Headlines 3


IDF Kills Pal Woman After Telling Her She Is Safe - Vid

Israeli Law To Strip Many Arab ‘Absentees’ Of Land

Japan Demands Explanation From Israel On FB Attack

Facebook Can Lead To Unhappiness

NLP - Friend Or Foe?

The Day Elvis Begged Nixon To Make Him An FBI Agent

Futurama Pimps Out Young Audience To Monsanto

Momsanto - The Infosphere, The Futurama Wiki

US 'Labor Rights Week' To Protect Mexican Workers

Newtown CT Gun Sales Double After Sandy Hook - Vid

Manipulated Fraud Of Snake Oil Dependence - Vid

Montreal Oil Spill - Carcinogen At 394,444x Over Normal


Govt Nab Wall St Bankers For Losing Wall St Money - Vid

Is This A UFO Flying Across Texas? - Vid

Smaller Objects Emerge From UFOs Over Amozoc - Vid

Jesse Jackson Jr Jailed For Stealing Campaign Funds

We Are All Being Turned Into Serfs Of The State

Zion, Egypt, Hezbollah, US Police Brutality - Vid

'Obama Zombies' In San Diego Supporting Infanticide

CDC - Excessive Alcohol Use Costs US Billions

Silver Passes $22, Gold Aims Toward $1350

US Misprinted 30 Million New $100 Bills

Solar Power To Trump Shale, Helped By US Military

Silver Growing Numbers Of Young Are Shunning College


Corporate Greed Is Making Us Sick

Chinese And Indians Dash For Gold

Astronomers Find Star 'Older Than The Universe'?

Ten Reasons Not To Live On Mars

Controlled Tornadoes Create Renewable Energy

The Frozen City

Could An EMP Throw World Onto Chaos?

Chemtrail Researcher Harassed By Mercenaries

NZ Woman Drives 200 Miles While Dozing & Texting...

Hormonal Contraception Used To Suppress Women

Canada Police Under Fire For Extreme Brutality - Vid

Harassed By Boston Police For Recording - Vid


Thai Villagers Arrest Google Street View Driver

Christian Family Home After Failed Pacific Voyage

North America Oldest Rock Carvings Discovered

McGrath - Crisis - It Is Here And Now - Vid

Putin Talks NSA, Syria, Iran, Drones On RT - Vid

‘Obama Impeachable For Violating Law’- Vid

Fukushima - A Shocking Indictment Of Modern Society

Fukushima Workers 'Sprayed' With Radioactive Water

Obama Appoints Spy Chief To Head NSA Investigation

Rolling Stone Link To Brennan, Snowden & Hastings?

Google To Court - Gmail Users Can't Expect Privacy

DC Revolving Door Is Fascism, Pure And Simple


Escape From Wall Street

25 Most Censored Stories 2012 - Project Censored

Monsanto SmartStax Corn To Be Approved By EU

Internet Facing Multiple Attacks - Vid

7,000 Brazil Cancer Deaths Linked To Cell Towers

Apocalypse Britain - Pix

Grim Milestone - 1,000th Journalist Killed - Vid

Oregon Legalizes Marijuana Dispensaries

NASA Maps Asteroids That May Threaten Earth

The Universe May Not Be Expanding After All


Naples UFO Swimming Pool Video Case Solved

Egypt - Blood In The Streets

Stamford UFO-Jumping Cow Vid May Be TV Stunt - Vid

Incredibly Violent History Of Earth's Moon

Earth's Tectonic Plates - A Split Personality

3 Dangers Of The Impending Magnetic Field Shift

FDA Trying To Shut Down The Supplement Industry?

Are Drug Companies Behind The War On Supplements

Judge Rules Baby Cannot Be Named 'Messiah'

Corrupt Cops Caught By Their Own Patrol Cam! - Vid

Maniac TX Cops Raid Farm Commune, Destroy Everything


State Threatens To Take Child For Drinking Goat Milk

Smart Phones - The Day Albert Einstein Feared Has Arrived

America’s Top 10 Consumer Complaints

H7N9 May Be Spread Through Human Feces

Worm Community Affecting Ocean Methane Release

Sleep Aids And Drowsy Driving In The Morning

Viral Videos May Harm Threatened Animals

Shrinking Sea Ice Causing Animal Crossbreeding

Farm Chems Accumulating In CA Wild Frogs (& people)

Hep A Across SW US By Imported Pomegranate Seeds

Is Sugar An Invisible Killer Leading To Early Death?


Scientists Accidentally Make Impossible Material

Obese Mom's Babies Face Bigger Risk Of Early Death

How Sinkholes Swallow Our Streets

Intermittent Nature Of Green Power Challenges Utilities

Hacked Baby Monitor Caught Spying On TX Child - Vid

Sports-Related Sudden Death 20x More In Men

Lower Your Dependence On Just-In-Time-Food System

NDEs And Conscious Brain Activity After Clinical Death

Rodeo Clowns Asked To Take 'Sensitivity Training’

Top 10 Inflammatory Foods To Avoid

This Raw Food Can Cut Your Risk Of Cancer


The Miracle Of Water

13 Things In Your Water That Shouldn't Be There

Wilde - Trust

Stealth Oneness - Crap! I’m Confused

Autism - Unexpected Link To Cancer Genes

H1N1pdm09 PA In IL And IN H3N2v Cases

R4 Bldg Weakening, May Fall - 14,000 Hiroshima Bombs Of Cesium

High Risk Of Breaking R4 Fuel Rods - Nuclear Explosion Possible

Far More Than 300 Tons Of Radioactive Water Leaking Daily

At Least 278 Die In Egyptian Govt Slaughter

Ashton Deplores The Loss Of Lives In Egypt

Obamacare Rate Calculator - Disaster For Most Americans


Former MI5 Microwave Warfare Specialist Speaks Out - Vid

The Incredible, Evil Spider Of Debt

Ending The GMO Scourge

Exposing The Myths Of 'Settled Science'

Deviant Philosopher Built A CIA-Funded Data Mining Juggernaut

Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told (full film) - Vid

Opera Company Of Philadelphia 'Flash Brindisi' - Vid

Jeff & Michael Cremo - Hidden History Of Human Race - Vid

Putin's Boys, Obama's Boys...What A Difference

Kerry - The 'Internet Makes It Much Harder To Govern'

Attorneys To Investigate FBI Murder Of Todashev

Bitcoin Breakdown - US Bank Regulator Probe Begins


Every Important Person In Bitcoin Subpoenaed

World Trade Organization Forces Russia To Import GMO Seeds

Overwhelming Hypocrisy From US On Nuke Weapons - Vid

2 Journalists Killed During Cairo Bloodshed

Egypt Interim VP ElBaredei Quits Amid Crackdown - Vid

300 Killed In Cairo Protest Crackdown - Muslim Brotherhood

No Iran-Russia Deal Replacing S-300

Israel Ignores EU & US And Piles On More Settlements

Israel To Build '1,000s' More 'Settlement' Homes In W. Bank

Israel Attacks Haredim Protesting State's Grave Digging

McGovern - US Pays Lip Service Over Israeli Settlements - Vid


Fisk - Kerry Negotiating Peace Like A Thief

Israeli Drone Strikes Northern Gaza

Students Offered Grants To Tweet Pro-Israel Propaganda

Israeli Zionist Rabbi Bans Male Handshaking

Indian Sub Explodes In Port, A Dozen Sailors Die - Vid

Pike - Pentecostalism's Word Of Faith Heresy

The Business Of Evangelism Religion

The Big Windup & The Eventual Follow Thru

The Organic Loophole - Feed Brokers' Exemption

Ships Anchored Off Shore Of NJ, MD & VA

Exposing The Myths Of 'Settled Science" - Vid

A Big School Can Lose Accreditation…Sort Of


UFO Ejecting Spheres - Vid

Duff - A Tale Of Two Hearts

WNS Hits Bats In Minnesota

UK Bats Seem Immune To Deadly WNS Fungus

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Migrates To US

World's Most Amazing Model Railroad - Vid

Beck Explodes - 'Total Chaos Is Coming!!!' - Vid

Many Dead As Cairo Protest Camps Cleared - Vid

120 Killed In Crackdown On Cairo Protesters

Blood, Bulldozers In Cairo

Engineers Have Only Vague Idea Where Daiichi Fuel Is

Radioactive Groundwater Continues Rising At Fukushima

Will Or Won't Obama Attack Syria?


All Israeli Settlements On Pal Land Illegal

Undisputed Israel Role In Training Mideast Terrorists

Rand Paul On Israeli Groups...'I Visit With Them Daily'

WW3 - China, Russia Conduct Anti Terror Drills - Vid

Obama, Snowden And Putin

Best UFO Sightings Of 2013

UFO Lands Near Cyclists In Brazil - Vid

Man's GPS Jammer Causes Problems At Newark Airport - Vid

Nations Incarcerate More Of Their Population Than US

9 Steps To Prep For An Economic Depression

Vid Of 'Lame' Cattle Stirs Concern On Growth Drugs - Vid

Iowa Plant Drops Horse Slaughter Plan

CIA Admits Having Secret File On Noam Chomsky

Your Mortgage Documents Are Fake

How Oil And Gas Drillers Avoid Paying Royalties

Child Sex Trafficking & The OK State Government

MK-ULTRA Message Hidden In '60s National Anthem - Vid

How Political Correctness Is Destroying America

Beck Blasts Progressives - Vid

The Secret History Of Making War In Children’s Culture - Pt 1

Ozone Hole Making Global Warming Worse?

Sugar-Laden Vitamin Water Makes Misleading Claims

Music Generates New Brain Neurons


The Dangers Of Taking Aspirin Or Ibuprofen

Why Are US Cops Now Such Ruthless Thugs?

Link Between Herbicide Exposure And Depression

Family Builds A Castle To Survive Doomsday

Rich Feel Poor If They Have Less Than $5m

What Papa John's Hides About Their Food

Genetic Switch To Guard vs Escaped Superviruses

Kellogg, Pepsi, Kraft, Coke Drop GMOs In Europe

How Many People Ever Lived?

How To Boycott Big Food - Vid

Cosmic Portraits Created From Hubble

Would You Pay $7,000 To Fix Your Curbs?


A Reptile Dysfunction

LA Suspends Fines For Veggie Gardens

A Glut Of Antidepressants

Great Lakes Loons Dying In Record Numbers

Heating Homes With (Passive) Solar Air Collectors (DIY)

Foreigners From Islamic Countries Vanishing From US Bases

Wife Says Hastings' Next Target Was CIA Director Brennen...

Holder - 'Broken' Justice System Needs 'Sweeping' Changes

98% of Drone Strikes Kill Civilians

UN Chief Urges Intl Regulations For Drones

Is Obama's War On Weed Coming To An End?

Michelle Obama's Embarrassing Rap Album


Kirwan - Cowards Can Never Be Free

Jeffrey Smith - New Reasons To Run Away From GMOs

Whistle Blowers Use To Be American Patriots

Matrix, Surveillance, Orwellian Freedom, Corrupting Language

NSA Spying Priorities - Iran, Russia, China, EU

Voter Rage At NSA Spying Faces Uphill Path

100 Pages Of Aaron Swartz Secret Service File Released

Amazing 'Hyperloop' Secrets Revealed By Billionaire - Vid


Commando Gestapo Hits Facebook

'Peace Talks' Face Collapse Over 'Settlement' Surge

Elite Underground Tunnels, Cities Now Fully-Stocked?

Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Double That Of 2012

Home Buying Increasingly Out Of Reach In CA

Five Whopping Big Lies About State And Local Pensions

When Survival Seems Impossible You Won’t Be Alone

Russian Rewrites Credit Card Agreement, Sues Bank

All In The (Robotic) Family

4 Health Issues You Could Be Treating Naturally

A Black Hole Mystery Wrapped In A Firewall Paradox


Images Of Hundreds Of Meteors Lighting Up Sky

Will New 'Super Blimp' Spur UFO Reports? Yes - Vid

How Atom Smashers Work

Deep Earth Heat Surprise

Hell's Unfinished Symphony In Illegal Minor

Useless Medical Tests And Procedures

Top 10 Self-Healing Myths Debunked

Plants Communicate Through Root Fungi

Green Love-Apple Pie

Fukushima - Uncontainable

McGrath - Pick Your Poison...Enslaved Or Beaten Down - Vid

Biden Acknowledges `Immense’ Jewish Role In US Mass Media

Israel To End Water Fluoridation In 2014

Israeli Occupation Harshness Prevents Peace


Barrage Of Drone Strikes In Yemen Show US Flaws

Why Is Obama At War In Yemen?

US Targeting Egypt For Destabilization, Destruction?

Russia Begins Construction Of New Anti-Missile Radar

DC Afraid Of BRICS, 'Must Spy To Keep Control'

Criminalizing The First Amendment

PressTV - 'Exporting Jobs Made Americans Poor' - Vid

Australia’s Own PRISM Facility

City Of London Pulls Plug On ‘Spy’ Trash Cans

Kirwan - America's Free-Fire Zone


Bradley Manning’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination?

Manning's Lawyers Seek Lesser Sentence

400 US Missiles Said Stolen In Benghazi

A Law For You But Not For Me

North Carolina Voter ID Becomes Law

Agencies Buy Hotel Rooms For Surge Of Mexican Illegals

Chemtrail Trolls Exposed

Palast - Bush Family Fortunes (Full Film) - Vid

The Greatest Story NEVER Told...Adolf Hitler - Vid

Weed - A Dr. Sanjay Gupta Film

LA To SF In 30 Minutes? 700 MPH Transit System


Codex Alimentarius Explained In 6 Min - Vid

The New, Improved 1984

The 3 Fears That Drive Us To Do Extraordinary Things

Mythic Traditions & The Brotherhood Of The Snake

Britain’s Childhood Obesity Problem Swells

How A Big Biotech Corp Is Controlling Government

Govt Doesn't Want You To Buy Direct From Farms

Wall Street Take-Off 2012–2013

They Are Systematically Making Us All Serfs Of The State

Violent 1924 Encounter Between Bigfoot & Miners In WA

Why So Many Sinkholes?

Lobster Shell Disease Creeping Northward To Maine


Kids Who Get Vaccines To Get Free School Supplies

3 Month Old Baby Spontaneously Combusts 4 Times - Vid

World War One - Hundreds Of Fascinating Images

HS To Make Students Get Hair Analysis For Drugs

Hubble Solves 40 Yr Mystery Of Magellanic Stream

Would You Buy A 'Useless Plastic Box' In LA Stores?

Great Minds Do Not Think Alike

The Amazing Ross Sisters (1944)...Stay With It - Vid

Pharmaceutical Damages 5x Worse Than Publicly Known

Live Longer Science - But How Long Is Too Long?

Curing Cancer Requires A New Kind Of Thinking

Rats Have Intimations Of Immortality Too


Greenland Ice Melting But Most Heat Coming From INSIDE Earth

'Gameboy Back' - Spines Curved From Video Staring

Those With Higher IQ Less Likely To Believe In God

Greenwald - Media's Reverence Of 'National Security' Officals

Obama Lied About NSA Programs

NSA Turns The Net Into Total Surveillance System

Mega To Run Cutting-Edge Encrypted Email

Surveillance, Vaccines, Androids, Snowden, Control Systems

FDA - Don't Worry About Radioactive Fish From Pacific

EU A Key NSA Target

Fukushima - 300 Tons Of Liquid Death Into Pacific Daily


Madman McCain Tells Obama -'Get Tough On Russia'

Giraldi - Throw The Bums Out

FDA - Don't Worry About Radioactive Fish

How Mass Media Uses Entertainment To Control You - Vid

National Anthem Video Subliminals To ‘Obey’ Govt

James - ET Quantum Computing & The End Of Secrecy

Forget REAL ID -- The Global Smart ID Is Coming!

Immigrants Told To Use 'Key Words' To Cross Border

Another Insane SWAT Team Terror Raid

Satanic Rituals - 78 Kids MIssing From OK Humans Services

Br. Nathanael - Jewish Directed Iran Sanctions Backfire - Vid


Whitey Bulger Found Guilty On 31 of 32 Counts

The House That Evil Built - Part 3

Secret TPP Deal Would Void Democracy

10 Disturbing Things About The FBI Since 9/11

What This Judge Did, Happens Every Day...

Those Damned Hippies Are Saving The Post Office

Israel Wrecks 'Peace Talks' With 1200 More Illegal Homes

Religious Jew Says Give Israel To The UN - Vid

From Mao Zedong To Beehive - Israeli Nihilism

Israeli Business As Usual

Israeli Troops Shoot Unarmed Gaza Farmer

Merkel Reaffirms German Servility To Israel

Palestinians Fleeing Syria Rejected By Lebanon'


Moscow, Tehran Sign To Bulid New Nuke Plant

Did The NYT Use A Staged Photo To Bash Russia?

Russia Starts New 'Sport' Tank Biathlon

Brits Must Accept Fracking For 'Good Of Nation' - Cameron

The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection

The Moment Of Truth For The US

The US=Mexico Border-Industrial Complex

WiFi, TV, Radio, Cell Phones Banned In W Virginia Town

Philippine Protesters Uproot Monsanto GMO Golden Rice!

Portals - Government Weapons Top Secret ‘Energy’

The Actor And Clown Culture

Mr. Apocalypse Is Lifting Up Offal Winfrey's Donna Karan Skirt


A Texan Tragedy - Ample Oil, No Water

Why Are So Many Leaving The US Permanently?

US Economy Has Already Gone Over The Cliff - Vid

Larry Summers: Wall Street's Man

US To Arrest 2 Ex JPM Employees In Big Bank Loss

Charged w/Terrorism For Criticizing School Security - Vid

NY Stop And Frisk Practice Violated Rights - Judge

Holder To Rein-In Drug-Related Jail Sentences

UFOs Over Cow Field In Stamford, UK - Vid

Another Video Of UFO Over Stamford - Vid

Raelian UFO Sect Wants To Rehabilitate Swastika

Orange Juice May Soon Contain Pig Genes

Sinkhole Causes Villa Collapse Near Disney World - Vid


Fracking Song - My Waterr's On Fire Tonight - Vid

Grandparents-Grandchildren & Their Mental Health

Last Leopards Of Arabia Being Saved In Oman

Astonishing Hi-Res Zoom-In Tokyo Panorama Photo

China Prof's 'Mountain Villa' Atop Beijing Highrise - Pics

Internal Structures Of Ego And The Predator Realm

Super Honey To Treat Wounds And Kill Superbug Infections

Why HPV Vaccines Are Unsafe

Snowden Dad - Obama Is Misleading Americans

Snowden Father Has Visa To Visit Russia

Assange - Obama Validates Snowden

The Clinton Chronicles - Vid


Obama Awarding Armored Tanks For Police State

How Twitter Can Help Predict Elections

Facebook Oversharing Hurts Real Relationships

Kirwan - Looking For Lies

What The West Has Given Syria 'Rebels'

Oliver Stone's Son - 9/11 Was An Inside Job - Vid

Sauder - What's To Say On What's Next Eve ?

