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When FDR Made Gold illegal For Us To Own – At Gunpoint

Why Does Rand Want To Prioritize Globalist TPP?

Open Letter To John McCain - Get Out Of Washington

CIA Has Long History Of Misleading The US Public

After Crying Conspiracy Theory CNN Touts NAU

The American Dream Dissipates At Record Pace

Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook

‘Group-Thinking’ The World Into A New War

Joe Kennedy’s Answer To The ‘Jewish Question’

Did Putin Violate Holocaust Religion? - Vid


Obama Admits Role In 2014 Ukraine Coup

Zionist Oligarchs Get Their Ukraine Destruction - Vid

1 MILLION Ukraine Men Flee Porky's Draft - Go To Russia

Porky Accused Of Hiding Colossal Losses At The Front

Kiev Junta Plans Escalated War

Zuesse - The Ideology Of The New Ukraine

Moscow Wants Probe Into Failed Macedonia Coup

DPR Calls Situation In Debaltsevo 'Near Disaster"

Russian Bomber Carrying A Nuke Missile Over Channel

Russian Military Flights - Facts And Myths

Escobar - Europe Slouching Towards Anxiety & War


Europeans, Putin Is Your Last Hope

US - Israel Relations A Time Bomb

Israeli FM - 3rd War With Lebanon 'Inevitable'

Atzmon - Clear Crisis In US-Israel Bond

Loathing Between Obama & Bibi Just Got Worse

Netanyahu - Symbol Of Rogue Governance

Extravagant Booze Spending...Headache For Netanyahu

UN Films Israeli Shell Hitting Peacekeepers In Lebanon - Vid

Netanyahu Denies Wife Pocketed State Money

Iconic 'Holocaust' Imagery And Mass Mind Control

Hamas Slams Egypt Over Ezzedine Qassam Brigades

Who Assassinated Hezbollah’s ‘Great Man’?

New Protests As Bahrain Strips 72 Of Citizenship


Al Jazeera Journalist Peter Greste Released By Egypt

Saudi Prince Launches Pan-Arab News Channel

Greece March Cash Crunch As EU Bailout Is Over

Greece Begins European Talks In France

Greece Problems Are Caused By Eurozone

100,000 Protest Austerity In Madrid

Proposes Transferring Azerbaijani Gas To EU

The Kenji Goto Psyop - Another Faked Video

Christian 'Science' Monitor Relies On CIA For Video Validation

KGB, CIA Kept Secret Dossiers On Britain VIP Pedos

Pedo - Home Office Coached Experts About 'Difficult Questions'

Which 'Environment’ Do 'Enviros’ Really Care About?

Sinister Court Of Protection Mocks Justice Again


'How I Met The Ghost Of No10' - Staffer Speaks Of 'Spirit'

Kirwan - The Five Year Plan Is Dead

Oz MSM - Who Is Killing The Great Bankers Of Europe?

Croatia Cancels The Debts Of Its Poorest Citizens

US Judges - Epidemic Of Prosecutorial Misconduct

Rotten Goulden...Corn

Lunatic NY Cop Pull Gun On Teen Snowball Fight

Alaska Officer Tasered 2 Young Kids Because They Asked

Arming ALL Cops With TASERS = 'Trigger Happy Cops'

Efforts To Curb Police Brutality Met With More Force

Man Forced To Pay TSA Fee...To Buy Motorcycle - Vid

Oil Cos Purposely Toxify Central Valley Tap Water


Roswell Alien Slides In May Live Streamed Event

USAF To Probe UFO Sightings Near Govt Facilities

Retired Police Officer Reports Boomerang-Shaped UFO

Huge UFO Flies Over Missouri Home

The Electric Surfboard Is Here - Vid

Oz - Melbourne Coldest January In 10 Years

What If Diabetes Causes Obesity - Not The Reverse?

10 DIY Gardening Hacks For The Best Garden

Pedestrians Make 'Stop Walking Sign' Dance

Scientists Discover Hydrogen Producing Bacteria

Bird Flu Cases In China Province Reach 30

Laurel And Hardy - 'I Wish You'd Be More Careful' - Vid


Midwest And NE Brace For One Of Biggest Snowstorms Ever

Top 10 Reasons I HATE The Super Bowl

GOP House To Vote To Repeal Obamacare This Week

Anthony Lawson Passes On - Heroic Film Maker

Time We Had 'The Talk' - Will You Survive Nuclear War?

Real Film Of Dead ET Carried Into Roswell Hangar? - Vid

EPA OKs Use Of Pesticide That Causes Brain Damage

Pot Is Making CO A Fortune In Revenue


Humanitarian Aid Delivered To Donbass Safely

The Terror Famine In Ukraine

Poland Faces Influx of Ukrainians Seeking Work

110,000 Iraqi Refugees In US - Where Are They?

Open Loathing Between Barack And Netanyahu

Israel Is Killing United Nations Personnel

Israel Shelled UN Peacekeepers - Vid

Boko Haram In Big Attack On Key Nigerian City

Hezbollah Anew - UK Mil Psy Op - Austerity For Poor - Vid

Japan Launches New Spy Satellite

Kim - N Korea Ready For Any War, Including Nuclear

Hundreds Of Thousands March Through Madrid

EPA OKs Pesticide That Causes Brain Damage


CitiGroup Takes $150 Milion Hit

Google, Gag Orders And WikiLeaks Investigation

Opponents Of US - Cuba Normalization Speak Up

Heaviest Lift Rocket Promised By SpaceX - Vid

Should PTSD Vets Be Exempt From Death Penalty?

Britain's Widening Poverty Gap

Leo Tolstoy’s Love Letter To Lincoln

Paradise Stolen - Don't Show Your Children - Vid

Masked Couple Creeps Out Auckland

Intense Volcano Explosions At Sakurajima, Japan

NASA's New Robot Will Take The Plunge...Into A Volcano

More Insane Poo Bah Pay


Breaking The Legal And Language Code - Vid

Solve Problems With New Perspectives

We Have Not Detected Gravitational Waves (Yet)

Super Bowl - 4 Tips For A Super-Healthy Game Day

'Cold Plasma' Kills Off Norovirus

Death With Dignity

Nearly All Kids Got Measles In The 1950s

Any Vax Can Lead To Autism - Measles Not Lethal - Vid

The Electric Body

Cancer Nurse Quits - Learns Nutrition Heals Cancer - Vid

Bridging The Empathy Gap

Why Insecure People Make Such Bad Bosses


Plants And Herbs That Can Help Heal Your Lungs

Mom Lost 2 Daughters To Medical Kidnapping

Why Finnish Babies Sleep In Cardboard Boxes

The FL Sinkhole That Swallowed Jeffrey Bush

The Hunt For Alien Extremophiles Is Taking Off

10,000 Yr Old Underwater Forest Discovered

Jeff & Preston James - Jews Must Reject World Zionism

Romney Exit Clears Path For Next Stage Of Bush Empire

Loretta Lynch Is Key In DC's Phony War On Terror

Pentagon - Hillary Libya War Push Based On 'Stupid Facts'


Coming Bio Infowar - US Want Mass DNA Database

Subversive Forces & The Triumph Of Free Thought

Nuland At Brookings

FBI Cold War Plans - Martial Law & Rounding Up 13,000

Swedish Company Implants Microchips In Its Staff

Water Privatization - A Worldwide Failure?

New Storm System Aims At NE, Targets Millions - Vid

Donetsk, Lugansk Have Data Kiev Readying New Offensive

Minsk Peace Talks Fail - No Breakthrough

Ukraine Paramilitary Fighters Besiege Military HQ In Kiev

Potential Ukraine Conscripts Evade Draft, Flee Country

Kiev's Brazen Authoritarianism A Nightmare For West


Reuters Says 'Impossible To Verify' Who Shelled Donetsk

Kiev Wants UN To Label Russia A Sponsor Of Terror

US 'Softens' Ban On Crimea

Russia Raps NATO Plan To Deploy Forces To E Europe

NATO To Surround Russia With 'Command Centers'

Russia Sees Hope Sanctions Gone By Summer

Moscow Library Fire Extinguished

Huge Moscow Library Fire, 14 Million Books

ISIS Says It Has Beheaded 2nd Japanese Citizen

Kerry Calls Kobani Recapture A Big Event

ISIS Seizes Oil Facility in Iraq

CIA Helped Mossad Kill Top Hezbollah Figure - Report

US, EU Warn Israel On 450 New Settler Homes (mock warning)

Iran Must Strengthen Foothold In West Bank: IRGC Cmdr

IRGC Cmdr - Zionists Should Fear Hezbollah's Response

No Breakthroughs In Syrian Peace Talks

Canada Rolls Out New Anti-Terrorism Laws

Russia Startles Markets With Interest Rate Cut

Oil Surges 8 Percent As US Rig Count Plunges

Big Oil Wants ND To Ease Radioactive Waste Laws

Chevron Pulls Plug On Poland Shale Gas Exploration

40% Of Italians No Longer Want Euro


Dijsselbloem To Varoufakis - "You Just Killed Troika"

Greek Finance Minister To Shun Officials From Troika

'Busy' Greek PM To Meet Merkel 'In Due Time'

Joschka Fischer - Merkel Austerity Policy In Tatters

Merkel Rules Out Canceling Any More Greek Debt

ECB Threatens Athens With Bank Funding Cutoff

AirAsia Capt Left Seat To Fix Computer Before Crash

Secret 1981 File Names Top UK Diplomat As Pedo

UK Sat On Cdn File On 2,000 Pedo Suspects For 2 Yrs

British Army Creates Team Of Facebook Warriors

Britons Earning Less Than In 2001


Who Counts As 'Homeless' Depends How You Ask

9 Science-Backed Reasons To Own A Dog

Prevent Diabetes By Avoiding Aspartame

Is Cannabis The Secret To Acne-Free Skin?

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 601

Guangdong H7N9 Jieyaw 48M Fatal Shanwei 9F

Winter In Scotland - Pics

Oh, What A Fool Believes!

Rock Pickin’ Snow!

Amplified Ancient Tea Detox Recipe


Why Romney Bowed Out Of 2016 Race - Vid

Six Ways To Undermine American Fascism

Measles Cases In CA Soar - Vid

Amid Measles Outbreak - A Brave Anti-Vax Doc

Fracking Is Killing Earth And Its People

Snow? What Are They Doing To Our Weather? - Pics

Climategate - Warming Idiots Caught Altering Data

Insanity 2016 Rant - Same BS, Different Puppet - Vid

The Terror Famine In Ukraine

Obama Has Left Red States Deeper In The Red


Why Are These Popular Spy Apps Not Illegal?

Teens Tell Anguish Of Going 24 Hrs w/o Phones

What FB Addiction Looks Like In The Brain

Markets Brace For Big Oil Profit Plunge

Crude Conspiracy Theories Could Be Right

Oil Crash Is Going To Get Progressively Worse

Offshore Oil And An Alaskan Disaster

Ruffallo - Support Boycot Bibbi’s Bluster

Israeli City Told To Pay Women Damages

Pedophile Scandal, Coverup Rocks Oz Jewish Community

Jewish Sex Victims Pressured Not To Help Cops


Scary Truth Of Sex Offender 'Rehab' Programs

Hooray For Hezbollah

Professor Fired For Criticizing Israel Files Suit

Why DEA Conducting Mass License Plate Tracking?

3 Options To Avoid Government-Run Education

Oligarchy And The War On Individualism

The NFL - Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

Pot Producer Makes 12,000 Joints Before Super Bowl

Super Bowl Athletes Are Scientists At Work

Aspartame - By Far The Most Dangerous Substance

Kellogg's Junk Food Laced With Glyphosate, GMOs


Fracking With Our Food

Study Backs Worthlessness Of Flu Shot

Stanley Kubrick’s 1946 New York Subway Photo

Disaster Waits For Australia

Lake Victoria Is Dying

The Creativity In Cars & Religion

Amazing Honeycomb Geometry

Exploring Death Valley - Pics

Brain Surgery, The Ancient Way

People Or Parchment?

Timelapse Shows Earth Bathed In Infrared Light - Vid

Siberian Town At -40 Degrees Celsius - Vid

China Is Running Out Of Brides

Mystery Of Those Creepy YouTube Videos - Vid

Last Tango For Argentina’s Top Spies

Why Is Google Making Human Skin? - Vid

Cause Of OK Quakes Could Truly Shake State

Freaky ‘Vortex Shedding’ - Vid

Why We Need To See The Stars

World’s Most Incredible Underground Cities

Cyborg Cockroaches To The Rescue - Vid

The Dark Side Of Open Data

Never Has Our Approach To Drugs Gotten Better

How To Build A Tornado - Vid


America’s Most Hated Companies

Why Do Dogs Love Snow?

Why Does Shoveling Snow Raise Risk Of Heart Attack

Organ Transplants From Aborted Fetuses?

Govt Put Tens Of 1,000a At Risk Of Deadly Disease

The Rise Of Sci-fi 'Smart Drugs’

Seniors Far More Sexually Active Than Thought

Check Out This Futuristic Hospital

High-Fat Foods That Are Super Healthy

We All Meditate, Whether We Know It Or Not


Romney Says Won't Run For President In 2016 - Vid

Romney Exit Big Boost To Jeb Bush - Vid

Obama A 'Figurehead Of Imperialist Government'

WH Now Says Taliban Is 'Armed Insurgency'!

GOP House Oppose Bringing Syria Refugees Here

Mom Of CO Girl Killed By Cops Demands Indy Autopsy


Obama Admin Treats Journalists As 'Enemies Of The State'

CIA Used British Territory For Torture

Incredibly Prescient For 1928 - Remarkable

Bill Would Let TX Teachers Legally Kill Students

Chiappalone - Endtime

Pro-Gun Activists Turn On TX Pols Over Conceal Carry Issue

Lindorff - Sen. John McCain Is 'Low-Life Scum'

Kerry May Visit Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

DPR Militia Encircles 8,000 Kiev Troops

Thousands Kiev Troops Now Trapped In Donbass

6 Killed In Donetsk After Kiev Shells Hit Cultural Center, Bus

Kiev Kills 6 By Shelling Donetsk Humanitarian Aid Center

Kiev Chief Of Staff Admits No Russian Troops In Donetsk

Kirwan - Getting Down And Dirty

DPR-LPR Troops Vow To Continue If Minsk Talks Fail

Russia Readying Another Relieve Convoy

Poland Ready To Sell Weapons To Kiev

Ukraine Might End Up Feeding Europe Instead Of Itself

Russian LifeNews TV Crew To Be Deported From Ukraine

Kiev Burns Last Bridge With Draconian Travel Restrictions

Heading For War With Russia?

Duma Chief Hints At Russian Exit From Council Of Europe

Opposition Blogger May Have Outed Putin's Daughter

Military Dominance Over Russia 'Impossible' Defense Minister

Russia's Air Force Has Big Plans. Can NATO Keep Up?

Top Rus Gen Says Nuke Arsenal Guarantees Superiority Over NATO

US Losing Military Superiority To China, Russia

Russia Might Bail Out Greece

New Greek Govt Delays Sanctions Against Putin

Greece Won't Cooperate With Troika Or Seek Extension

EU To Greece - 'No Question Of Canceling Your Debt'

Greece Is Now A Russia Sanctions Veto - Merkel Is Foaming

London Vulture Fund Mgr Warns Of Impending Recession

BoE Chief 'Delusional' To Claim UK Escaped Debt Trap

Russia Ups Gold Purchases By 123%

China Outstrips US Foreign Investment In 2014

China Passes US As World's Top Investment Destination


European Union May Be On The Verge Of Collapse

United Eurasia Means The End Of US World Hegemony

Chevron Cuts 23% Of PA Workforce - US Rig Count Dives

Turkish Lira Sinks To Record Low Against US Dollar

The Mexican Peso & Brazilian Real Are Collapsing

Banning Russia From SWIFT Will Paralyze World Econ

EUFMs Extend Sanctions On Russian Officials, E Ukraine

Poland To Launch Civilian Military Training Over Ukraine Crisis

Human Rights Watch - Armed Conflict Promoter For Soros?

Argentine President Target Of Israeli False Flag?

Experts Downplay Netanyahu's Threats

Hezbollah Blasts Israel Over Killings


Israel To Cut Off Electricity To Palestinians

Israel To Build 450 More 'Settlement' Homes

Turkey Censures Israel's New 'Settlement' Plan

Israeli Supremacism Rears Its Ugly Head Again

ISIS Launches Attack On Oil-Rich City Of Kirkuk

134 Day ISIS Siege Of Kobani Ends

King Dumps Prince Bandar From Natl Security Council

Will Kill ISIS Captives If Pilot Is Dead

Infighting Rages On Between Groups In Syria

Docs Reveal Abbas Rival Given Serbian Citizenship

Pakistan Shia Mosque Bombing Kills Dozens

Iran Commentators Warn Of The Vultures Of Riyadh


Hoaxes From What?- Russia Hot War?- Hezbollah - Vid

Row Over Vicar FB Post Link To 'Israel Did 9/11' Story

Is Salmond England's 'Worst Nightmare'?

Scots Scoff At Miliband Over Bill Pledge

Child Abuse Victims Death Threats After MPs Revealed IDs

MI5 Secret Docs Expose Failure In Libya

Boris Johnson - Jihadis Are Porn-Watching 'Wankers'

Police Must Review Nearly 2,000 Cases Of Alleged Corruption

Salaita Sues University Of Illinois

Life In The Spirit World Surrounded By Spirits


UFO Resembling Flying Horse Next To Erupting Volcano

Volcano Cam Catches UFO During Eruption - Vid

UFOs Over Wimbledon - Vid

New Site USAF UFO Files Shut Down

Diamond-Shaped UFOs Over NY State

Video Of Woman 'Pushed Over By A GHOST' - Vid

Do Past, Present AND Future Co-Exist In The Universe?

New Dino Species Found In China

Jazz Legend Pete Fountain Plays Clarinet On Carson - Vid

9 Ways To Ward Off Doctor Pressure To Vaccinate

Common Pesticide May Increase Risk Of ADHD


USS Stennis Loads Massive Ordnances - For What?

Fox - Romney, Clinton Lead In Polls

What's Behind Hillary Waiting To Announce?

AirAsia Plane Wobbled, Climbed, Fell Into Sea

ISIS Fundraising In US Via Bitcoin - Report

Judge Accuses DOJ Of Fraud

New TSA Facial, Emotional Recognition System

Protesters - Arrest Henry Kissinger For War Crimes

McCain Calls Protesters 'Low Life Scum' - Vid

Endgame - Full White Genocide Documentary Preview - Vid

BBC Headlines Or Headlies? - Vid

How The GOP Committed Political Suicide In 1982

$561b Pentagon Budget Planned - Real Budget Is $1t - Vid

Anita Hoge's Precious Goodbye To America

More Than 100 US Kids Mysteriously Paralyzed

Federal Law - Illegal To Hire An Illegal

Illegal Aliens - Declaring War On The Enablers

World's Cities Experiencing More Heat Waves

The Liberation Of Auschwitz

iPhone App - Non GMO Project Shopping Guide - Be Healthy

RAF Museum Loses Spitfire In Bad Business Deal

Socorro UFO Case – Two More 'Smoking Guns'

So OZ Pilots Are Reporting UFO Incidents!

UAP-UFOs Maneuverability Makes Drones Look Bad


Hunt For Alien Extremophiles Is Taking Off

JoeTalk - Ka-Boom - Vid

CDC Telebriefing On US Measles Spread

H7N9 Cluster Confirmed In British Columbia

Free Energy Within, Without And Beyond

Bill Gates - 'We Need A World Government'

Senate Passes Keystone XL Bill

McCain Calls Protesters 'Scum' - Vid

Hillary Camp Split On When To Launch Campaign


Majority Leader McConnell Insists On Iran Sanctions Bill

DEA Admits Plan To Monitor License Plates At Gun Shows

Roberts - Is Democracy Dead In The West?

Castro Warns US Against Meddling In Cuba’s Affairs

ISIS Recruiter Admits Getting Funds From US

3 US Contractors Killed In Afghanistan

Gingrich - US Is Losing The War Against Radical Islam

How Corps Rigged Job Market & Killed American Dream

Russia Stopping US From Dominating World - Vid

US Threatens To Increase Russia Sanctions


Moscow - Kiev Targeting Civilians, Increasing Clashes

Russia Warns Bosnia, Herzegovina Against Ammo To Kiev

PACE Strips Russia Of Voting Rights Til April - Russia Quits

Russia Says Air Force Flight Near UK Fully Legal

The Russian Air Force 5th Gen Stealth Fighter

Russia Arms Exports Topped $15 Billion in 2014

Gorbachev Warns Risk Of US Russia Armed Conflict

IMF To Ukraine - End War Of Face Aid Cut-Off

Porky's Advisor Calls Draft Evaders 'Cowardly Dogs'

Kiev's Net Internet Army Will Spare You From Info


EU To Blame Russia For Ukraine War – Greece May Intervene

How Neocon Strategy In Ukraine Backfired

BBC 'Doubts' Over 12 Killed In Donetsk Bus Attack

Ukraine Naftogaz Files Suit vs Russia's Gazprom

Lies And Deception In Ukraine’s Energy Sector

Insufficient Gas Volumes Jeopardize Supplies - Gazprom

Friedman - 'Czar Putin' Might Invade Baltics To Reverse Oil

Escobar - Crossing Bridge From Eurasia To NATOstan

Four BEHEADED After A Week Under New Saudi King

Israel, Hezbollah On Brink Of Clash After IDF Deaths


Hezbollah To Tel Aviv - No More Border Violence

Loony Netanyahu - Iran 'Planning New Genocide' Of Jews

Blowback Against Israeli State Terror

Rights Groups Condemn Israeli Gaza War Crimes

Argentine Jews Call For Ouster Of Hector Timerman

Cristina Of Argentina - Target Of Israeli False Flag Attack

Greeks Start Canceling Austerity Policies

Greece’s Young Radicals Sweep Away Austerity

Greece's Russia Stance Could Be Headache For Brussels

Bank Of England Governor Attacks Eurozone Austerity

Obama - 'We Need Offshore Drilling'

Escobar - Saudis Starting To Sour On Oil War On Russia

Foreign Intervention 100x More Likely In Oil Rich States

Goldman Sachs - Crisis Of Russian Crude A Laughable Myth

CA Kern Co. Declares Fiscal Emergency Over Oil Price Dive

Why The US Shale Boom May Come To An Abrupt End

'Scotland Calls Moratorium On Fracking For Shale Gas

25 Killed In Egypt Sinai Attacks

Drone Finds Old Soviet Base In German Forest

Cop Who Shot, Killed 7 Yr Old Girl Gets Off

Dash Cam - Seattle Cop Falsified Charge On Old Man

Sorry, The Police Can Still Steal Your Property


Sputnik Goes Live In French

Canada Spy Agency Tracks File-Sharing Sites Worldwide

100s UK Child Sex Offenders Spared Jail Get 'Cautions'

TWENTY Different Types Of Cams Spying On Motorists

Is Asia Air Pollution Changing US Weather?

Computers With Consciousness - Stanley Kubrick

Madness - Men Will Have To PROVE A Woman Says 'YES'

Doom - Pay To Play Scam Just Small Part Of The Fraud

A Drone Pilot's Memoirs

The Conspiracy Of Language


Mental Health To Be Tracked With Social Media

Heavy Snow Hits UK - Travel Chaos And Disruption

Have We Reached 'Peak Food'? World Production Slows

New Volcanic Island in The Pacific

Most Serial Killers Don't Understand Punishment - Study

Swine Flu Recorded in France Amid Influenza Outbreak

The Case For Using Antibiotics To Fight Cancer

Terrified Motorist Chased By UFOs

UFOs Over The Atacama Region In Chile

New USAF UFO Files Site Mysteriously 'Unavailable'

Drones Reported Near Nuclear Military Site


Obama Angry At Bibi Over US Trip To Congress

Russia Nuke Missiles Upgraded - US Missiles Can’t Stop Them

US Warns Russia Of Bigger Costs For Ukraine Actions

Ukranian Troops Throw Nazi Salute In ‘Training’ - Vid

Europe Needs Russian Gas - Can Only Choose Delivery Route

ISIS Leader Gets Funds Via US

Netanyahu, Wife Sued For ‘Racist & Physical Abuse’

Think Tank - 25% French Jews Should Move To Israel


Israel In A Corner...Attack Or Retreat? - Vid

Govt Panic At Thought Of Jews Leaving UK

God Promised Anti-Semitism To The Zionists

The New Judeo-German Patriot

'We Give, Give And Give' And They Still Don't Live Us

Israeli High-Tech Turning US-Mex Border Into A New Hell

Hollywood And The CIA - A Dark Marriage Revealed

Can Congress Sue Obama Over Immigration Order?

Obama To OK Offshore Drilling From VA To GA

Why Is US Opening Atlantic To Offshore Drilling?

Co-Pilot Flying AirAsia Jet When It Crashed

Jesse Venture On RT - ISIS Comparison

FB New Political Censorship System Going Global


The Koch Brothers' $900 Million Influence

Monckton - Climate Change Is A Basis For Elite Control

How Nebraskans Are Winning vs Keystone XL

GMO Potato Seeks FDA Approval - Risks Remain

Why The Air Force Cares About Psychokinetics

Bank Of England Governor Attacks Eurozone Austerity

Modern Terror And Crumbling Western Values

EOBS - Early Onset Brainwashing Syndrome

Japan Theme Park Hotel To Be Staffed By Robots

Looting The taxpayers - All in A Day's Work

Abe's Strategy - Make Japan A Slave Labor State

Massive Surveillance Dragnet in Canada

More Southwest Droughts And Oz Floods

Signs Of A Psychopath

I Tried A Drug Known As 'Viagra For The Brain’ - Vid


Why Americans Don't Travel Much

Me And My Mug Shot

Medical Debt And Bankruptcy On The Rise

Over 20% US Kids On Food Stamps & living in poverty

Rural America's Silent Housing Crisis

Ancient Planets Are Almost As Old As The Universe

Earth-Sized Planets Over Twice As Old As Ours - Vid

Up Close And Personal With American Soldiers

Processed Foods, Alcohol Glorified...Cigarettes Attacked

Measles Truths The Mainstream Media Is Suppressing


Israeli Airstrikes On Syria After Rocket Attack - Iran Warning

Israel Blames Hezbollah For Spanish Peacekeeper’s Death

Kirwan - Deconstructing History

5 Things You’re Not Being Told About Fukushima

An Indisputable Database For Chemtrail Deniers

3 Feet Of Snow Pummels Northeast - Homes Shrouded In Ice

New England Set For Another 2 Feet Of Snow - Vid

The Beautiful Side Of A Mean Snowstorm

Largest Wave Of Illegal Immigration In US History Inbound

GOP Leaders Look For Way To Weasel Out Of Immig Fix

Ret Army Gen - Obama Let Al-Qaeda Grow 400% In 5 Years


Co-Creator Of 'Gray State' Speaks On Film's Future

Meet The Group Trying To Ruin The Internet

The Reality Salesman Makes A House Call

Monsanto Troll Handbook Of Snappy Replies Infographic

Did You Know The IRS And Fed Are Private Corps?

Selective Free Speech And The Secular Inquisition

5 Things You’re Not Being Told About Fukushima

Putin Slams Double Standards On Ukraine, Etc

Putin - Russia Will Offer Haven To All Ukraine Draft Evaders

Last Week RT Was With Terrorists, Now It's 'Spies!

Br Nathanael - Auschwitz Makes The News! (ugh


BRICS In Space? Russia Proposes BRICS Space Station

Lavrov - 'Unprecedented' Russophobia In UK Establishment

Putin-Medvedev Divorce - It's Only A Matter Of Time

Over 1,190 Kiev Troops Killed In Donbas To Date

Obama, Merkel To Finalize Ukraine Financial Support

Ukrainians Against War

1,000 Miners Protesting At Ukraine Govt Building

Ukraine Fate No Great Importance To West

English-Speaking Fighter In Mariupol A Brit From London

War Is Going Badly For Kiev. Making It More Dangerous

Coming Corporate Takeover Of Ukraine Agriculture

Russia Slams S&P Downgrade

Russia Vows ‘Unrestricted’ Response If Banned From SWIFT

EU Reportendly To Extend Anti-Russian Sanctions By 6 Mos

External Shocks Cause Russian Economy $200b In Damage

Chechen Leader Says US Trying To Destroy Russian Economy

Fake Russian Spy Ring Announced

Is US Going To Blame Next Market Crash On 'Russian Spies'?

Russia 9 Mo Gold Buying Continues - 20 More Tons in Dec

Gas Supplies To Bypass Ukraine From 2019 - Gazprom

Ukraine Still Won't Pay Gas Bills In Full - Gazprom

Rosneft Says It Can Weather $30 Oil

Russia, Turkey Agree On New Gas Route

80% Of Russians Ready To Give Up Western Food

Hedge Funds Bet On Oil Dropping Further

Shell To Build $11bn Petrochemicals Plant In Iraq

PEDIGA Loses 2nd Leader In One Week

France Launches 'Hell On Earth' War On Jihadists

Moscow - N Korean Leader Kim Confirms Russia Visit

China Friendliest Country For Russia, US Most Hostile - Pdf

Russians With Positive Attitude To US Falls From 78% To 14%

Hungary Next Stop On The Putsch Express

Top Georgia Gen Talks 'NATO' Integration In Brussels


US Arm Twisting Dirt Poor Romania To Bey $1.4b Attack Copters

Greek Govt Rage Over EU 'Unequivocal' Anti-Russia Talk - Vid

Greek Election Wins Putin A New Friend In Europe

Greece Begins The Great Pivot Toward Russia

Greek PM Tsipras New Cabinet Of Mavericks, Visionaries

Greece Full Debt Repayment Unrealistic - Syriza

Germany - No Debt Haircut For Greece

Hezbollah And Israel Move Closer To A War

Four Israeli Soldiers Killed In Missile Hit

Hezbollah Retaliates Kills Israeli Soldiers - Vid

Israel Kicks Syria - Soros Finances Syriza - Vid


Gaza War Was ‘Unlawful’

Israel Dismisses 43 Soldiers For Criticizing Regime

Israel To Suffer Consequences For Golan Attack - Iran

Michelle 'Blurred Out' On Saudi TV In Dead King Ceremony

All The Saud’s Men

Lavrov - Blasts External Anti-Crisis Recipes For Syria

Syria Domestic, External Opp Agree On Crisis Settlement Plan

Syria Govt, Opposition Figures Begin Talks In Moscow

Pakistan Kills 53 ‘Terrorists’ Near Afghanistan

'American Sniper' Shows ‘Dehumanized Mentality’ - Chomsky


American Sniper, 9/11 & You

Cop Fractures Grandma's Skull - Cop Says She 'Disoberyed'

Koch Bros To Spend $890 Million In 2016 Campaign

Massive Tracking Of Americans By License Plate Tracking

Charlotte Iserbyt Speaks At Campaign For Liberty - Vid

MUFON Plans Massive Database To Track ET Sightings

Anti-Trade Deal Protesters Hijack Senate TPP Hearing

Gunman Breaks Into MN Council Meeting, Opens Fire

US Prisoner Exonerations Hit Record In 2014

‘UK Most Spied Upon Country'


The End Of The Politics Of Fear?

Spain Court Charges 10 Priests For Child Sex Abuse

Internet Porn Driving People To Inflict Sexual Violence, Murder

Inside The Ridiculous School For Rich Kids

More Than 1 Million In UK Wrongly Diagnosed With Asthma

Peanut Allergy Cure Found?

Sugary Drinks Can Start Girls' Periods Earlier

Kids Don't Need To Drink Milk

New Research Reveals Real Causes Of Depression

Oz Dad Gave Cannabis Oil To Cancer Daughter Jailed


Nomad Souls Looking For Redemption

Got Chocolate? A Can? You Got Fire!

Pilot Reports UFOs Over Friday Harbor, WA

Turn Your Computer Into A UFO Detector

Drones in Fact and Fiction

Amazing James Randi Is Retiring

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 525

Surprisingly Common Cause Of Death In India

Have Fishermen Find New Species Of Ancient Man?

Sacred Maya Water Temple Unearthed


New England Digs Out From Blizzard

Talking Heads Blame Snowstorm On ‘Global Warming’

Kiev Forces Wound 6 In Luhansk Shelling

Kiev Army Units Retreating From Debaltsevo

In India, Obama Denies He's A Secret Muslim

Shock And Awe For ISIS, A Warning For Netanyahu

FB Blocks Pages 'Insulting' To Islam

Greek Vote Pushes EU To Limit

Auschwitz, Cows And Bigots In Northfield, MN

Overpopulation In The US And Around The World - Pt 1


Obama Floats Atlantic Drilling Plan, Locks Down AK

Gov Scott Walker 'Very Interested' In 2016 Run - Vid

Palin Suggests She May Run In 2016 - Vid

Sony To Chop 1,000 More Smartphone Jobs

Electric Car Powered By Salt Water - 920 HP, 373 Miles A Tank

European Road Race Insanity! - Vid

UFOs Flirting with Helicopter Over Rendlesham Forest | VIDEO

5 Ancient Alien Planets Found

UFO Hovers Over Holloman AFB 1957

Eyewitness Steve Allen Recounts Stephenville UFO

Radar Shows Stephenville UFO Heading Toward Bush


The 'Historic' NW Snowstorm That Never Happened - Vid

Forecasters Got Blizzard Right But Path Wrong

Kirwan - Censorship

Roberts - Russia In The Cross Hairs

US Official Insults Cubans

Putin - Those Who Rewrite History Try To Hide Own Disgrace

Obama Calls For Rules For Drones

Obama To Send 27 To Pay Respects To Dead Saudi King

Impregnating America With Muslims - Part 8

IBM Denies Plans To Destroy 110,000 Jobs

Millions Of Cars Tracked Across US

Mass Surveillance Basic Threat To Human Rights


Hebdo Shock - Suicided Cop's Family Barred From Autopsy!

Dark Money Crawls Out Of The Shadows

Mariupol Says Kiev Soldiers Left Checkpoint Before Strike!

Foreign Troops In Ukraine Are Real - US Is Sending Them!

NATO Wants Training Camp in Georgia

Kiev Punishes Civilians In Donetsk - Travel Permits, Drug Blockade.

Ukraine At War - 'People Feel Abandoned'

Kiev Puts 'State Of Emergency' On Donbass - Highest Alert

Kiev Begs IMF For More Money

Sky News Portrays Ukraine’s ‘Far Right’ As ‘Heroes’

Merkel Could Have Brokered Peace In Ukraine

Russia Counters US Big Lies With Hard Truths

EU Heads Threaten Russia With More Sanctions

It Is Time To Sanction The Sanctioners

Biden - Oil Prices To Stay Low For Several Years


Russia, Iran Joint Bank For Business In National Currencies

Defense Industry Will Pull Russia Out Of Economic Crisis

S&P Downgrades Russia’s Rating To 'Junk'

Goldman - The Myths & Realities Of Russia Oil Sector

Kuwait Expects Budget Deficit Of $24 Billion

Oil Can Return To $200 If Supplies Dry Up - OPEC Head

New Greek Leader Tsipras Lives In Working Class Flat

Greece’s New Finance Minister

Le Pen Hails Greek Anti-Austerity Party Victory

Greece Elections - Merkel Has Lost, Hope Has Won

EU Tells New Greek Leaders To Stay With Austerity!

SYRIZA Delivers Blow To Illuminati Banksters


Greece’s Agonized Cry To Europe

Greece Faces Bank Runs

Alchemy Of Synthetic Finance And Global Governance

Panicked Super Rich Buying Escape Hideouts With Airstrips

Austrian Party Demands Bailout For Swiss Franc Speculators

Most Russians Think Hebdo Tragedy Caused By Journalists

US Says Russian 'Spies' Try To Recruit New Yorkers

Russian Bank IDs Alleged Russian Spy As Employee

'Holocaust' Memorial Day 2015

Anti-Israel Cartoon Breached Standards

What’s Good For Greece Is Bad For Israel

Israel Troops Fired For Criticizing Regime


Israel FM Lieberman Orders Free Handout Of Hebdo

IDF Says At Least 2 Rockets Hit Golan Heights

High Israeli Cops Resigned For Penis Issues

UNRWA Suspends Gaza Reconstruction - Lack Of Funds

Thailand Loves Hitler

Attack At Luxury Hotel in Libya Reveals ‘False Flag’

Gunmen Kills Guards Takes Tripoli Hotel Hostages

US Embassy In Yemen Closes To Public

Killer Freeze On Way To Britain

Craig Murray - Greece, London, Scotland And Europe

Craig Murray - BBC Makes Me Vomit


Dead Oligarch Berezovsky Owes UK £46m Taxes

UK Bank Scandal Report Put Off Until After Election

Britain To Ban Fracking In National Parks

Murdered Nisman Story Getting 'Mossadier'

Time For A Big Terminology Change

Tesla Car's 'Insane' Button Gives A WILD Ride - Vid

A Whole Branch Of Science Turns Out To Be Fake

Murdered Nisman Story Getting 'Mossadier'

Time For A Big Terminology Change

Tesla Car's 'Insane' Button Gives A WILD Ride - Vid

A Whole Branch Of Science Turns Out To Be Fake


Pay To Play Scandal Just Part Of Higher Ed Fraud

CIA Whistleblower Guilty Of Leaking Info To NYT Reporter

Report Predicts 18 States Will Legalize Pot By 2020

Call Me Trimtab - The Power To Effect Change

Why You Should Quit Drinking Diet Soda

Tired And Weary? Your Thumbs Will Tell…

Public Water Fluoridation Being Challenged In Dallas

Cali Doctor Says, Don't Vaccinate Children

Sleep Remedies, Decongestants Double Risk Of Alzheimers

'Close Shave' Asteroid Was So Big It Had It's Own MOON


Snow Still Falling On New England, High Tide Due - Vid

People Told To Stay Inside During Blizzard - Vid

NE Storm Makes Millions Stay Home - Vid

‘Historic Blizzard’ Grounds 3,200 Flights In US

Here Are America’s 5 Worst Blizzards

Severe Polar Weather To Batter UK

Details Emerge As Lawsuit Filed In Joan Rivers Death

Obama Gum Chew At Indian Parade Draws Fire

Alternative Media Future And Risk


Will Spain Be Next To Dump Austerity?

Left Victory In Greece - Vid

EU Braces For 'Catastrophe'

The Jew Bill Of 1753

Secret ‘Badass’ Intel Spied On Smartphones

Why The FCC Is Trying To Redefine Broadband

7 Shocking Facts About Saudi Arabia Under Late King

Sucking Up To The Saudis

Latest Russian Relief Convoy Nears Donbas

Putin Calls Ukrainian Army A 'NATO Legion’

US Would Benefit From A President Like Putin


Russian Region Bans Sale of Coke

Kremlin Increases Control Of The Economy

Oliver Stone Eyes Putin Documentary

India To Let US Build $182 Billion In Nuke Plants

Triumph Of The Military-Ind-Congressional Complex

US-Cuba Thaw 'American Trojan horse’

3 Cops Execute 17 Yr Old Girl At Police Station

Homeless Camps Appearing Beyond Downtown LA

Drone On White House Lawn Raises Security Concern

Drone Pilot 'So Ashamed' After Killing 1,626 - Vid

Yemen Unrest Won't Stop Drone Slaughter


How Europe Won The '70s War On Terror

Get Ready For Companies That Run Themselves

Epstein’s First Accuser Tells Her Story

Blast Force - The Invisible War On The Brain

Secrets Of The Teenage Brain

NASA Wants to Send A Helicopter To Mars

NASA Readies For Photo Session With Pluto

The Trailblazing Soviet Space Dogs

Unique Organic Molecule Discovered In Deep Space

A Grim Future For Oil Drilling & Service Firms


Millions Of GMO Mosquitoes May Be Released In FL

US Federal Waters Auctioned For Wind Power

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Monitor

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Everywhere

Choose The Right Honey For Your First Aid Kit

Calcium Supplements Proven To Kill, Again

Pediatric Academy - Medical Marijuana May Help Ill Kids

'The Devil’s Breath' – World’s Scariest Drug - Vid

Eating Walnuts Will Help You Ace A Memory Test

Everyday Drugs May Increase Risk Of Alzheimers


24 Ways To Keep Warm Without Turning Up The Heat

Is Purpose The Key To Longevity?

Lucid Dreaming Linked To Increased Self-Reflection

The Fallacy Of 'Giving Up’

No, Astrobiology Has Not Made The Case For God

The Near-Term Future Of Quantum Computing?

Ten Mysterious Undeciphered Codes & Inscriptions

How To Buy Marijuana Online In 3 Easy Steps

Poorest Patients Sued By Non-Profit Hospitals

Examining Environmental Impacts Of Fertilizer Run-Off

Dr. Oeggerli’s Beautiful Little Monsters


Blizzard To Hit Northeast 'Very Hard' - Vid

Historic Storm, Blizzard Set To Slam Northeast

Piers Corbyn Forecasting Severe February Weather

Global Warming In Weird Comeback in 2015 - A-21 Looms

Drone Found On WH Grounds In News Security Breach

Kirwan - Ninety-Nine To One

Roberts - Freedom, Where Are You? Not In US Or Europe

WikiLeaks - Why Is Google Handing Staff Emails To Feds?

War On Leaks Madness - Journalists Emails Watched

ALIPAC vs McCaul's 'Secure The Border Never Bill'


Second FOX News Suicide In Two Months

'Out Of My Face, Please' - PROOF US Soldiers In Mariupol

English-Speaking Soldiers In Mariupol After Shelling

Putin's Message To Washington On Ukraine

OSCE Shows Merc Weapons Found In Donetsk Airport

Big US Think Tank - Why US Should Stay Out Of Ukraine

Kiev Asks For Ask MIlitary Help From NATO

10 Reasons Why Vicky Nuland Is Stalin Of Today (satire)

S&P Downgrades Russia From BB+ To BBB-

Russia To Walk Out Of PACE If Sanctions Are Renewed

US Missile Defense System Can't Stop Russian ICBMs

Russia Develops Heavy Drone - S500 By 2017

New NATO HQs Planned In Six E European States


Top Spymaster Explains How Russian Intel Sees US

The Anti-Russia Campaign Is Heating Up

Monsanto's Next Victim - Russia

Russia Region Bans Sale Of Coke, Mt Dew To Minors

China To Build Methanol Plant On La Bayou

Saudi Arabia Beheaded 19 In First Half Of August Alone

Tsipras Tells Greece Bailouts, Troika Era Are Over

'We Are Going To Destroy The Greek Oligarch System'

Where’s The US ‘Syriza’ Party?

Operation Gladio - A Warning To Syriza And Greece?

Greece - When Young Revolt Against Corrupt Elite


Syriza’s Victory - This Is What The Politics Of Hope Look Like

Putin Wants More Cooperation With Greece

The Eurocrats' Real Fear? Greece Quits And Thrives

'This Won't Remain Confined To Greece'

Death Of Israeli Agent And 'Argentine' Prosecutor Nisman

Argentina - Intel Agents Suspected Prosecutor Murder

Japan Trade Deficit Up To Record High In 2014 - Data

Chinese Currency Plunges To Peg Limit Against Dollar

Millennials - Escape The Credit/Debt Matrix

Jewish Leaders Want Europe-Wide Outlawing Of Antisemitism

Israeli President Declines Invitation To Meet Obama


Netanyahu Vows To Block Iran Nuclear Program

Israel’s Cooperation With Takfiris-ISIS Proven - Hezbollah

Syriza - EU - Abbas - Putin - GMOs - Vid

Senators - More US Troops Needed In Yemen

Actual Footage From Nazi 'Death Camps' - Vid

Osborne Urges Fast-Track Fracking Measures - Leak

Hoax GCHQ Caller Put Through To Cameron’s Phone

2 Victims Claim Abuse By Leon Brittan

'American Sniper' - Lies And Propaganda To Divide A Nation

American Sniper - Hollywood And Homeland Insecurity

Parents Outrage Over Cell Towers In Schoolyards


Millions Of GMO Insects To Be Set Loose In FL Keys

Shocking Images Of China's Dire Pollution Problem

Are There Hidden Horrors In Your Toothpaste?

Will Thinking Become A Criminal Act?

