist - Critics Ignore Their Own Policies

Israel Shamir - Trolling Russia

China To Put $900 Billion In New Silk Road

Escobar - China: Silk Roads And Open Seas


Silk Road Extends To Minsk

Russian Pivot - Greece Will 'Probably' Join BRICS

China 6 Point Reply To US S China Sea Remark

FIFA - China State Media Backs Putin

FIFA Scandal Ties Snowden, Assange, NSA. US As Busybody

Russia's Adm Nakhimov Battle Cruiser Back Bkky 2018

Fleeing Ukrainians Put ID On Sale For A Pittance

Europe Cold Reception To Ukraine Migrants

Saakashvili Attempts A Napoleon In Odessa

New York Times Editors Love Ruthless Despots

Russian Jets, US Destroyers Clash In Black Sea

Jingoistic Media Scoundrels Bash China

Lassa Fever NJ/NY TriState Area US? Don't Worry, Be Happy

Man Who Died Of Lassa Fever Hid Trip To Africa

150 Monitored For Lassa Fever

URGENT Lassa Fever (Our Worst Nightmare) Outbreak, New Jersey

CDC Ebola Plane N173PA Busy - NJ To MN Why?

Why Is It Illegal To Go To ISIS Controlled Areas? - Vid

Community Centre Meeting Turns Into Brrawl - Vid

House Bill Would Make Gun Owners Buy Ins Or Pay $10k

Is It Time To ‘Abolish The Family’?

Saving The Planet Is A Foolish, Romantic Extravagance

Popular Forces Foil Attack On Saudi Mosque

New Anti-Saud Movement Declares Existence

Saudi Forces Running For Their Lives In Jizan


New Saudi Aerial Attacks Kills 23 In Sa'ada

Four Americans Held In Yemen By Houthi Rebels

Yemen Relief Center Devastated By Saudi Airstrikes

US-Saud-Israeli Axis Of Evil Against Yemen

ISIL Clamors For A Shiite-Free Saudi Arabia

ISIS Declares War On Shias On Arabian Peninsula

Gunmen Blow Up North Sinai Gas Pipeline

Iraqi Troops Tightening Stranglehold On Ramadi

Tiny Bug-Sized Drones Could Be US Army's Latest Weapon

Fatal US Police Shootings In 2015 Not 385

Rand Paul Vows To Let Patriot Act Die

HAARP Confirmed As A Weather Manipulation Tool

Beau Biden Dies Of Brain Cancer At 46


1,000 Troops In MI Dirty Bomb Exercise

Putin Anger Over Kiev Army Shelling In E Ukraine

US Planning Info Sabotage In E Ukraine?

The 'Dead Bankers' File

Overdraft Fees Top $1 Billion At Big Three Banks

Obama - Pass NSA Reform Before Patriot Act Expires

Atzmon - The Protocols Of The Elders Of 'Anti' Zion

Gilad On The Richie Allen Show

How Jews Undermine The Palestinian Cause

Smedley Butler - To Hell With War! - Vid


How US Prison Camp Helped Create ISIS

The End Of Monsanto

Monsanto’s Sick New Power Play

How Fed Dollars Are Financing West's Water Crisis

Tar Sands On Life Support

OK Troopers Rush To Help Motorists, Shoot, Kill One - Vid

At Least 385 Killed By Police So Far This Year

JoeTalk - Death In The Streets - Vid

AF Confirms Boeing’s Flying EMP Weapon

Apocalypse Soon - CA Snowpack Is Gone

Huge 8.5 Quake Shakes Most Of Japan

5.5 Quake Strikes Near Brooktrails CA


Veteran Scientist Warns 'Ebola Will Return’

Infected Monkeys & Scary Tales From The Biolab

How Do Net Trolls Justify Life-Ruining Behavior?

Creativity Flows Best Without Too Much Effort

America’s Never-Ending War On Poor People

Encryption & Anonymity Online Are Human Rights

Swordfish Kills Fisherman In Hawaii - Vid

New Zealand's Largest Gang - Pics

Searching For Advanced Alien Engineering

Clean The Body Of Toxins With Rice

How To Tell If A Medical Study Is Total Bull

Hadron Collider Broke Another Record


Reducing Prejudice While You Sleep

Can Ecstasy Replace Xanax?

The Mansion Where Al Capone Lived & Died

‘Dirty Aussie Aystem’ Milking Billions

The Flying 'Devil Ray' Fish - Pics

Moscow's Flashy Vintage Cars - Pics

Kirwan - Regime Change - Universal Solution For Everything

Bill Clinton Appeared Only After Donor Offrered $500,000

Possible Scanner For Future Rationing In Closed WalMart?


Police Arrest 192 People - Press Says Nothing

Mystery 'Surveillance Plane' Over MN Cities

US Airport Tests Facial Recog - Raises Privacy Concerns

US To Expand Passenger Ins To 10 New Foreign Airports

NSA Refuses To Destroy Phone Records Database - Ever

CA School Dist Spies On Students Social Media Accts

Emails Reveal Idaho Ag-Gag Bill Drafted By Dairy Lobby

IRS Fails Annual Financial Audit


Pentagon - 24 US Labs, 2 Nations Got Live Anthrax Shipments

Wichita St Student Dies Thwarting ISIS Attack

Ex-Georgia Pres Saakashvili Appointed Odessa Governor

Clown Saakashvili Loses Georgian Citizenship

DPR - US Building Chemical Weapons In Ukraine

Russian Aid Convoys Supply No Weapons To Donbass

Is Ukraine Pressuring US Get Nobel For Porky?

'Crimea Never Was Ukrainian' - Ex -French President

Relentless Putin Bashing

Russian Jets Force US Destroyer Away From Territorial Waters

Russian Navy To Get Advanced Carrier By 2026-2027

Russia Retaliates To EU Sanctions With Blacklist Off 89


ISIS Nuke Threat Echoed By Misleading Hostage

Tony Blair Not Leaving Middle East After All

Adolf Hitler - A Champion For ALL Of Humanity

Yemen Army Warns Of Mass Missile Strikes On Saudis

Ansarullah: Yemeni Forces Kill Several Saudi Cmdrs

Yemeni Troops Attack Saudi Border Cities

ISIL Calls For More Attacks In Saudi Arabia

Syria, ISIS, Saudis Unstable, White Genocide - Vid

Saudi Attacks Hit Russian Consulate In Aden Again

Saudis Mark 90th Execution This Year

Iran Rejects Any Inspection Of Military Sites

Ex-Sen - Washington Bribing Israel Over Iran Deal


US-Trained Spec Forces Chief Joins ISIS

Turkey Sending Weapons To Syria Militants - Vid

Lavrov Slams US Raids In Syria

No Chinese Weapons On Reclaimed Island - Beijing

US - China S China Sea Actions Out Of Step With Intl Law

Beijing's Manmade Islands in S China Sea Rattling Japan

FIFA Is An Outdated 'Corrupt Old Boys Club'

FIFA Scandal Nothing To Do With Do With Corruption Or Sports

US Tax Authority New Indictments In FIFA Scandal

US Disappointed With Blatter's Re-Election As FIFA Pres

'ISIL Will Attack' Muhammad Cartoon Contest In Phoenix


AZ Free Speech Protesters Divide Christians, Muslims

England - Created The 'Western Tradition' - Vid

1 In 10 Cigarettes Illegal

Step Into The Role - An Esoteric Invitation

Doom - Why Most Colleges Don’t See The Crisis Coming

Moon That Could Be Home To Alien Life

Saucer Craft Over Syracuse 1989

LightSail Spacecraft Communication Lost

House Slave


Vax Caused Asthma, Anaphylactic Shock, Eye Herpes - Vid


Hitler The Peacemaker? Judge For Yourself

Escobar On FIFA Scandal - Vid

Jury Trial in Hillary Clinton Racketeering Email Case - pdf

US Spent $8b Fighting Afghan Drugs - Failed

Free Speech Doesn't Mean You Can Question Cops - Vid

New Clues, Questions In Natalee Holloway Case


Tesla Interview Reveals Extraordinary Personality

War – A Balance Of Profit And Fear

Very Strong Eruption Of Mt Shindake - Vid

The Fed Basically Put $3 Trillion In The Market

7.0 Quake Strikes Offshore Alaska

US Policing - The Existential Threat To All Human Liberty

Clinton, A Czech Model & A $500,000 Donation

How Monsanto Could Get Even Bigger

TX Floods So Big They Ended The Drought

One CA's Biggest Water Sources Just Vanished

CA Drought So Bad, Thieves Are Now Stealing Water

Record Heat Is Burning CA To A Crisp

Dear California Elected Officials

Death Toll From India Heat Wave Nears 2,000

Fight vs Cybercrime & Terror MovesTo The Darknet

Who Owns London’s Most Expensive Mansion?

The Most Venomous Species On Earth - Vid

Scenes From Underground - Pics

10 Things That Shocked Me When I Moved To LA

What We Learned About Mummies Using New Tech

Men Adrift

The Sex Therapists Of Silicon Valley

2,400-Year-Old Bongs Are Dug Up In Russia


Indiana’s First Church Of Pot

Hippies, Drugs & Street Art

The Universe As A Stunning Light Show - Vid

How To Find Pluto In The Night Sky

Watch A Livestream Of Walruses

This Wasp Turns Cockroaches Into Zombies

Your Brain Can’t Handle The Moon

Dawn Of The Digital Preppers

Cerberus - Legendary Hell Hound Of The Underworld

What Happens When You Get A Concussion? - Vid

Health Benefits Of Watermelon


Blueberries Could Up Life Span 22 Years

Probiotic Yogurt For Chickens To Fight Superbugs

15 Million Cancer Cases Diagnosed In 2013

Sunscreen Makers, Dermos Misinform The Public

12 Homeopathic Remedies For Every Survival Kit

IQ, Psy Ops And 'Civilization' Of The Scam

Shedding Light On Amnesia, Literally

4-Cyl Engine Runs On Water For 48 hours

Why Aren't The Aliens Here Already?

Chile’s UFO Project Probes Santiago Incident


Kirwan - Apathy Rules Again

Abandoned WalMart, Razor Wire, Future Jade Helm Camp? - Vid

AMEX President Dies On Business Trip

AMEX President, 55, Dies (hmmm)

GOP War-Mongering Back With Vengeance

Paper Apologizes For 'Obama Should Be Executed' Letter

Majority US Citizens Support Drone Strikes Abroad

Pentagon Spent $176 Billion To Create Jobs Overseas


Armed Bikers Plan Muhammad Drawing Outside AZ Mosque

Another Staged ‘Mohammed Cartoon’ Event In Phoenix

Stealth Ability Neutralized! Russia’s T-50 Jef Fighter

Russia Will Respond To NATO Europe Missile Build Up

Germany Lacked Will, Money To Match Armata Project

Ukraine - Gangster State

Porky TRIPLES His Wealth In Office As Ukrainians Suffer

122mm Artillery Banned Under Minsk2 Fired In E. Ukraine

2 Million Donbass Citizens Displaced

‘Making Ukraine Non-Aligned State Was A Crime’ - Porky

McCain Urges Obama Military Action Against FIFA

Blatter - Scandal Revenge For US,UK Losing World Cup Bids

Kirwan - Playing With Fire


DARPA’s Killer Robots Will Leave Humans Defenseless

'Injured' Robots 'Heal' Themselves In 2 Minutes - Vid

Yemeni Army Pounding Saudi Bases w/Home Made Rockets

Ansarullah - Turkey, Saudis To Send ISIL To Yemen

Nuclear Saudis - Rising Ambitions Of The House Of Saud

US Sends More Aid To Israel As Iran Deadline Nears

Americans Watch As Iran Sanctions Crumble

No Inspections, No Deal - France Warns Iran

US To Arm China's Pacific Neighbors

US Views Of China Artificial Islands Shows Weaponary

US Stirring Chaos In South China Sea: Beijing


US Prepping War On China, Russia To Save Baks

BRICS Summit To Start New Development Bank & Currency

China Establishes Its Largest Gold-Investment Fund

Forex Scandal Exposes West’s Dirty Laundry

Roberts Rages - Free Financial Markets Are A Hoax

US Lawmakers Pass Bill For Space Mining In The Future

US Seeks To Secure Property Rights On The Moon

Florida Cops Kill Suicidal Man After GF Calls For Help

Circumcision - As American As Mom, Apple Pie & Baseball?


Jeff & David Icke - Bilderberg Group...Controlled Opposition -Vid

When San Andreas Unleashes The Big One? - Vid

20 Big Ideas From Bernie Sanders

Of Course Jeb Bush Would Have Invaded Iraq!

Obama Asserts Power Over Small Waterways


Ex-CIA Agent - How Alt Media Can Defeat The Elite

NSA Technotyranny - One Nation Under Surveillance

US To Nominate Porky For A Nobel Peace Prize

Porky - Martial Law in Ukraine Can Occur In Hours

Heroic German Woman Debunks Holocaust Narrative

Inside The Latest Attacks On Gaza

US Fear Mongering For Military-Industrial Complex - Vid

Stuxnet 2.0 - US Cyber Attack On Iran

The TPP, Monsanto, Rockefeller, TLC, Brzezinski

Bankers Plan Secret London Meeting To End Cash

Br Nathanael - Nuland Sticks Her Nose In Minsk - Vid


The Branding Of An American President

Willis Carto - Champion Of The American Right

20% Of US School Kids Live Below Poverty Line

MERS Confirmed Cases In S Korea Up To Nine

75% Of Supermarket Chicken Have Deadly Bug

Hopes For Strong El Niño To Ease CA Drought

Britain Set To Open The Door To Cancerous GMO

DOJ Flies Secret Airplane Fleet Over US Cities

Ex-Chief - Cops Should Stop Hiring Bullies

Are Police Intentionally Hiring Stupid People?

Failure Of Chicago Gun Control Proves More Needed

How To Fix A Broken Police Department


Chicago Cops Pose With Suspect In ‘Hunting’ Pix t

The Death Of The Death Penalty

St. Louis 'Stolen Babies' Mystery Deepens

Amtrak Has Problems

Japan Volcano Eruption Triggers Highest Alert - Vid

Across US, Heaviest Downpours On The Rise

Active Volcanoes In World - May 20 - 26

Will The Yellowstone Volcano Erupt? - Vid

Screams Of Starving Inmates Captured On Video

Airlines Spray Fliers With Pesticides Inside Plane

A Day With A Speed Dealer

London Ortho Jews Ban Women Driving

Do Atoms ‘Know’ They're Being Watched?

Space Station’s Toilet-Shaped Problem

Damaged Robot Can 'Heal' Itself

Amazing Star Wars Robot Balanced On Ball Is Real

Mentally Troubled Inmate Is Eating The Jail

Spiders To Public Speaking - Overcoming Fear

Rats Ignore Chocolate To Save Companion

7 Super Seeds To Add To Your Diet

Children Who Remember Past Lives As Monks

Dimensional Jumping, Already

No One Is Safe In A Post-Antibiotic World


Jon Stewart On Allergy Season Fear Mongering - Vid

Abbott’s GMO Free Similac Baby Formula

Toothpaste Loaded With Tiny Plastic Beads?

Why Lyme Disease Cases Are Spiking

Body Antenna For Long-Term Patient Monitoring’

How Bed Bugs Infest Homes And Minds

Instead Of Aspirin, Eat Some Cherries!

Smoked Mummy Helps Villagers Connect

DMT & The Persistent Illusion

Einstein Crowned World's Biggest Hero, Tough Luck Jesus

The Big Tent Party Collapses


Hillary Tipped Murdered Amb's Movements In Emails

Gates Fears World Epidemic Worse Than Ebola (hmmm)

Another Anthrax Scare Before Patriot Act Vote

Pentagon Sends Live Anthrax Accidentally To 9 Labs

US Troops In S Korea Exposed To Live Anthrax

FIFA Arrests No Coincidence

Western Long Knives Out For FIFA's Blatter?

DARPA Wants US Troops To See Through Walls

The 1st Amendment Was Dead On Arrival

New Silk Road Could Change Global Economics - Part 1

New Silk Road Could Change Global Economics - Part 2

IMF Chief Wants Russia Back In G8

Why Russia Is On A Gold Buying Spree

Russia, VZ OK Massive $14 b OIl/Gas Deal

OPEC - Global Oil Glut To Last To 2017


Switzerland To Open Bitcoin Bank In Zurich

Who Would Win A Conflict In The S China Sea

Beijing Protests US Surveillance Of S China Sea

US Ups Ops Near China To Provoke War

Great Insight Into China Leader Xi Jinping

Ukraine Humanitarian One Of World's Worst

Ukraine Corruption Threatens To Engulf Europe

Old Ukraine Oligarch Feuds Flare up Again

Ukrainian Conflict Is New Proxy War Organized By US

US Hawks To Fight East Ukraine War Last Ukrainian

Did Putin Admit Russian Spec Forces In Ukraine?


Kiev Blocking Russian Goods Cargoes To Crimea

All Russian Peacetime Military Deaths A State Secret

Russia To Invade Poland, Baltics, Germany etc - Kiev Pol

NATO Keeps Pinning Blame On Moscow

Russian AF To Get 50 New Tu-160 Blackjack Bombers

Russia Stations Iskander Missiles in Kaliningrad

MiG-31 Successfully Downs Cruise Missile In Drill

Biden Accuses Putin Of Waging 'Hybrid Warfare’ In Europe

NATO Activity Increasing On Russian Border With Baltics

Ratsenyuk In DC - Please Buy Ukraine

FIFA Vote On Israel To Go Ahead


Putin - Arrests A US Attempt To Thwart Blatter Re-election

Putin - FIFA Methods Similar Assange, Snowden

Farce Is Complete - FIFA, Qatar Donated To The Clinton Fndn

Yemeni Army Hits Saudi Bases With 40 Rockets

Saudi Jets Pound Yemen, Dozens Killed, Wounded

‘Bibi To US - Give 50% More Money And We'll Shut Up

Israel Warns Gaza 'Will Pay' If More Missile Attacks

Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS

To Beat ISIS, Kick Out US-led coalition

ISIS Issues Propaganda Magazine In Russian

Creating No-Fly Zone In Syria A Mistake - Iran

Afghan Drug Production Grew 50-Fold Since US Invasion


US Democracy Or Oligarchy - You Decide

Why Does No One Speak of America’s Oligarchs?

Assange On The TPP

New 'Peace' Lobby Pressures US Candidates To Favor War

Blimps May Provide Lookout Over Washington DC

Air Force Develops Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

Air Force OKs Software Upgrade Of B-2 Strategic Bombers

Musk's Falcon 9 Rocket OK for US Natl Security Missions

Chicago Cops Took Hunting Photo Of Black Man As Prey

Oregon Timber Workers Sprayed w/Chemicals - Vid


Netanyahu Demands ‘$45b US Military Aid

Corrupt FIFA Has Clinton Foundation Ties

Why Are The Globo-Zionists Attacking FIFA?

Roberts - Free Financial Markets Are A Hoax

Biden - US Won't Accept Global 'Spheres Of Influence’

Brothers Nathanael's Amazing Videos


NSA Chief Calls For ‘Open, Reliable, Safe’ Internet

A Kardashian Stumbles Upon A Chemtrail…

Why Ukraine Crisis Is The West’s Fault

Ukraine Joining NATO Will Be Nuclear War

WW3 Risk Due To US Meddling In Ukraine!

WW3 - ‘If We’re Lucky If Won't Be Nuclear'

Unthinkable - US, Russia On Brink Of Military Confilct

Will Santorum's "Frothy" Google Problem Return?

America Lost The Cold War


Ex CIA Agent Explains How To Delete The Elite

Bizarre 'UFO' Lights Filmed Over Remote Russia - Vid

Nitinol Memory Metal Engine – Free Energy? - Vid

A Secret UFO Symposium In NH – Betty Hill’s Last Hurrah

Duo Arrested for Creating 'UFO' Scare in Mumbai

Is This A 1.7 Million Year Old Man-Made Bridge?

The Secrets Of The Hagia Sophia

US Is Disturbing Peace Of The South China Sea

CIA Ends Information Sharing With Climate Scientists

Big Brother Narco

Brits March In Force Against Austerity Madness

Santa Barbara Spill - Failing US Pipelines


A Green Beret’s Guide To EMP

Could Hackers Bring Down A Plane?

Silicon Valley’s Eating Up Super Ritalin

What’s Behind The Dream Of Colonizing Mars?

What Would It Take To Send People To Pluto? - Vid

How NASA's Going To Look For Life On Europa

200 Scientists Warn Of Cell Phone Risks

Parents Should Demand Truth About Vax Studies

An Unprecedented Scientific Exploration Of Mummies

Do We Really Want To Fuse Our Brains Together?

Watch A Volcanic Island Form In The Red Sea - Vid


The Problem With Living Without Pain

Is Your AC Making You Sick?

Why Do We Love Fail Videos?

A Brief History Of The Wristwatch

Are Lemmings Really Suicidal?

20 Historic B&W Photos Restored In Color - Pics

History’s Largest Genetic Twin Study

5 Dangerous Medication Combinations

Vampire Myth Likely Caused by Disease, Scientists Say


Filer’s Files # 21 – 2015 Alien Viruses

Filer’s Files #20 -2015 UFO Crash At St Augustin

Filer’s Files #19 – 2015 UFO Crashes

Live Anthrax 'Accidentally' Sent To 9 States By DoD

Blum - World Should Deliver Strong Military Blow to US

Obama Memorial Day Big Lies

Camaraderie Between DOJ & Bilderberg - Pt 2

Govt Aircraft Fly Secret Surveillance Over US Cities

Sheriff Arrests Investigator Trying To Serve Him Subpoena

TX SWAT Grenade Into 81 Yr Old Innocent Man’s Home


Feds Demand Cleveland Copas Stop Bashing With Guns

Homicide Rises With Temps In New York City

Over 100 Shot In US Cities Over Weekend

Hillary State Dept OK'd $165b In Arms Deals To Clinton Fnd

Adam Lanza - Fictional Perp Of The Sandy Hook Hoax

McCain Demands FIFA Axe Russia Cup...THEN We Bomb Iran

Apple Co-Founder Says Snowden Gave Life To Reveal NSA

IRS Says Records Of 100,000 Taxpayers Hacked

US Govt Without ‘Plan B’ For NSA Data Collection

US Spy Agency Tests Smartphone-Swipe Recog Tech

Bernie Sanders Kickstarts His Presidential Campaign

Sanders Wants to End Perpetual US Wars In Middle East

TX Fed Ct Reaffirms State Block On Obama Amnesty

TX OKs College Students To Carry Handguns On Campus


How Much Of Your Life The US Has Spent At War

Russia Dips 100 km Ditch Along Border w/SE Ukraine

S Ossetia Appoints Envoys Ro DPR And LPR

Why Do We Love To Hate Russia?

Russia and Poland After Komorowski's Defeat

Congress $200 Million For Weapons For Ukraine

Donbass Talks, Dialogue With Russia Key To Prosperity

Ratsenyuk's Ukrainian Fire Sale

Leave Your Wounded Comrades On The Battlefield

3 Civilians Killed By Ukraine Army Shell In Donbass

Kiev Wants To Bring Heavy Weapons To Donbass

Documents Show US Created ISIS To Go Against Assad

ISIS Executes 20 Civilians In Palmyra

Israeli Soldier Gets Prison For Criticizing Occupation

Israeli Soldiers Shoot Children In Head w/Rubber Bullets

VT - Israeli F16s Bombing Yemen?

Saudis Kill 79 In New Attacks On Yemen

Iranian Missiles Cover Entire Persian Gulf

Underwater Eruptions Birth New Islands Off Yemen

Israel Weeks 50% Hike In US Military Assistance

Obama Doesn't Supports Israel Enough

Desperate Times - Israel On The Edge


Hamas Blames 'Unknowns' For Rocket Launch Into Israel

Iran Foils US Cyder Attack On Oil Ministry

Libya PM Escapes Murder Attempt

Chinese Yuan May Become World Currency

China Labels S China Sea As ‘Old Tricks’ By West

China, Russia Plan Joint Landing On The Moon

EU Stance Toward Russia 'Best Gift To China'

Three Ways China And US Could Go To War

US Accuses China Of Tensions In S China Sea

Bird Flu Alert - Virus May Soon Spread Person-To-Person


Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Zionist Bankers Behind Every WW - Vid

McConnell - Partiot Or Traitor?

Kirwan - The Countdown Begins

Porky Begs For NATO Intervention In Ukraine

Porky Expects New Fighting In East In Coming Days

Kiev Economy Remains In Free Fall

Roberts - Israel Is A Discredit To America


Jeff Rense - Zionist Bankers Behind Every World War

Bibi - Nuclear Iran 1,000x Worse Than ISIS

Israeli Jets Hit Gaza ‘Terror Infrastructure’

Ex US Presidents Warn About 'Invisible Govt'

CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate The US

Rand Paul - Republican Brand 'Sucks' And Is 'Broken'

Bernie Sanders ‘When You Hustle Money’ Like Hillary...

Sanders Reveals 18 CEOs Who Took Trillions In Bailouts

Ex US Presidents Warn About 'Invisible Govt'


CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate The US

Economic Growth Is Impossible

Congressional Sellout On TPP Fast Track

China's Military Strategy

Beijing Warns US - 'We Will Fight Back’

Mission Creep In Syria

Press TV - Subterfuge Before Iran Talks Deadline

The Fed Cartel...Part V - The Solution

Roberts - DC Protects Its Lies With More Lies


Koch Brothers’ Humiliating Secret

El Niño Continues To Strengthen

‘Martians' Are Roaming The Utah Desert

The Myth Of Victory

Where To Find Gaddafi’s Missing Billions?

CA Traffic Debt - $10 Billion

The Year The Soviets Owned The Moon

Teens Try Lure Demon 'Charlie' Across Social Media

Inside America's Lucrative Divorce Industry - Vid

Germany Joins China, Russia’s Flight To Gold

Ex-Circus Lion Feels Grass For First Time

These Storm Chasers Go To Extreme Lengths - Vid

Fungus Could Rid Landfills Of Plastics

What’s The Prime Of Your Life?

Count Macronutrients Instead Of Calories

Sharing Success Perceived As Bragging

6 Foods To Help You Snore No More

How To Craft A Better Online Dating Profile

Fixing A Space Robot 140 Million Miles Away

Shape Shifting, Descending UFO Seen In MS

Black Triangle Spotted Over Charlotte, NC


Roswell Slides - Alien Charade Continues - Vid

UFO Spotted In Northwestern China

Q's About Roswell Slides Fiasco Remain

The Preacher Hood Of Wrongness

Echinacea Benefits From Colds To Cancer

The Cruelty Of Fashion

Afghan Minerals, Another Failure

The Biggest Photograph In The World

Psychedelic Drugs ‘Much Less Harmful’

Russia's Strongest Man Pulls 30 Ton House - Vid


At Least 20 Die In Storms From OK To Mexico

Ukraine Is Now A Hellhole

Was Stalin Really A Capable War Leader?

The Real Reason Kerry Was In Sochi

Bibi's Sham Settlement Bloc Boundaries Proposal

War Leaves 16 Million Yemenis Without Clean Water

Yemen's Ansarullah Fighters, Allies Capture Saudi Base

Saudi Forces Flee Border Bases

10 Saudi Soldiers Killed in Retaliatory Attack

4 Saudi Tanks Destroyed in Jizan

Saudi Warplanes Fully Destroy Dhamar Museum


US Shows Its Own Lack of Will When It Comes To ISIL

Russia Seeks Anti-ISIS Front After Palmyra Massacre

Egypt Military Destroyed 521 Gaza Tunnels

Al-Shabab Attack Kills Several Police In East Kenya

WikiLeaks Reveals EU Plans to Attack Refugee Boats

Boko Haram Hacks 10 Civs To Death With Machetes, NE Nigeria

West Pulls Out $3.5 Trillion From BRICS To Pressure It

West Poised To Fan Ethnic Tensions In BRICS States

EU Jobless Rate To Skyrocket In Coming Years

Cash-Strapped Greece Rules Out More Austerity


Bernie Sanders Exposes 18 CEOs

Aging Populations, Buried in Debt

Russia, China Air Power Will Be Better Than US

Russia to Build Own Copter Carrier To Replace Mistral

China Warns Of Instability On Korean Peninsula

The Case For Nationalizing Monsanto

Unique Pink Iguanas Endangered By Volcano Eruption - Vid

What Exactly Is Going On At Lake Mead?

Warming Idiots Already Say 2015 Is Warmest Ever

Heat Wave Death Toll Exceeds 700 In India

Over 430 Hospitalized In Japan Over Heat Wave

Mexico, US Storms Leave 17 Dead


Google Censors Hillary Controversy - Vid

Hillary Sent 2 Benghazi Emails, From 2 Home Accts In 2 Min

Feds Want Cybersecurity, Hack Tools Termed War Weapons

US Created ISIS To Redraw Mideast Map

Hackers Expose Cops. Feds Browsing Online Sex

Teacher - Shouldn’t Be Fired For Sex With Student


Congress Passes Bills When Key Members Can’t Vote

Hedges Buying Foreclosed Subprimes, Push Up Rents

'Smart' Meters Halted By Regulators In Indiana

Can Remote Viewing or Dreaming Predict Stock Mkt?

War Propaganda - Planting Stories In The News Chain

Against Credit Cards

Next Great War Zone - South China Sea

Six Problems Choking Chinese Economy

Your New Bionic Lenses Are BS

US Flooding Could Last Weeks - Vid

Mars Curiosity Rover 'In' For Repairs,Takes Detour


Coming Soon - Genetically Engineered Athletes

The Real Terrorist Was Me - Vid

Jesus Was A Political Prisoner

Eruption Of Wolf Volcano After 33 Yrs Of Sleep

Senate First Step To Let Vets Use Medical Marijuana

The Emotional Side Of Elephants - Pics

Measles Virus Unable To Tolerate Certain Mutations

The 3D Printers That Print 3D Printers

A Lost Race Of Giants - Part I

A Lost Race Of Giants - Part II


The 'New Jerusalem' of Ethiopia - Vid

Farthest Journey By Hoverboard - Vid

How Eyes Can Betray Your Thoughts

The Shocking Stats On Anorexia Treatment - Vid

Slavery On NZ Seas

To Fight For Freedom OR To Fight For Empire

Cannabis Represents The Divine Feminine

The Running Man is Our Reality

Spiritual Emergence Or Spiritual Emergency?

Olive Oil Can Kill Cancer Cells In One Hour


Israeli F16’s Falling From The Skies Over Yemen

Global Warming To Heat Up With El Nino

The Truth About Memorial Day

Memorial Day Baltimore Shootings Kill 5, Wound 11

Will Poland Again Be Used To Start World War?


Escobar - Wahhabis Go Nuke - Saudi Arabia’s Bomb?

Another Saudi Fighter Jet Shot Down In Yemen

Saudis Leaves 135 Yemeni Kids Dead - UN

Foreign Ministry Hacking Disaster For Saudi Arabia

Saudls Plot To Kill Religious Authorities In Iraq

Iran Ready To Counter Proxy Wars - Cmdr.