Fukushima NHK Documentary - 'Two Years Later' - Vid

16m Times Over Limit Rad Water Overruns Fukushima Barrier

Fukushima Daiichi May Become A Tourist Attraction?

The Next Keystone XL?


China Food Conference Warns Against GMOs

NYPD Has No Obligation To Protect & Serve - Vid

Fukushima Daiichi May A Tourist Attraction?

Pike - What Happens When We Are Really 'Born Again?'

This Is What A Police State Looks Like - Vid

Five Sci-fi Weapons That Actually Exist - Vid

Timothy Good On ET & UFOs - Vid

UK Protests Require A Gay Presence, It Seems - Vid

Do Republicans Hate Funding Science?

Legendary Singer Eydie Gorme Passes At 84

Healthy Meals On A Budget

Are Most Diseases Caused By The Medical System?


When Vaccine Patients Act Like Consumers

B Vitamins Slow Alzheimers & Grey Matter Loss

6 Fast-Growing Veggies For The Restless Gardener

On The Trail Of Dark Energy

New H7N9 Case In South China

Why Are Millions Of Fish In Mass Die-Offs Planet-Wide?

New Stunning Video Of Japan Tsunami Found - Vid

Clues Everyone Missed - Vid

Will The Illuminati Attack Russia?

Sudden Flood Of Asylum Requests At US Border

Snowden Data Corroborated By Second Whistleblower

Google Chrome Flaw Offers Unrestricted PW Access

Wikipedia To Protect Readers From Govt Snooping


A Social History Of Wiretaps

TV - The Prime Engine Of Mass Mind. Control

Monsanto Can Sue If A Crop Is 1% GMO Contaminated

Japan's Fukushima Has Poisoned World's Food Chain - Vid

Syria Attacked With Tactical Nuclear Weapons?

Israeli Democracy - A Convenient Illusion

Israeli To Build 1,200 More Illegal Settler Units

Brilliant German Anti-Semitism

Operation Northwoods Gen Lemnitzer - Zionist Jew Hated JFK

Jewish Gen Lemnitzer Wrote 9/11 'Plan' 40 Yrs Ago - Vid

One Silly Jewish Boy, Maybe Two...In Damascus

USAF Chief Secretive Week Visit To IsraHell

New US Amb To Egypt Ran Iraq Death Squads


Corbett - Detroit Collapse Near, Fukushima Leaking - Vid

Pedo Monster Jimmy Savile's Secret Lair Discovered

Cameron Wants Internet Ban On Sexual Propaganda

Cops Were 'High-Fiving' After Executing Teen With Taser

Who Will Stop Inhuman Police Brutality In America

Depp Blames Critics For Lone Ranger 'Flop' (TERRIFIC film)

Depp's 'Crow-On-Head' Character Not Entirely Fiction...

Seattle Officials Want BAN On 'Offensive Language' (the end)

Fed Excess Reserves - 51% To Foreign Banks, 49% US Banks

Bankster Gold Math - 300 Minus 1350 Equals 300

Strange Tale Of Shell Pipeline Battle


Raging Flood Rips CO Town..1 Dead, 3 Missing - Vid

Cameron Seduces Brits With £100k To Win Frack Support

England - Balcome Frack Protest...Drilling Underway - Vid

Kid Wishes Lightning Would Strike Car And It Does - Vid

Grocery Store Opera - Vid

How Much Food $5 Will Buy Around World - Vid

The Brave New World Of Scalar Electromagnetics

A Partial Glossary For Scalar Electromagnetics

Prosecution Of People Who Assist The Dying Must End

On The Toxic Fewmet Trail Of Offal Winfrey

African Giant Rats Learn To Diagnose TB

28 Amazing Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide


How Ducks Use Magnetic Field For Landing

Dazzling Photos of Dew-Covered Insects

Dreier - Lonely For Beauty And Love

Why People Drown At Great Falls

Father, Son Spent 40 Yrs Living In Vietnam Jungle

Strangers Invade Homes Of Giant Bacteria

Latino KKK - Whites Don't Belong In America - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - DC's Drive To Hegemony Is Drive To War

NSA Spying - Worse Than You Think

Obama's Surveillance Legacy - Vid

Obama Spurns NSA Spying Reform


Military Manipulates Social Media, Runs Mass Propaganda

New Snowden Leak - How NSA Gets Away With Spying

Wiki-Snowden-Greenwald & Conspiracy Against Brazil

The Power Of Edward Snowden

NSA Claims It Only Rouches 1.6% Of Net Traffic

Here's How Easily Someone Could Hack Into Your Life

Kirwan - Vietnam Re-Run In The Middle East

Netanyahu Undergoes Emergency Hernia Surgery

Duff - Israel Planning Attack Against Hezbollah

US Remains 'Uninterested' As Kurds Massacred In Syria


US To Accept Thousands Of Syrian Refugees

Zimbabwe To Supply For Uranium For Iran

Abby Martin Blasts Rachel Maddow - Vid

Prof Doom - Getting Promoted As Faculty

Surveillance Cam Show UFO Visiting A FL Swimming Pool?

Curiosity Finds Duck And Second Lizard On Mars - Vid

US Grid - New Threats 10 Yrs After Mass Blackout

Dr Rima Exposes Genocidal Plot - Vid


US Rages Over Freeing Of Mexican Drug Cartel Baron

Cops Florida Rape Charges Cut To Non-Sex Crimes?

Superman Renounces His US Citizenship

Intl Conference On Oslo Accord - Impact And Future

'Eminent Domain For The People' Leaves Wall Street Furious

Comet ISON Already Visible In North Eastern Skies - Vid

McDonalds Forced To Remove 'Pink Slime' Ingredient

Shanghai Photos Taken 26 Yrs Apart Show Staggering Growth

Plants Communicate Via Symbiotic Root Fungi - Vid

Navigating The Murky World Of Neuropathic Pain

Revolutionary Metaphysics

The Coolest And Weirdest Artworks Visible from Space

Test-Tube Burger Won't Solve World Hunger


The Growth Of Eco-Burials

5 Odd Ways Your Tech Devices May Injure You

How To Install Rainwater Collection Barrels - Vid

Autism Hits Different Brain Parts In Men & Women

Missiles Shot DownTWA Flight 800 - Mass Murder

CNN Journo Had To Report Fake News, Delete Unfavorable - Vid

Not As I Do

Obama 'Offended" By Russia 'Anti-Gay' Legislation

Obama Bodyguard 'Suicides' After Affair With Foreigner

Napolitano - 4th Amendment Is To Prevent NSA Spying

Snowden Not In Moscow - Russian Authorities

NSA Loophole Oks Warrantless Search Of Emails, Calls

'Nobody Is Listening To Your Calls' - Obama (right)

Obama Touts NSA 'Reforms' (worthless)


Security Expert - Keep A 2nd Home Computer Offline - Vid

Hypocritical Jewish Identity Politics & MSM Ownership

Was Bush Involved In The Murder Of John Kennedy, Jr?

19 Very Disturbing Facts About Illegal Immigration

Kraft Mac & Cheese Warning Label In The NYT

GMO Label On Kraft Mac & Cheese Raises Alarm

Top 5 GMO Myths Debunked

Philippine Farmers Destroy Monsanto GMO Rice Tests

The DNA Nanobots Have Arrived

HPV Vaccines Can Kill...And They Do

Organizations Can Now Hire Fake Protesters

Was George W. Bush Aiding al-Qaeda?

NYT Fueling Anti-Iran Sentiment

Engdahl - Pakistan To Be The New 'Terror Ground'

Israeli Drone Kills 5 In Sinai

Israeli Drone Bombs Egypt

Israel Defense Forces - Trouble In The Ranks?

Saudi Pour Money Into Arming 'Rebels', Militants

Anti-American Sentiment In Egypt

'7 Saudis' Killed By Obama Death Drones In Yemen

Obama Death Drones Kill 34 In 2 Wks In Yemen

Federal Reserve Cartel Pt 3 - Roundtable & Illuminati

Japan Debt Surpasses 1 Quadrillion Yen

Was Radioactive Spy Litvinenko Killed By Bungling MI6?


Review Sites Turn Us Into Herd Mentality Copycats

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Hypocrisy Redux

Perpetrators Of The Coup Against Obama

Krugman - The Phony Fear Factor

DOJ Officially ‘Opens Hunting Season’ On Mexicans

Child Trafficking Victims Could Go To Jail...

Ex-FBI Agent - Bulgaria UFO Video Is Genuine - Vid

'We Have Seen No UFO Evidence Whatsoever' - Ex ISS Boss

NASA Mission To See About Mining Asteroids For Metals

7 Times Normal Dolphin Deaths On East Coast - Virus?

Dozens Of Birds Fall Dead From Sky In Canada

Can You Pass 8th Grade Exam From 1912?


How To Help Children Eat Well

Why An Ice Age Occurs Every 100,000 Years

Six Killed In Indonesia Volcano Eruption

Great Horned Owls – Giants Of The Forest

10 Amazing Creatures That Once Roamed America

Idiot Gets Bitten While Kissing A Nurse Shark - Vid

Seven Ways To Be Healthier At The Office

Obama Calls Putin A 'Bored Kid'!

US To Reopen 18 Of 19 Closed Foreign Posts

Kirwan - Stop Armageddon!

Spain Vows To Defend Gibraltar Against Brits

The CIA Role In Hollywood


Mind Control - Vid

Why The Spammers Are Winning

German Email Cos Adopt New Encryption To Foil NSA

Student Loans Tied To Market Interest Rates

Credit Cards Change Your Relationship To Money

There Is A 'They' - Vid

Israel Launches First Deadly Drone Strike Inside Egypt

France Confirms Continued Ban On GMO Corn

Adolf Hitler & King Edward - The UNTOLD Story


CPS Releases Maps Of 'Safe Passage' Routes

How Your Brain Gets Addicted To Caffeine

Mass Dolphin Deaths Along Mid-Atlantic Coast

Oak Harbor Woman Reports UFO Over Whidbey Island

Witness Recounts Weird Shag Harbour UFO Incident

Is Google Responsible For UFO Sightings Over Fresno?

Huge Japanese Hornets - Vid

Strange Weather Ring Around Michigan, Toronto

The Real 'Prometheus' Space Ship...On The Moon - Vid

Crop Circles Appear In Canadian Grain Field

Sun's Magnetic Field Flip Won't Doom Earth

The Plight Of The Honeybee

You Are What You Eat

Time For FDA To Remove Tylenol From The Market?

The 5 Most Extreme Atomic Experiments


Theremin Players Perform Beethoven

My San Francisco Vacation

20,000 ‘Lost Souls Of Bedlam’ Under London Sts - Vid

Jeff & Dr. Bill Deagle - Prognosis For Planet Earth - Vid

Nasty Bashing Of Putin By The NY Times...Again

Barrett - Tsarnaevs Are 9/11 Truthers, NOT Terrorists

Snowden, Greenwald And Wikileaks Are Winning

Wag The Dog... An NSA Production - Vid

Fears NSA Surveillance May Endanger Cloud Computing

DHS Preparing For Total Police State Takeover

Sen Obama Warned Ot Patriot Act - Pres Obama Proved Him Right

US MIlitary Caught Manipulating Social Media


p>Hacking Humans - Barnaby Jack Vs Medtronic

The Gross Improbability Of The DC Madam's 'Suicide'

Pentagon Considers Unhappy Employees Security Threat

Stubblebine - 'I Can Prove What Hit Pentagon Was Not A Plane'

Hardware, Software Combining To Replicate Human Brain

Temper Tantrum Politics

Temper Tantrum Politics Israel Breaks Truce

Israel Refuses To Sign Any Settlement Agreements With EU

Jihadists In Syria Vow ‘Occupation Until Martyrdom’

Engineering Potential Disaster in Syria

CIA Gun-Running - Qatar-Libya-Syria

Why The Washington Post Sold Itself To Amazon Man

Russia Destroys Over 75% Of Its Chemical Weapons


The Nuclear Curse On Humanity - Vid

Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda Film Exposed

Could A Military Coup Remove Obama?

The Nuclear Curse On Humanity - Vid

Lavabit - A Profile In Corporate Principles, Personal Courage

Peak Crackers - 'Tax'-idermy Your Hide - Vid

Aborted Human Fetal Cells In Food, Vaccines, Cosmetics

Orgonite vs Chemtrails - Vid

Neonicotinoids Are The New DDT Killing The Natural World

How Near-Death Experiences Transform People

An Extra Hour Of TV Can Ruin A Child's Life

Lower Income Grocery Store Stocks Even More GMOs


How Crop Rotation Can Replace GMO Poisons

Cop Beats Woman Shoplifter In Front Of Her Child - Vid

NASA Believes Jupiter Moon Europa Is Habitable

Pink Planet GJ 504b Discovered By NASA

Are We The 'Delta' Types Of Huxley's Brave New World?

5 States Agree To Help Russia Build Heavy-Ion Collider

UFO Caught On Surveillance Cam in Naples - Vid

MUFON to Investigate Naples UFO - Vid

Top Ten UFO Sightings In Lincolnshire - Vid

Florida Rocket Launch Prompts UFO Calls

Abandoned WW2 Railway Stn Now Hides Secret Lab

New York City - One Large Archaeological Site

When Was Your First Chuckle … At Yourself?


11 Strange Science Lessons We Learned This Summer

Man Charged With Blowing Up Family Dog

US Declares Major Concerns As Dolphin Deaths Rise

A Waterworld Of Volcanoes - Vid

20 Foods That Detox Your Body & Mind

Do Poor People Get Fair Trials?

Riverside Wildfire's Speed Shows Growing Risks

MERS Virus May Be Infecting Camels

Arabian Camel May Be MERS Virus Host

Scientists Argue Whether Bird Flu Experiments Are Safe

Scientists May Make Deadly Flu Strain...To Prove They Can

US Hacker War Backfires - Top Hackers Refuse To Work With Feds

The Next Terrorist Attack - What The MSM Isn't Telling You - Vid

Boeing's Plutonium Pandemonium


Henderson/Press TV - DOJ Charges Bank Of America With Frau

JPMorgan In Double Trouble - Investigated And Sued

Court Officially Declares Bitcoin A Real Currency

Reminiscing About 'The Washington Post'

Frigid And Sweltering: The New Climate Normal

Atzmon - Fry-Up

Barzani Warns He Will Assist Syrian Kurds - Vid

Imported Chinese Tilapia Are Raised On Feces

Stunning UFO Over Huntington Beach, California? - Vid

A UFO In Florida Caught On Camera? - Vid

Children Commonly Own A Cell Phone By Age 7

Existing Cropland Could Feed Four Billion More


News From Greenland - There Is No Meltdown

Five Growing Cyberspace Phenomena

Rare West Nile Death Sparks Blood Transfusion Worries

Toxin Found In Most US Rice Causes Genetic Damage

The Cosmic Shift, Unconscious Crazies And Moving Forward

CA Bumbles Over Illegal Radioactive Waste Disposal Charges

Racists Go Wild Outside Obama Speech In Arizona

Snowden's Encrypted Email Service Mysteriously Shut Down

China Media On Snowden - 'US Ate Dirt This Time'

How NSA Collects Your Cross-Border Emails

Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana Flee Obamacare


LaRouche - Israel Can Trigger US-Russia Thermonuclear War

Obama Death Drones Kill 12 More In Yemen - Vid

Three More US Soldiers KIlled In Afghanistan - Vid

Russian Blows Off Saudi Bribe To Abandon Syria - Vid

Syrian Army Kills Dozens Of Zio-US 'Rebels'

EU-Israel Conflict Exposes Funding Scheme

Drills & Props Predicting Large Scale False Flag Events

TEPCO May Have To Pour Water On Fukushima FOREVER

Twice The Daiichi Death Water Pours Into Pacific As Thought - Vid


CA Bumbles Over Illegal Radioactive Waste Disposal Charges

Freedom As A Symbol And Freedom As A Reality

Sanjay Gupta - 'I Was Wrong About Marijuana' - Vid

Time For A Global Minimum Wage?

ACLU Executive Director Insist NSA Is Spying On Him

Bad - 'Smart Grid Advancement Act' Now I Congress

Citizens Fight Bay Area 'Smart Growth' Plan

CO Lawmakers Get License Plates Immune To Speed Cams!

Spain's Bull Runs Coming To Imbecile America

Man Who Invented Soylent About To Be A Billionaire

Same Looks & Shallowness - Teen Girls Individuality Is Gone


UK Biggest Euro Population Growth - Immigrants

Steven Jones PhD Still Lying About Tritium, Thermite?

How Safe Is Your Perky Little Small Car In A Crash?

Cops Enter innocent Family's Home, Kill Their 2 Dogs - Vid

The Flipping Sun To Cause Catastrophe?