Polyamory - 'I Have A Fiancé, A Girlfriend And Two Boyfriends' - Vid

Call Me Trimtab – The Power To Effect Change

Why You Should Build Your Own Internet

5 Things Prove We Live In Upside Down World

Cancer & The Healing Power Of Sound


The Science That Validates Astrology

UFOs Glide Over Three FL Towns - Vid

UFO Hunters Plan Database to Track Sightings

Record Size Asteroid Flies By Earth Today

H7N9 Human Case in British Columbia ex-China

H7N9 Hong Kong Export To Vancouver BC

CA Added States Without H5-Free Export Certification

H5N8 In Foster Farms 145k Turkeys Match Wild Birds


Comrade Obama's Murder Of The US Middle Class

Greek Election - Mixed Messages, Hold The Cheers

Syriza Wins Big In Greek Election, Free To Form Govt

Greek PM Concedes Election To Syriza

Kirwan - The New World Order Revealed

Roberts - Charlie Hebdo, A Free Press & Social Security

Northeast US Braces For Blizzard As Winter Storm Nears

NY Mayor Warns Of Storm Like Never Seen Before


Trump 'Seriously Thinking' About 2016 Zoo (he'll run)

Iowa GOP '2016 Beauty Contest' Held In Iowa - Vid

US Spy Plane Fleeing Russian Jet Enters Sweden

Kirwan - The Chessboard Has Imploded

No Doubt - Uniformed, Armed American In Mariupol - Vid

What Happens If Russian Army Really Invades Ukraine

Shelling Of Mariupol To Wreck Minsk Agreements

US-Made Weapons, Explosives Found In Donetsk Airport

Porky Says Kiev Killed 600 DPR Troops Since Friday

Resistance To New Wave Of Ukraine Mobilization Starts

Porky Aide Insists Ukraine Liberated Auschwitz

Ukraine - The Plunder Continues


Russia Blocks Zio Western UN Move On Ukraine

Russian FM Accuses Kiev of 'Monstrous' Donetsk Shelling

Signs Russia Tiring Waiting For West To Restrain Kiev

Outdoing Dr. Goebbels - The Propaganda War On RT

Bosnia Min Resigns Protesting Arms Delivery To Ukraine

Top US Expert Explains US Ukraine Policy Run By Kids

America's War On All It Claims To Stand For

Sauder - The Rothschilds Satanic Global Power Play

Bibi Tries To Turn Congress Against President Obama

More Holohoax Trickery - Work Camps vs Death Camps

Israelis Attack, Stab Palestinian In al-Khalil

Br Nathanael - Enabling A Big Brother Future - Vid


UN Condemns Israel For Razing 77 More Pal Homes

Hillary Mocks Putin, Grabs $500k Jewels From Saudi Dictator

New NASA Photo Shows Technician Fixing 'Curiosity'! - Pic

Obama's Personal Battle Against Climate Change

Activists Rally Against Obama Visit To India

Toronto Sun's Eric Margolis In Epstein's Contact List?

'American Sniper' Sparks Anti-Muslim Anger Online

Maher 'American Sniper' Is American Psychopath

New US Soldier - 'I Ain’t Gonna Kill Nobody.'

Fox News Spreading Fear Of Islam And Muslims

Why The Entire 20th Century Was A Mistake

Leading Egyptian Female Protester Dies - 'Shot By Cops'

13 Dead In Egypt Anniversary Protests

How The European Dream Is Dying, State By State

£8b Bonus To Goldman Sachs Who Helped Make Financial Crisis

'Cheerful' Dutch Financier New 4th ABN Amro Banker 'Suicide'

Get Ready For Negative Interest Rates In The US

Davos - The Arrogance Of Officialdom

$250 Trillion Time Bomb, Gold & Rising Currency Wars

Obama, Modi Agree To Limit US Liability In Nuke Disaster

Iran Mulls 'Special Retaliation' Over Israel Golan Attack

IRGC - Israel Got Takfiri Intel before Air Raid On Syria


Iran Calls For Expansion Of Saudi Ties

Germany Stops Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia

Massive Power Outage Puts 80% Of Pak In Dark

'Fake Haruna Beheading Vid Courtesy Racist Rita Katz & Co'

Questions Surround Veracity Of Video Claiming Execution

US Is A Dangerous Ally - Former Australia PM

Charlotte Iserbyt - The 'Education' Tragedy In A Nutshell - Vid

Why ‘Gay Marriage’ Is Evil

Failing Measles Vax To Blame For Disney Outbreak - pdf

Pleasure vs Pain In The Controlled Society

Six Wise Men Warned Blair Off Bloody Iraq Invasion 2003

Obama, Modi Agree To Limit US Liability In Nuke Disaster


Blair Force One - Former PM's Luxury Private Jet

'We Would Evict Queen From Buckingham Palace' - Greens

Ranks Of Senior UK Army Officers To Be Slashed

Ghost Town As Foreign Owners Desert London Homes

MoD Caught Spying On Wounded Soldiers

Slender Man - FOUR Sightings Of 8 Foot Tall Spectre

Brittan Probed By Police Over Pedophilia, Child Murder

Ex-MP - Leon Brittan A 'Powerful Man With Many Secrets'

Brittan 'Photographed Entering Pedophile Sex Den'

Ex Home Secretary Brittan 'Abused 10 Yr Old Boy'

'Brittan Abused Me, Other Kids At Westminster Pedo Parties'


Political & Royal Paedophillia - Coverups & Leon Brittan

Prince Andrew Flew On Pedo Epstein's Private 'Sex' Jet

Massive Mex Volcanic Blast Ash-Blankets Villages 15 Mi Away

Venezuelan Opposition Activists Protest Economic Woes

Boko Haram Takes Key Nigerian City Before Kerry Arrival

Massive Asteroid Visible On Monday

Triangle UFO Over Nuke Weapons Depot Does 360 Roll

Eerie Blue Glow In Hong Kong Waters

Police Chase UFO Through Two Counties 1973

Chinese Cook Preps Fried Rice For Buffet

New Painkiller In Coffee - Stronger Than Morphine

Obama Blames Russia For Attack On Mariupol


Civilian Blood Stains On Donetsk Streets

Russia Has Paid France About 1 Billion For Mistrals

Creepy Mind-Control & Mind-Controlled Tech

The Truth About ISIS, Chris Kyle & The Saudi King

Snowden - iPhones Have Secret Spyware

How The CIA Made Google

Massive Asteroid To Be Seen From Earth Monday

Greece - High-Stakes Election

Chris Kyle's Stories Do Not Add Up - Vid

Air In Your Home Could Be Making You Ill

Revealed - The 14 Ingredients In McDonalds Fries

Comets, A Great Flood And Electric Geology - Vid

The Long Haul In UK Nuclear Cleanup

Shocking State Of World's Riskiest Nuke Waste Site

Grisly Secrets Of Victorian London's Dead

DIY Lamp From Plastic Bottle Transforming Lives

Jeff & Texe Marrs - Israel As A Jewish State - Vid

Kiev Killers Shell Donetsk Traffic, 9 Dead, Dozen Hurt - Vid

Putin Playing With Fire In Europe - Brzezinski

AirAsia Flight Climbed Quickly, Stalled Before Crash


Obama SOTU Foreign Policy 'Suspended Disbelief' - Vid

Russia Responds To Obama's Bombastic SOTU

America's Abysmal State

John Boehner Doesn't Give A Damn What You Want

Unemployment To Rise Over Next 5 Years

Russian Spy Ship In Havana For US-Cuba Talks

The Irony Behind New Russia, Iran Defense Deal

Legendary A-10 Sends ISIS Fleeing

ICC To Investigate Israeli War Crimes In Gaza

A Shadow War In 150 Countries

Defiant Nebraskans Vow To Halt Keystone XL


France - A €425 Million Anti Terror Plan

Cold War's Most Eerie Tech - The 'Atom Sub’ - Vid

Our S Korean Allies Also Hack The US

Even Central Bankers Now Admit QE Doesn’t Work

2nd Crude Pipeline Breach Hits Yellowstone River

New Holder Forfeiture Policy…Room For More Abuse

Gray State Marital Law (Movie) - Producer Murdered - Vid

'D' Weapons Use Appliances To Spy On Homes

The Artist On Trial

LA Mayor To Move Ahead With Exec Amnesty

Abe Policies Crushing Japan Work Force


Snow Causes Travel Chaos Across The UK

Record-Setting Year For Canadian Wind Industry

Hypocrisy - 1,700 Private Jets Fly To Warming Forum

Davos Elite Security - 'Feels Like Half Swiss Army Is Here'

Facebook Wants To Remove ‘FAKE’ News

Pope Pushing GA Guidestones Depopulation Agenda?

Pope Wants NWO Population Control - Vid

Your Fallback Plan - Credit And Debt?

Bank Of Canada Cuts Key Interest Rate

'Dangerous Delusions' About Helping World's Poor

4.4m US Men Hide Money From Their Partners


The Illusion Of A Salary

Why Are The Feds Abusing Research Animals?

The Science Of Willpower - Vid

World's Biggest Landslide Floated Like A Hovercraft

We Need To Talk About Kevin Sabet

Deep Space Sugars Could Reveal Origins Of Life

Superfood That Keep Cardiologists At Bay

Average Life Expectancy Heading For 100

Can People Really Die Of Old Age?

Why Are Some Generics Getting So Expensive?

Big Pharma Overcharging Poor Countries For Child Vax

How Sound Torture Is Used To Break Prisoners


Inside One Of World's Weirdest Airplanes - Vid

How To Use Living Plants To Make Usable Electricity

The Downton Abbey Deception?

UFO Filmed Over Memphis, TN

Resident Photographs UFO Over Vidor, TX

Do Foo Fighter Images Show 'The Real Ones?'

The Daily Show Mocks Aborted Babies

When Your Soul Screams 'Enough' !

What's Happening When You Wake Up And Feel Paralyzed

This Fish Might Save Caribbean’s Dying Coral Reefs


Obama’s Lame-Duck Agenda

Russia Responds To Obama's Bombastic SOTU

Disneyland Measles Spreads To 5 States & Mexico

Disneyland Measles Cases Raise Health Concerns

Obama Self-Parody - 'Bigger Nations Can't Bully The Small'

Fetzer - Many US Senators Don't Rep Country's Interests

1 Yr After Pots Legalized, CO Cops Admits All's Well

Obamacare Site Is Tracking Users

Obama (Again) Vows To Close Guantánamo

John Boehner Doesn't Give A Damn What You Want


Zionist-Controlled Media Tries To Destroy Religions - Vid

US Doctor Shot Dead In Boston Hospital

Racial Discrimination ‘Big Problem’ in US

Cop Executes Man Whose Hands Were Up - Vid

Violence Of US Police Brutality Surfaces

The Common Core Zone

US Wants To Dominate The World - Lavrov

Netanyahu Trip Departure From Protocol

IRGC To Help Muslims Fighting Israel

Muslim Nations Must Close Ranks Against Israel

Israel Unaware Killed Iran General Was In Convoy In Syria

Israel Deploys Iron Dome, Braces For Hezbollah Retaliation


Iran, Hezbollah Plan 'Imminent' Invasion Of Israel's Galilee

Tel Aviv Bus Knife Attack - 4 Seriously Hurt

Israel Attack On Hezbollah...Shoot First, Ask Later

Thai Workers Being Abused In Israel

Cartoon Of Mohammed Was Provocation - Ex MI6 Chief

Russia Gives Mass Media Warning Over Religious Cartoons

Could French Police Have Prevented Kosher Store Attack?

Jindal Unapologetic For Muslim 'No-Go Zones' Comment

Gazprom Sends $2.4 Billion Bill To Kiev

Schlumberger Buys $1.7b Stake In Russia’s Biggest Driller

Libya's OPEC Governor Kidnapped


UK Tax Cuts For Oil And Gas Industry

Total CEO Predicts Oil Price Recovery

Saxo Bank Warns "This Is The Endgame For Central Banks"

Amount of Russian Debt Coming Due in 2015 Is Overstated

Russian Foreign Debt Fell $130 Billion In 2014

Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Free Land

Combat Robot-Avatar Revealed To Putin

Denmark, Norway,Finland To Coop With Russia in Arctic

Argentina - No Signs Of Others In Prosecutor Death

No Way Argentinian Prosecutor A Suicide - Ex Wife

Amia Bombing - Israel Condemns Argentina-Iran Probe

Salbuchi & Fetzer - False Flag Attacks In Argentina


Nisman Suicide Story Crumbles - No Gunpowder His Hands

Roberts - Martin Luther King - 'An American Hero'

Thatcher Given 'Allegations Of Unnatural Sex Proclivities'

Brit Lawmakers Slam Plan For New Bahrain Base

Chinese Firm 3D Prints 5 Story House

Has EU Endorsed Its Own GMO?

Frilled Shark With 300 Razor Teeth Caught

AI System Forecasts Huge, Grid-Killing Solar Flares

World's Strangest UFO Cases Revealed

The Silence And The Storm

90% Of Languages Gone In 100 Yrs Due To Migration

Surprising Pot Effects On Athletic Performance

A Birds EyeView Of The World


A Raw Materials Economics State Of The Union Message

Lavrov - Russia Will Not Allow New Cold War

Scot Indy Vote - Video Says It's Definitely A Fix

Are Jews 'Part Of The West'?

Benjamin Disraeli - Father Of The World Wars

Davos - As World On Verge Of Nervous Breakdown

Anti-Islamist Sentiments Rise By 110% In France

London Hit By 'Sharia Patrols' Harassing Citizens

US Gens Admit Backing Islamic Militants In Syria

LA Times Sues Pentagon On $40b Missile System


Air Force Turns to Supersonic Mercenaries

Navy's New Supergun

Obamacare Site Tracking Users

Gold - If Ever A Time To Own It It's Now - Vid

The Swiss Will Not Have More EU QE

AK-47s Soon To Be Make Here In US

UFO Filmed Hovering Over NY - Vid

UFO Sightings In Tampa Bay Lead To AF Probe - Vid

Silent Cigar UFO Crosses Maine Skyline

Is the UK Heading To Mega Dairy Farms

Norris Raises Red Flag Over Monsanto

When Gambling Is Your Drug

A Fold-Down Greenhouse For Under $100 - Vid

Br Nathanael - Why Putin Will Prevail Over Jewmerica


Dying For Treatment - Video

Are We All On Te Synaesthetic Spectrum?

Why Are Volcanoes Oozing So Much Lava?

25 Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion

Soviet Union Fall Helped MDR TB Take Off

Redefining Mental Illness

The 3 Day 3 Dollar Detox

The Myth That Sunlight Causes Cancer

Who Built The Underground City Of Derinkuyu? - Vid

Mysterious 15th C. Irish Town Found Near Castle

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 301


Jeb Bush - Hillary Is A Candidate 'Of The Past'

McConnell Signals Senate Sellout, Amnesty Surrender

Gutierrez Invites illegal To Attend State Of Union

Crisis Point - Putin, The West And The GAME

Moscow, US End Nuclear Cooperation Program

US-Russia War Underway - No Winners, Only Losers

Obama's Stupid Community College Plan

New Privacy Fears Over Govt Health Care Website


Hollywood Plans To Seize Pirate Site Domains

Google-SpaceX To Bring Free Wi-Fi Internet To World

Albuquerque PD Kills Third Man Of The Year

Cop Enters Home w/o Knocking - His Justification?

5 Must Do's For Every Police Encounter - Vid

New IL Law Lets Teachers Access Students Social Media

Shocking CDC Call To Head Of Household

India Is Crucial To Russia's Pivot East

BBC Apologizes To RT On Air For False Claim

Propaganda & Fear-Mongering Works

4 Men Said Linked To Paris Killers Face Charges

EU Migration Creates Xenophobia

Anti-Islam Demos Spread In Europe

Paris Mayor - We'll Sue Fox News

Israel Bombs Syria For Sixth Time In 18 Months


Pal May Lose MIllions In US Aid If They Sue Israel

Pals Start General Strike To Condemn Israeli Murders

Israeli 'Settlers' Once Again al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel Seeks To Demolish West Bank

Condemn Islamic Terror And Shield Zionist Atrocities

Israel Behind All Terror Acts In Mideast - Iran

Zionist Assassins Had Big Weekend

Korean Students Being Brainwashed By Talmud

Israeli Think Tank Holds Anti-BDS 'Hackathon'

Israel's Latest Aggression

Silk Worms - Wild Shots - Phnom Penh - Vid


ISIL Demands $200m Ransom For Two Japanese Hostages

ISIL Leader Al-Baghdadi Reportedly Wounded in Iraqi Al-Qa’im

GCHQ Captured Emails Of Top Intl Journalists

Just How Antisemitic Is Britain?

Home Office Preserve Right To Protect Sources

Ex-MI6 Boss Wants New Deal For Spies And Net Firms

MI5 Thought WW2 Crop Circles Directing Nazi Bombers

'Gray State' Film Family Killed - Said Murder-Suicide

'Rumsfeld Should Be Charged With Torture Conspiracy'

US Sending 700 Soldiers To Horn Of Africa 'Training'

Moore - Most Americans Don't Think Snipers Heroes


Seth Rogen Likens American Sniper To Nazi Film

Ex WH Official Exposes 58 Sigma Move By Swiss

IMF Cuts Global Economic Growth Forecasts

Bundesbank Gets 120 Tons Gold From Paris, NY Fed

Bundesbank Resumes Gold Repatriation - 120 Tons

Indian Bank Allows Payments Via Twitter

Next Time, The Feds Are Going To Confiscate Stuff

JoeTalk - We Forget The Devil Is Real - Vid

5 Things When Forming Prepper Community


Top 10 States with The Most UFO Sightings

130,000 Pages UFO Docs Now Online

Mystery Cosmic Burst Captured LIVE - ET?

Two Earth-Sized Planets Hiding IN Our Solar System

Microscopic Living Balloons In Space

Searching For ET Planets With New Chile Scope - Vid

Holes In Progressive Dongle Could Yield Car Hacks

Eating Nuts May Be Better Than Taking Statins

Severe Déjà Vu - Man Feels He's Seen ALL TV Before

Magical Ice Cavern At Sunrise In Siberia

Catholics Don't Need To Breed Like Rabbits - Pope

The Physical Universe Is An Information System

Fraudulent Nature Of Pharma Investment Industry

Should Children Be Allowed Cannabis Before Chemo?

The 48 Most Essential Healing Herbs

Can Ayahuasca Cure PTSD?

Origins Of Mankind and Evolution’s ‘Missing Link’

Is Qi the Same Thing as Bioelectricity?

Fujian H5N8 In Wild Teal In Yolo County CA

Backyard Chickens H5N2 Confirmed Canyon County ID

More Fujian H5 In Idaho Waterfowl

Fujian H5N8 In Wild Waterfowl In Gooding County ID

Impregnating America With Muslims - Pt 4


Fujian H5N2 - 3 Pet Falcons Fed Wild Bird - Canyon Co ID

Porky Says Ukraine No Need For Russian Gas In 2 Yrs

US Army Command Delegation In Kiev This Week

Ratsenyuk Unhappy - Ministry Calls Crimea Part Of Russia

Moodys Downgrades 3 Major Russia Institutions

Russian Military To Get Hypersonic Missiles

Rand Paul, Hemp Blazers And Vegas

Israel Deploys Missile Batteries Near Lebanon

Israel To Demolish West Bank Park

What Is The Hezbollah Game In Syria?

Mockingbird - US Media Set Stage For Yemen 'Intervention’

Snowden Uncovers US Digital War Plans - Vid

How The NSA Hijacks Hacker Botnets For Spying

The Long History Of Mideast Satire

Vast Experiments On Humans - Forgotten Document

Zio-Puppet Abe - A Pawn Of The Rothschild Empire

Measles Outbreak Spreads in California

New Police Radars Can 'See' Inside Homes

Graham - US May Cut Aid To Palestine Over ICC Move

USDA - Pesticide-Laden Food Is Safe To Eat!

2014 May Not Have Been 'Hottest Year' At All


NASA Keeps Telling 'Warmest' Lies

The Global Warming Merchants Of Smear

Without Drugs, What's The Point Of Bitcoin?

International Trade Or Corporate Raid? - Vid

Prison Dispatches From The War On Terror

Brazil's Largest City Almost Out Of Water

FDA Attacks Man For Selling MMS Supplement

Someone Bought NYC's First $100 Million Apartment

Most Mysterious Space Radio Bursts In Real Time

After Kepler, What's Next For Planet Hunters?


Now Behold The Internet Of ‘Me'

Killing Your Inner Child

Abdul-Jabbar - Mixed Feelings About MLK Day

My Lovely Wife In The Psych Ward

The Many Lives Of Hazel Bryan

40% Brit Families Don't Figure In Society

UFO Hovering Outside Bedroom Window

Motorists Report Mystery Light & Missing Time

John Podesta And The UFO Conundrum


Severe, Deadly Weather Hits Much Of Nation - More Due

Separatists Destroy 27 Kiev Tanks, 20 APC Near Airport

Kiev Army Attempt To Reconquer Donetsk Airport Fails

Civilians In Goriovka Killed By Kiev Bombing

Russia Warns Kiev Of Irreversible Consequences Of War

Kiev Army Targets Donetsk Hospital - 6 Wounded

Porky Orders 'Massive Fire' On Donetsk

Porky Rejected Putin Artillery Withdrawal, Opened Fire

US-Backed Naked Kiev Aggression On Donbas


Kiev Shuts Off ALL Transports To Lugansk Region

Kiev Wants US Experts To Train Its Army Draftees

US Incapable Of Backing Down Over Ukraine

Israel Airstrike Kills 6 Iran Soldiers, IRGC General in Syria

Iran IRGC Confirms Killing Of Its General In Syria’s Golan

Israel Refuses Comment On Airstrikes on Hezbollah

Israel Targeting Opponents Of ISIS - Schoenman

West Behind Hebdo Profane Cartoons - Irani Official

1,000s Of Pakistanis Hebdo, Burn French Flag

Flags, Hollande Pics Burned At Global Hebdo Protests

Chechens Protest Against Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Mind Control - Wires In The Brain - Vid

Netanyahu Claims ‘Islamisation’ Sweeping Europe

'Go Home & Take Obama' - Anti-Islamophobia TX Event


N Korea Defector Changes Story

Cameron Disagrees With Pope On Causing Offense

PEGIDA Cancels Anti-Islam Rally In Germany Over ISIS Threat

Pipeline Dumps 50,000 Gal Oil Into Yellowstone River

CA Drought Could End With 'Atmosphere Rivers'

FBI Dubious Record On Prosecuting Terror Plots

ISIS A CIA Creation - Vid

Gitmo - Symbol Of America's Moral Depravity

Psychology Of Tyranny For A Philosophy Of Despotism

Inequality Isn’t Inevitable, It’s Engineered

How To Reclaim Liberty Once It's Lost

New VA Anti-NDAA Detention Bill Turns Table On Feds


What’s To Blame For Our Dying Planet?

Russia Buys Most Gold In 6 Mos, Sells US Treasuries

Political Downgrade Of Russia Credit Another Sanction

Saudi Arabia Can Last 8 Years On Low Oil Prices

Iran Not Yet Decided To Cut Oil Output

Tehran, Moscow To Build 2 More Nuke Plants In Iran

China Economic Growth Hit 24 Year Low In 2014

India Rejects US No Fly Zone Request For Obama

SS Probes Drive-By Shooting At Joe Biden's House

Key Argentinian Prosecutor Found Dead

CNN Presenter Jim Clancy Quits After ‘Anti-Israel’ Rant


CIA Killed Screenwriter Over Panama Invasion?

Planes With VIP Passengers May Get Priority UK Landings

UK Failed To Stop Child Sex On Brit Territory Of St Helena

Mind Control - The Attempt To Program Life

Boko Haram Kills 3, Kidnaps 80 In Attack On Villages

Living In North Raises Dementia Risk

GMO Crop Vote Beginning Of Europe Biotech Battle

2014 Was Toughest Year For Palestinian Children

Unearthing Spain's Forgotten Civil War Victims

Boko Haram Kills 3, Kidnaps 80 In Attack On Villages

Russian Lake Most Radioactive Place On Earth

UFO Explodes Over City In Russian Far East

Aluminum, Glyphosate Can Induce Pineal Gland Pathology


Meteorite From Mars Contains Alien Biomass

Three More Earth-Size Planets Found

3 Powerful Nutrients Help Kick Anxiety Symptoms

Tests Show Most Store Honey ISN'T Honey


WHO Update On December H7N9 In China

H7N9 Heyuan Guangdong 3F Mild

H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan

Fujian H5N2, H5N8 Spread To Taiwan Chicken

H5N1 Egypt Assiut 47F, Cairo 36F, Minya 6 YO

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Up To 239

WAR - Porky Orders 'Massive Fire' On Donetsk

Porky Rejected Putin Artillery Withdrawal, Opened Fire

Putin Calls For Cessation Of Shelling In E Ukraine

Ukraine 'Deeply Divided'

More Evidence Of Paris False Flag Hoax

China Hacked 50 Terrabytes Of F-35 Plans! - Snowden


Will China Pull A 'Switzerland' On The US Dollar? - Vid

Swiss Move Shows Central Bank Insanity

Iran Calls On Saudis Again To Cut Oil Production

CIA And The Mafia - Old Business Pals

Paris Anti-Terror Raids Expose Western Fraud

'State Terrorism Is A Known Israeli Policy'

Judaics Must Publicly Reject World Zionism

Israel Attacks Hezbollah In Syria, War Imminent - Vid

‘Why I Still Dislike Israel’

Br Nathanael - How To Fix America


Euro 'Anti-Semitism' Result Of Netanyahu Policies

Brit Jews Too Scared To Go To Synagogues, Shops

UK Pledges More Cops Over 'Antisemitism' Threat - Vid

CC Gaza - Paris Motives - Peace In Nature - Vid

FBI Says It Stopped A Terror Attack (it planned)

NSA Hacked N Korean Networks Before Sony Attack

Snowden Docs Show 8 Yr NSA Training Cyber Army

Radiation Killing Sea Creatures All Along Pacific Coast - Vid

'Mysterious (NOT) Surge' In Dying West Coast Mammals

Half Of World's Wealth Owned By The 1%


Rise Of Men Who Don’t Work - What They Do Instead

Holder Limits Seized-Asset Sharing Process

US-UK Special Relationship - Partners in High Crimes

Inclusiveness Causing Crime, Insanity & Perversity - Vid

Glasgow Bin Lorry False Flag Or Hoax? - Vid

‘Thought Crime’ Law Hits Britain

The Battle Over Affordable Housing In The US

Majority Of US Public School Students Are In Poverty

Chiappalone - In A Nutshell - pdf

War On Drugs & Prison Industry Complex Explained - Pics

Cop Caught With Hard Drives Full Of Child Porn Skates


Judge Dismisses Brooklyn 'Planted Gun' Case

Albuquerque Cop Union VP - These Officers Are Terrified!

'Drunk Off-Duty Cop' Gets Off In Shooting Case

Japan Deletes WWII 'Comfort Women' Chapters From Textbooks

Model - World's First Auto Pilot Car - Vid

Tesla S P85D Model Test Drive, 0 -60 3.2 Seconds - Vid

After PTSD, More Trauma

More Global Warming Hot Air

The Streets Of SF Are Covered In Human Sh*t

Watch Out, Baby Boomers

Rome's Military Women Hiding In Plain Sight


Mummy Mask May Reveal Oldest Known Gospel

Grateful Dead Reunite For Farewell Concerts

One Year of Asteroid And Comet Observations - Vid

When All Fundamentalists Were Christian

The Invisible War On The Brain

Who Owns Yoga - A $10 Billion A Year Industry

Depression Eating - Simple Meal Ideas For Hard Times

Essential Oils Could Be The New Antibiotics

Mystery Kidney Killer Spreads Fear In Sri Lanka

Honey & Sugar Outperform Antibiotics - Wounds, Burns

My Life As A Medical Guinea Pig

A Cosmic Apology - Vid


Kirwan - Banishing The Shadows

Lunatic Porky Orders 'Massive Fire' On E. Ukraine

Putin Calls For Ceasefire In Donbass

Porky Refuses Putin Heavy Weapons Withdrawal Plan

Porky Vows To Retake, Revive Donbass

Obama To Call For Hundreds Of Billions In Tax Hikes

Obama's Phony MIddle Class Tax Relief Plan


There's No Inflation Unless You...

Obama Taps Surprise Source To Fund Amnesty

Feinstein’s Husband To Make $1B On Insider Deal

The Battle Over Affordable Housing

Adolf Hitler, The Man Who Fought The Bank - Vid

Charlie Hebdo - The Hidden Agenda Exposed - Vid

40% Of French Oppose Mohammed Cartoons

Saudi Muslim Leader To Take Legal Action Against Hebdo

Protesters Toss Shoes, Eggs At Cdn FM In Ramallah

Palestinian Protesters Hurl Eggs At Canada FM

DEA Admits To Collecting Phone Records Of Americans

Shooting Occurs Near Biden Home


Ron Paul's Predictions For 2015

Japan Set To Surpass China As US Largest Creditor

Zionists Suppress 9/11 Research Because It Implicates Israel

Arming Jews - False Paris - Fighting ISIS - Fake Crises - Vid

Lower Oil Prices Provide Benefits To US Workers

More Warming Hot Air, Climate Goons Inflate Reality

Media - Most Shocking Interview That ''Never Happened'

Incest - The Next Frontier In ‘Reproductive Freedom'

Why Does God Allow Children To Be Prostitutes?

Br Nathanael - Did Mossad Do Charlie Hebdo? - Vid

Open Admission Administration Gibberish

Obama Taps Surprise Source To Fund Amnesty

JoeTalk - Not Place To Hide - Vid

Petition Supports Dad Who Gave Daughter Cannabis Oil

Dad Gave Cancer Daughter Cannabis Oil - Huge Improvement

Fingerprint Web Portal Helps Protect Kentucky Citizens

6 Major Lies To Be Pushed On NFL Fans This Week

Why Is WA CPS Treating Marijuana Different Than Alcohol?

Which Big-Name Groups Oppose Flu Vax Mandates

Blogger Who Healed Herself With Superfoods


Suspect H5N1 Familiar Cluster In Assiut

Fujian H5N2 Chickens Shengang Twp, Changhua Co Taiwan

H7N9 Shanghai China 69M

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 194

H7N9 Longhua Shenzhen 66M - Mild 1.5F

Fujian H5N2 Chickens Shengang Twp, Changhua Co Taiwan

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increase To 194

H7N9 Longhua Shenzhen 66M - Mild 1.5F

Why Do Psychopaths Dominate Politics?

Kirwan - Separating Us From Ourselves

US Inmates Now Corporate Slaves In For Profit Facilities


Has Russia Pulled Out Of The Petrodollar?

Koran Does Not Forbid Images Of Muhammed

Paris Was Hit By Mossad Op

Ballistics Evidence - Paris Cop Execution Video Staged

Turkey, Russia Leaders - Charlie Hebdo False Flag

Ron Paul Institute Calls Charlie Hebdo A False Flag

FBI Caught Setting Up Islamic Youngster As Terrorist

A Glimpse Into A Powerful Hasbara Organization

Putin Snubbed In Auschwitz Commemoration

Kiev Bans Truck Traffic With Lugansk Republic

What Games Is The House Of Saud Playing?


There Is No One

Britain Braced For Deadly Freeze

The Afghanistan We Never See

The Forgotten Victims Of State Terrorism

Corruption And Revolt

21 Technologies Decentralizing The Economy

Do People Who Ask For Raises Get Them?

Facebook Doesn't Know You're Faking It

Russian Mom Takes Magical Photos Of Her Two Kids

A Twist On Planetary Origins

Mysterious Planet X May Really Lurk


A Teen Posed As A Doctor At A Hospital For A Month

George Washington Time At Valley Forge

Meet Sugar Bob - Oregon's Pot Eating Deer - Vid

‘Consensual Incest’ Is Rape

What’s The Secret To Getting Kids To Eat Veggies?

Mangoes Unlock Marijuana’s True Potential

Amazing Benefits Of Black Pepper

Why Are So Many Dying After Getting Flu Vax?

Risky Cocktail - Mix Alcohol With Meds

11 'Diet' Foods That Make You Fat Instead Of Thin

Huge, Triangular UFO Spotted Near 202 Fwy – Tempe

Mesmerized By Large Array Of Dazzling White lights 1952

UFO Over Manhattan - Vid


Roberts - Ruin Is America’s Future

Obama And Cameron Fail To Agree On Surveillance

US, UK To Carry Out Cyber War Games

Boehner Brushes Off Obama's Veto Threat Over Iran

Ron Paul - Sanctions On Iran An Act Of War

EU Split On Maintaining Russian Sanctions

US To Buy 60 Russian Rocket Engines Worth $1 Billion

DEA Admits To Collecting Phone Records Of Americans

AG Holder Moves To End Civil Asset Forfeiture

Asset Forfeiture & Cycle Of Electronic Surveillance Funding

The Surrender To Modern Education - Brainwashing

Glenn Greenwald - Why Privacy Matters - Vid

How To Lose Friends On Social Media - Question Authority

Lugansk Front - Kiev Forces Taking Stunning Losses

In 5 Days, Kiev Lost 700 Dead/Missing, 2,300 Hurt, 25% Equip

Kiev Planning Full-Scale War On Donbas

Stunning Drone Footage Of Donetsk Airport Razed To Ground


Kiev Fighters - 'We're Just 'Cannon Fodder'

2 New Brigades, 10 Airfields Part Of Russian Build-Up In Arctic

Je Suis Donbass

'Je Suis CIA'

Trip Of Death Begins On Egypt Beaches

No Oil, No ‘Protection’? Boko Haram Massacre

Military Might Ineffective Against Terrorism

Roberts - Charlie Hebdo Update

Belgium Deploys Troops Alongside Cops In Terror Threat

Terror Attacks in Europe - The Five Danger Zones

Why Is Charlie Hebdo OK But Not Dieudodnne?


Stewart On French Hypocrisy And Dieudonne

Hebdo Not About Free Expression Or Speech

Charlie's Daily Victims - Dieudonne, David Ward, BBC Willcox

Jews Turning Backs To Alan Dershowitz

Foreshadowing - Arming Jews - Fake Media - Israelis - Vid

Damn - Its Tel aviv - Run

Israel Expresses Outrage Over ICC Probe

Israel Crossing All Boundaries - Swedish FM

Unknown Gunmen Abduct Yemeni President Chief Of Staff

It’s On - Asia’s New Space Race


Two Planets Beyond Pluto?

NASA Live Stream Cuts Out After UFO Sighting

Gitmo Diary Exposes Brutality Of US Rendition, Torture

Gitmo Guards Says Colleagues Brutally Murdered 3 Inmates

JoeTalk - Feeling The Pain - Vid

FBI Agent Seizes Heroin For Personal Use

Blood Sport In The Ancient Empire

Greek Bank Run Spreads To All Four Largest Banks

Mass Extinction In Earth’s Oceans Probable - Study

Sao Paulo Water Supply In 'Critical' As Drought Bites

WI Crater Yields One Of The Rarest Minerals


Underwater Volcano Creates Kilometer-Wide Island

Bird Flu Arita Saga Japan 72000 Chicken Farm

Three More Taiwan Farms With Fujian H5N3

Sichuan Chicken Matches Fujian H5N6 Fatal Case 49M

Major Bird Flu Outbreak In Hadera Israel

Two H5N1 Cases In Egypt - Cairo 3F Sohag 35F

H7N9 Shandong 60M ex-Changzhou

H5 Suspect Farms In Taiwan Up To 192 - 142 Confirmed

Belize - 'Limited outbreak' Of Type ‘A’ Avian Influenza

Sichuan Duck Matches Fujian H5N6 Human Fatal Case 49M


Romney Giving 'Serious Consideration' To The Future

UK Cops On Highest Ever Terror Alert

Davos Welcomes The Rich And Powerful

Guantanamo Guard - CIA Killed Prisoners

The Revenge Of The CIA

US Retail Industry Collapsing, So Is Economy - Vid

It’s Not Just Keystone XL, It’s Also Line 61

Euro To Lowest Level vs Dollar Since 2003

Most US Public School Students Live In Poverty

US Police - From Neighborhood Cops To RoboCops


Enslaved By Technology And The Internet Of Things

Customs Cops Send Traveler Reading Habits To FBI !

Condi Rice Stunned CIA Mission Was Leaked

CIA Revenge - National Security State vs Right To Know

Clinton Foundation HQ & Missing Haiti Money - Vid

Billionaire Soros Spent $33m To Stir Up Ferguson

EPA Ban On Wood-Burning Stoves Starts In Days

Activist Pulls Off Clever Wi-Fi Honeypot Protest

Obama Shuts More US Coal Plants - Elec Rates Hit Record

Radioactive Device In Car On Kings Hwy In CT

NCAA To Restore 112 Wins To Penn State


The GMO False Narrative

How Much Is Cybercrime Really Costing Us?

Why The NSA Is Breaking Our Encryption - Vid

Britain, US To Train Cyber Agents

2014 Officially Hottest Year On Record

In Just 60 Yrs, Neolib Capitalism Is Breaking Earth

CA Cop Says Selling Ammo Bizarre And Illegal - Vid

Killing Unarmed MT Man By Cops Ruled 'Justified'

N Miami Cops Use Minority Mug Shots On Range

Cop Cuffs, Rapes Teen, Gets Only 30 Months

Body Cam Cops 50% Less Likely To Use Force

WA Parents Using Marijuana Accused Of Child Abuse

Revealing The Trauma Of War

Pope - Man Has 'Slapped Nature In The Face’

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - A Controversial Trial

What’s Really In Vaccines?

Walmart Fighting to Keep Workplace Injuries Secret

Dying For Gold, Only To Find Copper - Vid

The Road Where Women Disappear - Vid

Some People Sense The Unseen

The Beautiful Math Inside All Living Things

How Mob Turned S Italy Into Toxic Wasteland


Art + Science = Innovation

Ashes Of Dead People Orbiting Earth

How Earth Entered A New Epoch On July 16, 1945

Why Arsenic Is So Incredibly Deadly

Dirty Drinking Water Drives CA Obesity, Diabetes

Vitamin D Lowers Colon Cancer Risk

The Sunken Land Of Arthurian Legend

UFOs Seen Over Ft Smith? - Vid

UFO Photographed Hovering Over NM Town

Power Outages, Blackouts As UFOs Passed Overhead


Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - The Ultimate Set-Up - Vid

Kirwan - Transnational Death Squads

Obama Refuses To Use 'Islamist' - Vid

Is Kerry Gay? Crazy? This Is A Secretary Of State? - Pics

Two Men Dead In Belgium Counter-Terror Raids

Jewish Schools In Belgium Shut After Warning - Vid

Belgium On High Alert Following Deadly Anti-Terror Raid

For Jews Across France - Stay Or Leave?

French Jews Flee To UK Despite Rising Anti-Semitism'


Wrong Responses To Charlie Hebdo

Hebdo Fired Cartoonist In 2009 For Alleged Anti-Semitism

Armed Man Surrenders To Police, Hostages Freed In Paris

French Police Arrest 12 Allegedly Linked To Paris Shootings

Deconstructing Netanyahu In Paris

Germany Arrests Suspected ISIS Fighter

UK Police To Step Up Patrols of Jewish Areas

Euro Rabbis Demand Jews Be Allowed To Carry Guns

Tony Blair - Force Is Necessary Against Islam

SF Anti-Muslim Nazi Adverts Protected By Free Speech

Muslims Protest New Hebdo Cartoons Worldwide

US/UK - Partners In High Crimes Against Humanity

Obama Warns Senators Against New Iran Sanctions


US Officials Knew Of CIA Anti-Iran Mission - Ex-Manager

American Delusion - Israel Is Our Great Friend And Ally

The Most Shocking Interview That Never Happened

WH Knew CIA Spied On Senate Torture Investigators

Indiana Bill - Ban Material Support, Resources To NSA

Junk Science of CO2 Emissions Goes Under Water

26 New Flu Deaths Reported In NC - Vid

Musk Gives $10 Million To Stop AI From Turning On Humans

Secret US Report - Encryption Vital To Protect Private Data

One-Third Of Americans Believe US Police Lie Routinely

BP's Fine For Gulf Of Mexico Spill Cut By Billions

Stressed Drone Pilot Crisis - Pentagon Promises Pay Raise

33% In US Would Give Up Sex For Their Smart Phones

Dr Ed Ward's Theory On AirAsia Disaster

Twitter Scum Block Ed Ward MD’s Account

New Geopolitical-Financial Bombshells

Oil Industry Calls For North Sea Tax Cuts

North Sea Oil Fields To Make Loss On Every Barrel Produced

The Fed & The Price Of Oil

Iran Won’t Be Pressured By Oil Conspiracy - Vid

Saudis Play a Risky Game with Oil Price Gambit


Oil Up $2 As IEA Seas Signs Tide Will Turn

Watch EU Energy Chief Squirm After Gazprom Meeting

Gazprom Just Made Its Disgust With EU Felt

South Stream Is NOT Dead

Hungary Proposes Pipeline As South Stream Alternative

Fracking Boom Collapses - US Right Wing To Blame

UN Tells Israel To Resume Tax Revenues To Palestine

Hezbollah To Respond To Israel Strikes On Syria

Seeds Of Permanent Conflict In Palestine

US Efforts In Afghanistan 'Melting Away' - Total Waste


Saudis Behead Screaming Burmese Woman On Mecca Street

Saudi Arabia To Build 600 Mile Barrier From Jordan To Kuwait

Saudi Arabia Postpones Flogging Of Blogger

Iraqi Army Gains Against ISIS, Ruin US Plan

Pentagon Sending 400 Troops To Train, Equip Syria Rebels

Merkel Excludes Putin From G7 Summit

Seven EU Countries Support Lifting Sanctions on Russia

Putin Discusses Energy, Banking Cooperation with Venezuela

China, West To Invest Heavily In Russia

New Credit Rating Agencies To Balance 'Big Three'


Celente - Swiss Move Start Of Much Larger Global Meltdown

Russia's Reserve Fund Grew By 72.9% In 2014

Chess Move - Russia Going After EU Billions For Ukraine

Ukraine Peace Talks In Minsk CANCELED

Kiev Troops Had 24 Hours To Quit Donetsk Airport

Donbass Sends Ukraine 300 Tons Of Coal As Humanitarian Aid

Ukraine Men Head To Russia Ahead Of Military Call-Up

Russia Issuing High-Tech 'Future Warrior' Kits To Soldiers

US Worried Over Emerging Russia Military Capabilities

There Is No 'Move to War' - US Already At War With Russia


West's MH17 'Expert' Is A Social Media Hack

Latvia EU Presidency Plans TV War vs Russia Influence

I've Seen That Movie, Too

MPA Warned Corporate Wolves Will Exploit TTIP

'Pernicious' BBC Children's Show Collaborates With MI5

Britain To Install 'Super Missiles' On Falklands

Environmental Degradation Put Life On Earth At Risk

Beagle 2 Spacecraft Found On Mars - Vid

Why The How Of 911 Is So Passionate - Vid

Tokyo Scientists To Make Body Parts In 3-D printer

Demos - Wage Slavery - Holocaust Education - Vid

How To Reclaim Your Life

The Holy Grail of Great Lakes Shipwrecks Found?

Five Things I Learned From Death - Vid

Off the Grid? Or Make Your Own Grid?

Boy Who Claimed He Went To Heaven Recants

How To Unf*ck The World

Regenerate Your Immune System In 72 Hrs

SpaceX Ship Crashes, Explodes On Ship - Vid

Has Mystery Of Tynemouth UFO Been Solved?