Iran - US Did Nothing To Stop Ramadi Fall To ISIL

Iran Left Battling ISIL Alone As US-Iraq Alliance Disintegrates

US-Led Alliance Killing Civilians In Syria

Bolton - US Should Make New Sunni From Iraq, Syria

McCain - US Must Deploy 1,000 Troops To Iraq


Turkey, US To Give Air Cover For Syria Militants

US Is Telling New Lies About Iraq

Saddam-Era Gen Killed By Iraqi Troops In Tikrit

Hezbollah, Supporters Mark Victory Against Israel

75% Of Pals In E Jerusalem Live In Poverty

Israel to Take 202 Acres Of Pal Land For A Dump

Israeli ex-PM Olmert Sentenced To 8 Months Behind Bars

Tel Aviv Torturing False Confessions From Pals

Fear Porn - IMF To Announce New Dollar October 20th?

Military Site Predicts Econ Collapse, 78% US De-Depop

Barclays Trader Paid £170 m AFTER Global Crash


Russia's Landmark $2Bln Deal With Egypt For MiG Jets

Iran To Build 48 Power Plants In Indonesia

US Bell Helicopter Inks Deal For Russian Assembly

Oz Senator Opposes US Beef Imports Under TPP

Putin's Spokesman Exposes Western Media Echo Chamber

New Robotic Russian T-50 Fighter Jet Fit For Star Wars

Kiev To Again Ask For Russia Gas Discount

Kiev's Blockade Of Transnistria Peacekeepers Betrays Ukrainians

Brit Sends Biggest Warship For Drills On Russian Border

NATO Gen Biggest Concern Is About 'Gambler' Putin

South Ossetia Closes Border With Georgia


Spain On Verge Of Becoming New Greece

Up To 15,000 Children Missing In Italy In 40 Years

‘War Inevitable’ Unless US Backs Down - China Paper

ISIL Plans ‘Nuclear Attack Inside US Next Report

USAF Jets Escort Air France Plane To JFK Airport

Criticism From UN Sign Of Big Human Rights Prob In US

USFW Gives $1.25 Million To Fight WNS
GM-Cotton Problems Drive Indian Farmers To Suicide

Homes Washed Away As Rains Pounds SC US - Vid

Lake Mead Water Level Plunges After NV Quake

And Lake Mead Water Is Back


The Great Game Is Over - The Jig Is Up

US Sending Nuke Bombers To Sweden

CA Oil Spill 5x Worse Than Expected

Kirwan - Where's The Air Force?

Mysterious Orb Sighted A t US Space Walk Hall

Man Photographs UFOs Above Welling

Multiple UFOs Reported By Truckers Over CB Radio

Mystery Phenomenon In Skies Over Perm, Russia - Vid

Kirwan - Forgetting Memory


Barack 'Barzini' Obongo

The Chertoff Century

Russia Sees No Need To Reduce Oil Production

Russia Not Restructuring Ukraine’s Debt

Grand Theft Poroshenko

Ukraine Needs 20b Cu Meter Gas Before Winter

Navy’s Upcoming 'Armageddon War Game' On AK

SC Mom Legally Selling Strain of Medical Marijuana?


Saudi Jet Shot Down In N/W Yemen

Houthis Seize Unused Missiles From Downed Saudi Jet

Saudis Wreaking Havoc On Civilians In Yemen

Saudis Use Banned Weapons Against Yemen

80 Missiles Hit Saudi Border Guard HQ

Interior Ministry Identifies Riyadh Mosque Bomber

Saudi Arabia To Build $100b City From Scratch By 2035

Warning Of Imminent Arab Spring In Saudi Arabia

Destruction Of Palmyra Will Be Rejoicing For Israel

US-Supported ISIS Terrorists Seize Palmyra

Secret Pentagram Report - US Created ISIS To Fight Syria

ISIS Kills 400, Mostly Women, Children, In Palmyra

Most US Warplanes Sent To Bomb ISIS Never Do

Bibi - Hate-Mongering Racist, Mass Murderer, Serial Liar


Syrian Troops Kill 300 Militants In Idlib Province

US Sec Def Blames Iraqi Mmilitary For Fall Of Ramadi

ISIL To Buy Nuclear Weapon From Pakistan

Settlers Smash Doors Off Palestinian Shops

Israel Thanks US For Blocking UN Nuke Disarmament

Greek PM Excludes Bailout On ‘Humiliating Terms’
Grexi Disaster Looms As Hospitals Out Of Sheets, Painkillers

Greece Won't Pay IMF - 'We’re Broke'

China Creates World's Largest Physical Gold Fund

New Silk Road Could Change Global Economics Forever


Russia Buys Another 300,000 Ounces Precious Metals

Escobar - BRICS Trample US In South America

JoeTalk - Joe 2 - Vid

JoeTalk - Joe 2 - Vid

‘Be Prepared' - ‘Gay’ Men With Boy Scouts In Tents

OH Cop Not Guilty - 49 Shots At Unarmed Suspects

US Police Officer Found Shot Dead In New Orleans

US Needs External Enemy For Internal Unity

Pentagon Eyes AK For $1b Missile Def Against Iran

400 World Cities Protest Monsanto GMOs

Global Rally Against GMO Giant Monsanto

Iran Unveils First GMO Cotton


Is Trump Serious About Running In 2016?

Senate Adjourns - No Path Forward On Patriot Act

Military Martial Law And Dissident Extraction Plans For US

Bronze Age Woman Had Surprisingly Modern Life

Separating Food Facts From Food Factoids

Where Do We Locate Our Sense Of Self?

Your Image In Youtube Isn’t Yours

Chlorophyll May Enable Your Cells To Capture Sunlight Energy

A Meat-Eating Yogi


Memorial Day Dishonor and Disgrace

Vote All You Want - The Secret Government Won’t Change

Obama Supports Nuke Proliferation, Opposes Disarmament

Obama Wins Trade Victory In The Senate

DARPA Tests New Airborne Death Ray

Senators Reject Bill To Scrap NSA Bulk Collection

9 Revelations From Hillary’s Emails…So Far

Martin - Is She Onboard With The Cover-Up?

A Look At Jewish Billionaires Controlling US Politics

Wireless 'Smart' Meter Warnings


Senator Explodes When Questioned About His Vax Bill

Kennedy Bombshell - 70% News Ad Rev From Pharma

The American Family Is Being Forced Into Extinction

Doom - Dispelling Another Lie About Rising Tuition

10 Images Suggest US Becoming Like Nazi Germany

Serial Killers Heard On TV - Why Not Hitler?

Holocaust DEBUNKED In Just 60 Seconds - Pics

Fetzer - CIA Trying To Connect Conspiracy Theorists And OBL

Global March Against Monsanto Day

Monsanto Funds 'Reporter Boot Camp For Food Writers

‘March Against Monsanto’ In 38 Countries This Weekend

Money Matters More Than People To Monsanto

CA Farmers To Cut Water Use Voluntarily

Cops Maim Infant With Grenade Blame Baby

Citizen Sawyer Urinated On Staff After Told Had Ebola

Military Back From Ebola Mission Hug Family

15 Families Exposed To Ebola Nurse

US Launches New Assault Against Russia

Russians Traveling Abroad Risk Lawless US Abduction

‘US Hunts For Russians’ - Moscow Warns Traveling Citizens

IMF Tries To Take Credit For Russia Econ Recovery

Rebel Leader Assassinated In E Ukraine

As Kiev Falls Into Default, Russia Calls $3b Debt

Russian PM Vows Tough Response To Kiev Default

Inside Source - Putin Will Not Abandon Syria Or Ukraine

US Is Looking To Wind Down Conflict In Ukraine

US Partially Lifts Crimea Sanctions

OSCE Reports Kiev Violating Minsk Accord

Ukraine Fears Spread Of Separatism

EU Prepares To Abandon Ukraine

Saudis To Have Israel Nuke Yemen For Them

Ansarullah - Attacking Iran Aid Ship Main Mission Of Saudi Spies

Ansarullah Captures 15 Saudi Spies in Hudayda Port

Yemeni Army Targets Saudi Border Guards Center in Dhahran

Yemeni Hackers Reveal Top Secret Docs in Saudi Cyber Attack

Saudi Leaks 2 - Yemen Cyber Army Releases Hacked Contents


Saudis To Return Exiled Hadi To Power In Yemen

Iran Condemns Attack On Shia Mosque In Saudi Arabia

Obama OKs Congressional Review Of Final Iran Nuke Deal

Iraqi Forces Break ISIL Siege Of Baiji Oil Refinery

Iran Gas Flow To Iraq Next Month

ISIS Can Get Nuke Bomb In Less Than Year

ISIS Plot To KIll German President Uncovered

ISIL Recruit Reveals Plans To Conduct Attacks In India

ISIS Seizes Syrian Military Base Near Palmyra

Iraq Army Retakes Another Town In Anbar

Israel’s Dirty War Props Up Islamic Militants In Syria


Israeli Military Exports Drop To 7 Year Low

Hezbollah May Mobilize Public Against Takfiris

Israel Slams Obama’s Criticism Of Netanyahu

Israel Calling In Markers From Her Saddest Assets

Obama Assures US Jews He Still Fully Supports Israel

Dutch Restaurant Wipes Israel Off Culinary Map

Debating Amongst Ourselves About Lie After Lie - Morris

Meet 'Mir' - Russia's New National Payment Card

Email Mistake Reveals BoE EU Exit Project

How Banks Create AND Destroy Money

US Bullied EU To Dropping Ban On Carcinogenic Pesticides


Brazil Unveils $22 Billion in Budget Cuts

China Warns US 'Accident' Is 'Highly Likely' In S China Sea

Huge Sinkhole Appears In MO Golf Course

Heavy Rains Flood Moscow - Lightning Hits Gas Stn - Vid

Turtle On Edge Of Extinction After 'Mystery' Illness Strikes

Communities That Eradicated Homelessness

Special Forces Vet Tells Truth About Joining Military

Corporate Psychosis - Are You Exhibiting Symptoms?

Precious Metals vs Precious Life - Amazon Destruction

Two Easy-to-Make Probiotic Drinks That Heal

Incredible - 3.3 Million Yr Old Stone Tools In Kenya


US Missile Can Destroy Any Target In World In One Hour

Russian Intel - West Creating Islamist Terror Network

Roberts - Our Soldiers Died For Bankster Profits

Senate Blocks Bill On NSA Dom Surveillance Reform

CO-WY In Jade Helm Bullseye - Military Train Loaded

Senate Fails To Reach Deal On Trade Amendments

CA Oil Spill Cleanup At A Crawl

Cameron’s New Thought Police

Obama Won't Release Osama's Porn Out Of 'Respect'

The Idiotic Myth Of 'Deutschland Über Alles'


Five WORSE Hurricanes In US History - Vid

New Trial In Chandra Levy Case?

Rosa Koire - Agenda 21 - Vid

VA Cop Forced Out - Tasered Man Having Med Emergency

$15 Min Wage Forces Seattle Pizza Shop To Close

Hadron Collider Smashes Own Record

USO UFO Documentary - Vid

Men's Lingerie - End Of Western Civilization?

Kirwan - Silence Hides The Lies

Gun Owners Of America Supreme Court Victory

Snowden Applauds Rand's Takeover Of Senate Floor


First Round Of Hillary Emails Released

Emails Show Hillary Got Detailed Intel On Benghazi

Hillary's Lucrative Life Of Crime

China Jams US Spy Drones Over S China Islands

Kiev Appears Growing Separatism

Not Even Israel Protests Anti-Semitsm In Ukraine

EU Prepares To Abandon Ukraine

ISIS Seizes More Territory In Iraq, Syria's Palmyra

PayPal Credit Deception Exposes Larger Problem

A Key Source Clues Me In On TPP Code Of Silence


Navy To Bomb The Hell Out Of Alaska In War Games

Saudis Hit Yemen Residential Areas w/1.5 Meter Bombs

Saudi Jets Hit Sa'ada Market, UNICEF Headquarters

US Plans Major Arms Sales To Israel, Saudis

Saudi ‘Desert Fortress’ To Be World’s Largest Hotel

Iranian Aid Ship For Yemen Docks In Djibouti

Iran Could Raze Tel-Aviv To Ground If Israel Attacks

Iran Must Be Ready For US-Israeli Attack

Exxon Lobbies US Govt On Iran Sanctions

Moscow To Supply Weapons To Iraq To Help Fight ISIS

Br Nathanael - Washington Coming To Its Senses? (No)


US Hawks Urge 20,000 Troops For Iraq

40,000 Iraqis Flee ISIS Brutalities In Ramadi

Israel Dep FM - 'This Land Is Out…All Of It Is Ours'

Israel - 90 More 'Settlement' Units In E Jerusalem

Soros - No Exaggeration China-US On Edge Of WW3

China Is Preparing For Something Big In October

US Retaliates At China Escalation, Warns Of Conflict

China Becomes Second Stock Market Superpower

Nearly Half Of Unemployed Americans Given Up Looking

France Forcing Supermarkets to Give Away Unsold Food

Doom - Higher Education And The Slave Economy


Ukraine Falls Into Default - Russia Demands $3 Billion

American Food That Russians Should Never Try

Jade Helm Update - Mass Troop Buildup In VA - Vid

How Obama Handled The Pacific Trade Deal

More People Say Wi-Fi Is Making Them Sick - Vid

El Niño Is Back – Get Used To It

Do Hershey Products Contain Aspartame?

The Frightening GMO Food Fraud

Jewish Migration To Israel Up 40% This Year


New Israel Justice Min Hates All Palestinians

Why So Easy For States To Execute The Mentally Ill?

Navy Drone Killing Laser Not As Good As it Seems?

US To Regulate Surveillance Software Like Weapons

UK Moves Towards Cashless Society

9 Depressing Predictions For The Future Of America

Meet The Christian Right’s New Doomsday Prophet

Thirteen Things I Learned in Iran

Where Were You When The Mountain Blew?

'Weaponizing Vulnerabilities' - New Snowden Doc

Feds Ran Jersey´s Sleaziest Strip Club

The Agony Of Medical Bills

US Schools Ramping Op Safety Measures

The Govt Won’t Let Me Watch Them Kill Bison

Rich Folks Are Worried About Spy Drones

Extensive Flooding Ongoing In The S Plains


Self-Driving Trucks Are Going To Hit Us Bad

Earthquakes Reveal Deep Secrets IUnder East Asia

Best Bug-Out Vehicles You Can Actually Afford

Man Halts Bear Attack With Primal Scream - Vid

Cold Kills 20 Times More People Than Heat

Bronx Zoo Is Now Home to 24 Little Penguins - Vid

When CO Was the Switzerland Of America

New Military Spending Bill Expands Empire

CIA Is Pulling Strings Of US Foreign Policy

Nearly 20% Of Female Freshmen Victims Of Rape

Inside the Texas Biker Gang Wars

Fossil Fuel Titan Spins Ebola Crisis For Corp Gain

Br Nathanael - As I See It (Politico Analysis)


Apocalyptic Skies Above Chile

China Naval Exercises in Med Trade Chokepoint

Earth Now In Seismically Active Period

Prescribed Drugs & Their Natural Counterparts

How Music Helps Hospital Patients Breathe Again

Watch Body’s Sniper Cells Take Out Cancer - Vid

Why Are Rates of Suicide Soaring Across The Planet?

New Strain Of Rabies Appears In NM

Health Risks In UN Nail Salons n America’s nail salons

The 10 Healthiest (& Unhealthiest) Cities In The US

Are Mars's Moons Homegrown Or Stolen?


Selling JFK’s Boat

Is Your Colleague Pure Evil?

Teen's Heart Stopped For 20 Min Says He Saw Jesus - Vid

Van Gogh Painting Comes To Life In 3D - Vid

How Drones Could Help Indigenous Communities - Vid

10 Conspiracy Theories Turned Out To Be True

Scientists Find Most Luminous Galaxy Ever Seen

UFO Filmed Over Florida - May 15, 2015

New Video Of UFO Over Chile

Roswell Slide Promoter Schmitt Back On Stage

Alien Mummy Fiasco Pretty Much Played Itself Out

Obama Pilot Details UFO Sighting To Fox


Japan To Force Korea To Eat Fukushima Food

Someone Finally Read TPP - It Will Damage This Nation

TPP Could Criminalize Journalism & Whistleblowing

Newest US Carrier Already $370 m Over Budget

Globalization Of 'Fast Food' Behind The Brand McDonald’s

Americans Have No Idea What They Are Eating

Big Santa Barbara Oil Spill - Vid

The Danger There Will Be No 'Big Event'


US Job Losses & Store Closings, 19-21 April 2015

2 DEA Agents Lied About Owning NJ Strip Club

US Court Rules to Keep CIA Torture Report Classified

CIA Destroyed Torture Tapes Over Backlast Fears

Audit Of Marines Was Faked - Pentagon Can't Audit Itself

OH Cops Charge 12 Yr Old After Shooting Him Dead

OH Cops Charge Tamir Rice A Week After Death

Report Exposes Huge Extent Of Tobacco Lobbying

DEQ - Great Lakes Nuke Waste Site Out Of Our Hands

No One To Blame For Wasting $36m In Afghanistan

TX Prohibits Cities From Banning Fracking

US Govt - We Can Classify Anything We Want!

4 Cops Suspended - Report Boss Solicitation Of Prostitutes

US Cops To Fight ISIL? NYPD Chief Seeks 450 More Officers

Britain’s Political Elite Has Fooled Us All Again

Pr Philip Ex-Aide Accused Of Child Abuse At Palace

Bacteria, Algae To Make Oxygen On Mars

'Sham' Cancer Charities Stole $187m In Donations

Dr Wakefield Conference - Ignite The Truth

City Takes Family's Two Mini Dairy Goats

What To Look For When Shopping Food Storage


Hillary & Attorney Caught In Lie To Trey Gowdy

US Was Running Weapons Thru Benghazi To Syria

How Dubya Is Winning 2016 For Hillary

Hillary Cashes In On Silicon Valley

Lindsey Graham Positioning To Become Jeb’s VP

Is War-Loving Graham Running In 2016?


100s Humvees Seen Heading Towards Cleveland, OH - Vid

The Patriot Act Is Now USA Freedom Act

Obama Promises US Will Defend Arab Dictatorships

Could Separatists Easily Take Mariupol

Obama Gave Up On Ukraine, Press Ignored It

Israeli Security Attacks Russian Journalists

Macedonia And The Counter-Coup - US Foiled?

Kerry - US Ending Any Funding Of ‘Coal-Fired Power'

NSA Transfers Spy Gadgets to Local Police Depts

5 Reasons The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is A Bad Idea

Kerry - Internet Needs Rules To Flourish & Work Properly


They Lie About The Court's Independence

Saudi Arabia Is Hiring - Executioners

FL Cops Get Tons Of Military Equip

Oz Considers Sending Warships to Counter China

Debt To GDP Ratio For The Entire World - 286%

US Planning A 'Gulf Of Tonkin In S China Sea?

How Much Water Are Richest In CA Wasting?

Conscious Shift, Geoengineering, Biometrics, Anti-War

Last Two Times This Happened, Stocks Crashed

New US Guidelines For Genetic Testing

Trains Toxic Oil Run Next To Nuke ICBM Silos


Low Retails Sales Numbers…Problems Ahead

Google’s Plan To Eliminate Human Driving

6 Ways America Is Completely Insane About Sex

Ancient Structure In Japan Similar To Mars Structure

Suicide Rates Among Black Kids Have Skyrocketed

Etain – An Irish Tale Of Love, Loss, Jealousy

Australia’s ‘Spider Rain’ Explained - Vid

Look Up - Vid

Benefits Of Avocado For A Long, Healthy Life

When People We Trust Take Chances


Long-Lost Egyptian Temple Found

Man Wants To Control The Weather With Lasers - Vid

Digital Music? You're Missing Some Sounds

Technology Transhumanists Want in Their Kids

The Experience Of Coffee

Europe Plans Military Response To Migrant Crisis

When Birds Squawk, Other Species Seem to Listen

UFO Event At Yuma Remains Mystery

US Senator's UFO Report 'Covered Up'

Nick Redfern On Roswell Alien Slides

‘Drumbeat’ Volcano Quakes Triggered By Noise - Vid


Kirwan - The Invisible Public

Madsen - America's Death Squads in Blue

Obama - No More MIlitary Equipment For Cops

Repubs Vow to Pass TPP Fast Track For Obama

US Plan To Disable Cell Phones To Be Kept Secret

Law Would Force Cell Phone Retailers To Post Rad Warnings

Lindsey Graham Positioning To Become Jeb Bush’s VP

Billionaire Demands Scientists Fired After OK Quake Study

Whistleblower On Run - After Exposing Nuke Sub Failings

Jim Rogers On The Coming Water Wars

East Says Kiev Army Brings In 2,000 Tons Of Ammo

Rat - Kiev Genocie In E Will Stop When Putin Pulls Back

Clashes In East Ukraine Kill 3 Soldiers, Injure 17

Ukrainians Pledge to Destroy Babi Yar Monuments


Why Radio Free Europe Exposing Porky's Corruption

Ex-Battalion Comdr Calls For Regime Change In Kiev

Kiev Economy Contracts 17.6% In One Quarter!

BRICS Sure To Expand Soon

France At Sea With Mistrals - May Sink Ships

Russia, China Kick Off Med Navel War Games

China Rapidly Upgrading Arsenal With MIRVed Warheads

Russian Troops Practice Airstrikes In Tajikistan

Saudis To Buy Nuclear Bombs From Pakistan

Saudi Jets Targets UNICEF Aid Ships - Yemeni Media

Arab Coalition Resumes Airstrikes in Yemen


Saudis Severely Damage 12 Historic Sites In Yemen

Iran's Aid Ship Arrives In Gulf of Aden

Iran Navy's 34th Fleet In full Preparedness

Freedom Flotilla III Headed For Gaza

Israeli Security Force Thugs Attack Russian Journalists

RT Crew Attacked By Israeli Police In Jerusalem - Vid

Israelis, Palestinians Clash In E Jerusalem

Cndn Plan To Make Boycotting Israel 'Hate Crime' Is Stupid

Henderson - Hezbollah Ffighting CIA-Created ISIS

US Raid Inside Eastern Syria Kills 32 ISIS

ISIS Claims Full Control Of Ramadi

Nigerian Army Destroys 10 Boko Haram Camps

Unleashing The Dogs Of Woe

Geoengineer Caldeira Tells Citizen Journo To Shut Up

Science, Reason Takes Back Seat To 9/11 Official Story

Doom - Reverting To The Slave Economy

Peak Population Growth?

19 Tornadoes Rip Up Central US States

Roswell Slides Debacle - Public Deserves Accounting

America’s UFO - The Story Of The Avrocar

X-37B Space Plane Launches Mystery Mission (Again)

How UFOs Conquered The World


Fisk - Canada’s Support Of Israel Is dangerous

NYT Endorses Israeli Mass Slaughtering Of Pals

NATO Sending CyberWar Experts To Ukraine

Ukraine And China Ink $2.4 Billion Currency Swap

Trident Nuclear Disaster Waiting To Happen

Hezbollah Fighting CIA-Created ISIS - Vid

US Intel - Most Terrorists Are False Flag

Russia To Develop Mobile OS To Rival Android & iOS

Man Hospitalized In Hawaii - Ebola Suspected

You ‘Must Be Made’ To Obey

Baltimore - This Is Confusing…

Shell Accused Of Risking Huge Climate Climate Change

Fed Reserve Cartel, Part IV - A Financial Parasite

The New Deal Built The New World Order

NDE – What Happened To Greg In That Hospital?

Science Seeks To Unlock Marijuana’s Secrets


6 Strange Things That Happened After A Coma

4 US Companies Get Rich Of Arab-iran

Amtrak Can Pay $200 Million Max To Crash Victims

13 Items That Waste More Water Than Eating CA Almonds

Polish Govt To Pay Victims Of CIA Torture

MI Baby Dies, Pathologists Say Vaccines Responsible

Vaccines Causing MS - Nurse Sues Over H1N1 Shot - Vid

India Plans To Build 100 'Smart' Cities For Elite

UK Govt Pedos Who Got Away With Murder

The Netherlands Ban Monsanto's RoundUp

Alaska Researchers Turn Up 12,300 Yr Old Artwork


The Real Teens Of Silicon Valley

The Motherboard Inside Your Brain

A Swiss Merchant Of Suspicious Masterpieces

Humans Have Shorter Attention Span Than Goldfish

WelcomeTo The Internet Of Skin

‘Dolphin' Becomes Super Typhoon

Military Pushes For Emergency Robots

Big Profits In The Prison Industrial Complex

Roswell 'Alien' Photograph Was Pure Theater

High Standards Justified For UFO Investigation

'Controlled Unclassified Information' (CUI) Coming

UFOs - What The Hell IS That?


Obama Vows More Middle East Wars

Stephanopoulos, ABC Not Fully Disclosed Clinton Ties

Clintons In Top 0.1% Of US Earners

Hillary Personally Took Money From Cos Seeking Influence

Left Presses Clinton To Choose On Obama Trade Pact

Locals in Western Sahara Outraged at Clinton Fdn

House Rep Move To Stop DREAMers From Going In Military

Security Expert Told FBI He Hacked, Steered Airliner In Flight'

US Mini-Drones Can Eavesdrop, Pick Up Enemy Subs

Fishermen Say 'No' To US Navy Drills In Gulf Of Alaska


TX Shootings Leave Nine Bikers Dead

Lendman - Obama’s Duplicitous V-Day Remarks

US Intel - 'Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag'

53 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

Salon - Alex Jones Is Actually Dangerous

Man Tasered By US Cops Dies In Hospital

Oz First To Intro Compulsory Tax On Money Itself

Secret Fed Paper - 'Carry Tax' On All Physical Cash

Rep. Johnson On Taxes - ‘We Don’t Have Enough’

Goldman - Sell In May, Don't Come Back For A Year

Porky In Washington

‘Bigger Role’ For US In Minsk II Accords Says Vicky

DPR - Ukraine’s Security Service Prepping Terror Acts


Most Googled In Russia…MIGs - In Ukraine...Prostitutes

Enraged Ukrainian FB Users Declare War On Zuckerberg

Ukraine Swaps Traffic Police For US-Style Patrols

Somebody To Bomb - Vid

China Rapidly Upgrading Nukes With MIRVED Warheads

Watch Putin Chew Out Incompetent Oligarch

Iran’s Yemen-Bound Aid Ship Enters Gulf Of Aden

Iran Will Protect ‘Oppressed’ In Yemen, Palestine, Bahrain

Saudis Fire Missiles At Yemen Regardless Of Truce

US Companies Getting Rich Off Gulf Conflict With Iran

Australia Hyping Homeland Fight Against ISIS?


Syrian Army Kill ISIL 'Oil Minister' In E Syria

Al-Nusra Front Executes 6 ISIS Terrorists In Syria

Atzmon - The Jewish Solidarity Spin

Israel Vows Support For US-Led Coalition vs ISIS

10 Hard Facts About the Holocaust - Vid

Elephant In The Room - Israel’s Nuke Weapons Program

TPP May Bring Environmental Disaster

Ukraine And China Ink $2.4b Currency Swap

China Could Crash Dollar With 30,000 Tons Of Gold

The Economist 'Buries' Gold

Greece Will Default On June 5 Without Deal, IMF Leaks

1000s Ukrainians Protest Rising Prices Of Utilities


Rosneft Clinches Exploration Deal In Amazon Basin

Bringing Wolves, Bears, Beavers Back To UK

Russia Unveils First-Ever 'Tankodrome' At WW2 Site

Cambodia Extradites Fugitive Tycoon Polonsky to Russia

Putin's V-Day Speeches...Clues To Russia's Foreign Policy

Putin Turns Media Tides, But Who Is Real Loser?

Health Workers Need Optimal Respiratory Ebola Protection

USDA Gives $3.8m To Develop, Promote Nano in Food

Scientist vs Organic Advocate Debate GMO Safety - Vid

Greenland’s ‘Dark Snow’ - Vid

Live Webcast Of Supernova

1,000s Off Japanese Protest US Airbase In Okinawa

Soviet AF In Scotland - Secret WW2 Mission Exposed

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Soar In UK

Thatcher Allowed Pedophile To Keep Knighthood

Ecuador Reforestation Day Breaks Guinness Record

15 Yrs Of Community Controlled Water In Bolivia

China Faces Growing Water Crisis

New 5.7 Quake Strikes Nepal

Asian Elephants, Wildlife Under Threat From Poachers

Photographing Pollution Became Illegal In Wyoming Clever

Animals Now Legally 'Sentient' Beings In Australia


Duff Exclusive - French Arrested In Assad Assassination Attempt

US Troops Inside Syria - Raid Kills ISIS Moneyman

Military Escalation In Donesk - Vid

US To Deploy B-1 Nuke Bombers To Oz

Russia's Latest Tank Controlled By Playstation Gamepad

At Least 19 Tornadoes Touch Down TX To MN - Vid

Obama Pilot Talks About UFO Sighting

Snowden Cost US Control Of ‘Geopolitical Narrative’

Who Will Win Neocons Hearts And Minds?

Did George W. Bush Create ISIS?

The Deadly Oz Town That Doesn’t Exist


US, China Clash Over Building Projects In Disputed Areas

WI Repubs Want To Cut What Food Stamps Can Buy

Even FBI Had Privacy Concerns About Plate Readers

Water Employees Convicted In Brain Amoeba Probe

Jon Stewart vs Sean Hannity

NASA Antarctic Ice Shelf Gone In 5 Years

The Accelerator In The Louvre

China’s True Cost Of Gold - Vid

You Can Still See Signs Of Mt St. Helens Eruption

Sprite Season Begins In Northern Hemisphere

Will Coffee Cure You Or Kill You?

Wind Energy - More Eagle Deaths

First Rhinos In Massive African Airlift

Battling DJ’s And A Sticky Tampa Honeytrap


Death In Your State - Map Shows 'Most Distinctive’ Causes

Early Men And Women Were Equal

Spectacular Filament Eruption - Vid

Consciousness Doesn't Compute (Never Will) - Korean Sci

How Social Perfectionism Kills Men

Cannabis Pharmacy Opens In London

Cannabis Makes Cancer Cells 'Commit Suicide' - Vid

Did A Native American Travel With Vikings?

Soaring Above The Surf - Vid

Snowden - Has To Work Harder In Russia Than At NSA

Chicken Unsure About Friend's Haircut - Vid


Hillary Forces Campaign Parody Taken Down

Clinton Fdn Donors - Dozens Of Media Orgs, individuals

America Under Israeli Occupation - Vid

Kirwan - Vigilante Government

Kirwan - The Sixth Crusade

2004 BP Gulf Oil Could Leak Another 100 Years

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Washington State Declares Emergency Drought

Minnesota Cancels Bird Shows At State Fair

Countries Banning Poultry From South Dakota

The United States Of Injustice

The Gov Pension Fund / System Scam

The Endless Lies Of Western Zionist Propaganda

Porky Signs Laws Praising Ukraine Nationalists

Gap Now Opening Between Kiev & US, Kiev & EU

German State TV Not Buying What Porky Is Selling

Kiev Sees Nazi Era Collaborators As Freedom Fighters


Foreign 'Reformers' Quit Ukraine - Saakashvillli Points At Kiev

Nuland - DC Prepared For Greater Minsk Invovlement

France Offers Russia Deal To Ditch Mistrals

The Soviets Did NOT Defeat Germany

Russian MPs Move To Shut Down 'Undesirable' Foreign NGOs

Russia Raps US Over Keeping Nukes In Europe

Russia To Boost Presence In Crimea

Russia Never Violated EU Borders During Drills

Engdahl - Did CIA Back Russia's Chechen Insurgency?