State-Sponsored Drug Awareness Seminars Spin Truth

Why Emergency Managers Shouldn’t Alienate Preppers

Assad Shown Unharmed After Attack On His Motorcade - Vid

Mad Scientists To Do H7N9 Influenza Experiments

Greenwald On Obama Cancellation Of Putin Summit

Russian Senator Raises Funds For Snowden's Work

Judge Casts Doubt On Damage Caused By Bradley Manning

Google Tracking Android Phones With Wi-Fi OFF


Don't Like US Foreign Policy? You May Be A 'High Threat'

IRS Manual Detailed DEA Use Of Intel Evidence

Terror Alert - Weapons Of Mass Distraction - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - Washington Thinks You're Stupid

Secret Service - Contact Us To 'Report A Tweet'

Congress Exempts Itself From Obamacare

Benghazi Stunner - Valerie Jarrett, Commander In Chief

As A Country We Are In Mortal Danger

The Battle For Fukushima Nuclear Containment - Vid

Japan Describe Fukushima Crisis As 'Urgent'

Mutant Strawberries In Twin Cities

The End Of The Nuclear Sub USS Miami - Pics

Duff - Armageddon Watch Over Syria


Saudis Offer Arms Deal If Russia Dumps Assad – report

Satellite Images Show Destruction In Aleppo

US-Backed Killers Massacre 100s Of Syrian Kurds

The Kurds Are Mobilising - Vid

Israel Claims Iran Expanding Uranium Enrichment (yawn)

US Foreign Policy Could Lead To WW3

Decades Of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Failure

Paul Craig Roberts - The New 'No Jobs' Economy

Top Salesman Axed For Posting Paycheck On Instagram

US Rich Are Hoarding Cash, Creating Inequality

Child Sex Trade Plaguing Oregon

We Need A Campaign To End Corporations - Vid


How Zionism Hides Itself In The Christian & Muslim World

The US Is The Real Global Terrorist

Major Hasana Was A Jolly Man

Doom - Faculty Need One Thing To Survive...Happy Students

Moral Judgments Can Be Altered...By MAGNETS

How The Food Industry Cashed In On Obesity

Kellogg’s Foods Are Full Of GMO Sugar Beets

California Finds Toxic Insecticide In Air Samples

$5 Warhol Painting On eBay For $2 Million - Vid

Miami Cops Execute Graffiti-Spraying Teen With Taser

Tribe Blockades 'Megaload' Of Tar Sands Equipment

JoeTalk - Only The Strong Shall Survive - Vid

Dispute Flares Inside FDA Over Safety Of BP Drugs


Happiness Impacts Gene Expression

Extraordinary Mayan Frieze Found In Guatemala

Wasp Turns Spiders Into Zombie Construction Workers

The Gray Areas Of Gray Matter

Using Maggots To Help Solve Murders

New Mineral Qingsongite Discovered

Obama Cancels Summit With Putin Over Snowden, More - Vid

Snowden Tensions Cause Obama To Snub Putin Meeting

Fake Terror Alert Extended

Broad US Terror Alert Mystifies Experts - 'It's Crazy'

Kirwan - Anonymous...The Excuse For Treachery & Treason

Greenwald Claims He Has 20,000 Snowden Documents

Ex NSA Boss Warns Of Cyber Attacks If Snowden Taken

Obama Shoots Himself In Foot Over Snowden


NSA Attacks Navy TOR Network, Gives Spoils To FBI

Pre-Crime And Mind Control Technologies Already Here

1974 Warning Of Total Surveillance For Mass Control

New US Amb To UN - US Should Give Up Some Sovereignty

Horns Blown - Overpasses For Obama Impeachment

400+ Tons Of Radioactive Daiich Death Pour Into Sea Daily

Fukushima Drainage System Full Of Massively Radioactive Water

Japan Says New Aircraft Carrier Is Just A 'Flat-Top Destroyer'

Escalating Crime, Violence Swamp Communities Over US

Obama Gross Abuse Of The Espionage Act


Obamacare - Why You Will Never Retire

NY Times Editors Support Police State Persecution

Strange Business Success Ventures

Burger King, Dominos Also Using Zero-Hours Contracts

New Chip And PIN Device To End Cash?

Peter Schiff Asks 'What's In The Vault?'

Chaos Coming From Shortages Of Gold, Silver, Food, Gas

Big Banks Conspiracy Is Destroying America

Shocks That Will Crush The Economy - A Generation Lost

The Unregulated World Of Shadow Banking


A Hard Landing For The Middle Class

Ward - Israeli Nukes On Syria...Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

Netanyhau Visits Las Vegas, Israel

Zionist, Racist Israel Ethnic Cleansing Tens Of 1,000s Of Bedouins

Lebanese Army - Israeli Soldiers Wounded In Lebanon

SPLC Hate Map 'Doesn’t Cause Anybody To Attack’

US-Al Qaeda Massacres 450 Kurds (120 Kids) In Syria

US Government Protection Of Al-Qaeda Terrorists

Russia Demands UN Censure Of Kurds Massacre In Syria

McCain Says Morsi Ouster Was A Coup

Suspect Turkish Court Rulings

Obama Death Drones Kill Seven More In Yemen


Shocked Man Encounters UFO Parked On NZ Road

There Is Zero Doubt UFOs Exist

Sun's Magnetic Field To Flip – Ripple Through Solar System

Screw Of Government Accountability Tightens

Pedo Skates As CHILD Called A 'Predator' By Judge

UK Fracking Protest Support, Police Friendly, Firm - Vid

Online Child Bullying Cases Double In One Year

Toddler Killed After Taken From Parents By Texas CPS

Warming Idiots Picking On Polar Beats Again

Blogger IDs Number-Changing Glitch In Xerox Copiers

Alaskan Towns Slowly Going Under The Sea

Inside Henry Ford’s Failed Planned City Jungle Utopia


Nightmare Horror - The Mysterious Brain-Eating Amoeba

Researchers Dismantle Bacteria's 'War Machinery'

Do Sharks Really Have Personalities?

Wilde - Don’t Yearn, Act

Eating Raw Garlic 2x Week Halves Risk Of Lung Cancer

From Monoculture Farmer To Homestead Beekeeper

Jeff & Jay Weidner - The State Of The Planet - Vid

Charlie McGrath - Welcome To Terrorland - Vid

Obama...'We Don’t Have Domestic Spying' - Vid

Obama 'Disappointed' In Russia Giving Snowden Asylum

NYT - Al-Qaeda Terror Threat Used To Help NSA

Obama Calls For Affordable Mortgage

H7N9 Bird Flu H2H Transmission 'Probable' (gosh)


This Little Piggy Was Fed GMOs

Hog Farms Battling To Contain Deadly Virus

Perry Vetoes TX Equal Pay Bill

Dems Introduce Supreme Court Ethics Act

2012 One Of Warmest On Record

Climate Change Pushing Marine Life Towards The Poles

Keeps On A Comin'

Galileo Secret Telescope Technology Revealed

UFO Hovered, Then Accelerated Faster Than A Jet

Contact With Aliens? Think Before You Call

UFO Caught On Video In The Netherlands - Vid


The Real Bad Girls - London Female Gang Culture

Hunt For Buried Gold Causes Suburban Landslide

Discovery Hammered For Shark Special

Sleep Deprivation Creates Junk Food Cravings

Live Forever? No Thanks

Has Physics Hit The Wall?

Material Scientists Reconfigure Gels With Liight

Dolphins Recognize Friends After 20 Yr Absence

A Mom Who Does NOT Vaccinate Her Children - Vid

How To Build A One Year Food Supply In Three Months


The Mystery Of Devil's Kettle Waterfalls - Vid

Magnetic North Shifting By 40 Miles A Year

How Does Arsenic Get Into Apple Juice?

Filer's Files # 31 - 2013 President Carter Saw UFO

Filer's Files #30 2013 - Royal Family Believe in UFOs

Filer's Files # 29 - 2013 UFOs Are Real

Drought Destroying The Western US

Fukushima...A Catastrophe With No Solution - World Crisis

Deadly Radioactive Fukushima Water Poisoning Entire Pacific

FEMA Contacts Storable Food Co For Emergency Delivery

Report - FEMA Scrambles To Stockpile Food Reserves

Why Won't They Tell Truth About NSA Spying?

DEA Uses NSA Intercepts To Investigate Americans


Time To Take Note Of USA Firsts

Wasn't Warrantless Spying To Stop Terrorist Attacks?

Scientists Create False Memories - What Part Of Matrix Is This?

Teddy Roosevelt - Originator Of America's Destruction

Lindorff - Pissing Off Friends Is A Doomed Strateg

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again, Hurrah, Hurrah

Holder Demands Federal Supervision Of Apple iTunes & App Stores

Monsanto, GMO Labeling And Little Red Riding Hood

Why GMOs Can Never Be Safe

Sen Dick Dirtbag Durban Again Attacks Supplements

Lohan Throws Support To Anthony Weiner For Mayor


Persian Gulf Power Play

‘Officials’ Fear al-Qaeda May Have Liquid Explosive

US Urges Citizens, Staff To Leave Yemen Asap

US Preparing ‘Preemptive Strikes On al-Qaeda

US Raises Alert For Warships In Middle East

Chemical Bibi Is Not Ready

Syrian 'Rebels' Capture Military Airport Near Turkey

Egyptian Coup Will Only Lead To Dictatorship


Mystery VA Object Is 'Weather Balloon' - Firefighters (right!) - Vid

Glowing UFO Descends Onto Leeds - Vid

Blatant UFOs Photographed Over Zig Zag Hill In Dorset - Pics

Mars Rovers Curiosity First Birthday On Mars - Vid

Curiosity's Most Exciting First Year Moments

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 1 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 2 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 3 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 4 - Vid

Adolf Hitler - The Unknown Artist, Part 5 - Vid

Conspiracy To Detune Us From Natural 432Hz?

Rise Of America’s Praetorian Guard

The Unseen North Korea - Vid

USAF Flies Coca ine From Costa Rica To Miami


Rothschild Gold Fixers, Dubai & The Annunaki

How Most Are Barely Staying Afloat

The Dreadful Summer Wind

90% McDonalds Employees Are On Zero Hour Contracts

Civil Disobedience - The Right Of Revolution

Hypocrites, Disinfo Agents, Halfwits & The Big One

Greek Food Crisis - Families Face Growing Hunger

Seeing Narcissists Everywhere

Who Killed The Music Industry

Lynne Stewart Petitions For Release

Japan Unveils Biggest Warship Since WW2

WW2 - UK Played Key Role In US Nuking Japan

HAARP Ionospheric 'Research Program' To Continue


Chemtrail Insider Makes Contact - Is The End Near?

TSA Spreads Out Beyond Airport Security Duties

The Farmery - Growing, Selling Organic In Same Space - Vid

Utopian 'Harvest Your Own' Groceries Soon - Vid

Obamacare Scams Heading Our Way

Cosmic Recipe For Earthlings

Sun's Magnetic Field Is About To Flip

98 Million Americans Got Polio Vax With Cancer Virus

Owners Of Killer Dogs May Face Life In Prison

Fukushima Bleak...Radiation Discharge 'Beyond Control' - Vid

Massive Fukushima Groundwater Radiation Emergency - Vid

London Times - Groundwater Into Pacific A Threat To Life'

AIPAC Promotes, Pushing For War On Iran

A Guide To Russia For Ed Snowden


Ex-Spy 'Falcon' - US Likes Snowden In Russia

Judge Napolitano - NSA Spying Will Go To Supreme Ct - Vid

DEA 'Coverup Program' Worse Than NSA Surveillance?

Latin Countries Go To UN Over US Espionage - Vid

Cyber Attack Containing A Secret NSA Message?

'THEY' Want Us To Think Another 9/11 Ia Coming - CIA Agent

Government Experiments On US Citizens - Vid

FBI Lets Informants Commit Crimes

Look Who Funded Common Core

Pike - Top Rabbi - Gentile Children Have Sex With Dogs


US Turning Into Part-Time Worker Economy

Chemtrail Watching For Children...'It's Normal, Kids' Says NASA

Bizarre Object Falls In Norfolk VA - 'Weather Balloon' - Not

Mystery Siberian Crater - From A UFO Or Volcano?

Mutilated Horse With Bizarre Incisions In Argentina

Japan UFO Video Mysteriously Deleted From YouTube

We Were Told To Lie - Bank Of America Employees

Consulates And Vatican In Chaos - Need New Bank

Is Same Great White Attacking Off Same CA Beach?

10 Shocking CPS Videos You Need To Watch

Security Flaw Makes Smart Toilets Vulnerable To Hackers

Language - Vibrational Key To Conscious Activation


UK Schoolgirl Trolled To Death

Costa Rica To Close Zoos & Release Animals

Why Men Kill Themselves

Potential Fracking Site In Heart Of England - Pic

Sewage Size Of Bus Block London Sewer Drain

Sun's Magnetic Field Is About To Flip - NASA Science

Awesome - Incoming Storm Slams Into City - Vid

1929 Ford Model A 'Half-Track'

Python Strangles Sleeping Boys In New Brunswick

JoeTalk - Earthquake - Vid


Boeing's LA Meltdown Mess - The Incredible Truth

Greenwald - 'FISA Report Calls NSA Spying Unconstitutional

Russia's 'Mark Zuckerberg' Offers Snowden A Job

NSA Secretly Giving Spy Intel To Cops For Petty Crimes?

Annie Machon - GCHQ Prostituting Itself To NSA - Vid

Only Manning Held To Pay For Crimes Of Others

Americans Offer To Serve Manning Prison Term For Him


Br. Nathanael - Politically Incorrect Jewish News - 8.1.13 - Vid

Drones In US To Be Armed With 'Non-Lethal' Weapons (har!)

Robotic Jellyfish May Be Underwater Spy - Vid

US Betrays Its Own Soldiers

Duff - Google And The Secret Corporate War

Fukushima Liquid Death Pouring Into Dying Pacific

Fukushima Radioactive Groundwater Rises Over Barrier

Japan Finally Admits An Emergency At Fukushima

British Leaking, Cracked Nuke Subs A Growing Danger

Kirwan - PsyOp Attack On The Whole Planet


Amazon Founder Bezos Buy Washington Post

Loans Leave Average US Student $208,000 Poorer

Gravel - US Intentionally Creates Fear In Americans

Chuckie Schumer Likens Putin To 'Schoolyard Bully'

Terrorist Threat At 'Pre 9/11 Levels' - NSA Defenders

US 'Terror Alert' To Keep Fake War On Terror Going

Mind If We Store Your DNA And Share With Everyone?

Russia Wants 'Network' Of Deportation Facilities

Jewish AIPAC Flexes Muscle On Iran, Egypt

General Dempsey In Israel To Discuss Iran


Settlers Skyscrapers

Palestinians Slam Israel Over West Bank 'Settlements'

Iran's Rouhani Vows To Support Assad

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks - Rebooting Failure

Syrian Conflict Resolution - Stamp Out Terror

Pentagon Admits Used White Phosphorus In Fallujah

The Hiroshima Myth - Lies Of US Military History

Destroying Greece To Save It

How DNA Is Reprogrammed By Words & Frequencies

Chemtrails - Origins And Implications

Is Urban Beekeeping Better Than Rural?

31% Of U.S. Honey Bees Were Wiped Out This Year


An Ill Wind Blows

Somewhere In TX A Village Is Missing Its Idiot

China Drops One Child Policy - Aging Crisis Looms

'Unprecedented' Surge In Online Child Abuse Images

40% US Workers Make Less Than Full-Timer In 1968

I Got Bills To Pay And Kids Who Need Clothes - Vid

Groupthink in Service Of Government

New iPhones Will Come With 'Biometric Kit'

Transhuman Google Co-Founder Backed Lab-Grown Burger

'Fake Meat' Passes The 'Taste' Test

The Enemy Without And The Enemy Within

US Orders Agents To Hide Ways Investigating Citizens

Paul Craig Roberts - America Discredited


CFR Says More Gun Control Needed In US

Met Cops Apologize For 2009 Murder Of Ian Tomlinson

‘Big Lie’ Behind Rothschild Bedroom Tax

Is The Queen In The Depleted Uranium Trade?

Dear Dr...Do You Really Know What's In Vaccines?

Cancer 'Expert' Tells Women To Remove Fallopian Tubes

Seattle Shoppers Can Dble Up EBT Spent At Farmers Mkts

‘Buy Local’ Gets Creative

Gen RX - Dangers Of Psychiatric Meds & Brain Chemistry

Wondrous Benefits Of Juicing

Four Reasons Juicing Helps Weight Loss

Mushrooms As An Alternate To Styrofoam


Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Alien Craft? Don't Ask! - Vid

Randle & Ramsey Debate Aztec UFO Crash

UFOs Reported Above Lincolnshire Town

UK Water Companies Polluting Rivers And Beaches

Fracking In China’s Most Dangerous Quake Zone

Sweet Fruit Juices May Be As Bad As Sodas

French Oysters Hit As Mystery Killer Spreads

Way Of Life Facing Extinction In La Bayous

Wraparound Magnet May Solves Restless Leg Syndrome

JoeTalk - Death Of The Heart - Vid

Obama To Cancel Putin Meeting If No Change With Snowden

The Camera In Your TV Is Watching You- Vid

Your Cell Phone: Easy To Hack - Vid

Wikipedia Aims To Lock Out NSA

US Military And The CIA Are Addicted To Drones


Fukushima Crisis - Huge Leak Of Tritium Feared

Kirwan - Everybody Knows The Whole Ugly Thing!

Out Of Control Madness In America Soon

US Posts In Muslim World To Stay Closed For Week

Sean Stone Debunks Myths On Iran, US Empire - Vid

CIA Running Guns In Benghazi When Attack Hit

FBI Let Informants Commit 5,600 Crimes

GOP Long-Predicted Comeuppance Has Arrived


Waters Fires Back At Being Called ‘Hater Of Jews’ - Vid

Common Core Is Soviet Style Centralization

US Finds Evidence Of Banks Fixing Derivative Rates

Economy - Monsanto...A Food Stock With A Bad Aftertaste

Jeffrey Smith - Why Monsanto Created GMOs - Vid

Hidden GMO Dangers In Children's Meals, Pt 1 - Vid

Hidden GMO Dangers In Children's Meals, Pt 2
- Vid

Hidden GMO Dangers In Children's Meals, Pt 3 - Vid

Cable Wars - TimeWarner Cable Drops CBS & Showtime

Kirwan - Listen Up!

Is The Louisiana Sinkhole Actually A Volcano? - Vid

Doom - Faculty’s Role In Higher Education - Pt 2

Booking A Reservation For The Movie Called Reality

VA Hospitals Cut Services, Veterans Die


WW2 Hero Refuses Medical Care, So Cops Kill Him

CNN Explains: 3-D Printing - Vid

Nine American Cities Running Out Of Water

100% Progressive Groups OK'd, Conservatives Denied

Best UFO Sightings Of July 2013 - Vid

Rare 1964 Interview With Contactee George Van Tassel - Vid

Pike - God Mars Those He Loves

Oil Companies Fracking In Waters Off California Coast

WI Commando Team Raids Shelter To Kill Al Qaeda Fawn

Giant Sinkhole Swallows KS Pasture - Now Tourist Draw

What Does The Hospital Of The Future Look Like?

Have The Suburbs Hit A Dead End?


The Big Lie Behind The UK Bedroom Tax

More Infants Getting Cancer From GMO Soy-Based Formulas

Fonterra Admits Baby Formula Has Toxic Bacteria

Chinese Grow Human Teeth From Urine

Snowden Case Shows Decline In US-Russia Relations

Wikipedia War Over 'Defining' Snowden

The Zionist-Nazi Collaboration

McCain Wants Cold War With Russia Over Snowden

Other Agencies Clamor For Data NSA Compiles

James - Secret Space War VII - Joint USG-Alien Hybrid Prog

Sad State Of Social Security - No More At 62?