UFO Sighting Over Bundaberg - Vid

Will 'UFO Baggage' Harm Hillary's Presidential Run? - Vid


Source - 20 Terror Cells On Standby In Europe - Vid

'Fast Track' To Delegate Enormous Power to Obama

Russians Probe Criminal Shelling Of Donbass Homes

Violent Anti-African Race Riot Rocks Israel, Blacks Beaten

Donetsk Republic Says It Now Controls Its Airport

Divers Resume Efforts To Recover AirAsia Fuselage

Most Evil US Experiments On Humans

Obama's Science Czar Has A Reality Deficit

19,000 French Sites Under Cyber Attack

13 More Measles Cases Hit SoCal Disneyland Visitors

Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty In Massive Bribery Xase

The Road Where Women Disappear - Vid


Britain, US To Train Cyber Agents

Japan Culling 200,000 Chickens Over Bird Flu

Inequity At Boiling Point America

On-Campus Stalking You’re Not Hearing About

Switzerland Stuns Markets Quitting Currency Peg

Oil Giant Schlumberger Cuts 9,000 Jobs As Prices Dive

Predictor Of Euro Collapse Has Worse Predictions

As EU Becomes Pariah, Iceland Drops Membership Bid

House Passes Spending Bill Defunding Obama's Amnesty

Blue Dawn - Rise Of The Police State

Activists Try To Inform Jurors Of Legal Rights


Seattle Mayor Wants To Allow 3 New Tent Cities

Patriot Arrested By TSA For Freedom Wins Case - Vid

Doom - Higher Education...Supply Grossly Exceeds Demand

Sex Assault In Family Court - Cop And Judge FIRED - Vid

CA Cops SIgn To Begin Using Mass Biometric Database

Cop Shot To Death Wearing Body Cam - Vid

Aluminum, Glyphosate Can Induce Pineal Gland Pathology

The Beaver Slayers Of Patagonia

Galactic Zombies Roam The Cosmos

Asylum Seekers To Stay In Ex Holocaust Camp


Gold Fever Consuming South American Forests

Oz Looming Private Debt Crisis

Beautiful Natural Phenomenon Caught In NM

The Alaskan Town Living Under One Roof

When Einstein Met H.G. Wells

Some Harry Potter Characters Get A New Look

Detroit In The 1940s

Man Who Was Misdiagnosed As A ‘Vegetable'

Two More Interesting Recent Reports - UFOS Northwest

Could This Be The Cause Of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Etc


The Power Of Cinnamon And Honey

I Used Ketamine To Treat My Depression

Blueberry Powder Beat Rxs For Reducing BP

More Proof That Avocados Are A ‘Superfood’

Chemotherapy Ineffective 97% Of The Time

FDA Reverses Its Position on Daily Aspirin

Good Source Of Vitamins - Sweet Potato Leaves

How To Avoid Bogus Health Info On The Net


Kirwan - Life Is A Gift

Last Words On AirAsia Flight Black Box - 'ALLAHU AKBAR!'

Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar

Putin's Grand Strategy For Russia Energy Domination

Oil Prices To Stay $60-$70 For Several Years

Bankster Land Grab - Swapping Territory for Debt


Russia Def Min Set To Sue France Over Mistral Delivery

Putin Conspiracy Theorists Strike Again - On PBS

Maduro Confirms Backing Russia

Russia Hasn't Banned Transvestites, Transexuals From Driving

Russian Oligarchs Rush To Sell US Real Estate

A Doomsday Plane Reminder Nukes Haven't Vanished

15 Signs The Charlie Hebdo Attack Was A False Flag

Were Paris Shooters Part Of Global Terror Conspiracy?

FBI Thwarts Terror Plot On Capitol...(That It Planned)

Turkish PM Compares Netanyahu To Hebdo Killers

Russian Paper - US Behind Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Paul Craig Roberts - Charlie Hebdo


Paris Anomalies, Ethnic Divisions, Disinfo - Vid

Dying ‘Good Career Move’ For French 'Hate Mag'

Zionism NEEDS Anti-Semitism To Justify Its Crimes

SemitismFundamentalist Zionism & The Roots Of Modern Terrorism

Insulting Islam No Different From Anti-Semitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism - Half Of Brits Antisemitic

Waves Of Anti-Semitism In France Since 1789

Hebdo Co-Founder - Editor's Provocative Cartoons Sealed Fate

Driver Knocks Down Paris Policewoman At Hollande Palace

Muslims Main Victims Of Fundamentalism - Hollande


France President Hails Charlie Hebdo Publication

France Arrests Comedian For FB Comments - Free Speech?

Firebombs, Pigs Heads Thrown Into Mosques

France Sends Aircraft Carrier For Anti-ISIS Op In Iraq

Germany To Confiscate ID Cards From Jihadists

Pegida Hatred Of Islam, Muslim Immigrants Sweeps Germany

Escalated War On Islam

Fisk - Saudi Arabia's History Of Hypocrisy We Ignored

Saudi Blogger Faces Next 50 Lashes - World Outraged

Istanbul Protests Burn Papers w/Hebdo Cartoons - Vid


Turkey Bans Media Reports On Arms Delivery To Syria Fighters

Porky Says 600 Kiev Troops Are POWS In East

Luhansk Denies Porky's POW Claim Completely

Ukraine Run By Rogues, Sexpots, Warlords, Lunatics, Oligarchs

Ukraine Default Risk At 6 Yr High

Lithuania Prints 'How To Survive Invasion' Manual

When Govt Tyranny & Terrorism Work Hand In Hand

German Double Agent Stole 3,500 Spy ID List

Most Voters Say Obama WH Has Failed Across Board

CentCom Social Media Accounts Hacked By ISIS


Ex-FBI Agent Calls Eric Holder 'Coward' And 'Hypocrite'

Another Fake FBI ‘Terror Plot’ In Ohio

Celente On Coming Global Economic Collapse

Feinstein Urges Feds NOT To Indict Petraeus

Preston James - A Sea Of Lies

New Cell Phone Towers On Public Schools All Over US - Vid

Ex US Marine To Monsanto - Ban GMOs Now!

AL GOP Legis Leaders To Journalists - 'Show Us Your Papers'

CIA Whistleblower Goes On Trial

Pope - There Are Limits To Free Speech & Expression


Cops ‘Shotspotter’ Helps Zero-In On Gunshots

Cops Break Law In Sex Stings - Cis

After Naperville Drone Vid - Cops Seek Out Charges

Doyle's Plum Of An Island In The News Again

Ontario Admits Pesticides Killing Masses Of Bees

Poorer Families Pay Higher Local Tax Rates

Russell - Buy Gold, Silver NOW - China To Back Yuan w/GOLD

Salbuchi - Global War I - Geopolitical Battle Where Oil Is Key

Canada Oil - Calgary Home Prices Drop Most In 2 Years

BP Axes 300 North Sea Jobs As Oil Price Crash Bites

Oil Price Crash Threatens North Sea Oilfields


Hole In Saudi Story - OPEC War On US Shale Continues

Goldman Sachs Warn Oil Prices May Go To $39

Oil Markets Dance To Beat Of Global Traders

MasterCard Inks Big Deal With Russia's Natl Payment System

How To Beat Home Loan Debt In Oz - Vid

Markets Fall After World Bank Warns Of Global Slowdown

Swiss Franc Surges As Central Bank Removes Peg To Euro

Currency Market Furore Wipes $100b Off Swiss Stocks

Swiss Franc Dive Sends Shockwaves Through Central Europe

Merkel - NATO Wants To Cooperate With Russia (sure)

French Amb - Paris Won't Accept Split Between EU, Russia


Stealth Hwy Speed Cams Catch 700 Speeders in 2 Mos

Tynemouth UFO - More Sightings Of Purple Object In Sky

High Gold Prices Causing More Deforestation In S Am

Boko Haram - Sat Pics Show Massacre In Nigeria

Swedish Childrens TV 'Dancing Genitals' Cartoon Outcry

Human Dystopia - Vid

Winchester - Gun That Won The West Found In Natl Park

Birch Essential Oil For Arthritis, Muscle, Joint Pain

6 Scenarios Prove Western Medicine Is Crazy

100 To Be Tested For TB At Smyrna, TN HS


The Power Of Cherokee Women

Winter Sowing - Get A Jump On Spring

UFOs Spotted Over Nuclear Plants in France and Belgium

Video Of UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs A Hoax - Vid

Week 1 Pneumonia & Influenza Death Rate Spikes To 8.5%

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness - MMWR

H7N9 Deqing Zhejiang 50M

H5N1 Minya Egypt Child 7 Years Old

H5N8 Causes 200,000 Chicken Cull At Japan Farm

H5 In Nigeria Spreads to Lagos State


Huge UFO Releasing 5 Orbs Over West MA - Vid

Rand - A 3rd Romney Run Is 'The Definition Of Insanity'

Media Complicit & Indispensable To False Flag Success

Charlie McGrath - The Extremist Threat - Vid

DC Public Library Will Teach People How To Avoid NSA

Facebook Is Eating The Media

CIA - Intentionally Deceive The Public

US ISS Astronauts May Go Back To US Section

4 Top Secret Service Officials Sacked


Welcome To The Matrix - Enslaved By Technology

Merkel - NATO Wants To Cooperate With Russia (sure)

Spain - World Must Help Gaza Rebuild

Yet Another Woman Accuses Cosby Of Sex Assault

What Will Happen When Everyone Is Anonymous?

We Know How You Feel

Some Euro Bloodbaths More Interesting Than Others

Unexplained Mystery Booms Rattle Nerves In Oklahoma

European Parliament Approves Right to Ban GMO Crops


Austria Ensure Hitler's House Not Turned Into Shrine

Illinois Absurd Fight To Block Medical Marijuana

Haiti’s Humanitarian Rape

My Ex Is A Hired Gun

Can Info Be Stored From Beginning To End Of Time?

Guerrilla Gardening - Vid

Further - The Oft Neglected Path

When People Rounded For Running Their Mouths

Do You Really Have High Blood Pressure?

The Surprising Uses Of Ancient Mummies

Don't Give Your Partner The Silent Treatment

How The Universe Made The Stuff That Made Us

H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increases To 64

H7N9 Cluster In Shenzhen 57F 41M

H5N8 In Hunter Killed Mallard Eugene OR


Jeff & Zen Gardner - Avoiding Truth At All Costs - Vid

New Hebdo Edition Triggers Muslims’ Anger, New Threats

Charlie Hebdo Print Run Raised To 5 Million

Dieudonné Arrested Over FB Post On Paris Gunman

Turkey's Erdogˆan Says Israel, Mossad Behind Hebdo Attacks

Turkish President's Stunning Outburst -Blames Mossad

What Hebdo 'Execution' Video Really Shows - Vid

Hebdo - Geopolitics, Eurocentrism, Islamophobia & Blowback

Kirwan - Charlie’s Hypocrisy & Global Extermination Inc

Hebdo False Flag To Keep Bibi In Power - CA Senate Cand


CNN ‘Reporter’ Calls French Terrorist ‘African-American'

Martinez - 'Was Charlie Hebdo Massacre Staged?'

Israeli - Twitter Works With 'Criminals' Via 'je suis Kouachi'

Israel Protests Over British MP Netanyahu Tweet

Obama Gets Low Marks On Fighting Terrorism

Abu Ghraib Produced The Charlie Hebdo Shooter

Muslims Should Leave France - Vid

Paris Proves A Drunk Nation Gets Duped - Vid

Who Let The Ghouls Roam Paris?

Majority Of Brit Jews Feel No Future In UK

Young British 'Neo-Nazis' On The Rise


New Medal For Holocaust Survivors...70 Years Ago

'Terrorist Attacks' In France Perpetuate 'War On Terror'

Farage Slams Muslim Fail To Fin In UK Christian Culture

Political Tsunami Awaits Israel In 2015

Europol Warns EU Of New Attack By Weekend

Europol Head - 5,000 EU Nationals Joined Jihadist Ranks

Salbuchi - Charlie Hebdo - Déjà Vú…?

PM - France ‘Still Under Threat from attacks

Al-CIAda Branch Issues New Warning to France

Swiss Activists Plan PEGIDA Anti-Muslim March

Zionist Media Lies - 'Syria Developing Nuke Weapons'

US Bombing Syria Kills Dozens Imprisoned By ISIS

Obama Calls War On 'Extremism' ç Are You An 'Extremist'?

Zionist Glenn Beck Declares War On Russia

US Steps Up Airport, Federal Building Security

US Section Of ISS Evacuated Over Leak

US Needs New Bombers - Pentagon Chief

US Military Suicides Increase In 2014

US Executes War Vet With PTSD

US Navy To Unveil Electromagnetic Weapon Tech

Government Surveillance - Greater Threat Than Terror

Suit - CalTech Ignored Israel Spying, Ripped Whistleblower

Hawking Photo On Epstein's 'Sex Slave' Carib Island

Obama Moves To Cut Methane Emissions By Half

GOP Rep Compares Obama To Hitler For Paris Rally Snub

How Mideast Govts Buying Off The US Political Process

NK Demands Evidence Of Involvement In Sony Hack

Euro MPs Vote Opens Way For GM Crops In Britain

US Has ‘Fundamental Economic Problems’

Kiev Troops Pull Out Of Donetsk Airport

East Ukraine Fighting Worst In Months


11 Dead, 13 Hurt As Shell Hits Bus Near Donetsk

Porky Met With George Soros

Porky To Sign Decree On New Wave Of Mobilization

Kiev To Seize Civilian Cars For Military Operations

Russia To Up Military Strength In Crimea, Kaliningrad, Arctic

Russia To Give France Until February To Deliver Mistral

Why Ukraine Shouldn’t Be Offered NATO Membership

Putin Is The Last True Statesman Around

Russia Blocks Bitcoin Sites Over 'Shadow Economy' Fear

Russia To Take BRICS To Full-Fledged Econ-Pol Alliance

Ruble Undervalued - Russia Could Make Windfall


Russia Looks To End Imports From NATO Members

The Coming EU-Russia Crisis In The Caucasus

Fantasy - Russian 'Xenophobia' Will Destabilize Central Asia

Russian 6-Step Recipe For Western Disaster

Oil Kings - The House Of Saud's Uncertain Future

No Consensus Among OPEC On Oil Output - VZ

Low Oil Prices Window Of Opp For China, India

Germany Balances Budget First Time Since 1969

Doom - The Future Of Education...Right-Sizing?

It's Raining A Grades In College


Thought-Controlled Classroom - Orgy Of The Group

Power Beyond Mind Control

Psycho Cops Tear Gas Celebrating Football Fans

AIdaho Holds 9 Yr Old In Detention For Stealing Gum

Carl Menger And The Real Bills Doctrine

Entrapment? Role Of FBI Informant In Eco-Terror Case

Fox 'Terror Expert' Feels Like He's Been Waterboarded

LA Road Sign - Sage, Offensive Advice For All

Japanese TV Shows Staffed By Disgusting Morons

UK Weather - 'Severe’ Warnings

Ex MI5 Head Warns Of 'Vigilantism' Without Police State


Ever Liked A FB Film? You Given Away Key To Your Soul

Cameron In Cuckoo Land Over Encrypted Messaging Apps Ban

David Cameron Threatens To Ban Snapchat

Shakespeare - Doomed Flights...Malaysia Made To Pay?

Japan Up Defense Budget Over Island Dispute w/China

Japan OKs Biggest Military Budget Since WW2

Philippine Children CAGED To Clean Streets For The Pope

40 Boko Haram Fighters Killed

Frosty - Your Invitation To A Great Life

Record Size Asteroid To Fly By Earth 1-26-15 - Vid


Top Scientists Ominous Warning About AI

Lightspeed Barrier Appears Broken By 'Photonic Booms'

Chik Virus Sweeps Central America, Caribbean, Now In US

Researchers - Young Brains More Susceptible WiFi Gadgets

HPV Vax-Damaged Girls In Colombia On Intl Quest

UFO w/Pulsating Lights Captured On Vid Over Tyneside - Vid

USAF UFO Project Blue Book Files Online For Free

No Correlation Between…UFO Reports & U-2 Flights

Still Waiting for Strong Privacy Laws

Greenland's Iron Age Came From Space

Does Prison Erode The Brain?


4 Common Coughs & Plants To Treat Them

Inside the World’s Most Advanced Coffee Lab

Highest Concentration Of Pot Smokers - Rhode Island

Why Australia Day Is Going To Suck

Whale Watchers Catch Close Encounter Off Maui - Vid

H5N1 Cases - 3 Yr Old And Fatal 65F Egypt

Two H7N9 Dongguan Guangdong Cases 37M 52F

39 Confirmed Fujian H5N2, H5N8 Farms In Taiwan

H5 Confirmed In Busan South Korea Farm

Fujian H5N2 In 6 Goose Farms Pingtung County Taiwan

Kirwan - Who Is Charlie?

Paris Events Meet False Flag Checklist

Hebdo False Flag - Theory, Evidence, Motive

Mossad Behind Paris Attacks

Jimmy Carter Gets One Right - Blames Israel For Paris Terror

Israel Moves Quickly To Exploit Paris Attacks

11 Leaders Who Pretended To Walk For Press Freedom

Pentagon Won't Release 1987 Report On Israel Nukes

Soros And Ratsenyuk - Partners In Crime

The Impact Of Mass Surveillance On Intl Writers

How Stories Change Hearts And Brains

US Navy Set To Unveil EM Weapon Technology

As Oil Prices Plunge, Producers Ditch Their Rigs

North Korea - We Did NOT Hack Sony

More Evidence For Monsanto Role In Ukraine Coup?


ISIS Hacks CENTCOM As Obama Talks New Cyber Security

West To Resume Anti-Terror Co-op With Moscow?

Politicians Call For 28 Missing Pages In 9/11 Report

House GOP To Get Senate GOP To Do Dirty Work

The Big Squeeze & Destruction Of Our Middle Class

Spooks in Media - Exposing MSM's Crooked Game

The Great Unraveling

9/11 & The Moon Landing Hoax In Hollywood Movies - Vid

2 OBVIOUS Humanoids Looks At Crashed UFO On Mars - Vid

Debt, Fraud And Other Secrets Of The Banking System


iPhone Separation Anxiety (huh?)

Genetically Engineering Humans

Blocking Smart Meter Radiation In Your Home - Vid

Teaching Children HOW To Think Again

Public School Molding Kids To Support Police State

School Sucks...The American Way - Vid

Brain Needs Cannabinoids - Dietary Hemp Is The Answer

The Myth Of Safe Pesticides

Cops Steal $18,000 From Man Who Broke NO LAW

Baltimore Cop Restrains Friendly Dog, Slashes Its Throat


Univ Lecturer Resigns After Stripping For Student Lover

More Japanese Kids Getting Psychotropic Drugs

Cheap Prices - (not so) Great Clothes

Hotter Than Lava

9,000 US Federal Facilities Vulnerable To Cyber Threats

Who’s The Rat In The Silk Road Trial?

Big Solar Flare, Jet Stream Shifting - Vid

The Poorest County In Each State

Amazing Hovercraft Deer Rescue - Vid

The Case For Homesteading

When Chemistry Was Outlawed


New Look At 'Creeping' San Andreas Fault

20 Transformational Truths

Too Many Take Aspirin For Hearth Attacks

US MD Response To Painkiller Misuse - Dead Wrong

Lay Off The Almond Milk, You Hipsters

The US On Verge Of An ‘Autism Tsunami’

Can Medical Marijuana Curb Heroin Epidemic?

What It Feels Like to Have Cancer At 20 Yrs Old

Can A Magnetic Field Kill You?

The Future Of Drugs


The Myth Of Neutral Technology

Living Longer, Dying Differently

Brain Scans Can Help Predict Behavior

Satellite Image of Clouds Over The Black Sea - Pics

2014 Saw Fewer Big Earthquakes Than 2013

Triangular Shaped UFO Reported 20 Feet Overhead

Motorist Snaps Photos Of Triangular Shaped UFO

UFO Captured On Film Above Tynemouth

Fireball Turns Night To Day Over Romania - Vid

Fujian H5N8 Migrates To Davis County UT

H5N8 In Hunter Killed Wigeon - Davis County UT


New Hebdo Edition Of Muhammed in Tears - 3 Million Copies

Hebdo - First Issue Since Attack Shows Muhammad

Escobar - Hypocrites Shine On Paris Catwalk

Ron Paul - Lessons From Paris

BBC Shill 'Sorry' He Said Pals Suffer Hugely At Jewish Hands

Netanyahu Blasted For UNINVITED Vist To Paris Rally

'Je ne suis pas Charlie' - Parisians Who Didn't March - Vid

Ortho Jew Paper Edits Merkel Out Of Paris March

New Video Of Paris Attack - Vid


Sky News Reporter Freudian Slip Covering Paris False Flag

1,400 French Joined Or Plan To Join Terrorists In Syria

50 Anti-Muslim Attacks In France In Less Than A Week

Islamization Protests, Counter Protests Sweep Germany

From Lone Wolf To Wolf Pack Terror Attacks

Roberts - Police Threat In US Is Too High

How Did NYPD Unions Become So Powerful?

CENTCOM Hack Attack Exposes ‘Inept’ Pentagon Systems

Politicians Stand By Petraeus Despite FBI Leaks Inquiry

American Cardinal Blames Pedo Priests On 'Radical Feminists'

Survey Finds American Favor Labeling All GMO Foods


Where Virtual Reality Is Going

Terrorism, Immigration And Mass Manipulation

I Have The Right To Poison You

Prices Of WTI, Brent Crude Fall To Lowest Since 2009

America Will Lose The Oil Price War

Russia Oil Sector Permanent - US Shale Is Under Threat

Some US States Not Looking Forward To Oil Bust

Goldman, BoA Warn Crude Crash Negative Impact On GDP

Did Fed Ignite The 'Irresponsibility' Of US Oil Oversupply?

New Shelling Lights Up Night At Donetsk Airport - Vid

Porky Has No Control Of Ukraine Military - Donetsk Official

Kiev Big Lie On Ending Donbas Conflict In 2 Weeks


Fairy Tale Between Between EU & Ukraine Is Over

Ukraine's Looming Self-Destructive Default

Ukraine's International Reserves Plummet

Oil, Gas Cos Flee - Kiev Solely Dependent On Russian Energy

No Progress With Ukraine Peace Talks

The New York Times Is Misreporting Ukraine News

US Wants Russia To Make ALL Concessions In Ukraine!

Latin America, BRICS Should Own Rating Agencies

Russia 2015 Inflation May Hit 11%

Putin Snubbed By Poland Over Auschwitz Anniversary

Russia Expects Europeans To Make OWN Decisions


Snowden Rejects Russian Intel Agency Offer

Every Breath You Take - Guardian's Obsession With RT

India May Buy Russian Su-30 if Rafale Deal Fails

Dieudonne' Replies To Minister Of The Interior

United Against BBC's Tim Wiilcox

Calls For BBC Reporter To Quit For Telling Truth

Spitting On Other People's Values Is Not A Western Value

Obama - Palestine ICC Bid Not Constructive

Israeli Economy Continues To Decline Over Gaza War

Beijing Won’t Copy Western Colonialists In Africa

US Envoy To UN - New Iran Sanctions Could Isolate US

Abbas Welcomed In Turkey By Erdogan

Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa On Snowmen

France Extends Airstrikes Against ISIS

United Against BBC's Tim Wiilcox


3 Massive Warships In Portsmouth...But They're Chinese!

Cameron Calls Fox News Terror Expert 'A Complete Idiot'

How Did Fox Birmingham Blunder Make It To Air?

UK On High Alert Over Beheading Attack Threats

UK Spy Agencies Need More Powers - Cameron

Why MI5 Doesn't Need More Spy Powers After Paris

The Guardian View On Mass Surveillance - Missing The Point

Cameron Wants To Ban WhatsApp, iMessage

UK Inflation Falls To Lowest Ever Lever Of 0.5%

Why Nigeria Is Losing To Boko Haram

Under Sea Volcano Of Tonga Cancels Flights, Turns Sea Red


Volcanoes ARE Cooling Earth - Aerosols Reduce Temps, Cut Rainfall

Mystery Mile Wide Antarctic Ring - House-Sized Meteorite Hit 2004

A Doctor, A Pick-Up Artist & Frank Zappa Walk Into Oz

Chemical In Broccoli Kills Cancer Cells

Mapping Jewish 9/11 Nuke Attacks - The Ft Lee Mystery

French Pres Says 'Illuminati' Did Hebdo Attacks

New Warnings In France From al Qaeda


Blackout Of Suicided Hedbo Police Commissioner

Zionist Supremacists Enjoy Immunity From Mockery

Zio-Panic Detected

Je Suis Gaza!

Who Was REALLY Behind This Dastardly Act Of Terror?

Senators Offering Biden Their Kids For Ritual Tribute?

Terrorism, Immigration And Mass Manipulation

US Navy's New Super Gun

Br Nathanael - Paris Attack Smacks Of False Flag


Scientists Join Musk, Hawking In Warning Of AI

2 Albuquerque Cops Charged With Murder

Go To War And Japan Will Follow - New Law Proposal

AIST Brings Mind Reading Technology Closer To Reality

Brain Imaging Tech Opens Door To Predicting Behavior

‘Human’ Side Of Robots Show Off At Las Vegas Show

The Demise Of Reading

US Govt, Consumers Big Spenders Heading For Crash

Printable Light Could Be Gamechanger For Energy Use

H5N8 & H5N2 Confirmed On 38 Taiwan Farms


FBI - Imam Who Inspired Hebdo Killers Solicited Whores In DC

Netanyahu Does Nazi Fascist Salute In France - No Gripes

Paris Events Meet Full False Flag Checklist

Le Freak Show d' Paris - Million Moron March

Behind The Staged World Leaders Paris Photo-Op

Obama, Biden, Holder, Kerry Snub Paris Rally

Paris Rally - Kerry Defends Absence Of Top US Officials

Israel Gains From Paris Attack - 5,000 Police To Protect Jews

1,000 Of Troops Sent To Jew Schools To Protect Children


French Israelis Urge Relations To Emigrate To Israel ASAP

Witness Regrets Publish Vid Of Policeman's Brutal Murder

France Spec Forces Says Deli Jihadist Shot 40 Times

Hebdo To Lampoon Mohammed In Next Issue

6 Cell Members May Still Be At Large In Paris - Vid

Paris Killings Aftermath - War On Civil Liberties

'I Am Not Charlie' - Cracks In Unity After Paris Attacks

Another Opinion About The Paris Attack

Gazans Suffering Severe Food Shortages Due To Israelis

Israel Keeps Pal Prisoners In Cold To Torture Them

Dangerous West-Russia Standoff Far Deeper Than Ukraine

Lavrov - West Has Forgotten MH17 Shootdown In Ukraine

Putin Makes List Of US Top 10 Most Admired

Time For Germany To Find Itself A Saner Client Than Ukraine PM

NYT - Why Kiev Sniper Massacre Was False Flag

Oz PM To Use 'Daesh' Instead Of 'ISIS' - Group's Real Name

NY Trial To Decide If Pals Must Pay $1b To Victims

Obama Death Drone Kills 8 In Afghanistan

Iran FM Rejects Der Spiegel Claims As ‘Ridiculous’

Huge Edward Snowden Interview On Cyber Warfare

AirAsia Blew Up After It Hit Water - Vid


AirAsia Black Box - Plane Exploded When It Hit Water

Swedish Forces Admit 2nd Sub Hunt Near Stockholm

The Case For The Existence Of Life On Mars

Curiosity Team Denies Claims Of 'Microbe Traces’ On Mars

Music Industry Agenda To Promote The Dark Side

Dempsey - Remove That Gitmo 'Scar' Now

NYC Cops Warned Of Terror Risk

Most NY Cops Look Away From Petty Crime To Snub Deblasio

New York Cops Banned From Vacations Over Work Slowdown

TX Cop Who Tasered 75 Year Old Man 'Did Nothing Wrong'

Oz Cops Execute 38 Yr Old Man With Taser


Feinstein - Major Terror Attack Against US Possible

Fox News Expert - Birmingham 'No-Go Area' For Non-Muslims

Dems Take Meaningless Progressive Stand in Congress

Paul Ryan Says No To WH Run

Global Oil Prices Slide On Goldman Sachs Report

Oil Bubble Bursting - It's Economics And The Saudis

When Ol Prices Crash – It's Not Pretty For Producers

Russia, Ukraine, Greece – Default Probabilities

Greek PM Offers To Easy Austerity To Head Of Syriza Threat

Russia Credit Down Rating Blatantly Political - Here's Why

Peak Crackers - The Great Afakening - Vid


America First Is Populism In action

Brain Imaging Tech Leading To Predicting Behavior

Will Humans Outsource Their Intelligence To Robots?

The Nature Of Mind And The Holographic Brain

Pull Back The Curtain And What Do YOU See?

Protecting Yourself - Deadly Smart Meter Radiation

Does Western Med Defined Mental Illness Truly Exist?

Curing Cancer Gently nd Naturally

2 Big Flu Myths Debunked - Vid

Taiwan H5N8 OIE Report - Immediate

Two H7N9 Cases Shenzhen 42M Dongguan 52F


China Bans US Poultry & Eggs Due To H5N8

Taiwan H5N8 and H5N2 Confirmations Increase To 14

Taiwan Fujian H5N8 & Novel H5N2 = Global Expansion

H5N8 Confirmed In Three More Chiayi Taiwan Farms

Confirmed H5N8 Cases At Rostock Zoo Increase To 43

H5N8 Confirmed In Nordhausen Thuringia Mallard

Road To UFO Credibility Is Filled With Detours - Vid

Frightened Fishermen Photograph UFO In Santa Fe

UFO Photographed Over Huddersfield

What Will 7th Alien/ET Gov Petition Accomplish?


Fox Judge Jeanine Pirro - 'We Need To Kill Them' - Vid

Hollande Asked Netanyahu NOT To Join Paris Rally

3 Million Rally In Paris

Elite Leading Paris March? No...Hiding On Side St

Duff - France Cop Killing Video - Lie To Me Once…

Close Up Of French Cop Being 'KIlled'? - Vid

Fisk - 'Terror Lists' To Get The Named Palace Invites

Un-Mournable Bodies


Rowling Challenges Murdoch Blame Game

First AirAsia Black Box Recovered - Vid

Searchers Find Location Of Second AsiaAsia Black Box

FBI, DOJ Said Seeking Charges Against Petraeus

Putin Signs Mandatory GMO Labeling For Russia

Death Toll In Kiev War On E Ukraine Over 4,800

Russia May Demand Early Repayment Of $3b Owed By Kiev

Can You Guess Who I Am? - Vid

The Rising Popularity Of 'Dry January'


Climate Change Body Slam - A Federal Gas Tax

Only 1.6% Of World Oil Production At Risk At $40

Saudis, VZ Agree To Work To Restore Oil Prices

Cop Told To Minimize, Eliminate Social Media Print

NYPD ‘Slowdown’ Costing The City $10m A Week

NYPD Union Boss Tells Cops To Make More Arrests

DC Demonstrators Demand Obama Close Gitmo

Prince Andrew's Guards 'Turned Aa Blind Eye'

What Does Haiti Have For $13 Billion Quake Aid?

LA Has Serious Housing Crisis


Meet The Women Who Guard China’s Millionaires

Wars For Alcohol, Sodomy Ins, Fiat Enslavement - Vid

GM OnStar To Watch Good Driving For Ins Cuts

Doom - Admin To Faculty - More Work, No Future - Great Deal

Most Important Moral Lesson Of 21st C Known By Very Few

The Robot Versus The Volcano

How To Have Mind-Boggling Fun With Infinity

What The World Will Speak In 2115

13 Scientific Predictions For 2015

Experts Invent Invisibility Cloak - Vid

Cassandra Fights For Right To Refuse Chemo

Why Black Widow Spider Venom Is So Potent

Birth Control Shot Increases Women’s Risk Of HIV

Benefits Of Walnuts

Homemade Citrus Electrolyte Drink

UFO Looked Like A ‘Creature’

Group Petitions WH Over UFOs - Again

My Alien Abduction

UFO Files At National Archives Of Australia


Bill Maher's Response To Paris Attacks - Vid

Charlie Hebdo Attack Investigator Suicided

Hebdo Journalist - One Attacker Has BLUE EYES (mossad?)

The REAL Truth About Paris False Flag Attacks

Paris Killers Funded By Pentagon Guest, 5 More 'Coincidences'

Sky News Reporter - "Blood 'Has Been Put There' - Vid

Dead French Cop In Selfie Revival - Vid

Arson At German Paper That Reprinted Hebdo Cartoons


World Leaders Join Unity March In Paris Over Hebdo - Vid

Hebdo Team Meets To Plan Next Magazine Issue - Vid

Hypocrisy In Paris

Waging Phony War On Terror

False Flag Fatigue

French PM 'France Without Jews Is Not France'

Zionist Activists Vow To Protect Parisian Jews

Oz Government Exploits Paris Attacks

Are Christians And Muslims The Same?

ISIS Attack Kills Scores Of Kurdish Troops

NE High Court Tosses Lawsuit Over Keystone Route

Search For AirAsia Jetliner Continues

6 Points To Consider When Analyzing Hebdo Attacks


Paris’s Jewish Community Retreats In Shock

US Issues Global Travel Warning

NSA Data - ISIS Plans Series Of Attacks In Europe

Tory MP Wants To Scrap Human Rights Act Over Hebdo

Jewish Patrol Cars Out In Force In London

SAS Troops On Streets Of Britain

Seismic Power Shifts In Global Political-Economy

Fitch Downgrades Russia Credit To One Notch Over Junk

10 Most Incredible Weapon Systems Used By Russia

US To Boost Euro Contingent With 3,000 Troops, 150 Tanks

NATO Push In E Europe Destroys EU Security Order – Gorby

Russia, India Complete Draft 5th Gen Fighter Aircraft Deal

'Against Russia' – Essay from Putin's Favorite Philosopher

Russia – Brilliant At Science, Terrible At Profiting From It

Kiev Kills 5 More Civilians In East Ukraine

Photos Of Kiev Pilot Who Shot Down MH17, Killing 298?

Obama 'Dumping' Ukrainian Radicals

App Invites Ukrainians To Snitch On Neighbors

Berlin Refuses To Comment On 'Crazy Ukraine PM' (Porky)

Bill Maher Calls NYPD 'Whiney Killers With PMS' - Vid

Ron Paul - 'Reality Is Now Setting In On America'

Madsen - Americans Targeted By Terrorists Trained By CIA


Cops Arrest Torture Protesters In Front Of Cheney Home

How CIA Uses Propaganda Themes To Push Our ‘Hot Buttons’

Propaganda 101 - Operation Mockingbird Continues

Jeb Bush And Michael Bay - Bad Boys For Life

How Obama Lied About Obamacare

Everything Obama Touches, Turns to Trash

5.6 Million OCare Enrollees Could Lose Health Ins

Why Did US Treasury Fund Superman TV Show? - Vid

Over Half Of America's Wealthiest Say Poor Have It Easy

A Sober Snowden Deems Life In Russia ‘Great’

Hollande - 'France Without Jews Is Not France'


Rand Paul Wants Aid To Palestinians Cut Over ICC

Bibi To French Jews - Come Home To Israel From Anti-Semitism

Paris Attack A Political Football in Israel, Palestine

US Zio Senators Threaten Palestine Over ICC Bid

Israel Settlers, Security Forces Storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli Settler Opens Fire On W Bank Palestinian

Divers Hone In On AirAsia Black Box Pings

Iran Calls On VZ To Help Defuse Oil Prices Falling 'Plot'

Oil Tycoon Says Oil Could Go Back To $100 Barrel In 2015

Saudi Arabia’s Hypocritical Whipping

The NYPD Slowdown’s Dirty Little Secret

'Kyrzbekistan' - More Evidence NYT Is Stupid

Exploring NATO-Land

Hungary - Is Ukraine Style Coup Possible?

Blackouts. Power Cuts As UK Battered By Ferocious Gales

Westminster Top Tory MP Killed Girl At Orgy - Witness

Student Debt Will Cost British Govt Billions By 2040

Cancer-Making Cadmium Sprayed On UK In 60s

Was 2014 Really Hottest Year Ever’?

Oz Cafe Siege Victim Killed By Police Bullet

Why Are Weapons-Makers Excited By TTIP?

Super Technology Just Ahead…Take A Look - Pics

Google's 'Security Princess'

FCC Wants To Make Your Broadband Faster

Super Cookies Track You Even In 'Privacy' Mode

Persistent Internet Hoax Now On Facebook

11 Anarchists Arrested For Using Secure Email?

Tiny Greenhouse Could Fly Plants To Mars In 2018

Space Elevator Tether Cable Made Of Diamonds?

China To Allow Online Sales Of Prescription Drugs

MN Mom Saves Son's Life With Cannabis Oil, Faces 2 Years


CO Cannabis Corp To Help Indian Tribes Grow It

Big Pharma Marijuana Drug Fails Clinical Studies

Govt Is Forcing Deadly Chemo Treatments On Children

The Most Majestic Libraries In The World - Pics

Did Humans Walk the Earth With Dinosaurs?

Underground Bunker Condos To Ride Out The Apocalypse

Scientists Will Soon Extend Life 'Well Beyond 120'

Flowers For The Winter Blues

Death In The Outback

What Really Happened To People Of Easter Island

Friendship Explains Happiest Marriages

The Science Of First Impressions


Toyota Makes Fuel Cell Patents Free

Here’s What Dexter Was Really Up To

The Simple Secret To Changing Bad Habits

Utah's Otherworldly Landscapes - Vid

Mercury From Gold Mines Accumulates Far Downstream

The Split In Reality

Fujian H5N8 & Novel H5N2 Migrate To Taiwan

Novel Fujian H5N2 In Taiwan Waterfowl

New H5N1 Cases In Aswan Egypt

H5N8 In Domestic Waterfowl In Taiwan

H5N1 Cases In Egypt Increase To 10


Jeff & Webster Tarpley - Manufactured Terrorism - Vid

Snord - The Era Of Shattered Illusions - Vid

Kirwan - The Unseen Sun...Is About To Rise

Whoa - Hebdo Police Investigator Turns Up Dead, ‘Suicided’

Watch Final Moments Of Paris Raid - Vid

Paris Terror Suspect Met With Little Sarko In 2009!

Muslim Worker Hid Customers From Killers In Paris Mkt

New, Dramatic Video Of Raid - Vid

Guman - Most Terrorists Coming - Vid

Roberts - CIA Carried Out Paris Attack (mossad)

Barrett - Planted ID Card Exposes Paris False Flag

First Question After ANY Terror Attack - False Flag?


Al-Qaeda (CIA) Threatens More Attacks On West

France Pursues Female Suspect After Deadly Siege

'Every Single French Jew I know Has Left Paris'

UK Jew Community Steps Up Security After Paris Attack

Attacks On Hebdo And The Kosher Grocery Store

Italy PM Calls On EU To Form Only Intel Agency

Rupert Murdoch - Muslims Must Be Held Responsible

Paris Killings Postmortems

Roberts - CIA Carried Out Paris Attack

Barrett - Planted ID Card Exposes Paris False Flag


First Question After ANY Terror Attack - False Flag?

Rupert Murdoch - Muslims Must Be Held Responsible

Paris Shooters Just Back From NATO Proxy War In Syria

Paris Right After ISIS Exposed As Contrived Enemy

Jewish Pro-Censorship Lobby Legitimized Hebdo Attack

More Than 600 Terrorists Have Returned To Europe

GOP Wants Credit For Fake 'Economic Recovery'

Romney - ‘I Want To Be President’

Why Mitt Can’t Quit

Christie Facing TX-Sized Controversy En Route To 2016

The Farce Of Western Free Speech

Dangerous Winter Weather Not Slowing - Vid


1887 Blizzard Changed American Frontier Forever

Facebook Is Still Dominant in US

The Death Of American Democracy

Prison State America - More Jails Than Colleges

Probe Begun Into CIA Torture Report Censored Content

US First To Use Cyber Attack On Other Nations - Snowden

Obama 'Free' Community College Plan To Cost $60 Billion

Petraeus Facing Possible Criminal Charges – Reports

DOJ Weighing Charges On Petraeus Over Leaks - Vid

China Is Eviscerating The Monroe Doctrine

Size Of US Nuclear Arsenal Remains Classified

Judge Orders NYPD Release Records On X-Ray Vans

Hard Truths Buried When Most Needed


All Over US, Govt Officials Cracking Down On Preppers

Earthquakes Increasing Across North America

Space Weather, GeoEngineering - Vid

A Cruel Blast Of Winter In War-Torn Syria

Ratsenyuk A Warmonger Puppet Of Ukrainian Oligarchs

180,000 Donetsk Republic Residents Get Russia Aid

Der Spiegel Lampoons Ukraine PM For Siding With Hitler

Ukrainian Crimea Always Ludicrous - It's Russian To Core

Leading UK Paper Finally Speaks Truth On East Ukraine

The Road To War With Russia

Gorbachev Warns Of Nuclear Euro War Over Ukraine


Kiev Breached $3b Russian Loan Conditions

Plunging Oil Rocked Russia But Putin May Yet Surprise

Putin Slams Talk Of Spain Vineyard

Israel Is The MASTER Of Racism, Dehumanization

UN Sending 1,000s Of Muslims To US, Costing Billions

Venezuelan President In Iran For High Level Talks

Saudi Blogger Gets 50 Lashes For 'Insulting Islam'

US Is On Its Way Out Of Eurasia

China Starts Military Drills Near Korean Peninsula

No Black Boxes Found In AirAsia Tail Pulled From Sea

Jeffrey Epstein - Inside The Decade Of Scandal

Why ARE The Rich So In Thrall To Ghislaine Maxwell?


Economist 2015 Cover - Cryptic Symbols, Dire Predictions

Blair Tried Escaping MPs Probe Into IRA 'Comfort Letters'

Cameron Will Lose Election – Ex-PM aide

EU Elite Face Their Greatest Electoral Challenge Yet

Privatization Causes Fuel Poverty In UK - Vid

1.1m UK Working Households In Fuel Poverty

Cyprus Airways Closed Down After EU Ruling

Argentina Sues US Drugmaker Eli Lilly For Illegal Testing

Massive HIV Outbreak In Cambodia

Cambodia HIV Outbreak Linked To Contamination

JoeTalk - Fear Rules - Vid


Boko Haram's Worst Massacre - 2,000 Dead

We Are Citizens Of A Flakey Fantasy - Vid

Paris Can't Believe Anything - Vid

Three Ways Of Thinking - Steiner - Vid

Successful Launch Of The SpaceX Rocket -Vid

SpaceX Falcon 9 Floating Barge Mission Fails

Dark Future For Japan's youth

Half Of Japanese Young Adults Are Strangers To Romance

Japan Military Trying Hard To Recruit HS Students

Thriving Through The Collapse Of Civilization

'Hit Man' Trial Begins For West LA Skin Care Guru


Rebuilding America’s Ghost Town Of Detroit

Antibiotics Helping Mosquitos Spread Malaria

More SoCal Disneyland Related Measles Cases

Fish Oil Really Can Boost Memory

OR Company Sells 'Ketchup And Fries' Hybrid Plant

Viagra A Miracle Drug...For Premature Babies - Vid

When A Company Truly Cares

Origin Of 'Hoaxed Phoenix Lights Vid' Revealed?

Triangular UFOs Reported Over North Carolina

UFOs On The Tube


Japan's 3/11 Fukushima Quake Was 9 Yrs In Making

Romney Considering Running A Third Time - Vid

Hillary ‘Furious’ Over Bill’s ‘Part’ In Latest Sex Scandal

Jeb Campaign Adviser 'One Of Most Infamous Lobbyists'

Anonymous Declares War On Terrorist Net Sites

Dershowitz Explodes Over Did ‘France Reap What It Sowed’

Why Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Is Silent

CIA Torture Report Ties Cheney/Bout To 9/11 Nukes

Run On Greek Banks Begins - Get Out, Buy Gold

Washington Buries The CIA Torture Report

Not-So-Good News About Friday's Jobs Report

Fort Knox - Tainted With Radioactive Gold?


SWAT Destroys Home Over Man's DUI, Family Homeless

Computer Chaos Feared Over 2015 Leap Second

NOLA - No Criminal Fraud Assessor's Office?

Uh-Oh...Lesbian Mayor Back To Her Old Tricks'

AIDS & Ebola - Where Did They Really Come From?

More Mother's Cut Short Their Parental Leave

Overworked Public School Teachers Must Work Harder

UFO Over São Paulo, Brazil - Vid

Videos Of Mass Sighting Over Argentina

MJ-12 and 1985 [and Roswell]


Five Years On, Haiti Struggles With Quake Legacy

Will Paris Attacks Renew Call To Ban Guns?

Drone Parenting On The Rise

The Music In Us

Is Moon Mining Economically Feasible?

Here's How Many ET Planets Might Be In Our Galaxy

Extremely Bright Fireball Over Romania - Vid

Stunning 3-D Models Reveal Bizarre Double Star

Antarctic 'Crater' House-Sized Meteor Blast? - Vid

Divorce Of US Barons = $975 million

Poor Must Pay To Apply For Public Defender

Law Makes It Lot More Dangerous To Take Ecstasy

Tulsa Dog Eats $23,000 Worth Of Wedding Rings

Human Skull That Challenges 'Out Of Africa' Theory

Teixobactin Prevents Antibiotic Resistance

Glyphosate In Feeding Tube Liquid For Sick Children

5 Spices That Are The Most Powerful Antioxidants

Radiation 'Therapy' - The Stunning, Awful Truth

Chemo Forced Upon 17 Yr Old Against Her Will

The Paradoxical Power Of Humility

USDA Sends Team To Benton Co WA To Investigate H5N8


Police Kill Hebdo Bros, Hostage Taker, Too - Vid

Both Hebdo Suspects Die Is Shootout With French Police

Atzmon - Religious War In EU Or Another False Flag?