Obama Worth Up To $6.9 Million

Israeli Forces Clash With Palestinians On Nakba Day


Israel Troops Fire On Gaza Farmers, Fishermen

New Gaza Flotilla - 'Not Scared Of Israeli Brutality'

UN Chief Deplores Israel's 'Settlement Plans

Turkish Jet Shoots Down Syrian Jets

Houthi Second-In-Command Killed In Yemen

The Truth About The Saudi War Yemen

Iran Warns Of US, Saudi Plots To Disintegrate Yemen

Iran - US Orchestrating Terrorism

Tehran - 'Contradictory' US-Arab Camp David Statement

House Approves Iran Legislation Review

$8.8 Billion Iran Money Blocked In India


Egypt's Morsi Gets Death Sentence

Biden - US ‘Expedites’ Weapons Shipments To Iraq

Obama - No Military Solution To Syrian Crisis

ISIS Slaughters 45 In Syrian Village

ISIS Seizes Ramadi 110 Km From Baghdad

ISIS - Religious Cleansing, Genocide & Razing The Past

Petras - Obama ˜Destabilizing Persian Gulf region

Over 100,000 Leave Burundi Amid Unrest

Leaders Of Failed Coup In Burundi Surrender

Inflation Fears, Grexit, Ukraine Trigger New Euro Gold Rush


BRICS New Development Bank Aims to Open Coffers

Iran, Russia & TPP - Obama Tries To Pivot To Asia

America's New Nightmare - Russia, India, China

Sturgeon - 2nd Scot Indy Vote Is Peoples Decision

Cameron - You Must Love Big Brother

UK - 'One Step Closer To A Police State'

Prof Gives Christian A Hard Time…Admin Doesn’t Care

New FL Law Expands Limits On Drone Surveillance

Coyote Killing Contests - Why They Impact You

WIFI – Why not?

The Sun Is Not Causing Your Skin Cancer


Anti-Matter Mystery Solved?

800 Scientists Demand Global GMO 'Experiment End

Canadian Football Star Fined For 'Holocaust Denial'

Geoengineering Exposed At California Jam 2015

Discernment - Navigating The Spiritual Minefield

Learn How To Live In The Flow Of Life

Journalist Awakens - Truth, Conviction In Action - Vid

Collectivists Hate Individuality, Tribalism, ‘Fast & Furious 7?

3 Ways To Deal With Unsupportive Family

Sharply Rising Number Of Deaths In Corp Aircraft


Porky Damages Historic Site To Build Mansion

US Sends Weapons To Iraq As ISIS Advances

Roberts - Is Washington Coming To Its Senses?

Object May Have Fallen, Caused Amtrak Crash - Vid

Hillary, Bill Earn $25m For 100 Speeches

Clintons Earn $30 Million In 16 Months

The Bush Dynasty Is Cushing Jeb

US Fears Downing Of Satellites By Russia, China

Supersonic Missiles On China’s New Warship

Net To Slip Out Of US Control By End Of 2015


Define Extremism In New Counter Extremism Bill - Vid

Obama Trade 'Fast Track' Still Alive Despite Senate

1,000 Plaintiffs Sue To Keep Japan Out Of TPP

NSA Celebrates Bill Designed To Cuff Them

New Pay-To-Play News Feed As Indy Media Killer

A Congress Of War Or Peace?

Obama's Camp David Summit For Gulf Oil Monarchies

Creepiest Thing David Cameron Ever Said

The Human Cost Of Keystone XL

UK Govt Rewrites Surveillance Law

34 Volcanoes Erupting Along Ring Of Fire Now

Five More Aftershocks Hit Nepal


Frightening GMO Food Fraud

The Plot Against Trains

New Signs Point To Super El Niño

Video Games Can't Teach You Empathy

Insane Amt Of Energy The Net Consumes Daily

Pirate Radio Turf War, Raids, Raves

Iran Has Mammoth Plan For ‘Black Gold’

'NARCAP From Its Inception Ditched The UFO Acronym

Schmitt Caves, Issues Mea Culpa - Blame Game Continues

The Traditional American Family


Why MDs Must Stop 'Over Treatment' Patients

Childhood Antibiotics Also Making America Fat

Medication At Shocking Level In The UK

Australia’s Dumbest Criminal - Vid

Robot Truck Can Drive Itself

UKs Richest 105 Times Better Off Than Poorest

Dramatic Clips - The Mystery Bright Spots On Ceres

Simulated Worlds Indistinguishable From Reality - Vid

The Legendary Birthplace Of Zeus

Fujian H5 Siskiyou Co CA 10 Wigeons 2 Mallards

Fujian H5N2 APHIS Lyon 1 IA275,000 Chickens


Jeff & Gerald Celente - Politics...Worse Than Reality TV - Vid

Tsarnaev Sentenced To Death

Tsarnaev Gets Death For Boston Bombing

Grassroots Alaska Kills Agenda 21

MSM Claims Assad Official Arrested For Coup, Wrong

The Feds New Mandatory Vax Bill Before Congress

Making The Leap From Consumer To Producer

Economics For Dummies - The Tomato Bubble Tale

Super, Shattering El Nino Coming Soon?


US Anger With RT Will Start WW3

OSCE Blasts Kiev Travel Restrictions In East

Kiev Closer To Resuming Full-Scale War On Donbass

Porky Exposed In $25m Land Deal Coverup

Ukrainian Users Removed By FB For Inciting Hatred

Kiev MP Provokes Brawl In Verkhovna Rada

Why Don't Russians Smile?

George Orwell's Final Warning

Greenwald - Threat To Free Speech From Those Fighting Terror

FBI Greatest Internal Concerns Over Lic Plates Readers

FBI Suppresses Muslim Americans For 'Natl Security'

Number of Terror-Related Arrests in UK Reaches Record High


US Analyst Rips 300 Yrs Of US Land Grab History

Roberts - Hersh Succumbs To US Disinformation

Compound Drugs Costs Soar 100x For Military Personnel

US Coast Guard No Funds For Needed Ships, Planes

NOLA Cops Charged With Rape, Kid Porn Still On Job

Chicago Cops Sexually Abused Prisoner

US Strategy - Bomb Yemen Back To The 19th C

Toll In Saudi War On Yemen Nears 4,000

US, Gulf States To Build Ballistic Missile System

Saudis Threaten To Match Iran’s Nuke Capability

Israel Tells African Migrants To Go Home Or To Jail


Israeli Missile Injures 70 In Gaza

Saudi Arabia Claims Victory In Oil Price War

Saudis, Russia Declare Victory In 2015 Oil War

SNP To Defy Cameron On A Second Indy Vote

New Drilling Just 3m From Deepwater Horizon Disaster Site

Fusion Power - Scientists Building Mini-Star For Elec Power

Nebraska 4th State To Call Emergency Over Bird Flu

Aspartame Hidden In 6,000 Food Products

If Hillary Won't Level With Voters Now...When?

ABC’s Stephanopoulos Hid $75k Clinton Fdn Gift

Secret Corporate Takeover Hidden In The TPP

Military Industrial Complex Targeting Presidential Candidates


'US Already At War With Russia And China'

US Wants To Push Russia Out Of Mideast

Moscow Secretly Delighted By Cameron Re-Election

Moscow Metro's 80th Birthday - Pics

Kiev To Spend $200m To Wall Off Russia

Five Iranian Boats First Shots In Persian Gulf

Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of Acquired

Millions Of Verizon Customers Vulnerable

US About To Run Out Of Old-Style IP Addresses

5 Banks Expected To Plead Guilty To Felonies

Cops Do 3 MILLION Probes Of Motorists Weekly

2014 - 51 Cops Killed vs 1,100 Citizens Dead By Cops

2 Balt Cops Looting 7/11 During April Riots - Vid

Boehner, McConnell Work To Kill Us Off With TPP

The Traditional American Family

Jim Fetzer & Paul McCartney Times Two

UT Law Is Shaking Up Contact Lens Industry

Derailed Amtrak Cars Nearly Hit ‘Bomb Train’

Why Were UK Election Polls So Wrong?

The Feudalism Of Facebook

Parasitic Universities Drain Towns Across US

Ants Hurl Themselves Out Of Death Traps - Vid

Your Life, Future Predicted By Data

Google Decides If You Have Right To Be Forgotten


First Image Of Pluto & All 5 Of Its Moons

Transylvanian Dawns And Dusks - Pics

Etna Erupting On Evening Of May 13 - Vid

What People Around The World Dream About

Mex Media Condems 'Maussan Mummy Show'

Roswell ET Slide Promoters Conflicting Statements

UFO Melted His Glasses, Blinded Him

Poison Plus Poison Equals Poison

About To Enter A New Era In Medicine

Hold Your Breath To Dampen The Pain

Healthy Living Costs Soar – Junk Food Cheaper

Will Medicinal Weed End NZ War On Grass?


Derailed Amtrak Train Was Going 100 mph On Curve

Crazy Neocon Bolton To Announce For 2016 Run

Ukraine's Latest Big Lie

McCain Denies Appt As Pres Adviser In Ukraine

Porky Snubs Minsk2 - Vows Fight To Last Drop Of Blood

Fetzer - Bin Laden Died In Afghanistan In 2001

Jeb Throws W Under Bus Over Iraq Invasion

Br Nathanael - Monarchy In Russia Must Come


Half In US Agree With Sanders - US Econ Favor Rich

Chicago Debt Downgraded to 'Junk'

Obama, Remember Why We Hired You...Ram TPP Thru

Allgire - Strange Weather Anomalies In Hawaii - Vid

Some 1,000 'Neo-Nazi' Groups Legally Acting In US

'We The People' Need To Circle The Wagons

US Cops Shoot Black Man In Head In NYC

NY Mayor Approval Rating Falls Below City's Police

KY Cops After Shooting Suspect - 'We're Glad He's White'

FL Cops Used Faulty Radars For Yrs - 10,000s Bad Tickets


Is US Backpedaling On Crimea?

Kerry In Sochi - Backs Minsk2 Huge Win For Russia

Kiev's 15 Min Of Fame Is Probably Over

Kremlin Slams Porky's Claims Of Russian Troops In Ukraine

Kiev OKs Privatization Of 300 State-Owned Enterprises

Kiev Nuke Waste Stored Open Air 200 Meters From War Zone

Obama To Saudi Arabia - Iran Supports Terrorism

Iranian Warship Missile System Locks On In Gulf Of Aden

Iran Complains To UNSC Of Riyadh Siege In Yemen

Obama Wants Extreme Yemeni Pain, Suffering


Saudi Cimes Akin To Israel's

Saudis Bomb Aden Four Times Despite Truce

US Extends National Emergency For Yemen Another Year

Iran Refuses Inspection Of Its Aid Ship To Yemen

Israeli Soldiers Attack Elderly Palestinian Woman

Former Leaders Call For Change In EU Policy On Israel

Hezbollah Denies Claims Of Leader's Death

Afghan Forces Killl 86 Taliban In Cleanup Ops

Al-Nusra Declares War Against ISIS In Syria

ISIL Claims Deadly Rocket Attack In Eastern Libya

Senate Leaders Make Deal To Pass Obama's Trade Bills

What Is TTIP And Why Does Cameron Want To Sign It?


Aim Off TTIP Is To Create Economy Of Big Corporations

Russian Ruble Hits 18 Week High

Russ Cntl Bank Restarts Currency Buying, Replenish Reserves

Eurasian-Wide Struggle Against tUS Led Cerberus

US Military Deployment Near China Rsks Confrontation

Moscow, Beijing To Seek Reconstruction Of World Order

China Invites Russian Troops To March In Beijing

China Wins $390m Job To Build Russian High Speed Train

US Warns China Over Building Artificial Islands

N. England To Dump London For Indy Scotland?

Foreign Workers Drag Down UK Wages


Tories Threatened BBC During Elections

20% Of UK Students Lack Basic Skills In Maths, Science

UK State Snatches Kids After Parents TV Ban

CA Worker Was Fired For Disabling GPS Tracked Her 24/7

UK Met Police Turn UK Net Police

US Drone Program 'Should've Never Started - Ron Paul

US Needs More Automated Vehicles To Avoid Crashes

Hawking Computers Will Surpass Humans In 100 Yrs

Scientists Create Chickens With Dinosaur Features

US Beekeepers Lose Nearly Half Their Colonies

Brit Sci Says Secret Of Star Trek 'Warp Speed' Found


6.8 Quake Rocks Northeastern Japan

Roberts - Hell Unleashed

China, Russia Teaming Up Military Forces vs US

President Jeb Bush - More War, Neocon Insanity

Hillary Clinton - Matron Of The Arts

Many Americans Agree With Bernie Sanders

Family Pics Of Young Barack, Michelle Obama Fake?

Bill O'Reilly On Americas Race Problem


US - Ukraine Troops Woefully Unprepared

McCain Denies He's Now Pres Advisor In Ukraine

America's Achilles Heel, Russia's Warrior Spirit

All You Hate About DC Confirmed By One Job Change

Cameron - State Should Interfere More in People’s Lives

A To Zion - Definitive Israeli Lexicon Is Out

Vatican Officially Recognizes Palestine

Foreign Workers Drag Down UK Wages

Denmark Resumes Fracking

Japan War Business Full Steam Ahead

US Nuke Deal With China Raises Concerns

11 Symptoms Of Global Depopulation Slow Kill


Zio-UN Launches Major Depopulation Agenda For Planet

ETF Issuers Quietly Prepare For Market Meltdown

Corbett - The Secret Life Of Timothy McVeigh - Vid

Bloomberg’s Gun Safety Sets Up An Editorial Operation

Corporate Surveillance In Age Of Digital Tracking - Vid

Laptops Not Searchable Like Handbags, Judge To Feds

Drone Cops Are Coming - Illinois To Begin Use

Doom - Prof Unfairly Treats A Christian - Admin Pleased?

Rappoport Interviews A Dead Albert Einstein

'The Good German'

Coping & Psychosocial Adjustment After Spinal Injury


Roswell ET Crash Real, Despite...

Chile UFO - Humans Couldn't Have Manufactured It

Roswell ET Slides - Mummy Of Mesa Verde - Confirmed

Chicken Embryos, Dino Snouts Made in Lab

I Lied About Toxic Chemicals For Exxon, DuPont, Etc

Drilling Approved In Gulf Near Deepwater

How To Feed An Entire Town With Spare Change

Physicist Finds Anti-Electron Clouds In Thunderstorm

Curiosity Rover - Gorgeous Blue Martian Sunset

Doctor Exposes Big Pharma As Organized Crime - Vid

Technology Creating Hell On Earth In Mongolia


Oil Crash - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Clever Flying Robot Will Follow You Around - Vid

Underwater Robots Make Own Decisions

IMAX Experience Just Took Huge Leap Forward - Vid

Volcano In Nicaragua Erupts Feet Before Hikers - Vid

The Lavish Lives of The World’s Sporting Gods

How The Religious Right Hijacked Christianity

15 Projects NASA Wants To Become Science Fact

The Troubling Flaws in Forensic Science

The Five Priciest Paintings Ever Sold

Let’s All Disobey Stupid Laws


Performance Reviews Are Awkward For Everyone

Ticks, Lyme Disease Rapidly Moving Around US

How Viruses Hide Inside Your Eyeballs

Turmeric Boosts Working Memory in One Small Dose

Uncovering A Hidden Epidemic

Psych Drugs Kill 500k+ Western Adults Annually

Denmark Central Bank To Stop Printing Money

6 Hidden Causes Of Overeating

10 Similarities - Sugar, Junk Food, Abusive Drugs

Mind-Bending Effects Of Foreign Accent Syndrome


US Joins Russia In Backing Minsk 2

Porky OKs Bill To Put Russians In Internment Camps

OSCE - Kiev Continues To Shell DPR

Ukraine Could Blow Into Major European War - Spain Media

Only Russia Can Win In Ukraine

Defanging Ukraine Oligarchs

Avoiding More Harm To US-Russia Relations Vital

Potatoes For Kerry From Lavrov

West Jumps On Twitter To Hype Russian Opposition Report

60% Of Russians See US As Threat & Hindrance


Russia Invites Greece To Join BRICS Bank

Moscow Draws Greece Away From IMF

Senate Votes Against Fast-Tracking TPP

Pentagon's Mystery X-37B Heads Back Into Orbit

NSA May Retaliate Against Hacks With Real Weapons

US 'Fortune 500' Companies Unwilling To Invest In US

Verizon, Sprint Fined For Unauthorized Charges

What Recovery? LA Homeless Rises 12%

How Much Longer Can The Oil Age Last?

US Police Now More Heavily Armed Than US Troops

MO Cop Pistol-Whips Man During Road-Rage Incident

FL Woman Passed Out In Parked Car Raped By Cop

IL Cops To Use Drones At Crime Scenes

Hollywood Blows Up Imaginary E Euro Nation


China Hits Philippines Occupation Of Disputed Island

Pentagon To Send Aircraft, Navy Ships Near China

US Military May Confront China In S China Sea Islands

Russia To Inspect Greek Military Facility

ISIS #2 Leader Killed In Airstrike

Yemen Powerful Enough To Cripple Al-Saud

5 Day Halt To Saudi Airstrikes Begins

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 48 Yemen Despite 'Truce'

US Jet Down In Persian Gulf, Copter Missing In Nepal

US Recruiting, Arming Terrorists To Fight In Syria

Syrian Conflict 4th Gen Warfare Unleashed By West


McCain - Obama Wants To Bribe Gulf States On Iran Deal

MP Reveals US Secret Demands From Iran

Famous Israeli Rabbi Sentenced For Bribery

Ethiopian Jews In Anti-Racism Protest In Haifa

German Govt Assisted NSA In Mass Surveillance - WikiLeaks

German Army Bashes Country's Most Famous Gunmaker

America Like Dangerous Beast In Last Gasps

50% In US Believe Drills Point To Fed Takeover Of States

NBC Confirms Obama Lied About Bin Laden Raid

Story Of OBL Killing Part Of 9/11 Set Of Lies

Chelsea Manning Rewrites Espionage Act


US Carries Out Experiments On Prisoners - Analyst

Outsider Solving Chronic Homelessness Over US

Tories Tell Cameron Give Scotland Complete Financial Indy

Former British MP - Elections Getting More Corrupt

How Easy Would It Be To Fix UK Elections?

Brits Face £100 Fines For Kids Playing In Roads

Kilometer Wide Asteroid To Brush By Earth

NASA Seeks New Launching Methods For Micro-Satellites

Telescope-Laser Cannons To Clean Up Space Junk

Colombia To Ban Monsanto Herbicide Used To Kill Coca

Psychiatric Drugs Do More Harm Than Good


Jeff & David Icke - Occult Truth Of The Globalist Pyramid - Vid

Jade Helm Military Hardware Found In TX Woods - Vid

Rising 'Anti-Semitism' Driving Jews From Jewish Life

Ukraine Rages At Its Western Creditors

Obama Goads Russia w/War Games Georgia Border

2/3 Russian Firms Rule Out Job Cuts

Iran Warns Of War If Its Aid Ship Attacked

Americans Blind To Jade Helm Citizen Round Up


George Soros $6.7 BillionTax Bill

JoeTalk - Fear - Vid

5 Dead In Disastrous US Train Wreck

The Federal Reserve Cartel - Part III

Elizabeth Warren Really A Leader On Warming?

US Desperate To Steer Greece Away From Russian Pipeline

FBI Spied 'Beyond Its Authority' On Keystone Opponents

The 10 Biggest Lies About The TPP

Why China Is Taking Control Physical Gold Pricing

Here's Why UK Supermarket Sales Are Falling

School Dist Arrests Kids For Throwing Candy


A Million Missing Black Voters

How Coke, Speed Disrupt Brain’s Normal Functioning

How Extremely Large Europe's Telescope Will Be

How Tornadoes Form - Why So Unpredictable

The Dark Legend Of The Devil's Bible

What Makes Bourbon Uniquely American?

Are Computers Making Our Lives Too Easy?

Soaring Over Dubai With Jetpacks - Vid

Why Is Mars Red?

What LA Would Look Like Without Pollution

Br Nathanael - How To Fix America -Vid


Vinegar Flies Invade California

Junk Food Also Messes With Gut Bacteria

How Our Brains Adapt To Noisy Environments

Pyramids Of Antarctica

Cosmology Has Been On A Long Hot Streak - Is It Over?

The Most Bike-Friendly States In The US

New Drug Dissolves Double Chin Fat

Secret Of Old Spirit Photographs Discovered

To Keep Memory Greased, Go Mediterranean

Link Between Autism And Anomalous Experiences

Dreier - Mantras, Sutras And The Matrix - Vid


Roberts - War Threat Rises As Economy Declines

Obama Wants To Bribe Gulf States Of Iran Deal

Kerry Warns Porky About Using Force In Donbass

Porky Vows To Take Donetsk Airport - Violating Minsk

True And Final Goal Of The Surveillance State

US Defense Department's Fabricated Chinese Threat

China-Russia Partnership Continue To Grow

Kiev's Ongoing Aggression On Donbass

New Kiev Law Allows For Interning Of Russian Citizens

Russian Army Completes Water Line In Crimea


Ex Israeli PM Barak Joins Board Of Biometrics Firm

Saudi Oil Firm Pounded By Yemen Tribesmen

Houthis Claim Downing 'Missing' Moroccan Aircraft

Saudi Army Readies At Yemen Border For Invasion Strike

Saud Airstrikes In Yemen Capitol Kill Nearly 100

Iran To Set Up Field Hospitals In Yemen

Saudi King Pulls Out Of US Talks On Iran

Obama Mideast Policy Drives Arab Rulers Up Wall

Killing Bin Laden - Bold New Conspiracy Theory

Jeb Bush Flip-Flops On Iraq

Israel To Buy 4 NavyVessels From Germany

Atzmon - A To Zion - The Definitive Israeli Lexicon IS OUT

New AI Brain Has Arrived - It’s Analogue Not Digital

Top Arab Gens Plan Libyan Intervention

Roberts - Economic Disinfo Keeps Financial Mkts Up

Almost Half Of US States Are Officially Broke

WalMart Makes Instant 65,724% Profit Selling CA H20

The Ave Minimum Wage Worker In America Is 36

Picasso Painting Sells For $180 Million In Christie's

China Could Hold Oil Market To Ransom

A Portrait Of The Classical Gold Standard


Part Of Greek Nat Debt Should Be Annulled - Parliament

Italy's Birth Rate Drops To 150 Year Low

EU Prepares For Worst Case Scenario in Greece

Shell To Resume Dangerous Arctic Drilling Off Alaska

China To Build Military Base In Africa

Pentagon Report On Chinese Nuclear-Capable Missiles

US Nuclear Deal With China Raises Proliferation Concerns

China Hits Back At US DoD Report

Russia, China Talks Over N Korea Nuclear Program

Isolation Not Working - US Seeks Cooperation With Russia

Putin - Russia Steps Up Modernization Of Armed Forces


NATO Holds Aerial Drill In Czech Republic

US Troops Conduct Military Maneuvers In Russia's 'Backyard'

EU May Lift Anti-Russia Sanctions by End Of 2015

Merkel Defends Her Staff Amid NSA Spying Scandal

As The Press Mulls Merkel & Putin In Moscow

White House - Seymour Hersh's bin Laden Story Fallacious

CIA Confirms Pak Knew Bin Laden's Location Before Killing

Baltimore Drops Charges For Those Violating Curfew

Number Cops KIlled On Duty Up 90% In 2014

UN Envoys Concern Over US Police Brutality, Profiling

US Airport Screening Equip Improperly Managed


FBI Broke Own Rules Spying On Keystone Opponents

NJ Gov Spent $300,000 Tax Money On Food, Booze

NSA To Work With Congress To Speed Data Collection

Paul - Congress To Scare US To More Illegal NSA Spying

Sturgeon - Plans To Devolve Power To Scotland Not Enough

Highest Stone Circle In S England Found On Dartmoor

America's New Export To UK - Police Violence

Bermuda Bans Monsanto's Roundup

3D Printing Help For Disabled, One Hand At A Time

Cell Phone Radiation A Hotline To Brain Cancer

7.4 Deadly Quake its Nepal Near Everest - Vid

Landslide From Second Nepal Quake - Vid


Hillary Email Case Reopened By Fed Judge

Christie Racked Up $300k Food, Booze Expense Acct

Ret Generals - Be Very Afraid Of ISIS

China Launches ‘Mystery Object’ Into Space

America...A Dangerous Beast In Its Last Gasps

WH Denies It Fabricated bin Laden Killing

Obama Orders Illegals Admitted Into Military

They've Lied About Our Founding Documents

CA DMV Keeps Self-Driving Car Accidents Private


DHS, IRS, Debt Cols Want More Lic Plate Readers

7 Days Before Holder's '90 Day Ultimatum' Expires

The Secretive Bank Of England

Canadian Media Sues Cops Posing As Journalists

Homelessness Up 12% In LA

Grisly Find Under Supermarket in France

Canada, Welcome To US-Style Surveillance State

UFO Policy Cancelled By RAAF - Pt 2

Man Behind ET Slides Tied To String Of ET Hoaxes

Researcher Apologizes - 'Dead ET' Picture is of Child Mummy

UFO Expert Photographs Disk-Shaped Craft

Brady Suspended 4 Games, Pats Fined


Criminologist Likens Bill & Hillary To 'Ordinary Criminals'

Republican Candidate Talks US War Against Russia

Sanders Says He Can Beat Hillary

F-35 Lightning II - World's Most Expensive Blunder

US 'Certainly Vulnerable' To ISIS Says GOP Senator

What Exactly Killed Baltimore Drug Dealer Gray?

DPR, LPR Militias Warn Right Sector Nationalists

Kiev Demands Russia Pay $350b For Donbass Damage

Gunning Down Apt Bldgs Is Sheer Fun, Azov Militants

9,500 Dodge Draft in West Ukrainian Lviv Region


US Tone Towards Russia Is ‘Wrong & Dangerous’

Maher To Kasparov - Shut Up. Garry

Russia Can Influence Ukraine But Kiev Must Solve It

Russia To Launch US Comm Satellite Into Space

Frogs Mull Sinking Mistrals Rather Than Fulfill Order

MSNC Misrepresents Russian Paper - Won't Recant

Something Amazing Happened At V-Day Parade

Grisly Truth About How WW2 Was Won

Pentagon - Chinese Military Producing 42,000 Drones

US Fears ‘Bad’ Chinese, Russian Anti-Satellite Weapons

No Genuine Ceasefire In E Ukraine - Merkel

US Going After Russia, VZ As It Loses Influence - Maduro

Maduro In Moscow -DC Lunatics Want Him Ousted

US Operation Rooms Backing Al Qaeda In Syria

US Still Seeks Jail For 15 Yr Old Afghan ‘Fighter’

Saudi Coalition Jet Fighter Goes Missing In Yemen

Houthi Fighters Bring Down Saudi Fighter Jet

Yemeni Tribes Out Of Patience With Saudis

Ex Yemen Pres Declares Alliance With Houthis

70,000 Yemenis Flee War-Wracked City

Ex-Saudi Crown Prince Under House Arrest

Saudi Attacks Take Terrible Toll On Civilians


Saudi Bombing Yemen On Behalf Of US, Israel - Iran

Iranian Aid Ship Heads towards Yemen

Iran Warns Off US, French Planes, Warships In Gulf Of Aden

US Shrugs Yawns For Saudi Cluster Bombs Use

Israeli 'Settlers' Assault Pal Woman & Her Kids

Israeli Forces Arrest 5 Palestinians In West Bank Town

Syrian Troops, Hezbo Retake Jard al-Juba In Qalamuon

30 Sinai Tribes To Fight Islamists, Including ISIL In Egypt

One Dead After Turkey Ship Hit Near Libya

Lithuania Begins Military Draft, First Time Since 2008

Lithuania To Buy German Howitzers

Ruble-Yuan Settlements Boom - Will Reshape World Finance

EU Watchdog Pans TTIP Talks Over No Transparency

TPP A 'Disaster' Says Trump

Obama Struggling To Gain Support TPP

The Age Of Cryptocurrency

Borders Cops Taser Woman For Not Opening Trunk - Vid

Seymour Hersh - Obama Lying About OBL's Death

Delays In F-35 Turkey Leaves UK Vulnerable

Cameron Warned To Do More For Scotland

No 2nd Vote On Scottish Independence - Cameron

For Scotland, Independence Day Has Already Dawned


Bambery - ‘Sweet’ Cameron Victory May Turn Sour

George Galloway Legal Challenge Over Election Defeat

ET Life May Exists On Saturn’s Enceladus - Scientists

Processed Meals Kill Bug That Keep YPI

Morgan Freeman Pleas For Pot Legalization

‘West Still Treats Africa As Former Vassals’

Police Arrest President of Self-Declared Liberland

Sweden's Supreme Ct Upholds Assange Detention Warrant

Zimmerman Involved In Another Shooting

Organic Farming Knowledge Grows Across Africa


The Unimaginably Unimaginable Danger Of Being (Nuked)

Russia Orders US - Tell The World About Aliens, Or We Will

US Troops Active In Ukraine - Media Silent

Max Keiser On The 'Bootlicking' Mainstream - Vid

Kiev Sex Trade Booming

Russian Aerospace Defense To Get New Radars

France Could Sell Mistrals To China

Jeb Bush - I Would Have Invaded (genocided) Iraq

The Game Politicians Play


Putin - It's Up To Kiev To Solve Crisis

Russia, China Forge Ties

Synthetic Terror In Hebdo USA

US Military-Industrial Complex Needs War - Vid

Obama vs Elizabeth Warren is a FAKE Fight

Yemen - Behind the Political Smokescreen - Vid

Israelis Shoot, Wound 3 Pal Farmers In Gaza

EU Slams Israel’s Settlement Plans In E Jerusalem

Russia, China To Integrate Eurasian Union, Silk Road

A Multinational Trojan Horse: The TPP

Obama Lying About Osama bin Laden's Death

Judge Jeanine - Free Speech In US Non Negotiable - Vid

Pupils As Young As 10 Fear SATs Exam Failure

Br Nathanael - What Really Happened To Freddie Gray

India's 100 Smart Cities Project An Apartheid Plan?

US Hiding Its Aggression On Russia & China

Stress - The Weapon Of Choice - Vid

ProMED Myth On HPAI H5N2 in Belize

Roswell Slides Mummy is ID'd Blame Game Begins

Analysis Of Roswell Placard Image Released

Manmade Warming Hypothesis? What's A Hypothesis?

Who Holds A D.U.M.B. Ticket?

Are We All Just Rats In /a Cage?

What Is A Pyramid Doing In Heart Of Rome?

Patents For Technology To Read Minds Increasing


Releasing Ferrets Into Their Prairie Home - Vid

Beating Brain Tumors With A Scorpion Sting

Argentina Allows 3 Parents On Birth Certs

How Bacon Became Bacon

Thought Home Haunted, So He Set Up A Cam - Video

Out Of This World

China Billionaire Takes 6,400 On France Holiday

'Optical Illusion' May Cause Rollover Crashes - Vid

How To Get To Sleep - Eight Tricks And Tips

Being Present In The Present


Obama - Elizabeth Warren 'Absolutely Wrong'

Obama Serves Govs With Warnings Of Arrest

Trump Slams Obama Over TPP Deal

Obama At Nike - 'TPP Will Create Jobs, I Promise'

Fair Trade Advocates Pan Obama's Nike Visit

Leaked DOJ Memo - Outlaw, Confiscate All Guns

Cop Stomped Teen’s Face In Over Threat To Police

Fed Courts OK Cop Access To Cell Records w/o Warrant

Jade Helm - Duff, Barrett Move To The Dark Side?