CIA Moved Libya Missiles To Syria Terrorists - Report

CIA Knows Obama Arranged Meeting w/Amb Stevens Killer


Rockefeller And Ruckelshaus – New Economy Rising

Reversing The Edward Bernays Effect

Russian Warships Dock In Cuba - Vid

Iran Inaugurates President Hassan Rohani

New Iran Leader Message For The West

Barrett - Absurd US 'Terror Alert' Hints At Coming

Israeli Lobby Behind Pentagon War Plans vs Iran, NK

Tarpley - Congress Sanctions On Iran Are Impotent

Sisi's Islamist Agenda For Egypt

al-Zawahiri - US Behind Morsi Coup

Egypt's Top General Slams US Policy

Gaza Hospitals Face Fuel Shortage


Turkey Culls Military Commanders To Prevent Coup?

Afghanistan - Taliban Backers Win £100m In US Contracts

Russia, Georgia To Start Anew After Saakashvili Exit

Europe’s 'Recovery’ Is A Conjuring Trick

Billionaire Talks Of Elite Plan To Rule The World

Keiser Report - Financial Tapeworms

Demand Your Congressman Act Now Or We're Doomed

Chemtrails & Pseudo-Life - Dark Plans Of Synthetic Biology - Vid

Mysterious Dark Line Coming Down From Florida Cloud

Third Rock From The Sun

Horror - Coming Push To Give HPV Vax Infants

Deadly Effects Of Cell Phones - How To Reduce Then

Call For All Oz Smokers To Have Mandatory Smart Card


Archaeologists Finds 'Finest' Piece Of Neolithic Art

Rich People Full Of Different Chemicals Than The Poor

Is It Possible To Be Mentally Prepared For Apocalypse?

Inseparable Souls

6 Inch Worm Removed From Man's Brain

Brazilians Demand Probe Into Missing Persons

Comets In Asteroid Belt Can Revive

Fake Washington Terror Threat

'Al Qaeda Threat' Causes DC To Close 22 US Embassies - Vid

Snowden Gets Job Offer From Russian Media Company

NSA Has Real-Time, Instant Access To Your Internet Data

Obama ‘Leaking Info On Israeli Strikes In Syria’

French President Confirms Ban On Monsanto GM Corn

Jeff Rense - Edgar Cayce...‘Russia...The Hope Of The World’

New FL Nuclear Plant Dropped - Public Fleeced For $1.5 Billion


Japan's First Astronaut Says Govt Lying About Fukushima

US Drops Detroit To Sponsor Foreign Armies - Vid

More Scientists Confirm Pesticides Killing Honey Bees

US Has Enough Empty Houses To Hold All Of Britain

Preparing For The Grid To Go Down

Bright Circular UFOs In Oregon Sunset Photo

Look-Alike UFOs Videotaped Over Two States - Vid

Are We Not Allowed To Draw Conclusions?

Smithsonian Continues Coverup Of Giants

'Frack Gag' Bans Kids From Ever Talking About Fracking

UK Doomsday Alert Over Fracking


Ignore Fracking Protests - UK Government Tells Planners

Fracking Protest Activists Poland, Oz, UK - Vid

EU Warrant Opt Out 'Could Free Julian Assange'

Swiss 'Jet Man' Flies Alongside B-17 - Vid

Landrew-Land Is Becoming Real Life

Sinkhole 200 Feet Across Opens In Wallace County, KS

The Faces Of America’s Hungry - Vid

52 Wild Plants You Can Eat - Updated

Dead Zone The Size Of Connecticut In Gulf

Jamaica Turns To The Earth For Food

Probiotics May Save Cancer Patients From Chemo


Meat In Our Cosmetics - Vid

Hubble Sees The Fireball From A 'Kilonova'

Perseid Meteor Shower Peak 2013 - When, Where

Mad Geniuses - The 10 Oddest Tales

Wilde - Conformity - Vid

JoeTalk - Zombie America...Doom Nears - Vid

Pink Ladybugs In The Garden

NSA Records, Word-For-Word, Every US Conversation - Vid

Catastrophe Of 12,000 Years Ago Erased History - Vid

French Court Overturns Ban On Monsanto GMO Corn

GMOs - What Does Astrology Say About Them?

NY Steps Into Fray Of GMO Labeling

Bachmann - Don't Count On House To Stop Amnesty


Silicon Exec Brags Immigration Bill Will Pass

Your Child Is Being Dumbed Down To Total Servitude

Zionist Traitors In Action

The Murder Of The Americn MIddle Class

Telling Truth May Get YouTube Account Wiped

Rangel - Tea Party A Bunch Of 'White Crackers'

Was Hacker Barnaby Jack Killed For What He Knew?

Senators Spar Over Definition Of ‘Journalist’

Gun-Death Drop Sparks Debate On Where Credit Lies

Manning Afghan Massacre Vid Was Never Released

War On Secrecy Will Be Won By Whistleblowers


FBI Gives Telecom Provider Spying Devices

Oakland’s Creepy New Surveillance Program

Evergreen Aviation Admits Chemtrail Contracts With USAF

Mystery - Dutch Zoo Baboons Sit Still, Hardly Eating

The House That Evil Built - Part II

Putin To Fly To Cairo Next Week

Israel Own Mistakes Will Lead To Its Downfall

Israel Planning Biggest Pal Ethnic Cleansing Since 1948

Zionists Have No End Game Strategy In Syria

Russia-China Military Drills Gaining Momentum

Zurich Reaches Zion

Zionist Atrocity Painful For Jews - Rabbi Feldman

Kerry Supports Egypt's Coup

Menon - Obama White House...It's Not A Coup


The Federal Reserve Cartel, Pt II - The House Of Rothschild

Shanghai Gold Physical Market 9x COMEX

250,000 More Americans Not In Labor Force In July

The Force Behind Bills To Lower Wages

Carbon Tax BS To Start New Financial Crisis

Gun Confiscation Has Begun

Zimmerman Family Gets 400 Death Threats A MINUTE

SoCal Man Calls Cop A 'Bitch', Is Immediately Executed - Vid

Detroit Cops Allegedly Rob, Beat Citizens In Off Hours

Seattle Officials - Ban 'Potentially Offensive' Language

Illinois 20th State To OK Medicinal Marijuana

Toxic Cloud Of Tar Sands Waste Moves To Canada

Inside Hawaii's Giant Homeless Community

DC, MD Speed Cam Firms Try To Hide Evidence

Exxon Has Been Poisoning NYC Water For Decades


Take Back America

Tony Blair - Libya, Lockerbie, Arms & Betrayals

Telecom Giants Give GCHQ Total Access To Networks

Who's Watching GCHQ?

Jimmy Wales - Cameron Porn Filer Idea Ridiculous

15 Brave, Armed Men Storm Animal Shelter, Kill Baby Deer

Enormous Mystery Pentagram In Kazakhstan

The Cleansing

Waking Up Tired? Blame Electricity

Utopian 'Harvest Your Own' Groceries Coming Up

Half Of Stranded Bottlenose Dolphins May Be Deaf

Jeff & John Barbour - Real John, Real Laughs!...Pt 1 - Vid

Jeff & John Barbour - Real John, Real Laughs!...Pt 2 - Vid

History Show Snowden May Face Tough Exile In Russia

US Using Satellites Spy On Us - Ex NSA Analyst

Obama & McCain - DC’s Newest Odd Couple


The Deadliest Israel Lobby Conspiracy Theories

Ramadan At The Israeli Checkpoint

Israeli 'Settlers' Burn Olive Grove For Eighth Time

Duplicitous Committee Of Inquiry On Syria

A Formula For Palestinian Survival In Damascus

Iran Economic Crisis Deepens Amid Sanctions

Heightened Russia Bashing

Nuclear China Syndrome At Fukushima - Corium Hits Groundwater - Vid

Fukushima Disaster Shockingly Not Stopping

Hi Rad Mystery Objects Found On Fukushima Coast


Living In America Will Drive You Insane - Literally

Transcanada To Build Tar Sands Pipeline To Atlantic

911 Calls Depict Chaos, Gangs On Chicago Lakefront

Martin - Children's Fantasy Writers

Keating Demands Boston Bombing Answers From FBI

Inside Denver's Billion Dollar Marijuana Industry

GCHQ - Inside Secret World Of Britain's Biggest Spy Agency

GCHQ Accused Of Whoring Itself To NSA

New Bigfoot Footage from British Columbia - Vid

'Curse Of The Iceman' Linked To Scientist's Death

More Russian-Style Meteor Explosions to Come?

Dannon Refused To Remove Crushed Bugs From Yogurt

Designing The Mind...A Fable


This Bridge Should Be Burned

Firefox Plug-In Warns Users Of NSA Surveillance

List Of Foods We Will Lose...If We Lose Bees

Aspartame Linked To Fast Decline In Kidney Function

New Acetaminophen Warning...Why Now? - Vid

FL Says 2 Butterfly Species Have Gone Extinct

What Happens When A Brown Recluse Bites You

Deadly New Deer Tick Virus Emerges In New York

A Sign Of New Physics Beyond The Standard Model

Liquid Droplets Reveal Clues To Quantum Behavior

Climate Change 10x Faster That In Past 65m Yrs


Aspergers And Autism - Brain Differences Found

Courts Quietly Confirm MMR Vax Causes Autism

Why Anti-Drug Campaigns May Need to Change

1906 Earthquake Mystery Solved

Two More Health Workers Among New Saudi MERS Infections

How To Cook Up a FAKE 'Uprising Of The People'

US Unemployment Lies Exposed - Real Rate Near 25%

9/11 False Flag Conspiracy Solved...Names, Motives -Vid

Kirwan - 9/11 Has Been Solved...Guilty!

Snowden Asylum Case Is A Gift For Putin

Snowden Will Build A New Life In Russia

What Google Knows About You

Leak - How Everything You Do Online Is Tracked And Stored


Retiring The American Empire

Moscow Rips US ‘Vicious Practice’ Of Nabbing Russians

USPS Takes Photos Of All Mail

Dozens CIA Agents Present During Benghazi Attack

US Closes Mideast Embassies After Security Threat

Atzmon - Left, Arabs And The ‘Israeli Democracy’

24% per month

Duff - Israel, An Unsustainable And Apartheid Entit

China Objects To Tougher US Sanctions On Iran

Senators Hide Their Votes On Arming Syrian Mercs

Mideast Cold War Getting Hot

40 Dead In Syria Ammo Depot Blast

Duff - US Has ‘Colonial’ Policy Towards Pacific

Br. Nathanael - Globalization & Jewish Nationalism - Vid


High Probability That Something Is About To Happen

United Nations Agenocide 21

Type Wrong Thing Into A Search Engine, Cops Will Visit

New American Police Motto - COMPLY OR DIE

Indianapolis 'Officer Of Year' Attacks Man In 16 Sec - Vid

Glyphosate, Brain Damaged Babies And Yakima Valley

Why GMOs Can Never be Safe

Klamath Water Shutoff - Leaving Livestock To Die, Basin To Burn

USDA Protection Racket Demands 47% Of Raisin Crops

PlantVillage - A Free Interactive Planting Resource

UFO Sighted Over Westcliff-On-Sea

Leading UFO 'Skeptics' Shy About Govt Connections

Curiosity Of The Roswell Incident

MUFON, Science And Deception


How To Survive A Plane Crash - 10 Tips To Save Your Life

LA Catholic Church Files...Decades Of Sexual Abuse

Nationwide KS Beef Product Can Cause Kidney Failure

You Love Cheap Clothes, Care Less About Child Labor

Supermassive Vacuum Cleaner At Edge Of Universe

Ice Core Data Supports Ancient Space Impact Idea

Most Incredible Sunken Forests On Earth - Pics

Dreier - Lovers Transcending The Duality Void

Forest Gardening Explained, Pt 2 - Vid

After Snowden - No Business As Usual For US And Russia

XKeyscore: Instrument of Mass Surveillance

Natanyahu Welcomes New US Sanctions On Iran

Israeli Referendum Measure Blocks Land for Peace

Tarpley - Congress Has No Power Over Iran Oil Exports - Vid

The CIA Was At Benghazi - Vid

Madman McCain May Support 'Rock Star' Hillary In 2016

Mexican Cartels Hiring US Soldiers As Hit Men

Digital Media Will Surpass Traditional TV This Year


America’s Dangerous Pipelines - Vid

Five Tech Trends That Should Alarm You - Pt 1

Senator Wants Natl Whistleblower Day For Manning

Colin Powell Denies Affair After Emails Are Hacked

The Mind Of Dave Dees Illustrations - Vid

10 Million In US Had Homes Taken By Banks

Climate May Increase Armed Conflicts By 50%

US To Close Many Embassies Over 'Security Concerns'

Gulf Relief Well Drilling Expected To Take A Month

Brits Prescribed Record 1,900 Tablets Every MINUTE


Stunning Scene Of 4 Waterspouts Off Greece

Chattanooga Times Editor Fired For Criticizing Obama

Uruguay’s Common Sense On Cannabis

Swine Flu Found In Illinois

Dr Rima - The Real Reason Behind The Autism Pandemic

Vax Valued Because They Cause Autism Or In Spite Of It?

Millions Of Americans Wrongly Treated For Cancer

LA Man Dies Of West Nile Virus

Judge Gets 28 Yrs - Made $2m Sending Black Kids To Jail

Ex-Judge Ducks Jail For Fleecing 97 Yr Old

Technology Enhances Control

Is New York City The Next Detroit?

US Flying Deportees Deep Into Mexico


Google Sends In The Geeks

Win A Baby On A Pakistan TV Show

Fabulous Concept Cars From The 1950s

UK Electric Car Farce - Charging Stns Never Used

Five Deadly Foods People Actually Eat - Vid

Now We Know Why Broccoli's A Wonder Veg

10 Reasons To Love Your Tomatoes

Camping Can Reset Your Biological Clock

World's Largest Geyser Puts On Show At Yellowstone

Acetaminophen Must Carry Skin Reaction Warning

Make Your Own Deodorant

Bruce Lee And Marijuana...The Last Days



‘Nazi Style’ Japan Constitution Revision Proposal Sparks Outrage

Brilliant...Gilad Atzmon Shreds BBC Zionist Ambush Interview - Vid

New Auschwitz

Three More MERS Cases Confirmed In Saudi Arabia

Snowden Gets Asylum In Russia...No Plans To Leave - Vid

Obama, Congress Rage Over Russian Asylum To Snowden

NSA Pays £100m In Secret Funding For GCHQ

Manning Leak Did Not Result In Deaths By Enemy Forces

NSA XKeyscore - One-Click Access To ALL Internet Activity

NSA Power Doubles Every 4 years - Assange


NSA Boss Heckled At Las Vegas - Vid

Brain-To-Brain Control Between Humans & Animals Established

A-21 And The Transnational Interlocking Corp Kingdom

10 Reasons Why Obamacare WILL Ruin Your Health & Life

Resident Records UFOs Over Kansas City - Vid

UFOs Captured On Video Over Tucson - Vid

US UFO Intel Leaks? Tough Road For Government

Poll - Support For 'Preschool For All' (mass mind control)

Celebrities As Symbols

Monsanto Pro-GMO Group Launches New Website

Obama's Grand Bargain 2.0

Rima Laibow - Don't Delta Me, Dude - Vid

US Soldiers Speak Out Against Govt & Martial Law

Online Search For A Pressure Cooker Sparks Police Visit

FL Won't Investigate Todashev Murder By FBI


Deeper They Look Under Daiichi, The More Radiation They Find

TEPCO's Done NOTHING About Radioactive Water Leaks For 2 Yrs

Fukushima Radioactive Water Flooring Under Sea Floor

Gitmo Inmate Says Guards Sexually Assaulting Him

Syria's Assad Certain Of Victory Over Terrorists

Western-Backed Genocide Continues In Syria

Neocons, Selective Democracy & The Egyptian Military Coup

Egyptian Cabinet To Disperse Pro-Morsi Protest Camps

Obama Asks Mega Hawks Graham, McCain To Go To Egypt

US-Led Air Strikes Kill 45 In Afghanistan

Obama Death Drone Kills Four More In Yemen

Jim Willie - Bullion Banks Have Stolen 60,000 TONS Of Gold

Newest Obama EO Takes Even More Power And Control


The Paradigms, They Are A-Shiftin' - Zen

Doom - The Faculty Role In The Rot Of Higher Education

Shocker - Disinfo Science...'Contrail' Watching For Kids

Why Johnny And Mary Can't Think Anymore...

Lighting Up The Bughouse In The Age Of Looney Tunes

Smart Skin Is Here - Transhumanism Made Easy

Black Man In Hoodie Stabs White Girl 11 Times

Fast Food Burgers As Little As 2% ACTUAL Meat

Dead Dolphins On VA Beaches At Alarming Rate - Vid

Buenos Aires Nature Reserve On Fire - Vid

'Comet Of The Century' May Have Fizzled Out

Saturn vs The Sun, Black Cube & Saturnian Cult - Vid

Mysterious Dancing Lights In Afghanistan

Are Psychic Phenomena Illusory?


Garlic To Naturally Repel Mosquitoes, Treat West Nile

Please Adopt A Dog Or Cat

What Really Killed The Aztecs?

Garden Of Eden To Become Iraqi National Park

MEXICO - The Communion Wafer That Bleeds

'Highway From Hell' Fed Deadly Volcano

Cancer Industry Creates Lucrative New 'Side Effects' Meds

Uruguay Creates First National, Legal Marijuana Market

Dirty Water, Poor Hygiene Stunting Growth Of Millions

Politics – The Art Of Creating New Problems

Chinese Authorities Issue Heat Wave Warning For Shanghai

Wilde - Understanding Energy


Snowden Gets Russia Asylum, Leaves Moscow Airport - Vid

Russia Grants Snowden One-Year Asylum

US Police State Rolls On, Snowden Gets Russia Asylum

Future Earth - Agenda 21 ‘Forbidden Zones’

The Best New Argument For Affirmative Action

Snowden's Atty Open To 'Common Ground' With US - Vid

NSA Chief Asks Hackers To Help Agency Do Its Job

Twitter Accts Followed By DHS Monitoring Capability

US Outlines NSA Culling Of Data For All Domestic Calls

Anti-War Website Sues FBI For Spying On Them


Abbas Smear Campaign Against Hamas In Egypt

Why Is China Hoarding Hollywood Box Office Profits?

Berlin Type Wall Being Built In Los Angeles - Vid

Is Your City Doomed To Be Submerged?