French Admit ‘Following’ Kouachi Bros Before Massacre

Paris Staged For Martial Law - Vid

Escobar - Who Profits From Killing Charlie?

Roberts - Charlie Hebdo, Tsarnaev’s Trial - Cui Bono?

6 Points To Consider When Analyzing Hebdo Attack

Shot In Head, Point Blank…But No Blood?

Hebdo Shooting Suspect's Magic ID Found At Scene


Police State France

Charlie Hebdo Suspects On US Watchlist For 'Years'

Paris Hostage Taker Had Met With Sarkozy In 2009

Israel Forces Itself Into Aftermath Of France Terror Siege

Hollande Urged To Reconsider Ties With Terror Supporters

Classmates Claim Innocence 18 Yr Old Hebdo Suspect

Paris Shooting - Le Pen Calls For Death Penalty

Marine Le Pen Calls For Tighter Borders - Vid

Our Ruling Elite Are Psychopaths - Vid

MSM Selective Compassion - Hebdo Over E Ukraine Terror

Hebdo Endorses Ukraine 'Neo-Nazi' Bombings Of Citizens

Russia Warns Ukraine Not To Use US Fuel Rods


Soros - $50 Billion For Ukraine Or War With Russia

EU Offers $2.1 Billion In Loans To Rescue Ukraine

Merkel Sets Bar High For Lifting Russia Sanctions

What Is Behind Kiev Talk Of Mobilizing 200,000 Men?

Kiev Turned East Ukraine City To Rubble

The Donbas Humanitarian Crisis

Ukraine PM Says Russia Toppling Hitler Was Aggression

Most Infamous US Killers For Hire to Train Kiev Troops

West Will Hang Ukraine Out To Dry

EU Guards Of 'PC' Fail To React To Kiev Fascist March

One-Pager On Latest Developments In Russia


Fitch Downgrades Russia Rating

Russia Stealth ˜Black Hole' Sub Prepares For 4,000 km Trip

McGovern - Kerry Has Petty Vendetta Against Moscow

Now NATO Chief Wants Russia As ALLY Against Terror!

Forget NYT Tricks - Here's The Real Kiev Coup Story

Kirwan - The Death Of Life In The United States

FDA Asked To OK Creation Of Genetically Modified CHILDREN

WATCH - Weather Control - Brutal Cold, Melting Methane - Vid

House Passes Keystone Pipeline Bill

James - Is ANY Story Too Evil For The MSM To Publish?

Electronic Apocalypse Is Coming Unless We Act Now

Yahoo Makes Dent In Google Dominance After Mozilla Deal

Did CIA Mind-Control Program Really End? (not a chance)

Persistent Lies About James Forrestal

93 Million Americans Not In Labor Force

Ditch Dynasty Candidates For 2016

Icy Cold, Cutoff Services Perfect Storm For Homeless

Obama Wants Free Community College For All

NYC Arrests Dropping Over 'Surreal' NYPD 'Work Stoppage'

Iowa Cop Executes Woman In Front Of Familky

US Cities To Ban Unregulated Sledding

Nebraska OKs Keystone XL Pipeline Route Through State


US To Permanently Put F-35s In UK As It Drops EU Bases

US Intends To Make War Against N Korea - Opinion

China Agrees To Pour $20 Billion In VZ

China To Boost Investment In By $250 Billion

Ruble Fall Wins Russia Hordes Of China Tourist Shoppers

Putin To EU - Dump TTIP, Join The Eurasian Union

$200 Billion Debt Hangs Over US Oil And Gas

Plummeting Oil Prices Upend Global Economy

Saudi Succession And Oil

OPEC Will NOT Cut Output - Saudi War On Shale Grows

Missing Puzzle Piece To Europe Gold Repatriation?

German Economy Stutters - Exports, Production Drop


1000s In Gaza Have No Shelter In Brutal Cold

Fiction News - Khazar Sex Predator Gene To Be Found?

Explosive Device Found Near Israel Embassy In Uruguay

Iran To Stand By Lebanon Against Israel Terrorism

Iran, Syria Talks On Joint Projects

What’s Next For The Duke In Pedo Scandal?

Economist 2015 Cover - Cryptic Symbols, Dire Predictions

UK Gives £100m To MI5 And MI6 For Lone Wolf Terrorists

Al-Qaeda Plotting Massacre In Britain - MI5

Cameron Final Word On Release Date Of Iraq War Report

Does Metal In 2,600 Yr Old Shipwreck Prove Atlantis?

7 Weird Real-Life Glitches In The Matrix?

Oz Raw Milk Producers Forced To 'Spoil' Their Own Milk

How To Improve Your Immune System With Probiotics

MERS Death Reported In Oman

H5 In Backyard Farm Kano Nigeria - OIE Immediate

Is Fujian H5N8 In West Africa?

CA Fujian H5N8 Location Not In US OIE Report

Fatal H7N9 Zhaoqing Guangdong ex-Fujian 56M

H5N8 Domestic Duck Sequence from Lower Saxony

Fujian H5 - 30 Countries Restrict US Poultry

CDC HAN On H3N2 Anti-Viral Treatment & Supply

Rainbow Galaxy - Waves, New Universal DNA Expressions

How Brain Cells Are Like Little Universes


10 Pieces Of Wisdom From Native American Elders

Skip Your Annual Physical

Techno-Reefs Are Growing

Can Microbes In The Gut Influence The Brain?

Alcohol Consumption For 10 Million Years

I Was Among The Lucky Few To Walk In Space

Quantum Optical Hard Drive Breakthrough

Why Elderly Couples Often Die Together

Cancer Drugs Fund Done More Harm Than Good


Kirwan - Children Of The Empty Promise

Mid East Snowstorms Kill Four

French Use Helicopters In Manhunt For 2 Suspects - Vid

French TV Stars Fired - Called For Muslim Deportation

Charlie Hebdo – Final Outpost Of Western Civilization

Boehner Says He's Most Anti-Establishment Spkr In History!

Andrew Sex Scandal Lawsuit High Legal Stakes

Jeffrey Epstein And A Long History Of Slime

Ukraine Nearing Humanitarian Catastrophe

AirAsia Searchers Hear Black Box Pings


GMO Farmer - ‘I Won’t Eat My Own Crops

Snowden - Cyber War Hurting US More Than Any Other

6 Incredible Spy Technologies That Are Real

Total Smart Grid Control Nears

Pentagon Misfires In Stealth Jet Scandal

Obama Drones Kill More Than Died On 9/11

$200 Billion US Oil And Gas Debt - Vid

Biggest Buyer Of Stocks In 2015 Will Be...

'Everything Is Awesome'? Not For Middle Class

Most Americans A Paycheck Away From The Sts

MA SWAT Teams Claim They're Private Corps!


Choudary Asks Newsmax Host Malzberg If He's Jewish - Vid

CNN Goldman Sachs The Zio Matrix - Vid

Doom - ASU To Profs - 25% More Work, 0% More Pay

Choudary Asks Newsmax Host Malzberg If He's Jewish - Vid

Why You Should Never Eat Right Before Bed

The Case For Mocking Religion

Insecticide-Treated Nets May = Super Mosquitoes

Wave Of New Diseases Brought To US Via Insects

UK Immigrant Children Still Being Detained


High-Tech Airships NASA's Next Challenge?

Strongest Solar Storm In 3 Mos Erupts At Poles

Five News Reporters Buzzed On Camera - Vid

Elvis’s Legal Legacy At 80

Investigating The Paranormal

H3N2 Flu Epidemic Kills 15 Children In 22 States

Growing Measles Outbreak In CA

Sleazy Billionaire’s Double Life

The Robotification Of Society Is Coming


Australia’s ‘Melting Internet’

Malware Can Take Down Post 2011 Macs

The Last Time I Smiled

Give A Monkey A Mirror, Here's What You Get

Seeing Electricity, Hearing Magnetism

Magnetic Pulses May Reboot Stroke Recovery

12 Life Lessons From Jesus

Inexpensive Vitamin Threatens Big Pharma

Why We May Be Overlooking Extraterrestrial Beacons


French Manhunt Continues For Two Suspects

French Police Swarm Forest In Huge Hebdo Manhunt - Vid

Hebdo Killers Armed, Trained In Syria

US Cartoonist Hiding For 4 Yrs After Islamist Threat

False Flags, Gladio And The Hebdo Incident

Paris Killings - Terrorism Or False Flag?

France Announced Carrier For Gulf Day Before Hebdo

Paris Officer Shot Dead Day After Hebdo Massacre


Hebdo Gunmen Entered Like' Organized CommandoÌ Raid

Turning Point Of French Politics After Hebdo attack

Le Pen Blames Radical Islam For Hebdo Attack – Vid

Ron Paul - Paris Attack Result Of France Interventionism

Blast Hits Restaurant Near Mosque In Eastern France

‘Who’d Dare Publish Now?’ - Swedish Cartoonist Worried

Prophet Mohammed Cartoons Reprinted In Danish Paper

Frosty - Impregnating America With Muslims - Pt 4

We Are All Charlie Hebdo

Paris - Hoax Or Massacre For The Death Of Islam - Vid

Known People Disappeared So How Can It Be Hoax? - Vid

Br Nathanael - Will Hagee Have A Rapture? - Vid


Merkel - Sanctions Lifted When Causes Eliminated

Russia Taking French Detente Proposal Seriously

Chechnya’s Leader, Speaker Say Khodorkovsky Personal Enemy

Why Putin Will Not Dump Novorossia

Attempts To Weaken Russia Full Of 'Unforgivable Risks'

Canada Delivering $11m In Military Aid To Kiev

Vicky Nuland's Coup To Bring Ukraine Into NATO

Trying to Dismiss Ukraine Coup NYT Gets Inventive

Kiev Puppets Ask West For More Pressure On Putin

Heroes Of Ukraine 51st Brigade Disbanded - Desertions

Ukraine POWs To Stay In Donetsk Until Ukraine Wakes Up

Foreigners OK In Russian Army, If They Speak Russian

Zio Media - Xenophobic Anti-Putin Figure A Moral Giant

Trying to Dismiss Ukraine Coup NYT Gets Inventive

Pentagon To Cut 15 Bases In Europe

US, Israel Biggest Nuclear Outlaws

US Foreign Policy Can't Get Anything Right

40% Idiocy In US Believe Saddan Had WMDs In Iraq

FBI Director Defends Evidence For NK Sony Accusations

The Death Of American Democracy

US Wants Polanski Extradited For Child Sex Conviction

Real History - Text Of Japan's 1941 War Declaration


It's Time To Break The 'Holocaust' Spell

Paypal Founder Peter Thiel Marijuana's First Big Investor

‘Putin’ On The Drone - Vid

7 Weird Real-Life Glitches In The Matrix?

US Oil Price Shenanigans Coming Home To Roost

First Shale Bankruptcy Casualty, Many More Coming

2015 - Asymmetric Oil Warfare

We Are Entering An Era Of Shattered Illusions

10 Key Events Of Last Financial Crisis Happening Again

'The ECB Has Lost Control' - Is Helicopter Money Next?

Who Will Be Hurt The Most If Greece Defaults

3 US Families Bank-Rolling Netanyahu Re-Election

Hamas Leader's Israeli Sisters Rapped For Gaza Visit

Water Pollution Rising At Alarming Levels In Gaza

Zio US - Palestine Not Qualified To Be Part Of ICC

Don’t Give Concessions To Iran - Israeli Official

Iran Begins Mass Production Of Its Own Fighter Jets

Turkey Buying 4 More F-35 Turkeys From US

Mass Graves With 100s Of Bodies Found Near Mosul

al-Nusra Destroys 13th Century Muslim Shrine In Syria

Obama Death Drone Kills 6 In Afghanistan


'Eco-Friendly' GMOs Should Be Grown In Britain

McDonalds, Taco Bell Foods 'Fresh' After 2 YEARS In Air

Does Sediment On Mars Prove Life Existed There?

Mysterious Dark 'Cloud' Obscures View Of Stars - Pic

Curiosity Pics Suggest Life Existed On Mars

UFO Witnessed By 1,000s Over Argentina

Triangle UFO Hovering Over Maryland I-95

Eight New ‘Earth-Like’ Planets Found

Climate Scientists That Natural Resources Stay In Ground

Texas Hit By 9 Quakes In One Day

E-Cigs Rigged By Druggies To Smoke Hallucinogen DMT

10 Decapitated Bodies In Guerrero, Mexico

An Avocado A Day Keeps The Cardiologist Away

Vax Lobby Tries To Stop Dr Tenpenny Out Of Oz


Teen's Forced Chemo Ruled Unlawful

USDA Covering It's Butte In CA H5N8

More Fujian H5N2 Diversity In The US

Fujian H5N8 In White Crane In Germany Zoo

H5N8 In White Stork In Zoo In Rostock Germany

Three H7N9 Cases in Shizhou Jiangsu

Two H7N9 Cases In Xiamen Fujian & Three Earlier

One Woman’s Journey Through Oz

The Enigma Of The Winchester Mystery House

Hunt For Genghis Khan’s Tomb Just Got Easier

Two Paris Murder Suspects Still On The Run - Vid

Paris ‘Magazine Murders’ - Evidence Of Staging?

GLADIO-Style Deadly ‘Cartoon Jihad’ Attack On French Mag

French Police Release Photos Of 2 Likely Patsies


Bill Clinton & The Pedo Could Doom Hillary In 2016

St. James Island - Elite's Best Kept Secret Exposed

Republicans Go After Social Security Very First Day

Beck Berserk After GOP Senator Suggests Raising Taxes

Americans Absurd Mood About The Economy

You're Being Lied To - US & West Are In Bad Shape

An Ageing Europe in Decline

United Fires Flight Attendants Scared By Message - Vid

Minus 30 Degrees? Sorry, You’re Still Going To School

9 CA Disneyland Visitors Leave With Measles


Kiev - $450m Was Stolen From Its Military In 2014

Pentagon No Idea How Many It’s Killed In ISIS War

Whistleblowers - Inbreeding - Turkey - Vid

OH Cops Execute Man - Death By Cop Rising Fast

US Cops Kill At 100x Rate Of Other Countries

Cops More Willing To Shoot Whites Than Blacks

The US-Venezuela-Cuba Triangle

How And Why Google Is Transforming The Map

Keystone XL Pipeline - What It Is

Why You Shouldn’t Give Bill Gates Your Last $100

Social Credit Monetary Theory


Homeless And Hoarding

Suburbs And The New American Poverty

Hypnotic Justice

How Many Secret Surveillance Programs Do You Know?

Will People Ever Trust E-Signatures?

How US Took Over An Eighth Of The World - Vid

Unexpected CME Hit, Strong GeoMag Storm Underway

Sun's Rays May Trim Life Spans

Intelligent Life That Could Eat The Sun

US Border Drones Aren't As Good As Promised


Easter Island Statue Dig - Full Bodies & Hieroglyphs - Vid

CIA's Real UFO Secrets Far More Interesting

CIA UFO Claim Unites Skeptics And Proponents

What’s Happening At Area 51?

Vinyl’s Difficult Comeback

You Gotta Make Your Own Kind Of Music - Vid

Reincarnation - The Eastern View

Mysteries That Rewrite Human History

Most Parents Use Car Seats Unsafely

Indian Neutrino Observatory To Be Built


Disrupting Dentistry

Aspartame Linked To Leukemia & Lymphoma

MDs Admit Making Cancer Diagnoses For Profit

Healing Cancer With Organic Food

Are Children Medicated For Convenience?

Martial Arts vs Medicine

Jet Lag Forever - Night Shift Workers

What To Do If You Are Bitten By A Snake

What You Lose Signing That Donor Card


Filer’s Files #1 -2015 Happy New Year

Filer’s Files #52 – 2014 Merry Christmas

Filer’s Files # 51 – 2014 Are Angels Visiting Earth?

Jeff & Preston James - Future Weapons & Future Wars - Vid

Suspects Identified Are Moslems - Police Op Underway - Vid

French ID 3 Moslem Suspects In Magazine Massacre - Vid

Killers Execute French Policeman During Attack - Vid

Putin Condolences To Hollande Over Terror Attacks

After Hebdo Murders, Fears Of Muslim 'Witch Hunt'


Paris 'Charlie Hebdo' Attack Another Zio False Flag?

Epstein Houseman Conveniently Dies Of Cancer

Epstein's Butler Who Stole 'Black Book' Dead Of Cancer

Attys File Defamation Suit vs Alan Dershowitz In Sex Case

Atty Letter - 'Epstein Most Dangerous Sex Predator In US Ever'

Savile Case - Girls As Young As 12 Drugged, Raped In Hospital

Catholic Priest Arrested For Child Porn In US

Joe Biden's VERY Creepy Kiss On A 13 Yr Old Girl - Vid

Kirwan - Real Risks Are Overrated

Putin's Chance To Bust The US Petro Dollar

Oil Falls Below $50 - Saudis Offer Discounts

Oil Price Collapse - Eurozone Deflation Demands QE

Oil Price Plunge Raises Concern Over US Production


How Will Oil Collapse Impact The Year Ahead?

Russian Gas To Ukraine Dropped By 50% in 2014

Plunging Oil Batters Latin American Markets

Stupid US To Send More Tanks To Russia Border

Sure Kiev Ready To Give Up Republic Territories

'Ukraine Will Suffer From Civil Unrest During All Of 2015'

Will There Be A 'Night Of Long Knives' In Ukraine?

Pro-Russian Hackers Hit German Net Sites

France Seeks End To Russia Sanctions

Wobbles In US-EU Axis Against Russia

Is An Obama-Putin Thaw Is In The Making?

Obama Fighting Against The Military-Industrial Complex?

US Hubris - BRICS Alternative Are Splitting The World


German Govt Fears Greek Bank Runs, Financial Collapse

2015 A Year Of Economic Disaster? 11 Perspectives

Eurozone Prices Falling For First Time Since 2009

US Generals, Admirals Are On JINSA Board Of Advisors!

JINSA Law Enforcement Exchange Program (LEEP)

1963 Zionist Bolshevik Communist Plan To Take US

Most Of Netanyahu’s Reelection Funds Come From US

UN Report - Israel Connection To Syria Death Squads

Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinian Teen

France Warns Pals Over Escalating Crisis With UN Bid


EU Criticizes Israel Over Palestine Tax Freeze

Palestinians On Their Own For Justice

In Bid For Legitimacy, ISIS-ISIL Opens Bank

Dozens Dead, Hurt In Yemen Police College Bombing

Flu Epidemic Worsens Across The US - CDC

Fascinating Interview With Hitler's Personal Asst - Vid

Steve Jobs Secret Yacht - Rare, New Photos

Bonanza! The 2015 1.7% Social Security COLA

CaMV 35S Promoter In GMO Feed Sickened Rats

Broadway And 42nd St And The Squash

CO Didn't Anticipate Pot 'Edibles'


BATF Ruling New Hurdle To Private Gun Manufacture

Rashad Backs Cosby - More Accusers Come Forward

UK Children Losing More and More Safe Places To Play

House Prices Will Drop Across The UK In 2015

N Korea Has 6,000 Strong Cyber Army Says South

Witness’s Mutilated Body - Claims Of State Killings In Kenya

Most Earth-Like Planet Ever Could Be Cozy Home For ET

Fujian H5N2 Spread To Richland WA

H7N9 Zhaoqing Guangdong 56M

H5N8 In Wild Birds In Saxony-Anhalt

Rxs, Personal Care Products Can Taint Swimming Pools

Kirwan - Everything Is Coming True

Divers Find AirAsia Tail - Recorders Said Inside - Vid

Pentagon Says It Is 'Gaining On ISIS'


Jeb Bush's Brother & A $400b Tunnel To Russia

Tricks Zionist 'News' Media Use About Kiev's War

Israeli War Crimes - 1190 W Bank Kids Hurt In 2014

Shadowy US Vet Who Tried To Overthrow A Country

No Way 'Oil-Soaked' Congress Can Improve KXL

US Eyes Full-Time Spain Base For Africa Troop

Cuba Frees Political Inmates On US List

AirAsia Jet Tail Found - Black Boxes May Be Inside

Inside The Ridiculous Palace Of A Tyrant - Vid

The 100 Rich People Who Run America

UK Must Wake Up To CCTV Risks


Fear Of Govt Spying Chilling Writers Speech Globally

Checkpoint Refusal Gone Wrong - Man Held 19 Days

Witness - KS Cops Execute Man With Hands Up

Texans Watch Cops With Black Panthers Tactic

Tweet Prompts Punishment For 'Predicted Crime'

Army Sees Big Cities As Future Battlefield

Former HHS Official Sentenced For Child Porn

5 Gravity-Defying Anomalies - Vid

Humans, Nature Can Co-Exist In Cyborg Ecosystems

Volcanoes Rumble Across The Planet

UK Must Wake Up To CCTV Risks

An Adjunct Dies Honorably


London Cops Spend Millions Spying On Journos

African Farmers Face Charges Of 'Monsanto Law''

Class War In Guatemala

The Tenth Man And The Great Lie Of 'Education' - Vid

Levitating Things Using Sound

First Case Human H5N1 Infection In The Americas

Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer

5 Signs Of Alzheimer's

Why Mental Health Clinics Are So Dark & Scary

US Has A Drug Shortage And People re Dying

Definite Daylight UFO Photographed Over MT - Pic

Similar UFO In Montana A Month Earlier - Pic

Rainbow Galaxy Waves And Universal DNA

Kaku On Hydrogen Future

Winter Storms To Bring 2,000 Miles Of Snow To East - Vid

Boehner Wins Third Term As Speaker Of 114th Congress

Obama Threatens To Veto Republican Keystone Bill

Guess What Obama Paid For Hawaiian Dinner For Two?

Epstein's Hot List - Clinton, Blair, Royals, Jagger & Trump

Jeb Bush Files Papers For New PAC - 2016 Run

Why Is Jeb Bush Smiling?


Harry Reid Explains Black Eye - Vid

White House Still Uses Ancient Floppy Disks!

Mayor De Blasio Should Fire All Protesting Cops

Al Sharpton And The Art Of The Shakedown

AZ Judge Blocks Apraio's Workplace Raids On Illegals

Mind Control - Pentagon Mission To Dominate The Brain

Obamacare Authors Furious At No Exemption To Obamacare

The End Of The American Middle Class?

Argentine Supreme Court Clears 9/11 Truther Extradition

US Military Making New Gen Of Drones For Urban Combat

CA Breaks Ground On Bullet Train As Costs Soar


Fracking Caused Quake Boom In Ohio Town

1795 US Time Capsule Opened - Vid

Sarah Palin Slams PETA - Vid

Zuckerberg Giving Amazon A VERY Happy New Year

New World Order Pope - Frankie The Fake

AirAsia Jetliner Search Continues

West Summed Up In 309 Seconds - Nothing Makes Sense - Vid

World Losing Ability To Avert Conflict

Ukraine Radical Right MIlitary Unit Refuse To Obey Kiev

Hollande Leader Of Nations Seeking Detente With Russia

Russia Sanctions Must Be Lifted Now - Hollande

US Crude Below $50 First Time In Five Years


If Oil Drops To $40, Geopolitical Consequences May Be Terrifying

How Russia Can Stick It To The US In 2015

Is Putin Creating A New World Order? Oil Price Blowback

Russia Provoked - Dismemberment Clock Is Ticking - Vid

German Vice-Chancellor Strongly Against New Russia Sanctions

Why The Lights Are Out In Germany

Food Supply - Reason For EU To Dump US, Join Russia

Iceland Plans To Withdraw EU Application

Ukraine Conflict Splits Russian Jews In The US

How Compromise Caused Ukraine's Yanukovich Downfall

McGovern - 1989 West Promised Moscow NATO Wouldn't Expand

A (Satirical) Preview Of 2015


Rolls-Royce Sells More Than 4000 Cars A Yr For First Time

Usury, Banksters Enslave Us To Materialism - Vid

World’s First 3D Gun Printer To Launch in Texas

Hezbollah Leader Admits Israeli Spy In Top Leadership

World Waking Up To Israeli War Crimes

Appalling Israeli Treatment Of Palestinian Prisoners

Palestinians Gaining Momentum For Statehood

Kurds Kill 24 ISIS Terrorists In Kobane

John Pilger - 'Sydney Siege Was A Terror Hoax'

Iran Marks 40km Red Zone Inside Iraqi Border

Kurds Retake 80% Of Syria’s Kobani

Mideast Officials Question 'Mistakes'' Of US Airdrops To Al-Qaeda


Europe Pro And Anti Islamic Rallies - Vid

San Francisco Cops Execute Man Holding Air Gun

NYPD Facing $3m Suit For Nightstick Attack - Vid

Andrew Plans No Legal Action Against Sex Accuser

Royal Officials Weighing Prince Andrew’s Legal Options

Dershowitz Threatens To Get 'Sex Slave' Lawyers Disbarred

Court Papers - Epstein Blocked Victims From Talking To FBI

10 Questions Palace MUST Answer On Sex Slave Scandal

Two MORE Women Join Cosby Defamation Lawsuit

Toyota Makes Fuel Cell Patents Free For Others To Use

Boris Johnson - Everyone Living In UK Should Speak English


UK Capitol Cops Spending Big To Spy On Journalists

Class War In Guatemala

Japan Whaling Ships Head To Antarctic

Senator - Manhattan Project Nuclear Waste Big 'Danger’

2.5 Million Living With Cancer In The UK

Sanskrit Shocker - Claims Of 7,000 Yr Old Interplanetary Planes

Dangerous Asteroid Earth Fly-By On January 26?

1,500 Meteorite Fireball Sightings Over The US Last Week

Milky Way Core Drives Wind At 2 Million MPH

Astronaut - Why We Need To Visit The Moon, Not Mars

What Do We Expect Of A Space Program?


Hubble's New View Of Iconic 'Pillars Of Creation’

1,000th Alien Planet Discovered By NASA's Kepler - Vid

Motorist Photographs UFO Over Itatiba, Brazil

UFO 'Taking Off' From Mountain In Mexico - Vid

CIA Dumped Phony UFO Disinfo Into News Cycle

Stunning Aurora Borealis Skies In Russia - Pics

The Search For El Dorado – Lost City Of Gold

The Price Of Life In Singapore..'A Faustian Deal'

Germans Protests Rise Of Far Right 'Pinstripe Nazi' Party


Germans March Against Islam In Dresden - Vid

10 Ways To Opt Out Of The System

H5N2 Confirmed In Benton City WA Backyard Farm

H5N8 Conf In Hunter Killed Gadwall - Butte Co CA

Second H5N2 Flock Suspected Benton County WA

Fujian Fills Flyway - H5N8 & H5N2 In Pacific

Two More NY Cops Shot - Expected To Live

NSA Can Grab All Skype Traffic, Too

Your Life Is Facebook’s Business Model

Epstein Book Has Email Addys, Clinton Phone Nmbrs

GOP Plans Quick Passage Of Keystone

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos!


Obama To Cut Off Food Stamps To One Million Next Year

Floridians Pressure For Vote Against Boehner - Vid

Obama Seeking Regime Change In Russia

Stone Breaks Ranks On CIA Ukraine Propaganda

McCain, Others, Accused Of Illegally Visiting Syria

Walls Crumbling Around The 'Official 9/11 Story'

Degenerate Banksters Want War vs Russia, China

Ex WH Official Warns Of Cyprus-Style Endgame

Get An Obamacare Subsidy? You May Owe The IRS

11 Predictions Of Economic Disaster In 2015

McConnell - Repeal Or Remove Pieces Of Obamacare - Vid

Drug Treatment Moguls Lived in Luxury On Medicaid

Euro Hits 9 Yr Low - Stocks And Oil Drop

Subway Riders Stopped Off-Duty NYPD Cop

Judge To Cop - 'You're A Sexual Predator With A Badge'

Map Shows How Many Prisoners Are In State

Home Schooling - More Pupils, Less Regulation

The OK 'Hoodie Ban' Law Is Not What You Think

Stopping Hate Speech Spread Via Internet

B.C. Quakes Could Be Foreshocks To A Big One

Do You Suffer From Practical Paranoia?


Illuminati – Separating Fact From Fiction & Propaganda

Connection Between Oz Bigfoot & Quantum Physics?

Purify 12 Gal Water A Day w/o Filters Or Electricity

US Wants Permanent Troops At Base In Spain

The High-Tech Future Of The Uterus

How A Dream Machine Works, Exactly

Why You Shouldn’t Be Eating Farmed Salmon

Big Banks, Big Oil Manipulate Currency, Commodities

The Solar System Is Slowly Re-Arranging Itself


Bacteria Can Wake In Your Kitchen After 1,000 Yrs

Could Electrons Clean Up Coal Emissions?

ADHD Drugs Decrease Kids Academic Performance

Sometimes Cheaper To Fly With A Fake Layover

Singapore, City Of Rules

This Where Jesus Was Tried?

Forgiveness Is Hard Work

Shadow Side Of The Mindfulness Revolution

Lovers In The Twilight Time Celebrate Each Moment


Stunning Comments On 'Duke Takes Aim At Nicki Minaj'

Former US Rep David Duke Takes Aim At Nicki Minaj

CNN - David Duke Threatens To 'Name Names' - Vid

CNN - Ex US Rep David Duke On Scalise Controversy

CNN - Ex US Rep David Duke Talks About Saclise Uproar

Brutal Cola Will Chill 70% Of The US - Vid

Arctic Polar Blast - Midwest Temps To Plunge 35 Below Ave

Dow Drops 300 Points, Oil Prices Hit New Lows


SHOCKING New ObamaCare Dem Taxes In Effect NOW

Ron Paul - 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Congress

Sony Story Shows How Eagerly US Media Prints Govt Claims

The Non-GMO Project Seal - Deceptive Advertising?

Sony Hackers Threaten U.S. News Media Organization

100 Yr Old Navy Vet Cheered For Rejecting Protesters

Protestors Disrupt WW2 Navy Hero's Award Ceremony - Vid

'I Was Alan Dershowitz's Sex Slave' And More

Tony Blair Linked To Teen Sex Slave Story

'Mossad Blackmail Ring' Linked To Prince Andrew?

Epstein Female Employees Refuse Questions Re Andrew

Jeffrey Epstein - Rise And Fall Of Teacher Turned Tycoon

Prince Andrew Sex Allegations - Virginia Roberts 'Met The Queen'

Prince Charles 'Furious', Spin Doctors At War Over BBC Doc

Royal Family Exempt From FOIA, Can Veto BBC Programs

Over 150 Case Of Sex Abuse In The Scouts Reported

Gazprom Concerned Over Kiev Siphoning Russian Gas

Latest Russian Relief Convoy Now In Rostov Region

John Pilger - Ukraine Crisis Could Start Nuclear World War 3

When It Comes To Putin Western Media Has Mind Reading Abilities

US, Russia Danger Returning To Era Of Nuclear Rivalry

US Coup In Ukraine - Oliver Stone's Docuentary

Russian Plane Finds 30 Objects From AisAsia Crash On Sea

Hollande Sanctions Against Russia Must Be Stopped


Russia Proposes Europe Dump The US, Join The EEU

Euro, Crude Crash Resumes, US Stock Futures Dive, China Soars

VZ's Maduro To Visit China, OPEC Amid Cash Crunch

Destabilizing Russia Disadvantageous For West

Russia Economic Slump Is Very Bad For Italy

$200m Hedge Fund Founder Shot Dead In NY Apartment

China Scraps Quotas On Rare Earths After WTO Complaint

China Sub Searches Indian Ocean For Gold, Metals

US Sanctions On N Korea Also Aimed At China

China Complains N Korea After NK Soldier Kills Villagers

Greek Tanker Bombed By Unidentified Warplane In Libya Port


Arab League Ambs Discuss Libya Crisis In Cairo

Israel Tells US to Terminate $400 Million Aid To Pals

Israel Threatens PA Officials For Efforts To Join ICC

When Will Palestinians Learn Intl Law Doesn't Work?

Does Exodus Movie Present Zionist View Of Events?

New Lebanon Rules Limiting Entry Of Syrians Fleeing War

Archaeologists In Egypt Unearth New Queen Tomb

White, Glowing Object Separating From Meteorite - Vid

UFO Releasing Orb Caught On Video - Vid

UFO Hovering Over Warwickshire? - Vid

Pathetic State Mainstream Media’s UFO Coverage

Millions Of Brits Fear Missing Jan Rent Or Mtge Pmt

Scotland Could Be Petro Fuel Free By 2030

Scientists Seek 'Universal' Protein To Treat Brain Cancer, Ebola

Boko Haram Takes Key Military Base On Nigeria Border

Fujian H5N8 US Spread Raises Surveillance Concerns

H5 Confirmed In Gadwall - Butte County California

H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F

H7N9 Shenzhen 6F

H5N1 Minya Egypt 30 M & 11 Year Old

H5N1 Gharbia Egypt 54M


Gilad Atzmon On George Galloway's Sputnik - Vid

What Would Happen If The ICC Indicted Netanyahu?

Ukraine Energy Wars Lead To Fukushima-Chernobyl Debacle

My Parrot Told Me About Global Warming

How Big Banks Conspire With Big Oil

Keystone Pipeline A Bad Idea - Vid

Suit Claims FB Scans Everyone's Private Messages For Profit

Sony Could Be Cyber Security Game Changer

Chemtrails - The Secret War - Vid

Military Scientist Whistleblower - We Are Being Sprayed - Vid

Cloud Seeding Boost Rain And Snow 15 Percent

NYPD Back-Turning Is Rebellion vs Civilian Authority

Bill Clinton Flown To Pedo Sex Isle 'Multiple' Times?

Teen Sex Toy Reveals Andrew's Foot Fetish

Prince Andrew & The Rise Of Operation Death Eaters

FBI Bypasses FISA Court Writes Own Search Warrants

Boston Bombing 'Victim' DiMartino Cuts Her Leg Off? - Vid

Unarmed KS Man Executed By Cops After Words Spoken

Spain’s Security Law Would Restrict Free Speech, Press


Mex Army Grabs Truck, Grenade Launcher Near TX Border

'Spook First' - GCHQ To Recruiting Tech Grads As Spies

A Call For Removal Of The Depopulationists

Peaceful Activism Has Never Been So Needed

Hidden WW2 Battlefields Reveal Germans' Secret Tactics

The Causeway For The Great Pyramid Found

The Most Important Skill - Noticing The Unexpected

Greece, The Troika And The NYT

Washington's Quiet Proxy War Against Vietnam

Remotely Influencing Someone With Your Mind


Balkan Blood Debt - Vid

50 Facts About The Earth That’ll Blow You Away

Cyborg Superpower - Man Can Hear The Internet

JoeTalk - They're Here - Vid

Military New Year's Resolution For Artificial Intelligence

What Wealth Does To Your Soul

Experimental Marijuana Drug Epidiolex Given First Time

Amazing Health Benefits From Honey, Cinnamon

Every Vax Produces Microvascular Damage - Vid

Therapy Dogs Boost Health Of The Sick & Lonely


Winter Tornadoes Rip Through Parts Of US - Vid

55 Million Farce Harsh US Winter Weather - Vid

TX Reo Gohmert To Challenge Boehner For Speakership

US Lawmakers 'Bought & Paid For' By Israel Lobby

The Dangers Of Nuclear War - Vid

N Korea Accuses US Of Groundlessly Stirring Up Hostility

Bring Sacrificial US Troops Lambs In S Korea Home Now

Br Nathanael - Marine Le Pen, Patriot Extraordinaire


Americans Dissatisfied With Direction Of US - Poll

Pentagon Never Even Planned F-35's To Shoot Until 2019

Crimes And US Congress

Four More Bodies Found At AirAsia Crash Site - Vid

Russian Divers Begin Hunt For AirAsia Black Boxes

1940 - Hitler Air-Drops Peace Leaflets Over London

2 Quakes, Dozen Aftershocks Hit North Of Los Angeles

California's Dust Bowl

Suit Claims FB Scans Everyone's Private Messages For Profit

Who's Real Enemy Of Net Freedom - China, Russia, Or US?


Kirwan - One MIllion To One

Kirwan - Shakespeare Got it Right

Grandmaster Putin's Golden Trap

Putin As St. Petersburg Deputy Mayor Failed To Get Rich

Past Russian Wars - A Quick Look At History

Ukraine - The Plunder Continues

Anti-Population Budget - Ukraine Nears Economic Abyss

Does Putin = Hitler? Ironically, Yes

Czech President Blasts 'PM Of War' Ratsenyuk

Is Porky Preparing For Peace Or War?

Ukrainian Military Tax May Become Permanent


Western Ukraine is Not Impressed With Porky

Kiev Readies For Nuke False Flag To Frame Russia?

Holodomor Of 2014 - Kiev Is Starving Residents Of E Ukraine

Railway Explosion In Odessa Termed A Terrorist Act

End Wars Or They'll End Us

More Drones Invade France's Nuclear Plant Airspace

US Supports Israeli Colonization Of Palestine - Weiss

Shakespeare - Netanyahu's Smirking Hypocrisy

Zionist Troll Issues Fatwa in Favour of War Criminals

Palestine Requests Court Action Over Gaza War

Palestine Tax Freeze Is Another War Crime


Israel Won't Allow Soldiers To Appear At ICC

IDF - Soldier Suicides Doubled In 2014, Unrelated Gaza

Why Are Israelis Prying Everywhere? - Vid

Gang Stalking 2.0 - Ugly Egypt - Jews - Vid

Palestine's Pinochet?

Is This Cyclops Baby The Muslim Antichrist?

Why Obama Won't Reach Agreement With Iran

US Flrm Continued Cyber Attacks On Iran Nuclear Sites

Iran Closes Down 17 Foreign-Based Satellite Channel Offices

ISIL Plots To Hijack Iran Planes Foiled By Flight Guards

Over 1,000 ISIS Fighters Hide In Lebanese Mountains

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah, 90, Has Pneumonia

Saudi Arabia Hit Will Largest Deficit In Its History

Tsipras Says ECB Cannot Shut Greece Out Of Stimulus

Greek Syriza Party Leader Promises To Abandon Austerity

Ten Warning Signs Of 2015 Market Crash

The Year Of Dollar Danger For The World

Obama Death Drone Kills 6 In NW Pakistan

FL Fisherman Claims Bigfoot Bathing In River - Pic

Cops Turn Backs On NY Mayor Again

Philadelphia Inquirer Pimps for Philly Cop Chief

Dr. Ewen Cameron And Psychiatric Mind Control


Deprogramming And The Human Mind

Thinking of Binary Trading? Read This FIRST

Anti-Christian Activist - God Raped Mary

Mentally Ill Woman Death In Cop Custody Ruled Homicide

FBI Took Massive Bribe To Delist MKO Terror Group

Worldwide Antimicrobial Resistance And Glyphosate

Influence Of Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide

The Louisiana Nazis

Geo-Eng Scientist ‘Terrified’ Of Projects He Helped Create

Robots Learning New Skills….From Videos - Pics

3D-Printed Motor Runs Almost Like Perpetual Machine

Thatcher Confidant Raped Boy, Cops Hid Crime

Randy Andy Sex Charges Denied Again By Buckingham

Is Claimant In Prince Andrew Sex Case Telling Truth?

Ghislaine Maxwell - 'I Was Not A Madam For Pedophiles'

Andrew Secretly Filmed With Underage Girl Allegedly Abused?

Andrew's 'Underage Sex Slave' Claims She Was Paid '£10K

Most Sinister Court In Britain Strikes Yet Again

Britain Now Blacklisting Preschoolers For ‘Word Crimes’

UK Proposes Nursery Staff To Spy On Toddlers

Most Homework Is 'Completely Pointless' - Education Expert

Pensions Minister - 'Sell Your Pensions For Cash In Retirement

Assange Stakeout Has Cost UK Taxpayers '£9m


6 Women A Day Murdered In Mexico

1,000s Looking For Platonic Partner To Have Child With

Fasting For 3 Days Can Regenerate Entire Immune System

NASA - Mysterious 'Coronal Hole' Opens At Sun's South Pole

Could The Ineffective Flu Shot Be Killing People?

H5N1 Cluster At Shariqia Egypt

Holy Smoke Over Pope And That Climate Treaty

Wind Farms Paid '£1m A Week' To Switch Off

Wind Turbine Collapses In Northern Ireland

UFO Fireball Explodes Over Brazil; Object Recovered - Vid


Ex Navy Scientist Slams CIA UFO Claims

Stunning 'Crystal Clear Photo' Of Bigfoot?

The US Air Force vs UFO Witnesses

Future Of Getting Arrested

Tiger Bone Wine Drives Tigers Closer to Extinction

In Search Of A Science Of Consciousness

Medical Kidnapping - Billion Dollar Adoption Business

FCC Sets Deadline For Vote On Net Neutrality

'Six-Eyed' Spider To Verify Big Bang Theory

Dying In The ER And On TV


The Drunkest Countries In The World

Retiring - A National Crisis?

Dementia In A Dish

New Simulation Creates Universe With Galaxies - Vid

Japan Underwater Kites To Use Ocean For Power

Career-Minded Women Turn to Male Escorts

Are You A Nice Person? - Vid

10 Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating

Pharmaceuticals - Going Large


Jeff & John Hogue - Predictions For 2015 - Vid

Kirwan - USSA

Obama To Announce EOs Before State Of The Union

First Storm Of 2015 - Freezing Rain, Poss Tornadoes - Vid

Four 'Big Parts' Of AirAsia Flight Found


AirAsia Flight Was NOT Allowed To Fly Route - Officials

Ed Ward MD's Hypothesis For AirAsia QZ8501

Buchanan - Is War In The Cards For 2015?

Obama Sanctions Innocent N Korea For Sony Hack

'Interview' - No Laughing Matter For NK Defectors

Obama - How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?

Ebola Depopulation Plot In Obamacare Codes - Vid

US Protest Media Coverage Of Cops Brutality On Blacks

Oklahoma Lawmakers Want To Ban Hoodies

Wear A Hoodie in Public, Get Fined $500

NWO Sustains Uncomfortable Setbacks IN 2014

Washington’s Quiet Proxy War Against Vietnam

Br Nathanael - 3 Things Truthers Need To Do In 2015

Brainstormers - Obama’s Big Research

Gang Stalking - Localized Occult Imprisonment - Vid

DUI Checkpoint, Civil Rights Audit - Vid

Police Gone Wild - Domestic Terrorist Edition - Vid

The Tree

INF Infowar

Uniting Us In Ways Never Thought Possible - Vid

Prince Andrew In US Lawsuit Over Underage Sex C;aims

Randy Andy May Regret Friendship With Jeffrey Epstein

Dershowitz Also Named In Sex Case Will Defend Pr Andrew

Buckingham Palace Says Andrew Sex Allegations Untrue

Prince Andrew 'Lobbied US To Go Easy On Epstein'


Jeffrey Epstein - A Timeline

The Prince And The Pedophile

Maxwell's Daughter 'Facilitated Andy'a Sex Abuse'

Andy's Woman 'Victim' Says She's 'Unjustly Victimized'

Prince Andrew 'And The Underage Sex Slave'

Diana's Brother - School Boys Got 'Bare Buttock Caning'

Russia Readying 11th Relief Convoy To E Ukraine

Contractors From Tio Serve In Russian Army

15 Years Ago West Greeted Putin's Rise to Power

Europe's Shame - Support For War On Civilians In E Ukraine

5,000 Polish Militia Trains To Fight Russian Invasion


Thousands March In Kiev To Honor WWII Mass Murderer

Ukraine Volunteer Battalions Are Running Amok

Who'll Sanction The Sanctioner?

German Firms Hurting Over Russia Bans - Poll

Turkmenistan Devalues Currency By 18%

Goldman-ECB Bankster Draghi - 'Lay Down Your Right'

US Debt Soars $100b On Last Day, Hits $18.14 Trillion

Celente – Panic On Wall St & Around The World In 2015

Does Soros Family Have A Stake In Bitgold?

How To Avoid Bitcoin Scams In 2015


Japan’s Cash Helicopter May Be First To Take Off

Israel's Lieberman Faces Poll Crash Over Corruption Probe

Israel Mulls War Crimes Lawsuits Against Top Pals

Number Of Jewish 'Settlers' In West Bank Hits 400,000

US Consular Officials Stoned In W Bank Expected - Vid

Pal Teenager Shot In The Back By Egyptian Military

Iran Blocked Israeli Terror Attack On Nuke Scientist

Iranian FM Denies Reports Of Nuke Agreement With US

Graham - Iran Nuke Program 'Biggest Threat To World'

South Australia Brushfires - 1,000a Flee Homes


South Australian Bushfire Crisis In Photos

What If Every Volcano On Earth Erupted At Once?