DOJ Memo - Outlaw, Takes All Guns Tied To JADE


How Jade Helm & Balt Are Connected To Coming Collapse

Example - Pentagon, DEA, NGOs Track ALL You Do

Plane Scanning Underground MD, VA Doomsday Bases?

SC Cops Violates Posse Comitatus With Joint Drill

Ex-NSA Secy Bod Fanboi - Macs Wide Open To Malware

Motels Share Daily Guest List w/ Cops Look For Warrants!

Will Central Banks Abolish Cash?

Dems Dig In Heels In Trade Fight

Doom - Professor Fails Entire Class - Part 2

DEA Steals Cash From Innocent Black Man

More IRS SWAT Raids While 100s Agents Pay No Tax

The Future Of 3D Printing


Obama's Duplicitous V-Day Remarks

Hillary Clinton - Big Friend Of Big Bankers

EU Wastes $500 Billion Useless Ukraine Wall

Phony US/Saudi Proposed 5 Day Truce In Yemen

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant - A Ticking Time Bomb?

Abby Martin Stunt Triggers Death, Rape Threats

Australia - Mandatory Vaccines And The Secret Treaty

EU Draws Up Plans For Military Attacks On Libya

Two Days Of Clashes Kill 22 In Macedonia

Snowden - Australia Watching Its Citizens ‘All The Time’


10 Largest Private Companies In America

V-Day Shows That Europe's Leaders Are Washington's Flunkies

New US Fighter Jet - One Of History’s Biggest White Elephants?

US Covering Up Aggression On Russia and China - Video

UK Police Clash With Anti-Austerity Protesters In London

US Spy Chief Had 'Forgotten' About NSA Program

Ongoing -SC Sheriff's Dept Violates Posse Comitatus

Will Central Banks Abolish Cash?

The Future of 3D Printing

Does Russia Really Own 20% US Uranium?

Tropical Storm Intensifies As Moves Toward Carolinas

Two MS Cops Shot To Death

10 Biggest Private Companies In America

Europe's Leaders Are Washington's Flunkies

F-35 Turkey One Of History's Biggest Disasters


How Israel Turned Its F-15s Into Multi-Role Bombers

The US Is Hiding Its Nukes So Poorly

US Hides Its Aggression On Russian And China - Vid

US Spy Boss 'Forgot' About NSA Program

Snowden - NSA Illegal In Court

UK Vote Means Total Zionist Victory

Amnesty Gives PR Cover To Israel’s Gaza Genocide

Adolf Hitler's Mother's Day Card

Jewish Race? Gay Rights? US Military - Morris

World’s Richest 80 People Own Same As Bottom 50%

Forbes New Billionaires List Chock Full Of You Know Whos


JoeTalk - The Slap Heard Round The World

Australia’s Haunted Movie Theaters

A 4,000 Yr Old Babylonian Cust Service Complaint

Japan Expert Sees 'Eras Of Of Great Quakes, Eruptions’

The Anatomy Of Fear And Ignorance

How to Push Back Against Billionaire Donors

Are Prisons the New Mental Health Hospitals?

Nightmare Scared Every NYC Parent 36 Yrs Ago

In The US Largest Rabbit Slaughterhouse

100s Flee Rumbling Bulusan Volcano, Typhoon - Vid

NJ Twins Have Different Fathers


Avian Flu Epidemic - Massive Impact, Uncertain Future

Shopping & Eating Guide To Non-GMO Foods

Hibernating Alien In The Great Pyramid

Why Mother’s Day Founder Wanted It Banned

The End Of Men? Sperm Created In Lab

The Data That Threatened To Break Physics

Meet The Newest State Of Matter

Inside Bud And Breakfast

What Drugs Is Your Festival Known For?

Grow Your Own Organic Food in Small Spaces

Letterman’s Nastiest Feuds - Vid

African Boy Smuggled To Spain In Suitcase - Pics


Hillary Clinton 2003 - I’m 'Adamantly Against Illegals'

Obama - Illegals ‘Are Americans Just Like Our Kids'

JADE HELM 2015 - Questions, Reflections - Oath Keepers

Bill Maher - What The Hell Happened To Rand Paul?

Yoko Says She Had An Affair With Hillary (yawn)

Economic Recovery Is Pure BS, Prepare For Collapse - Vid

TX Bill Requires Warrant For Anal, Vaginal Probes

Restaurant To Host 'White Appreciation Day'

Ex Obama Campaign Mgr Led Tories To Victory

Congress - We're Above The Law, You Can't Investigate Us


Nearly 100 Million Americans Out Of Work

US Intel Chief Hid Data On Mass Surveillance 'By Mistake'

American Ignorance Of WWII On Hilarious Display

American National Pride Plunges To 30th In World

EMP Task Force On National & Homeland Security

A Shopping & Eating Guide To Non-GMO Foods

Hottest First Q Temps Recorded

Liberia Declares Ebola Over After 4,700 Dead

France Can't Sell Mistrals w/o Russian Permission

Deepening Sino/Russian Ties

Putin Accuses US Of Trying To Dominate World

Russia's 5 Most Deadly Naval Weapons Seen So Far


The Saker - MH17 Shootdown...The Actual Proof

2 US Citizens Released By E Ukraine Have Links To CIA

Rise Of Neo-Nazism In Baltics, Ukraine 'Extremely Dangerous'

Kiev Continues Shelling Donetsk-Controlled Gorlovka

Putin - 'Life Is Such A Simple, Yet Cruel Thing'

Putin - US Trying To Create 'Unipolar World'

Yemeni Tribesmen Take Saudi City

Saudis Uses War Crimes White Phosphorous Yemeni

Yemenis Down Another Saudi Apache Chopper

Saudis Bomb Yemen Capital's Airport

Saudi's Can't Launch Ground War On Yemen


Riyadh Running Fake Copy of Yemen News Agency

US Criticism Of Israeli Settlements A 'Diplomatic Lie'

Israel Wastes Immense Food Despite High Poverty

NATO Zio Puppets Plan To Invade Syria...Soon

Syria Dep FM Slams US Plan For Training Terrorists

US Supports Terrorism By Training Rebels

Syria, Hezbollah Clear 20 Border Regions Of Terrorists

Turkey PM Rules Out Syria Invasion

US To Write Global Econ Rules To Stop China Taking Lead

Italy's Renzi Slams EU For Foot-Dragging On TTIP

US Tells Greece To Reject Putin Pipeline


20 Endangered Sei Whales Wash Up On Chile Coast

Urban Poor Aging Faster At Cellular Level

Snowden - Oz Its People Constantly

Military Airbus A400 Aircraft Crashes in Seville, No Survivors

Getting a Clue About The Avian Flu

Dangers Of Aluminum & Vax Neurotoxicity

This is Your Body On Organic

Hellstorm - Exposing The Genocide Of NAZI Germany - Vid

Obama Adds More Spikes To WH Fence - Not Border

How Scared Should We Be Of An EMP Attack?

The Clintons Cozy Relationship With Big Banks

McCain - Laws Protecting Natl Parks Threaten Our Security


Huckabee Hopes But Many Fundraising Doors Closed

DEA Lic Plate Readers Also Take Drivers Pics

NSA Telephone Collection Not Authorized By Patriot Act

Who Is Trying To Destroy Alternative Media?

Feds Panic On Mass Common Core Test Refusals

Israeli Def Min PROMISES To Kill More, May Nuke Iran

Russia - The White Man's Last, Best Hope - Vid

Putin's Greek Pawn Gambit

Porky Should Have Thanked Ukraine Vets

How Russia Stopped EU From Violating Human Rights

N Korea Launches Ballistic Missile From Sub

US Army Invisibility Cloaks For Soldiers Soon


Fitts - Major Turning Point Comes This Fall

TPP Is Bad For People

CA Farms Now Using Chevron's Wastewater

Devastating Pics Of CA Drought

Facebook Skews The Opinions You See

The War On Drugs Is Over (If You Want It)

Ohio CPS Destroys Family Of 5

Wells Fargo Bank Sued By The City Of LA

White Cops Kicks Black Kid In Face - Vid

Freddie Cop's Threat To Kill Self, Ex-Partner's Wife

Cop To Be Pulls Over Citizens For 'Irritating' Him On Road


Your Cell Phone Can Ruin Your Relationship

Not All We See

Diver Finds 'Underwater Skeleton Tea Party’ - Vid

Roswell ET Slides Final Curtain - Mummified Body Of 2 Yr Boy!

Roswell Slides - What's Wrong With Ufology Today

Inside A Tornado - Vid

The Secrets Of Slot Machines

Orson Welles Drunk Outtakes - Wine Commercial - Vid

What Are These Creepy Crop Circles In Kansas?

The Diving Pigs Of China - Vid

Will We Ever Be Able to Make Traffic Disappear?

The Brutal Harvest Of India’s ‘Suicide Tree’

Lucid Dreaming Lets Dreamers Rehearse For Real Life

Why Some Earthquakes Hit in ‘Supercycles’

Hospitals Knowingly Dispense Poisoned Blood

Viruses - You've Heard The Bad

Regular Coffee Drinkers Have Cleaner Arteries

12 Effective Natural Remedies For Ear Infections

Why Does Cancer Plague Golden Retrievers?

Heart Drug Digoxin May Up Risk Of Early Death In Some

Tree Of Life - Pics

Into The Body Of Another

The Lavender Capital Of North America


Jeff & Legendary Jim Keith - Real Men In Black - Vid

Cops Steal 10 Kids From Off-Grid KY Family - America Gone

Jeb Names George W As His Israel Advisor!

Wolfgang Halbig Goes For Sandy Hook Coverup Jugular

A Larger War Is Coming In Ukraine

Dead Journalist Count Shows Free Speech In New Ukraine

Ukraine's Nazi Movement Now Contaminating Neighbors

Illegal Migrant Traffickers Open New Route Thru Ukraine


Russia's Awesome Armata Tank Shakes Pentagram

Western Society In Decay - Can Russia Fill Void?

This Is Life In DPR, LPR E Ukraine

US NATO Envoy Gets Ukraine Info From Social Media

Russia Ready To Restart Partnership With NATO - Lavrov

Russia To Restore Cuban Spy Base - MP

72yo Dutchman Asks Putin For Citizenship

Russia Unveils Homegrown PC Microprocessor Chips

More Signs of Russia Preparing for War?

Russian Pet Collar Tracker Set To Launch Globally

Israeli Media - Obama To Support Pal Statehood

Obama Seeks To Stop House Bill Splitting Iraq

SNP Wins 56 Seats In Parliament Out Of 59 Possible

Alex Salmond - 'The Scottish Lion Roared This Morning'

Scotland Nationalist Tide Has Swept All Before It

Cameron To Give Scottish Autonomy To Stop Indy Surge?

Miliband, Clegg and Farage: All Casualties Of Cameron's Rout

Pentagram Ups Security At All US Bases Over ISIS

Saudi Vows To Increase War After Yemeni Attacks

Saudis Plans 5 Day Halt In Attacks On Yemen

Houthis Takes Positions In Saudi Arabia

US May Sell Bunker-Busters To Saudis

Saudi, US Fighter Jets Hit Shaboh Airport in Yemen

IRGC Cmdr - Iran Not Afraid Of US Military Threats

AF, Greeks Train Against S-300 Missile System


Turkey May Buy Russia S-300s

Turkey Talks Intervention In Syria

New Suspected Chemical Attacks Reported In Syria

Congress Gets Right To Review Iran Nuke Deal

Al-Qaeda Leader Behind Hebdo Slaughter Killed

Ancient Lighthouse Of Alexandria To Be Rebuilt Egypt

New Iran Port Deal Paves Way for Russia-India Corridor

US To Present Counter Offer To Russia's Stream

Iran To Raise Output By Over 700,000 Bbl Per Day

Monsanto's Covert War on European Food Security

NY Gives Out First Bitcoin Exchange License To ItBit


US To Set Roadblocks On Yuan Reserve Currency Status'

Russia, China Helping Build Fairer World Order - Putin

China Warns Philippines To Stay Away From Disputed Areas

Vietnam Reclaiming S China Sea Islands

Denmark Buys Over 200 Piranha Armored Cars From US

RT Explores Paris's Migrant Tent Underworld

Italian Government Wants Migrants To Work Free

Der Spiegel - Will Spying For US Be End Of Merkel?

German Intel Stops Internet Spying For NSA

Murder Charges On Baltimore Cops May Be Dropped

Key Freddie Gray Death Witness Not Interviewed

Recond Number Renouncing US Citizenship In 2015


Army Of Robots to Build Google's Incredible New HQ

Native Peoples' Group Seeks End To 'US Occupation' Of AK, HI

WH Shrink Implicated In FBI Torture Now Helping FBI

Ebola Found Seething In 'Cured' Patient's Eye

Ebola Cured US Doc's Eye Discoverd FULL Of Ebola

iPhone Owners To Take Part In Genetic Research

Evidence Of Briny Water On Mars

Rare 4.0 Quake Rocks N TX Amid Fracking Debate

Climate Change Is UN-Led Hoax To Create NWO

Vaccines Might Not Stop Midwest Bird Apocalypse

IA Declares Start Of Bird Flu State Of Emergency

IOWA Gov's Press Conference - Avian Influenza Update - Vid


Big NIght - A Profound Revolution At The British Ballot Box

Cameron On Track To Win In UK

Why Europe Silent On Kiev Confiscating Russian Property?

Kiev Preparing To Give Up On Donbass?

N Korea Will Use Nukes If Forced?

JoeTalk - Payback Approaches - Vid

JoeTalk - War Nears - Vid

Gov Thinks Drought Caused By ‘Global Warming’

Idiot CA Gov Thinks Drought Caused By Global Warming


Apple & Google Racing Yo Analyze Your DNA

Dr. Google Will Misdiagnose you shortly

What 16 Mos Of US Cop Killings Look Like

Ebola MD Survivor Eye Found Full Of Ebola Virus

Doom - Professor Fails Entire Class…Admin Takes Over

Conspiracy Theory As A Personality Disorder?

Rubio’s Plan To Build A Holy Hollywood in FL

Those Monsanto Genes - Video

96% Of Millionaires - Us, Rich? Nope

Morgue Instagram - Vid

Promiscuity Prize Goes To Generation X!

Vaccines Might Not Stop Midwest Bird Apocalypse


IA Declares Start Of Bird Flu State Of Emergency

IOWA Gov's Press Conference - Avian Influenza Update - Vid

How Giant 'Cosmic Navel' Formed In Utah

Outdoor Home Repairs You Can Handle

Free Homesteading And Survival Manuals

Grocery Shopping For The 21st Century

The First Self-Driving Semi Has Hit The Road

Cell Phone Vid Microscope Finds Parasites In Blood

Home Movies From Hitler's Vacations - Vid

How I Learned To See Using My Bat Supersense

Fabulous Hollywood Stars And Their Classic Cars


Oz Girl Dumps BF, Begs Him Back After He Wins Lottery

What Your Sensitivity Say About You

8 Reptilian Traits In Humans

Relationship Between Energy And Currency

Three Ways To Undermine An Unjust System

Chiappalone - Conditions On Earth At Present -pdf

What Does ‘Being Spiritual’ Really Mean?

Tesla vs Einstein - The Ether & The Birth Of New Physics

TB Health Alert For Central New Jersey

10 Functional Foods Which Destroy Cancer Cells

Maple Syrup Could Curb Antibiotics & Then Some


Roberts - The Fate Of Truthtellers In America

FCC Comm Predicting Limiting Of Net Free Speech

FB Admits Secret Physiological Experiments

In Cop Culture, Bill Of Rights Doesn’t Mean Much

Cops Can Track You With Your Printer

Cops Give It But Can't Take It


Sen Wyden - Congress May End NSA Bulk Data Collection

Candidate Mike Huckster-Bee - Zionist Agent

Epstein's Appearance Casts Doubts On The Clintons

Obama To Recognize Palestinian Statehood?

Israeli Media - Obama To Back Pal Statehood At UN

Israel To Get Its Most Extreme Right Wing Govt Ever

Israeli MP Said Behind Pal Genocide Named Justice Minister

Raytheon Ramps Up Prod Of ABMs For Navy

Former GDR Top Brass Slam US-NATO Policy


Kiev Says US Will Train Avov Neo-Nazis

More Signs Russia Preparing For War

Pro-Russian Fighters Buiild For Offensive In Ukraine

Ukraine Men Avoiding Army At All Costs

Kiev Army Fighting Against It's Own Militias

Reporting From Front Lines In Donbass

US Sends More Arms To Kiev

NATO - 'When You Need Militarism, Invent Threats

Obama's Outrageous Snub To Russian People

Someone Is Hiding Something’ – Unsolved Case Of MH370

Saudis Behead Five Foreigners - Display Bodies

Saudis May Go Nuclear

New Saudi Bombings Kill 9


Yemen Capture More Saudi Military Posts

Yemeni Forces Down Apache Chopper In Sa'ada

Yemen Govt Calls On UN To ‘Save’ Country

US/Saudi Proposed 5-Day Yeman Truce - Hold Cheers

Iran Set To Send Relief Aid To Yemen Via Sea

US Navy Ends Escorts Through Hormuz

NATO Try At 'Interim' Govt In Syria Echoes Libya

‘Turkey To Send Ground Troops To Syria’

Syrian Army Takes Back Another City

US Begins Training Of Syrian 'Rebels'

GMO Opium Seeds Headed To Afghan Fields?

TPP Will Ravage US Borders, Constitution, Citizens

Myth Of US Retirement - Most Expect To Work Past 65

US Should Break Biggest Financial Institutions - Sanders

When The Elite Wages War On America - Here's How

The Fed Part II - Freemasons, BUS & The Rothschilds

Denmark Closer To A Cashless Society

Denmark Ponders Allowing Shops To Go Cash-Free

European Derivative Market Breaks

China To Establish Yuan-Denominated Gold Fix

Repatriation Of Gold From Fed - Historic 'No Confidence'

Ultra-Secrecy - Obama's New Global Economic Treaty

TTIP Talks Dubbed Secretive, Undemocratic

Siemens Announces 4,500 More Job Cuts


CNN's Don Lemon Calls Cops On Independent Media - Vid

Major Privacy Win Has Been Reversed

Wall St Ghouls Who Crashed Economy in 2008 Go For TPP

Banks Use Cell Phone Metadata To Rate Your Loan Risk

EU Tries To Put Lipstick On The Corp Sovereignty Pig

Civil Forfeiture - You Can't Make This Stuff Up

DEA Agent Seizes $16K From Man Trying To Hit Hollywood

Continuing Torture Within US Prisons

VA Arrests Officers For Alleged Role In US Coup

The Rise And Fall Of The Le Pens In France

Brit Election Timing & Royal Baby Bounce

UK Electoral System - Free & Fair?


How Brit Parties Are Dismantling The Welfare State

AZ Town Hides Lic Plates Scanners In Fake Cactus

7.2 Quake Off Papua New Guinea, Tsunami Alert

Life Originated In Deep Space Near Dying Stars

Judge Orders Activist To Pay For Mayor's Neck Pain

Survey Says - Retirement Is A Myth

PlayStation Helps Paint User’s Digital Footprint

The Wisdom Of Near Death Experiences - Vid

Hangar 1 Series Is Slow Suicide For MUFON

Roswell Slides - Probable Hoax Or Easily Explained

Roswell Slides Revealed '... A Smoking Gun It Is Not'


Storms, Tornados Pound Plains States

Tigers, Wild Animals Escape OK Zoo...Tornado - Vid

Tornadoes In S Plains Destroy Homes - Vid

Roberts - Radio Gestapo Amerika

Obama Wants 'Persian Gulf' Missile Defense System

Obama's Empty, Worthless Rhetoric

Ex-Sen Santorum Latest To Offer Himself For 2016

The Hidden Psychology Of Voting

The New Corrupt Elite Running Our Economy

Ancestry.com Now Sharing Your DNA With Cops


NASA Radar Found 4 In Nepal Rubble By Heartbeats

US Govt New Rules For 'Bomb Trains’

7 Charts Explain Baltimore's Struggles

Baltimore’s Secret History Of Death

US Military Lobby Wants To Pass Russia In India

Russia To Build Two Reactors In Hungary

Critical Look At Pamela Geller's Subversive agenda

IDF Ramps Up Orders Of APCS

Ukraine Doubles Its Gas Imports From Russia

JoeTalk - Islam Is Winning - Vid

Switzerland Opens Its Borders For Syrian Refugees


Limey Liars & The Country That Doesn’t Love Them

Wendys To Sell 640 Restaurants As Franchises

Whole Foods To Open Lower-Cost Chain

UFO Over Kolomna Russia 3-21-13 Start At 2:50 In - Vid

Chinese - A Trillion Reasons To Buy NY Property

Galactic Gold Rush

Pollen Tsunami Causing Misery In Northeast

Denmark Stops Fracking Over Deadly Chemicals

The Bizarre Murder Trial That Won't End

20% In US Use Mind-Altering Drugs Daily! - Vid

The World’s Most Wasteful Megacity

Revamped Hadron Collider Smashes First Photons

We Can Melt Ice Sheets, Cook Landscapes

Cache Of Early Letters By Mark Twain Found

Job Interviews Are Two-Way Streets

Unexpected Pleasure Of Doing Things Alone

The Incredible & Unrecognized Germ Of Cancer

Could That 'Senior Moment' Be A Sign Of Epilepsy?

US Motels Keep Exploding Because Of Meth

Growing New Bones Without A Human Body - Vid

Superflares - Blowing Away Anything Ever Seen

Is This A 250 Million Yr Old Microchip?

Are You THC Deficient?


Filer’s Files #18 – 2015 Dr. James McDonald and UFOs

Filer’s Files #17 – 2015 Moon & Mars Structures

Filer’s Files #16 – 2015 – Cylinder UFOs Near ISS & Moon

Jeff & Harry Cooper - Proof Of Hitler's Escape - Vid

Jade Helm Firestorm In Texas

Pentagram CCs Used To Pay For Sex, Gambling

Hillary Vows To Go 'Further' On Imm Than Obama

Kiev Azov Battalion Aims For Donbass, Crimea

How The War In Donbass Will End

Azov Fighters Rob Gas Stn, Kill 2 Kiev Cops


Rouble Conquers East Ukraine

New Report - Kiev Buk Missile Took Down MH17

Mass Exodus - Young People Fleeing From Ukraine

West Always Sees E Euro As Blot On Civilization

France May SINK Mistrals Rather Than Give To Russia

Russia's Airborne Troops To Receive Tanks

USAF Jets To Estonia Amid Tensions With Russia

Lithuania War Games Simulate Russian Attack

Russian Spy Software In Hot Demand

US Senate Wants To Arm Peshmerga

ISIS - Warns Of 71 Militants In US Ready To Kill

The Koran Does Not Forbid Images Of The Prophet

Challenging Sharia Law Is Challenging Islam As Religion

Netanyanu Forms New Govt At Last Minute

Israel - A Serial Terror-Bomber

Atzmon - List Of Israel’s Agents Within British Politics

Indiscriminate Killing - Israel’s Total War Plan

Israel School Principal Sexually Abused Girls

US Will Try To Renew Iran Sanctions

Sen Iran Bill Won't Make Iran To Recog Israel


Iran, Russia Again Call For End To Saudi War On Yemen

Saudis Bomb Yemen Military Airport

Invasion Of Iran Sparks Global Muslim War On US

Iran Dismisses Nuke Talks Under Threats

What's The US Doing In Central Asia Now?

Roberts - The Choice Before Europe

UK Elections - Business As Usual Triumphs

UN Peacekeepers - Defenders Of Law Or Felons?

US Military’s Afghan Black Market Fuel Racket

US Senate Wants To Arm Peshmerga

Greece Wil Default In June Or July

Hillary's Achilles Heel

Meet The Patriot Act 2.0 - Vid

Sen Sessions Warns Against Disastrous Obama TPP

UN Atty - TTP & TTIP A Dystopian Future - Corps Rule

No To ‘Fast Track’ - No To Trade Treachery - Vid

Nickel Rides, Houdini Suicides, & US Torture State

Surveillance Planes For Days After Baltimore Rioting

People Magazine - A Major New Article On Morgellons

CA Water Rationing Begins In Ongoing Drought

DHS - Mex Govt Copter Fired On US Border Patrol

96% In US Expect More Civil Unrest In US Cities


DEA Left Student In Cell For 5 Days...Skates

FL Man Has Sex On Beach, Faces 15 Yrs (Not Bankers)

Cop Gets Wrist Slap For Slugging Cuffed Woman - Vid

Journos 'More Interesting With Breasts' - Sexist French Pols

Canada Set To Pass Ominous ‘Anti-Terror’ Law

Silver Will Be The Best Performing Asset In 2015

Roswell 'ET' Slide Revealed…Child Mummy From Museum

Roswell Slides - Smoking Gun Picture Is Child Mummy

Roswell Slides - Unveiling Was 'An Epic Fail'

Roswell Slides - 'Dead On Arrival'

NSA 'Google For Voice' Transcribes Any Phone Call

10 Scariest Chemicals Used In Hydraulic Fracking


We Are In The Hybrid Vortex - Vid

Seeing The Unseen

Major Solar Flare Reaching X2.7 Erupts

Man Built Gold Pyramid Home, See What Happened Next

China Found America 1,000s Yrs Before Columbus

‘Soul Contracts’

Joint Pain, From The Gut

6 Reasons You Should Eat Avocados

Very High Levels of Arsenic’ in Top Wines

Trouble With The Pineal Gland?

Make An Awesome Cayenne Salve For Pain Relief


Press Freedom Banned In Ukraine

Odessa Massacre Vids Debunk Zio Media Version

Canada State Sponsor Of Ukraine Neo Nazis

Graham - Everything Starting With 'al' In Mideast Is Bad

ISIS 'Lone Wolves' To Attack Texas

ISIS, Feminists, Thugs - Foundations & Think Tank Dupes

Huckabee Joins Presidential Race - Yawn

Hillary Supported Nuke Tech To India After Fdn Gift

CA Gov Wants $10k Fine For 'Water Wasters'

CA OKs Sweeping Water Cutbacks…Again

Northwest ‘Wet Drought’ Possible Sign Of Future

Orange Spheres, Blazing Objects, Booms Over Auckland

Remarkable Story Of World's First A-Bomb

21 States Will Take DL If You Don't Pay College Loans

Obscene Money 10 Top Hedge Fund Mgrs Just Made

The Corruption Of Bipartisanship

JoeTalk - Killers - Vid


Phonies – Patsies & Dupes Of The Establishment

PayPal Wants to Make Your Body A Password

He Wants To Take KS Back To Dark Ages

Government's Share Of Minimum Wage Increase

Most Cops Don't Look Like The Residents They Serve

China Builds World's First All-Robot Factory

Mt Everest Shrank As Nepal Quake Lifted Kathmandu

Las Vegas, Mayweather & Surrendering To The Con

Dolphins Have Their Own Social Cliques

America’s Epidemic Of Unnecessary Care

Stunning UFO Cluster Over San Diego - Vid


JoeTalk - War - Vid

Nuclear Experimentation Year 70 – Playing With Madness

Say NO to Fear of Drugs – Say YES to Education!

The Forbidden Secrets of the Church

4 Ways To Stay Awake While The Rest Sleep

Why Is The Number 2,147,483,647 Important?

Why So Little Preparation For Quakes?

Cancer Drug Market Just Hit $100 Billion

Chlamydia Outbreak Stuns TX High School

Irish Waterfall Video Will Help You Sleep - Vid

How To Free Yourself From Food Cravings


Why Is Diabetes Killing So Many Teens?

5 Pre-War Classic Cars Found In Old Barn

Did Floods Doom Prehistoric American City

The Tree On Which The US Was Built

Deadliest Ways To Try To Put Out A Fire

Kamchatka Biggest Volcano Throws Steam, Ash

Australia’s Gold Coast In The Sexy, Sexist 70s

How Do Tesla's Home Batteries Work?

Russian Models Pose With 1,400 Pound Bear - Vid

The Powerful Celtic King Who Defied Rome


Stunning UFO Over San Diego - Vid

Kirwan - Storm Clouds Are Here

Chuck Norris Warns Of Jade Helm Takeover In TX

Katzenbach Memo, Warren & 9/11 Commissions

Urban Military Martial Law - Vid

War On Whites - Killing White Suburbs

Hillary Agrees To Testify Once To Benghazi Comm


Hillary Wants Full Path To Citizenship For Illegals

Bill Defends Fndn Donations, More Lavish Gifts

US Soldiers Stole At Least $50 Million In Iraq War

US 'Worst Place' To Be Mom Among Developed Nations

Keystone1 Alrerady Damaged By Major Corrosion

NY Official Took Bribes For Fracking Favors - US Atty

Most Americans - US Wealth Distribution Unfair

US March trade Deficit At 6 Year High

Neocons 'War Of Deception' Against Americans

Kirwan - What's Wrong With The World?

It Is Time To Fire The Federal Judges

TX Shooting Suspect Known To FBI Since 2006

TX Attack More Than ISIS Inspiration

US Cops Won't Release Vid Of Killing Black Man


97% Of FL Co. Fatal Cop Killings Termed 'Justified'

Largest Known US Vietnam War Atrocity

DPR Nationalizes Banks, World Banksters Angry

'Hillary Is The Worst Option' - Moscow View

Is US-Controlled NATO Moving To War On Russia?

Russia-Hating McCain Angry In Gernan View Of Russia

Russia's Armata Tank to Have No Match In West

Putin - 'Cynical Efforts To Whitewash Nazism, Militarism Not OK'

Russia Revising Its National Security Strategy

Russia Releases Color Film Of 1945 Berlin In Ruins

'Kill Russian Reporters' - Moscow Launches Criminal Case

Kiev Army Continually Breaks Minsk2 With Sheliing


RT Reporter Leaves Ukraine After Death Threats

Right Sector Demands VIP Status In Kiev Army

Yemen Tribal Men Take 4 Saudi MIlitary Bases

ICRC, MSF Blast Saudi Attacks On Yemen's Lifelines

Saudi Cluster Crimes - Immoral, Insane And Monstrous

Saudi Airstrikes Hit Yemen's Sa'ada - Kill Dozens

Saudi Choppers Drop Arms to Al-Qaeda Terrorists

France, Saudis Talk Multi-Billion Deals

Arms Ghoul Hollande Backs Saudi War On Yemen

US, Iran Warships Nearly Collide In Gulf Of Aden

Israeli Soldiers Break Silence On Gaza War


Gaza - 'We Got Shoot, Kill Anyone In Vicinity Orders'

Gaza War Became An Israeli Death Video Game

Israelis Admit to Shooting Palestinians For 'Fun' In Gaza

Israeli Court OKs Demo Of Palestinian Village

French Fighters Sold To Qatar - Vid

India To Develop Iran Port Despite US Pressure

Water Shortage Crisis Hits 520 Cities In Iran

US Unaware Of Iran Visit By Oil Team

Iran To Release Maersk Tigris After Compensation

45 ISIL Takfiris Killed In Syria

Hezbollah Kills Dozen al Qaeda-linked Terrorists

Syria - Al-Nusra Takes Key ISIL Base Town

Over 200 Nigerian Women Rescued From Boko Pregnant


US Drone Strike Kills 17 In E Afghanistan

Russia Sanctions Killing German Companies

Spain Recovered Only 5 Percent Of Bank Loans

Four Key Catalysts To Watch In The Oil Sector

Sanctions Don't Stop US From Importing Russian Petro

Let Allah Decide Oil Price - Saudi Oil MInister

A Beginner's Guide To US Shale Ponzi Scheme

US Goal In Asia? Disrupt China's Peaceful Development

China Now Sends Most Immigrants To US

China Builds 4th Gen Nuclear Sub

China Slams Philippines For 'IIlegal Building In S China Sea

Engdahl - What Is The US Doing In Central Asia Now?