Russia Increases Gold Reserves

The Most Important Number In The Entire US Economy

Hiroshima Myth And The Lies Of US Military History

Queen's WW3 Speech - Rehearsal For Disaster

The Secret History Of The Vietnam War

Foreigners Are Quietly Getting Out Of Dodge

Viking Jewelry Revealed In Sparkling Photos

Br. Nathanael - Politically Incorrect Jewish News 7/26 Vid


Parasitic Infection Linked To Bagged Salads

New Invention Makes Ocean Water Drinkable

North Pole 'Lake' Vanishes

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold - Vid

Gray Wolf-Grizzly Bear Link In Yellowstone

5 Natural Ways To Stay Cool In The Dog Days

The Curious Wavefunction

Growing Food Backyard Farmers By Necessity - Vid

Emergency Water Storage For Short And Long Term

Were Children Smarter A Century Ago?

6,000 Yr Old 'Halls Of The Dead' Unearthed



Greenwald - Congressional NSA Hearing Canceled

Snowden Father - My Son Won't Get A Fair Trial In The US

Manning Verdict A Pyrrhic Victory

Assange - Manning Conviction A Dangerous Precedent

The Very Least We Owe A Heroic Manning...

Fitts - The Old System Is Struggling And Dying - Vid

US Economic Growth Under Obama Falls To 1 PERCENT

Fitts - The Big Question...How Violent Will Things Get? - Vid

US To The World - Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Devious Election Plot Bypasses Constitution


Head Lice, Still 3 Times More Popular Than Congress

Weiner Spokeswoman Rips Former Intern In Profane Tirade

First Domestic Surveillance Drones OK'd For US

Monsanto Seed Fail - Yields Rootworm Insecticide Surge

Map Of GMO Labeling Laws In Every Country

Why GMO Labeling Matters

Google Flip-Flops On Network Neutrality

A Gaseous Hydrogen Sun Is BS

Kirwan - Life, Liberty & Everything

The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

Duke - Israeli Media Reveals Secret Behind Communism - Vid


Israel Warns Its Syrian Mercenaries

Atzmon - Dershowitz vs Atzmon...A Talmudic Deliberation

No Reference To J*W Allowed - Vid

Atzmon - The Pig & The Star Of David

The Jewish Question - Attack Iran...Yes Or No? - Vid

Longstanding Bahraini State Terror

Afghan Civilian Casualties Up 23% In 2013

Pentagon Bears Brunt Of Upcoming Budget Cuts

J P Morgan And Commodity Manipulation

44 Facts About The Death Of The US Middle Class

How The BoE Helped 'Nazis Sell Czech Gold


ALIPAC Calls For Amnesty Halt Over DC Vandalism, Etc

More Than 45% Of Mexicans Now Living In Poverty

North Carolina Ends Tenure For Teachers

Student Abandoned In Prison Cell Gets $4 Million

LAPD Stomps Man's Face For No Lights On Bicycle

Myrtle Beach Outlaws Feeding The Homeless

Psychiatry As Mystical Symbolism

Harris/PressTV - Exporting Jobs Made America Poor - Vid

The Story Of Your Enslavement - Vid

Our Religion Is To Destroy All Of History - Vid

Tar Sands Oil Leaking Into Alberta For 10 Weeks

MO Cattle Mutilations - ETs Are The Common Answer - Vid


Missouri Rancher Finds Three Mutilated Cows - Vid

Prepping For An EMP And Solar Flares

Cities Use Eminent Domain To Protect Homeowners

The Stupidity Of The Crowd

You Can Lead A Sheep To Knowledge, But...

On Cyanide And The Homicidal Scientist

How The Ouija Board Really Moves

A Look At Worst US Cities For Child Prostitution

Arctic Methane Claims Questioned

Super Thin, Flexible Circuits For Wearable Computers

Precious Helium 'Just Being Let Go'

Orcs In The Rafters & Trolls In The Woodpile


Ancient, Lost High Technology Of Egypt, Pt 1 - Vid

New Snord - Lennon's 'Imagine' - Vid

How Exceptional Are You? - Vid

The Best Dog Photos!

Orcs In The Rafters & Trolls In The Woodpile

Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence - Vid

A Simple Explanation Of Gluten - Vid

More Cancer Protection From Broccoli - Add Sprouts

Why We Should Avoid Soy Lecithin

3 Nutrients Linked To A Better Night's Sleep

Maxwell’s Demon Gets Scribbling

World-Renowned Wildlife Photographers Share Top Pics


Effort To Get Snowden's Father To Moscow Fails - Vid

Bradley Manning: Guilty Of Doing The Right Thing

Why Manning Aiding The Enemy Charge So Important

Assange Statement On Verdict In Bradley Manning Court-Martial

McGrath - Catastrophic Economic Outlook - Vid

New Video Of Michael Hastings Fiery Crash - Vid

FBI Sued For Secret File On Murdered Journalist Hastings

Kirwan - The End Of Everything

Israeli/Washington Peace Terms: Unconditional Surrender

Duke - Israeli Media Reveals Secret Behind Communism - Vid

Quietly, Obama Begins Regionalizing America

Feds Hires Internet Shills & Agents For FB And YouTube


The Simpsons...Nuclear Meltdown Warning Sign - Vid

TEPCO Ordered To Drain Radioactive Water Tunnels - Vid

Daiichi Contamination Worse Outside Reactors Than In

Dubai’s Building Bubble Bursts

Feds Can Grab Cell Location Records Without Warrants

Glyphosate, Brain Damaged Babies And The Yakima Valley

WA Health Officials Stumped By High Rate Of Birth Defects

Next iPhone May Read Your Fingerprints

Our Religion Is Destroy All Of History - Vid

An Honest Look At US Working-Class Employment

Watch Americans Sign A Petition To Murder Senior Citizens

New EPA Chief - Embrace ‘Opportunity’ Of Climate Change


Wrinkle In Health Law Vexes Lawmakers Aides

Gigantic Chunk Of Sun Headed Toward Earth

NASA Chandra Sees Eclipsing Planet In X-Rays For First Time

Five Robots We Don't Want To See Come To Life

Glyphosate, Brain Damaged Babies And The Yakima Valley

WA Health Officials Stumped By High Rate Of Birth Defects

Earth Will Turn To Venus-Type Hell Earlier Than Thought

Is The Sun In Very Early Stages Of Shutting Down?

BP Deepwater Compensation Fund Running Dry

Beny Steinmetz - Israeli Diamond Dealer Likes Low Profile

Serco - The Company That Is Running Britain

Bank Of Cyprus Depositors To Lose 47.5% Of Savings


'Worse Than Foxconn' - Apple Hit By Child Labor Claims

Sugar Destroys Colon, Skyrockets Cancer Risk

Giant Honey Mushroom Discovered In China - Vid

West Nile Virus Makes Early Appearance Across The US

West Nile Found In Oregon

Cyclospora Bug Continues To Infect Americans - 353 Cases

How To Build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse

The Bell Pepper Sex Scandal

Snowden May Be Hunted If Travels Freely In Moscow

Russia Learned 'Nothing New' From Snowden

Activists Storm Office Of Rep Who Voted NSA Spying - Vid

New Lavish Obama Vacation - 75 Resort Rooms Reserved


DARPA To GMO Humans By Adding 47th Chromosome!

NH Cops See Peaceful & 'Occupy' Activists As Terrorists

Israel Thrives On Provoking Internal Mideast Conflicts

Cousins Of Israel Pay Higher Fees

Moscow Urges End To ‘International Terrorism' In Syria

Horrifying Aerial Photos Of The Destruction Of Homs

West War Crimes In Syria Exposed

Egypt Restores Feared Secret Police nits

Corrupt Governor & Thief Appointed Minister In Egypt

Ashton Holds Talks With Ousted President Morsi


China Coastguard Confronts Japanese Ships Near Islands

The Invasion Of Sharia Law

Monsanto GM Retreat From Europe - Don't Believe It

Kirwan - The End of Everything - Hunger Games Pt 2

The Fear Of Symbols

AR School District Buying Guns For 20 Teachers, Staff

Has The Legendary Chupacabra Turned Up In Belarus?

New Footage - Bigfoot Out For A Walk In Wilds Of Canada

46% Of Bailed-Out Homeowners Can’t Pay Mortgage Again

DHS Builds Own'Pentagon' While 101 Million Get Food Aid

FBI Child Pimp Raid Ignores Pedo Elite

FBI Raid Saves 105 Children From Sex Traffickers

Mario Lanza...Amor Ti Vieta - Vid


Cigar-Shaped UFO Hovering Above Manchester, England - Vid

Homosexuality - Russian Patriarch Kirill vs Pope Francis

Death Worship - Snipers Are Now Pop Culture 'Cool'

Canada Cop Kills Knifeman With 9 Shots In 13 Sec - Vid

Israeli Study Confirms Cell Phone Cancer Risk

Full Moon DOES Affect Our Sleep

The Shocking Ingredients In Beer

The Talmudic Tit Fruit Children Of The Father Of Lies

Janitor's TB Infection Hidden By School (outrageous)

At Least Some Race Horses Saved From Slaughter

White Nose Syndrome Hits Arkansas

Group Works To Save San Diego Wild Horses - Pics


610 Died Of Swine Flu In India In 2013 So Far

Beyond The Moscow Airport, Indignities Await Snowden

Snowden May Be In Danger - Russian Migration Official

Jeff & Deborah Tavares - They Control Everything - Vid

Monsanto, Dow, BioTech Launch Disinfo Site

Fukushima - Deadly Silence

Fukushima...A Radioactive Ghost Town - Vid

Waging The Battle Of Syria

The Illusion Of Israeli-Palestinian Peace


Food Stamp Cuts To Begin, Congress Oblivious

MI6, MI5 Won't Use Lenovo Computers

Germany, France Want Drones To Cover EU

Senate Majority Whip - FISA Court 'Fixed' & 'Loaded'

All US Presidents Related Except For One - Vid

Smile - Face Recog For Google Glass Is Here

Amazing, Real UFO Footage By NASA - Vid

Robots To Patrol Cities By 2040?

Toward Intelligent Humanoids - Vid


Cannes Jewelry Theft 'Heist Of The Century'

Plants Blamed For Human Deaths In Heat

Over Down Under

Life And Death In Assisted Living - 'The Emerald City'

Largest Work Strike Ever? Multi-Chain 7 City Strike

Detroit Cops Caught - Armed Robbery

US Govt Protection Of Al-CIAda

Peak Crackers - Mind Your Thought Fungus - Vid

SWAT Team Overuse Endangers The Innocent

Incredible Self-Watering Pop Bottle Garden System - Vid

Art Bell Returns To Radio

Water Powered Car Unveiled - Yes It’s Real

Dead Fish Surfacing After BC Jet Fuel Spill - Vid


How Adding Iodine To Salt Boosted US IQs

Atlantis, The Ark - What's Beneath Flood Myths?

Energy Boosting Banana-Blackberry Smoothie

Living In A Hologram

Shadow People

Hollywood's Health And Medical Choices

You Are Your Greatest Battle

Common Additives In Processed Foods

Geoengineering Is Destroying The Ozone Layer

Manning Verdict To Be Announced On Tuesday

Chomsky Praises Snowden, Condemns US Hypocrisy

Ready For World War III With China?

FBI Sued For Secret File On Murdered Mike Hastings

Ed Ward - Sheriff Exposes Religious Govt Fascism Link


US Military, Monsanto Targeting GMO Activists, Scientists

So Monsanto Says Its GMO Pollen Can’t Drift - Vid (ha)

Soldiers Expose Obama 2013 Martial Law Plan?

Daiichi Reactor 3 Trench Water Crisis Returns

Duke/PressTV - Isreal Is Real Terrorist Power In World - Vid

RT Changes Its Spots, Now Glorifying The FBI

Obama, Hillary Do Lunch (how nice...) - Pics

Overwhelmed - Leading Ammo Maker Suspends Production

Detroit, New York

What's Left Of Palestine 2013 - Images

8 Years Of Boycott Of Israel

Israel Equips Warships With Barak 8 Missiles


EU Buyer's Remorse Over Blacklisting Hezbollah?

Google Disables Press TV Youtube account

Obama Death Drone Kills At Least Six In Pak

Senate Bill 744..Death By A Thousand Cuts

‘Global Demand For Saudi Oil Dropping’

Top Syrian 'Rebel' - Israel Hit Missile With Sub

Syria Army Recaptures Militants’ Stronghold In Homs

Rand Paul Moves To Cut US Aid To Egypt

General Sisi Pushing Egypt Into Civil War


17 Car Bpmbs Kill Dozens Across Iraq

Google Chrome Could Be Tech Hit Of 2013

Look Up! A Social Action Documentary - Vid

Corporate Psychopaths And Bullies - Part 2

The Big Business Of Mass Incarceration

Want A Reply From A Teen? Text, Don't Call

Smartphone Surge Sparks Rise In Thumb Injuries

Illinois Cops Taser, Shotgun Bean Bags, Kill 95 Yr Old

Deputies Shoot Man In Own Yard Over Cigarette

Global Project To Store Wild Relatives Of Common Crops

1 In 50 Worldwide Here The 'Hum'

34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer


Common Additives in Processed Foods

Italian Bus Crash Kills 39 In Second Euro Transport Crash

The Great Sky Of Imagination For Those Who Understand

Mr Apocalypse Is Dancing In The Meringue

The Missing Times - MSM Complicity In UFO Coverup

Researcher Mantle Details UFO Landing In Normanton - Vid

UFOs Rattle Villagers In Zimbabwe

Mr. Apocalypse Dancing In The Meringue Of The Doomsday Cake

Global Warming Armageddon?

IPCC AR5 Leaked - Bad News For Climate Hawks?

Mystery Of Coffin-In-Coffin At Richard III Site

Houston Home Morphs Into Beer Landmark

What Is A Meteor Shower, Anyway?


Secrets Of 500 Yr Old Inca Mummies Of Sacrificed Kids

Forgiveness - The Ultimate Cleanse

Remembering Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972)

Will Moscow Say ‘Da’ To Snowden?

Holder Again - 'We Won't Torture Or Kill Snowden'

NSA ‘Blackmails’ Members Of Congress - Vid

Greenwald Defies NSA To Deny Spy Program Details Under Oath

How Giant Tech Firms Help The Feds Spy On Us

Gentlemen Do Not Read Each Other’s Mail

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Leaked In Document

Comprehensive List Of EOs Under Obama

Sauder - The Silence Of The American Lambs


Jewish Sex Scandals & Promotion Of Transgenderism

Israel Bombs Yet Another Syrian Weapons Convoy

Global Demand For Saudi Oil Dropping

Kirwan - Kirwan's Hunger Games

UK Internet Porn Censor To Also Block Conspiracy Theories

Pike - How Evangelicals Went Astray

Detroit Mirrors America's Decline

EPA Raising 'Safe' Glyphosate Levels In Food, Crops 3,000%!

Hardwired Inequality in America

Ranking Freedom In The 50 States

Will Palestinian President Face Treason Charges?

Protesters Against Talks With Israel Arrested - Vid

Strange UFO Shortly After Aircraft Accident - Pic

Neonicotinoid Pesticides Causing Global Wildlife Declines

#2 Radio Distributor To Drop Limbaugh And Hannity

Couple Attacked By The Swarm Of 30,000 Bees

Billions Of Gallons Of Sewage In NY Waters


The Psychology Behind NY Cronut Phenomenon

Statistics, Inflation, Higher Education

Why Are So Many Smokers Still Smoking?

Rise Of New Rotaviruses Induced By Rota Vax

Spit Can Reveal Disease

Earthquakes Burp Up Methane Bubbles

Anti-White Hate In US Now At Critical Mass - Vid

180% Of US Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment

Is This Obama's 'Recovery'? Graphs Don't Lie

Chicago Bankruptcy Next? Only $33m As Debt Triples

NSA Director, Alexander, Also A Bilderberg Attendee

Fukushima Radiation Levesl As High As 2011

Giant Chemtrails Over Las Vegas - Vid


Film To Air Claims Of UFO Back-Engineered Tech - Vid

Agenda 21 - Is The City Building Up Or Closing In?

Psychosis In The Sky? LA Police Helicopter Insanity

20 Controversial Questions They Won't Touch

CIA Agent - Bush Officials Betrayed Them Over Rendition

Hacker Reveals Email Addresses Of 1,350 CFR Members

Teens Working For Monsanto Sprayed By Crop Duster - Vid

Prepare For A 'GMO War' In Washington - Vid


Lies, Damn Lies And US Promises

America's Next Colonies - Part 1

Reports - Israel Has Hit New Weapons Convoy In Syria

Israel Spurns Peace And Justice

The New Khazarian Jerusalem

Palestinians Oppose Fake Peace Talks

Natives And Israel - Manipulating Genocide

Obama Signs EO, Sends $500 Million To Terrorists

Egypt - 'The Snipers Were Shooting To Kill'

Morsi Ousted With Obama's Blessing

US Sanctions Violate Iranians Right To Life

Tunisia Ready To Boil Over After Brahmi Funeral

Obama Death Drone KIlls 6 In Yemen

Obama 'Disappointed' Over Release Of Yemeni Reporter

The Injured In US Death Drone Attacks Ignored

FBI Admits Flying Drones Over US Without Warrants

US Approves Drones For Civilian Use

World's First Fleet Of Marine Drones Being Tested

Hounds From Hell Nipping At Our Heels

Humanity's Ultimate Weapon

Judge Pirro Destroys Obama Admin On Phony Scandals- Vid

Cop Fired For Standing For Freedom

Obama Says Ho Chi Minh Was Inspired By Jefferson

Oath Keepers Founder Target Of Child Porn Set Up


GPS Flaw Could Allow Terrorists, Hackers To Planes, Ships

No Joke - Hillary Clinton Miniseries Coming To NBC

CIA Agent...NEVER Watch Television - Vid

Destroying Nature By ‘Electrosmog’ - Birds, Bees Humans

Obama Disputes Job Projections For Keystone XL Pipeline

WWI - Biggest Error Of Modern History? - Vid

Scientists Find What’s Killing Bees - Its Worse Than Thought

Holey Toledo - Two Dangerous Sinkholes in One Month

Myra Noveck...NYT Journalist With Kids In The Israeli Army IDF

Dancing On The Hand Of The Cosmic, Karma Clock

Bob Hope's Awesome Palm Springs UFO House

Mexico - The Truth Behind 'Cigar-Shaped' UFOs


'In Vitro' Beef - The Meat Of The Future

Five Craziest Things Lindsey Graham Has Said

Austrian Flap Over Town Bell Dedicated To Hitler

Spacecraft Sees Giant 'Hole' In The Sun - Vid

NASA Saturn Video Shows Impossible Hexagon - Vid

Who Orchestrated The Prohibition Of Marijuana?