Ayahuasca Can Help You Communicate With Plans

Treating The Real Life Hannibal Lecters Of The World

Crowdfunded Science - Good Idea Or Selling Out?

Was Nick Clegg's Great Aunts A Soviet Spy?

UK Pensions Black Hole Rockets To £250 Billion

JoeTalk - Down & Dirty…Red Flag In One Week? - Vid

Canadian Mass Killer Spared Two Babies

Price Of Olive Oil Soaring - Worst Harvest In Decade


Quadrantids Meteor Show Peaks Tonight

Men See Snout - Save Moose Buried In Snow

Seven Stats That Counter Cancer 'Bad Luck' Claims

Body Fat Crucial For Immunity & Skin Infection Protection

Indian Cops Kidnap And Rape Teen Girl At Station

Are Sexual Desires Our Tickets Out Of The Matrix?

Researchers Tell What Android Apps Know About You

Printing Presidents - How 3D Magic Is Done - Vid

UFO At London New Year's Eve Fireworks? - Vid

UFOs At White Sands Missile Range 1957


Arctic Air To Freeze Midwest, East Next Week

AirAsia Jet May Have Made 'Safe Landing' On Water

More Bodies And Pieces Of AirAsia Flight Found - Vid

NSA Parody Site More Real Than The Real NSA Site

Happy New Year, Harry Reid!

Promoting The Apocalypse

How Bloomberg ‘News’ Lies


Eyewitness - Viral Vid Of Homeless Man Staged - Vid

Natural Gas Production Blamed For Methane Plume

Israeli Forces Attack Protesters In West Bank

Iraq Civilian Deaths Soar, US Soldiers Dig In

Russia - Ukraine Nazis Pay Blackwater For Training

Henderson - GCC Stock Markets Take Hit - Vid

Game Changers - Predictions And Trends For 2015

The Future Is Not Monsanto

Celente – This Will Cause Panic On Wall St & The World

Preston James - Wanta Plan Must Be Deployed...Now

The Very Real Deadly Dangers Of Tasers


Michael Jackson Was Obsessed With The REAL Hitler

Mars Curiosity Rover Has Computer Problem

Super Oven' Suggests Venus Had Continents

Atoning For A Genocide

Nine Of The Easiest DIY Repairs

More Light Pollution In US Cities Than Elsewhere

Our Digital Memories Are Languishing

Seeds And Soil vs The Tyranny Of Corp Power

The Last Of The Magicians

What's Wrong With Georgia?

Happy People Have This Personality Trait

Harvard Law Profs Slam Govt Sex Assault Stance


Many Buy More Food in January Than Holidays

Top 4 Dangerous Toxins To The Brain

Robber Barons And Silicon Sultans

H5 In Butte County California?

H5 HPAI In Backyard Farm Benton City WA

Clay Christensen On Religious Freedom

Interesting White UFO Object In NC - Vid

Police Radar Carries Risk Of Abuse - Court Says

Judge Gorsuch On Arrest Warrants & Doppler Radar

Are You Vitamin B12 Deficient?


Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz In Underage Sex Allegations

Prince Andrew In Underage 'Sex Slave’ Lawsuit

Russia Power Delivery To Ukraine Confirmed Monthly

Obama Puts New Sanctions On North Korea

22 Bodies From AirAsia Jet Found

'Extreme Weather' Hits AirAsia Black Boxes Search

Perfect Storm Conditions Threaten Ukraine


Atzmon - Jewish 'Left' Is An Oxymoron

Guardian Names President Of Israel 'Hero Of 2014'

Happy 2015 And Reason To Be Cheerful?

Hamas Warns UN Of Gaza Reconstruction Delay

Cuba Bashing

Latest Foster Coverup Book Not Completely Worthless

Obamas Eat At Restaurant Charging $500k Membership

Obamacare Puts Hospital ER Visits In Stat Of Flux

Scott Faber - 'No One Is Trying To BAN GMO Crops'

West Coast Quakes, Delta Spot - Vid

7 Things Truth Seekers Should Stop Doing in 2015

The Gay Identity Is Not Legit - Vid

Steiner Interpreting Money As Occult Imprisonment - Vid

H5N1 Sharqiyra Egypt 4M

Fluoride Poisoning – A Mere Drop Away

66% Adult Cancers 'Bad Luck' Rather Than Genes

Most Cancer Cases Attributed To Simple Doom

The Physical Pain Of Breaking Up

Don't Blindly Follow Doctor’s Advice To Vaccinate

Huge Glowing Object Over Glasgow...

UFO Sightings For 2014 Continue An Upward Trend

Near Collision Between Passenger Plane & UFO


'Going To Fight ISIS In Syria Easy As Flying To Miami'

Weather Slows Search For AirAsia Remains

Speaker John Boehner Admits To Bribery - Vid

Affordable Care Act Uninsured Penalty Calculator

Obama Can't Use 'Veto Pen' On Iran Sanctions

Selling ‘Peace Groups’ On US-Led Wars

New Export Rules Open Crude Oil Floodgates

Lithuania To Adopt Euro

Sony And The New Normal In Cyber-Security

Implications Of FB Indexing 1 Trillion Of Our Posts

Court - OK For Cops To Use Fake Instagram Accts

10 Facts About NYC Communist Dem Mayor De Blasio

Is NY The Most Corrupt State In America Now?


Universities Ripping Their Own Hearts Out

Arrests Drop By Two-Thirds In NYC

Deadly Tick-Borne 'Bourbon Virus' Appears In US

Where Did Brand New Bourbon Virus Come From?

Is Bourbon Virus Tied To Plum Island Moving To Kansas?

US Drug Approvals Hit Highest Level In 18 Years

Google’s Philosopher

Comprehensive List Of GMO Products, Companies

Policing For Profit - Vid

Taking Acid During A Lunar Eclipse

Raining On Saturn Like Way We Never Imagined

God In A Nutshell - Vid


An Inconvenient Child

Did Giants Exist? - Part 4

First Humans In FL Lived Alongside Giant Animals

CO2 Helps Rainforests Grow Faster

TLC's Painful Portrait Of Mormonism

7 Keys to Increasing Your Self-Esteem Today

6 Physics Facts Make You Question Your Very Nature - Vid

John Lennon On Psychopaths Running The World - Vid

5 Subliminal Sex Messages Hidden In Ads - Vid

Brit Couple Stuck In NY With £130,000 Medical Bill


Kirwan - The Kool Aid

In 2000, Here’s What the CIA Predicted for 2015

2015 To Be A Year Of Nuclear War?

Escobar - 2015 Will Be All About Iran, China And Russia

Saker - 2014 Report And A Look At What 2015 May Bring

2014 - The Year Russia-Bashing Got Ugly & Dangerous

7 Things Truth Seekers Should Stop Doing In 2015

What Marty McFly Got...And Wrong In 2015

How The Elite Stay In Power

Why Is Fed Hiring An 'Emergency Preparedness Specialist'


Don't Think US Media Read The Same Script? Watch - Vid

Barrett - Conspiracy Theories...Scavenging For Truth

The Sony Hack Fraud - Classic Confirmation Bias

FBI Silently Changes Cell Phone Tracking Policy

Devvy - Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project

Impossible To Know What To Believe Anymore - Vid

Indonesian AirAsia False Flag?

Putin A Hero To Many In W Europe, Too

US-Russia Reset? Hold The Cheers

Russia Plans Three Dozen 2015 Space Launches

US Threatens Russia With Tanks, Armor In Europe

Most Ukrainian Soldiers Don't Want To Fight

Oliver Stone To Make Film On US Coup In Ukraine


US-Hungary Rift Is Much Bigger Than You Think

France Sets Condition For Russian Warships Delivery

Computer Stops F-35 Junk Pile From Firing Until 2019

Russia Assumes Presidency Of BRICS

Russia Inflation Hits 11.4% In 2014, Highest In 6 Yrs

Russia, China Agree To Promote 'De-Dollarization'k

Russia Shifting Energy Carrier Payments To Rubles

Iran To Up S Pars Gas Production By 100 MCM

Lithuania To Adopt Euro January 1

Eurozone No Longer Need Rescue Greece - Merkel ally

US, Israeli Caused UN To Reject Palestinian Resolution


Palestinian President Signs To Join ICC

US 'Strongly Opposes' Palestinian ICC Membership

Why Palestinian Sovereignty Matters

Abbas Signs Rome Statute - Hold The Cheers

Israel Not In HarperCollins Map Used By Mideast Kids

Rockets Hit Afghan Wedding - At Least 28 Dead

Over 76,000 Killed In Syrian War In 2014

US-Led 29 Airstrikes On ISIS On New Year's Eve

Civilian Death Toll In Iraq Doubles To 17,000 In 2014

Sweden - 3rd Mosque Arson Attack In A Week

Vast 5,000 Yr Old Underground City Found In Turkey


12 Yr Old Reveals Corrupt Canadian Banking System

UK - There WAS An Establishment Child Sex Coverup

Westminster Pedophile Inquiry 'May Be Doomed'

Child Abuse Inquiry Should Be Independent - MP

Sexual Violence Soars In UK Hospitals

France Drops 75% Supertax After Meager Returns

Bitcoin 2.0 - Revolution Resumed

It's A Very Happy New Year For Goldman Fat Cats

Kim Jong-un Open To Highest-Level Talks With South

Japan Birthrate Hits Record Low In 2014

The Gay Identity Is Not Legit It's Indoctrination - Vid


US Flu Epidemic Kills 15 Children - CDC

Fujian H5N8 Diversity Raises Surveillance Concerns

H5N1 in Giza 6F And Menoufiya 45M Egypt

Fluoride Poisoning – A Mere Drop Away

Green Comet Lovejoy Lights New Year's Skies - Vid

Woman Struggling With Unidentified Off-Duty Cop

Binge Drinking Depresses Healthy Immune System

How Old Swimming Pool Feeds An Entire Family

Tampa Officers Rescue Pilot Small Plane - Vid

FL Cops Engaged In Sex Sting Entrapment Scam

Doggie Home Alone - Vid


New Years Fireworks Around The World - Vid

Dozens Dead In Shanghai New Years Stampede

Palm Trees & Snow - Frigid Weather Hits West - Vid

Lost AirAsia Jetliner - Where Things Stand - Vid

AirAsia Plane Search Area Expanded

Luhansk Authorities - Sabotage Behind Power Cuts

1,000s Of Secret Photos Of US Torture Program

US Weapons Airdrop Straight To ISIS…Again


Palestinians Continue To Pursue Statehood

Greeks Pull 2.5b Euros From Banks In December

DARPA System Can Pick Up Tiny Details 17,500' Away

Transcending The Soul Hackers

Over 80% Of Dark Web Visits Relate To Pedophilia

CDC Upping Lab Safety After Ebola, Bird Flu Mishaps

Duty And Desire

5 Trends You Will See Intensify In 2015

Texas Is The Next Big Test For Legal Weed

Best Space Pictures Of 2014 - Pics

UK Scientists Plan To Grow Lettuce On Mars


It Doesn’t Look Like Much From The Outside...

Can Science Prove The Existence Of God?

9 Proven Tricks For Overcoming Anxiety & Fear

Awake And Loving Is No Contradiction

The Transhumanist Church

The Best Animal To Get Drunk With? - Vid

First Wild Buffalo East Of Mississippi Since 1830s

Hunter Kills First Grey Wolf In Grand Cyn In 70 Yrs

Buddhism - Beyond True And False

India’s Elite Gurus Have A Rape Problem


Jeff & Clark McClelland - Mining The Moon - Vid

AirAsia Victim Wearing Life Jacket Raises Questions

AirAsia Crash Versions Multiply Fast

Cities Around World Ring In 2015

President Putins New Years Speech To Russia

35 Dead In Shanghai New Year's Stampede

Lendman - Thoughts On New Year's Eve

Frosty - Crossing The Bridge Into 2015

UN Plans To Make Us A Sickly, Mongrelized Race - Vid

The Individual vs The Goo


Global GeoEngineering PsyOps Documented

Preston James - Shock Waves - Part 2

Duke To Out Other Repubs Unless Media Backs Off Scalise

Scalise Fallout Intensifies - Vid

Min Wage Gains In 20 States Begin On Jan 1

FL Rep Barred From Classified 9/11 Inquiry Sections

Are American Police Above The Law?

NYPD Boycotts de Blasio - Cops Stage 'Virtual Work Stoppage'

The Prison State Of America

JoeTalk - Killers And Control - Vid

The Annihilation Of The American Middle Class

Edward Bernays 'Propaganda' Theory Has Been Perfected


How The Zionist Media Lies - Vid

Cold War Style Propaganda Posing As News At NYT

More Non-MexicansThan Mexicans Caught At Border In 2014

Renewed Push For North American Integration

US Vetoes Palestinian Statehood Resolution

Russia Slams UNSC Rejection Of Pal Statehood

Comments On Palestine's UN Failure

For Russia War Now Grim Reality, West A Bitter Rival

Attempts To Isolate Russia Have Been Thwarted

CIA Fingerprints All Over Kiev Massacre - Oliver Stone

US Commander In Europe Relieved Of Duty

US Armored Brigade To Europe Pre-Date Ukraine Hostilities


NATO Financing Kiev Military To Deepen Crisis

Pentagon US, NATO 'Not Seeking War With Russia (oh?)

Putin Never Lamented The End Of Soviet Union?

Ukraine Should Get Ready to Follow EU Diktat

French Fashion Weekly Glamorized Ukraine Nazi Fighter

Radioactive Leak At Giant Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

US Using N Korea As Propaganda Tool Against Russia


'Peak Gold Production' Hits In 2015

German Elites Are Split Over Russia Sanctions

The JPMorgan-British Petroleum-BoE Cartel Full Frontal

US Open Door To Oil Exports After Year Of Pressure

Venezuela Confirms Economy In Recession

Blair Aide Who Pushed UK Into Iraq War Gets Honor

Cabinet Ministers Lead New Push For An Early Exit

Hong Kong To Cull 15,000 Chickens Over Bird Flu

50% Of People In England On Prescription Drugs

Images Reveal Men & Women React Differently To Cigarettes

Barrett - Regime Change Has Failed In Syria

Doubling Down On Dictatorship In Middle East

New Health Threats You'll Be Seeing in 2015

Drug-Resistant TB Patients Face Fewer Options

Chagas Disease Turning Up In The US And Europe

Chik Virus In The Caribbean, Latin America And Florida

Fujian H5N8 Diversity In Kagoshima Japan & America


H5N8 Sequences in Kagoshima Water

H5N1 Giza Egypt 3M

Sept 2014 Iowa Swine Match 2014 H3N2v Cases

Oct 2014 Illinois Swine Match 2012 H3N2v Cases

H7N9 Bird Cull In Hong Kong

Giant African Millipede Climbs Up Toilet Bowl

Synthetic Vegan Cheese From Human DNA Soon?

Cigar-Shaped UFO Disappeared In White Cloud

Mysterious UFO Photographed By Colorado Motorist

Amazing UFO Filmed Over Burwell UK - Vid

Seed Saving Time - Start With Quality Garden Seed


Zoonotic Origin Of W African Ebola Epidemic

6 Bodies Recovered In AirAsia Crash - Vid

AirAsia Victim Found In Life Jacket - Sonar Finds Plane

What Debris Field Says About Crash - Vid

AirAsia Jet Found At Bottom Of Java Sea?

New Snowden Docs Reveal Wider NATO Kill List

Why New Year's Resolutions Don't (Always) Work

Americans Are Utterly Clueless About 2015

Br Nathanael - Putin And Medvedev...In Sync!


Sauder - The Great Unraveling Of 2015

US Creates Managed Chaos To Control Countries

ISIS Interview With Captured Jordanian Pilot

Why Are 11,000 US Troops Still In Afghanistan?

The New Iraq War Is Doomed

FBI Stays On NK For Sony Hack Despite Evidence

The Apps That Know Everything About You

Top Ten Conspiracies Of 2014

NWO Weaponization Of Philosophy - Atheists Refuted

Natural Health? Scott Faber? Dan Fabricant? Really?

O’Keefe Destroys Fake News In 8 Minutes - Vid

Kirwan - From Bubbles To Immolation


Russia's SWIFT Settlement Alternative

The 2.6b Welfare Pmt US Govt Gives To Wal-Mart

The Western US Drought - Vid

CA Droughts Could Have Dangerous Ripple Effects

A 2,500 Sq Mile Methane Plume Over Western US

US Flu Widespread In 36 States

Oprah Running Monsanto Ads In Her Magazine

6 Sensational Plane Landings That Avoided Disaster

NASA Finds Good News On Forests & Co2

Intense Eruption Of Italy's Mount Etna

Doom - Libertarianism Fails In For-Profit Education?

Canada Keeps Losing BlackBerrys, Cash, Weapons


Broken Sleep Is A Golden Time For Creativity

14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees

10 Shocking Societal Facts We Think Are Normal

Bizarre Open-Air Urinals Spark Criticism In Oz

Poisoned With Parasites

Most Of Oz Bans Sun Tanning Beds

Big Blue Hole In Belize & Demise Of Mayans

Kevin Ashton Describes 'The Internet Of Things'

Raised In A Disposable World

2014 Alt-Media News 'Truther' Honors Roll

Cosmic Rays Evolve Consciousness, Transform DNA?

10 Habits Of Highly Resilient People


Global Drug War - Ten Critical Developments In 2014

How To Spot Dazzling New Year's Comet 'Q2'

Details Of Comet 'Q2'

Mystery Object Near Milky Way's Monster Black Hole

Fireball Lights Up Sky Over New York - Vid

RAAF & UFOs - More Official Contradictions

Half Of UFO Sightings Of '50s & '60s Claimed By CIA

11 Worst Germ Hot Spots in Your Home

When People Used To Eat Arsenic For Health

Why Boredom Is Bad…And Good

Novel H7N9 HK Ex-Shenzhen - H7 Human Adaptations


Bodies, Debris Found From AirAsia Flight - Vid

China Blogger Warned On 12-15 AirAsia Was Targeted

Virgin Jet Video Of Pilot Ordering To Prep For Crash

Google To Blame For Gmail Shutdown - China State Media

Paul Craig Roberts - The Outlook For 2015

Lendman - The Year Ahead


Porky Gives Army 100 Tanks, Howitzers, Helicopters

Russia - Kiev's Switch To US Nuke Fuel Threatens Europe

Porky's Threat Of Martial Law Blocks Peace

Ukraine 2015 Budget Starts $4 Billion In The Hole

Russia MP Warns US Against Arming Ukraine

Russia Sanctions To Cost German Automakers $18b Sales

Obama Puts New Sanctions On Four Russian Cfficials

EU Wants Off Russia Sanctions Hook - Scottish Politician

Is Russia Anti-illuminati?

Putin Helped Thwart 1991 KGB Coup - Fought For Democracy


Russian Activist Guilty Embezzler Gets 3.5 Yrs Suspended

Ex WH Official - War Coming To More Nations Bordering Russia

Escalated US Wars Ahead?

Czech Returns Medals - Ashamed Of Serving NATO

Pinko Pope Goes 'All-In' On Global Warming

Snyder - The Zombiefication Of America

Sony Hack "Perpetrator" Said To Be Laid-Off Employee

Are US Banks Launching Cyberattacks Of Their Own

NSA Leak Shows Scope Of War Against Web Encryption

Sen Udall Urged To Release Full CIA Torture Report

Melville House Publishes CIA Torture Report As Book

Why Is It Illegal For Communities To Protect Themselves?

Br Nathanael - America Meets Ghost Of Christmas Future - Vid


Ron Paul On The 1914 Christmas Truce

Ex MI-6 Agent - Non-Dollar Trading Killing Petrodollar

Gold Held In NY Fed Vault Lowest In 21st Century

Germany Repatriates 44 Tons Of Gold

India Imports Record Amount Of Silver In November

43 News Photos You Probably Didn't See - Pics

Greece - The Future Has Begun

Fitch Warns Greece Over Political Uncertainty

Young People Ignore US Corporate MSM

Family Sues DoD Over Cover Up Of Marine's Murder


Iran's Bushehr Province Hit by 5.3 Quake

Massive Evacs As Floods Hit Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

End Of Israeli Occupation? Arabs Back Pal UN Res

Israel Used Gaza As Testing Ground For New Weapons

ISIS To Systematically Target Europe In 2015 - Expert

ISIS Equipped With US Anti-Tank Missiles

Iraq Forces Fully Retake Town From ISIS

NATO Risked Civilian By Targeting Low Level Taliban

NATO Leaves Afghanistan…Or Does It?

Bahrain - Profile Of A Police State

Rothschild Behind Scots As Poll Tax Guinea Pigs


2 Tested For Ebola Ar Cornwall & Scotland

NH Cop Asked Teen To Pose Nude To Drop Charges

Autopsy - LAPD Shot Unarmed Black In Back, Side, Arm

Insidious Response From SC Cops Who Tasered Autistic Man

Cops Can Enforce Non-Existent Laws With Impunity

New Sensor Find ET Life By Reading Vibrations?

Did Venus Once Have Life?

Obviously Carved Or Shaped Rocks On Mars - Vid

Bizarre Crop Circles Appear In Mexico Barley Fields

Online Income - Peasants Have Land - Islam is Ok - Vid


Fierce Encroachment Of Last Gasp Of Darkness

Why Creative People Seem To Have Messiest Minds

Poll - Canadians Unhappy With Gov't Corruption

Hacker Nabs Fingerprint From Pic - Says Pols Should Wear Gloves

Iceland Safe Haven For Data Inspired By WikiLeaks

Less Than Half Antipsych Rxs Given For Actual Psychosis

Australia Silences Criticism Of Vacciines

Novel H7N9 HK With H10N8. H9N2 w/Internal Genes

Novel H7N9 HK Ex-Shenzhen - Human H9N2 & H10N8

H5N1 Assiut Egypt 51M


AirAsia - Indonesia Navy Pulls Bodies From Sea

AirAsia Jetliner Debris, Bodies Found - Vid

AirAsia CEO Dumped Shares Before Plane Vanished

47m Americans In Poverty - Illegals Get Free Ride

Top Senate Dem Says Bankers Own Congress - Vid

Roberts - How Russia, China Can Save World In 2015

The Resurgent Fourth Reich

US War vs Russia Now Against Hungary, Too

Kiev Hit By 7.5% GDP Fall, 100% Currency Devaluation


VZ Rips US For Falling Oil Prices

The Tragedy Of The American Military

Obamacare - How Screwed Are You?

NSA Secrets We Fight To Expose In 2015

Encryption Tools NSA Can't Crack Revealed

New Chemtrails Film Exposes Global Coverup

Greenpeace Paves Way For Amazon Destruction

Nostradamus, Jr - Kaliher's Top 101 2015 Predictions

Encore - Obvious Valve Found By Curiosity On Mars - Vid

Leaked Mars Photos Loaded With Signs Of Life - Vid

Trees On Mars Coverup - Vid

Amazing Photos On Mars 2014 - Vid


Train Wheels, Axle On Mars - Vid

The Year In UFOs And ETs

Hints About UFOs In 'Wikileaks Documents?'

New Aerostat Defense System Deployed - Vid

Abe Regime Scuttles Holiday Soup For Homeless

7 Signs You May Be A Victim Of Statism

Loneliness – The Dilemma Of The Awakening Mind

JoeTalk - We Are The Walking Dead - Vid

Cultivating Consciousness In An Unconscious World

6 Ways to Open Your Life Up To Cosmic Energy

50% US Kids Will Have Autism From Monsanto By 2025


Full Seq H7N9 Hong Kong 68F 12-25-14

Zen - The Awakening Springs Unstoppable

Ayahuasca – Medicine For Brain Disease & Cancer?

Dreier - Soft Gratefulness The Edge Of Reason…

Greece Plunged Into Crisis

Memo To Cops - Criticisms Aren’t Attacks

Chefs Start To Experiment With Cannabis

Most Welfare Recipients Don’t Use Drugs - Why Test?

Trendy Internet Drug Making Everyone Crazy?

What Is Differential Privacy?


Christmas Fireball Lights Up Spanish Skies - Vid

50% US Kids Will Have Autism From Monsanto By 2025

100 Yr Old Ret MD - Vegan Diet Key To Longevity

Your Soda Has An Evil Twin

Ayahuasca – Medicine For Brain Disease & Cancer?

Holiday Guests Taint Your Sofa

Scotland To Intro Robust Assisted Suicide Legislation

Side Effect Nearly Stopped Anesthesia

What We Talk About When We Talk Holes

Spectacular Real Virgin Births

Origins Of The Police

The Benefits Of Being Cold

Key To Quitting Smoking In Golden Rain Trees?

What Killed $3,000,000 Worth Of Horses

The Moment Of Nowness


Jeff & Harry Cooper – Hitler In Argentina & U-Boats - Vid

Obama Upgrades Nukes For 'Direct Confrontation With Russia'

US Nuclear Overhaul Program Lacks Political Oversight

Obama Applauds Release Of 'The Interview' By Sony

Sony, Theaters Cash-In On ‘The Interview' PR Stunt

US Preps For Something BIG…Civil War, Race War, WW3?

US-Led NATO - Humanity's Greatest Threat

'Active Shooter Training' Now Massively Federalized In US

Seattle Cops Learn How To Censor Body Cam Footage

NYPD Cops Killer Worked For Muslim Terror Front Group?

Black Draws Gun On Cop Near Ferguson, Shot Dead

Riot In St Louis After Black Pulls Gun On Cop…Oops

Cops Crack Down On Anti-Police Internet Threats

St. Louis Cops Release Vid Of Berkeley Shooting - Vid

Off-Duty NYPD Black Cops Say They Fear Fellow Cops


Atlanta Cops Accused Of Wrongful Arrests, Strip Search

Kirwan - The Odyssey - Part 2

Walmart To Hike Minimum Wage In 21 States

Taking Christ Out Of Christmas

Christian Symbols Outlawed ­ Jew Menorahs Erected Over US

Trashing Jesus Is A Jewish Tradition

EU's Biggest Menorah In Germany Where Nazi Rallies Staged

Brit Cops Prepare For Christmas Lone Wolf Terror Attacks

Why Christmas Is Held On December 25th

Is Chinese Takeout Really More Popular On Christmas?

Low Gas Prices ‘Undo Progress’ On Green Energy


Judge Quickly Tosses Arpaio's Immig Suit vs Obama

Dist Judge Bars AZ Attempt To Stop Illegals Getting DLs

Weird, Late Season Tornadoes Slam MS - 4 Dead

Rust Contaminated Vax World Wide Recall - Vid

OPEC Won't Drop Oil Output Even If Price Hits $20

Calling 'BS' On Projections Of A Decade Of $20 Oil

Did Saudis And The US Collude In Dropping Oil Prices?

Cheap Oil Is Dragging Down The Price Of Gold

Earth's Deep Oil Reserves Are Teeming With Ancient Life

Escobar - China Prepping Beijing-Moscow-Berlin Axis

Russian Ruble Rebounds After Capital Control Measures


Russia's Ruble Strategy Correctly Takes the Long View

In New Economic War Russia Rolls With The Punches

Moody’s Downgrades Gazprom’s Foreign Currency Rating

S&P Says Russia’s BBB Credit Rating Faces Downgrade

Russia Proposes Lie Detector On MH17 Killer Pilot

Kiev Jet Fighter Shot Down MH17 - Investigators

Witness To MH17 Shoot Down Confirmed By Lie Detector

Kiev Military Defector Confirms Kiev Shot Down MH-17

Russian Call For Publishing All US Torture Data

Crimea Blackouts Begin At Kiev Cuts Energy Supply

Ukraine Ascension To NATO Would End Russia-NATO Ties


NATO Membership For Ukraine Not Under Consideration

Amnesty Warns Of Humanitarian Disaster In Ukraine

1000s Of Ukrainians Protest Austerity Measures

Ukraine Media Loses Donbas Trusts Over Biased Coverage

How Canada's Media Deceives The Public On Ukraine

Paul Krugman's Liberal Idiocy On Russia

ISIS Uses Chlorine Gas In Anbar Attack

Taliban Attacks Intensify In Afghanistan - Vid

Christmas In Palestine

Israel Police In Huge Political Corruption Probe

Israeli Forces Kill Hamas 'Militant'


Hamas Demands Withdrawal Of Draft Res On Pal Statehood

Hamas Warns Israeli Regime Of ‘Grave Escalation’ In Gaza

Russia - Jewish Race Fraud - Cambodia - Vid

Antisemitox And French Survival Instinct

Where Are The Oath Keepers, 9/11 And Beyond - Vid

Syrian Rebels To Defend Destroyed Aleppo…Troops Close In

Satellite Pics Show Devastation Of Syrian Cultural Sites

RT, Guardian & The Facts Behind BBC Cash Call

Obama’s Cuban Spy Sperm Courier Service

Cracking Down On Corporate Crime

Corp Predators Want Comp For Lost Cuban Assets They Stole

Salbuchi - A Tale Of Two Popes


EU Exit Could Lead To UK Split

The 10 Pranks Which 'Broke' The Internet In 2014 - Vid

The 10 Sci-Fi Films That Defined 2014

Local News Reporters Face Greatest Danger

He Started With Nothing - A Few Weeks Later...

Reversing Aging Processes With One Protein

Possible Outbreak Of Polar Stratospheric Clouds

Tiny Beetle That's Killing Off Grizzly Bears

The Mystery Of Chopin's Death

Military Wants Drones That Fly 45 mph Indoors - Vid

What Airlines Should Be Doing To Stop Air Rage

Catharsis And How To Control Your Slaves

When 'Civility' Is Code For Suppression


Stunning Black & White Photos Of The Nazca Lines

Stealthiest Assassin Bug In The United States

Drone See Smithfield Pork Farms Spraying Animal Waste Into Air

Soldiers Deployed Around France After Attacks On Public

Lost Memories Can Be Restored - Study

What A Shaman Sees In A Mental Hospital

The Age of Paradox – How Our Society Is Backwards

What A Homeless Man Does With $100 - Vid

Christmas Most Wonderful Time To Be A Stripper

What Happens To Your Brain When You Pray?

Did Giants Exist? Parts 1,2, 3


Alaska Issues H5 Warning To Hunters

Delaware DoA & DNREC Issue H5 Warning

WA DFW Request Public Help ID H5 In Wild Birds

WHO Details 11 H7N9 Cases In China

New Science Website Reveals Truth About Sugar

No Treatment Or Vax For This New Disease

Losing A Job Can Be Bad For Your Health

Heart Patients Safer Admitted To Hospital If No Cardios There

US To Relax Ban On Gays Donating Blood

UFO Tracked On Radar, B-29 Chases 1950

Witnesses Chase UFO At New Albany, Indiana?

UFO Sightings In The DC Area


ISIS Captures Jordanian F-16 Pilot - Vid

Official NORAD Santa Tracker - Live

'The Interview' To Open In 200 Theaters - Sony

Hackers Take Down GCHQ Sites - Claims NK Takedown

4 Dead As Severe Weather Slams South - Vid

Tornadoes Slam So MS - At Least Four Dead - Vid

Attacks Against US Police Officers - Vid

Russia Fakes Weaknesses - Vid

GHW Bush Hospitalized At 90

Kiev Transfers $1.65 Billion To Russia's Gazprom

Moody's Downgrades Gazprom's Foreign Currency Rating

NASA Incredible Solar Photos - Pics


Sony Reverses - Will Release 'Interview' On Christmas Day

Sony To Release 'Interview' After MASS Free Publicity

N Korea - Longstanding US Punching Bag

S Korea Nuclear Plants Hacked

Kirwan - The Global Odyssey In Ending

Can Rothschild Plan To Enslave Humanity Be Stopped? - Vid

DARPA Autonomous Microdrones Designed Forl Inside Homes

Whole Foods Sued For False Non-GMO Labeling

Off Duty Cop Picked The Wrong Person To Harass

Br Nathanael - Trends Report For 2015


Stock Market Hits New Milestone

Poll - Obama Approval Rating On Upswing

Dempsey - $585bn Defense Budget Not Enough

2014 - The Year Of 'Proof-Less' Accusations

Brennan Problems - Lies, Spies & More Lies

NYT - Prosecute Torturers And Their Bosses

EX-Intel Contractor - CIA Torture Report Tip Of Iceberg

Arpaio Sues Obama Over EO Immigration Orders

LAPD Body Cam Footage Won't Be Given To Public

US Families More Prepared For Modern Day Apocalypse

Roberts - The Lawless Manipulation Of Bullion Markets


FL Passes NY In Population

Despite Sanctions, Russia Oil Company Pays $7bn Debt

OPEC To Maintain Oil Production Levels No Matter What

How Oil Is Now The World's Most Potent Weapon

EU To Satisfy Gas Needs From Azerbaijan Absurd

US-Russia Relations Poisoned For Decades To Come

Best For Russia To Get Refunds For Mistrals - Roigozin

India Building Major Pharmaceutical Plant In Crimea

Kiev Move To NATO Angers Moscow

Kiev Jet Returned w/o Missiles After MH17 (Shoot Down)

Russian Paper Evidence Of Kiev Part In MH17 (Shoot Down)

Br Nathanael - Return Of The Jewish Neocons - Vid


Ukraine Central Bank Swapped Gold For Lead Bricks!

Ukraine Bankrupt But Wants to Spend More On War

US 'Freedom Support Act' Harms Russia-US Relations

New Iran Radar Detects Explosives, Drugs In People

Strobe Talbott - 3rd Chechen War For Putin In 2015

Oh, How Much They Hate And Fear Russia, Putin

EU Concerns Of US Political Influence Grow

Russian Ally, Belarus, Is Gripped By A Currency Panic

Russia Crisis Forces GM To Cut Sales, Ford To Ax Jobs

Russia Can Export 38 Million Tons Of Grain


Gaza Pal Families Homelessness - Made In Israel - Vid

Israel's Long, Long War On Palestine

Hebron Without Mercy Under Zionist Occupation - Vid

Pledges To Rebuild Gaza Strip Not Being Honored

Iran Shooes Away Several U-2 Spy Planes

BBC - Propaganda Bullhorn Specialists

UK Extends Libor Laws To Cover Gold, Oil, Silver

Miliband Suitability Questioned Over Torture Coverup

David Miliband's Dirty Secret

MP Says VIP Child Abuse Whistleblowers Were 'Murdered'

MP - Child Abuse Inquiry Sabotaged By Government


Pedo Police Sgt Kept Job, Continued Abusing Girl

Record SNP Poll Lead Could See Salmond Become British Deputy PM

Lockerbie Prosecutors 'Afflicted By Wilful Blindness'

UK To Map DNA On A Grand Scale

500,000 UK Streetlights Switched Off In Budgets Cuts

Muhammed Ali Recovers From Pneumonia

Germany's Ag Ministry Mandates Bird Flu Testing

Untested Ebola Drug Used On Patients Sierra Leone

Scientists Discover How Resveratrol Fights Aging

76% Of Americans Don't Know What GMOs Are!

Implant Eases Arthritis Pain By Zapping A Nerve


iPad Screens Could Be Spoiling Your Sleep Patterns

Spain Investigates Catalonia Leader Over Indy Vote

Third Vehicle Attack In France In 3 Days

Femen Branch Pelts Belgian PM With Chips & Mayo

The Wanderers - Fascinating Short Film - Vid

H5N2, H5N8 In US FEMA Daily Operations Report

113 Yr Old Man Credits 5 Foods For His Long Life

Horseshoe-Shaped UFO Hovering Over Pikes Peak

Huge UFO Over First A-Bomb Explosion Site 1957

Air Force Managed To Slither Out Of UFO Research


Jeff & Harry Cooper - Hitler In Argentina, German U-Boats - Vid

UFO Towed By Tractor Trailer In Mojave Desert - Vid

Christmas Eve Storms To Cause Big Trouble - Vid

Flu Outbreak Spreading Rapidly In US

Who Unplugged NK Internet For 9 Hours? - Vid

McCain: Sony Hack A New Form Of Warfare

Cyber War With N Korea, Economic War With Russia

Press TV - North Korean Cyber Row - Vid

GMOs - The 'Natural Foods' Industry Not Your Friend

US-Cuba Deal Is New Front For Russia War - Vid


Russia Gives Bank $500 Million Bailout

New Russian Heavy Rocket Perfect Launch

FSB Stop Efforts To Smuggle S-300, Buk Parts To Ukraine

Dirty Zionist Hands Behind The Sydney Siege

CIA Experiments On People - Vid

US Is The Laughing Stock Of The World - Vid

Presents To War Criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Etc

Separate The CIAs Intelligence Operations

Merry Christmas, Defense Contractors!

CA Kids Told To Steal Parents Guns, Give To Schools

Reasons 2nd Amend Crumbling - 12 States Targeted


Israel Bank To Pay $400m To US For Tax Evasion

Federal Reserve Gives Yet Another Gift To Big Banks

When You Confront A Rothschild Banker - Vid

West Imports Ban Means Fewer GMOs To Russia

The Darknet Counterfeit Gift Guide

How The Blacks Stole Christmas?

Citizenship Revoked, Beaten For Refusing To Spy

Israeli Report Admits They Are Khazar Descendants

Snordster - Wandering - Vid

Fountain Of Youth Lies In Your Own Mind


In Carl Sagan's Death, An Amazing Life Lesson

Few Payoffs From Gates ‘Grand Challenges’

It’s All About 3 6 9 - Vid

How The Plague Hijacked Fleas To Kill The World

Whither The Barf Bag?

How Books Helped The Fight To Win WW2

The Amazing Nebra Sky Disk

Avon Fined By US Watchdog For Bribing Chinese

Pope Francis Blistering Attack On Vatican Bureaucrats

Fujian H5N8 In Oregon Matches Europe & Japan

Clues To The Amphipolis Tomb - Vid


Was Star Of Bethlehem Even A Star At All?

The Balancing Act - Vid

2 Brilliant Films - Renaissance 2.0 & Princes Of The Yen

The Most Unknown Influential Scientist?

Using Zinc To Detect Breast Cancer Early

Brain Control System Misfire Linked To OCD

Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals

Childhood Shyness May Lead To Teen Anxiety

The Incredible Story Of Girls Who Never Age

Cleanse Your Lungs With Honey-Water


True History - Hitler's Personal Assistant Speaks - Vid

America - Cesspool Of Terror

Polar Vortex Restarted - Weather Warfare On Europe - Vid

15 Arguments That Will Destroy Chemtrails Deniers

Did US Takedown N Korea's Internet? - 'Wide Outages'

N Korea Internet 'Totally DOWN' - US Retaliation?


Anonymous - FBI Is Lying, 'N Korea Not Source Of Hack'

Beijing Against All Forms Of Cyber Attacks - China FM

S Korea In Nuclear Power Cyber-Attack Drills

South Korea's Totalitarian Press Crackdown

Madsen - CIA 'Financial Pearl Harbor' Attacks On Russia, VZ

Engdahl - US Sanctions On Russia, Stupid CIA Oil Wars

Putin May End Ruble Crisis By Going To Gold Standard

Ruble Crash - China Pledges to Support Russia

Russia Is A Creditor To The World - Default Risk Non-existent

US Investment Funds Stand By Russia

McCain - Saudis Hurt Russian Economy Not Obama


Saudi, UAE Defend OPEC Response To Falling Prices

Saudi Arabia Says Won't Cut Oil Output Not Matter What

Russia May Decrease Oil Output Due To Econ Troubles

Obama's Permanent War Agenda

Putin, Merkel, Hollande, Porky Talk About Ukraine

Western Propaganda Against Crimea Is Baseless

Why Is MH17 Investigation Obsessed With Secrecy?

Kiev Brutality Forced Putin's Hand In East Ukraine

Ukraine Debt Rating Downgraded to Lowest Possible

EU Resistance To Further Ukraine Loans Growing

Italy PM Urges New Attitude To Russia, Against Sanctions


Europeans Think US Foreign Policy Harmful

Another Celeb Economist Spouts Nonsense On Russia

China To Send Battalion For UN Sudan Peacekeeping

Will Obama Federalize Local Police?

TIME - Right-Wing Militias Are Real Threat To Cops

Cops Killer Bragged To Bystanders Just Before Shooting

NYPD Goes On The Defensive

Two More Cops Shot After NY Killings

Our New Age Is By Design Not Evolution - Vid

Celente's Top Trends For 2015


X-Band RADAR Blimps Over DC Tracks Planes, Cars, Boats - Vid

California Debates Safety Of Driverless Cars

Safety Inspectors Drone Fears Are Overruled

Arctic Methane Emerg Group - GeoEng To Stop Catastrophe

Haunting Photos Of Detroit's Abandoned Silverdome

1 In 3 Kids In Israel Lives In Poverty

Atzmon - BBC Questions Future Of Jews In West Africa

Atzmon - Jewish Insanity - A New Jew State In Germany

Pak To Execute 500 Militants Over School Massacre

Claims US Shot Down MH 370 Near Diego Garcia - Vid

CIA Torture And The Imperialist Toolbox


CIA Murders, Tortures And Experiments On Humans

WikiLeaks Releases CIA Tips On Infiltrating EU

Obama Yet Again Vows To Close Gitmo

Monsanto Implicated In 'Fraud And Abuse Of Patent Law'

Five Westminster Pedo Rings Probed By Scotland Yard

Britain Sending Troops To Nigeria Against Boko Haram

Male Rapes Prevalent In UK Military

Steinberg - British 'Blackmailed' Into 1953 Iran Coup

Man Dies A Tasered In Suspected Burglary

Poorest UK Families Taxed Heavier Than Richest

TISA - Secret Trade Deal Threatens More Privacy Rights

French Offer Boxed Cure For Anti-Semitism


French ER Docs To Strike On Christmas

H5N2 Confirmed in Baoding City Hebei China

Seven H7N9 Cases - Including Four In Xinjiang

Backyard Fujian H5 In Aldergrove British Columbia

First H5N8 Sequence In Europe - Full Cloned E1

Zarivar Lake, Lost Paradise In Iran

Singer Joe Cocker Gone At 70

SF Cop Charged With Felonies For Lying On Report

Fast Food IS Bad For The Brain

UFOs Filmed Over Athens, Greece - Vid

Huge UFO Scares West Texans - Vid


Brent Crude Oil Rises Over $62 A Barrel - Vid

Oil Passes $62 A Barrel

NK Makes New Threat To US Over Sony Hack

N Korea Demands Apology For Obama 'Reckless Hack Rumors'

WH - Courts Can't Review Obama’s Decision-Making

A Christmas Wish List For Obama

EU Pres - Global Warming Used To Suppress Freedom - Vid

Vote Fraud, Election Theft - The WI Scott Walker Re-Election

Blackwater Lobbyist To Manage House Intel Comm

CIA Has Black Sites In 30 Countries


Taxpayers Could Be Held For Trillions In Oil Derivatives

Inside The ‘Surprisingly Great’ N Korean Hacker Hotel

Reverse Course On Cop Militarization Or Reap Whirlwind

A Pro-NYPD Rally...And It Got Ugly

PA Cops Seize Couple's $160,000 Wine Collection

Ferguson Protester Taunts Cops w/‘Pigs In A Blanket’

All About That Race - Vid

A Microbe-Free World Would Suck

The CO River Delta Abruptly Comes Back To Life - Vid

Re-Entering Earth Atmosphere A Brutal, Beautiful Ride - Vid

Unidentified Flying Objects – The Reality, The Coverup

Princess Di And The History Of Mass Grieving

Google Wants To Turn Your Car Into A Computer


World's Biggest Car Company Wants Rid Of Gasoline

Santa's Real Workshop

Colonial New York Was Rowdy, Filthy, Smelly

Hitler's Personal Assistant Speaks About 'The Boss' - Vid

122 Of The Best Prepper Websites On The Internet

1,700 Yr Old Chemical Warfare

3 MPs & 3 Peers Named In Pedo Dossier Give To Yard

Is This The End Of Diet Soda?

ADHD Drugs Increasingly Prescribed For PREr-SCHOOLERS

The Alarming Inaccuracy Of Prenatal Testing


Kirwan - Command HQ For The War On The World

Privacy Will Be Completely Gone In 10 Years

Will Obama Now Lead Us To A Nationalized Police Force?