Germans Believe NSA Is Stasi Of America

Despite Outrage, DHS To Track Lic Plates In 25 States

FBI Abuses Cell Phone Spy Tech 'Emergency' Requests

Heartbreaking 'Cops Kill Dog' Breaking Internet, Too

Global Cancer Spending Tops $100b In 2014

Fracking Chemicals Found In PA Drinking Water

Whooping Cough Invades The Vaccinated

Nanoparticles In Food, Water Alter Gut Microbiome

Crop Circles - Quest For Truth - Vid

Dancing With The Hologram

The Great Culling...Our Water

A Cosmic Endpoint - Vid

Why Granite Counter Tops Are Out


Watch Interview - Rival Baltimore Gang Members - Vid

NATO & Russia Reactivate Full Communications

China Developes 4th Generation Nuclear Subs

Homeland Security To Screen License Plates, 25 States

Germany's NSA Spying Role May Embarrass Merkel

CA Drought’s Toll - 12MN Trees Killed In 1Yr

Dead Zones Recorded In Atlantic Ocean For First Time

EPA Restricts Bee-Killing Pesticide Use-NO New Permits

Doom - An Obvious Question About Vaccination

Top Docs - Vaccines Turn Immune System Against Us

Br Nathanael - Balt Riots...Prelude To Urban War - Vid


Driving GMOs And Monsanto Roundup Off The Market

Doctors & Environmentalists Fight For Ban Against Monsanto

Animal Health Problems Linked To Glyphosate, GM Feed

OR Moves To Ban GMO, Kill RoundUp Crops 90 Days

Biocides, Not Pesticides, Are Creating Ecocide

Fracking Chems Detected In Penn Drinking Water- NYT

Commonly Used Chems Come Under New Scrutiny - NYT

Scientists Discover Key Driver Of Human Aging

N.A.S.A Announces That Magnetic Portals Do Exist

Scientists Plan To Block The Sun Using Man-Made Clouds

10 Hopeful Signs The New World Order Is Dying


Gunshot In Baltimore Send Cops, Citizens Into Alarm

NYPD Officer Shot In Head Dies Of Injuries

Brave NY State Cops Handcuff, Shackle 5-Yr-Old

TX Cop Praised For Killing Heavily Armored ISIS Thugs

Texas Gunman Publicly Pledged Support To ISIS

Carson, Fiorina Launch 2016 Prez Bids

US/NATO Readying For War On Russia

US-Russian Spy Intrigue Behind Boston Bombing?

Ruble Now 85% Transactions In E Ukraine

Old Guard Leaders Meet In Moscow

Soviet History Can't Be Erased By Bulldozer


US Navy Sails With Brit Ships Off Iran Coast

US Controls Brit Nuclear Arsenal

US Wars Kill Mostly Civilians

US Shale Bubble Ready To Burst

Racist Israelis Target Arabs & Ethiopian Jews

Israeli Soldiers ‘Deliberately Fired’ At Civs In Gaza War

SCOTUS - No State Funding For Sex Change

Clinton Agrees To Testify On Benghazi, Emails

Obcare Causing Rise, Not Decline, In ER Visits

Ebola Survivors Transmit Via Sex Longer Than Thought

Syrian Peace Talks Kick Off In Geneva

India -1000s Farmers Rise Up Now Against Monsanto Suicides

2 Biotech Companies May Soon Merge Into 'Mega Monsanto'

Vaccine Watchdog - CDC Docs Drastic Autism Thimerosal Risks

New Sea Star Babies Offer Hope Amid Pacific Mass Deaths

Magical Effects Music Has On The Mind

Email Killing Art Of Conversation? 5 Word Replies

Kirwan - Knowledge Is Power


Saudis Use US Terror Weapons Against Yemenis

Iran Sends Relief Aid To Crisis-Hit Yemen

Saudi Jets Target Yemen Food Trucks

Iran Sends Relief Aid To Crisis-Hit Yemen

Special Forces Said Involved In Ground Offensive - Aden

Russia Outplays The West

Why NATO Is Terrified Of Russia

Ukraine - A US-Supported Fascist Cancer

Carter Supports Crimea Reunification

Carter Calls Gaza 'Intolerable'

Kerry Assures No Nuke Attack On Israel After Deal

Obama, Hillary, Bush Income Inequality - The Big Lie


NYPD Plain-Clothed Officer Shot In Head

Rioter Gets $500k Bail - Cops Charged In Gray Murder Skate

Baltimore Curfew Impacts Local Businesses

Major U.S. Retailers Are Closing More Than 6,000 Stores

Secret Mountain US Spies Will Hide In When DC Is Destroyed

US Uses 'Agents of Chaos' Against Russia, China, Iran

Global Jewish Immigration To Israel Jumps 40% This Year

Gilad Atzmon Comes To America

ISIS Accused - Mass-Murdering 'Hundreds' Of Yazidi Captives

US Weapons For Arab Dictatorships

Iran Has Indigenized Technology To Build Oil Platforms

Ukraine Azov Fighters Take Over OSCE Observation Point

German Paper Slams Kiev's Version Of Odessa Massacre


Kiev Should Grant Autonomy To Donbass

Leaked Docs Reveal Porky Recognized Crimea As Russian

Russ Did More For Crimea In 1 Yr Than Ukraine Ever Did

3k+ UK Cops Probed For Assault - 98% Walk

Cops Probe 'Unexplained' Death Of 'Wealthy Arab' - London

3.9 Quake Strikes Los Angeles Area

Everest Shrinking- A Bit Smaller After Nepal Quake

Nepal Quake - 101-yr Old Pulled Alive From Rubble

Locals Near Chernobyl Fear Radiation, Kiev Says Fire Out

Blue Ice & Whales -Breathtaking Drone Vid Of Antarctica

Oxygen-Starved 'Dead Zones' Discovered In Atlantic

Colombia May Ban Fumigations With Monsanto's Glyphosate

A Prayer For Marriage


Kirwan - Global Curtain Call For Hellstorm

US Led Airstrikes Kill 52 Syrian Civ In A Day, Not 1 ISIS Fighter

Russian Nuke Bombers Entered AK Airspace - No US Reaction

House Approves GOP Bill Targeting Obamacare

Assange/Wikileaks - Israel Supported Hamas In Its Infancy

Take Nukes Off High Alert Or Risk Hacker Launched Missles

Nepal Earthquake Dead Hits 7000

Chile's Calbuco Volcano Erupts 3rd Time In 8 Days

Jerry Brown Urges Fines Up To $10k For Water Waste

DOJ Announces $20mil Program For Police Body Cams


Deadly Floods Hit Queensland

US-Led Strike Kills 52 Civilians 7 Children

'Your Newborn Gets the Hep-B Shot Or Else'

Corruption Legal America - Vid

The History Of Kathmandu Valley

How The Tesla Battery Will Benefit Marijuana Growers

DARPA Experimental Spaceplane XS-1

The Fight To Organize The 'Fight Of The Century'

The Exoplanet That Should Not Be

Energy Lobbyists Behind Governors' Crusade for Atlantic Oil

Gaza Is Hell

The Billion-Dollar Rehab Racket

How Olives Changed The World

Russia Outplays The West

Hope For Russia-NATO Relations

Why NATO Is Terrified Of Russia

War-Crazed Western Propaganda Machine Grows Insignificant

General Pushing US To Expand Ukraine War

Iran Warns It Will Stand Up For Yemen

Palin - Congress Must Kill Iran Deal

HI Inspectors Clueless About What Monsanto Is Spraying

Kate Middleton Poses With New Baby Daughter

UK Celebrates Birth Of A Princess

Strange Supernova Missing Link In Gamma-Ray Bursts

Nothing Beats An Old Crappy Car


Kirwan - Nature’s Shaping The Rebellions

The Political Opportunity Of A Drought

Robots To Take 30% Of Jobs Within A Decade

Seattle 'Riot’ - Police Deploy Flashbangs, Tear Gas - Vid

Baltimore Police Union Calls For Prosecutor To Step Aside

Brother Nathanel's Amazing Videos

Hellstorm - The Real Genocide Of Nazi Germany - Vid

Rip Up Lawns? Nevada Has Been There, Done That

Mars Astronauts Risk Brain Damage Fom Cosmic Rays

3,000+ Police Officers Investigated For Assault - Few Charged

US House Committee OKs Funds For Israel Missile System

Billionaire - Buying Elections Is Charity

A Ground-Level View Of Baltimore's Protests

Why The Government Is So Afraid Of The Self-Reliant


CIA Vets Smell B.S. In Super-Spy Memoir

America’s Telecom Nightmare Is Just Beginning

The ‘War on Cash’ Has Begun

The Weird Way Lenin’s Body Is Kept Fresh

American Psych Assoc Complicity In US Torture Program

The Reason Why D.C. Is Between Maryland & Virginia - Vid

Indonesia Planning To Become ‘Global Maritime Axis’

Site Of Deadliest Native American Massacre Identified

Psychedelic Drugs Could Radically Change Society For Better?

US Travelers Bring Novel Disease Home & It Spreads

Military's Djibouti Base An Accident Waiting To Happen


How We Learn Quickly

Doom - College 'Turning' Into Grade 12.5…At Best

The Complex Dynamics Of Sunspots' Dark Cores

Prices To Skyrocket As Bird Flu Epidemic Critical

Living, And Dying, At Home

I Lived In My Office For 500 Days

Ant-Like Robot Hauls Objects 2,000x Own Weight - Vid

Walking Two Min Per/hr Lengthens Life

Tesla's New Household Batteries

The Enfield Poltergeist - Vid

How To Stay Sane In The Notification Age

Your Cat Is Trying To Talk To You

Italian Army Task - Reduce Cost Of Weed


Jeff & Preston James - EMF Mind Assassins - Vid

May 1 US Protests Rage Against Cop Brutality

Gray's Death Ruled Homicide - 6 Cops Involved

Protests In 'Baltimorstan' - US Media Bias Exposed

China Press - Balt Riots Show Lies Of US 'Equality'

US Prisons - More Inmates Than Stalin's Gulag

War Crazed Western Propaganda Machine

How US Press Would Cover Balt If It Was Elsewhere

The Deadly 9/11 Virus - Vid

Target CA - Engineered Drought Catastrophe - Vid

Russia Preparing Offensive In Ukraine, NATO Gen

World Influencers 'The Elders' Meet Putin In Moscow

US Can't Keep Nose Out Of Ukraine's Business

Donetsk Official On Porky Plans To Retake Donbas, Crimea

Kiev's New 'Saxon' Armored Car A Death Trap

Austria Won't Extradite Ukraine Oligarch Firtash To US

Pentagon - Russian Bombers Invaded US Air Space


US Army Cmdr Wants NATO To Confront Russia

Don't Travel To Israel Ever For Any Reason!

Reported Hamas-Israel Talks - Hold The Cheers

Prince Talal Objects To Saudi King's Reshuffle

ISIS Video Of Yemeni Soldiers Execution

Syrian Army Kills Saudi Terrorists In Al-Quneitra

Yemen Ansarullah Seizes Airdropped Saudi Arms

Fresh Saudi Attacks Target Sana'a, Kill Dozens

Iranian Cleric Raps Arabs' Silence Over War On Yemen

'Gaza Used As Arms-Testing Laboratory' - Brit Jews


Ankara Mayor Calls US State Dept Flak 'Stupid Blond'

Escobar - Why NATO Is Terrified Of Russia

Did Putin Smuggle Weapons With Relief Convoys

China Passes US As Oz Top Foreign Investor

US Shale Bubble Is Ready To Burst

OPEC vs Fracking

Russian Economy Better Than You Might Think

US Backtracking On Its China Super Bank Position?

Gold Manipulators Busted

Police Brutality, Anti-Racism Protest In Palestine

Guard, Dog Attack Louisiana Inmate - Vid

May 1 Started As US Labor Holiday

Scotland Sends A Curveball Down Westminster Way

BBC Savile Abuse Report Delayed At Cop Request

Tattoos May Stop Your Apple watch

3 Dead In Torrential Havana Floods

Europe - The Secret Superpower

3D Printing Industry To Quadruple By 2020

UFO Caught On Video Makes News In Philippines

Mysterious UFO Filmed Over Esquimalt, BC - Vid

Huge Green Orb UFO Hovering Above Bridge 1966

Concealing The Truth About Roswell


Cruz Claims Obama Raises Race Tensions

Freddie Gray Died Of Broken Neck In Cop Van

Black Trash Trashes, White Trash Makes Excuses

Fox News Ludicrous Freddie Gray Stories

After Baltimore, What Hope For Change?

Kiev Forces Shell DPR - 2 Dead

Crimea Tourist Season Begins

Navy To Accompany US Ships In Persian Gulf

Saudi Strikes In Yemen Open Door To Terror

Russian Orlan-10 Drones Monitoring Arctic

Fisk - The Emirates Enigma

Chilean Volcano Erupts Again

Saudis Spend Foreign Reserves At Record

War, Repentance And Japan

NATO Claims Russia Directs DPR, LPR

CIA Insider Predictions For Society In 2024


The Bullish Charisma Of John Kasich

Corp Elite Interests Holding All The Cards But One

JoeTalk - The End Of Sanity, Pt 1 - Vid

JoeTalk - The End Of Sanity, Pt 2 - Vid

These Are America’s 10 Most Polluted Cities

Nightmare That Created Insane Clown Posse

Epically Detailed Photos Of Mercury

Low Sunlight Ups Pancreatic Cancer Risk

The Man Who Tastes Sounds

Are We Ready For More Offshore Drilling?

The Dawn Of The Plastic Car

Dont Mess With My Chihuahua

The Weirdest Moments On Letterman - Vid

Why Sex Dolls So Popular With Men In China

8 Science-Based Ways To Reverse Aging

Life Expectancy Between Rich & Poor Worse

Tampons Could Be Toxic

FDA To Crack Down On Home Soap Makers

The Freshest Produce And How To Use It

Ex AZ Cop Has Close Encounter With UFO In Desert

Jeff Rense - Tribute to Stuart Wilde

Wilde - The Avalon Protection Prayer - Vid

Wilde - The Quiet Heart


Freddie Gray Injured Inside Police Van - Vid

Obama Wars Rage At Home And Abroad

Roberts - Public A Milk Cow For Private Enterprise

Roberts - The Dwindling US Economy

Baltimore Riots - A Product Of The Soros Machine

12 Unanswered Questions About Baltimore


Freddie Gray - Police Van Mystery Stop

Black Activist Smacks Down CNN's Wolf Blitzer

National Guard In Baltimore - Pics

If Baltimore Were In Russia - Vid

The Real Face Of The Baltimore Protest

Fetzer - Duff Covering For JADE HELM And Boston (?)

Nepal Vid Shows Buildings Falling On Drivers

Clinton Foundation Doesn’t Pay Interns

The Putin The West Doesn't Want To Know

Russia New Military Hardware V-Day Rehearsal - Vid


Russia Outplays The West

Russia Gives 10m Euros To Help With Chernobyl

'Killing Putin' - Pics

Putin Remembers Family’s WWII Past

The Start Of Another New War…At Home

NATO Chief Wants US To Give KIEV Weapons

Mystery Special Forces Fight In Donbas

Separatists Take 450 Heavy Weapons In Debaltsevo

70% Ukrainians Wanted Negotiated Peace

More Evidence of Ukraine's Reign of Terror

The Fed Cartel, Part I - The Eight Families

JoeTalk - Money And Power Won't Help Us - Vid


Hollywood Hot Shots Try To Curb 'Holocaust Denial'

Fujian H5N2 2 Cos. MN - 3 Turkey Farms

A Totalitarian Society Has Totalitarian Science

Saudis Training Ground Force In Yemen

Saudi Jets Pound S. Yemen

Iran Destroyer Patrolling Gulf Of Aden

Fetzer - Iran Decision On Cargo Ship Was Legal

Saudi Warplanes Target Main TV Stn In Yemen

UN Urges Israel To End Blockade On Gaza Strip

Netanyahu Moves For Bigger Power

Israeli Army Sex Crimes - Social Media Blamed


US Invasion Direct Cause of Iraqi Crisis

US Troops Train Syrian Rebels To Fight For ISIS

ISIS Recruiting Figure A Seattle Teacher?

The Financial Markets Now Control Everything

A Fundamental Change In The Oil Sector

George Soros May Owe $7 Billion In Taxes

One In Five Elderly Americans Dies Broke

Sex Cravings And Children Seeing Monsters

Lava Flows On Floor Off Halema'uma'u Crater

Middle School Teens Were Sexually Violated In Pot Search

HPV Vaccines - A Danish Documentary

UFO Close To Montgomeryshire Border, Claims Astronomer

Russia Launches World's Quietest Sub

NASA One Step Closer To Warp Drive?

Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive

Mass Protests Shut Down Baltimore, Other Cities

Did Gray Try To Hurt Himself?

US Media Criticized For Baltimore Coverage - Vid

Baltimore Riots - 1968 And Today - Pics


Jade Helm - There Are Trains With Shackles On Them

7 Weirdest Nukes US Ever Developed - Vid

Ukraine FM - Kiev Committed To NPT

Russia Will Never Wage War On Ukraine

Cutting Russia Off SWIFT Would Be Catastrophe

Bad Things To Say About Russia? See Congress

What Is China's Master Plan?

iPad Glitch Grounded 2 Dozen US Flights

Facebook Is Eating The Internet

The Psychology Of Inevitable Earthquakes

Nichols - Your Radiation This Week - Update 4


Mass Whale Die-Off Along CA Coast

Demons Stole My Private Jet

America Is Not A Christian Nation

$1.5m Ivory Is Listed On US Craigslist

Campaign vs Glyphosate Steps Up in Latin America

8 Dangerous Side Effects Of Fracking

Mental Health Disorders Show In Your Early 20s

Aliens On Ceres? NASA Welcomes Speculation

New Trailer For Roswell ET Slides & Coming Show - Vid

Roswell ET Slides - Social Experiment Or Hoax?

2nd Season Premiere Of ‘Hangar 1 - UFO Files’

Decoding The Deadly Secret Of Snake Venom

Cheap Camera, Amazing Art - Pics

Ancient Mayan City Built On Grid

Pharmaceuticals In Water Changing Fish Sex

CA May Levy $10,000 Fines For Water Use

Lake Mead At Lowest Level Ever

Bullying May Leave Worse Mental Scars

Mystery Of The Knights Templars

Lake Michigan Shipwrecks Visible From the Air

Amazing Anamorphic Drawings - Vid

Super Hair Dryer Blasts Ice, Snow Off Train Tracks - Vid

4 In 10 In US Live With Dangerous Air Pollution

Dead Broke Libya Hires Million-Dollar US Lobbyist

Wilde – Understanding Time

The Absence Of An Andalusian Spring

Nations Failing to Combat 'Superbugs

Direct Link Between Alzheimer’s And Aluminum

Why Do We Get Sleep In Out Eyes?

Jeff & Tim Rifat - Jeff's Recent Brush With Death - Vid

Baltimore Halts Civil Rights For Those Arrested

Protestors Back On Baltimore Streets

Baltimore Wins Fan-Free Ballgame

Nepal Quake Deaths Pass 6,000

Br. Nathanael - The Jewish Threat To Christian Society


Cold War 2.0 A Creation Of The West

Kiev Waging War Nobody Wants To Pay For

Ukraine Bans 30,000 Sites To Block 5 Pro-Russian

Russia May Restart Tu-160 Jet Bomber Production

Russia Tests New Anti-Ship Missile

How Putin Delivers The Russian Dream

Russia's Little Known Islamic Problem

Russian Space Cargo Craft May Be Dumped

A Russian Economy That Cares

Hypocrisy…Always Western News Specialty


UK Election - Lies Now, Broken Promises Later

Norway Army Spending Skyrockets On 'Russian Threat’

Bibi Moves To Take More Power In Israel

Saudis Terror-Bomb Sanaa Runway To Block Aid

Most Reports From Syria, Iraq War - Not Credible - Vid

Make Your Own Body Tripod - Morris

Baltimore Takes Attn From SCOTUS Gay Debate - Vid

Where Did It All Go? Can We Ever Get It Back?

Media Jews Spread Homosexuality

Lies, Theft And The God Force

Demystifying Tomato Sizes

Joni Mitchell Hospitalized, Not In Coma - Official Site


Roberts - Insanity Grips The Western World

Cops Arrest 10 First Night Of Baltimore Curfew

Police, Troops Hold Citywide Curfew In Baltimore

Baltimore Cops, Protesters Clash For Second Night

Baltimore Mayor Gave Permission To Riot

Mother Of The Year - Baltimore Woman Slaps Rioter - Vid

Nepal's PM - Quake Deaths Could Reach 10,000

Damage in Nepal Estimated Up To $10 Billion

Nepal - Humanitarian Crisis Engulfing 8 Million


The 10 Biggest Earthquakes In History

Roberts - Truth Has Been Murdered

James - It's A Matter Of Simple Logic

F-35 Turkey Engines Deemed Unreliable By GAO

Pentagon 'Lost' $1.3 Billion in Afghan Reconstruction Aid

WH Refuses Disclose Secret Cell Phone Kill Switch Order

DoD Reveals Mission Plan For Secret X-37B Spacecraft

Obama Fights To Spread GMO Foods On Europe

Too Many Dying in Sierra Leone - From Ebola Response

Ebola Jets Busy - Possible Case In NC

Rand To Rabbis - Bless Me

Russia Grabs Assets Of Porky's Chocolate Factory

Putin Pledges Support For independent Mass Media

Moscow Summons Polish Amb Over Bikers Entry Ban


Russian Su-33 Fighter Jets Hold Drills Over Barents Sea

Russia Invites China To Co-Build Lunar Base

Russia-China To Jointly Build Helicopters

Dodging Nuclear Disarmament - Vid

When Obama & Republicans Agree…Watch Out

Google Info On How To Hack A Military Drone

National Guard Called To Fight Bird Flu In MN

McCain Denies Role in Tax Targeting Of Conservatives

Doom - College Is 39% As Bad As Smoking

Joni Mitchell In Coma, Unresponsive

Israel Forces On Alert In Occupied Golan Heights

Mortar Shells Hit Israeli Positions In Occupied Golan


UN Blames Israel For Gaza Bombing Of Schools

Arab Community In Israel Strikes Over House Demolitions

Iran Insists Israel 'Give Up The Bomb'

Boehner - Not Enough Votes To Stop Iran Deal

Anti-Iran Sanctions Regime Collapsing - Rouhani

Kurds Recruiting Former US Troops To Fight ISIS

ISIS Fighters Claim They Are In Italy's Streets...Via Twitter pics

Saudis Annihilating Yemen Historical Monuments

Saudi Warships Target Aden With Missiles, Kill Dozens

Yemeni Army, Popular Forces Moving To Saudi Border

Gunships Solve Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

Over 2,000 Wizards, Witches Gather To Hold Ritual In Kiev


Finland 'Bombs' Mysterious Underwater Object Near Capital

US Dollar Pmrs From Crimea Blocked By West Banks

Chinese Rail Giant Inks $5.5 Billion In Africa Deals

Miliband On Night Visit To Roth-Stooge Brand's House

Peace Envoy Blair Urges Elimination Of ‘Radical Islam’

Hawking - Humanity Won't Survive Another 1,000 Yrs

MIT Creates Way To Make Salt Water Drinkable

Land Rises 10 Meters From Sea Near Hokkaido

Is Our Universe A One-Off Fluke?

Spectacular Aerial Photos Of Los Angeles

Why It Is So Hard To Predict Earthquakes


Why We Love The Color Green

T. Rex's Oddball Vegetarian Cousin

The Subtle Science Of Selling

Wilde - Understanding Life’s Mission

The Untold Story Of Silk Road

When You Get Bitten By A Black Widow - Vid

Tops List Of Companies Forced To Recall Food

How It Feels To Live With Severe Anxiety

20 US Swap Diets With 20 Africans - Cancer Study

Iran - Chemo Side Effects Cut With NanoTech

The American Dream Goes To Hell

Difference Between Men-Women's Sex Drives


Grand Canyon In The Crosshairs?

Ancient Signs Of Fire In The Sky

Daniel Boone's Wilderness Road - Vid

A Birthday Tribute To David Icke

Watch As Baltimore Youths Tear Apart 7-ELEVEN

The REAL 'Root Causes' Of The Baltimore Riots

Obama Blames 'Criminals' & 'Thugs' For Baltimore

Baltimore Cops, Rioters Turn City Into War Zone - Pics

Baltimore Cops Beat And Arrest Reporters - Vid

Kirwan - The Naked Truth

Experts Ask Ban Monsanto's Cancer-Linked Glyphosate


Mind Control Weapons - Military Uses Of Silent Sound

Russian Army To Get 100 Armata Tanks

Happy Russians Catching Up With Americans

Credit Agencies Got Russia Totally Wrong

Western Ukraine To Secede?

The Day Odessans Burned

Diplomat Applauds Odessa Massacre

US Bill Will Penalize Boycott Of Israel

US-Saudi Blockade Prevents Aid From Yemen

Nigerian Army Rescues Hundreds Of Women, Girls

Israeli Soldiers Attack Journalists - Vid

Trans-Pac Partnership And Death Of The Republic


No One Works In 20% Of US Families

NY Airport Workers Strike - Poverty Wages Don't Fly

Japan Won't Stop Killing Dolphins

DARPA Homing Bullets Can Hit Moving Targets - Vid

NSA Gadget Transfer Turns Local Cops Into Spies

Fukushima Crippled Japan's Climate Plans

What To Say When Cops Say 'Stop Filming'

Murdoch Behind Mandatory Vax Push In Oz

How Much Cash Should You Have If Grid Goes?

Ex-NASA Eng To Plant Billion Trees A Year With Drones

New Spy Tech - Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection

Don't Rationalize The Lye Lies


Is The Universe A Hologram?

What's The Big Deal About 3D Printing?

Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Figure - Medically Speaking

Chimps To Get Court Case Seeking Personhood

Colorized Rare Historical Photos - Vid

'Biblical' Healing Time Is Gathering?

Consider Converting Your Music To A=432 Hz

5 Happiest Countries And Why

Project Censored Founder Carl Jensen Dies At 85

What Is Fennel Good For?

Allergy Season May Be ‘Worst In Years’


Guard Armor Into Baltimore - Troops OK'd To Shoot

Huge Blaze In Baltimore After Day Of Riots

Police Brutality Is Real - Protests Are Aggravated - Morris

Prefab State Terror For Human Bondage

Putin - Russia Nukes 'Reduced To Minimum'

Ukraine Foreign Debt Up $2.4 Billion In March

US Wants You To Hate Snowden - It's Working

Chile’s Media Mogul Was a CIA Paid Propagandist

US Seeks Global Energy Dominance


CA Inviting Even More Illegal Aliens To Cross Border

Iran Israel School Tells Israel To Give Up Nukes

The Court Stole Your Fundamental Right

Nepal Braces For Floods And Monsoon

JP Morgan Building World's Top Silver Hoard

Iran And Russia Officially Ditch The Dollar

The GOP’s Demonic Alliance

DoD Can’t Account For $1.3 Billion Of Afghan Aid

School Grooms African Americans For The Underclass

Five Deadly Parasites That Have Crossed the Globe

When Bed Bugs Were Tested for Combat in Vietnam

Watch As THC Destroys Cancer Cell’s - Vid


The Number Of Physically Active Americans Is Dropping

Do Killer Robots Violate Human Rights?

New Device Will Make Oxygen On Mars

The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste

Is The Universe A Hologram?

Is Low Self-Control A Threat To Security?

Most Greeks Dissatisfied With Govt Performance

Our Incredible, Microscopic World - Vid

The Possible Resurrection Of The Asylum

How Long Will My Hard Drives Really Last?

LA Island Playground Could Trigger Tsunamis


A Million Miles Of Unfit Pipeline Accidents Waiting

Iranians Produce Anti-Cancer Drug From Turmeric

Dandelions Should Be The New Kale

Wilde - Wu Wei

Violence In Baltimore, Cops Hurt

Looting, Violence In Baltimore

Gangs To Take Out Cops After Gray Funeral?

Baltimore Protesters Were From Out Of Town - US Rep

7.8 Quake Strikes As CERN Powers Up

7 Volcanoes, 6 Countries All Erupt Within Hours

Avalanche Ripping Through Everest Camp - Vid

Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Tops 4,100 - TV

Drone Footage Shows Nepal Quake Damage - Vid


Pyongyang Threatens Pre-Emptive Nuke Strike On US

Russian S-400 For China

New US-Japan Military Guidelines Unrestricted

US Is No Longer A Democracy - Princeton Study

Who Is Really Choosing America's Next President?

What Bush Said About Obama

Former NSA Chief Warns Of Catastrophic Cyber Attack

US Military Plans 'Can End In WWIII'

US Mass Surveillance Useless On Terrorists

100s Of Millions Animals Dead On W Coast

Fukushima Corium 'Has Spread All Over' - No Removal

Extreme Radiation In Tokyo Found

Queen 'Drinks Blood Of Donbass Kids' - Kiev Politician

Ukrainian Minister Tells Of Arrest Of Protesting Miners

Ratsenyuk Claims Donbass Owes Kiev $3 Bln In Taxes

Porky Turns On Ukraine's Richest Man

Report Of Intense Kiev Shelling In E. Ukraine

Death Threats On OSCE Inspectors By Kiev Troops

EU Critical Of Kiev Unwillingness To Follow Minsk 2

Berlin Knew MH-17 Ukraine Flight Risks Before Crash

Ukraine Crisis Will Not End Soon

Polish Pres Supports Extension Anti-Russian Sanctions

Paris Back To Russia With Mistral Deal

Mistral - Paris Surrenders - This Time To The US

Saudi Strikes Against Yemen Reviving Al-Qaeda

Saudi Arabia Sends Natl Guard S. Borders With Yemen


Saudi Jets Hit Housing Complexes In Aden, Sana

9/11 - Iranian Gen Accuses US Of Organizing 9/11

Saudi Arabia On Edge Of Collapse - Iran

Iran Urges Israel Be Forced To Dismantle WMDs

Iran 'Deeply Concerned' Over NATO Nuke Threat

Europe, Neighbors Eager To Import Iran Gas

Iraqi Leaders Agree To Arm Anti-ISIL Forces

Syrian Army Seizes Turkey-Made Weapons

Fear-Mongering, ISIL Gambit, Zionist Recruitment

Israeli Troops Abduct Five Palestinians In West Bank

Israel Plans 77 More 'Settler' Units In East Jerusalem

Russian Jews Face 'Grave Dangers' If Putin Ousted


Attempts To Isolate Russia Failed - Lavrov

Why Russian 'Opposition' Has Single Digit Approval

Russia 1st To Test 10th Gen Enrichment Centrifuges

Someone Was Expecting Collapse Russian Economy - Putin

Russia To Supply Bolivia With 20 New Jet Fighters

Russia To Tighten Ban Euro Fruit Imports

China Considers QE - Shanghai Stocks Soar

China To Merge Huge State-Owned Conglomerates

US Throws Away Another $1 Billion At Ukraine

US Boosting Military Presence In S. China Sea

Indy Scotland 'Inevitable' - News Corp Boss Murdoch

Volcano Ash - Flight Cancels In Chile, Argentina, Uruguay


Magnitude 5.4 Earthquake Hits Peru

Dino Tracks - 100mn Yr Old Footprints In Canada

GMO War In Hawaii - EPA Liars On Parade

When The Walls Tumble Down Around Monsanto

Stay Home And Die...Or...