Low Maintenance 'Forest Gardening' - Vid

Mahler Much More Of A Female Hound Than Thought

New Saudi Death Breaks Suspicious MERS News Drought

Russian Laws Don't Limit Time Of Snowden's Stay 'In Transit'

Snowden's Not The Story, The Fate Of The Net Is

A Shameful Day To Be A US Citizen

Israel WWDs - German-Made Nuclear Armed Dolphin Subs


Putin's Special Gift To US Is Treated Like Garbage

Extensive List Of Politicians Paid Off By Monsanto

DHS Preparing For Second American Revolution, Collapse - Vid

DHS Teams With Fire Marshals To Police Live Music

Obama WH Ignores New Senate Gitmo Hearing

2,350,000,000,000 Bq/m3 Cs-134/137 Seaside Of R3

Something Worse Than The Great Depression Coming?

Kirwan - California Dreamin'

Another Chabad Rabbi Charged With Pedophilia

Jewish San Diego Mayor To Seek Sex Therapy

UFO Being Chased/Escorted Over Oregon 7-25-13 - Vid

USAF Lt Colonel Speaks Out About UFOs

Heinz Kerry Released From Hospital After 'Seizure'


Environmental Disaster In Canada

Two More Toxic Chemicals Added To Poultry Processing

220 Million Children Do Not Legally Exist

Deterring Crime, One Free Shotgun At A Time

Did Siberian Heat Break An Arctic Record?

Heat Turning North Pole Into North Pool

Caves Point To Big Thaw In Siberia

Taking Action - The Shortcut To Now

Understanding The Temporary Nature Of Beaches

Hold Your Nose For Tour Of Toxic LA

Radioactive 'Fountain Of Youth' In Florida?

Why Dogs Are So Loyal

FDA Approves New Depression Drug, Fetzima

Curiosity Rover's Amazing Descent To Mars


Wilde - The Mysterious Gardener

China’s Resort In The Middle Of The Desert - Pics

Blondes Are Evil

Another Saudi Dies Of MERS

Don't Worry Ed...The US Won't KIll You

FBI, NSA, America’s Real Subversives

German President - Snowden Defending Freedom

America - Super-Bully Nation

Lawmakers Who Backed NSA Spying Got Double Defense Cash

Once Upon A Time, There Was Something Called The Individual

Is GMO Really Necessary To ‘Feed The World’?

James - Millions Of Dead Humans...The Real ET Agenda?

'Overwhelming' Evidence Of Plot To Kill Venezuela’s Maduro


EU Plans To Own, Operate Spy Drones & An Air Force

Israel Declares Sanctions On Europe

Israel Freezes Co-Op With EU In Pal Territories

Netherlands Supermarkets Ban Israeli Goods

Israel - Talking Peace, Waging War

Widespread Pedophilia In Jewish Chabad Movement

The Epic Fail Of The State Of IsraHell

At Least 150 People Killed In Egypt Clashes

Egypt Needs A 3rd Party To Intervene - Vid

US Backed Terrorists Slaughter 123 In Aleppo

Saudis To Give Syria Mercs $50m Of Israeli Weapons

Obama And Syria - Half-Steps And Mixed Messages

US-Led Airstrike Kills 45 In Afghanistan

War On Terror Is The War On Ethnicities - Vid


MUFON’s Best UFO Video Case Of 2012 - Vid

England's Forests - Following UFO Trail In Suffolk

US DU Blamed For Birth Defects, Cancer In Iraq (war crimes)

Pope Francis Gets The Obama 'Halo' Photo Treatment

Ex-IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Charged With Pimping

Martin - Cornell Simpson On J. Robert Oppenheimer

Under New Proposed Internet Laws, We'll All Be Felons

Comptroller Says She Can't Pay Ilinois Lawmakers

Fed Is Trying Likey Crazy To Reflate Phony Economy

Pittsburgh SWAT Sued For Terrorizing Family At Gunpoint

Simpsons Creator Last Months Giving Away His Fortune

Scottish Independence Starts To Hypnotise NE England


Will The Fracking Crisis Finally Rally The British?

UK Jobs Advertised Across The EU At Taxpayers Expense

How To Buy Weed Online In 3 Easy Steps

One CA Prison Offers Inmates $150/Night 'Luxury Cells'

Colorado River Reservoirs Reach Record Lows

Mr. Apocalypse Beats His Walking Stick Around Burning Bushes

Small Patch Could Make You Invisible To Mosquitoes

13 Private Schools For The Extremely Rich

20 Things You Didn't Know About Gravity

HIdden History - The Irish Slave Trade

How Television Controls The Human Mind

Flesh-Eating Worms Invade Woman's Ear


Roll Over Dracula - 'Vampire Cemetery' Found In Poland

Scientist Can't Reveal Codes To Start Luxury Cars

Light STOPPED For Minute In Record-Breaking Study

Did Psychic Uri Geller Win Battle Of Entebbe For Israel?

Serious Dangers Of Using Microwave Ovens

The Energy Vortexes Of Mother Earth

Honda Hands...Let's See What Curiosity Can Do - Vid

Virginia H3N2v Case Raises Concerns

Snowden Father Says Son Should Stay In Russia

Russia Will NOT Extradite Snowden To The US - Kremlin

Holder Promises Russia US Won't Execute Snowden

New NSA Center Is 7 Times Bigger Than Pentagon

Reflections On Cameras Effort To Silence Critics Of Israel


Kirwan - Fame & Misfortune

Sub-Human 'Rebels' Execute 50 Civilians In Syria

Wall St Favors Yellin Over Summers For Fed Job

The Federal Reserve Cartel - Pt I...The Eight Families

Sub-Human 'Rebels' Execute 50 Civilians In Syria

Chief Justice Roberts Stacks Secret Court With 'Yes Men'

CIA Agent 'NEVER Watch Television!' - Vid

Daiichi R3 Steam - Part Rainwater, Part Containment Leak

Time To Take Over Daiichi?

Nuke Experts Blast TEPCO Over Fukushima Leaks

'Pacemaker' Hacker Mysteriously Dies Just Before Demo

Mystery Sudden Death Of 'Pacemaker' Hacker Barnaby Jack

Br. Nathanael - The Jews Who Rule America - Vid


Demonstrators In Cairo Banners Say 'Obama Out! Putin in!'

The NY Times Declares War....On BANGLADESH ???

New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning A '30 Front War'

Who Are We At War With? That’s Classified

Oh, The Irony! IRS Agents Beg Out Of Obamacare

Private Jet-Hopping IRS Execs Spend $9.5m In Travel

Mind-Control Scientists Implant False Memories

Vladimir Putin & Dmitry Medvedev Holiday In Siberia

Ford Planning Celebrations For Henry Ford's 150th Birthday

Sandy's Offspring - Baby Boom 9 Months After Storm

Living In A Hologram - Our Holographic Reality

New IRIS Telescope Sends Stunning Images Of Sun


URGENT - Dog Food Recall Issued July 26, 2013

Height And 5 Other Physical Traits Raise Cancer Risk

Hating Fat People Only Makes Them Fatter

Beautiful Self-Medicating Jaguar Dazzled - Vid

When Do Kids Understand Death?

Most Apocalyptic Sky We Have Ever Seen

Who Is US At War With? Classified

Some Parking Spaces Brooklyn Cost $100k

Is This A Ghost Caught On CCTV Cam?

Do You Really Need To Turn Cell Off During Flights?

Death Happens More Slowly Than Thought


Wait For Me...I Need A Helping Paw

A Search Warrant For Your Thoughts?

Two Cups Of Coffee A Day Cut Suicide Risk

Authorites Try To Downplay MERS Again - Vid

Greenwald - NSA Scandal Exposes Orwellian Political Deceit

Steinberg - US ‘Scapegoating’ Russia Over Snowden

Senate Threatens To Sanction Countries Aiding Snowden

Obama Celebrates Ramadan - Praises Islam

'72 Killed In Gun Confiscation In Boston' - Sound Familiar?

Canada Geese Fed (& Spread) 'Experimental' (GMO) Wheat

Jeff & Dave Paulides - People Who Just...Vanish - Vid

'To Protect And Defend' Is Now A Treasonous Act

Pentagon To Deploy Surveillance Blimps Over DC

Bin Laden Rifle On Display At ‘Secret’ CIA Museum

Opposition Mounts To Summers As New Fed Boss

Sayanim Senator Graham Threatens Iran With War

Bolshevism & Zionism Are Ideologically Indistinguishable

Golan Height Druzes - When Oranges Become Apples

Russia And China Prepare For Global War

Israeli Hoax On Gen. Dempsey Exposed

Supporting Israel Costly To US - Former CentCom Chief

Israel Anger At US Leaks It Used Sub To Hit Syria

Zionist Rage At Roger Waters Concert Balloon


Israeli/Pal Peace Talks...The Charade Begins

Death Toll Rises in Syria - United Nations

US Says There Was 'No Coup' In Egypt

Cunningham - Egypt Military Junta Playing With Fire

IMF Abandons Plan To Provide $4.8b Loan To Egypt

Pakistan TV Gives Away Orphaned Babies To Win Ratings

Mr. Apocalypse Beats His Stick Around The Burning Bushes

How Goldman Sachs Robbed You Of Five Billion - Vid

The Individual vs The Illusion Of Consensus Reality

Mr. Apocalypse...Beats Around The Burning Bushes

Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics - Vid

Death Toll Rises in Syria - United Nations

500 mph RAF Tornado Misses Glider By 100 feet

Mysterious Worldwide Hum Driving People Crazy


Mystery of UFO Photographed Above Hertfordshire - Vid

Hunt For Alien Spacecraft Begins - NASA Scientist Funded

MUFON New Executive Director, Jan Harzan - Vid

Maple Syrup - Baking Soda Trojan Horse Detox

Forced Marriages - 11 Yr Old Speaks Her Heart Out - Vid

Plague-Infected Squirrel Shuts Los Angeles Park

How Selfies Became A World Phenomenon

Mysterious Worldwide Hum Driving People Crazy

What Happened When I Refused My Tetanus Vaccine

This 'Free' Vax Can Cause Brain Damage & Death

Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

What Is The Lifetime Of A Photon?


Mysterious Phenomena In Upper Atmosphere - Pics

Which US City Has the Worst Drivers?

A Nation Of Psychopaths - Vid

1000s Of Unexplained, Unexpected Deaths Of UK Seniors

Living A Nightmare In China City Of Sinkholes

Guy Builds Functional Boeing Cockpit In Bedroom

MERS May Be Deadlier Than SARS

McGrath - Your Freedom Has Expired - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - 2 Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth

Engdahl - Monsanto ‘Enslaved Farmers In Serfdom’

Glyphosate - The Elephant In The Room - MIT Data

Gulf Rig Natural Gas Fire Continues - Vid

Halliburton Guilty Of Destroying BP Gulf Evidence


UK Spy Warns Of Iraq War Disclosures

Blue-Chip Dirty Tricks 'Bigger Than Phone Hacking'

World Bank - Money Laundering Criminals

My Trip To The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Zone - Pt 1

Feds Tell ISPs To Turnover User Account Passwords

DOJ To Take On States Over Voting Rights

Europe Is Cracking Apart - Crash Coming

Massive Ice Methane And More Noted By Ed Ward MD

An Overview Of The Early Subversion Of America

Drivers Stoned On Marijuana Test Their Driving Skills - Vid

The Games Of Higher Education


SAC Cap Indictment Doesn't End Of 'Too Big To Jail'

Thousands Seek Out Artifact From 1979 UFO Incident

Passenger On Small Plane Records UFO - Vid

UFO Photographed Over East Hull UK

Senate Mulls Sanctions vs Russia Over Snowden

Bagram - The Other Guantanamo

'Future That Never Was' Looked Fantastic

Apple Store Woman's Rant An Internet Hit

Garlic Beats Drug In Detoxifying Lead From Body

Pooping Canada Geese May Have Spread GM Wheat


Why Are Chickens Crossing NYC Roads?

Sleep Patterns Altered By Lunar Cycles

Mysterious Centaurs May Be Comets

Here's Why Kale Is So Wildly Popular - Vid

We May Live In A Web of Alternate Timelines

Ancient Metal Coatings 2,000 Yrs Ago Can't Be Matched

You Are Your Greatest Battle

MERS Risk To Hajj Pilgrims 'Low' Claims WHO

2013 Hajj Pilgrim Numbers Reduced Over MERS Fears

Russia Poised To Let Ed Snowden Leave Moscow Airport

US Warns Russia Against Giving Refuge To Snowden

Edward Snowden's Justified Fear Of Flying


Booz Hamilton - NSA Can Search Data Via 'Cloud Analytics'

Putin Controls The Chessboard, Obama In Deep Trouble

Dying US - Prominent Activists Being Framed With Child Porn

Zuckerberg Caught Balking On Questions About Privacy

Barrett - Congress Approves NSA Lawbreaking

House Caves To Obama On NSA Spying Restrictions

12 Signs The Decay Of US Society Is Accelerating

Second-Largest Dutch City Bans Monsanto Roundup

Dying US - Cops Defend Bank That Looted Wrong House

Duke - Israel Real Terrorist Power In Today’s World

The Wizard Of Shas Returns

Atzmon - Tzipi And The Guardian



Rand Paul Slams Obama Syria War Plan

Obama Plans Full-Scale War On Syria

Russia Diplomat Blasts 'Rebel' Use Of Child Soldiers

Syria War Halves Wheat harvest

Obama Halts Delivery Of F-16s To Egypt

How Bio Attack Could Spread All Over Before Detected

Russia Slams 'Cold War' Spirit NATO Exercise

Horrible Spain Train Crash, 78 Dead - Vid

White Businessman Beaten By Black Teens In CT - Vid

Survey - Only 15% Of Farmers Would Eat GMO Food!

EPA Allows 3,000% Increase In Food Pesticides - Vid

Another Monsanto Glyphosate Win...We Lose Big

Prions To Be Re-Introduced To Santa Clara County Water?


Kirwan - Breaking The Mold

Daniel McGowan - Victimized By US Injustice

Inside Job - The Economic Documentary - Vid

Weird Backwards Storm System Moves Across US

Softball Sized Hail Damages Parts Of Kansas

Rapid Arctic Thawing May Be Economic Timebomb

NJ Sen Candidate - Pay More Tax Or 'MILLIONS WILL DIE'

Ice-Free Arctic In 2 Yrs Means Methane Catastrophe

An Alarmist Prediction So Bad...

Reactions To ‘The Pause’ - Grasping At Strawmen

Illegal Alien Beats, Rapes 93 Yr Old Woman Who Then Dies

At The Cropcircles In Wiltshire - Vid

Five UFO Movies You Missed In 2012


Jim Marrs - Monoatomic Gold & Human Origins - Vid

The Spooky Night Streets Of Hollywood 1946 - Vid

What Happens When You Record Swedish Cops - Vid

10 Theories That Explain Why We Dream

Hidden Truth About Aspirin

Why Observatories Shoot Lasers At The Universe

1,000s Of Child Poisonings Could Be Easily Blocked

Watch - The Lynching Of George Zimmerman - Vid

Digital Carjackers Show How Cars Are Controlled - Vid

Government Wealth Disclosure Over The Years

Planet Earth As A US Military Base

Urban Warfare Training Exercises In Chicago Area


Arctic Methane Release May Speed Melting, Cost $60 Trillion

Methane Meltdown -The Arctic Timebomb

High Radiation Found Near R3 Steam Emissions

Numerous Hotspots Of 1 Sievert/hr At Fukushima

Worker Shortage Impedes Progress At Daiichi

Big Spike In Deadly Birth Defects Around Hanford Facility

This Is What WI-FI Looks Like

WH Sues Exxon For Polluting PA Drinking Water By Fracking

Dangerous Chemicals Being Pumped Underground


The Brilliant, Troubled Legacy Of Richard Wagner

Another MUFON Head Steps Down - Vid

21 Habits Of Happy People - Kindness, Forgiveness, Responsibility

Archon Endgame

The Time Has Come For A Global Power Shift - Vid

Food Sovereignty - Vid

Dreamtime Versus Linear Time

Bizarre 'Schrodinger's Cat' Comes Alive

Amazon Deforestation Up Sharply

Eight Ton Orca Leaps 15ft In Air To Capture Dolphin


Giant Mirrors To Light Up Dark Norwegian Town

Mystery Stomach Bug Affects Over 275 In 8 States

Researchers Prove Arsenic In Rice Link And DNA Damage

Long-Lost Pyramids Found?

Snowden Stuck In Moscow Airport - Pics

'Bureaucratic Snags' Keep Snowden In Moscow Airport

Obama To Name Caroline Kennedy As New Japan Amb

Pastor Manning On The Martin-Zimmerman Case - Vid

A Detroit City Bankruptcy Blues

Wooldridge - Detroit...Portrait Of A Dead City - Photos

America Is On A Path To Turn Into Detroit


Crashes Of Convenience...Michael Hastings - Vid

Fukushima R3 Steaming Again - 3rd Time In A Week

Gulf Rig Partially Collapses As Fire Rages

Duff - Dempsey Refutes Claims He Called For Syria Raids

Ken O'Keefe Calls Zionist A Prostitute On PressTV - Vid

Pictures From The Rothschild’s Illuminati Ball

Weiner Stays In NY Mayor Race Despite New Sex Pic

US Homeowners Re-Defaulting At Alarming Rate

Can Google Glass Be Modified To Read Your Brain?

Using Fakes Names On FB, Surveillance State, Androids

Pervert vs Deviant - NYC's Mayoral Freak Show

Strange Byproduct Of Fracking Boom - Radioactive Socks


Coming Retirement Crisis Will Shake US To The Core

Israel Threatens To Attack Syria

Tzipi And The Guardian

Atzmon - Farewell To Helen Thomas

No Bed For History Revisionists

CIA To Begin Sending Weapons To Syria Mercenaries

Fisk - Egypt, The Land Where Killers Go Free

Salafist Terrorism Goes Unpunished – Why?

The State Of The Union

ISPs In US, Canada, Oz, UK Plan Censorship For ALL

Royal Baby 'Another Blood-Sucking Monarch' - Russian Politician

Anti-GMO Protesters In Ghana Say US Is Pushing GMOs

Public Fears Over 'Frankenstein Food' May Be Easing


ALIPAC Uses New Poll To Shut Down Amnesty

A Lawsuit From Lipshits, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

List Of 100 Hacking Firms Given To MPs Tip Of Iceberg

Insurance Parasites Leeching Off Cancer Survivors

Mexico Violence Leaves 22 Dead

It's About To Blow

75% Women Say Man's Credit Score Most Important

Bugs In Your Yogurt?