Sharpton Should Be Charged For Inciting Violence

NY Cops Killer's Racist Conversation With African Cabbie - Vid

NY Cops Shooter Almost Tracked Before Murders

NYPD Cop Union - We Have Become Wartime Police


Ferguson Grand Jury Witness Hopes To Stop Calling Blacks Ni**ers

Cops Shoots Teenager Who Attacked Him With Machete

Houston PD Orders Cops Turn Off Body Cams At Protest

Mall Of America Shut Down By Cop Brutality Protesters

NYPD Officers Turn Backs On NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Slain FL Officer Was An NYPD Veteran

DUI Cop? Fled Scene After Crash Gets $111k Paid Leave

WH Suggest N Korea Pay Damages To Sony Over Film (har)

Chart Points To Biggest Econ Slow Down EVER

Fewer US-Born Americans Have Jobs Than In 2007


Ten Reasons To Give Obama Second Nobel Peace Prize

Judge Rules Obama's EO Abuse Unconstitutional

Immigration, Open US Borders - The Secret Reason

WH Needs Taller Fence, But Not The Border...

'Global Warming' Used To Suppress Human Freedom

Impregnating America With Muslims Pt 2

Russia Naval Base In Crimea Reopens

Russia Identifies More Than 230 Foreign Intelligence Staff

Having Ruined South Stream EU Begs For Azerbaijan Gas

Forget 'Evil' Putin - We Are The Bloodthirsty Warmongers

A Look At Kalashnikov's New Rifle - Vid


EU Provoked Ukrainian Shambles, Not Putin

Western Narrative On Ukraine Is 100% Phony

Ukraine Forms MInistry Of Truth To Control Press

Ukraine Headed For Disaster

Krugman Joins The Anti-Putin Pack, Spouts Nonsense

US Attempted Color Revolution in Russia?

Guardian Presstitute Shaun Walker - Putin Facing Palace Coup

Kirwan - The Just Us Systems

'The Interview' And The US Military-Media Complex

N Korea Demands Joint Inquiry With US Into Sony Hack

US Seeks China Help Against N Korea After Sony Hack

Hidden Cam In Bathroom Of An US Guesthouse In Germany

China Tests Nuclear ICBMs, US Security Weakening

Oil Prices...When Nixon Killed The Gold Standard

What Is China Buying With Foreign Currency Reserves?

NWO Ruble Sony NYP - Vid

Russia Plotting To Start War On Israel?

Netanyahu Shatters Israel's Image

Israel Lends al-Nusra A Hand In Syria

Israel's War On Press Freedom


14 Americans, One Spanish Fund Bibi Likud Campaign

Israel's Unholy War On Jerusalem

Iran Worlds Fourth Missile Power - Defense Min

US Releases Four Gitmo Prisoners To Afghanistan

US Congress Decision Confirms Russia Right On Syria

CIA Experimented On Humans At Black Sites

Insiders Mislead US Based On False CIA Reports

How Inside Traders Are Rigging America

Pollution Fears Crush Home Prices Near Fracking Wells

I Am No Longer A Republican

Dangerous Work - Honest Journalism!

Teacher Training Is Ridiculously Easy


The Legendary Christmas Truce Of World War 1

Theresa May Scraps Child Sex Abuse Panel

Investigation Into Savile's Abuses At BBC Delayed 3rd Time

Glasgow Living Wage Policy Shames Corporate Giants

British Cities Want To Raise Own Taxes, Go It Alone

Murdoch Threatens Media Watchdog 'We Know Where You Live'

British Nazi Jihadis Use ISIS Training Vid To Prepare Race War

MaD Fatcats Get £200m In Bonuses - Troops Are Sacked

Majority Of Brits Want To Quit EU - Poll

Health Watchdog Pushing More Doctors To Suicide

Fukushima Rad Area Wants To Host Tokyo Olympic Events

Kids Movies Show More Death Than Those For Adults

Ugly Life Inside America's Food Processing Plants

Egypt Get 10 Apache Helicopters From US

The Day Einstein Feared Has Arrived

JoeTalk - A Warning To America - Vid

Oops! No Water On Comet 67P?

UFOs Over Over the Iguazú Falls

First Organized 'UFO Alert' In Yucatán

NASA's Manned, Solar-Powered Airships To Venus


Outsourced Terror

Groups Blast Agency's New EPA Coal Ash Rules

Smotherers Of Invention

Military Hospital Care Is Questioned; Next, Reprisals

Monkey Saves Electrocuted Friend - Vid

NYPD Union Head Blasts De Blasio Over Cop Murders

2 NYPD Policemen Assassinated, Shooter Dead - Vid

Leftist Cop Killers Laugh At Gun Restrictions, Laws

Russians Not Taking To The Streets Over Ruble

Russian Relief Convoy Arrives In Luhansk

The Exceptional Dictatorial Democracy


Preston James - Intel Cowboys, Part 2

Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told…The TRUTH - Vid

US Wars Of Death And Horror Since 9/11 Cost $1.6 Trillion

North Korea Says It Did NOT Hack Sony

US Warns Americans Of Travelling Abroad

CIA Bush Brutal Interrogation - Innocents Begged Die

Were NATO Dogs Used To Rape Afghan Prisoners?

We’ve Known For 1,700 Yrs Torture Nets Fake Confessions

Zio-lebrity Simon Cowell Donates £100,000 To IDF For GF

Muhammed Ali's Funniest Interview - Vid

Muhammed Ali Hospitalized With Pneumonia


The Alarming Research Behind NY's Fracking Ban

How Nonprofit Hospitals Are Seizing Patients Wages

Voter Fraud vs Election Theft - WI Scott Walker Re-Election

S Korea Bans US Poultry Over Bird Flu Concerns

Obama, N Korea & Sydney Siege Decoded

How The Spanish-American War Changed The World

Intoxicants In The Islamic World

Will Religion Ever Disappear?

5 Da Vinci Designs That Were Ahead Of Their Time

Curiosity Finds Thigh Bone On Mars - Vid


NASA Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities For Venus

Revived Kepler Spacecraft Finds First New Planet

Venezuela Says Goodbye To Its Lil Friend

Electricity To Disaster Zones Via Photovoltaic Balloons

Stronger Gardasil Vax Ok'd - More Girls Suffer, Die?

Five Cannabis Victories In 2014

Trapped In A Time Loop

Archaeologists Unearth Entry To King Herod's Palace

Stonehenge Discovery Could Rewrite British Pre-History

How Information Theory Unifies Quantum Mechanics

Shy Geysers


Hackers Mock FBI - Vid

Krauthammer vs Judge Napolitano On Sony

Newsflash - Clooney Doesn't Know N Korea Hacked Sony

China Media Slams ‘The Interview’ As ‘Senseless’

US Considers Putting N Korea Back On Terror Blacklist

Kirwan - Breathing The Rarified Air

Two NYPD Cops Dead In Execution Style Attack

Putin - NO ONE Will Succeed In Intimidation, Isolation

Free Fall of the Ruble – Brilliant Ploy Of Russian Wizards?

The Bankster International

Crouching Sanctions, Hidden Revenues

Krugman's Russia Debt Notes Are Upside Down

Belarus Suffering Huge Losses Over Russian Ruble

Russia Reserves Response To Ukraine 'Freedom Act'

Roberts – Russia To Unleash Black Swan On The West

Canada Imposes New Sanctions Against Russia


Russian Military Got 38 New ICBMs In 2014

Russian Military To Get 50 More New ICBMs In 2015

Russian 'Lightning' Weapon Seen On Police Dashcam?

Putin Warns US Relations Damaged For Long Time

US Targeting Of Russia Escalates

Gorbachev - US Tried To Rule World But Lost Its Way

America's Deadly Embrace

Stratfor Founder - US Fears Resurgent Russia

Russia Quietly Made Deal For Military Base In Cuba - Vid

Are Iran And Russia Part Of The NWO - Vid

US Engineered Oil Price Crash - Bolivia President

Dubai Market Down With Oil - Vid

US Plans To Drive Cuba Away From Russia - Won't Work

Putin Crushes BBC Smartass

Russian Glonass To Give Brazil GPS Alternative

Porky Begs IMF To Give Kiev More Money

GeoEng Dangers Discussed By Officials, Scientists, Experts - Vid

Debt Collectors Hound Millions Of Ret Americans

Instagram Could Be Worth $35 Billion

Madonna 'Illuminati' Song LEAKED - Shocking Lyrics

Ferguson Prosecutor - Witnesses Lied To Grand Jury


Ferguson Grand Jury Witness A Possible Fraud

Skype Opens America’s Borders - Green Cards For All

ADL 'Advanced Training' Brainwashing Top Cops

SPLC Bullies Music Distributors Into Banning 'Hate Music'

15 Arguments Will Destroy Chemtrails Deniers

Monsanto Study - Non-GMO, GMOs Mix Not Slowing Pests

What Parents Need To Know About Monsanto

Grim iPhone Factory Working Conditions - Vid

New York Times To Build Digital Hub In London

Cops Go Ballistic On 'Misbehaving' Preschooler

Plainclothes NYPD Cop Hits Teen Already Subdued - Vid

Torture - Yes We Can

Is Diego Garcia Britain's Guantanamo?

Israeli Forces Shoot, Wound Six Pals In Jabala

Israel Bombs GazaIAF Bombs 'Hamas Base' In Gaza Strip

UN Urges Israel To Repay Lebanon $850m For Oil Spill

Atzmon - Vaxberg Supports Blumenthal, Sheen

Framing Without Water - Pal Ag In Jordan Valley

Jewish Cosmopolitans Have Reached The Poo Stage

ISIS Executes 100 Foreign Fighter For Trying To Quit

US OKs $3 Billion Tanks, Armored Vehicles To Iraq


Paks Begin Hanging Miltants In Revenge

Pak Open Letter Rips CNN ]School Massacre Coverage

Afghan Civilian Casualties To Reach 10,000 In 2014

French Ex Airline Boss Claims MH370 Coverup

Cops Get New Leads In 3 Westminster Pedo Murders

Half Brits Panic Shopping, The Other Half In Christmas Poverty

Russell Brand's Revolution Nay Actually Be Working

Brand Film On RBS Bankers Funded By City Investors

World’s Largest Planned Tidal Energy Project In Scotland

Blair Sweats Over Alleged Relationship w/Murdoch Wife

Salmond Wants 'Peasants’ Vote To End House Of Lords


Fed Grants Volcker Reprieve In Banks 2nd Big Win

Convicted Wall St Trader Sues Customer Turned Him In

X2 CME For Christmas

3D Printed Legs Help Dog Run For First Time - Vid

ISS Astronaut Uses 3D Printer To Make Socket Wrench

Ancient White Giants Ruled America - Hidden From US

1929 - Giant White Race In America Hidden From History

Amazing Astronauts View Of Orion Re-Entry - Vid

Hunters Encounter UFO In Michigan Woods

Alien Creature Reported In Carmel Area

Fujian H5N8 Accelerated Spread In Germany


Dead Mallard H5N8 Elbe River Germany

Suspect H5N1 Cluster Assiut Egypt

Langley / Aldergrove H5N2 Cluster Confirmed

H5N1 Cluster Belina Sohag 42F 12M 33F

Polyphenols In Bilberries 'Undo' Damage Of High Fat Diet

1,200 Turtles Wash Ashore In Cape Cod

Trust In Self

When Counseling After Tragedy Is A Mistake

LA Sheriffs Start Collecting Face & Eye Scans

Mexican Army General - Civil War In Mexico?


N Korea Rips 'Attempt To Frame It' For Sony Hack - Vid

N Korea Says Not Involved - Calls For Joint Probe Of Hack

Obama Authorizes Economic Embargo On Crimea

Russia's MIlitary Doctrine Solely Defensive - Putin

Sony Exec Fires Back At Obama

Emails - US Influenced 'Interview' To Encourage Kim's Murder

Ex NewsCorp Security - N. Korea Not Behind Sony Hack

‘The Interview’ A Sony False Flag Hack

Kirwan - Surrendering To Press Releases

Russian Aid Caravan For Donbass Children

US Economy Hasn't Recovered From 2008


Cheney Should Be In Prison Not On Meet The Press

Kill The Banker

Why The Hell Would US Ever Elect Another Bush?

The NSA Ultimate Goal Is Total Population Control

Checkmate - Is Russia Selling Oil For Gold?

Meaning Behind Putin's Speech - Vid

Recognition Of Cuba Doesn't Mean End To US Subversion

10 Reasons Why FB Users Should Be Declared Insane

Tycoons, Patriotism Often Dont Mix - Vid

Flaw Found - Allows Anyone To Listen To Your Cell Calls

E-Z Pass Keeping An Eye On Speeders


Obama Inks EO To Create Task Force On Policing

Cop Pre-Crime Software Uses Social Media Against You - Vid

Federalized Police And A Police Czar?

Rothschilds Funding Of WW2 - Antony C Sutton - Vid

Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations - Vid

US Troops Raped Iraqi Boys In Front Of Their Moms

How Much More Rain Does CA Need To End Drought?

Apple CEO Cook 'Offended' By BBC Report On China Workers

US Not Ready For Nuclear Terrorist Attack

Drone Shows Damage Of Greenpeace Nazca Stunt - Vid

What Would You Have Eaten At Medieval Christmas?

December Solstice 2014


13 Million In Poverty In UK Right Now

France Unveils Prehistoric Cave Site

Long-Standing Space Mystery Revealed

NASA Totally Real Plan To For Venus Human Colony

The World Of Physics In 2015

Robot Captures Views Of Hidden Arctic Ecosystem

A Soviet Ghost Town In The Arctic Circle

Legends & America’s Giant Skeletons

2 Futures Can Explain Time's Mysterious Past

Despairing Cry Of Alexander The Great'a Tomb

The Odd Tale Of The Man Who Discovered THC


Why Canada's Internet Is More Expensive

History Denied - The Story Of Elongated Skulls

From Ecstasy To Molly, What's In A Name?

Understanding Code To Avoid Being Programmed?

Birds Sensed Severe Storms, Fled Before Tornado

Divorced By 30 - Why So Many Young Marriages End

'Because I Got High' Gets An Update - Vid

10 Powerful Home Remedies For A Sinus Infection

Artificial Sweeteners - How They Impact Our Health

Suspect H5N8 In Emsland Germany

Fujian H5N8 In Backyard Holding In Winston Oregon

JoeTalk - Furious, Pt 2 - Vid

JoeTalk - Furious, Pt 3 - Vid

Jesuit Student Told Can't Openly Disagree w/Gay Marriage

Judge Plants Meth In Woman’s Car, Has Her Arrested - Vid

How Babies Grow From A Single Cell To Birth - Vid

After Silk Road Raid, Dark Net Is Darker Than Ever

Cancer Nurse Quits To Promote Natural Cures

Healing Power Of Cannabis Has Barely Been Tapped

Tesla Energy Gen - A True Free Energy Device?

Seeing Through The Veil Of Your Limitations

The Mental Universe


Obama Chides Sony For Pulling Film

Obama - Sony Made Mistake In Pulling Movie

Sony Hack Leaves US Unclear How To Handle N Korea

Kirwan - The Invisible War

Dog Torture At Bottom of CIA Scandal

Whitewashing CIA torture

The Vice President Of Torture Strikes Back

US Silent On Psychologists Role In CIA Tortures

US Blocks Release Of 1953 CIA-Backed Coup In Iran


'Huge Crisis' - UK Oil Industry Is 'Close To Collapse'

Saudi Shenanigans Threaten Long-Term Oil Supply

Oil Prices Rise - Saudii Predicts Increased Demand

EU Asks Russia To Go Ahead With South Stream

China Prepares To Bail Out Russia

Russia To Give Banks Up To $6.5b To Fight Crisis

Ruble Sell-Off Makes No Sense - It's Actually A Buy

Billionaire Usmanov Moves Assets To Russian Jurisdiction

Russia Busts Gold-Selling Rumors - Holdings At Record Highs

US Amb To Russia Is A Regime Change Hit Man

US Regime Change Fails - Putin Popularity Hits 81%


Escobar - What Putin Is Not Telling Us

‘Can’t Stuff This Bear’ & Other Putin Q&A Quotes

Why Zio West Media Will Never Air Putin 3 Hr Press Conf

One-Pager On Latest Developments In Russia

Russian Army Shows It Can Solve Complex Tasks

New Russian Borei Class Sub Raises Colors

US, EU Parting Ways On Russia

German Exports To Russia To Crash A Further 20%

IMF Holds Back Cyprus Bailout Funds

US Big Five Plunging World To Another Banking Crisis

Ukrainian Soldier Confirms:Kiev Shot Down MH17


West Connives With Party Of War In Kiev - Lavrov

Stratfor - Ukraine Coup Plotted By US

Ukraine 'Freedom Support Act' Pushes War, Not Freedom

Latest Psaki Gaffe No Laughing Matter

EU's New 'Discriminatory’ Sanctions On Russia’s Crimea

Russia Unfit For Intl Financial System – Cameron

US To Veto Palestinian Statehood Bid

Putin Cuba Sydney Taliban Syrians Palestine ISIS - Vid

Obama To Lift Several Cuba Restrictions On His Own

Fidel's Legacy

Cuba Is A Kleptocracy, Not Communist


Recovering Cuban Properties A Dream For Cubans In US

Alive In The Moment

Closing The Gate On GMO

2 CMEs Coming, Cape Verde Volcano, Japan Killer Snow - Vid

Body Cams Could Revolutionize Policing in US

NYPD Cancels Christmas Parties Over Police Brutality

H5N8 Now In Backyard Poultry In Winston OR

Fujian H5N2 Cluster In Langley & Aldergrove Canada

JoeTalk - Joe Is Furious - Vid

Apple Under Fire Again Over China Factories

Flames From Chevron Refinery In CA Alarm Locals


1 Million BLONDE, RED-HEADED Mummies Found In Egypt

London Cops Believe ‘VIP’ Child Sex Abuse, Murder

France Fines 13 Consumer Firms €951m For Price Fixing

FDA Approved Gardasil 9 - Malfeasance Or Stupidity?

Burying Unclaimed Dead In Los Angeles County

NASA Celebrates 15 Years Of Mesmerizing Space GIFs

Could Cannabis Oil Reverse Cancer? - Vid

UFO Photographed Over Caserta, Italy

Alleged Classified ‘Phoenix Lights’ Vid EXPOSED

NASA’s Orion Arrives Back At Kennedy - Vid

Project Core, UFO Community, Professional Research


Obama Signs New Russia Sanctions But Won't Use Yet

Putin - Russian Economy Back…2 Yrs At Most

What Putin Is Not Telling Us

France Still Won't Deliver Mistrals To Russia

US-NATO Building 'New Berlin Wall With Military

Zio NATO Up Military Presence On Russia Borders

CIA Says US Drone Strikes 'Unproductive'

How Cheaper Oil Is Shaping the World

Procession Toward A World State


Sony Says State Dept OK'd Kim 'Murder' Scene - Vid

Kim Jong-un Death Scene From 'Interview’ Now Online

Sony Hack Reaction 'Beyond Realm Of Stupid’

Sony Cyberattack May Be Costliest Ever

Google CEO Schmidt Dismisses Importance Of PRIVACY

Independent Review Slam US Secret Service

2/3 Americans Say The Government Is Broken

Fascism & War - Elite Tools To Crush, Kill Dissent

8 Children Stabbed To Death In Oz

New Top Secret Japan Subs For Oz Aging Fleet

The Zen Predator Of The Upper East Side

'Bullet-Looking Missile Thing' Near Boulder CO

Victim Says Saw Three Boys Murdered By VIP Pedos

NY State Fracking Ban Paves Way For Other States

Doom - A Serious Joke For Higher Education

Sydney Aftermath - Oz Govt Wants More Anti Terror Laws

Thieves Yell 'Police' Invade Home, Shoot, Rob Resident

SWAT Lied To Get Raid

Pics Of Modern Culture Absurdities - 'Graphic Images'

The Conspiracy Theories Of Bérenger Saunière

Ancient Inventions Beyond Modern Understanding

Huge Volume Of World's Oldest Water Estimated

Br Nathanael - The Jewish War On Holy Russia - Vid

Br Nathanael - Putin Cancels South Stream - A Game Changer


Did Historical Jesus Really Exist?

When Texas Was At The Bottom Of The Sea

What Does 'Happy New Year' Really Mean?

Is String Theory About To Unravel?

Night In The Life Of A Mental Health Nurse

11 Motivational Quotes By Bruce Lee

7 Optical Illusions Make You Look Twice - Vid

100 HIV Positive In One Cambodian Village

10 Spices In Your Kitchen That Heal

Langley Broiler - Breeder Farm H5N2 Confirmed #11th Farm

US Will Respond To N Korea Hack - Vid

Defector - N Korea has 1,800 Cyberwarriors

Sony Surrender Will Strengthen Hackers

Zionists Are False Flag FRAMING North Korea

Dow Soars 421 Points - Best Day In 3 Years - Vid

11 Trillion Gal Of Rain Needed To End CA Drought - Vid

Army Blimps To Further Protect DC - Vid

Putin Points Out US, Saudi Oil Price Conspiracy


Putin's Marathon Press Conf A Tour De Force

Celente - Putin Is Right, Russia Hit By West Before Crimea

Russian Intl Reserves Drop To $414 Billion In Week

Russian Central Bank May Limit Currency Exchange

Russian Economy Will Recover From Crisis - Putin

Russia Will Resolve Economic Difficulties — China FM

Russia To Probe Central Bank Role In Ruble Crash

Majority Of Russians Fully Support Putin

VISA No Intention Of Blocking Cards Of Russian Banks

Bankster International - Procession Toward World State

Obvious Zio Media Attempt To 'Assassinate' Putin


Soros May Be New National Bank Of Ukraine CEO

Ukraine 'Freedom Support' Still Not Signed By Obama

11th Sierra Leone Doctor Dies Of Ebola

Escobar - Go West Young Han

US Has More 'Royal Families Than It Needs

UKs Oil Industry Close To Collapse

Israel's 'Worst Nightmare' Is Obama

Netanyahu - Europe Hasn't Learned 'Holocaust' Lesson

Torture in Israeli PrisonsIsrael Calls Palestinian UN Draft A Gimmick

Khazarian Conspiracy - The Synagogue Of Satan - Vid


Thaw In US-Cuban Relations?

US State Police Agency Calls Itself 'Paramilitary Org'

SCOTUS - Workers Don't Need Paid For All Their Work

Monsanto - Science And Fraud Are The Same Thing

How The Recession Has Changed The US Family

Drone Shows Factory Farms Toxic 'Feces Lagoons' - Vid

Army - Too Dangerous To Clean IN Radioactive Site

Cop’s T-Shirt Mocks Garner’s Death - Mass Outrage

NY AG Takes Aim At Fake Guns

City Of South Pittsburg TN Bans 'Negative' Speech - Vid

CO Grants $8 MIllion To Further Study Marijuana

Closing The Gate On GMOs


Multiple Fujian H5 Reassortants In British Columbia?

Turkey H5N8 Sequence From Lower Saxony Germany

Obesity Is A DISABILITY Says Highest EU Ckourt

Boko Haram Kidnaps 185 Women, Children

ISRO Blasts India’s Biggest Rocket Into Space

JoeTalk - Technology Is Our Downfall - Vid

Ground-Based Telescope Picks Up Earth-Like Planet

Two Sphere UFOs Over Colorado Springs

UFOs, Nuclear Weapons -The Documentary - Vid

1st Alien Planet Of New Mission, Found By Kepler

Babe Ruth's Cap Sells For $300,000


Jeff & Gary Null - How To Live To Be 100!

Obama - Don't Worry, Be Happy…Go To The Movies! - Vid

Hollywood Surrenders To North Korea

US Blames N Korea For Sony Hack - Vid

Russian Nuclear Weapons In Cuba?

Putin - The Bear Never Asks Permission -Vid


Russians Rush To Shop Before Ruble Raises Prices

‘Pump Them To Death’ - Secret War On Russia - Vid

UK Oil Industry Close To Collapse

NY Bans Dangerous Fracking Drilling In State

Putin To Meet With Journalists At Annual Conference

Cuban People Will Pay The Price For Obama Concessions

Ron Paul On Cuba - Open Door, Get Out Of Way!

Fake Claims Aleppo’s Synagogues Have Been Destroyed

Israel’s ‘Collective Punishment’ Of Gaza Released

Today's Global Warming Is Nothing Special

The New Sound OIff Crowd Control - Vid

Fujian H5N8 Kills Four Pet Falcons In Lynden WA


Pupillometry – The Cutting Edge Of Mind Control

Is Europe About To Lose Fight Against GMOs?

Sydney Siege Was A Hoax - Opinion - Vid

Artificial Intelligence (2001) - Transhumanist Fairly Tale

Did Ancient Egyptians Have Airplanes?

'Unprecedented' Oil Spill Threatens Rare Animals

Life On Mars…Now What?

15 Ongoing Space Missions You Should Know About

NASA Idea To Nearly Replace Rockets

Insane Close-Up View Of A Comet's Cliffs - Pics

Congress To Make Cops Tell How Many They Kill


Product Of Mexico - Vid

Framed By Forensics

Stephen Hawking's 'Bad Ass' Theory - Vid

Prohibition Began 100 Yrs Ago - We’re Still Paying

New Skype Tool Translates Multilingual Calls

Strange Russia Rock Contains 30,000 Diamonds

What Dreams Mean And What They Say About You

Why I Teach Poetry, Opera To Medical Students - Vid

Ancient DNA On Parchments Reveal Hidden Stories - Vid

What Happens When You Press Your Foot In Lava - Vid

Some Of The Most Common Sexual Anxieties


Accused Witch Burned At Stake In Paraguay

Devil’s Hoofprints Spotted In The Snow?

Here’s How Many Microbes You Eat In A Day

Generic Drug Prices Soar Up To 8,000%

Are You Losing Your Choice To Refuse Vaccines?

MA Pharmacy Owners Arrested In Meningitis Deaths

Amgen Leukemia Therapy Costs $178,000

Acupuncture Eases Pain For Children

The First People

Link Between Mushrooms, Bees & Mass Extinction


Obama Announces US To Open Embassy, Lift Sanctions

Bells In Havana, Anger In Miami - Vid

Critics Say Obama Sold Out On Cuba

Obama Trumpets New Chapter On Cuba Opens

How New US Policy Will Change Travel To Cuba

Cuban Cigar Ban Ends...Smokers Cheer

US Stocks Have Best Day In 2014

Sony Cancels 'The Interview' After Threats By Hackers

Doyle - Diseases Brought By Obama's Illegals, Like Ebola, 'Vanish'

Doyle - Student At FL High School Hospitalized With Active TB


Impregnating America With Muslims - Pt 1

Obama Issues 'Executive Orders By Another Name'

Bush vs Clinton In 2016? NWO Dream Matchup ‘Inevitable’

Ted Cruz Reignites GOP Civil War

Yoder MIA After Tucking Wall St Bailout Into Govt Spending Bill

Kirwan - Cops, Listen Up! You're Threatening Wrong People

Ukraine Economic Collapse Imminent

Bankrupt Ukraine To Double Military Spending

Kiev Anti-Russian False Flag Planned?

IMF #2 Likes What He Sees in Ukraine

Russia Gives Red Cross $1 Million For SE Ukraine Help

Russian Secret Police To Arrest Banksters? - Vid

Russia Begins Sale Of Reserve Currency To Save Ruble


Russia Has Resources, Market Instruments To Fix Trouble

Russia, China Finally Dumping US Treasuries

Western Banks Cut Off Liquidity To Russian Entities

Russia Using Creative, Far-Reaching Moves To Fight Siege

Ruble Drop From Financial Speculators - Vid

Citi Moving HQ From NY To Actual US Capitol Bldg In DC

Rupee Hits 13 Mo Low Against Dollar

Turkish Currency Dips Again Against US Dollar

Bulgaria Asks Russia For South Stream Meeting

China Sets Up $3bn Finance Fund For East-Central Europe

NATO Is Not Russia’s Enemy – Lavrov To French Media


RT Over 2 Billion YouTube Views - Biggest News Channel

Citi Moving HQ From NY To Actual US Capitol Bldg

China’s Accession To The Throne

SCOTUS - Cops Can Pull People Over For Wrong Reason

Cheney, CIA Torture Offer Rare Look Into NWO Darkness

Hollywood - Ending Torture One Dick At A Time

Important Rules Of Survival And Preparedness

Burien - Here Is A Challenge For You!

Russian Nuclear ICBMs Constantly On Alert

Pat Buchanan - Putinism Is On The Rise Across The Globe

US 'Defeat Russia With Cheap Oil' Strategy Is Failing


NATO Increasing Flights Near Russia - Russian Cmdr

US Sanctions Bill To Cement Russia-China Bond - Kucinich

Kucinich - 3 Congressmen Restarted Cold War

How Many Enemies Does America Want?

NATO Is In No Condition To Fight A War

Euro Crisis Deepens

20% Of Germans Are Now Poor

US Troops In First Ground Battle With ISIS

Over 230 ISIS Victims Found In Syrian Mass Grave

Despite School Atrocity, Pak Taliban Weakening

Hamas Taken Off EU Terror Blacklist

US-Israeli Relationship In Crisis


Israel's Arrow 3 Fails Interception Test

Cameron Attacks Labour Party Over Israel Policy

Jewish Culture And Cognitive Partitioning

Truth In Berlin

Atzmon - Light At The End Of The Tunnel

How Did TX Plumber's Truck End Up With AA Gun In Syria?

2nd Graders Ferguson Protest Sparks Controversy

Sydney - Was ‘Terror Sheikh’ Ana Informant Or Just Mad?

Ex PM - OZ Better Off Without Dangerous US As Ally

Lack Of Info On Females In CIA Torture Report


Sydney - Was ‘Terror Sheikh’ Ana Informant Or Just Mad?

Ex PM - OZ Better Off Without Dangerous US As Ally

Congress Ends Federal Ban On Medical Marijuana

Glyphosate Studies Revealed by EPA Show Toxicity

Maui Wins - Monsanto, Dow To Follow GMO Moratorium

LA Lawyers Stage Die-In Over Police Brutality – Vid

Ex-Cop Kills Ex-Girlfriend - 1 Dead, 3 Wounded In DE

CNN's AskACop Triggers Anti-Police Backlash

Queen Asked To Intervene Amid Scot YES Vote Fears

US F-35s Sold To UK Face New Problem


Sydney-Type Terror May Happen In UK Anytime - Cameron

UK Foils Five Terror Attack Since Summer

OZ Ignored Iran Warning Of Terror Attack

Pakistan Responds To School Massacre, Hits Taliban

Bird Flu Kills Seals In Denmark, Sweden

Fujian H5 Die-Off At Wiser Lake Washington

H5N1 Death Assiut Egypt 20F Student

WHO MERS Case Update For Saudi Arabia

Turkey H5N8 Sequences from Veneto Italy

Fujian H5N8 Confirmed In Porto Vira Italy

H5N2 Die-Off At Wiser Lake Whatcom Co WA State


Methane ‘Spikes’ Fuel Speculation Of Mars Life

The Sculptor

The Bittersweet Alchemical Furnace

How To Indict A Ham Sandwich - NY Grand Jury Problems

Fast Moving UFO(s) Passes Over Costa Mesa

Chile UFO Probe Aided By French Aerospace

France, Chile Start Joint Exploration Of UFOs

Scottish Scientists Find Protein To Prevent Cancer

SILENCED - Official Trailer 2014 - Vid

The Great Generic Drug Rip-Off

Amazing Animated Optical Illusions - Vid


Jeb Bush Actively Explores 2016 Run For President

Maniac Obama To Sign New Russia Sanctions

Obama Signs $1.1 Trillion Govt Spending Bill

Iran And Russia In The Zio Crosshairs - Vid

Br Nathanael - The Jewish War On Holy Russia - Vid

Ruble Falls Even Further At Wed Opening Bell

Omens Look Bleak For Putin - Can he Ride It Out?

Br Nathanael - Putin Cancels South Stream - A Game Changer


Curiosity Picks Up Mysterious Methane 'Burps'

US, NATO Boost Operations Near Russia

US-Russia Cold War Could Turn Hot Fast - Vid

Putin, Merkel, Hollande, Talk About Ukraine By Phone

ISIS Massarces 150 Iraqi Woman In Fallujah

Beck Asks FB Users Who Person Of Year Should Be

New Skype Tool Translates Multilingual Calls Instantly

Franco, Rogan Cancel All Interviiew Appearances

Sony Hackers Threaten Holiday Moviegoers

DeMint - Ted Cruz, Mike Lee 'Are Mainstream' Of Rep Party

McCotter Predicts A New World Order For GOP


UN Sending 1,000s Of Muslims To US - Cost Billions

Preston James - What If?

What Makes A Person Capable Of Torturing?

LA To Give Body Cams To 7,000 Cops

Herbicide Firm Syngenta Silences Scientist - Vid

Bad Year For The Criminal Justice System

GA, FB Consent Policies Evoke ‘Fantasy World'

The Shady Side Of Weed Inc

Does US Really Need New Plutonium Production?

Major Winter Storms Aims At Japan

55% Don't Want Abe's Security Policies - Poll

105,000 Hokkaido Voters Want ‘None Of The Above’


Abe Emerges As Rare Strong Leader?

10 Ways To Kick The Police State in the Face

Utah Demands Feds Surrender Lands By Dec 31

UFOs Began Nuke Missile Launch Countdowns

Huge Oval UFO Over A-Bomb Bunker 1957

The Village That Fell Asleep

Lava Battles Snow As Russian Volcano Blows - Vid

Earth Grows New Layer Under Iceland Volcano

Million-Mummy Cemetery Unearthed In Egypt

Project Orion Nuke Propulsion - 1950s Tests Vid

Best Space Pictures Of 2014


'Tsunami Wave' Flies Thru Interstellar Space

How To Predict Dangerous Solar Flares

Ancient Earth Warmed Dramatically

Saving The Colorado River Delta

Adorable Bird A Vicious Brain-Eating Zombie

Ada Lovelace, Prophet Of The Computer Age

Fujian H5N8 In Three Pet Falcons In Lynden WA

Fujian H5N2 & H5N8 in Wild Birds In WA State

Full H5N8 Wigeon Sequences From The Netherlands

5D People At The Emerald Cup

Why So Easy To Ignore Dying Patient's Wishes?


Fed Judge - Obama Immigration Actions 'Unconstitutional'

Obama Headed On A 17 Day Christmas Vacation

141 Pak Children, Teachers Slaughtered By Taliban

Taliban Attack School In Pakistan – Pics

Sydney Gunman Was Wanted In Iran

Reasons To Question The 'Official' Sydney Story

Obama's Phony Turning Point

Homosexual Terrorism Supported By Govt

Eric Garner’s Death A Retaliatory Move By NYPD


Police Admit Prepping For War With Gun Owners - Vid

US Dying - Tiny Urban Island Of Downtown Detroit - Pics

Kirwan - Sixty One Years And Counting

Paul Craig Roberts - US Can't Defeat Russia, China

Neocon Media Rant - How ‘Awesome’ Is America

Russian Public Names Putin 'Man Of The Year'

Obama To OK Lethal US Aid To Ukraine By End Of Week

Lendman - Here Is What Arms US Is Giving Ukraine

Freedom Support Act Far More Than Arming Ukraine

Ukraine's Real Crisis - A Demographic Time Bomb

Ex-Ukraine Official Exposes Kiev Ruthlessness

Lavrov - 2 French Mistrals A Matter Of A Signed Legal Contract

Russian Natl Def Center Near 100% Safe From Cyber Hits

Russia Building Super Heavy Sarmat ICBM w/out Ukraine

CNN - Russia Is Buying Weapons - A Lot Of Them


Stupid ER - New Crimea Restrictions To Begin

Porky Calls On EU To Give Him More Money

Kiev Blocking Peace Settlement Talks With DPR

US To Gazprom - Keep Sending Gas To Ukraine Or Get Sanctions

WH Says New Sanctions Against Russian By End Of Week

Ruble Plummets More Than 20% In One Day

Russians Face New Way Of Life After Ruble Crash

Shedlock - Russian Ruble Decline Part Of Global Trend

'Russian Ruble Is Halted Until Further Notice'

Russia Contagion Spreads To European Banks

Russian FX Halt Prompts Buying-Panic In Stocks


Crude Oil Contagion Spreads To Investment Credit

Russian Govt Stabilizes Currency Market

Not Just Russia - Mideast In Freefall, Biggest Dive In 6 Yrs

Oil Now Officially Cheaper Than Water

Why Comex Using Gold/Silver Price Limit Collars?

Gold-Backed Renminbi Could Dethrone US Dollar

Why Russia And China Are Buying Gold

What America Does Not Understand About Russia & Oil

Shocking Data Proves Shale Oil Is Massively Over-Hyped

A Case Against A Quick Oil Price Rebound

Chevron Pulls Plug On $10 Billion Shale Gas Deal - Kiev


X22 Report - Oz False Flag, Boots In Syria, Pt Arthur Massacre - Vid

Drug Resistant Superbug Found In Rio Olympic Waters

The National Security State As A Criminal Enterprise

Cheney Defends CIA Torture, Calls Interrogators Heroes

East Europe Was the CIA Torture Capital

PA Suspected Killer Of 6 Found Dead Near Home

Ron Paul - All I Want For Christmas Is A Govt Shutdown

CIA = Murder Inc

Kerry Meets Netanyahu Aa Pals Push UN Bid

US War On Terror Is Was On Israel’s Enemies

Israeli Soldiers Kill Another Pals On West Bank

Britain At Brink - Real Story Of The Scottish Vote

Police Ask Univ For List Of Fracking Debate Attendees

Jim Marrs - Remote Viewing Aliens And UFOs - Vid

Set Priorities For Declassification, Study Urges

Gadget That Could Help Us Breathe On Mars - Vid

UFOs Photographed Over Leicester

Gary Null's GMO 'Seeds Of Death' - Vid

Free Listen - Jeff & Gary Null - Stunning Data On Nutrition - mp3

Prescribing Ever More Pills Bad For Public Health

New Time, New Life

TX Cop Drops,Tasers 78 Yr Old Man Over Legal Plates

19 Yr Old Beaten By Police Speaks Out

Multiple Fujian H5 Reassortants In The United States


H5N2 In Pintail In Whatcom County Washington State

H5N8 In Falcon Onward Transmission In Whatcom Co WA

Japan Dulls 4,000 Chickens After Bird Flu Outbreak

H5N8 In Cranes and Water In Izumi-shi, KAGOSHIMA Japan

Likely H5N8 In South Korea

H5N8 Confirmed In Porto Viro, ROVIGO, Italy

H5N8 Confirmed In Lower Saxony Germany

1,000s Of Einstein Documents Are Now A Click Away

The Frequency Shift And Reality Reset

The Lone Gladio


Google To Back Hillary For President In 2016

Jeb Bush Begins To Make His Move

Dems, Repubs Silencing 'Voices Of Freedom’ - Vid

Gohmert Slams Boehner After Cromnibus

PA Manhunt For Vet Suspected Of Killing 6

FOX Demands Australians Call Sydney A 'Terrorist Attack'

FB Post Gives Inside Glimpse To Sydney Siege

FB Censorship Has Increased 19% In Past 6 Mos

How The NSA Can Turn On Your Phone Remotely


China Regime Employs 500,000 Internet Trolls

Russian MIlitary Completes Snap Combat Kaliningrad Drill

Robots, Drones Boost Russian 5th Gen Subs

Russian Currency In Free-Fall

Russia Central Bank Raise Rates To Save Ruble

One Year From Now, Freedom Dies Worldwide

New Spending Bill Ended Fed War On Legal Weed

Salbuchi - Nuclear War Threat To World Peace

Sandy Hook And The New World Order

Gruber Confirmed His Obama Contracts In This Email

Humane Interrogation Technique Actually Works

Detainee Abuse Photos Obama Didn’t Want Shown

Dick Cheney’s Creepy Torture Bravado

Israeli Connections To US CIA Torture And Terror


Sony Left Personal Data for Millions Unprotected

Hackers Offer To Withhold Sony Workers Data

Another Weird Twist In Sony Hack

Ruffalo On Sony - 'A Lot Of Disruption Coming To Light'

Another Banker Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

Anti-Austerity Strike Leaves Belgium In Chaos - Vid

Whites The Minority In US By 2044

SCOTUS Oks Traffic Stop Even If Cops Wrong About Law

GMOs - Profit, Power And Geopolitics

Earthquake Could Imperil LA's Water Supply

Amazing Earthquake Paradox Of The Last 114 Yrs

Romans Left Us A Water Warning


US Workers Struggle To Keep Up With Smarter Robots

Bill To Address Problem Of Immunity For Killer Cops

British Bobbies Get A Sci-Fi Makeover

High Path H5 In Miyazaki Japan Chicken Farm

Fujian H5N2 Confusion In Canada

How NASA Spent $349m On A Useless Tower

Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Russia Join To Explore Space

Show What Happens When Galaxies Collide - Pics

Giant 2012 Sun Storm Shown in Fiery Detail - Vid

Anthropologist - How I Met The Spirits

The Ancient Mystery Of The Ever Burning Lamps


56 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Everything We Do

Tara Plantation - Not Yet Gone With The Wind - Vid

All About Kissing

Health And The Winters Dark

Grandmothers Were Crucial For Human Evolution

The Secret World Of…Beer

King Of Coke - Pablo Escobar - Vid

UN In New Inquiry Into 1961 Hammarskjöld Crash

The First People

Photos From The Past

The Incredible Hermit Caves Of Romania

What Did Ancient Babylonian Songs Sound Like?


Is This Michael Brown Beating, Robbing An Old Man? - Vid

CNN Pledge Support For Brown, Garner Protesters

Frosty - Interesting Takes On Ferguson And NYC

Cops Use Social Media To Assess YOUR 'Threat Rating'

At Least 6 Shot Dead In PA

Six Dead In Shootings Near Philly

3 Dead, 4 Wounded As Police Take Sydney Cafe

Key Lessons From Sydney Siege


Sydney Cafe Siege Gunman Had 'Crazy' Look In His Eyes

Oz Latest Nation To Suffer Scare The Sheeple Attack

Imbecile Morons Take Selfies At Sydney Terror Siege

Duff's Damascus Speech Sends World Shockwaves

Rothschilds Make Historic Deal With US Govt – It’s Over

How The Rothschilds Gained Their Evil Grip

Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?

The Saker - NATO Trying To Trigger Russia-Ukraine War

In 2015, US To Spend $75b In Ongoing Wars Abroad

Rep Rohrabacher - Why I Voted against Condemning Russia

Kiev Forces Hit Three Airports In E Ukraine


Ukraine's Jaresko, Biden Are Harbingers Of Neo-Liberal Order

Russia Keeps Up With US Laser Weapons

Brits Warn Putin About Bombers Flying Over UK Waters

NATO 'Fact Sheet' about NATO Will Make Your Eyes Bleed

West Gives Jihadist Terrorism In Russia's Caucasus Free Pass

Crude Crash - Arab Emirates Hint $40 Oil Coming Next

OPEC Said Willing To Push Oil Down To $40

OPEC Is Dead...Oil Will Fall To $50 – Bank Of America

UK Energy Firms Go Under As Oil Dives

China Will Invest $14 Billion In Kazakhstan

Denmark Claims North Pole Based On ‘Scientific Data’

Br Nathanael - Who Is The True Israel? - Vid


CIA Torture Report Reveals Media Disinfo Campaign

McCain - US Hanged JapaeseFor Waterboarding Americans

UK Torture Inquiry Could Summon Blair, Straw

Diego Garcia Guards Secrets As CIA Torture Emerges

Romania Says CIA Had ‘Black Prisons’ In Country

Pirates With Nukes

Netanyahu Rejects Palestine UN Draft

Israel Draining Lebanon Oil, Gas Reserves

Israeli Forces Hit Palestine School With Tear Gas

Netanyahu - Israel To Resist Timetable To End Occupation

Hamas Parades Rockets, Heavy Weapons


1 Million 'Settlers' To Be On Pal Lands By 2019

Syrian No-Fly-Zone A Bid To Save Al Qaeda

Dresden Police Brace For March Against Islamisation

The Ultimate Guide To Main Stream Media

Under 18s To Get To Vote In Scotland

Traffic App Ruins Ritzy LA Celeb Neighborhood

Victoria Cop Uses Taser On 73 Yr Old Man - Vid

St Louis Cops Lying About Illegally Detaining Man

Man Can't Challenge Huge Tax Bill He Likely Doesn't Owe

Chemical Treadmill – The Epitome Of Madness

Farm Wars GMO Labeling Challenge

What Plants Talk About - Vid

Revisiting The Moon

Alien Egyptian Artifacts In Sir Wm Petrie Colleciton - Vid

Amenhotep III Statue Restored 3,200 Years After Collapse

Greatest Frisbee Dog Act - Vid

Suspect Bird Flu In Lower Saxony Germany Turkeys

Hazardous Trend - The ‘Commodification’ Of Sleep

10 Reasons Not To Vaccinate

21 Natural Alternatives To Flu Shots

11 Things Guaranteed To Depress Your Immune System

The Overwhelming Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

A Bang, A Whimper Or…?