The Battle Above

UFO Policy Cancelled By Royal Australian Air Force

UFO Lands Briefly, Then Takes Off Again – 1947

Australian Monthly UAP / UFO Reports

Did Feds Just Admit Admit Fluoride Damages Teeth?

How To Hack The Placebo Effect

8 States Huge Increases In Fracking Earthquakes

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory


Where Paul Craig Roberts Hasn't Gone (So Far)

Fear Of Aftershocks Has Nepal On Edge

Nepal After Big One - Pics

Kiev Announces Readiness For New War

US/Saudi Recruited Terrorists In Yemen

Jade Helm? - Massive Armor Deployment Thru Canada - Vid

How To Avoid Committing Suicide

Inside Britain's Mental Health Crisis


Kirwan - Nature Strikes Back

2500 Dead In Nepal Quake - Aftershocks Rumble

Kiev's Russia Border Wall Has East Fuming

West Mum On Murders Of Kiev's Opponents

Kiev Mercenaries Again Ripped By East

Kiev Endless Ceasefire Violations In East

Strelkov - New War In Ukraine Inevitable

Ukraine PM - Donbass Owes $3 Billion In Taxes

Kiev Asks Separatists To Fire On Azov

Saudis Continue Bombing Yemen


When Did We All Become Murderers?

Obama 'Sorry' For Vaporizing Two Westerners

GOP Hopefuls Whoring For Adelson's Money

GOP Criticism Of Obama's Policies Hypocritical

Google Endangers Cops?

WI Killer Cop Gets Own Billboard

200+ Innocent Mentally-Ill Kids Jailed In UK

Did NASA Create A Warp Field?

Obama Sorry For Latest Drone Genocide

Hackers Get Into Obama's Personal Emails

Br Nathanael - Animal Farm For Modern Man - Vid


Russian Sanctions Extended Unless Minsk Fulfilled

Cruz - Democratic Party home to 'liberal fascism'

EU Parliament Prepares For War With Russia

EU Charges Against Gazprom Are All About Greed

What Does Putin Want? - A Major Analysis

Kiev's Russia Border Wall Has East Enraged

Experts In Nepal A Wk Ago To Ready For Earthquake

Earthquake In Nepal Triggers Deadly Everest Avalanche

Tokyo Children's Park Closed Over Radiation

Chernobyl's Grim Consequences Linger 29 Years Later

Suppressed French Report - 100% Renewables Is Possible

Catholics To Press Nuke Weap Ban At UN Treaty Conference

How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization

Minnesota Goes At Egg Farmer Co-op Member 3rd Time


Op Jade Helm 15 - Floodgate Towards Martial Law & WW III?

‘NYT’ Works With Israel To Justify Military Service

Rep Senator’s Staffer Caught Smuggling Date Rape Drug Into US

How An Army Of Net Activists Challenged Big Cable & Won Again

Going Rogue - 15 Ways To Detach From The System

Climate Skeptics Seek To Influence Pope On ‘Global Warming’

Pentagon Can’t Account For $1 Billion Afghan Reconstruction Aid

Hopium - How Far Can Irrational Optimism Take U.S. Economy?

Bush Campaign Unraveling As Jeb Drops To 4th In GOP Race

Doom - Study - Quickie Degrees Are Worthless


US And Iranian Ships Turn Back From Yemen

Protests To 'Shut Down' Baltimore Over Man's Death In Custody

Amid Errors, Obama Publicly Wrestles With Drones’ Limits - NYT

Cities & States Pay Massive Secret Fees To Wall Street

Sheriff Determined Bates A Problem In 2009 - Did Nothing

8 States Dealing With Huge Increases In Fracking Earthquakes

Is Genetically Engineered Food A Fraud?

Consumer Reports - 60% Of Raw Shrimp Tested Positive For Bacteria

NICHOLS - Your Radiation This Week #4

Popular Pesticide Draws Bees To Poisoned Crops - Kills Them

Is Your Mobile Phone A Sperm Zapper?


PepsiCo Replaces Aspartame With Sucralose In Diet Pepsi In US

Watch Cruise Ship Pollute As Much As 13m Cars - In One Day

Former Yemeni Pres Calls For Political dialogue To End War

Greece's Grand Plan - Default And Stay In Euro

Magma Under Yellowstone Could Fill Grand Canyon 11.2x +

Potent 'Spice' Drug Packing Emergency Rooms

Japan’s Radioactive Drone Pilot Turns Himself In

Russia's General Staff - DC Started All Modern Military Conflicts

Br Nathanael - Animal Farm For Modern Man - Vid

Hidden Jade Helm Wooden Shoe Logo - Vid

Jade Helm NOT An Ordinary Training Drill

Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Yrs In WikiLeaks Case

McConnell Bill To Reauthorize Patriot Act Until 2020


It's Not The 1% Controlling Politics - It's 0.01 Percent

MSM Decides Rubio Is At Front Of 2016 GOP Pack

Hillary Hires Ex Monsanto Lobbyist To Run Her Show

Clintons Speech Shows Wealth Entwined With Charity

Sell Uranium Interests To Russia While Hillary SecState

Obama Not 'Unsettled' By Clinton As SecState

Leaked Obama 'Trade' Pact Assault On Self-Govt

US Fails To Verify 'Russian Troops' In Ukraine

Same Old - US Envoy Tweets Russian BUKS In Ukraine

US Full Spectrum Dominance A Neocon Pipe Dream

Russia To Show New Top Notch Armor


Farcical Prosecution Of The 'Accountant Of Auschwitz'

Zionist Israel - Satanic Fraud To Do Evil In Name Of God - pdf

Israel 67 Years Of Occupation!

China's Shadow Looms Over Senate Trade Debate

Corporate Sovereignty Trumps National Laws

Testing For Gyphosate In Water, Urine, Breast Milk

World’s First Public Testing For Monasanto Glyphosate Begins

USDA Culling Project Killed Nearly 3 Million Animals

Shooting Stanley Kubrick

Cop Jumps Fence Into Yard, Kills Dog

Off-Duty Cop Shot & Killed Unarmed Woman Acquitted


SWAT Leader Kills 7 Yr Old…And Gets Job Back

Pregnant Popeye’s Manager Robbed At Gunpoint…Fired

ACLU Map Of Police Depts Using Stingray Wiretap Tech

Breathtaking Pics Of Volcano Eruption In Chile

Chile Volcano Erupts Anew - Ash Causing Concern

WA Quake Mysterious Source Discovered

Man-Made Fracking Quakes Keep Getting Worse

Half Of Americans Live in Quake Zones

US Troops Get Malaria In Ebola Deployment

Why Sierra Leone Can't Get Rid Of Ebola

Nuclear Apocalypse Drug Gets Approved By The FDA


MD-Senator Wants OR To Be A Medical Police State

War Chem Weight Loss Drug - Deadly Online Reach

The Mental Health Stigma Persists In CA

China Admits Tweaking Genes Of Human Embryos

CA Drought Isn’t Being Solved By Silicon Valley

Most Embarrassing Dating Moments - Vid

The Search For Planets Beyond Pluto

The Big Problem With 'Big Science' Ventures

Tesla's New Battery Could Solve Big Problems

Wolf Spider Squashed, 100s Of Babies Emerge - Vid

Disgraced Wellness Guru Admits Cancer Hoax

How To Make Your Own Alkaline Water

Always Leave Home Without Your Credit Card

Inuit Wisdom And Polar Science

Loretta Lynch Confirmed After 5 Months

Ex CIA Boss Petraeus Gets 2 Years Probation

Hilary Most Corrupt Sec Of State Yet?

MN Declares Major Emergency Over Bird Flu Outbreak

Liberland To Become New Hong Kong

After Sending US Soldiers To Ukraine, US Rips Russia

Kiev Says French Mag Conspiring With Putin

Kiev Russian Border Wall Has East Fuming

Rebel Cmdr - Kiev War In East Guaranteed To Resume

Kiev As I Knew It Is Gone Forever


Dim Porky Celebrates 100 Yrs Of Victoy Over…Ukraine

Kiev Turn Access To Combat Zone Into Big Business

Lib West Angry That Russia Has Strong Image

Eurasia as the US Knew It Is Over Forever

Saudi Jets Launch Fresh Attacks On Yemen

Saudis Gain Nothing From Yemen War

Pentagon Map Hides ISIS Gains

Obama 'Not Afraid' Of Netanyahu

Many Illogical Wars Followed Obama's Nobel - Lavrov

Russia, Argentina Ink Billions In Energy Deals

If A Clinton Marries A Bush, US Could Cancel Elections


Jeb - NSA Spying Best Part Of Obama Admin

Sony Emails Show Hollywood Execs Works For Israel

More Reckless Russia Bashing

DC Readies For War Of Diplomatic Attrition w/Russia

Kirwan - Displaced People, In the Population War On World

100s Of Millions Of Animals Die On w Coast - Worst Ever

Power Outage Hits Fukushima, HUGE Rad Waste Into Sea

Philadelphians Know All About Cop Murder By Van Ride

Borrowing Money From Your Future Self

The Coming 'Brain Chip

Strange Implant Found On X-Ray Of Woman's Back

Americans Beat Illegals In TN By 1 Vote - Other States Fight

JADE HELM 15 - The Armband

Jade Helm Revealed - Vid

Nat Am Tribes Looking To Cash In On Legal Weed

Atty's Emails Revealed In The Monsanto vs Maui Lawsuit

OZ - Secret Country Wages War On Its Own People

The Illusion Of Reality

How One Man Crashed The Stock Market

How IMF Dealings Influence China Gold Reserves

American Outcasts - US Prisons, Modern Day Banishment

Building A Better Suit For Ebola Aid Workers

Is The US Building The Terrorists They Need?


Struggling To Survive When The Oysters Have Gone

Most Powerful Space Telescope Launch In 2018

60 Pictures Of Beautiful Planet Earth

Will We Ever Live In Underground Homes?

$51 Billion Of Electronics Thrown Out Last Year

How Europe And America Shaped Its Bodies

Why Some In NY Won’t See Green Trees This Spring

It’s Time To Take Man-Made Earthquakes Seriously

The Death Of Awe In The Age Of Awesome

Jeni's Ice Cream Recalls All Over Listeria Risk

Fujian H5 Media Myth On Human Risk


40 Top Disease-Fighting Fruits And Vegetables

Study - MMR Autism Link Not So Independent

Pain-Relief Secrets In Hot Chili Peppers

The Wild West Of Medical Cures

Serotonin Levels-Depression Link Is A 'Myth'

NASA Hopes To Unravel Secrets Of Dark Energy

UFO Caught On Video Over Town Center

When UFO Buzzed The President's Ranch

NASA's Hunt for Alien Life Taken To Next Level

Detection Of Light Bouncing Off An Exoplanet - A First!


Jeff & Jordan Maxwell - Out Of Body Experiences - Vid

Spectacular Chile Volcano Eruption - Vid

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Back At Obama

Little Rand Rips Hillary For Benghazi

Hillary Wants ‘Toppling’ The 1%…While Funded By It!

Graham Jokes He'll Have An 'All-Jewish Cabinet'

Michelle Doesn't Know How Long She's Been Mrs. Obama

The Decline And Fall Of The United States

Strange Object (Implant) In X-Ray Of Woman's Back

New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet


China In New Warning Over N Korea Nukes

US In Ukraine Arming 'Nazis' To Fight For 'Democracy'

Ukraine American Finance Boss Asks McCain For Arms

Former NATO Chief Targets Russia 'Irresponsibly'

Saudi-Style Yemeni Ceasefire - Continued Terror-Bombing

The Secret Stingray Case You Need To Know About

Efforts To Restart Sham Israeli/Pal Peace Talks

Where is Global Economic Growth?

51 Million Immigrants Flood US In 8 Years

How To Disable RFID Chip In Credit Or Debit Cards

Proposed Fed Rules For NYPD Include 'Don't Be Racist'

Citizen Photos GA Cop Watching Porn In Patrol Car

Cops Pepper Spray, Taser Teen…Try To Delete Video


SCOTUS - Cops Violated 4th Amend With Drug-Sniffing Dog

What To Know About Drug Dogs In Traffic Stops

Roundup-Cancer Link - 30,000 MDs, Health Pros Agree

Roundup’s Glyphosate Finally On EPA’s Radar

Strawberries Help With Insulin Resistance & Obesity Disease

The Vaccination Quiz Show

Doom - Colleges Promise To Help Poor, Do Opposite

Fujian H5N2 In 13 Turkey Farms In Minnesota

Fracking Linked To Rise In Texas Quakes

Triangular UFO At Nellis AFB Nuke Weapons Area

UFO Caught On Video Over Rome

USAF Blocks Cong Investigation On UFOs


Russia Says No To One World Government

Greater Chance Of Accidental Nuke War Now Than Ever

Ukraine As I Knew It Is Gone Forever

Ex-NATO Boss Calls For Holy Crusade Against Russia

Merkel Criticizes Russia Over Iran Missiles

Why TV News Watchers Should Add RT


US Warships Create Option For Dealing With Iran Ships

Obama - We Could Penetrate Irans S-300s

Oil Prices Decreasing As Yemen War Ends

China Missile Defense On Mexico Boorder

Amnesty Won't Tackle UK Antisemitism

Japan Maglev Train Does 374 MPH - World Record

Brian Williams Wants Back In

Study - Claims No Link Between MMR Vax And Autism


Clinton Ready For New Attacks After Story In Book

US Attark On Iran Will Ignite Whole Islamic World

Putin Warns Israel No To Send Weaposn To Kiev

Russia Gives Snaek Look At New Battle Tank

Kiev’s Try To Establish Nationality Of OSCE Monitors Must Stop

Donbass Endures

Russia Restores Freshwater To Crimea After KIev Blockade

Number of Ukraine IDPs Tops 1.2 Million - UN

Br Nathanael - 'Whoremonger' Menendez Nailed!


Drunk Ukrainian Soldier in Army Vehicle Runs Over Car - Vid

Yatsenyuk Opens Mouth, Something Dumb Comes Out - Again

Up To 70 US Mercs Said Seen In E Ukraine

Ratsenyuk Says Russia Wants To Destabilize Planet!

Merkel Urged To Stand Against US Intervention In Ukraine

Merkel Is Trying to Resist US Pressure Over Ukraine

US Anti-Russia Propaganda Could Lead Lo Nuke Catastrophe

NATO Chief Visits Iceland, Warns Of Russian 'Menace'

Ron Paul Discusses KIev Political Murders & US Troops

Canadian Journalist Calls On Harper To 'Get Out Of Ukraine'

Putin Talks Chechen, Oligarchs, Ukraine, Sanctions in TV Film


Presidents Of Russia, France Plan To Meet In Armenia’s Capital City

S-400 Missile Strength Doubled In Russian Far East

Saudi Led Coalition Declares End To Yemen War

Scores Of Saudi-Backed Terrorists Surrender In Aden

Houthi Blames US For Saudi Air Strikes

Saudis Claim 80% Of Priority Targets in Yemen destroyed

Swedes Slam Saudi Invasion of Yemen

Iran Summons Saudi Envoy Over Emb Attack In Yemen

Kirwan - The Global Murder Of Libya

Rickard - US Making Business Out Of Mideast Wars

Israeli Man Spreading Hate Against Arabs Nabbed


Egypt Court Sentences 22 Brotherhooders To Die

Egypt's President Sisi Meets With CIA Chief In Cairo

Britain Plans To Open First Persian Gulf Naval Base

Russia Hopes For Multicurrency World

Russia Follows US Founding Fathers On Debt Burden

Another Idiotic US Plan To Hurt Russia

Monsanto Sued In LA For False Advertising - Seattle GMO

CA Drought Protest Over Nestlé Bottled Water Biz

Gay Marriage’ Rooted in Fraud, Child Rape'

Is The Credibility Bubble Bursting?


Using Google To Find The Loch Ness Monster

US Troops Captive Of Military Medical System

Baltimore Cops KIll Man By Breaking His Spiine

WikiLeaks - Sony Chiefs Met With Cameron Before Scot Vote

SNP's Sturgeon Is The Tory Press Election Demon

Fishermen, BP Count Cost Of Deepwater 5 Yrs On

This Is What Happens When You Die...

10 Great Scenic Drives Around The World

UFOs And Strange Noises In Bundaberg

Could 'The Blob' Be The Solution To CA Drought?

New Images of Mysterious Bright Spots On Ceres

Mystery Of The Bristol Hum Has Been Solved


Defense Of Dzhokhar = The Real Boston Smoking Gun

Regular Army For DPR Nearly Complete

US To Give $17.7 More Aid To Porky's Ukriane

Ukraine/Russia - Elections UK - Arab Youth -Vid

The Pathetic GOP Attack On Killary

Hillary Clinton Narcissist In Chief

NATO Boss Tells Of Russian 'Menace'

Koch Brother Picks Scott Walker For President

Responding To A Jewish Critic

Israel's Enemies Reading Zionist Scripts - Morris

US Govt Has Patent On Pot As Medicine - But Outlaws It

Wealth Destruction For The 99.9 Percent


JoeTalk - Hell Is What You're Going To Get - Vid

Federal Police Gun Down 16 Unarmed Civilians

Manufacturing The Deadhead And The New Dark Age

UFO Over San Isidro, Lima - Vid

UFOs Confront Soldiers During War

UFOs, US Military Were In Contact, Claims Vietnam Vet

UFO Cover-Up, Claims Former Defence Minister

Siberia’s RoadTo A Permaburn Hell

The Frequency Of Being

Fujian H5N2 Chicken Farm Osceola County IA 5.3 Million

Fujian H5N2 Spread On Osceola Co IA Chicken Farm Concerns


Gunslinger US Gen Readies For War With Russia

Another Idiotic Plan To Hurt Russia

West Silent As Porky's Critics Murdered

Ron Paul Only Voice Against Kiev Murders

Top Italian Daily Breaks Kiev Murder Stories

Murdering Memory And Historical Victimization

Each Time Ratsenyuk Opens His Mouth Stupidity Emerges

Iran FM Proposes Regional Peace, Cooperation

US Floods Middle East With Arms


Saudi Target Men, Women, Children And Infants

54 Houses Destroyed By Saudi Attacks In Yemen

'Yemen Today' Broadcaster Killed By Saudi Bomb

18 Civilians Killed 300 Wounded In Saudi Strikes

US Sends Carrier Roosevelt To Waters Off Yemen

Sanctions Add To Putins Popularity - Czech Leader

Sony CEO - Let Them All Kill Each Other Except Israel

Indian Navy Launches Missile Destroyer Of It's Own

UK Forces Russian Businessman To Sell Off North Sea Gas

Five PROOFS HAARP Created CA Drought - Vid

Ebola Death Toll Passes 10,700 In W Africa

Lynch - An Esoteric Guide To Twin Peaks

UK Man Quits Chemo, Beats Cancer With Cannabis

Why Do Vax - Pushers Chicken-Out Of Debates On Vac?


The Holocaust Debunked Once And For All

Hitting Back Against Gov't And Media Propaganda

Lawless Orders From The President

Treason Is Not Patriotic

6.8 Quake Near Taiwan, Triggers Tsunami Alerts

NATO Increasingly Surrounds the ‘Russian Threat’

Jeb Bush's Sleazy Political Payback To W's Donors

Bank Of The Underworld

Jon Stewart - Why I Quit The Show

Beware Of Possible Cuisine-Drug Interactions


How We Got Duped In Believing Milk Is Needed

Christian America Is An Invention

End Of Global Car Makers Love Story In China?

Conversion Therapy - In The Name Of Children's Rights

New Roadkill Map Finds California 'Ring Of Death’

Tower Of Greed

How To Fly With A Gun – Without Getting Arrested

What Do We Now Know About LSD?

Kirwan - Americas Khazarian Traitors

Israel, Khazarian Mafia Condemned World's Top Military, Intel

Royals Don't Want You To See The Zion King - Vid

The Dem Path Over Clinton To Win 2016


Bombing Iran Opens Pandora’s Box - Sen Graham

Sen. Cruz - Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Hstoric Mistake’

Celente – Who Knows, Maybe The End Is Near?

Illegal 'Not A Criminal’ Proclaims CA Chief Law Officer

Congress To Revive Patriot Act Provisions

Signs Elite Are Feverishly Preparing For Something Big

'Closed Walmart' In CA, Cops Guard Dock, Entrances - Vid

Jade Helm - 15 Military Vehicle Build Up in SoCal - Vid

Plane Crashes Into Twin Towers Every Year

Everything About The OKC Bombing In Under Five Min

German FM Warns Russia Not To Recognize DPR, LPR


Putin - Israeli Weapons Sent To Ukraine increase Death

West Ukraine Region Bans All Opposition Parties

Porky Sticks Head In Ass, Ignores Dom Problems

The Scourge Of Nazism In Ukraine

Zionist Russian Oligarchs Supported NATO Expansion!

The Gold In London Is Pretty Much Gone

Gold Demand From China Is 'Insatiable'

China-Russia Co-op Changing World Order

World Bank Admits Russia Econ Crisis Over

World Ponders Life After US Hegemony

Russian Bikers Going To Europe Unarmed

Br Nathanael - Bad Start With Hillary - Vid

Neocon Think Tank Wants US Proxy Army To Control Syria

Khameini Says US Created Iran Nuke Weapons Myth

ISIS Executes 30 Christirans In Libya

Madsen Reveals ISIS, CIA, Saudi & Israel Connections - Vid

US Planes Ferry Arms To ISIL - Iran General

Jew 'Settlers' Use Pal Children As Slave Labor

Fearing Yemen Defeat, US-Saudis Stack Deck

Tens Of Yemeni Children Killed by Saudi Poison Gas

Yemen Under Saudi Chemical Attacks

44 Killed In Saudi Airstrikes, Clashes In Yemen

Saudis Using Banned Chem Weapons In Yemen

80% Houthis Weapons Storage Facilities Destroyed


Houthi Leaders Call On Yemeni Tribes To Unite

Amor Fati And The Path Of Devotion - Love Of Fate

700 Drown In Migrant Boat From Libya

Where Is ET? Fermi's Paradox Turns 65

Researcher, Writer, Jack Brewer Stops By BoA

How UFOs Conquered the World

Whales Blow Hole In Sonar Plan

Christie - We Don't Know If Obama Cares About America

GOP Hopefuls Mix It Up In NH

Fast-Track For Obama On Trade Accord


Russia To Spend $2 Billion On Crimea Modernization

Russia Launches Drifting Ice Station In Stn In N Pole

Houthis Rebels Prep For New Saudi Border Attack

Walmart Store Closing Raising Questions And Doubt

Political Pedophilia - An Open Source Investigation - Vid

Signs Elite Are Feverishly Preparing For Something BIG

Weaponization Of Information - You're Cultist/Terrorist Enabler - Vid

New Jacksonville Streetlights Watching You


ID Limits Forced Blood Draws From Motorists

Roberts - The Anthrax Coverup Exposed

FBI Anthrax Investigation Was A SHAM

Gone With The Wind Dress Goes For $137,000

Health Effects From Smart Meter Radiation

3D Printing Accessibility Is Key Solution For Disabled

Mexico Tries To Find Stolen Radioactive Material

MO Guard Calls Ferguson Protesters 'Enemy Forces'

Their Dead Son Blamed For Boston Bombing

‘God Told Me to Do It’

Big Idea - California Is So Over

Kirwan - Amerikan Exceptionalism


The FDA Has No Idea What's In Our Food

WWI2 Ship In A-Bomb Tests Found 'Amazingly Intact’

Staying Healthy In The Wilderness

Heroin Is A White People Problem

When Transistors Cost A Buck A Piece

Beware Of Junktronics

Lima To Restore Pre-Incan Aqueducts

Want To Record The Cops? Know Your Rights

Chicago Pays $5m To Family Of Teen Shot 16x By Cops

OK To Allow Nitrogen In Executions

Millions Of Girls Get Vax Spiked With Sterilization Drugs

No Denying Our Animal Instincts - Vid

Wilde – Where Do We Come From?

The Crying Fields


GOP Hopefuls Turn Up The Heat On Hillary In NH

Bolton - Israel Speeds Decision To Bomb Iran

Rubio Wants War With Iran, Not Talks

'Heroic' Bomber Boys Of WW 2 Saved Europe? - Pics

Ukrainian Army Is Run By Pilferers – Volunteer

‘One Race, One Nation’ - Neo-Nazi March In Odessa

US Airborne Sent To Ukraine Has War Atrocity History

Reign Of Terror In Ukraine

What's Behind The 'Peacekeeper' Murders In Ukraine?


Israeli Toddlers Made To Wear Yellow Stars Of David

Israel Goes Underground To Combat Palestinian Tunnels

Chomsky - World Racing Toward Nuclear 'Precipice'

Chomsky - US Is World's Biggest Terrorist

Brazil Drops Ukraine Rockets For Space Launches

Top US Generals Oppose Saudi War On Yemen

Saudis Using Banned Weapons in Yemen Air Raids

Border Skirmishes Kill 4 Saudi Troops

Iran Starts Testing Iraq Gas Pipeline

Iraqi Troops Retake 2 Towns from ISIL in Salahuddin

Putin Voted Most Important World Figure

Russia Will Save Its Military Modernization Program

Putin Warns Israel On Lethal Arms Delivery To Kiev

Russia Will Work With Any Elected US President – Putin

Alleged US Mormon Spies Detained Outside St. Petersburg


HRG - Israel Deliberately Murdering Pal Children In Gaza

Russia, China Military Growth Exceeds US Expectations

US To Make Image Of Euro Leaders More Thrilling

Personal Lives Of N Korean Leaders

WikiLeaks Stolen Sony Data Is ‘Just Wrong’ - Ex-SA Dir

Protesters Europe Wide Oppose EU & US Deal

Londoners Protest EU-US Deal

Russia Green-Lights Construction Of Bridge To China

Free Trade Zone Between Germany, Russia Possible

George Bush - 'God Told Me To Attack Iraq, Afghan

Texas Bill Moves Forward To Ban Fracking Ban


Gupta - It's Time For A Medical Marijuana Revolution

Chargers, Raiders Shared Stadium Plan Near LA Advances

CA To Cut 25% Water Amid Drought

TX Set To Make it Legal To Openly Carry Handguns

NYPD Cop Blog Reveals Deep Racism In The Force

UK Child Abuse - It's Who You Are That Matters

Doom - Higher Ed’s Growth = No Benefit To Students, Educators

UFO Spotted Over Acton Park - Vid

Update - Search for the Socorro UFO Footage

Pilots Have Shared Their UFO Stories With Me…


Roberts - US Keeps 450 Nuke ICBMs On Hair Trigger

Kiev Anger Over Russia Feeding Donbass Civilians

Top Polish Military Advisor Drops Support Of Kiev

Wikileaks Shows US Uses Hollywood To Shape Opinion

US May Start Testing Food For Deadly Glyphosate

Reflections On The Kundalini And Thomas Cole

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Home Movies Of Hitler's Vacations

Germany At Heart Of US Drone War

Giant Gulf Oil Spill You Never Heard About

After Alps Crash, Flights Without Pilots?

US Organic Food Industry Celebrating Success

UK Nuclear Strategy Faces Meltdown

Busiest US Starbucks Also Most Secretive

One Million Brits Using Food Banks

MN Declares State of Emergency Due To Fujian H5N2

Countries Banning Poultry From Roseau County MN

Canine H3N2 Confirmed In Dogs in Chicago


Longest-Running TV Variety Show To End At 53 Yrs

Disease Turned Us Into Gene Info Junkies

The NBA’s Dystopian, DNA-Testing Future

Tech Billionaires Trying To Cheat Death

45 Years After Apollo 13

Terrifying Predictions Of Post-Humanity In Vid Game

The Grand Canyon Is Getting A Mall

New Flu Strain Sickens 1,000s Of Dogs

Maple Syrup Making Antibiotics More Effective

Secrets Of The Scientologists

I See Music And Paint What I Hear


Jeff & Jay Weidner - Deal With The Devil - Vid

Killary Clinton (& Others) Laugh About War - Vid

Republicans Put Israel's Interests Above Ours (shocking)

Nichols - You Radiation This Week - 4-17-15

Obama Demands Senate Confirm Loretta Lynch

Navy Wants Anti-Drone Laser Trucks


About That Obama 'Movement'

Latest ‘ISIS Camp In Mexico’ Story A Total FAKE

Kiev 'Ceasefire' Falling Apart Fast -Donetsk Shelled

Porky Tries To Put Another Nail In Minsk Coffin

Minsk 2 Agreement RIP

US Troops Prepare Ukraine For Escalated Aggression

US Toops Train Kiev Troops For Total War In East

US Troops In Ukraine To Be Followed By Arms Supplies

Porky Losing Sense Of Reality

Russia Warns NATO Missiles Are Top Priority

Ukraine Could Drag World Into Madness


Critics Of Porky Keep Dying And Dying…

West Is Losing Because It Has No Strategy

US Won't Survive A Nuclear War With Russia

NATO Activity Near Russian Borders Up By 80%

NATO Rearmament Increases Risk Of War In Europe

CNN Co-Fndr - Putin Only Trying To Protect Russia

Russia Preparing For Real Star Wars vs US

Putin Warns Sanctions On Russia Will Continue

Russia To Continue To Stand Up To US - Putin

US Recruits Hollywood To Push 'Hate Russia' Efforts

US ZioCon Goes Berserk Over World Russia Forum


Obama Surprised S-300 Ban To Iran Lasted This Long

China Makes Stunning Progress On S China Sea Airfield

US 'Winner Takes All' Idiocy May Lead To China War

Navy Chief Says Drones Will Replace F-35 Turkeys

Yemen Crisis Deepens

Al-Qaeda Takes Airport, Air Defense HQ, Oil Terminal In Yemen

Saudis Bomb Scientific Center In Yemen Capital

1,000s Of Yemenis Flee Saudi Bombs To Horn Of Africa

New Yemen VP Hopes Saudis Avoid Ground Invasion

Hezbollah - Saudi Bombing Yemen Like Israel Gaza Massacre

Syria Falsely Accused Of Using Chem Weapons Again

When FDR Made Gold illegal For Us To Own – At Gunpoint

Why Does Rand Want To Prioritize Globalist TPP?