How Bugs Make Foods RED - Vid

Dreier - Introspected

Wilde - Questions

Babakiueria...Satire - Vid


Energy Companies Pay Prisons To Cut Power

Hep B Vaccine Stopped After 3 Newborns Die

How Solar Flares Affect Human Consciousness

Why Some Can't See Psychic Phenomena

Losing Just One Pollinator Leads To Big Plant Declines

It's Time To Protect Our Bees

Argentina's H1N1 Flu Death Toll Rises To 38 - Epidemic

McGrath - Paving The Path To Destruction - Vid

Kinetic Strike Hoax - Gen Demsey Debunks Zionist 'Spin'

Snowden May Gain Entry To Russia Any Time Now

Russia Says US Hypocritical About Snowden


NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Emails

A Bright Ray Of Hope For Bradley Manning

Detroit - The Latest Bankruptcy Lie

When House Conservatives SNAP, Here’s How Bad It Gets

Obama, Congress At Odds Over New Iran Sanctions

Rising Tritium Could Trigger Huge Fukushima Blasts

Israel Terrorizes 5 Year Old Palestinian Boy

Appalling Israeli Gulag Prison Conditions

Zionist Fox Company Will Open a Branch In Ramallah

Parasite Causing Wave Of Illness In Midwest - Vid


FEMA’s Flawed Flood Maps

Letter To Another Dishonest 'Peace' Broker

New Study Reveals War Is Alien To Human Society

Mutilated Cattle Show Up Again In Colorado

Is There A UFO Government Control Group?

Commuters Push 32 Ton Train Off Trapped Woman - Vid

Economic Mobility By Geography

New US Homes To Have Cluster Mailboxes

The ET Guide To The Ruins Of DC

Important - Majority Of Supplements Now Laced With GMOs

US Fast-Food Ice As Contaminated As Toilet Water

FDA To Restrict Outdoor Access For Organic Poultry

1,400 VA Students Must Test For TB At Local HS


Starchild Researcher Lloyd Pye Diagnosed With Cancer - Vid

Heartland Virus Is Carried By Ticks

Cops Run Away Scared After Harassing My Sis - Vid

Hospital Costs Have Little Relationship To Care Quality - Study

Special Camera Captures Colors Of A Person's Aura

Study - Imported Hot Sauces Contain High Levels Of Lead

Uruguayan Poet Thinks Everyone Is Suffering Amnesia

The Perils Of Golf - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - US Govt Unaccountable To People, Law

Obama Supporters Petition To Grant Him Total Criminal Immunity

NSA Code Breaker - 'Phone Users Can't Do Much Against Hackers

NSA Locates Cell Phone Even When Turned Off

Why Was MIchael Hastings Murdered?

Mega Liar Obama Sponsored 1994 'Stand Your Ground' Law


TSA Will Grope You Less For $85

TSA Seizes High Heels Designed As Fake Guns

Americans Protest Police Brutality In California

Goldman Sachs In Spotlight Over Aluminium Price-Hike Scandal

SC Gov Tours FN Manufacturing, Fires Guns 'In Heels' - Vid

O'Reilly To Obama - Get Black America Back In Control

Iraqis Dying From US Depleted Uranium

Kerry Names AIPAC Member As Chief Negotiatior

Livni Squeals, Kerry Deals And The EU Pays

Arafat vs Chief Rabbis


Egypt Overnight Clashes Leave 6 More Dead In Cairo

Hezbollah Gets 'Terrorist' Label For Fighting al-Qaeda

Turkish Journalists Fired Gezi Park Coverage

Six Apocalyptic Technologies Few Know About

TIME 'Man Of The Year' - Hitler (1938) vs Stalin (1939)

2013 Stonehenge - Photos

UFO - Man Gets More Than Rocks In Stonehenge Photo

Price Of Ecosystem Services & Well-Being In The US

The Fault Lies In Shakespeare And Gilbert & Sullivan

Shelter - Tiny Houses Taking Off In Cities - Vid

Pacemakers Among 10 Common Hackable Items

FDA OKs Dangerous New Antidepressant For Hot Flashes

FDA OK'd Drug Linked To 542 Deaths, 2,367 Hemorrhages


What Pesticides, Herbicides & Antibiotics Have In Common?

NASA Mull Faster Than Light Engine Design

Injuries As Southwest Jet Nose Gear Fails On Landing - Vid

Edward Snowden Has Everything...And Nothing

Snowden Gets Whistleblower Award In Germany

America & Germany - Longtime Espionage Partners

Obama Leak Crackdown - 153 Cases, 4 Years, 0 Indictments


George Zimmerman Rescues Family After Crash

Ohio PAC To Buy George Zimmerman A New Gun

Zimmerman-Martin - Life & Death In The American PsyOp

Congress Moves To Let Obama Arm Syria Terrorists

US Is Preparing 'Kinetic Strikes' Against Syria

Pentagon Gives Options - Syria Campaign Would Be 'Costly'

Israeli-Pal 'Peace' - Illusion Substitutes For Reality

Hundreds Escape Abu Ghraib Prison


Family Says Morsi 'Abducted' By The Egyptian Army

UN Climate Report Will 'Scare Wits Out Of Everybody'

Mass Civilian Deaths From Obama Drones In Pakistan

Scenic Photo Reveals UFO Over Wyoming

Spain Privatizes The Sun - Massive Fines For Collecting It

Global Warming 5 Million Yrs Ago - Sea Levels Rose 60%?

GREEN Coke Launched In Argentina

NASA Releases Deep Spacecraft Images Of Earth

Grandma's Experiences Affect Your Genes


Sun Headed Into Hibernation, Solar Studies Predict

Infectious Origins Of Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires

First Man-Powered Helicopter Flight

The Possible Parallel Universe Of Dark Matter

The Mystery Of The Oregon Sri Yantra

Sugar-Free Foods Are Dangerous - Times Of India

Blackberries & Homemade Wine

Japanese Lack Immunity Against H7N9 Virus - Scientists

Dzhokhar Friend Says Guy In Court Is NOT Dzhokhar - Vid

Jeff & Gerald Celente - Money Junkies And Wise Guys - Vid

Jeff Rense & Dr. Roger Leir - Stunning UFO Over Turkey - Vid


US Warns Moscow Over Snowden Asylum

NSA Taps Skype Chats

Natl Guard Soldier Arrested - Wouldn't Shoot Americans - Vid

Martin - Covering Up Zionist Crime?

ADL Attacks Freedompalooze & More Dollars To Israel

Holder Tightens Rules On Getting Reporters Data

Six Ways To Avoid GMOs

Farmer Sues Monsanto - Found GMO Wheat In His Field


Where And How Fukushima Daiichi Leaks

Highly Radioactive Fish Caught In Ibaraki

New Leak Found Near Unit 3 At Fukushima Daiichi

Underground Wall May Increase Damage To Buildings

R2 & R3 Leakage At 150 BILLION Bq/m3 Of Cs-134/137

Why The Southwest Keeps Seeing Droughts

20% Of Adults Use Smartphones During Sex

Fox Regular, Wall St CEO Charged With Fraud

JFK On Weather Control 1961 - Vid

Celebrate What's Right With The World - Vid

Is The Sun A Giant Comet?

The Hardest Thing To Find In The Universe?


14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls

Northern India Hit By Worst Flooding In 50 Years

China Floods Worst In Decades

Hitler Learning Body Language For Speeches - Vid

Hepatitis B Vax Caused Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Seven Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Naming And Shaming Vegan Sellouts

Progesterone - What's Really In Your Chicken Sandwich

10 Causes Of Fibromyalgia You Doc May Not Know

Edible Landscaping In A Public London Park - Vid

52,000 Yr Old Cypress Forest Exposed By Katrina

'Vampire' Graves Uncovered In Poland


MERS Virus Now In UAE - First Case Confirmed

Snowden 'No Regrets' Accepts Russia Asylum Offer

Global Hero Snowden Accepts Russian Asylum Offer

Snowden To Human Rights Groups At Moscow Airport

US Threats vs Latin American Asylum To Snowden Grow

Russian Guard Service Reverts To Typewriters Over NSA

US Fears Snowden Accessed Sensitive Spy Methods On China

Now Merkel Justifies NSA Eavesdropping Surveillance

Twitter To Reveal People Who Post 'Anti-Semitic' Comments


Skype, Microsoft Gave Calls, Emails To NSA

Napolitano Quits DHS To Run UC System

Obama Commits To Signing UN Arms Trade Treaty

Judge Forces Zimmerman To Testify - Vid

FL Braces For Race Riots After Zimmerman Trial

Race-Baiting CNN Calls Zimmerman A 'White Hispanic'!

Obama DOJ Created Anti-Zimmerman Protests

Obama Plan To Crack Down On Whistleblowers - Vid

'Signature Strikes' & Obama Empty Talk About Drones

Do Not Let Our Enemies Divide Us - Vid

AIPAC, OFAC Increase US Sanctions On Syria And Iran

West Charges Against Syria Govt Groundless - Russia

Syria 'Rebels' Kill 'Rebel' FSA Comdr As Infighting Grows

Arab Oil Cash Will Kill Democracy In Egypt


Egypt Wheat Stocks Running Low

Huge UFO Over LA With Police Helicopters In Pursuit

ET? Creature Puzzles Residents In South Africa - Pics

Kirwan - Surrender Is Not An Option

Har - CA Senate Passes Bill Okaying Non-Citizen Poll Workers

Jericho Ballistic Test, Saudi Missiles, IDF Brave New Plan

What Does A Currency Collapse Look Like?

Re-Framing Reality The Shift

Imagine If The IRS ITEMIZED Your Taxes

Meteor Shower, Aurora And Quake Watches - Vid

The Last Gasp Monsters & The Zones Of Transition


Ex-Astronaut - ET Is Real & The Govt Knows It - Vid

False Flag Alert - MI6 Warning Of Chem Weapons ‘Catastrophe'

New UK Concern Over Taser After Latest Death

Agenda 21 - UK To Ban Packed Lunches For School

Enjoy! - Jumpy The Dog...Astonishing - Vid

Any Ideas?

‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Sane, Govt Dupes Are Crazy

When Did Truth Become a Conspiracy Theory?

Murder Attempt On Thai Official Recorded By Cam

Entire Government Of Luxembourg Resigns

New Video Game Helps Map Your Every Thought

KIds ADHD Prescriptions Increase 900% - Ages 3 & Up

70x More Private CCTVs In Britain Than Govt-Run Cameras


UK Greenlights Worlds Biggest Greenwash Project

Small Worm Can REGROW Its Own Head And Memories

Top Oz Scientist Warns Antibiotic Resistance Growing

'Experts' Warn Quest For Knowledge Is 'Evil, Dangerous'

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Arm Has Been Broken

House Passes Farm Bill After Dropping Food Stamps

Phone Companies Earn Big Profits As Wiretapping Merchants

US, Russia Play Waiting Game Over Snowden

‘Snowden Yet To Reply To Venezuela Offer’

Chevron Given Access To Activists Private Net Data

Rage Against The System: Why It Matters

Warning - America's Next False Flag


Nazemroaya - Egypt Salafists Replacing Brotherhood - Vid

IDF Takes 5 Yr Old Pal Boy For 'Stone Throwing' - Vid

Ongoing Fighting In Sinai

EPA Nukes Radiation Rules

AMA Urges Testing Pacific Seafood For Radiation

Fukushima Radioactive Water Contaminating Pacific

Madness - Russia Building Floating Nuclear Plants

Oil Sands May Irrevocably Tar the Climate

PressTV - Inside The Vaults Of The Vatican Bank - Vid

You’ve Been Warned

Climate Change Causing Energy Disruptions

Monsanto Is Losing The Press

Kirwan - To The Self-Anointed Among Us

Boomers Will Go Bankrupt If They Stay In America

Living Wage Victory Over Wal-Mart Corporate Bullying

9th Grade Cress Experiment Proves WiFi Kills

Could The Wolf Return To Western Europe?

Fracking Could Trigger Major Earthquake

White Woman, Mom Murdered By 3 Blacks - Photos

Mother Of 2 Murdered For $85 - Media Silent

Attempted Setup Of Luke Rudkowski Of MoveOn.org

Global Project To Create Synthetic Organism From Scratch

GM Mice With Human Chromosomes

Hubble Finds A Cobalt Blue Planet


The Cicada Killers Are Coming

New Kind of Night Light...Glow-In-The-Dark Trees

Boston Strangler Case Solved 50 Years Later

Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Asiana Pilot Says Was Blinded by Light Before SF Crash

Obama EO REQUIRES Federal Workers To Spy On Each Other

Obama Urges Federal Employees To Spy On Each Other

US Diplomats Anger As Obama Donors Get Top Jobs

Obama To Tweak Health Privacy To Disarm Americans

Moscow-Cuba Plane Detour - Snowden On Board?

NSA Spying Never Catches Israelis - Why Not?


Greenwald - Blasts The Washington Post, Walter Pincus

Pincus Responds To Greenwald Blast

Snowden - I Never Gave Information To China, Russia

Majority Of Americans Think Snowden Did The Right Thing

Microsoft Gave NSA Access To Encrypted Messages

Syrian 'Rebels' Disperse Food Protest With Gunfire

Inquiry On Aleppo Chem Attack Met Intl Standards - Lavrov

Sayanim Levin Calls For Military Strikes On Syria

US To Send Egypt More F-16 In Coming Weeks

Junta-Style Transition In Egypt

Japan's Deadly, Radioactive Black Dust

Fukushima Leaking Radiation Into Pacific For Two Years

Kirwan - Standing In The Ruins


US Navy Lands Unmanned Drone On Aircraft Carrier

Pentagon Drops $34m On Unused Base In Afghanistan

Adam Kokesh Arrested After Posting YouTube Video

FL Cops Entangled In Horrifying Sex Scandal

Citizen Journalist Set-Up Attempt?

Vilifying Alice Walker Is Irresponsibly

Stuxnet & Flame - Zionism’s New Megavirus Weapon

Snipers Video Reveals IDF Crimes

Zionists At The Top Of Britain’s Tory Party - Vid

Debka - Saudi Arabia 'Targeting Iran, Israel With Missiles'

Israel Military 'To Deploy New Unit Along Syrian Border'

Saudi Princess Charged With Trafficking

Let's Take A Graduate Education Course


1,900 More UK Troops Leave Afghanistan

The US Is Under Martial Law

The Reptilian Roots Of Pedophilia

Bill Would Establish National Park On The Moon

Poverty As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

The Rise Of The Multi-Talented Adult Stem Cell

Oil Heads Toward $107 Barrel

Brazil Confirms Increase In Amazon Deforestation

8 Nutrients Every Person Needs To Boost Health

6 Yr Earth Core Oscillation Changes Length Of Day

8 Things You Didn't Know About Nikola Tesla


Oregon Bans Some Insecticides Following Bee Deaths

Evaluating Vaccine Risks

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Plans Surveillance-Free Messaging

NSA Scandal Delivers Bonanza To DuckDuckGo

PRISM & ‘Purity’: NSA Follows Nazi Tradition

US Lobbying To Block Snowden's Way To S America

Mexico Pres Says US Spying 'Totally Unacceptable'

Venezuelans Urged To Boycott Facebook Over US Spying

Obama Signs EO - Allows Shutdown Of ALL US Communications

Jeff & Jim Marrs - What Kind Of Insane World Is This? - Vid

Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn't Enough


Br. Nathanael - The Great Transformation - Vid

Your Calls, Emails Are Being SOLD

Docs Reveal DOJ Role In Trayvon Martin Protests

Is MERS A Threat To Muslim Pilgrims?


Egypt Military Orders Brotherhood Leader Arrested

Egypt Govt Broadens Accusations Against Islamists

Navy To Try First Unmanned Carrier Landing

Deadly Radioactive Groundwater Pours Into The Pacific

Post-Fukushima Masquerade


U.S. Vows To Battle Abusive Debt Collectors

Koch Brother - Dropping Mini Wage Will 'Help The Poor'

Living Wage Mandate In DC Sends Walmart Running

NYPD And Brookhaven Lab Suggest A Terror Plot

Baltimore Students Taught To Ignore 9/11 Skeptics

Hepatitis B Vax Caused Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Tsarnaev Pleads NOT GUILTY - Vid

Entire Govt To Make 'Huge' A-21 Green Changes In US

Mike Zullo Talks Latest On Obama Fraud Birth Cert

The New Normal - Part-Time Employment


Alfredo Lopez - Jay-Z's App & Obama's Criminal Enterprise

Fugitive Snowden Likely VZ Bound - Greenwald

Greenwald's Courage Can Be Contagious - So Can Fear

Pike - Biblical Ethics Say Snowden Is A Hero

NSA Code In Three Quarters Of All Smartphones

Is The NSA Blackmailing Obama - Vid

Russia Eavesdropping On The Whole World - CIA

Government Spying Lucrative For Telecom Firms

7 People Arrested Because Facebook Posts

Alaska Defeats NDAA?


Paul Craig Roberts - US Tries To Push Back Dollar Blowup

China Warns Of Grim Trade After 3% Export Fall

The Fed Is F*cked

Wiggington - New Chemtrail GeoEngineering Presentation - Vid

Navy Admits Makes Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP

Blanket Spraying Of The Eastern Pacific 7-10-13 Parches US

GeoEngineeringwatch - Obama Update - Vid

Wildfires Spread In US Southwest - Hundreds Flee

Morsi Ousted To Stop Sending Army To Fight Syria

Key IDF Rearrangement Announced


Prisoner X2 - 2nd Israeli Agent Locked Up Secretly

12% Of Israelis Admit Paying Bribes

Oy Vey - Brazil Jews Take To The Street

Targeting Iran

Waging Guerrilla War On The Banksters

FBI Nominee Comey Signed OK To Waterboarding

US Border - A Constitution-Free Zone

Obama Names Campaign Finance Manager As British Amb

It's OK For Illegals To Steal Your Identity

Mars Rover To Search for ET In 2020 - NASA


Ireland’s First UFO Sighting – 5 Days After Roswell

Film On UFO Sighting Unfolds On Maury Island

Pentagon Paymasters Hound A Master Sergeant

How Pentagon Payroll Quagmire Traps American Soldiers

30,000 CA Prisoners Launch Huge Hunger Strike

TSA Treats Purple Heart Vet Like A Terrorist

Horses & Robot Whores Of The Kali Yuga

Cambodia Villages Destroyed By Sugarcane Industry - Vid

UK Sugar Giant Accused Of Child Labor

European Rich Could Face 'Peasants' Revolt'


Harnessing Quantum Entanglement Is Our Secret Weapon

Schumann Resonance Can Be Muffled, Not Altered - Vid

Steiner House London - An Intro - Vid

Russian Military Unit To Fight 'History Falsification'

Are Honey Bees Canaries In The Coal Mine?