Knee-Jerk Reaction To Sydney Hostage Siege

Oz Police End Sydney Siege - Kill Gunman - Vid

Hostage Siege Ends As Police Raid Cafe, Kill Gunman

Oz Gunman Said Iranian-Born On Bail For Violent Crime

US Using Ukraine For WW3 Against Russia

Lavrov - Attempts To Exert Pressure On Russia Useless


Agent Provocateurs At Berkeley Protests?

10 Orwell Quotes Predicting Life in 2014 America

I Will Not Comply Rally - Vid

Time For A Police Offenders Registry

21st Century Man And 'The Android Existence’

Fujian H5N2 Flies Into Metro Vancouver SE

H5N2 Confirmed In Langley - 10th Farm Fraser Valley 53k


James Randi - Debunking The King Of The Debunkers

Tracker, Pixel, Spyware, Snitch - How To Shop In Secret

Brazil, Uruguay Move Away From US Dollar In Trade

America Is Built On Torture, Remember?

Gruber - Another Jewish 'Sociopath'? - Vid

Top List Of Medical Mysteries For 2014

Ten Reasons Why I Don’t Have A Credit Card

Beautiful US Outer Banks Are Being Destroyed

Researchers Have Teleported Light 15 Miles

Talk Like An Egyptian

Breathtaking Photos Of Animal Migration

A Subtle High

How FB Can Be Used To Predict A Manic Episode

New UFO Hotspot: Medellin, Colombia - Vid

UFO And ‘Little People’ On Ground

'FAKE' Phoenix Lights UFO Vid In The UK

'Superbugs' Could Kill More Than Cancer By 2050

What Is Fatigue?

Where Did Hannibal Get His War Elephants?

US Drug Shortage Puts Patients In Critical Condition

A Sea Of Fog Completely Filled Grand Canyon

Heartrending Letters From Soviet-Era Siberian GULAGs

Cat Becomes Russian Celebrity After Seafood Heist - Vid


Kirwan - When Everything Old Is New Again

US Spending Bill Bonanza For Wall Street

Jews Created Modern Depraved US Mass Culture

Shock Video - Jews Promote Anti-White Violence - Vid

Former Mossad Head Blasts Netanyahu

Israelis Furious Over Leaked Video

The Jewish Technological Mind

Pro Israeli Jew Terrorist Who Beat Galloway Gets 16 Mos

US Gives Israel $350 Million More For Iron Dome


Palestinians In Talks With EU Over UN Statehood

European Union Is Like USSR, Has No Future

Congress Passes More Russia Sanctions

NATO Delivering Arms To Ukraine

'If US Sends Arms To Ukraine - Russia Should Send Troops'

Porky Says Ceasefire Allowed Kiev Military To Reinforce

DPR - Porky's Pledges Have Little To Do With Kiev Acts

Medvedev - Russia To Continue Humanitarian Aid To East

GOP Senators Pushing For Anti-Amnesty Vote

Sandy Hook - How We KNOW It Didn't Happen

Sandy Hook - Where Were 100s Of Children Evacuated?

Gruber's 'Eugenics' Economics Of Abortion - Vid

Maas March On NYPD Headquarters To Protest Killings

Massive Blaze Nears Perth - Vid

More On Accreditation And UNC

Think Only Gold And Silver Prices Were Rigged?

Russia in Battle Over A New Global Monetary System

Russia Is Unfazed By Falling Oil Prices

Oil Fall Beyond Market Fundamentals - OPEC

Germans Protest Western Policies vs Russia

US Isolated, BRICS To Get Greater Voting Power At IMF

CIA Torture Is Reason For France To Quit NATO – Le Pen

Craig Murray - Now Put Blair, Straw On Trial For Torture


CIA Came Clean, But In Britain No One Held To Account

Pak Captive Details Horrific Abuse By Brit Troops

CIA Used Szymany Airport In Poland For Torture

EU Funds Help Poland Build 'Ghost' Airports

Muslim Go BOOM!

Brit Troops Back To Iraq Next Month To Fight ISIS

JoeTalk - Takeover Of Private Property, Wealth 2 - Vid

Oath Keepers Draw Suspicion & Gratitude In Ferguson

Massive Protests Slam Police Brutality Across US

Rioters Clash With Police In Zurich City Center - Vid

Deal Salvaged At Peru Climate Talks


3 Signs Economic Collapse Is In Progress

H5N1 35M Nakada Qena Egypt

H5N1 Sohag Egypt 12M

Disappearing H5N2 Farm & Changing Info On CFIA Table

Fujian H5N2 Spread To Matsqui In Fraser Valley

Fujian H5N2 Spread To Matsqui In Fraser Valley

Novel Fujian H5N2 Reassortant In Fraser Valley Canada

USAID Exposed In Cuba - US Subversion Worldwide

Strong Eruption At Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

Impulsive M1.5 Solar Eruption Event

Almanac - Nostradamus


Children Harvest Crops, Lose Dreams In Mexico Fields

How To Rid Your Joints Of Uric Acid Crystals

Nature’s Miracle Anti-Stress and Fatigue Fighters

This PA Hospital Is Growing Its Own Medicine - Vid

Simple Tips To Prevent Antibiotic Resistance

Risky Medicine

How to Make Your Own Herbal Coconut Oil Salve

Nature’s Miracle Anti-Stress and Fatigue Fighters

1,800-Year-Old Calendar Banned By The Romans

Alive Inside - The Power Of Music - Vid


Senate Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

Spending Bill Said Passed Via NSA Dirt On Boehner

Sessions - Will We Save US Workers From Obama's Amnesty?

Sen Tim Scott - Not One Word About O-Care Or Amnesty

NYPD Want Mayor De Blasio Banned From Funerals

'My Responsibility' - Register As Many Illegals As Possible

Top 8 Brutal Back-Stabbings By The NWO

China And The Jews

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Syria - Another Good Day Against 'Rebels'

ISIS Kills 19 Policemen In Iraq

China Offers Military Help To Iraq To Beat ISIS

China - 'We Want A Shot At ISIS, Too'

CA School Tells 13 Yr Olds Have Sex, Choose Gender

Market Euphoria - Mother Of All Ponzi Schemes

'Selfie' - A Chronic, Narcissistic Mental Disorder


Loathing Christmas - Letter From Mr A - Vid

GPS Tracker Found On Burglary Victim's Car - Vid

Officer Corey Krug Suspended After Video Goes Public

Chagas Disease From Illegals In US - Undiagnosed, Unknown

New Law Attempts To Criminalize Recording Police

FOX News Reporters Fired For Exposing Monsanto

JoeTalk - Takeover Of Private Property - Vid

H5N1 Sohag Egypt 3 Year Old

Loathing Christmas - Letter From Mr A - Vid

British Spy Agency To Search For Child Porn - Vid


Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - Political Freakshow - Vid

GMO Wars - Right Of The People To Nullify Fascism

Celebs Come Out For GMO Labeling

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Sony Suspends Filming After Hack Affectss Payments

US Woefully Unprepared For Major Sun Storms

Israel Admits Jews Are Khazars - Plan To Return To Ukraine

Chomsky - America A Very Racist Society (and Israel?)

Washington's Master Plan - World Conquest

10 Signs Russia Prepping To Fight, Win Nuke War With US

Pike's Amazing Predictions Of Three World Wars


Ret Cdn Amb - US, NATO Responsible For Ukraine War - Vid

Donetsk Hopes For Release Of 800 In POW Swap

Putin In India: $100 billion In 24 Hours

In India Putin Got All the Political Assurances Wanted

Russia, The Hysterical West And Some Common Sense

China Slams Japan Denial Of Massacre

Millions March Against Police Brutality

When Rothschild Dials 911

Warren's Fierce Attack After Congress Weakens Wall St Regs

Congresstitutes, Dentists, Workaholics, Oil Prices - Vid

US Congress OKs $577 Million In Military Spending

Profiles In Madness

Zionists Use ISIS To Attack Syria

Congress OKs Plan To Train Syrian 'Rebels'


Weak Ruble Gives Russia $23 Billion Budget Surplus

Insider's Top Ten Shocking Revelations About Bankers

Children In Poverty This Christmas Is At Record High

More Evidence Bush Misled Americans Into Iraq War

Scalia Is A Publicity-Seeking Intellectual Midget

Help Find Those Who Burned A 19 Yr Old Alive

Baltimore Cops Taser Woman Who Filmed Them Beating Man

Academic Groups For And Against BDS

UK Airspace Closed Over Never Before Seen Fault

Tycoon’s Death LInked To Five Other Mystery Deaths

Scottish State Worlders Told Of Underage Sex Not Parents


Canadian PM Harper, Oz PM Howard SAME SPEECH

Pope Denies Dalai Lama Audience Over China Concerns

Greenpeace Damages Nazca Historic Site In Peru

Bracelet Turns ARM Into Touchscreen

Water And The Awakening

CERN Collider Back On Track For Run Two

UFO Shuts Down Witness’s Car

MUFON Questions UFO Activity At Nuke Missile Site

Rebuttal To Claim UFO Activated A ICBMs -Twice

Vietnam HPAI H5 - Immediate OIE


Heavy SoCal Storm Leaves Flooding, Mudslides - Vid

Tornado Hits Downtown LA -Vid

Congress OKs Unlimited Spying On US Citizens

NSA Says Traumatic Cyber Attack Soon - Vid

The Cost Of America’s Police State Gravy Train

Is 'Climate Science' Designed To Ans Questions?

Pressured, Lockheed Reveals Secret Weapons Unit

Will This Be The Catalyst For $10,000 Gold?

CA State Pres Believes All Whites Are Born Racist


Israel Joining ISIS - Vid

Jew Rudin Makes Jew Gruber-Like Gaffe!

Israel Replicates American Ruthlessness

Palestine To Limit Relations With Israel - Vid

Neocolonialism In Africa - Vid

Japan Voter Turnout New Low On Sunday?

High Costs Of Japan’s 'Election About Nothing'

JoeTalk - America The Damned - Vid

Complete Guide - How To Raise Your Kids For Success

Titanic Of The Golden Gate Found - Pics

Conspiracy To Bring Honest Money To The World?

Why You Should Question Everything


Atlas V Launches NROL-35 From Vandenberg - Odd Mission Logo

Kirwan - Triumph Of Double Speak

Insane US Threatens Putin With Nuke Missiles To Euro

US Tanks, APCs, Humvees Roll Through Latvia - Vid

Gorbachev - 'We May Not Live through These Days'

AFP Names Putin 'Person Of The Year'

Merkel's Putin-Bashing Gets Shriller - Big Media Help

Russia Won't Balk Under Sanctions

Jailing Of Khodorkovsky Crucial For Russian Prosperity

South Stream Cancellation - Big Loss In Balkans


Kiev To Raise Gas Prices 500 PERCENT On Citizens

Kiev Has Destroyed Over 1,500 Luhansk Homes

Ukraine Is Bankrupt - Kiev Economics Minister

Russia Decries US Bill To Arm Kiev

Chickens Coming Home To Roost

'Holocaust' Declared 7 Years BEFORE It Happened?

Motorcycle Drive-By Shots Hit Athens Israel Emb

Israel Attacks Swiss Over Pro-Palestinian Event

OPCW Urges Israel To Destroy Its Chem Weapons

Israeli Family Said Attacked With Acid In W Bank

Jewish Hypocrisy - Ethnostate Them, Multiculturalism Us

The Zion Branded Race Card In Idaho - Vid

Germans Rebuilt Dresden & Syrians Will Rebuild Aleppo!

Israeli Attacks Syria - UK Food Banks - Unreal Enemies - Vid

Ex CIA Bosses Defend Torture

Calls To Prosecute Top US Officials Over CIA Torture

George Bush's First Torture Scandal

Ex-FBI Special Agent - The Lies Haven't Stopped

9/11 Truth Looms Behind CIA Torture Stories

Senate Staffer Try To Censor Wiki After Torture Report

Dow Dives 315 Points

US Citizens Now Liable For $303 Trillion In Derivatives

Outrageous Vote Fraud Sinks OR GMO Measure


Illegals Flock To Workshops After Obama Reprieve

Govt Keeps Barrett Brown Case Secret - Sentencing Nears

Comex Trading Collars For Precious Metals

OR GMO Labeling Beaten By Monsanto Backed Groups

Celente's Top Trends For 2015 Video Now Available

Hollywood Cabal Racist Emails About Obama? - Vid

The Root OIf Police Militarization - Ben Swann - Vid

De Blasio Builds Huge Fence Around His Mansion

Israelis In The US - Haram For AmerIndians - Vid

US Indian Tribes Free To Grow And Sell Pot


Blasphemy! City Council Mtng Praises Satan, Allah - Vid

80s, 90s NASA Videos Showing UFOs Released - Vid

Balloon Or UFO Over Statue Of Liberty? - Vid

Novel Fujian H5N8 Reassortants In South Korea - EID

Fujian H5N2 Confirmed Sites In Fraser Valley Now 9

Fujian H5N2 Fraser Valley Sites Increase To Nine

Fujian H5 Confirmed In Canada

Fujian H5 Confirmed In Fraser Valley Canada

3D Vaccines, Programmable Particles, Future Epidemics

African Women Vax Laced With Anti-Fertility Hormones

UK Agents 'May Have Known' Of A Few Torture Cases

Commons Debate On Money Creation & Society - Vid

When Undercover Cops Join March Against Cop Violence


Sacramento Cop On Leave After Vid Shows Beating - Vid

China’s £48 Billion Water Project Starts Flow To Beijing

Brazil Serial Killer Got Nervous When Not Killing

Cdn Currency At 54 Mo Low As Oil Falls Below $60

Brace Yourself For Oil Shock Future - Won't Be Pretty

Austria Considers Repatriating Its Gold

Europe Is The New 'Zone Of Instability'

Low Budgets Leave Universities 'In Ruins' in France

Beware The Candyman - Don't Get WIlly Wonked

School Girl, 14, Dies In Sleep From Depression Meds


Storm Pounds West Coast, Alleviates 3 Yrs Of Drought - Vid

Pineapple Express Blasts CA

Congress Narrowly Averts Govt Shutdown - Vid

Idiot US Threatens Russia w/Nuke Missiles In EU

Hillary, Jeb Have 'Hollywood Appeal' For 2016 Run

Israel’s Secret Plan For 'Second Israel' In Ukraine

Israel Partners With Obama’s War On Syria

1% Of Attys Filing Appeals To SCOTUS

H5N1 1F Akhmim Sohag Cluster With 2F

Judge Posner - NSA Should Be Able To Get Everything

JoeTalk - We Won't Have Time - Vid


Heavy Rain, Wind, Blizzards Hit CA - Flooding Fear - Vid

Massive Snowstorm Hits US Northeast

Budget Bill Battle Races Clock In DC - Vid

$1.1 Trillion US Budget Stalled By Derivatives Bailout

Congress Passes Bill Hugely Ramping Up Mass Surveillance

DOJ Won't Pursue, Prosecute American Torturers

US' Assassinated, Tortured, Bastardized, 'Immune' 'Justice'

US Must Prosecute Torturers Or Be Forever Rogue

Br Nathanael - The Enemies Of Vladimir Putin

Sen. Graham - US Enemies Are 'Bastards'

CIA Torture Report - There Is A Second Scandal

Obama Tortures, Too

Torture Report Shows Consequences Of Permanent War

Hunger, Homelessness Rising In US Cities

Why Americans Keep Losing To The Police State

Manufactured Domestic Terror - NYC Gangs 2.0

American Miracle Idea Of Energy Indy Is Crumbling

American War Machine Ramping Up Foir Global Conflict

Sending Troops To Protect Dictators Threatens All Of Us


The Hypnotic Use Of Color In Television News

The Price Of UNC’s Fraud - Nothing

Gruber - Abortion Of 'Marginal Children' A Social Good

Spied On By BP

Luhansk Pull Back Heavy Weapons To Show Honor

Kiev Arms Maker Sends 97% Of Weapons To E Ukraine

9th Russia Truck Convoy For Donbass Relief Ready

Ratsenyuk - Ukraine Needs Financial Aid To Survive

Patients Dying Of Hunger, Cold In E Ukraine

Kiev Government Set To Eliminate...Everything

Germany Stuck With Massive Ukraine Bill Asks Russia Help


Kiev Waging War Against Donbass Civilians, EU Applauds

Ukraine - Central European Powder Keg

US Poised To Exploit Ukraine - Fracking, Ag, Monsanto

NATO Sells Tiny Baltic Countries $600m In Weapons

EU Could Lift Russia Sanctions Next Year

EU Overplayed Its Hand on South Stream

US Pols Are Useless - Russia Must Engage Americans Directly

Nobody Noticed Putin's Radical New Economic Policy

Nuclear Deals Launch New Russia, India Partnership

Russia, India Expand Payments In National Currencies

Russia Central Bank Raises Key Rate 100 Basis Points

Collapsing Oil Prices Are Not Good For Economy

ISIS Releases Horrifying Pamphlet On Sex Slaves

ISIS Was Formed In US Prison?

Haaretz Editors Urge Immed Removal Of Netanyahu

Two Israeli Parties Join Against Netanyahu

EU’s Mogherini Asks Probe Of Pal Minister’s Killing

Pal Minister Suffocated To Death By IDF Criminal

Was Israel Behind Norway Terror Attacks?

The Israeli Scientific Mind

Palestinians, Israeli Forces Clash In al-Khalil


Dead In The Water - Jewish Attack On USS Liberty - Vid

Shakespeare To Be Rewritten In Yiddish

Militants Rock US Airbase In Southern Yemen

Santa Claws - And When I Die

Factory Chicken Farmer Offers To Show Farm Horrors

10 Crucial Facts About Water Fluoridation

Lawless US Sanctions On Venezuela

US Miracle Idea Of Energy Independence Crumbling

Tens Of Thousands Protest Irish Govt Water Charge

Google News Spain Closing Over Tax On Story Links

Woman Lives With 300 Pet Rats


Paul Revere Era Time Capsule Found In Boston

Boy Finds Nazi Ring Replica In Toy Machine - Vid

50% Of Women 43% Of Men In UK On Rx Drugs

Rogue Sub Spotted Off Scotland - NATO Begins Search

Cameron Paya First Visit To Auschwitz…Same Old

Cameron Announces GCHQ Hunt For Online Pedos

Brazil Pres Weeps Over Military Dictatorship's Abuses

Last Of Hong Kong Protesters Arrested

Earth Quarantine Force Field Discovered By NASA?

Saucer-Shaped UFO Over Forest In Colombia? - Vid

UFO Fires Red Light Beam At Earth - Vid

7 Med Procedures Whose Risks Far Exceed Benefit

Cannabis Oil Unveiled

Medical Cannabis A Much Safer Than Painkillers

Outdoor Grazing In Fraser Valley Raises H5N2 Concerns

Withheld H5N2 Fraser Valley Sequences Raise Concerns

Cheap, Clean Fusion Power Gets Closer

Global Consciousness & The Noosphere

Spiritual Ecology

The Order Of The Golden Ratio In Space-Time

Are Empaths Actually Communicating Telepathically?

Beyond Five Senses - The Powers Latent In Humankind

Infinite Beings Don’t Wear Labels


Biggest Storm In 5 Year Slams NoCal, So OR

West Coast Braces For More Winds, Heavy Rain

Obama Spars With Reporter Over Immigration

Obama - Some Pretty Sure I'm An Illegal - Vid

The Protocols - Understanding The World Today

UN Reveals Ties Between Israel, Syrian Terrorists - Vid


Congress Sneaks Measures Into Spending Bill

Why Is Treasury Ordering Banker Surival Kits?

5 Big Banks Will Survive Next Financial Calamity - Vid

Press TV Top 5 - The Oil Conspiracy

Scheinman Selling Moonshine

Climate Change, Phony Dissent, Foundation-Funded Doom

'SNL' Skit Says Whites Are Almost Finished In US

Cheney - Bush Knew About CIA Torture

Cheney Says CIA Torture Report Is 'Full Of Crap’

US Navy Laser Takes Out Speedboat, Aircraft - Vid

US Bombs ISIS 'Electronic Warfare’ Bunker - Vid

US Alert To Possible Nuclear Weapons In Crimea


'The CIA Is Lying’

Fisk - We Are The Bad Guys, Too

Toronto St News - Fukushima Death Of Pacific - pdf

Rape And The Rush To Pass Judgment

Greenpeace Sorry For Stunt At Peru Site

The Music Industry Is Fake - Vid

Fraser Valley Lab Confirmed H5N2 Up To 8 Sites

Mystery Meteor Shower This Weekend

Astronaut Talks Profound ‘Orbital Perspective’

‘Strange Red’ Sphere Seen On ISS Cam Vid

NASA To Let Hubble Space Telescope Burn Up


Extraordinary UFO/UAP Sighting - Final Report

Project CORE Goes Live

The Roswell Slides & Aztec UFO Crash

Big Bang Mirror Universe...Time Runs Backwards

Why It's Hard To Prove We Live In A Multiverse

EU Venus Express Spacecraft Out Of Fuel?

Animals Just Wanna Have Fun - Vid

Thailand’s Bizarre Hitler Worship

This Afghan Guy Looks Like Bruce Lee

Extreme Close Up Of Fogo Volcano Eruption

Re-Thinking SoCal Quake Scenarios

'Weather Bomb' - Explosive Atlantic Cyclogenesis - Vid

Warmer Pacific May Release Massive Methane

Yes, Syphilis Sailed The Ocean Blue

How The Victorians invented The Future

Farming Humans

Notice King Of Hearts Is Committing Suicide?

Curcumin Impairs Fear Memories, Eases PTSD

Understanding Cannabis Oil

Long Breast Cancer Radiation Treatments Stupid

Early America Drugs - 'Magic' Mushrooms, Toad Skins

Jeff & Neil Sanders - Facebook Mind Control - Vid

WH National MENORAH Reveals Who Runs America

Kirwan - Questions Americans Never Ask

Obama - 'Exceptional' US Doesn't Prosecute Torturers

Obama's Reaction To Torture Report - Torture Is Good


CIA Report - Torture Is A Punishable

CIA Torture Report - Global Reaction Roundup

Fox - Torture Report Just One Last Shot At Bush

Doctors Who Designed CIA Program

US Committing Heinous Crimes Worldwide - Vid

How 180 Hours Without Sleep Affects the Body

Killing People Overseas Will Always Be a Growth Industry

CIA Un-Cloaked – Who or What Should Be Next?

Exposing The CIA Stain On America

Putin - Russia Will Be Sovereign Or Cease To Exist

Russia Begins Testing De-Dollarization Payment System

The Saker - Putin Must Move Against The Central Bank


Russia Has Means to Fight Back Against US Attacks

Russian Economy Diversification To Take Over 10 Yrs

China Subs With Nuke Missiles That Can Reach US

China Opens Awesome 32 New High Speed TRAIN Routes

China Opens World's Longest Train Route

Kiev Envoy Rules Out Peace Talks With East

Absurd NATO Vid Claims No Fascists In Ukraine

From Iraq To Moscow...The US Just Keeps On 'Winning'!

NYT - Anticipating Putin's Fall For 15 Years

NATO Justifies Military Buildup Near Russia by 'Fairy Tales'

5 Un-Peaceful Obama Acts Since Nobel Peace Prize

Ash Carter New Sec Def Predicted 9/11 Or ESP


Massive Push For Ouster Of Boehner, McConnell Over Immig

Shut 'Er Down

Extinction - 100% Death Rate For Baby Orcas - W Coast Dead

Homeowners Due For Rude Awakening

Overpopulation Is A Myth

Sun Edison Buying First Wind Scam

Climate Change, GeoEngineering, Enviro Mod Techniques

Dow Takes Big Hit

Massive Federal Land Grab Hidden In NDAA

Cleaning Up Most Contaminated US Nuke Weapons Site Too Costly

Takfiri Urges Spreading Syria War Into Lebanon


Hollywood Portrays Jews In Positive, Never Negative Light

Israel Is Training ISIS Terrorists Says Russia - UPDATED

Pal Minister Dies After Clash With Israeli Forces

Mossad Stole Our Bibles says leader of Syrian Jews

Irish Govt To Accept Motion On Pal Statehood

Israel Calls Thai 'Holocaust Education' Over Hitler video

Hard Truths In Occupied Palestine Media Suppresses

Fitch Puts Japan Credit on Rating Watch Negative

7 Questions Gold Bears Haven't Answered

Global Stock Mkts Tumble As Greece Calls Snap Election

Brits Do ‘Backyard Burials’ Over High Costs - Lawmaker

Avoid These US Flu Hotspots -Vid


H5N2 Confirmations In Fraser Valley Grows To Eight

Media Myth On H5N2 Lineage In Fraser Valley

H5N1 40F In Nile Delta

Children Raped, Beaten, Drugged At Ashram

UK Bridges, Roads Closed - Fears Flying Debris, Damaage

Psychiatry - The Modern Priest Class

Do We Need A Degree To Be Educated? (NO)

Turning Shipping Containers Into Urban Farms

Man Risks Death To Capture Quake Memories

Building For Others

Are BPA Laced Foods Now Connected To Hypertension, Too?


House Makes Budget Deal, Punts On Immigration - Vid

Weather Headaches In NE And West - Vid

Female Astronaut Tells Of Seeing UFO…And Faints - Vid

2 Psychologists Earned $81m From CIA Torture


Judge Napolitano - It Doesn't Matter Who The President Is! - Vid

Conspiracy Theorists Are More Positive & ‘Sane Study

Banker Deaths Now Classified As Trade Secrets

Obama HHS Paid Baptists $182m To House Illegal Kids

China Takes Nuclear Weapons Underwater For Privacy

Anti-Family Marxist Jew Lesbian HATES Putin

CIA Spent $40m, Hacked Computers To Stop Torture Report

Inside The CIA’s Sadistic Dungeon

CIA Tortured At Secret Sites Overseas For Years

How The Surveillance Industry Sells Itself

The Real Crisis Of Journalism

Gowdy Takes Down Gruber - Vid

Eleven Reasons I’m Ashamed To Be An American Citizen

The Rich White Guy Running The Black Boycott

Barkley - I Can't Believe Anything I See On Television

Law Will Force Us To Pay Quadrillions In Derivatives! - Vid

Legal System No Longer Protects Ordinary Americans

Albuquerque Cops Execute Most Americans In The US

Goggle Rumors Of Invisible Ed Ward, MD And Blog - False

Ed Ward, MD Is NOT In Hiding, Google


9V Batteries Can Burn Homes Down - Vid

Judge's Dashcam Vid Released After DWI Case Dropped - Vid

Russian Sites 'Mountain-Sized Asteroid Coming At Us - Vid

What ET Can Teach About Saving Earth

Titan's Giant Dunes Track Ancient Climate

Creepy, Kitschy, Geeky Patches Of US Spy Satellites

Coming Soon - The Birth Of A Jumbo Star

Russia Makes World's Most Amazing Off-Road Motorcycle - Vid

Chopra - No More Laughing At Fat Kids

The 1918 Flu Pandemic - History In Photos

Can Holiday Mistleltoe Really Fight Cancer?


How The Herbicide Glyphosate Is Killing Microbiomes

The Daredevil Yoga - Vid

Unlocking The Spear Of Destiny - Vid

Exorcists Warn Against Buying Ouija Boards

Can We Have a Silent Night Please…

The Greatest Corporate Failure in American History

Australia’s Underage Yoga Sex Cult

South Korea Dog Cloning

High Heels Have Power Over Men

Town Where High Tech Meets 1950s Lifestyle - Vid

Why The Hell Aren't' These Torturous Liars In Jail?

Sen Torture Report Called 'Flawed, Ineffective

Torture Program More Gruesome, Widespread - Vid


Cheney - CIA Torture 'Absolutely, Totally Justified’

Bush Blasts CIA Torture Report Before Its Release

11 Ways CIA Report Worse Than Ever Admitted

CIA Torture Report - 10 Things You Need To Know

Lendman - US Propaganda Campaign On Russia Risks War

Russian Missiles Shoot Down Kiev Drones Over Crimea

Did Russia Start War in Ukraine? No, She Ended It

Russia Sending 9th Relief Convoy To Donetsk

Moscow Forces Ukraine To Seek Novorossiya Coal

Ukraine Has Barely Enough Coal For A Month

Donbass Asks Russia Not To Supply Coal To Kiev


Kiev Begs Ukrainians to Use Less Electricity

Ukrainians Have 4-8 Hrs Of Power Blackouts Daily

Gazprom Starts Prepaid Gas Deliveries To Ukraine

German Politician Rips Merkel As US Stooge

German Court Tosses 'Massacre' Case On Ex SS Man

Israel's Draconian Anti-Infiltration Law

Israel Stealing Lebanon Gas - Lebanon Parliament Spkr

US-Israel Relations 'Damaged' Under Netanyahu - Barak

US Defense Secretary In Surprise Visit To Baghdad

Washington Seeks To Cripple Syria

Israel Partners With Obama's War On Syria


Atzmon - The Jewish Left Is The Heart Of The Problem

How 'Genius' Are The Jews? A Talk By Gilad Atzmon

US Sec Def Shoe-In Is Architect Of 'Preventive War'

Neocon Clown Bolton Says US Has No Propaganda

Neocons Want War Everywhere, All the Time

Rothschilds, British Crown, Vatican Rule The World

Celente Releases Top Trends For 2015

Louis Farrakhan And The Constitutional Militia

Zuckerberg's China Trip Gets Badly Mixed Reviews

China's New Stealth Jet Can Shoot Down US F-35

China Envoy Visits Taiwan To Enhance Ties


China Denounces US Report On South China Sea

Taiwan To Buy Two Frigates From US

Huge LA Fire May Be Arson (big surprise)

Foundation Of Medical Reality Explodes

Russia Could Introduce A Gold Ruble Tomorrow

The Ruble Is Now Truly Floating

Isolated? Russia To Build 20+ india Nuke Plants

Thailand Buys Russian Planes For Royal Fleet

K Street Lobbyists Extender Rules

Cash-Strapped VZ Default Risk Goes Parabolic

BP To Ax UK, US Staff Over Oil Plunge

Baltic Dry Plunges - Lowest December Since 2008


Phony Kiev Day Of Silence

Ukraine's Other 'Separatists' - Transcarpathia

Another Region Where Kiev Fears Secession (Budjak)

Canada Sends Military Police To Ukraine

Russian Singer Criticized For Helping E Ukraine Opera

Real-life 'Eye Of Sauron' On Top Of Moscow Skyscraper

Kill Storms, Mass Quakes ('Shakeouts') For W Coast - Vid

Rothschilds, British Crown, Vatican Rule The World

Oz Worst Industrial Country For Climate Change

New Racial-Profiling Rules Don't Apply To TSA, Border, SS

Officer Fired For Helping Suicidal Student, Not Tasing

WI Police Chief Thinks Guns As Dangerous As Ebola


Arizona Cop Chokehold On 15 Yr Old Girl In Front Of Mom

How To Reduce Police Violence

'Amazing' T Rex Remains Snatched From Finders - Vid

Jurassic World Trailer Presents More Dinosaurs -Vid

Jewish Student Stabbed iIn Head At NY Synagogue

Fifth H5N2 Farm Was 2009 Fraser Valley Index Farm

CFIA Holds H5N2 Sequence Data For Fraser Valley

Think Tank Admits Climate Engineering Experiments

Primary Water Explained - Vid

Number Of UK Homes With TV Falls For First Time

Cruise Passengers Kept In Cabins To Avoid Virus Pukefest


Russian SuperCop Runs Down Car On Foot - Vid

Curiosity Rover’s Quest For Clues On Mars

Rover Finds More Clues To Martian Life

Louisiana’s Moon Shot

Egg Shaped UFOs Over Many Sections Of State

The Rough Road Of Honest Discovery

JoeTalk - America The Damned - Vid

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health?

3D Printed Electric Car Built In 24 Hours

Threat Fears Silenced When Reminded We Are Loved

Indian Bent Trees - History Or Legend?


Another Major Snowstorm For Northeast

Israeli 'Settlers' Storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Was An Israeli Drone Shot Down In Syria? - Vid

Why Israel Attacked Syria Again - Vid

Zionists Are Not Only In Tel Aviv - Vid

Bosnia - Spectre Of War Grows - Vid

'OMG -Four More Years Of Abe'

Japan Recession Deepens Under Abenomics

China Farmers Washed Away In Beijing Megaproject


Shouldn't We Know Who Our Enemies Really Are?

Sandy Hook - The Bomb That Didn't Smoke

Barf Bag - 'Stand With Hillary' Country Song Review

US National Debt Officially Hits $18 Trillion

The Tax That Dare Not Be Hiked

Greece Exploded in Riots This Weekend

Effort To Stop Obama-McConnell-Boehner Amnesty Plot

Surveillance Exposed By Snowden & Terrorism Fight

Bill To Halt NSA Warrantless Spying Dropped

Release Guantánamo Force-Feeding Videos

The Cyber War That Cripples America


Marine Role Players In LA 'Detainee Drill'

Corbett - FBI Report Shows Police State Paranoia - Vid

Grand Jury System Favors Police In Fatalities

Militarization Turns Local Cops Into Battle Forces - Vid

Graffiti Artist Critical - Run Over By Cop Car

Cop Who Shot 12 Yr Old Fired Before As Mentally Unwell

Current Extinction Rate Rivals That Of Dinosaurs

Truth Of Obama, Holder's Phony Race War

Horrific, Racist Mass Murder In America - (Not Blacks!)

ISS Crewman Squirms At UFO Questions

Aspartame Causes Seizures Is In New Seizure Drug


Eat Airline Food Or Chew Seat Cushion? Best Menus

Doom - Accreditation And UNC

Possible Misdemeanor From Hidden DMV Law

Comcast Uses Homes To Make 2nd Wi-Fi Network?

French Town Stops Labeling Homeless With Badges

28 Internet Acronyms Parents Should Know

The Mother Off All Bank Runs!

Curiosity Finds Former Lake On Mars

Orion Success - But Why Can't We Return To Moon?

Sports Car Runs On SALTWATER - 0-60 In 2.8 Sec

The Tribal Gods – Gods Of Discord

H5N2 Control Zone Covers S. Half Of BC


Chopra - Change Your Story, Change Your Body

Stop Mocking Gluten-Free Faddists

Avocado Might Be In Short Supply Soon

Long Work Commute = No Satisfaction With Life

I Dug Up Peyote in The Mexican Desert

Freedom Tower Supposed To Greenest In US

Viking Women Colonized New Lands, Too

How To Run A Drug Network In Prison

So This Is How The World Ends...

How Did Moses Part The Red Sea?

Tao Of Pandas

Churchill’s Secret Treasures For Sale


Estulin - US 'War' On Russia Will Lead To Nuclear Destruction

Ron Paul - US Idiot Lawmakers Bring War Closer - Vid

Risks Of Nuclear War Rising Warn Experts

West Trying To Overthrow Putin

Sr Russian Diplomat Accuses US Trying To Topple Putin

Obama's World - Unfit, Dangerous, Unsafe

50% Of Senators Who Voted Obamacare Won't Return


Jackass Obama's Best Speech Yet? - Vid

House Bill - No Illegals Deported Unless They're 'Dangerous'

America Is Coming Apart At The Seams

Israel Bombs Syria ... Again: Hits Ag Centers, Warehouses

Fat Foods Lies, Misinformation and Deliberate Confusion

New Research Aims to Ensure That Robots Know Their Limits

Israel Bombs Syria ... Again: Hits Ag Centers, Warehouses

Israeli Jets Bomb Syria Says Damascus

Moscow Concerned Over Israel Airstrikes On Syria

Syria Demands UN Sanctions On Israeli Airstrikes

Iran Decries Israel Air Raids On Syria

Israel Gives Arms, Medical Aid To Terrorists, Bombs Syria


Israel Mocks, Disregards World Opinion

Only Russia Is Really Fighting Terrorism in Syria

Netanyahu Calls For More Pressure On Iran

Isis? Islamic State? Daesh? Who IS Greatest World Threat

USS Persian Gulf

Putin Stuns Obama And Euro-Leaders with Surprise Gas Deal

Putin Snookers Nuland, Delivers Gas To Kiev

Turkey-Russia Gas Deal Geopolitical Game-Changer

How Russia Outflanked West Financially In Ukraine

Russia Develops Own New, Advanced Missile Defense

Prominent Germans Urge West To Stop Sabre Rattling At Russia

Merkel Digs Own Grave, Doubles Harsh Anti-Russia Rhetoric

Hot Mic - Jen Psaki Calls Own Propaganda 'Ridiculous'

Ukraine - The Great Lie Of Our Time

UN Human Rights Report Whitewashes Ukraine

More Regions Will Secede Unless Kiev Backs Off

MH17 - Kiev Ignored EU Request To Close East Airspace

Porky - Kiev Ready To Start Power Decentralization

US Won't Review Rescue Ops After Hostages Deaths - Hagel

Luke Somers Family Rage At US Rescue Mission

US Expands Military Presence At Spain Naval Base

Toxic Trash Contamination On US Military Bases

The Grand Inquisitor Planet

C-130 Dropping Masses ‘Raindrop Shaped Fibers’ ON US

Riddles Surround 36th Dead Banker Of The Year

Oops - No Oil Stains On Sandy Hook Parking Lot! - Vid

US Whites More Likely To Be Killed By Cops

Race Riots Incited To Overshadow Raging Class Warfare

Obama - Racism Is 'Deeply-Rooted' In America

Poll - US Race Relations Worse Under Obama

NYC Cops On Alert After Death Threat Warning From Gang

Who’s Behind Mexican Drug Cartels?

Lindsey Williams - Beware Market Crash 2015 - Vid

‘Extremism' New UK Buzzword To Attack Civil Liberties

UK Child Sex Abuse A National Health Epidemic - Advisor

Rescind 'Global Legacy Award' To War Criminal Blair

Wall St Moves To Hang Taxpayers For Derivatives Trades

Even BIS Is Shocked How Broken Markets Are Now

Are We Reliving The 1930s?

The Coming Wealth Transfer (& Where To Hide)

Japanese Recession Worse Than Thought

H5N2 On Monitoba Turkey Farm 2010 - Avian Disease

KSA Appoints New Health Minister To Combat MERS

CDC Describes 7 D68 Enterovirus Sub-clades in US

UN Says CO2 Regime is Done Deal

India 'Won't Sacrifice Growth At Climate Talks'!

Tropical Storm Kills At Least 21 In Philippines

Comet Dust Found Under Ancient Antarctic Ice

New Efforts To Ensure Robots Know Their Limits

Mayor Plans To Ban Diesel Cars From Paris By 2020

Uber Banned In Delhi After Texi Driver Accused Of Rape

Opium Cultivation Triples In SE Asia - UN Report

Fat Foods Lies, Misinformation, Deliberate Confusion

New Harvard Study - Age Of Antibiotics Coming To An End


NATO Warns Against Misjudging Moscow In Ukraine

NATO Would Probably Lose War Against Russia

US Wrecked Europe's Relationship With Gazprom

Hurray! Another NYT Editorial About Russia!

Russia Can Outshoot US Stealth Jets (F-22 & F-35)

Moscow Meltdown Could Spread Gloibally

India Does Not Support West Sanctions On Russia

The Saker - Russia Is Terrible At Public Information

Obama Has Tests, CT Scan Over Sore Throat


Typhoon Slams Philippines - 3 Dead, 900k Evac - Vid

GeoEngineering - A Clear & Present Danger - Vid

All Gays Must Die For AIDS-Free World - Pastor

9/11 Is The New Pearl Harbor - Vid

Pearl Harbor Memorial In Shameful Disrepair

Berkeley Cop Brutality Protest Gets Gas, Rubber Bullets

Shot By Cleveland Cops Then Cuffed & Fined $100

100s Of FBI Murders Unaccounted For In Crime Stats

Cop Punches Black Woman In Face, No Charges Filed

Mommy, Why Are Police Officers So Bad?

Constipation Nation - The Valsalva Victims

US Transfers 6 Gitmo Detainees To Uruguay

Desperate Kiev Turns To Russia For Winter Gas

The Kiev Sniper Massacre Was A False Flag

Kiev's American Finance Minister Lost $100 Million

Israeli Airstrike Near Damascus Airport

Mossad Training ISIS Terrorists: Putin Aide

UN Report Reveals Israeli Links With Syria Terrorists

Israel's Gaza War Continues

'Holocaust' Museum Gets $25 Million Donation

Clinton - Indy Pal State Essential For Peace

EU Disintegration, Mass Migration, US Poodle - Vid

Obama vs Venezuela's Maduro


Kissinger Geopolitics

Revenge For Dead Son - Mother Kills 25 Taliban

Dirty Secret Behind 'Global Terror Index'

US Drone Kills 4 In NW Pakistan

US Drone Strike Kills 10 In Afghanistan

Saudi Tactics To Repress Internet Users

US Cannot Win Afghan Conflict Militarily

Syria - ISIS - Bahgdadi - Guantanamo - Vid

200' High Carriages In Sky Ride Hit Each Other - Vid

Riyad Overuns Rodeo Drive

Close-Up Of One Of China's Huge 'Ghost' Cities


Salmond To Run For Westminster Seat In 2015

Britain Drifts Toward Police State

UK Child Sex Inquiry Faces New Storm

Home Sec Whitelaw Blocked VIP Child Sex Ring

VIP Pedo Victims Want Timeline Backed Up To 1950s

Blair Is Backing Umunna To Be Labour Leader

You Will Live Forever

Deadly Terminator 'Hunting' Drones Soon? - Vid

Dazzling 3D Show Kicks Off Hermitage Celebrations

Big Asteroid Crosses Earth Path Every 3 Years

Marilyn Monroe Sells For $78,000 - Vid


Hunger In UK At Alarming Levels - Top Priest

Poland Counts Cost Of Losing Millions Of Workers

Parents Of Boy With Brain Cancer Blame School Wi-Fi

6.8 Quake Strikes Papua New Guinea

5.5 Quake Shakes Southwest China

Ecuador Indigenous Leader Dead Before Protest

H7N9 Meizhou City Guangdong 66M Death

Fracking Chemicals May Harm Reproduction

Coping With Conspiracies & Maintaining Mental Health

Netherlands Man Builds Full-Size Noah's Ark - Vid


Kirwan - The Dogs Of War

James - WW3 Face Off?

Ron Paul - US Res Condemning Russia Greatly Worrying

Ron Paul - US Provoking War With Russia - Vid

Nearly Every IDIOT In Congress Votes US Closer To WW3

Typhoon Pounds Philippines - Vid

Democrat Landrieu Blown Away In Senate Run-Off - Vid

Japan Daily Tells Truth About Zionism - In Trouble

Nuke Weapons Far Worse Than Global Warming

Nearly Every IDIOT In Congress Votes US Closer To WW2

Jeff Sessions - Obama Is Giving Cash To Illegals

Obama Frees 30,862 Criminal Illegals Into US!

Biden Slams Israel Over Bigger 'Settlement' Projects

Hillary (grovels) Praises US Ties With Israel

George Bsh Pick Jeb Over Hillary For 2016 - Vid

Major Military Deals To Occur In Putin's India Visit

CIA Won’t Defend Its One-Time Torturers

US Birth Rates Hit Record Low


Labor Force Participation Remains At 36 Yr Low

Hold On…That Jobs Report Wasn't So Great After All

‘Near Perfect’ Stock Crash Indicator Flashing Warning

UN To Create Global Bankruptcy Process After Argentina

Is March Of The Wooden Soldiers 'Anti-Semitic'?

Poverty On The Rise In Japan

High Hopes For Cop Body Cams

Deafening Canada Silence On Fraser Valley H5N2 Lineage

Can A Virus Make Up Stupid?

Metallic-Sounding Object Found Near Noah's Ark - Vid

Questioning The Accepted Timeline Of History - Vid

10 Twists In The History Of Hallucinogens

Water War Amid Brazil Drought

Do You Know What's In Your Holiday Drinks? - Vid

Insane Helicopter Pilots Harvest Christmas Trees - Vid

21-Day Plan For Radical Self-Improvement

French Robber Almost Pulled The Perfect Heist

Can We Afford To Send Humans Into Space?

New Computer Program That Predicts Life Expectancy

Wind Power Subsidies Killing Innovation

7 Math Tricks That'll Make Your Life Easier


New Species of Giant Dinosaur From SD ‘Fills Gap’

Town Taken Over By Ten Thousand Crows

Mysterious 'Ghost' Ship Rediscovered Near Hawaii

The Internet 20 Years Ago As Seen On VHS - Vid

Our Rivers Are In Trouble

Have We Reached 'Antibiotics Apocalypse'?