Open Letter To John McCain - Get Out Of Washington

CIA Has Long History Of Misleading The US Public

After Crying Conspiracy Theory CNN Touts NAU

The American Dream Dissipates At Record Pace

Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook

‘Group-Thinking’ The World Into A New War

Joe Kennedy’s Answer To The ‘Jewish Question’

Did Putin Violate Holocaust Religion? - Vid


Obama Admits Role In 2014 Ukraine Coup

Zionist Oligarchs Get Their Ukraine Destruction - Vid

1 MILLION Ukraine Men Flee Porky's Draft - Go To Russia

Porky Accused Of Hiding Colossal Losses At The Front

Kiev Junta Plans Escalated War

Zuesse - The Ideology Of The New Ukraine

Moscow Wants Probe Into Failed Macedonia Coup

DPR Calls Situation In Debaltsevo 'Near Disaster"

Russian Bomber Carrying A Nuke Missile Over Channel

Russian Military Flights - Facts And Myths

Escobar - Europe Slouching Towards Anxiety & War


Europeans, Putin Is Your Last Hope

US - Israel Relations A Time Bomb

Israeli FM - 3rd War With Lebanon 'Inevitable'

Atzmon - Clear Crisis In US-Israel Bond

Loathing Between Obama & Bibi Just Got Worse

Netanyahu - Symbol Of Rogue Governance

Extravagant Booze Spending...Headache For Netanyahu

UN Films Israeli Shell Hitting Peacekeepers In Lebanon - Vid

Netanyahu Denies Wife Pocketed State Money

Iconic 'Holocaust' Imagery And Mass Mind Control

Hamas Slams Egypt Over Ezzedine Qassam Brigades

Who Assassinated Hezbollah’s ‘Great Man’?

New Protests As Bahrain Strips 72 Of Citizenship


Al Jazeera Journalist Peter Greste Released By Egypt

Saudi Prince Launches Pan-Arab News Channel

Greece March Cash Crunch As EU Bailout Is Over

Greece Begins European Talks In France

Greece Problems Are Caused By Eurozone

100,000 Protest Austerity In Madrid

Proposes Transferring Azerbaijani Gas To EU

The Kenji Goto Psyop - Another Faked Video

Christian 'Science' Monitor Relies On CIA For Video Validation

KGB, CIA Kept Secret Dossiers On Britain VIP Pedos

Pedo - Home Office Coached Experts About 'Difficult Questions'

Which 'Environment’ Do 'Enviros’ Really Care About?

Sinister Court Of Protection Mocks Justice Again


'How I Met The Ghost Of No10' - Staffer Speaks Of 'Spirit'

Kirwan - The Five Year Plan Is Dead

Oz MSM - Who Is Killing The Great Bankers Of Europe?

Croatia Cancels The Debts Of Its Poorest Citizens

US Judges - Epidemic Of Prosecutorial Misconduct

Rotten Goulden...Corn

Lunatic NY Cop Pull Gun On Teen Snowball Fight

Alaska Officer Tasered 2 Young Kids Because They Asked

Arming ALL Cops With TASERS = 'Trigger Happy Cops'

Efforts To Curb Police Brutality Met With More Force

Man Forced To Pay TSA Fee...To Buy Motorcycle - Vid

Oil Cos Purposely Toxify Central Valley Tap Water


Roswell Alien Slides In May Live Streamed Event

USAF To Probe UFO Sightings Near Govt Facilities

Retired Police Officer Reports Boomerang-Shaped UFO

Huge UFO Flies Over Missouri Home

The Electric Surfboard Is Here - Vid

Oz - Melbourne Coldest January In 10 Years

What If Diabetes Causes Obesity - Not The Reverse?

10 DIY Gardening Hacks For The Best Garden

Pedestrians Make 'Stop Walking Sign' Dance

Scientists Discover Hydrogen Producing Bacteria

Bird Flu Cases In China Province Reach 30

Laurel And Hardy - 'I Wish You'd Be More Careful' - Vid


Midwest And NE Brace For One Of Biggest Snowstorms Ever

Top 10 Reasons I HATE The Super Bowl

GOP House To Vote To Repeal Obamacare This Week

Anthony Lawson Passes On - Heroic Film Maker

Time We Had 'The Talk' - Will You Survive Nuclear War?

Real Film Of Dead ET Carried Into Roswell Hangar? - Vid

EPA OKs Use Of Pesticide That Causes Brain Damage

Pot Is Making CO A Fortune In Revenue


Humanitarian Aid Delivered To Donbass Safely

The Terror Famine In Ukraine

Poland Faces Influx of Ukrainians Seeking Work

110,000 Iraqi Refugees In US - Where Are They?

Open Loathing Between Barack And Netanyahu

Israel Is Killing United Nations Personnel

Israel Shelled UN Peacekeepers - Vid

Boko Haram In Big Attack On Key Nigerian City

Hezbollah Anew - UK Mil Psy Op - Austerity For Poor - Vid

Japan Launches New Spy Satellite

Kim - N Korea Ready For Any War, Including Nuclear

Hundreds Of Thousands March Through Madrid

EPA OKs Pesticide That Causes Brain Damage


CitiGroup Takes $150 Milion Hit

Google, Gag Orders And WikiLeaks Investigation

Opponents Of US - Cuba Normalization Speak Up

Heaviest Lift Rocket Promised By SpaceX - Vid

Should PTSD Vets Be Exempt From Death Penalty?

Britain's Widening Poverty Gap

Leo Tolstoy’s Love Letter To Lincoln

Paradise Stolen - Don't Show Your Children - Vid

Masked Couple Creeps Out Auckland

Intense Volcano Explosions At Sakurajima, Japan

NASA's New Robot Will Take The Plunge...Into A Volcano

More Insane Poo Bah Pay


Breaking The Legal And Language Code - Vid

Solve Problems With New Perspectives

We Have Not Detected Gravitational Waves (Yet)

Super Bowl - 4 Tips For A Super-Healthy Game Day

'Cold Plasma' Kills Off Norovirus

Death With Dignity

Nearly All Kids Got Measles In The 1950s

Any Vax Can Lead To Autism - Measles Not Lethal - Vid

The Electric Body

Cancer Nurse Quits - Learns Nutrition Heals Cancer - Vid

Bridging The Empathy Gap

Why Insecure People Make Such Bad Bosses


Plants And Herbs That Can Help Heal Your Lungs

Mom Lost 2 Daughters To Medical Kidnapping

Why Finnish Babies Sleep In Cardboard Boxes

The FL Sinkhole That Swallowed Jeffrey Bush

The Hunt For Alien Extremophiles Is Taking Off

10,000 Yr Old Underwater Forest Discovered

Jeff & Preston James - Jews Must Reject World Zionism

Romney Exit Clears Path For Next Stage Of Bush Empire

Loretta Lynch Is Key In DC's Phony War On Terror

Pentagon - Hillary Libya War Push Based On 'Stupid Facts'


Coming Bio Infowar - US Want Mass DNA Database

Subversive Forces & The Triumph Of Free Thought

Nuland At Brookings

FBI Cold War Plans - Martial Law & Rounding Up 13,000

Swedish Company Implants Microchips In Its Staff

Water Privatization - A Worldwide Failure?

New Storm System Aims At NE, Targets Millions - Vid

Donetsk, Lugansk Have Data Kiev Readying New Offensive

Minsk Peace Talks Fail - No Breakthrough

Ukraine Paramilitary Fighters Besiege Military HQ In Kiev

Potential Ukraine Conscripts Evade Draft, Flee Country

Kiev's Brazen Authoritarianism A Nightmare For West


Reuters Says 'Impossible To Verify' Who Shelled Donetsk

Kiev Wants UN To Label Russia A Sponsor Of Terror

US 'Softens' Ban On Crimea

Russia Raps NATO Plan To Deploy Forces To E Europe

NATO To Surround Russia With 'Command Centers'

Russia Sees Hope Sanctions Gone By Summer

Moscow Library Fire Extinguished

Huge Moscow Library Fire, 14 Million Books

ISIS Says It Has Beheaded 2nd Japanese Citizen

Kerry Calls Kobani Recapture A Big Event

ISIS Seizes Oil Facility in Iraq

CIA Helped Mossad Kill Top Hezbollah Figure - Report

US, EU Warn Israel On 450 New Settler Homes (mock warning)

Iran Must Strengthen Foothold In West Bank: IRGC Cmdr

IRGC Cmdr - Zionists Should Fear Hezbollah's Response

No Breakthroughs In Syrian Peace Talks

Canada Rolls Out New Anti-Terrorism Laws

Russia Startles Markets With Interest Rate Cut

Oil Surges 8 Percent As US Rig Count Plunges

Big Oil Wants ND To Ease Radioactive Waste Laws

Chevron Pulls Plug On Poland Shale Gas Exploration

40% Of Italians No Longer Want Euro


Dijsselbloem To Varoufakis - "You Just Killed Troika"

Greek Finance Minister To Shun Officials From Troika

'Busy' Greek PM To Meet Merkel 'In Due Time'

Joschka Fischer - Merkel Austerity Policy In Tatters

Merkel Rules Out Canceling Any More Greek Debt

ECB Threatens Athens With Bank Funding Cutoff

AirAsia Capt Left Seat To Fix Computer Before Crash

Secret 1981 File Names Top UK Diplomat As Pedo

UK Sat On Cdn File On 2,000 Pedo Suspects For 2 Yrs

British Army Creates Team Of Facebook Warriors

Britons Earning Less Than In 2001


Who Counts As 'Homeless' Depends How You Ask

9 Science-Backed Reasons To Own A Dog

Prevent Diabetes By Avoiding Aspartame

Is Cannabis The Secret To Acne-Free Skin?

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 601

Guangdong H7N9 Jieyaw 48M Fatal Shanwei 9F

Winter In Scotland - Pics

Oh, What A Fool Believes!

Rock Pickin’ Snow!

Amplified Ancient Tea Detox Recipe


Why Romney Bowed Out Of 2016 Race - Vid

Six Ways To Undermine American Fascism

Measles Cases In CA Soar - Vid

Amid Measles Outbreak - A Brave Anti-Vax Doc

Fracking Is Killing Earth And Its People

Snow? What Are They Doing To Our Weather? - Pics

Climategate - Warming Idiots Caught Altering Data

Insanity 2016 Rant - Same BS, Different Puppet - Vid

The Terror Famine In Ukraine

Obama Has Left Red States Deeper In The Red


Why Are These Popular Spy Apps Not Illegal?

Teens Tell Anguish Of Going 24 Hrs w/o Phones

What FB Addiction Looks Like In The Brain

Markets Brace For Big Oil Profit Plunge

Crude Conspiracy Theories Could Be Right

Oil Crash Is Going To Get Progressively Worse

Offshore Oil And An Alaskan Disaster

Ruffallo - Support Boycot Bibbi’s Bluster

Israeli City Told To Pay Women Damages

Pedophile Scandal, Coverup Rocks Oz Jewish Community

Jewish Sex Victims Pressured Not To Help Cops


Scary Truth Of Sex Offender 'Rehab' Programs

Hooray For Hezbollah

Professor Fired For Criticizing Israel Files Suit

Why DEA Conducting Mass License Plate Tracking?

3 Options To Avoid Government-Run Education

Oligarchy And The War On Individualism

The NFL - Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

Pot Producer Makes 12,000 Joints Before Super Bowl

Super Bowl Athletes Are Scientists At Work

Aspartame - By Far The Most Dangerous Substance

Kellogg's Junk Food Laced With Glyphosate, GMOs


Fracking With Our Food

Study Backs Worthlessness Of Flu Shot

Stanley Kubrick’s 1946 New York Subway Photo

Disaster Waits For Australia

Lake Victoria Is Dying

The Creativity In Cars & Religion

Amazing Honeycomb Geometry

Exploring Death Valley - Pics

Brain Surgery, The Ancient Way

People Or Parchment?

Timelapse Shows Earth Bathed In Infrared Light - Vid

Siberian Town At -40 Degrees Celsius - Vid

China Is Running Out Of Brides

Mystery Of Those Creepy YouTube Videos - Vid

Last Tango For Argentina’s Top Spies

Why Is Google Making Human Skin? - Vid

Cause Of OK Quakes Could Truly Shake State

Freaky ‘Vortex Shedding’ - Vid

Why We Need To See The Stars

World’s Most Incredible Underground Cities

Cyborg Cockroaches To The Rescue - Vid

The Dark Side Of Open Data

Never Has Our Approach To Drugs Gotten Better

How To Build A Tornado - Vid


America’s Most Hated Companies

Why Do Dogs Love Snow?

Why Does Shoveling Snow Raise Risk Of Heart Attack

Organ Transplants From Aborted Fetuses?

Govt Put Tens Of 1,000a At Risk Of Deadly Disease

The Rise Of Sci-fi 'Smart Drugs’

Seniors Far More Sexually Active Than Thought

Check Out This Futuristic Hospital

High-Fat Foods That Are Super Healthy

We All Meditate, Whether We Know It Or Not


Romney Says Won't Run For President In 2016 - Vid

Romney Exit Big Boost To Jeb Bush - Vid

Obama A 'Figurehead Of Imperialist Government'

WH Now Says Taliban Is 'Armed Insurgency'!

GOP House Oppose Bringing Syria Refugees Here

Mom Of CO Girl Killed By Cops Demands Indy Autopsy


Obama Admin Treats Journalists As 'Enemies Of The State'

CIA Used British Territory For Torture

Incredibly Prescient For 1928 - Remarkable

Bill Would Let TX Teachers Legally Kill Students

Chiappalone - Endtime

Pro-Gun Activists Turn On TX Pols Over Conceal Carry Issue

Lindorff - Sen. John McCain Is 'Low-Life Scum'

Kerry May Visit Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

DPR Militia Encircles 8,000 Kiev Troops

Thousands Kiev Troops Now Trapped In Donbass

6 Killed In Donetsk After Kiev Shells Hit Cultural Center, Bus

Kiev Kills 6 By Shelling Donetsk Humanitarian Aid Center

Kiev Chief Of Staff Admits No Russian Troops In Donetsk

Kirwan - Getting Down And Dirty

DPR-LPR Troops Vow To Continue If Minsk Talks Fail

Russia Readying Another Relieve Convoy

Poland Ready To Sell Weapons To Kiev

Ukraine Might End Up Feeding Europe Instead Of Itself

Russian LifeNews TV Crew To Be Deported From Ukraine

Kiev Burns Last Bridge With Draconian Travel Restrictions

Heading For War With Russia?

Duma Chief Hints At Russian Exit From Council Of Europe

Opposition Blogger May Have Outed Putin's Daughter

Military Dominance Over Russia 'Impossible' Defense Minister

Russia's Air Force Has Big Plans. Can NATO Keep Up?

Top Rus Gen Says Nuke Arsenal Guarantees Superiority Over NATO

US Losing Military Superiority To China, Russia

Russia Might Bail Out Greece

New Greek Govt Delays Sanctions Against Putin

Greece Won't Cooperate With Troika Or Seek Extension

EU To Greece - 'No Question Of Canceling Your Debt'

Greece Is Now A Russia Sanctions Veto - Merkel Is Foaming

London Vulture Fund Mgr Warns Of Impending Recession

BoE Chief 'Delusional' To Claim UK Escaped Debt Trap

Russia Ups Gold Purchases By 123%

China Outstrips US Foreign Investment In 2014

China Passes US As World's Top Investment Destination


European Union May Be On The Verge Of Collapse

United Eurasia Means The End Of US World Hegemony

Chevron Cuts 23% Of PA Workforce - US Rig Count Dives

Turkish Lira Sinks To Record Low Against US Dollar

The Mexican Peso & Brazilian Real Are Collapsing

Banning Russia From SWIFT Will Paralyze World Econ

EUFMs Extend Sanctions On Russian Officials, E Ukraine

Poland To Launch Civilian Military Training Over Ukraine Crisis

Human Rights Watch - Armed Conflict Promoter For Soros?

Argentine President Target Of Israeli False Flag?

Experts Downplay Netanyahu's Threats

Hezbollah Blasts Israel Over Killings


Israel To Cut Off Electricity To Palestinians

Israel To Build 450 More 'Settlement' Homes

Turkey Censures Israel's New 'Settlement' Plan

Israeli Supremacism Rears Its Ugly Head Again

ISIS Launches Attack On Oil-Rich City Of Kirkuk

134 Day ISIS Siege Of Kobani Ends

King Dumps Prince Bandar From Natl Security Council

Will Kill ISIS Captives If Pilot Is Dead

Infighting Rages On Between Groups In Syria

Docs Reveal Abbas Rival Given Serbian Citizenship

Pakistan Shia Mosque Bombing Kills Dozens

Iran Commentators Warn Of The Vultures Of Riyadh


Hoaxes From What?- Russia Hot War?- Hezbollah - Vid

Row Over Vicar FB Post Link To 'Israel Did 9/11' Story

Is Salmond England's 'Worst Nightmare'?

Scots Scoff At Miliband Over Bill Pledge

Child Abuse Victims Death Threats After MPs Revealed IDs

MI5 Secret Docs Expose Failure In Libya

Boris Johnson - Jihadis Are Porn-Watching 'Wankers'

Police Must Review Nearly 2,000 Cases Of Alleged Corruption

Salaita Sues University Of Illinois

Life In The Spirit World Surrounded By Spirits


UFO Resembling Flying Horse Next To Erupting Volcano

Volcano Cam Catches UFO During Eruption - Vid

UFOs Over Wimbledon - Vid

New Site USAF UFO Files Shut Down

Diamond-Shaped UFOs Over NY State

Video Of Woman 'Pushed Over By A GHOST' - Vid

Do Past, Present AND Future Co-Exist In The Universe?

New Dino Species Found In China

Jazz Legend Pete Fountain Plays Clarinet On Carson - Vid

9 Ways To Ward Off Doctor Pressure To Vaccinate

Common Pesticide May Increase Risk Of ADHD


USS Stennis Loads Massive Ordnances - For What?

Fox - Romney, Clinton Lead In Polls

What's Behind Hillary Waiting To Announce?

AirAsia Plane Wobbled, Climbed, Fell Into Sea

ISIS Fundraising In US Via Bitcoin - Report

Judge Accuses DOJ Of Fraud

New TSA Facial, Emotional Recognition System

Protesters - Arrest Henry Kissinger For War Crimes

McCain Calls Protesters 'Low Life Scum' - Vid

Endgame - Full White Genocide Documentary Preview - Vid

BBC Headlines Or Headlies? - Vid

How The GOP Committed Political Suicide In 1982

$561b Pentagon Budget Planned - Real Budget Is $1t - Vid

Anita Hoge's Precious Goodbye To America

More Than 100 US Kids Mysteriously Paralyzed

Federal Law - Illegal To Hire An Illegal

Illegal Aliens - Declaring War On The Enablers

World's Cities Experiencing More Heat Waves

The Liberation Of Auschwitz

iPhone App - Non GMO Project Shopping Guide - Be Healthy

RAF Museum Loses Spitfire In Bad Business Deal

Socorro UFO Case – Two More 'Smoking Guns'

So OZ Pilots Are Reporting UFO Incidents!

UAP-UFOs Maneuverability Makes Drones Look Bad


Hunt For Alien Extremophiles Is Taking Off

JoeTalk - Ka-Boom - Vid

CDC Telebriefing On US Measles Spread

H7N9 Cluster Confirmed In British Columbia

Free Energy Within, Without And Beyond

Bill Gates - 'We Need A World Government'

Senate Passes Keystone XL Bill

McCain Calls Protesters 'Scum' - Vid

Hillary Camp Split On When To Launch Campaign


Majority Leader McConnell Insists On Iran Sanctions Bill

DEA Admits Plan To Monitor License Plates At Gun Shows

Roberts - Is Democracy Dead In The West?

Castro Warns US Against Meddling In Cuba’s Affairs

ISIS Recruiter Admits Getting Funds From US

3 US Contractors Killed In Afghanistan

Gingrich - US Is Losing The War Against Radical Islam

How Corps Rigged Job Market & Killed American Dream

Russia Stopping US From Dominating World - Vid

US Threatens To Increase Russia Sanctions


Moscow - Kiev Targeting Civilians, Increasing Clashes

Russia Warns Bosnia, Herzegovina Against Ammo To Kiev

PACE Strips Russia Of Voting Rights Til April - Russia Quits

Russia Says Air Force Flight Near UK Fully Legal

The Russian Air Force 5th Gen Stealth Fighter

Russia Arms Exports Topped $15 Billion in 2014

Gorbachev Warns Risk Of US Russia Armed Conflict

IMF To Ukraine - End War Of Face Aid Cut-Off

Porky's Advisor Calls Draft Evaders 'Cowardly Dogs'

Kiev's Net Internet Army Will Spare You From Info


EU To Blame Russia For Ukraine War – Greece May Intervene

How Neocon Strategy In Ukraine Backfired

BBC 'Doubts' Over 12 Killed In Donetsk Bus Attack

Ukraine Naftogaz Files Suit vs Russia's Gazprom

Lies And Deception In Ukraine’s Energy Sector

Insufficient Gas Volumes Jeopardize Supplies - Gazprom

Friedman - 'Czar Putin' Might Invade Baltics To Reverse Oil

Escobar - Crossing Bridge From Eurasia To NATOstan

Four BEHEADED After A Week Under New Saudi King

Israel, Hezbollah On Brink Of Clash After IDF Deaths


Hezbollah To Tel Aviv - No More Border Violence

Loony Netanyahu - Iran 'Planning New Genocide' Of Jews

Blowback Against Israeli State Terror

Rights Groups Condemn Israeli Gaza War Crimes

Argentine Jews Call For Ouster Of Hector Timerman

Cristina Of Argentina - Target Of Israeli False Flag Attack

Greeks Start Canceling Austerity Policies

Greece’s Young Radicals Sweep Away Austerity

Greece's Russia Stance Could Be Headache For Brussels

Bank Of England Governor Attacks Eurozone Austerity

Obama - 'We Need Offshore Drilling'

Escobar - Saudis Starting To Sour On Oil War On Russia

Foreign Intervention 100x More Likely In Oil Rich States

Goldman Sachs - Crisis Of Russian Crude A Laughable Myth

CA Kern Co. Declares Fiscal Emergency Over Oil Price Dive

Why The US Shale Boom May Come To An Abrupt End

'Scotland Calls Moratorium On Fracking For Shale Gas

25 Killed In Egypt Sinai Attacks

Drone Finds Old Soviet Base In German Forest

Cop Who Shot, Killed 7 Yr Old Girl Gets Off

Dash Cam - Seattle Cop Falsified Charge On Old Man

Sorry, The Police Can Still Steal Your Property


Sputnik Goes Live In French

Canada Spy Agency Tracks File-Sharing Sites Worldwide

100s UK Child Sex Offenders Spared Jail Get 'Cautions'

TWENTY Different Types Of Cams Spying On Motorists

Is Asia Air Pollution Changing US Weather?

Computers With Consciousness - Stanley Kubrick

Madness - Men Will Have To PROVE A Woman Says 'YES'

Doom - Pay To Play Scam Just Small Part Of The Fraud

A Drone Pilot's Memoirs

The Conspiracy Of Language


Mental Health To Be Tracked With Social Media

Heavy Snow Hits UK - Travel Chaos And Disruption

Have We Reached 'Peak Food'? World Production Slows

New Volcanic Island in The Pacific

Most Serial Killers Don't Understand Punishment - Study

Swine Flu Recorded in France Amid Influenza Outbreak

The Case For Using Antibiotics To Fight Cancer

Terrified Motorist Chased By UFOs

UFOs Over The Atacama Region In Chile

New USAF UFO Files Site Mysteriously 'Unavailable'

Drones Reported Near Nuclear Military Site


Obama Angry At Bibi Over US Trip To Congress

Russia Nuke Missiles Upgraded - US Missiles Can’t Stop Them

US Warns Russia Of Bigger Costs For Ukraine Actions

Ukranian Troops Throw Nazi Salute In ‘Training’ - Vid

Europe Needs Russian Gas - Can Only Choose Delivery Route

ISIS Leader Gets Funds Via US

Netanyahu, Wife Sued For ‘Racist & Physical Abuse’

Think Tank - 25% French Jews Should Move To Israel


Israel In A Corner...Attack Or Retreat? - Vid

Govt Panic At Thought Of Jews Leaving UK

God Promised Anti-Semitism To The Zionists

The New Judeo-German Patriot

'We Give, Give And Give' And They Still Don't Live Us

Israeli High-Tech Turning US-Mex Border Into A New Hell

Hollywood And The CIA - A Dark Marriage Revealed

Can Congress Sue Obama Over Immigration Order?

Obama To OK Offshore Drilling From VA To GA

Why Is US Opening Atlantic To Offshore Drilling?

Co-Pilot Flying AirAsia Jet When It Crashed

Jesse Venture On RT - ISIS Comparison

FB New Political Censorship System Going Global


The Koch Brothers' $900 Million Influence

Monckton - Climate Change Is A Basis For Elite Control

How Nebraskans Are Winning vs Keystone XL

GMO Potato Seeks FDA Approval - Risks Remain

Why The Air Force Cares About Psychokinetics

Bank Of England Governor Attacks Eurozone Austerity

Modern Terror And Crumbling Western Values

EOBS - Early Onset Brainwashing Syndrome

Japan Theme Park Hotel To Be Staffed By Robots

Looting The taxpayers - All in A Day's Work

Abe's Strategy - Make Japan A Slave Labor State

Massive Surveillance Dragnet in Canada

More Southwest Droughts And Oz Floods

Signs Of A Psychopath

I Tried A Drug Known As 'Viagra For The Brain’ - Vid


Why Americans Don't Travel Much

Me And My Mug Shot

Medical Debt And Bankruptcy On The Rise

Over 20% US Kids On Food Stamps & living in poverty

Rural America's Silent Housing Crisis

Ancient Planets Are Almost As Old As The Universe

Earth-Sized Planets Over Twice As Old As Ours - Vid

Up Close And Personal With American Soldiers

Processed Foods, Alcohol Glorified...Cigarettes Attacked

Measles Truths The Mainstream Media Is Suppressing


Israeli Airstrikes On Syria After Rocket Attack - Iran Warning

Israel Blames Hezbollah For Spanish Peacekeeper’s Death

Kirwan - Deconstructing History

5 Things You’re Not Being Told About Fukushima

An Indisputable Database For Chemtrail Deniers

3 Feet Of Snow Pummels Northeast - Homes Shrouded In Ice

New England Set For Another 2 Feet Of Snow - Vid

The Beautiful Side Of A Mean Snowstorm

Largest Wave Of Illegal Immigration In US History Inbound

GOP Leaders Look For Way To Weasel Out Of Immig Fix

Ret Army Gen - Obama Let Al-Qaeda Grow 400% In 5 Years


Co-Creator Of 'Gray State' Speaks On Film's Future

Meet The Group Trying To Ruin The Internet

The Reality Salesman Makes A House Call

Monsanto Troll Handbook Of Snappy Replies Infographic

Did You Know The IRS And Fed Are Private Corps?

Selective Free Speech And The Secular Inquisition

5 Things You’re Not Being Told About Fukushima

Putin Slams Double Standards On Ukraine, Etc

Putin - Russia Will Offer Haven To All Ukraine Draft Evaders

Last Week RT Was With Terrorists, Now It's 'Spies!

Br Nathanael - Auschwitz Makes The News! (ugh


BRICS In Space? Russia Proposes BRICS Space Station

Lavrov - 'Unprecedented' Russophobia In UK Establishment

Putin-Medvedev Divorce - It's Only A Matter Of Time

Over 1,190 Kiev Troops Killed In Donbas To Date

Obama, Merkel To Finalize Ukraine Financial Support

Ukrainians Against War

1,000 Miners Protesting At Ukraine Govt Building

Ukraine Fate No Great Importance To West

English-Speaking Fighter In Mariupol A Brit From London

War Is Going Badly For Kiev. Making It More Dangerous

Coming Corporate Takeover Of Ukraine Agriculture

Russia Slams S&P Downgrade

Russia Vows ‘Unrestricted’ Response If Banned From SWIFT

EU Reportendly To Extend Anti-Russian Sanctions By 6 Mos

External Shocks Cause Russian Economy $200b In Damage

Chechen Leader Says US Trying To Destroy Russian Economy

Fake Russian Spy Ring Announced

Is US Going To Blame Next Market Crash On 'Russian Spies'?

Russia 9 Mo Gold Buying Continues - 20 More Tons in Dec

Gas Supplies To Bypass Ukraine From 2019 - Gazprom

Ukraine Still Won't Pay Gas Bills In Full - Gazprom

Rosneft Says It Can Weather $30 Oil

Russia, Turkey Agree On New Gas Route

80% Of Russians Ready To Give Up Western Food

Hedge Funds Bet On Oil Dropping Further

Shell To Build $11bn Petrochemicals Plant In Iraq

PEDIGA Loses 2nd Leader In One Week

France Launches 'Hell On Earth' War On Jihadists

Moscow - N Korean Leader Kim Confirms Russia Visit

China Friendliest Country For Russia, US Most Hostile - Pdf

Russians With Positive Attitude To US Falls From 78% To 14%

Hungary Next Stop On The Putsch Express

Top Georgia Gen Talks 'NATO' Integration In Brussels


US Arm Twisting Dirt Poor Romania To Bey $1.4b Attack Copters

Greek Govt Rage Over EU 'Unequivocal' Anti-Russia Talk - Vid

Greek Election Wins Putin A New Friend In Europe

Greece Begins The Great Pivot Toward Russia

Greek PM Tsipras New Cabinet Of Mavericks, Visionaries

Greece Full Debt Repayment Unrealistic - Syriza

Germany - No Debt Haircut For Greece

Hezbollah And Israel Move Closer To A War

Four Israeli Soldiers Killed In Missile Hit

Hezbollah Retaliates Kills Israeli Soldiers - Vid

Israel Kicks Syria - Soros Finances Syriza - Vid


Gaza War Was ‘Unlawful’

Israel Dismisses 43 Soldiers For Criticizing Regime

Israel To Suffer Consequences For Golan Attack - Iran

Michelle 'Blurred Out' On Saudi TV In Dead King Ceremony

All The Saud’s Men

Lavrov - Blasts External Anti-Crisis Recipes For Syria

Syria Domestic, External Opp Agree On Crisis Settlement Plan

Syria Govt, Opposition Figures Begin Talks In Moscow

Pakistan Kills 53 ‘Terrorists’ Near Afghanistan

'American Sniper' Shows ‘Dehumanized Mentality’ - Chomsky


American Sniper, 9/11 & You

Cop Fractures Grandma's Skull - Cop Says She 'Disoberyed'

Koch Bros To Spend $890 Million In 2016 Campaign

Massive Tracking Of Americans By License Plate Tracking

Charlotte Iserbyt Speaks At Campaign For Liberty - Vid

MUFON Plans Massive Database To Track ET Sightings

Anti-Trade Deal Protesters Hijack Senate TPP Hearing

Gunman Breaks Into MN Council Meeting, Opens Fire

US Prisoner Exonerations Hit Record In 2014

‘UK Most Spied Upon Country'


The End Of The Politics Of Fear?

Spain Court Charges 10 Priests For Child Sex Abuse

Internet Porn Driving People To Inflict Sexual Violence, Murder

Inside The Ridiculous School For Rich Kids

More Than 1 Million In UK Wrongly Diagnosed With Asthma

Peanut Allergy Cure Found?

Sugary Drinks Can Start Girls' Periods Earlier

Kids Don't Need To Drink Milk

New Research Reveals Real Causes Of Depression

Oz Dad Gave Cannabis Oil To Cancer Daughter Jailed


Nomad Souls Looking For Redemption

Got Chocolate? A Can? You Got Fire!

Pilot Reports UFOs Over Friday Harbor, WA

Turn Your Computer Into A UFO Detector

Drones in Fact and Fiction

Amazing James Randi Is Retiring

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 525

Surprisingly Common Cause Of Death In India

Have Fishermen Find New Species Of Ancient Man?

Sacred Maya Water Temple Unearthed


New England Digs Out From Blizzard

Talking Heads Blame Snowstorm On ‘Global Warming’

Kiev Forces Wound 6 In Luhansk Shelling

Kiev Army Units Retreating From Debaltsevo

In India, Obama Denies He's A Secret Muslim

Shock And Awe For ISIS, A Warning For Netanyahu

FB Blocks Pages 'Insulting' To Islam

Greek Vote Pushes EU To Limit

Auschwitz, Cows And Bigots In Northfield, MN

Overpopulation In The US And Around The World - Pt 1


Obama Floats Atlantic Drilling Plan, Locks Down AK

Gov Scott Walker 'Very Interested' In 2016 Run - Vid

Palin Suggests She May Run In 2016 - Vid

Sony To Chop 1,000 More Smartphone Jobs

Electric Car Powered By Salt Water - 920 HP, 373 Miles A Tank

European Road Race Insanity! - Vid

UFOs Flirting with Helicopter Over Rendlesham Forest | VIDEO

5 Ancient Alien Planets Found

UFO Hovers Over Holloman AFB 1957

Eyewitness Steve Allen Recounts Stephenville UFO

Radar Shows Stephenville UFO Heading Toward Bush


The 'Historic' NW Snowstorm That Never Happened - Vid

Forecasters Got Blizzard Right But Path Wrong

Kirwan - Censorship

Roberts - Russia In The Cross Hairs

US Official Insults Cubans

Putin - Those Who Rewrite History Try To Hide Own Disgrace

Obama Calls For Rules For Drones

Obama To Send 27 To Pay Respects To Dead Saudi King

Impregnating America With Muslims - Part 8

IBM Denies Plans To Destroy 110,000 Jobs

Millions Of Cars Tracked Across US

Mass Surveillance Basic Threat To Human Rights


Hebdo Shock - Suicided Cop's Family Barred From Autopsy!

Dark Money Crawls Out Of The Shadows

Mariupol Says Kiev Soldiers Left Checkpoint Before Strike!

Foreign Troops In Ukraine Are Real - US Is Sending Them!

NATO Wants Training Camp in Georgia

Kiev Punishes Civilians In Donetsk - Travel Permits, Drug Blockade.

Ukraine At War - 'People Feel Abandoned'

Kiev Puts 'State Of Emergency' On Donbass - Highest Alert

Kiev Begs IMF For More Money

Sky News Portrays Ukraine’s ‘Far Right’ As ‘Heroes’

Merkel Could Have Brokered Peace In Ukraine

Russia Counters US Big Lies With Hard Truths

EU Heads Threaten Russia With More Sanctions

It Is Time To Sanction The Sanctioners

Biden - Oil Prices To Stay Low For Several Years


Russia, Iran Joint Bank For Business In National Currencies

Defense Industry Will Pull Russia Out Of Economic Crisis

S&P Downgrades Russia’s Rating To 'Junk'

Goldman - The Myths & Realities Of Russia Oil Sector

Kuwait Expects Budget Deficit Of $24 Billion

Oil Can Return To $200 If Supplies Dry Up - OPEC Head

New Greek Leader Tsipras Lives In Working Class Flat

Greece’s New Finance Minister

Le Pen Hails Greek Anti-Austerity Party Victory

Greece Elections - Merkel Has Lost, Hope Has Won

EU Tells New Greek Leaders To Stay With Austerity!

SYRIZA Delivers Blow To Illuminati Banksters


Greece’s Agonized Cry To Europe

Greece Faces Bank Runs

Alchemy Of Synthetic Finance And Global Governance

Panicked Super Rich Buying Escape Hideouts With Airstrips

Austrian Party Demands Bailout For Swiss Franc Speculators

Most Russians Think Hebdo Tragedy Caused By Journalists

US Says Russian 'Spies' Try To Recruit New Yorkers

Russian Bank IDs Alleged Russian Spy As Employee

'Holocaust' Memorial Day 2015

Anti-Israel Cartoon Breached Standards

What’s Good For Greece Is Bad For Israel

Israel Troops Fired For Criticizing Regime


Israel FM Lieberman Orders Free Handout Of Hebdo

IDF Says At Least 2 Rockets Hit Golan Heights

High Israeli Cops Resigned For Penis Issues

UNRWA Suspends Gaza Reconstruction - Lack Of Funds

Thailand Loves Hitler

Attack At Luxury Hotel in Libya Reveals ‘False Flag’

Gunmen Kills Guards Takes Tripoli Hotel Hostages

US Embassy In Yemen Closes To Public

Killer Freeze On Way To Britain

Craig Murray - Greece, London, Scotland And Europe

Craig Murray - BBC Makes Me Vomit


Dead Oligarch Berezovsky Owes UK £46m Taxes

UK Bank Scandal Report Put Off Until After Election

Britain To Ban Fracking In National Parks

Murdered Nisman Story Getting 'Mossadier'

Time For A Big Terminology Change

Tesla Car's 'Insane' Button Gives A WILD Ride - Vid

A Whole Branch Of Science Turns Out To Be Fake

Murdered Nisman Story Getting 'Mossadier'

Time For A Big Terminology Change

Tesla Car's 'Insane' Button Gives A WILD Ride - Vid

A Whole Branch Of Science Turns Out To Be Fake


Pay To Play Scandal Just Part Of Higher Ed Fraud

CIA Whistleblower Guilty Of Leaking Info To NYT Reporter

Report Predicts 18 States Will Legalize Pot By 2020

Call Me Trimtab - The Power To Effect Change

Why You Should Quit Drinking Diet Soda

Tired And Weary? Your Thumbs Will Tell…

Public Water Fluoridation Being Challenged In Dallas

Cali Doctor Says, Don't Vaccinate Children

Sleep Remedies, Decongestants Double Risk Of Alzheimers

'Close Shave' Asteroid Was So Big It Had It's Own MOON


Snow Still Falling On New England, High Tide Due - Vid

People Told To Stay Inside During Blizzard - Vid

NE Storm Makes Millions Stay Home - Vid

‘Historic Blizzard’ Grounds 3,200 Flights In US

Here Are America’s 5 Worst Blizzards

Severe Polar Weather To Batter UK

Details Emerge As Lawsuit Filed In Joan Rivers Death

Obama Gum Chew At Indian Parade Draws Fire

Alternative Media Future And Risk


Will Spain Be Next To Dump Austerity?

Left Victory In Greece - Vid

EU Braces For 'Catastrophe'

The Jew Bill Of 1753

Secret ‘Badass’ Intel Spied On Smartphones

Why The FCC Is Trying To Redefine Broadband

7 Shocking Facts About Saudi Arabia Under Late King

Sucking Up To The Saudis

Latest Russian Relief Convoy Nears Donbas

Putin Calls Ukrainian Army A 'NATO Legion’

US Would Benefit From A President Like Putin


Russian Region Bans Sale of Coke

Kremlin Increases Control Of The Economy

Oliver Stone Eyes Putin Documentary

India To Let US Build $182 Billion In Nuke Plants

Triumph Of The Military-Ind-Congressional Complex

US-Cuba Thaw 'American Trojan horse’

3 Cops Execute 17 Yr Old Girl At Police Station

Homeless Camps Appearing Beyond Downtown LA

Drone On White House Lawn Raises Security Concern

Drone Pilot 'So Ashamed' After Killing 1,626 - Vid

Yemen Unrest Won't Stop Drone Slaughter


How Europe Won The '70s War On Terror

Get Ready For Companies That Run Themselves

Epstein’s First Accuser Tells Her Story

Blast Force - The Invisible War On The Brain

Secrets Of The Teenage Brain

NASA Wants to Send A Helicopter To Mars

NASA Readies For Photo Session With Pluto

The Trailblazing Soviet Space Dogs

Unique Organic Molecule Discovered In Deep Space

A Grim Future For Oil Drilling & Service Firms


Millions Of GMO Mosquitoes May Be Released In FL

US Federal Waters Auctioned For Wind Power

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Monitor

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Everywhere

Choose The Right Honey For Your First Aid Kit

Calcium Supplements Proven To Kill, Again

Pediatric Academy - Medical Marijuana May Help Ill Kids

'The Devil’s Breath' – World’s Scariest Drug - Vid

Eating Walnuts Will Help You Ace A Memory Test

Everyday Drugs May Increase Risk Of Alzheimers


24 Ways To Keep Warm Without Turning Up The Heat

Is Purpose The Key To Longevity?

Lucid Dreaming Linked To Increased Self-Reflection

The Fallacy Of 'Giving Up’

No, Astrobiology Has Not Made The Case For God

The Near-Term Future Of Quantum Computing?

Ten Mysterious Undeciphered Codes & Inscriptions

How To Buy Marijuana Online In 3 Easy Steps

Poorest Patients Sued By Non-Profit Hospitals

Examining Environmental Impacts Of Fertilizer Run-Off

Dr. Oeggerli’s Beautiful Little Monsters


Blizzard To Hit Northeast 'Very Hard' - Vid

Historic Storm, Blizzard Set To Slam Northeast

Piers Corbyn Forecasting Severe February Weather

Global Warming In Weird Comeback in 2015 - A-21 Looms

Drone Found On WH Grounds In News Security Breach

Kirwan - Ninety-Nine To One

Roberts - Freedom, Where Are You? Not In US Or Europe

WikiLeaks - Why Is Google Handing Staff Emails To Feds?

War On Leaks Madness - Journalists Emails Watched

ALIPAC vs McCaul's 'Secure The Border Never Bill'


Second FOX News Suicide In Two Months

'Out Of My Face, Please' - PROOF US Soldiers In Mariupol

English-Speaking Soldiers In Mariupol After Shelling

Putin's Message To Washington On Ukraine

OSCE Shows Merc Weapons Found In Donetsk Airport

Big US Think Tank - Why US Should Stay Out Of Ukraine

Kiev Asks For Ask MIlitary Help From NATO

10 Reasons Why Vicky Nuland Is Stalin Of Today (satire)

S&P Downgrades Russia From BB+ To BBB-

Russia To Walk Out Of PACE If Sanctions Are Renewed

US Missile Defense System Can't Stop Russian ICBMs

Russia Develops Heavy Drone - S500 By 2017

New NATO HQs Planned In Six E European States


Top Spymaster Explains How Russian Intel Sees US

The Anti-Russia Campaign Is Heating Up

Monsanto's Next Victim - Russia

Russia Region Bans Sale Of Coke, Mt Dew To Minors

China To Build Methanol Plant On La Bayou

Saudi Arabia Beheaded 19 In First Half Of August Alone

Tsipras Tells Greece Bailouts, Troika Era Are Over

'We Are Going To Destroy The Greek Oligarch System'

Where’s The US ‘Syriza’ Party?

Operation Gladio - A Warning To Syriza And Greece?

Greece - When Young Revolt Against Corrupt Elite


Syriza’s Victory - This Is What The Politics Of Hope Look Like

Putin Wants More Cooperation With Greece

The Eurocrats' Real Fear? Greece Quits And Thrives

'This Won't Remain Confined To Greece'

Death Of Israeli Agent And 'Argentine' Prosecutor Nisman

Argentina - Intel Agents Suspected Prosecutor Murder

Japan Trade Deficit Up To Record High In 2014 - Data

Chinese Currency Plunges To Peg Limit Against Dollar

Millennials - Escape The Credit/Debt Matrix

Jewish Leaders Want Europe-Wide Outlawing Of Antisemitism

Israeli President Declines Invitation To Meet Obama


Netanyahu Vows To Block Iran Nuclear Program

Israel’s Cooperation With Takfiris-ISIS Proven - Hezbollah

Syriza - EU - Abbas - Putin - GMOs - Vid

Senators - More US Troops Needed In Yemen

Actual Footage From Nazi 'Death Camps' - Vid

Osborne Urges Fast-Track Fracking Measures - Leak

Hoax GCHQ Caller Put Through To Cameron’s Phone

2 Victims Claim Abuse By Leon Brittan

'American Sniper' - Lies And Propaganda To Divide A Nation

American Sniper - Hollywood And Homeland Insecurity

Parents Outrage Over Cell Towers In Schoolyards


Millions Of GMO Insects To Be Set Loose In FL Keys

Shocking Images Of China's Dire Pollution Problem

Are There Hidden Horrors In Your Toothpaste?

Will Thinking Become A Criminal Act?

Polyamory - 'I Have A Fiancé, A Girlfriend And Two Boyfriends' - Vid

Call Me Trimtab – The Power To Effect Change

Why You Should Build Your Own Internet

5 Things Prove We Live In Upside Down World

Cancer & The Healing Power Of Sound


The Science That Validates Astrology

UFOs Glide Over Three FL Towns - Vid

UFO Hunters Plan Database to Track Sightings

Record Size Asteroid Flies By Earth Today

H7N9 Human Case in British Columbia ex-China

H7N9 Hong Kong Export To Vancouver BC

CA Added States Without H5-Free Export Certification

H5N8 In Foster Farms 145k Turkeys Match Wild Birds


Comrade Obama's Murder Of The US Middle Class

Greek Election - Mixed Messages, Hold The Cheers

Syriza Wins Big In Greek Election, Free To Form Govt

Greek PM Concedes Election To Syriza

Kirwan - The New World Order Revealed

Roberts - Charlie Hebdo, A Free Press & Social Security

Northeast US Braces For Blizzard As Winter Storm Nears

NY Mayor Warns Of Storm Like Never Seen Before


Trump 'Seriously Thinking' About 2016 Zoo (he'll run)

Iowa GOP '2016 Beauty Contest' Held In Iowa - Vid

US Spy Plane Fleeing Russian Jet Enters Sweden

Kirwan - The Chessboard Has Imploded

No Doubt - Uniformed, Armed American In Mariupol - Vid

What Happens If Russian Army Really Invades Ukraine

Shelling Of Mariupol To Wreck Minsk Agreements

US-Made Weapons, Explosives Found In Donetsk Airport

Porky Says Kiev Killed 600 DPR Troops Since Friday

Resistance To New Wave Of Ukraine Mobilization Starts

Porky Aide Insists Ukraine Liberated Auschwitz

Ukraine - The Plunder Continues


Russia Blocks Zio Western UN Move On Ukraine

Russian FM Accuses Kiev of 'Monstrous' Donetsk Shelling

Signs Russia Tiring Waiting For West To Restrain Kiev

Outdoing Dr. Goebbels - The Propaganda War On RT

Bosnia Min Resigns Protesting Arms Delivery To Ukraine

Top US Expert Explains US Ukraine Policy Run By Kids

America's War On All It Claims To Stand For

Sauder - The Rothschilds Satanic Global Power Play

Bibi Tries To Turn Congress Against President Obama

More Holohoax Trickery - Work Camps vs Death Camps

Israelis Attack, Stab Palestinian In al-Khalil

Br Nathanael - Enabling A Big Brother Future - Vid


UN Condemns Israel For Razing 77 More Pal Homes

Hillary Mocks Putin, Grabs $500k Jewels From Saudi Dictator

New NASA Photo Shows Technician Fixing 'Curiosity'! - Pic

Obama's Personal Battle Against Climate Change

Activists Rally Against Obama Visit To India

Toronto Sun's Eric Margolis In Epstein's Contact List?

'American Sniper' Sparks Anti-Muslim Anger Online

Maher 'American Sniper' Is American Psychopath

New US Soldier - 'I Ain’t Gonna Kill Nobody.'

Fox News Spreading Fear Of Islam And Muslims

Why The Entire 20th Century Was A Mistake

Leading Egyptian Female Protester Dies - 'Shot By Cops'

13 Dead In Egypt Anniversary Protests

How The European Dream Is Dying, State By State

£8b Bonus To Goldman Sachs Who Helped Make Financial Crisis

'Cheerful' Dutch Financier New 4th ABN Amro Banker 'Suicide'

Get Ready For Negative Interest Rates In The US

Davos - The Arrogance Of Officialdom

$250 Trillion Time Bomb, Gold & Rising Currency Wars

Obama, Modi Agree To Limit US Liability In Nuke Disaster

Iran Mulls 'Special Retaliation' Over Israel Golan Attack

IRGC - Israel Got Takfiri Intel before Air Raid On Syria


Iran Calls For Expansion Of Saudi Ties

Germany Stops Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia

Massive Power Outage Puts 80% Of Pak In Dark

'Fake Haruna Beheading Vid Courtesy Racist Rita Katz & Co'

Questions Surround Veracity Of Video Claiming Execution

US Is A Dangerous Ally - Former Australia PM

Charlotte Iserbyt - The 'Education' Tragedy In A Nutshell - Vid

Why ‘Gay Marriage’ Is Evil

Failing Measles Vax To Blame For Disney Outbreak - pdf

Pleasure vs Pain In The Controlled Society

Six Wise Men Warned Blair Off Bloody Iraq Invasion 2003

Obama, Modi Agree To Limit US Liability In Nuke Disaster


Blair Force One - Former PM's Luxury Private Jet

'We Would Evict Queen From Buckingham Palace' - Greens

Ranks Of Senior UK Army Officers To Be Slashed

Ghost Town As Foreign Owners Desert London Homes

MoD Caught Spying On Wounded Soldiers

Slender Man - FOUR Sightings Of 8 Foot Tall Spectre

Brittan Probed By Police Over Pedophilia, Child Murder

Ex-MP - Leon Brittan A 'Powerful Man With Many Secrets'

Brittan 'Photographed Entering Pedophile Sex Den'

Ex Home Secretary Brittan 'Abused 10 Yr Old Boy'

'Brittan Abused Me, Other Kids At Westminster Pedo Parties'


Political & Royal Paedophillia - Coverups & Leon Brittan

Prince Andrew Flew On Pedo Epstein's Private 'Sex' Jet

Massive Mex Volcanic Blast Ash-Blankets Villages 15 Mi Away

Venezuelan Opposition Activists Protest Economic Woes

Boko Haram Takes Key Nigerian City Before Kerry Arrival

Massive Asteroid Visible On Monday

Triangle UFO Over Nuke Weapons Depot Does 360 Roll

Eerie Blue Glow In Hong Kong Waters

Police Chase UFO Through Two Counties 1973

Chinese Cook Preps Fried Rice For Buffet

New Painkiller In Coffee - Stronger Than Morphine

Obama Blames Russia For Attack On Mariupol


Civilian Blood Stains On Donetsk Streets

Russia Has Paid France About 1 Billion For Mistrals

Creepy Mind-Control & Mind-Controlled Tech

The Truth About ISIS, Chris Kyle & The Saudi King

Snowden - iPhones Have Secret Spyware

How The CIA Made Google

Massive Asteroid To Be Seen From Earth Monday

Greece - High-Stakes Election

Chris Kyle's Stories Do Not Add Up - Vid

Air In Your Home Could Be Making You Ill

Revealed - The 14 Ingredients In McDonalds Fries

Comets, A Great Flood And Electric Geology - Vid

The Long Haul In UK Nuclear Cleanup

Shocking State Of World's Riskiest Nuke Waste Site

Grisly Secrets Of Victorian London's Dead

DIY Lamp From Plastic Bottle Transforming Lives

Jeff & Texe Marrs - Israel As A Jewish State - Vid

Kiev Killers Shell Donetsk Traffic, 9 Dead, Dozen Hurt - Vid

Putin Playing With Fire In Europe - Brzezinski

AirAsia Flight Climbed Quickly, Stalled Before Crash


Obama SOTU Foreign Policy 'Suspended Disbelief' - Vid

Russia Responds To Obama's Bombastic SOTU

America's Abysmal State

John Boehner Doesn't Give A Damn What You Want

Unemployment To Rise Over Next 5 Years

Russian Spy Ship In Havana For US-Cuba Talks

The Irony Behind New Russia, Iran Defense Deal

Legendary A-10 Sends ISIS Fleeing

ICC To Investigate Israeli War Crimes In Gaza

A Shadow War In 150 Countries

Defiant Nebraskans Vow To Halt Keystone XL


France - A €425 Million Anti Terror Plan

Cold War's Most Eerie Tech - The 'Atom Sub’ - Vid

Our S Korean Allies Also Hack The US

Even Central Bankers Now Admit QE Doesn’t Work

2nd Crude Pipeline Breach Hits Yellowstone River

New Holder Forfeiture Policy…Room For More Abuse

Gray State Marital Law (Movie) - Producer Murdered - Vid

'D' Weapons Use Appliances To Spy On Homes

The Artist On Trial

LA Mayor To Move Ahead With Exec Amnesty

Abe Policies Crushing Japan Work Force


Snow Causes Travel Chaos Across The UK

Record-Setting Year For Canadian Wind Industry

Hypocrisy - 1,700 Private Jets Fly To Warming Forum

Davos Elite Security - 'Feels Like Half Swiss Army Is Here'

Facebook Wants To Remove ‘FAKE’ News

Pope Pushing GA Guidestones Depopulation Agenda?

Pope Wants NWO Population Control - Vid

Your Fallback Plan - Credit And Debt?

Bank Of Canada Cuts Key Interest Rate

'Dangerous Delusions' About Helping World's Poor

4.4m US Men Hide Money From Their Partners


The Illusion Of A Salary

Why Are The Feds Abusing Research Animals?

The Science Of Willpower - Vid

World's Biggest Landslide Floated Like A Hovercraft

We Need To Talk About Kevin Sabet

Deep Space Sugars Could Reveal Origins Of Life

Superfood That Keep Cardiologists At Bay

Average Life Expectancy Heading For 100

Can People Really Die Of Old Age?

Why Are Some Generics Getting So Expensive?

Big Pharma Overcharging Poor Countries For Child Vax

How Sound Torture Is Used To Break Prisoners


Inside One Of World's Weirdest Airplanes - Vid

How To Use Living Plants To Make Usable Electricity

The Downton Abbey Deception?

UFO Filmed Over Memphis, TN

Resident Photographs UFO Over Vidor, TX

Do Foo Fighter Images Show 'The Real Ones?'

The Daily Show Mocks Aborted Babies

When Your Soul Screams 'Enough' !

What's Happening When You Wake Up And Feel Paralyzed

This Fish Might Save Caribbean’s Dying Coral Reefs


Obama’s Lame-Duck Agenda

Russia Responds To Obama's Bombastic SOTU

Disneyland Measles Spreads To 5 States & Mexico

Disneyland Measles Cases Raise Health Concerns

Obama Self-Parody - 'Bigger Nations Can't Bully The Small'

Fetzer - Many US Senators Don't Rep Country's Interests

1 Yr After Pots Legalized, CO Cops Admits All's Well

Obamacare Site Is Tracking Users

Obama (Again) Vows To Close Guantánamo

John Boehner Doesn't Give A Damn What You Want


Zionist-Controlled Media Tries To Destroy Religions - Vid

US Doctor Shot Dead In Boston Hospital

Racial Discrimination ‘Big Problem’ in US

Cop Executes Man Whose Hands Were Up - Vid

Violence Of US Police Brutality Surfaces

The Common Core Zone

US Wants To Dominate The World - Lavrov

Netanyahu Trip Departure From Protocol

IRGC To Help Muslims Fighting Israel

Muslim Nations Must Close Ranks Against Israel

Israel Unaware Killed Iran General Was In Convoy In Syria

Israel Deploys Iron Dome, Braces For Hezbollah Retaliation


Iran, Hezbollah Plan 'Imminent' Invasion Of Israel's Galilee

Tel Aviv Bus Knife Attack - 4 Seriously Hurt

Israel Attack On Hezbollah...Shoot First, Ask Later

Thai Workers Being Abused In Israel

Cartoon Of Mohammed Was Provocation - Ex MI6 Chief

Russia Gives Mass Media Warning Over Religious Cartoons

Could French Police Have Prevented Kosher Store Attack?

Jindal Unapologetic For Muslim 'No-Go Zones' Comment

Gazprom Sends $2.4 Billion Bill To Kiev

Schlumberger Buys $1.7b Stake In Russia’s Biggest Driller

Libya's OPEC Governor Kidnapped


UK Tax Cuts For Oil And Gas Industry

Total CEO Predicts Oil Price Recovery

Saxo Bank Warns "This Is The Endgame For Central Banks"

Amount of Russian Debt Coming Due in 2015 Is Overstated

Russian Foreign Debt Fell $130 Billion In 2014

Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Free Land

Combat Robot-Avatar Revealed To Putin

Denmark, Norway,Finland To Coop With Russia in Arctic

Argentina - No Signs Of Others In Prosecutor Death

No Way Argentinian Prosecutor A Suicide - Ex Wife

Amia Bombing - Israel Condemns Argentina-Iran Probe

Salbuchi & Fetzer - False Flag Attacks In Argentina


Nisman Suicide Story Crumbles - No Gunpowder His Hands

Roberts - Martin Luther King - 'An American Hero'

Thatcher Given 'Allegations Of Unnatural Sex Proclivities'

Brit Lawmakers Slam Plan For New Bahrain Base

Chinese Firm 3D Prints 5 Story House

Has EU Endorsed Its Own GMO?

Frilled Shark With 300 Razor Teeth Caught

AI System Forecasts Huge, Grid-Killing Solar Flares

World's Strangest UFO Cases Revealed

The Silence And The Storm

90% Of Languages Gone In 100 Yrs Due To Migration

Surprising Pot Effects On Athletic Performance

A Birds EyeView Of The World


A Raw Materials Economics State Of The Union Message

Lavrov - Russia Will Not Allow New Cold War

Scot Indy Vote - Video Says It's Definitely A Fix

Are Jews 'Part Of The West'?

Benjamin Disraeli - Father Of The World Wars

Davos - As World On Verge Of Nervous Breakdown

Anti-Islamist Sentiments Rise By 110% In France

London Hit By 'Sharia Patrols' Harassing Citizens

US Gens Admit Backing Islamic Militants In Syria

LA Times Sues Pentagon On $40b Missile System


Air Force Turns to Supersonic Mercenaries

Navy's New Supergun

Obamacare Site Tracking Users

Gold - If Ever A Time To Own It It's Now - Vid

The Swiss Will Not Have More EU QE

AK-47s Soon To Be Make Here In US

UFO Filmed Hovering Over NY - Vid

UFO Sightings In Tampa Bay Lead To AF Probe - Vid

Silent Cigar UFO Crosses Maine Skyline

Is the UK Heading To Mega Dairy Farms

Norris Raises Red Flag Over Monsanto

When Gambling Is Your Drug

A Fold-Down Greenhouse For Under $100 - Vid

Br Nathanael - Why Putin Will Prevail Over Jewmerica


Dying For Treatment - Video

Are We All On Te Synaesthetic Spectrum?

Why Are Volcanoes Oozing So Much Lava?

25 Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion

Soviet Union Fall Helped MDR TB Take Off

Redefining Mental Illness

The 3 Day 3 Dollar Detox

The Myth That Sunlight Causes Cancer

Who Built The Underground City Of Derinkuyu? - Vid

Mysterious 15th C. Irish Town Found Near Castle

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 301


Jeb Bush - Hillary Is A Candidate 'Of The Past'

McConnell Signals Senate Sellout, Amnesty Surrender

Gutierrez Invites illegal To Attend State Of Union

Crisis Point - Putin, The West And The GAME

Moscow, US End Nuclear Cooperation Program

US-Russia War Underway - No Winners, Only Losers

Obama's Stupid Community College Plan

New Privacy Fears Over Govt Health Care Website


Hollywood Plans To Seize Pirate Site Domains

Google-SpaceX To Bring Free Wi-Fi Internet To World

Albuquerque PD Kills Third Man Of The Year

Cop Enters Home w/o Knocking - His Justification?

5 Must Do's For Every Police Encounter - Vid

New IL Law Lets Teachers Access Students Social Media

Shocking CDC Call To Head Of Household

India Is Crucial To Russia's Pivot East

BBC Apologizes To RT On Air For False Claim

Propaganda & Fear-Mongering Works

4 Men Said Linked To Paris Killers Face Charges

EU Migration Creates Xenophobia

Anti-Islam Demos Spread In Europe

Paris Mayor - We'll Sue Fox News

Israel Bombs Syria For Sixth Time In 18 Months


Pal May Lose MIllions In US Aid If They Sue Israel

Pals Start General Strike To Condemn Israeli Murders

Israeli 'Settlers' Once Again al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel Seeks To Demolish West Bank

Condemn Islamic Terror And Shield Zionist Atrocities

Israel Behind All Terror Acts In Mideast - Iran

Zionist Assassins Had Big Weekend

Korean Students Being Brainwashed By Talmud

Israeli Think Tank Holds Anti-BDS 'Hackathon'

Israel's Latest Aggression

Silk Worms - Wild Shots - Phnom Penh - Vid


ISIL Demands $200m Ransom For Two Japanese Hostages

ISIL Leader Al-Baghdadi Reportedly Wounded in Iraqi Al-Qa’im

GCHQ Captured Emails Of Top Intl Journalists

Just How Antisemitic Is Britain?

Home Office Preserve Right To Protect Sources

Ex-MI6 Boss Wants New Deal For Spies And Net Firms

MI5 Thought WW2 Crop Circles Directing Nazi Bombers

'Gray State' Film Family Killed - Said Murder-Suicide

'Rumsfeld Should Be Charged With Torture Conspiracy'

US Sending 700 Soldiers To Horn Of Africa 'Training'

Moore - Most Americans Don't Think Snipers Heroes


Seth Rogen Likens American Sniper To Nazi Film

Ex WH Official Exposes 58 Sigma Move By Swiss

IMF Cuts Global Economic Growth Forecasts

Bundesbank Gets 120 Tons Gold From Paris, NY Fed

Bundesbank Resumes Gold Repatriation - 120 Tons

Indian Bank Allows Payments Via Twitter

Next Time, The Feds Are Going To Confiscate Stuff

JoeTalk - We Forget The Devil Is Real - Vid

5 Things When Forming Prepper Community


Top 10 States with The Most UFO Sightings

130,000 Pages UFO Docs Now Online

Mystery Cosmic Burst Captured LIVE - ET?

Two Earth-Sized Planets Hiding IN Our Solar System

Microscopic Living Balloons In Space

Searching For ET Planets With New Chile Scope - Vid

Holes In Progressive Dongle Could Yield Car Hacks

Eating Nuts May Be Better Than Taking Statins

Severe Déjà Vu - Man Feels He's Seen ALL TV Before

Magical Ice Cavern At Sunrise In Siberia

Catholics Don't Need To Breed Like Rabbits - Pope

The Physical Universe Is An Information System

Fraudulent Nature Of Pharma Investment Industry

Should Children Be Allowed Cannabis Before Chemo?

The 48 Most Essential Healing Herbs

Can Ayahuasca Cure PTSD?

Origins Of Mankind and Evolution’s ‘Missing Link’

Is Qi the Same Thing as Bioelectricity?

Fujian H5N8 In Wild Teal In Yolo County CA

Backyard Chickens H5N2 Confirmed Canyon County ID

More Fujian H5 In Idaho Waterfowl

Fujian H5N8 In Wild Waterfowl In Gooding County ID

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H5N1 Egypt Assiut 47F, Cairo 36F, Minya 6 YO

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Porky Rejected Putin Artillery Withdrawal, Opened Fire

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