Can‘Remembering’ Past-Lives Help Archaeologists?

UFO Activated One Of His ICBMs - Twice

Motorists Terrified By 'Hovering UFO' 1957

Leonard Nimoy Notes Star Trek 50th


Obama Mulling Sanctions On Israel - Reports

John Bolton - As ignorant As He Is Dangerous

Hot Mic - Jen Psaki Loses It After State Dept Gaffe

Iraq’s True Liberators

5th Farm With H5N2 In Fraser Valley Canada

H5N2 Fraser Valley Turkey Farm With 60,000 Birds

Roberts - US Trying To Have Putin Assassinated

Russia Launches ‘Wartime Government’ HQ

War By Media And The Triumph Of Propaganda

Why Nuclear War Will Not Be Started By Russia - pdf

New Russian S-500 System Deployed After 2015


Mistral Impasse Not Mentioned In Putin-Hollande Talks

Kiev Inflicting Horrible Civilian Suffering In East

Russia Sanctions Are Massive Disaster For Italy

Power Outages Now Throughout Ukraine

Russia Starts Criminal Proceedings On 3 Kiev Deputies

Israeli Zionist - Kiev Glorifies Holocaust Criminals

Kiev Fascist Dictatorship Masquerading As Democracy

Tomato Bubble Outs WABC Host As 'Communist' - Vid

Has Hillary Already Ruined Her 2016 Chances? - Vid

California Drought Most Severe In 1,200 Years


Illuminati Hit? Cops Kill CIA Agent At Traffic Stop

Congressmen Admit Not Reading NDAA Before Vote

Voices Grow Louder To End Dollar Reserve Status

Ayers - US Foremost Threat To World Peace

Dissecting The Outrageous Deceptions Of The NYT

Google Joins Facebook Toi Censor Ed Ward, MD

Denver ‘Ferguson Protesters’ Cheer As Cops Hit By Car

Political Prisoners In America And Israel

Saudi-Born Eng Gave Info On How To Sink US Carrier?

Al Qaeda Kills Hostages During SEAL Rescue Try In Yemen

Obama Keeps 1,000 MORE US Troops In Afghanistan


Rickard - ‘Hagel’s Replacement A Warmonger’

ISIS Executes 16 More Innocents

Iran Air Strikes On ISIS Requested By Iraq Govt - Iran

UK Reopens Bahrain Navy Base After 40 yrs To Hit ISIS

France Agrees To Pay Some Holocaust Survivors

Chomsky According To Dershowitz - Vid

Risking Possible Bloodbath In Palestine

Terrible Storm Hits The Philippines

Terminator - Revelation Of The Coming AI Takeover

European Fears Over US GMO Food Imports

Hollywood Cops Shoot, Kill Man - '10 Shots To Head'

Casino Designers New Idea How To Manipulate You

Casting For A Big Fish On The Big Island

Doom - The What And The Why Of Education

Rare Picasso Stolen In Florida

H7N9 Shanghai 38M

H5N1 Sohag Egypt 2F

Tony Blair Says Kissinger His Role Model

Scotland Yard 'Hid Top MP's Name' In Sex Abuse Inquiry

Chief Constable Warns Against ‘Drift Towards Police State’


Jeff & Jim Marrs - History Written By Victors - Vid

Texe Marrs On Hellstorm - Vid

What's Behind Our $18 Trillon Debt? - Vid

Stewart Lies in Ferguson Skit, Slammed By LA D.A.

Time To Nationalize The Four Horsemen

Debt Ravaged Ukraine Buys Some Russian Gas

West Trying To Get Putin Assassinated

Putin Orders 2015-2017 Spending Cuts

Israelis Chop Olive Trees In Palestinian Village

It's Official - US Now Second Rate Economy


Philippines Typhoon Forces Millions To Evacuate

House Passes $585 Billion To Fight ISIS

Wall St Lobbyists Push To Weaken Post-Crash Regs

NY Police Chief Refuses To Talk About Garner - Vid

Stand With Hillary - Vid (oh, please)

Sneak Peek - Celente’s Shocking Top 2015 Trends


Oz - Storm After Storm After Storm - Vid

Orion Spaceship Launch

Maldives State Of Emergency Over Water Shortage

Yosemite Falls Revives After Hard Rain

The Crazy Planet Of Baboons - Earth

Now Where Did I Park My 60 Cars?

Antarctica - Heat Comes From The Deep

100 Legal Sites To Download Literature For Free!

Chicken Factory Farmer Speaks Out - Vid

The Dark Side Of Research


Major SIDS Causes Known But Ignored

The Sounds Of A Dying Coral Reef - Vid

How I Upset Donald Trump

The Best And Worst Airlines In The USk

80,000 H5N2 Birds To Be Culled Fraser Valley Farms

Extraordinary UFO-UAP Sighting In Oz

Latin America’s Legendary UFO Cases - Pt 1

Latin America’s Legendary UFO Cases - Pt 2

Stan Romanek Declared Competent To Stand Trial

Mistakes Brains Make Subconsciously Daily

An App For Hunting Neo-Nazis In Berlin


Pot Cuts Painkillers Death Rates By 30%

Man Drinks 10 Cans Of Coke A Day For 3 Months

The Case Of 100 Missing Brains In Texas

Ice Tsunami? - Vid

CA Mandarine Mansions - Vid

If Women Built Cities, What Would We See?

Tom, Jerry And The Airlifting Swami

The Sorrow Of Bees

Meet Krampus...The Seriously Bad Santa

What We Learned About Getting Better Sleep in 2014


Mass Arrests In NY - Garner Protests Go National

Garner Incident - Hands That Kill Go Free

Appeals Court To Hear NSA Spying Case

Martin - The Great Suppression Of 2014

Frosty - Endless Immigration into America - Part 2

Were GMOs Prophesied In Scripture?

Flawless Test - NASA's Orion Splashes Down - Vid

US Sends 100 Tanks To E Europe Hoping To Start Conflict

Kissinger To Obama - Back Off From Russia Confrontation


US Congress Officially Declares New Cold War

Ron Paul - Congress Just Declared War On Russia

Ukraine Goes Full Orwell - Opens Ministry Of Truth

Ukraine Energy Crisis Will Hit Soon And Hard

Ukraine An Excuse For Russian Sanctions - Vid

The Saker - What Really Happened in Grozny

Putin's Message - Russia Fed Up w/NeoCon Aggression

Russia Warns France Over Mistral-Class Warship Delivery

Top US Rights Group Blasts Kiev For Cluster Bomb Use

China Hypersonic Strike Vehicle Passes US Missile Defense

Escobar - Turk Stream Big Win For Turkey, Russia, EU Loss


$150 Billion In Oil Projects Face Ax In 2015

The Inevitable Oil Price Rebound

Hungarian PM Blasts Brussels For Ruining South Stream

Hungary Summons US Envoy Over McCain Remarks

Merkel Is Actually Backing Off On Russia

Berlin Urgently Wants EU Debate On Russia Sanctions

Jew, Judaism, Jewishness'...Bill Alford - Vid

Israeli Election Unlikely To Be Easy For Netanyahu

Hezbollah Missiles Can Level Israel - Iran general

The Jewish State And Gilad Atzmon

The Guardian Of Judea Or The Observer Of Zion?

Jews Extort Croatians For $4m In 'Holocaust' Reparations

Atzmon vs Alderman - Vid

The Death Of The Fourth Estate

1,000km Fault Where Megaquake Will Start 'Eerily Quiet'

GCHQ Spying ‘Doesn’t Breach Human Rights’ – UK Tribunal

UK Workers In Biggest Real Wage Fall Of Big G20 Countries

ECB Close To Printing Money To Battle Deflation

New Law Lets EU States Ban GM Crops

ET Life May Be AI By The Time We Make Contact

Universe Has 'Golden Ratio' That Keeps All In Order

Media Myths On The H5N2 'Strain' In Fraser Valley

America Is On A 'Hot War Footing'

Kerry Vows To Wage War 'As Long As It Takes'

China's Hypersonic Strike Vehicle In Third Test


It’s Official - America Is Now No. 2

The N Korean Hackers Who Took Down Sony

Why Is Kerry Referring To ISIS As 'Daesh'?

Israel To Be Even More Aggressive Against Pals - Vid

US Lawmakers Pass Bill To Deepen US Bonds With Israel

Treasonous Congress Bill Ups Racist Israel Ties

Congress Passes Bill Tightening Israel-US Ties (control)

Amnesty Shocker! The Secret Behind Obama's 'Order'

DHS Hiring 1,000 To Carry Out Obama Amnesty

Br Nathanael - Real Money & The Jewish Dialectic - Vid



‘The Jungle’ – Silicon Valley Biggest Homeless Camp

NY Postal Workers Caught Stealing Pot Packages

Obama Tabs Corrupt Cop To Fix Cop Credibility

Eric Garner And Police Impunity - Last Resistance

Garner’s Wife Won’t Accept Officer’s Condolences - Vid

This Is What Cops Did To Kelly Thomas - Vid

Bully Cops Screwed With A Wrong Guy - Vid

H5 Confirmed In Four Fraser Valley Canada Farms

Human Brain Hardwired For Acts Of Kindness - Vid

19 Signs America Has Gone Completely Insane

Is Hawking Right? Will AI End Humanity?

Philippines Facing Another Terrifying Typhoon

How To Make Treaties Govern Killer Robots

Vatican Finds 100s Of Millions Of Euros 'Tucked Away’

Evidence For Warp Drive UFOs - Vid

US Cultural Imperialism Now Called - GAFA

Killing Wolves Leads To More Livestock Deaths

School Of Hard Knocks

There Is No Language Instinct

There's A Lot We Don't Know About Prime Number

Money Drives Weather Data But What About Climate?

The Most Precise View Of The Universe Yet

Why Pluto Still Matters


US Loves This Dutch Cocaine Warning Sign

How Reading Fiction Can Help You Live Better

Actor In Phoenix Lights UFO 'Hoax Video' Identified

UFO As ‘Circle Of Lights’ Reported In NH

Martian Meteorite May Contain Evidence Of ET Life

Things You Will Learn Dating Independent Women

How To Cook Up A Volcano

The Cutthroat World of Elite Public Schools

The Coast That Sank 1,000 Ships

Stupidity Of Pink Fracking Fully-Exposed

Top Medical Ops Whose Risks Far Exceed Any Benefit


Proof - HAARP Prevents Snowpack In Sierras - Vid

Kirwan - When Powers Lie, Nations & Regions Are Obliterated

Fyodorov - 'Russian Traitors Are Undermining Putin'

US Declares War On Russia - (Step One)

Cutting Russia Out Of SWIFT Would Mean War – Bank Chief

Anger, Chaos At Putin's South Stream Cancellation

Russia Quitting South Stream Pipeline Is Final - Moscow

Putin - US 'Missile Shield' Threatens Russia, EU & US Itself


Putin - Talking To Russia From Strength Is Meaningless

The Holy Grail Of Transparent BS About Russia

Putin Says West Tries To Coverup State Coup In Ukraine

Ukrainian Drama Could’ve Been Prevented - Lavrov

Donetsk Companies To Stop Paying Taxes To Kiev

Escobar - Obama's Defense Nominee….Here Comes Trouble

Obama Top Advisor, Susan Rice, Made A Mess Of Russia Policy

Saudis See Oil To Stabilize At About $60 A Barrel

US Oil Svcs Co Takes $1b Hit Over Oil Price Dive

Russia's Fix - De-Link Dollar, Resell Sanctioned Iran Oil

Russia Restricts Poultry Imports From US

Putin Slams Western Sanctions As Ineffective

Here's Why Zio West Media Hides Truth About Ukraine

Kiev Fails To Probe Cluster Bomb Use On Donbass Civilians

Hungary Rage As McCain Calls Its PM ‘Neo-Fascist Dictator’

Brazil, Uruguay Move Away From US Dollar In Trade

Eurasian Economic Union To Stop Using Dollar, Euro

Meet The World's Biggest Organized Crime Syndicate

The Saudi Israeli Alliance

Rabbi Weiss - Netanyahu Is Manipulating Judaism

UN adopts resolution urging Israel to join NPT

Israel's Nature Reserve Oil Spill A Disaster


Assad - US Airstrikes In Syria Illegal

West To Blame For Syrian War Says Saudi Prince

Who Will The Anti-ISIS Coalition Attack Next? - Vid

ISIS Sympathizers Say Support Growing

Mystery Surrounds NASA Secret Mission In Africa

Why Was NASA Experimental Plane At US Base In Africa?

17 States Sue Obama Over 'Unconstitutional' Immigration EO

Calls For Ouster Of John Boehner & Mitch McConnell

WA Has First Case Of TB In A Decade (couldn't be illegals...)

Killer Cops Execute Unarmed Man On His Own Doorstep

No More Grand Juries - Coercive 13th Century Relics

Orchestrated Race Riots Deflect Our Attention - Vid

‘I Can’t Breathe’ - Garner Protesters Chant His Final Words

Killer CopsWhat's The Point Of Body Cams?

Cuba’s Global Medical Record Shames The US Blockade

100 Safety Breaches At UK Labs w/Deadly Disesases

How WiFi And Other EMFs Cause Bad Biological Harm

Students Detained For 'Unapproved' Ferguson Chalk Talk

Woman Officer Filmed In Shower On Sub

GMO - The Great Land Mob Of Hawaii

8 Essential Items For The Perfect Portable Survival Kit

CDC Warns Of Severe Flu Season In US

H5N2 HPAI In Fraser Valley Canada

Is H5N2 In Fraser Valley Canada Fujian Clade 2.3.4?

H5N8 Wigeons In Netherlands = Independent Intro

CDC Warns Of Severe Flu Season In US

Eurasian Wigeon H5N8 November Netherlands Seqs

Is Fraser Valley H5N2 Fujian Clade 2.3.4?

Detroit Power Out - Police Stations, Jails Without Electricity

Lightning Turning A Tree Into Matchsticks

540,000 Shell Engraving Has 'Rewritten Human History'


Jeff & Dane Wigington - End Of Natural Weather - Vid

US-NATO Provocations Against Russia Worsening

US Seeks To Isolate, Destabilize Russia - Vid

Dozens Arrested In NYC Protests Of 'Choke' Decision

Did SoCal Have The Perfect Rainstorm? - Vid


GOP 'War' On Obama EO Lasted About 5 Minutes

Obama Illegally Rewrote Ocare Thanksgiving Eve

Alarming National Debt Milestone Just Passed

Gasoline Falls Below $2 For Some - Vid

Flippin’ Banksters

Sebelius - ‘Financial Literacy Of Many Is Very Low’

Corruption Undermines Global Economic Growth

Internal Israeli Wars

The Dogs, The Vipers And The Imbeciles

VZ Opposition Leader In President Murder Plot?

Education Programming 101 - Destroy Logic


Report Lists Flaws Of Accreditation...Sort Of

New System Protects Drones From Hackers

How FB Is Hacking Together A Data Center

Let's Be Honest About Facebook Spying - Vid

We Will Never Escape Rude People Online

More Farms Infected In Canada - H5N8 Likely

H5N8_Fraser_Spread.htmlCDC HAN On Drifted H3N2

Fujian H5N8 In Fraser Valley Canada Likely

More Farms Quarantined In Canada - H5N8 Likely

Japan Launched An Asteroid-Exploding Probe

Distant Planet Hiding Far Beyond Neptune?


Hovering Rod-Shaped UFO Spotted Over Pennsylvania

Journalist Tweets Classified Phoenix Lights UFO Images? - Vid

'Classified' UFO Video Released By Fake News Channel

Ouija Boards Are The 'Must-Have' Christmas Gift

Cannabis Batteries May Change Way We Store Energy

How Much Does Your Doctor Make On Cancer? - Vid

JoeTalk - Life Is So Temporary - Vid

Africa’s New Tri-State Terrorism Hot Spot

Dubai Royal Family Wants To Hunt Big Game

Kids Who Receive Aluminum In Vaccines

50 Coconut Oil Benefits Backed By Science

Avocado Uses And Health Benefits - Vid

Avoid Toxic Chemicals Found In Most Hair Dyes

Big Problem With Drug Overdoses In The US

What The People Of The Amazon Know - Vid

Family Left Corpse Upstairs Expecting Resurrection

DMT And The Bible

Long, Hard Quest To Create Digital Smells

Backyard Birds Getting Drunk On Berries

The Good Zombie

Passion Of Life - Inspirational - Vid

Global Corruption Index

New Mafia Group Sweeps Across Rome

Why We Push People Away


Obama - War Criminal, Tyrant, Torturer, Racist, Mega Thug

Inconvenient Truths About Ferguson, Twitter Mobs, ISIS

Smoking Gun Proof Of Atmospheric Spraying - Vid

Boehner Gets Conservative Rage Over Immig Fight - Vid

The Ugly Record Of The Next Defense Secretary

Ashton Carter At DOD Means More War

We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook - Vid

Kiev Claims Pro-Russian Break Truce

Ukraine Intel Lied Repeatedly About Russian 'Invasions'


Emergency Repairs At Euro Biggest Nuke Plant In Kiev - Vid

Minor Accident' At Huge Ukraine Nuke Plant

Kiev Faces Emergency Power Outages

Kiev Ukrainians Can't Afford Medicine Or Meat

With Its Gold 'Vaporized', Ukraine Bankers Face Rage

MH17 - The Facts And The Coverup

Dennis Kucinich - Get Ready For US-Russia War

NATO - Trouble Mustering Force To Counter Russia

Putin - Ultimatums, Sanctions No Chance For Success

US Threatens More Sanctions Against Russia


Debunking Popular Oil Price Myths

Russia Prepares for $40 Oil

Shock, Anger, Denial In Bulgaria Over South Stream

Turk Gas Stream Another Moscow Coup

Turkey Shows US Not Only Game In Town

Russia, Iran Phase Out Dollar In Bilateral Trade

US Hangs Nigeria Out To Dry, Russia Steps In

Rattled By China Subs, India Starts Rebuilding Fleet

Iran Air Force Bombs Isis In Iraq - Pentagon

Iran Denies Airstrikes On ISIS Targets In Iraq

Rice: More Sanctions Against Iran Would Ruin Nuke Talks


Woman Held In Lebanon Not Isis Leader’s Wife

Saban Pledged Support For Hillary For President

Palestinians Topple Another Israeli Govt

While US Daydreams, Warmongers Ready Syria Assault

'Diversity', St George And The White Whore - Vid

Assassinations And False Flags - Vid

Controlled Opposition - Hidden Hand Of Misdirection

US Army Wants A New Gun (A Plastic One?)

Will Oil Prices Prevent Econ Collapse Or Speed It Up?

Your State's Financial 'Open Disclosure' Score Card


NY Cop Not Indicted For Chokehold Death - Vid

Germany Pre-Crime System Just Like 'Minority Report'

What'll It Take For You To Swallow GMO, Nanotech Foods?

Another Ponzi Roll Over Of Treasury Debt

Egypt Confirms 7 H5N1 Cases In 3 Days

H5N1 Cases In Minya And Sohag Egypt

Did H5N8 Fly Into Fraser Valley Canada?

Massive Coronal Hole And Alignment Coming - Vid

Truth Is Antagonistic In Our Materialistic Age - Vid

Once Upon A Time There Was A State - Vid

Why I Renounced My Citizenship


Brits Are Learning Who Owns Britain

The Myth Of Individualism

Demonstration Garden Spotlight

Are You At Risk From Anti-Terrorism Algorithms?

How Apple, Google & Amazon Avoid UK Tax – Vid

14 People Control The Internet

Mars Rover Image Looks Like Obama's Head

US Gun Sales Soar In November

Evictions Rocket - Rising Prop Taxes, Welfare Reform

Obama Spending Leads US Into $18 Trillion Debt

Russian Economy Into Recession Next Year


Falling Oil Could Cripple Russia, Trigger WW3

How China Will Kill Newest US Stealth Jets

How Western Intervention Fuels ‘Terrorism'

Chinese Pay To Fund I-95 Link For Full US Residency

Zionism & ISIS - Opposing Or 2 Sides Of Same Coin?

Israel Elections Set - Bibi Fires Two MInisters

Punitive Israeli House Demolitions

Obama Seeks $75m To Put Cams On Cops

NYPD Starts Body Cam Training

Incitement To Murder - Al Sharpton Body Count

Retread To Run The Pentagon?

McGrath - Economic Collapse Near? - Vid

The Saudi Paymaster

This Is How The US Power Grid Works

Explosive Documentary About Hollywood Pedo Ring

Hawking - Artificial Intelligence Could End Humans

Common Core Collecting Psyche Data On Kids?

Hitler’s Huge Beach Resort Getting Mass Makeover

Connection Between Nikola Tesla & ETs?

Independent Education - Crisis And The Crossroad


Paradox Of Poverty Nearly Impossible To Escape

Music Industry Misuse, Abuse Of Esoteric Symbols

Pennsylvanians Describe Costs of Fracking

NYPD Refuses To Release Drone Docs, So I'm Suing

Eyewitness Testimony is Far From Perfect

Albuquerque Cop Who Killed Woman Fired Over Cam

Don't Answer Questions' - Police-Cop Vid Clips

How Big Was The Biggest Tsunami Ever?

Still The Great Pretender?

Tommy Chong Beat Cancer With Cannabis


Psychedelics IMPROVE Mental Health

7 Urine Colors Reveal Things About Health

Coconut Oil Boosts Brain Function In One Dose

Why Our Memory Fails Us

Marijuana Saves Father's Son - Vid

Man Trying To Run Away From Attacking Bear - Vid

Real Power Comes From People Energy

3D Art On The Beach?

Are You Sitting On Toxic Furniture?

Ship To Take Humans To Mars First Test This Week

Building Floating Colonies On Venus Not So Outrageous


Most Carbon May Be In Earth's Inner Core

Supermassive Black Hole Pix Will Be Image Of Century

When Humans Quit Living In Trees, They Got Drunk

Does Intermittent Fasting Have Benefits?

Did This Flu Vaccine Kill 13?

Body Image, Eating Disorders & Marketing

Understanding The Science Of Water

A Mongoose, Black Mamba Fight To Death

Richard III's DNA Question Queen Right To Throne?

India Wants Its Yoga Back


Filer’s Files #47 – 2014 France’s UFO Research Team

Filer’s Files # 46 – 2014 – Lord Dowding UFOs Exist

Filer’s Files # 45 – 2014 – ET is Real

Obama Asks McCain About Next Sec Of Defense

Ashton Carter To Replace Hagel As SecDef

US Debt Now Over $18 Trillion - Up 70% Under Obama

Congress On The Brink - Vid

Battleground America

Did Brown's Stepfather Try To Incite Riot?

Boehner & McConnell Support Obama's Illegal Amnesty

'National Day Of Hookie' For Ferguson Student Mobs


Boehner Wants To Hold Immig Fight Until 2015

Obama Will Stop Govt If Congress Defunds EO Amnesty

Obama's Amnesty & How Illegal Immig Affects Us - Vid

Boehner & McConnell Support Obama's Illegal Amnesty

America, The Roman Empire And Illegal Aliens

Terror Threat On Our Southern Border Is Real - Vid

Biggest US Coa Pay CEOs More Than They Pay Taxes

This Was The Most Valuable Company In History

US-Russian Tensions Worse Than You Realize - Lavrov

Russia Starts ‘Wartime' HQ In Major Military Upgrade

Russia Building World's Largest Doomsday Seed Vault

Rat Says New Kiev Govt Faces Radical Reforms


Putin - Russia Forced To Withdraw From S. Stream

Putin Will Build New Huge Pipeline To Turkey Instead

Gas Line Death Leaves SE Europe High And Dry

Russia Intervenes As Falling Ruble Echoes 1998 Crisis

Low Oil Prices Won't Last Long

China Biggest Winner From The OPEC Price War

End Of The Petroleum Standard - Vid

Proof Bitcoin Today Is Like The Internet In 1995 - Vid

EU Puppet Bulgaria Kills Russian Pipeline Deal

CDC Names 35 Ebola Treatment Centers In US

Why Facebook Forced Messenger On Users

Br Nathanael - Darren Wilson…Good Cop - Bad Cop?


JoeTalk - Pure Evil…America The Unholy - Vid

H5N1 Confirmed Minya 25F

Back-Hack Nervous System To Crack Infection Code

US Israel Lobby Protects Neo-Nazis In Ukraine - Vid

Kiev Learns "Human Rights" from NATO

Media Runs Wild With Absurd Russian Air Force Story

Open Letter To Angela Merkel From Otto von Bismarck

Israeli Agents Training MKO Terrorists In Jordan

Mystery Plane Secret Trips From Israel To Gulf State

AIPAC Pushing For More Sanctions Against Iran

ISIS Dirty Bomb Has 40kg Of Uranium, Takfiris Claim


1.7m Syrian Refugees Face Food Crisis

Black Man Stopped By MI Cop For Hands In Pockets

NASA New Orion Spacecraft Prepares For Launch

Snowden Wins Swedish Human Rights Award

91 BBC Execs Paid MORE Than The Prime Minister

Van Rompuy Leaves Brussels With £578,000 For No Work

Nordic Council Call For Endocrine Disruptor Cosmetics Ban

Device Hides Entire Events In 'Bubbles'

Two Hadiths And A Book Against Eating Beef - Vid

New Footage Of Phoenix Lights UFOs - Vid

The Roswell Slides And Premature Disclosure

Men In Black Encounter? – McKay Confession Tape - Vid


Kirwan - Risks & Global Responsibility

Jeb Near Decision On White House Run

Lebanon Arrests One Of ISIS al-Baghdadi's Wives

US Drones Kill 233 People Including 89 Children In Pak

US Clams Up On Xmas Airline Bomb ‘Plot’

Israeli Counterterrorism Bill Bans Palestinian Flag

Russia's Sergey Lavrov 'Clash Of Civilizations'

MSM Finally Admits Massive Gold Manipulation

US Dollar Money System Failing In Spades - Vid


Consumers, World Economy Affected By Oil Dive

Kauai - Monsanto Frankenstein Island, Celeb Homeowners

Blacks, Latinos Beat White Man To Death Nr Ferguson

NYPD In MO Gathering Intel On 'Professional Agitators'

Wilson Atty - Hard To Prove He Wanted To Violate Rights

Checkpoint Police Caught Lying On Camera - Vid

NJ Police Military Gear Fuels Critics

FDA Recruits Minors For Online Cig Purchases

Three H5N8 In Europe & Netherlands = Wild Birds

What New FB Terms And Conditions Will Mean

Schools Where Teachers Are Armed - Vid


Legendary Dental Pioneer Passes Away

Is Technology Eroding Our 'Conscious Self'

Doom - Accreditation Is Foxes Guarding Henhouses

Straight Talk About An Article V Convention - Vid

Carbon Colonialism Is Displacing Africans

The Rich Will Survive the Apocalypse in Style

Elite Families Stay Elite For Centuries

Google’s £125 Cancer Test Arrives In Britain

'Destructive' Malware Warning After Sony Attack

Baltimore Poor Kids Worse Off Than Nigerians

Is This The Worlds's Worst Airport


The Legend Of The Dream Eater

Frightening Discovery Of The Mt Owen Claw

Sao Paulo Drought Makes Global Concern

25 Bizarre Nature Photos - Pics

A Prison As Disneyland

When Your Brain Says You’re Always On A Boat

Was Brit WWI Blockade The First 20th C Atrocity?

Bringing The Human Brain To Mice

Why Physics Needs Humor

Five Practical Uses for Quantum Mechanics

How To Beat Depression Without Pills


WHO - 'No Room For Optimism' In Ebola Fight

Huge Risk Of Ebola Spreading Globally

Escobar - It's Seriously Time To Partition Ukraine

Human Rights Ignored In NATO’s War In Ukraine

Barring Malaysia From Probing MH17 Says Coverup

Right-Wing Militia Backers Say Porky's Days Numbered

Disturbing Video Showing Indoctrinated Kids In Ukraine

Ashton Carter Said To Be Hagel Successor

Ron Paul - Who Wants To Be Defense Secretary?

FBI Report Exposes Severity Of The US Police State


James - The Mad Race To The End

Did Russia And China Import Depopulation Corn?

WaPo Pushing Obama Into NeoCon Fight With Putin

Dying In Nuke Apocalypse Still Pretty Likely Outcome

US Covertly Funding Porky's Army, Paying Top Officers

Russians Won't Forgive West For A Long Time To Come

Where US Troops Will Go To Counter Russia 'Aggression'

Another Big German Voice Calls For Russia Compromise

Germany's Crudest Propagandists Do About-Face

US F-16 Crashes In Jordan, Pilot Dead

US Rules Out Syria No-Fly Zone


Iraqi PM’s Graft Probe Finds 50,000 ‘Ghost Soldiers’

Aryan Nuremberg Laws In Israel

Palestinian Woman Shot, Israeli Stabbed In West Bank

The Kosovo/Albania Golden Triangle

911 Reality Freakout - Kobani, Israel - Shifting Loyalties - Vid

Black Friday Spending Drops 11%

Obama Uses 'Me' 91 Times In Immigration Speech

Frosty - Endless Immigration Into The US - Part 1

GOP Aide Resigns After Online Digs At Obama Girls

Grand Jury Process In Brown Case 'Suspicious, Shady’

The Secret Darkness Of Grand Juries

In GMO Labeling Fight, All Eyes On Vermont


Oprah Has Home On Monsanto Pesticide Poisoned Maui

Once In A Lifetime HI Vacation Among The Pesticides

Teens Prove Outwitting Airport Security Is Easy

Cloning The Future For Same Sex Marriages

Fracking May Be As Bad As Thalidomide, Asbestos

San Jose Police Drone Plan Under Fire

MIT - Steve Jobs Patents, including OK'd Since Death

Cyber Spy Ring Grabs Trove Of Stock Mkt Insider Info

Brilliant Europeans Hand Russian Markets To Asia

World Markets Fall With Oil, Commodities, China Manufacturing


Understanding Oil Price Fluctuations

Cheap Oil A Boon For The Economy? Think Again

Swiss Gold Referendum Fails - 78% Vote 'No'

Bitcoin Lets Uses Avoid Censorship - University Study

Drug Addicts Cost Russia $92 Billion A Year

Hong Kong Clashes Escalate

UK Politicians Refused Entry To Hong Kong

Athens 1944 - Britain’s Dirty Secret

Straight Talk And Reflections

Egypt MoH Confirms Four New H5N1 Cases

New H5N8 Bird Flu Case In Netherlands

H5 In Wild Widgeons In Netherlands

Coral Castle Tour Guide Busts Several Myths - Vid

Are KIds Reincarnation Memories Being Made Up?

'Beyond Our Sight' - A Documentary On NDEs - Vid

Mystery 'Bangs' Over NY, Britain US Stealth Jet?

UFOs Flying Above Aberdeen, UK - Vid

Boomerang UFO Zigzags Over NH

Dr Bruce Maccabee And The CIA

Japan's Hayabusa 2 Asteroid Mission in Pictures

What People Fear The Most In America - Vid

Numbing The Imagination

The Happier Workplace

77 Yr Old Grandma Can Lift More Than You - Vid


Huelux - Vid

The Physics Of Whisky

6 Ways To Remove Fluoride From Your Body

Probiotics - Myth Of Miracle?

CT Scans - 1,000x Radiation Than Regular X-Ray

How To Outsmart Wheat And Gluten Intolerance

Food Addiction - It’s Not An Eating Disorder

The Thracians, A Hidden History - Vid

The Fear Of Fear - How To Beat It

The Egypt Code - The Mystery Of 10,500 BCE

The Plant Most Fundamental To Life On Earth


SWAT Cops Caught Setting Fires In Ferguson? - Vid

Giuliani - Wilson Case Shouldn't Have Gone To Grand Jury - Vid

Sunday Shows Agree - Cops Need Body Cams

Russia Launches New Generation Navigation Satellite

US Needs New Nuclear Arsenal

US-Russia Nuke War Would End Civilization - Vid

NATO Scrambles Jets 400 Times In 2014 Over Russian Activity

Israelis Irked Over Leaders Shown In Nazi Uniforms


US Airstrikes Pound ISIS Stronghold In Syria

Globalists Exploit ISIS Threat To Empower UN

Iraq War - Mossad Assured Destruction

Gold Selling For At Least 50% Over Spot In Asia

Who Pays Us To Browse The Net?

VIP Pedos Abused Teen INSIDE Buckingham & Balmoral

SNP Activist 'Killed Over Child Sex Files'

Sonic Boom, Meteors, Fireworks, UFOs Over UK?

Rise Up - Vid

Vaccines Will Be Made From Human Cancer Tumors


Bears, Other Wildlife Return To Chernobyl Rad Zone

WHO Will Miss Its Dec 1 Ebola Targets

Sierra Leone To Get More Beds For Ebola Patients

Jeff & Preston James - Our Dark Overlords - Vid

Mile Long Line, 2,000 US Flights Canceled, Delayed

Oh, My - TIME Protesters To Be 'Person Of The Year'?

Police Stop 'Oath Keepers' From Guarding Ferguson

Why Darren Wilson's Pistol Did Not Fire - Vid


Farrakhan - Ferguson & The Law Of Retaliation - Vid

Nearly $500,000 Donated To Ofc Wilson's Legal Fund

Protest Encounter Leads To Hug For Boy, Officer

Do US Police Recruit Psychopaths? Ferguson Re-Exsamined

30 Years Later, US Is Truly A ‘1984’ Society

The Closer We Look, The Stranger Europa Gets

The Long, Dark Shadows Of Plutocracy

Oddly Quiet 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Closes

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

More Severe Weather In Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, More

After Black Friday, Get Ready For Cyber Monday

How To Stop NSA From Snooping On You


SCOTUS To Weight Limits Of Online Free Speech

Dear Evangelicals - You’re Being Had

Porky Admits No Threats From Putin During Phone Call

Latest Russian Aid Convoy To Donbass Returns Home

Amazing 62 Yr Old Mickey Rourke Wins Moscow Boxing Match

America Has A New Commando Unit

RI Commandos Quietly Deploy All Over The World

NATO Billons, Mass Supplies To ISIS Thru TURKEY - Report

30 US Airstrikes Hit ISIS 'Capitol' Overnight

Obama To Assad - Stop Bombing ISIS, Let Us Bomb Civilians

Insult To Injury In Egypt

Atzmon - A Third Intifada In Palestine? - Vid

Why Did Hitler Invade Holland & Belgium?

High School Rule Makers Endanger Female Athletes

GA Chief Says Army Use Made Him Switch Dept To 9mm

Is Internet Addiction A Real Thing? (a bad one, too)

How Toy Companies Exploit Gender For Profit

Why We’re On The Brink Of Mass Extinction

Dog Give Live Saving GA Family From Road Rage Gunman

Anastasia's Dream - A One Way Ticket To Mars


'Singing' & Mystery Sounds Recorded On Comet - Vid

Robotic Rock Climbers Could Aid Mars Life Hunt

Deep Space Exploration That Will Give You Chills - Vid

10 Reasons Why Our Universe Is A Virtual Reality

What Was In That Apple, Really?

8 Things History Books Hide About Native People

Peru Forcibly Sterilized 300,000 Poor Women

Did ‘Unlucky Mummy’ Sink The Titanic

Herbs That Kill Parasites Naturally

Is Schizophrenia A 'Real' Illness?


Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Resigns

Kirwan - Risks And Global Responsibility

Over 60 Russian Aid Trucks Now In East Ukraine

Paul Craig Roberts Reviews 'War Against Putin'

Hillary Holds US To Ransom On Paid Tour

These 13 Families Rule The World

100% Proof Of WW2 Fraud In Our History Books

US Planning To Create Kurdish State In Iraq

US Flying 85% Of Bombing Missions Against ISIS

Who's Who At The ISIS Front Line?


Austria Declares War Against Daash, 13 Arrested

Hagel Takes Fall For Obama Foreign Policy Failures?

Israel Attacks Gaza Border Areas

100s Demand Independence At Scottish Parliament

Little Sarko Is Back Leading French Opposition - Vid

Freedom, Democracy & Fundamental Human Rights

Deception, Manipulation Of ‘We The People’ & Our Skies

Strange, Satanic World Of NSA Mind Control

Obama EO - Questions About Benefits For Illegals

The Reptilian Primary


Walmart Black Friday Strikes Become Tradition

Ex-Amazon Workers Talk Of 'Horrendous' Conditions

WA Cops Get Mass Requests For Body, Dash Cam Footage

Man Arrested For Pointing Bananas At Cops

The Best Slave Is A Slave That Doesn't Know

JoeTalk - Obama Is Killing Us - Vid

H5N8 Wild Birds Are Not Victims

Florida Disc UFO ‘Gives Off Energy’

Aykroyd Endorses UFO Kickstarter Campaign - Vid

A 1790 Colonial UFO Sighting


Ferguson Protesters Shut Malls On Black Friday

Walmart Workers Hold Mass Black Friday Protests

Anonymous Posts KKK Leader Data Over Ferguson

Roberts - Ferguson Reexamined

Rioting Elite - A Nation Built On Rule Of Lawlessness

How To Stop NSA From Snooping On You

Why US Should Be Nervous About Crashing Oil Prices

Brent Crude Below $70 First Time In 4 Yrs, Ruble Dives

Egyptian Court Drops Charges Against Murabak


Egyptian-Style Justice

Kobani Now Said Surrounded By ISIS - Vid

Fukushima Cleanup - Shady Science, Taxpayer Rip-Off

Russia Brings Another Humanitarian Convoy To Donbass

New EU Sanctions List Includes Luhansk, Donetsk

Kiev Bans Four Russian Airlines From Its Airspace

4 Kiev Soldiers On Trial For Refusing To Fight In SE

Ukraine Inflation At 20% - Currency Continues Collapse

German Business Crushed In Russia - Asians Win

Merkel Will Blink Long Before Putin

The Astonishing Rise Of Angela Merkel

Israel To Get 3,000 US Smart Bombs

Why Do British Royals Refuse To Visit Israel?

1,000s Evacuated In Flood Hit Gaza


A Realistic Basis For Gaddafi's Hopes - Vid

5 Remarkable Military Space Projects

JFK And Solzhenitsyn

Fast Food Workers Plan Nationwide Strike Dec 4

We Are Told 911 Trucks Disappeared Evidence - Vid

Cops Shoot Preg Woman With Bean Bag - Loses Eye

H5N8 In White Naped Crane Izumi Japan

UFO Engulfs Witness In White Light

Alien Abduction Or 'Accidental Awareness'

Analysis Of The Hollywood Pyschodrama ‘Nightcrawler’

Up To 13,000 Working As Slaves In UK


Terrorist Attack Kills 15 In China’s Xinjiang

Italy Partially Stops Novartis Flu Flu Vax After Deaths

Your Decisions 7 Seconds BEFORE You 'Decide'

The Egypt Code - The Mystery Of 10,500 BCE

Evanescent - Light Chronicle Of The Dimensional Shift

Jeff & Preston James - Our Dark Overlords - Vid

Shocking Mistake In Darren Wilson Grand Jury - Vid

Giuliani Wants To Prosecute Lying Ferguson Witnesses - Vid

Walmart Workers Launch Black Friday Protest

Protesters Disrupt Black Friday Over Ferguson


Black Friday - A Pavlovian Mental Disorder

Oil Hits Four Year Low

How Low Can Oil Go?

Ruble Tumbles

How To Build The World's Largest Ship - Pics

Memphis Rapper Shuts Down Four Sheriffs - Vid

Space Rock Sheds Light On Mysterious Earth Mineral

Why Is Black Friday Such A Lawless Shit Show?

US Gun Sales On Black Friday

US Gold Repatriation = Higher Gold Prices, Weaker $

Br Nathanael - Is Michael Brown A National Hero? - Vid


Thanksgiving Nor'easter Seen from Space - Vid

10 Things About Gaddafi Kept HIdden

Reserve Deputy Arrested For Road Rage Shooting

China's Drastic Measures To Avoid Water Crisis - Vid

Brisbane Supercell Storm With Fist-Sized Hail

The Truth About Sharks

A Database To Fight The Mafia

DIY Drugs - The Digital Future Of Getting High

Riddle Of Great Zimbabwe

Flying Car Prototype Is Absolutely Stunning

Cape Verde Volcano Threatens To Destroy Villages

How Teen Brain Shuts Down To Mom

Wizards - Did They Exist?

H7N9 In Wild Ducks In Tainan Taiwan


Superb Piece On War Hawk Hillary & Her Neocon Views

Oil Prices Hit Four Year Low

Oil, Gas Prices In Free-Fall

'I Saw Men Walking On Mars' In 1979 - Ex NASA Employee

Ferguson & The Media Programmers

Black Friday UK - Shops Hit By Chaos Volence

Washington Covertly Arming Ukraine

Deprived Of Coal, Kiev Desperate, Blackouts Imminent

Porky Wants Non-Citzens Allowed In Government


Ukraine Fast Becoming A Failed State

Escobar - Russia, Germany May Save Europe From War

Russia No Threat To Anyone - Putin

Sanctions Have Only Increased Putin's Support

- 52C In Siberia - 70 Passengers Push Plane To Runway - Vid

Putin Orders Fingerprinting Of All Visitors To Russia

Russian Battleships In The English Channel…Trianing

Hi-Tech Equip Missing From French Ship Built For Russia

EU Official Says War Imminent In Eastern Europe

US Responsible For Two Thirds Of All MIlitary Conflicts

Russia Agrees To Sell Air Defense System To China

Russia Ruble Hits Historic Low After OPEC Decision

Nails In Dollar's Coffin - Russian Deals With Turkey, India

Putin More Popular In Eastern Germany Then Merkel

Top German Magazine Joins Attack On Merkel

French Pres - 'I'm A US Poodle'...Commits Political Suicide

France Unemployment Rate Hits Record High

Israeli President Opposes ‘Jewish Nation-State’ Bill

'Pay Palestinians To Leave' - Israeli FM Lieberman

Atzmon - Jews, Judaism, Jewishness

The Campaign To Silence Gilad Atzmon

Jews For Justice For Germans

Devil Wants Sunni Shia Civil War, Pakistan Collapse - Vid

FBI Accidentally Exposes Severity Police State

911 How Who Why - Still Ongoing - Vid

Look Out Hawaii, Here Come Da Pro-GMO Judge!

Lyndon Johnson...Sinister 'Colossus'

John Barbour Reviews CitizenFour

H7N9 60F Jiaxing Zhejiang

H7N9 75M Yanchen Jiangsu

H7N9 31F Changping Dongguan Guangdong

New Map Showing H7N9 Cases

US Southwest Suffers Endless Drought

Mass Imprisonment And Public Health

Social Media Is For The Living


A Winter Wonderland Of Cause & Effect

New Way To Save Money - Play The Lottery

Science Publishing Needs An Upgrade

18 Most Suppressed Inventions Of All Time

Flying Scotsman First To Hit 100 mph 80 Yrs Ago - Pics

Did Comet Changed Mars Atmosphere Forever?

Bubonic Plague Still Shockingly Common

Pass The Salt - Vid

Antioxidant That Slows Aging Process

Fracking Risk Compared To Thalidomide & Asbestos

Japan Probes e-Cig Safety After Formaldehyde Finding


Stores Report Black Friday 'Like Any Other Weekend'

Best Black Friday Deal Is $2.50 Gas At The Pump

Israelis Wound Two More In West Bank

Russia Fires Bulava ICBM From Submarine

Russia's Caspian Navy To Increase 85% By 2016

Ancient Computer Even More Amazing Than Thought

Kiev Shelling Wounds Two Children In East Ukraine

Kiev Ignores Its Own War Crimes In East Urkraine

US To Give Israel Smart Bombs

Star Trek Style Earth Shield Can Block 'Killer Electrons'


Flooding Leaves Gaza In Ruins

Oil Prices Crash Below $70 A Barrel

OPEC Decides To Keep Oil Output Unchanged

400 Ferguson Protesters Arrested Across Country

Lawmakers Offer Few Answers After Ferguson

Ferguson Blacks Carjack Older White, Run Him Over - Vid

Med Examiner Took No Photos After Brown Shooting - Vid

Despite Evidence, Parents Say Brown Ran For Life - Vid

Police Brutality & The Militarization Protocol - Vid

Intl Banned Tear Gas For Domestic Use Only - Vid

11 Ways To Be A Smarter Shopper On Black Friday

Black Friday’s Dark Origins Lead To...Philadelphia

17 Tricks Stores Use To Make You Spend More


Darknet’s Black Friday Deals On Drugs, Steroids, Botox

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