Air Pollution Linked To Lung Cancer, Heart Failure

Mudslide In China Buries Dozens

Mars Rover To Search for ET In 2020 - NASA

Scientists Witness Birth Of 'Monster Star'

One Soul, Many Bodies - The Case For Reincarnation


Teen Scientist Makes Plastic From Banana Peels

The House Of Rothschild

How Capitalism's Great Relocation Shredded US Middle Class

How Much Does A House Of Representatives Seat Cost?

British Co. Gets Contract To Administer Health Rollout

Washington Ousted Egypt's Morsi

Syrian Opposition In Disarray

As Biotech Seed Falters, Insecticide Use Surges

Food Stamps May Be Split From Farm Bill In House

They Can Kill You With the Push Of a Button


Poverty As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Even Limbaugh Says It's Time To Turn Off Fox News

Video Shows Trays Of Meat Stored Near Trash - Vid

SCOTUS Rules Big Pharma Exempt From Lawsuits

Quantum Version Of Nazi 'Enigma' Machine Uncrackable

How Death Valley Gets So Darn Hot

Growing Herbs & Spices In The Home Garden

Emergency MERS Talks Begin - Pandemic Fears Grow

WHO Agrees To Possible MERS Sustained Transmission

1913 - How The Fed Was Shoved Down Our Throats


Are Weaponized Drones On American Soil?

US Soon - Men Will Be Wives, Women Will Be Husbands

Snowden - US & Israel Co-Wrote Stuxnet Computer Virus

Edward Snowden Interview, Part 1 - Vid

Edward Snowden Interview, Part 2 - Vid

New Snowden Leak - Pine Gap Place In US Spy Web

Hitting The Reset - NSA Spying Targeted BRICS

DOJ - Public No Right To Know Secret Public Spy Laws

NSA Rejecting All FOIA Requests By US Citizens

McGrath - Economic Data Spells Disaster - Vid


Kirwan - America On Summer Vacation 2013

The Museum Called Reailty

Stealth Terror, Weather Wars & The End Of America

Quantum Entanglement Is Humanity's Secret Weapon


Israel Warns US Against Cutting Aid To Egypt

New World Order Kills Democracy In Egypt

Tarpley - Morsi Ousted To Stop Egypt Attack On Syria

Syrian War Hits Beirut

Syrian Govt Claims Huge Seizure Of Toxic Chemicals


Bloodlust Blair Calls For Intervention In Syria

US Delaying Aid To Militants In Syria

Shocking Revelations On Muhammad al-Durrah Murder

Turkey Protests Have Not Finished - Vid

Canada Death Train Tampered With - Pics

Judge Orders Release Of Aaron Swartz' Secret Service File

Russian Plane 'Observation' Flights Over US, Canada

Bloom’s Taxonomy, Communist Manifesto, Phrenology, Bigfoot...

1912 Eighth Grade Graduation Exam...Try It

Tritium - A Universal Threat Released By Every Reactor


Cesium Level Soars 90-Fold At Fukushima In Just 3 Days

Japan Reports Soaring Fukushima Groundwater Radiation

Former Fukushima Chief Dies Of Esophagus Cancer At 58

Geologists Studying New Madrid Seismic Zone

China Builds Largest Building In The World - Vid

Ex Editor Of Roswell Newspaper Talks About Crash

Original Roswell Crash Photog Recounts Experience

Killer Cops - 'Why'd You Shoot Me? I Was Reading A Book!'

Claims Cop Attacked Man After He Was Tasered

Epic Rainfall Drowns Toronto - 'Like Nothing Before[


2013 - Unprecedented Natural Disasters - Vid

USDA Film Admits Scientists 'Fixed The Glutens In Flour'

Mexico Passes US As The Fattest Nation On Earth

Family Sues - Flu Vax Severely Brain Damages Child

Did UK Face Military Coups In 60s & 70s?

'Gutting' Of Jillings Child Abuse Report Angers Victims

In Congress, Gridlock And Harsh Consequences

America's Fate? - Think Titanic

Snowden 'NSA Lying, Collects ALL Comm Data In & Out Of US

Questions For Snowden


Egypt Braces For More Killing After Massacre

Egypt Interim Pres Limits Powers, Sets Election Timetable

Turkish Ships Now Barred From Egypt - Vid

Middle East Continues to Boil

Orthodox Jews Refuse To Talk On Camera - Vid

New Stasi Incarnation

Law Firm Representing State Dept Whistle Burglarized

Is GMO Rewiring Our DNA?

Br. Nathanael - Politically Incorrect Jewish News - Vid

Video Taken Of Object That Reversed Direction - Vid


House Republicans Draft Their Debt-Ceiling Playbook

The Daily Habit Of These Outrageously Successful People

Man Hears People Before They Speak

The Simplest Of Things

Methanol - Is Aspartame Now Illegal In California?

Duet For Piano And iPad - Vid

Memory, Forgetting And Propranolol - Vid

Toronto Flood Photos Show Parts Of City Underwater

Tiny Robotic Cubes Could Rule the Solar System

Br. Nathanael - Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Agenda - Vid


Primeval Underwater Forest Discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Top Travel Photographs - Pics

WHO Forms MERS Emergency Committee

Obama July 4th - 'I'll Miss Good Golf For This Crap'

Asiana Flight Was Going Too Slow On Landing - Vid

Did Rescuers Run Over, Kill One Of SF Air Crash Dead?

Dark Mystery - Why Is Kerry's Wife In Critical Condition?

Suspicious US Engineer Death Ruled 'Suicide' In Singapore

Lindorff - Snowden Affair Exposed More Than NSA Spying

Matrix - Who Is Edward Snowden?


Is Jay-Z Working For The NSA?

Performing Triage On America

Outrage - Illinois Illegally Takes, Kills ROUNDUP RESISTANT Bees

The Secret Founding Of America...Why It Matters

Students DESTROY NSA Recruiters Over Spying, Lies - Vid

Criticizing Venezuela's Maduro Is Irresponsible

UN - US-Mex Border Wide Open To Illegals From Africa, Asia

Interim Leader Mansour Calls For Calm - Vid

At Least 53 Pro-Morsi Protesters Said Killed

Cairo Morgue Filled To Capacity


Many Egyptians Believe Morsi Involved With US, Israel

Egypt - A Revolution Bought for $6 Billion

Wikipedia War Over Egyptian Military 'Coup'

Arab Spring Chasing Consensus

Rapper Force Fed Under Standard Gitmo Policy - Vid

Islamic Leaders Ask Obama To End Gitmo Force-Feeding

Israeli F16 Crashes Into Sea

Duff - Israel Disguising Own Failures As Victories

Conquering The Narrow Valley Of Giant Ghosts


Iran To Unveil Mobile Version Of S-200 Air Defense

Iran Institute Announces New High-Speed Cloning

5 Dead. 40+ Missing After Train Explodes In Canada Town - Vid

Blaylock - What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain

Perry Will Not Seek Re-election As Texas Governor

Canada Official UFO Studies - Your Need To Know - Vid

Britain Launches Search For Alien Life (too funny)

Roswell UFO Incident Google Doodles Game - Vid

Millions Of Workers 'Back-Fired' After 2014 Voting?

The Horrible Legacy Of Insane Waste Injection Wells


St Louis Cop Union Thug Fights Vid Of Bad Cops - Vid

Financial Declaration Of Independence By All 50 United States

Vatican Bank Facilitated Money Laundering

Chinese Insurer Buys Landmark Lloyds Of London Skyscraper

China Ex-Railway Chief, Sentenced To Death For Corruption

Newsreader Breast Cancer After Radiation 20 Yrs Earlier

North Sea Leaks 'Reality Check' For British Oil - Greenpeace

Astronaut's Spectacular Photo Of Clouds Over Atlantic

Chocolate, & Fizzy Drinks Could Be Cancer Detectors

Govt - Packed Lunches Should Be Banned - Making Kids Fat


American Horse Meat Makes A Comeback

Boy Recovers From Autism By Stopping Dairy & Gluten

Female Inmates Sterilized In California

Has The Era Of Genetically Pure 'Gattaca Babies' Begun?

What’s Keeping You?

Curcumin Outperforms Vaccines

China Elderly Can Sue Kids Who Don't Visit

Asiana Says Pilot Of Crashed Plane Was In Training

Crash Pilot Had No Experience Landing 777 In SF - Vid

Cops Stop Crash Witness From Talking To MSM At SFO! - Vid


San Francisco Plane Crash - 6 Things Learned

CNN Airs Never Seen Michael Hastings Interview - Vid

Russian Official - VZ Is Snowden's 'Last Chance

Nicaragua Reveals Snowden's Asylum Letter

Pike - Is Snowden A Traitor Or Hero?

More Disclosures About US Spying

In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers Of NSA

Egypt 'Brotherhood' Alleges Cairo Massacre - 35 Dead

Thousands Protest In Egypt

Unrest Continues In Egypt


When Is A Coup Not One?

Teresa Heinz-Kerry Hospitalized In Critical Condition

Obama's Report On Gun Violence Slaps Him In The Face

Schools Trying To Arm Employees Hit Ins Hurdle

Kirwan - There Is A Higher Court

Let's Play Spot The Chemtrails - Vid

Diagnosis - Insufficient Outrage

Ads Broadcast Directly Into Train Passengers Brains

Climate Change Isn't World's Biggest Problem

Fracking, Drought And The Price Of Food


Claim Rolls Royce Uses 'Scrap' Parts In Jet Engines

Air Taxi Crashes At Alaska Airport Kills 10

Roswell UFO Anniversary Noted By Google Doodle

Human 'Augmentation' - Vid

A Pictorial History Of The World's Governments

Identifying Alzheimers Using Space Software

Scientists Ponder Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts

66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers

There Are No Children Of A Lesser God

1954 Chevrolet Film - How To Go Places - Vid


Dunblane Massacre Survivor Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon

Nightmare - 900 MILLLION Bq/m3 In Daiichi Groundwater

Crew Tried To Abort Landing At SFO...Failed

Video Of Asiana Airilnes Boeing 777 Crash Emerges - Vid

It's The American Way; Not To Go, C'est Terrible!

Two More Die Saudi Arabia From MERS Coronavirus

Russian Navy To Receive 36 Warships In 2013

SFO Crash Mirrors BA 777 Crash At Heathrow 5 Yrs Ago

SFO Crash Injuries Include Paralysis, 'Severe Road Rash'

Hawaii Remote Viewer Predicted SF Airliner Crash


Paul Craig Roberts - Today’s Job Report

Jobs Report Shows America in Decline

No Contact With Snowden Since Asylum Offer - VZ

Venezuela Grants Snowden Asylum

Greenwald - NSA Mass Spying On Brazilians

NSA Spies In Bed With Germany, Others - Snowden

US Told Morsi To Go An Hours Before His Ouster

Egypt On Verge Of Civil War – Putin

ElBaradei's Appt As Interim PM Thrown Into Doubt


Morsi Supporters Throw Teen Off Roof, Hang Him

Egypt Islamists On The Streets Against The Coup

Gzerot Ramadan

Icke, 2011 - Truth About Mideast Revolutions - Vid

Saudi Puppet al-Jarba To Lead Syria Terrorists

Militant Groups Fight Each Other In North Syria

Syria Cannibal 'Rebel' Threatens Worse Crimes

The World As Free-Fire Zone

Obama Limo - Heavy Armor, Blood Bank, Night Viz


Key US Missile Interceptor Fails Test Again

Jeff & Deborah Tavares - Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars - Vid

Dr Russell Blaylock - What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain

Sacramento Farm To Fork Food Bank Changes Lives

Guantánamo Guards Forcing Inmates To Stay Awake

‘Everybody In Gitmo Tortured Or Abused’ - Ex-Detainee

BP Whines As 10,000 Claims Flood In Each Month

It's The American Way; Not To Go, C'est Terrible!

Conquering The Morph

'New' Old Chevys In Time Capsule Auction - Pics


A Painful Mix Of Fire, Wind And Questions

Molokai MOM - Standing Up To GMOs - Vid

Soy, Wheat...2 Most Destructive Nutrients In Weight, Health

Courts - MMR, Thimerosal Caused Autism, Brain Damage

Gardasil Vax Creator Confesses To Clear His Conscience

Brazil Soccer Ref Beheaded After Killing Player

2 Dead, 305 Survive Airliner Crash At San Francisco Airport - Pics

Survivors Describe Harrowing SFO Airliner Crash

NSA Rejecting Every FOIA Request Made By US Citizens

Fake & Faker - The REAL Story Of Assange & Snowden


Seen Snowden? Moscow Fliers Hope For Glimpse

Modern Outlaws - Julian Assange And Edward Snowden

US Respects Sovereignty Of No Nation

Deadly Fourth Weekend In Chicago - 9 Dead, 55 Hurt

Paul Craig Roberts - Lawlessness Is The New Norm

50 Iranians Arrested For 'Having Fun'

Iranians Fun Water Party Before Arrest - Pics

Egypt-Israel gas pipeline blown up in Sinai

Peak Crackers - The Fear Mind Screw - Vid

Hollywood Preparing Us For Nov Event?


Jews Behind Argentina False Flag Bombing?

US CEOs Make 273x More Than The Average Worker

Bestiality Brothels Spreading Through Germany

And We Call Ourselves Civilized

Antarctic Lake 2 Miles Under Ice Teeming With Life

Is Olive Oil As Healthy As You Think?

If You Don't Mind Cancer, Keep Using A Microwave

Egypt - El Baradei's Appointment Put On Hold

Duff - Game Over For Morsi, Israel

Three Latin Leftist Leaders Offer Asylum To Snowden


Armed Gun Owners March On Houston Police Station

US Violates International Law Regarding Morales Jet

Where Are We Now?

Ley Lines...Megalithis Circles...Ancient Civilisations - Vid

Inexplicable Baalbek - Machu Pichu - Shuman Res - Vid

Paul Craig Roberts - Has DC Arrogance Undone Its Empire?

Macho Putin vs Girly Obama(New Photos)

Nobel Laureate El Baredi Named Egypt PM...For Now - Vid

Obama Silent Over Egypt


30 dead, Over 1000 Injured In Egypt Clashes

Egypt On Brink Of Disaster

Egypt Inferno - Between The President & The General

Madsen - European NATO Allies, NSA And 3rd Parties - Vid

Venezuela And Nicaragua Offer Asylum To Snowden

VZ Says US Behind Morales Plane Incident

Oliver Stone - US Is Creating 'Global Security State'

Snowden Is A Whistleblower, Not A Spy

US Postal Service Photos 160 Billion Letters Annually

Blackmail? NSA, Obama, Roberts & Congress - How Deep Does it Go?


Syria Army Advancing In Homs

Un-Branding Israel

Pakistan Warns US Over Drones Again

Police In CA Get Death Threats After Killing Man's Dog

Permits Soar To Allow More Concealed Guns

Stories Crimes Of The Four Horsemen

The Smart Money Is Quietly Buying More Gold

The Euro Is Destroying Europe

Moodys Lowers Ratings Of Largest Russian Banks

Should You Trust Bitcoin?


The Bitcoin Collapse Continues

SSRI Use In UK Up 500%

MPs Vote 305-0 For Law Promising EU Referendum

Scotland Yard Seeks Rupert Murdoch Secret Tape

100s Of Female Canadian Mounties Sue The Force

A Cup Of Upchuck Formula, Down At The Paddles Club

Nikola Tesla - Calling All Freethinkers

Roswell - 66 Years Of Unanswered Questions - Vid

UFO Captured On Video Over Chicago - Vid

Sky Lanterns Create UFO Buzz Over Portland - Vid


Mexico Volcano Ash Disrupts US Flights Again

New Wave Of Mini Robots Has Arrived

MI Demands $700k From Farm Family, Death OF 70 Animals

Vaccination Causes Autism – Here’s What They Know

Can Facebook Predict Suicide Risks?

Step Closer To Finding Another Earth

Cosmic Radio Bursts Point To Cataclysmic Origins

China Reports H7N9-H3N2 Coinfection And More Deaths

Indiana Witnesses New Strain Of Swine Flu

WHO To Set Up Emergency Committee On MERS-CoV


Kerry On Private Yacht During Egypt Coup - Vid

Amid Post-Coup Clashes, Egypt's Islamists Split

At Least 24 Dead In Post Coup Clashes In Egypt

Business As Usual In Egypt

Atzmon - The Arabs And Their Spring

Egypt Revolution Betrayed - Fuel For al-Qaeda Fires

Netanyahu On 'The Jew', Herzl & Tikkun Olam

Qatar, Turkey, Egypt All Have Israeli Embassies - Vid

Targeting Foreign Leaders - Longstanding US Policy

America Is Officially An Occupied Nation


Venezuela Offers Snowden Safe Asylum

French PRISM' Revealed - Everything Tracked, Collected

Nightmare - 900 MILLLION Bq/m3 In Daiichi Groundwater

1,780,000 Bg/kg Cesium On A Fukushima City Rooftop

Japan's Nuclear Safety Culture - Dead On Arrival

Overpopulation Will Make A Hellhole Of Earth

41 IMF Bailouts - How Long Before Whole System Fails?

Man Tries To Extort Paula Deen - Vid

James - Secret Space War III - Marduk Lands In Africa?

NY Bill Redefines Rape - Vid


Westwood In 1946 And Then In 2012 - Photos

UFOs At Freckley Hollow Changed Our Lives

Meeting A Fellow Palestinian At A Govt Event

Amazing - The Moscow Cats Theater - Vid

The Toxic Ingredients In Soft Serve Ice Cream

Five 'Health Foods' That Aren't Healthy

New Study Confirms Wheat-Autism Link

Prevent Alzheimers By Sunning & Skipping Sunscreens

Atheism Vs. Christianity - Vid

Mexico Mt. Popocatepetl Volcano Grounds Flights


Algae Bloom Turns China's Yellow Sea To Green

'Petrified Wood' On Mars? - Photo

New Evidence Proves Existence Of Space Wind

The Miracle Matrix

The Lost Pyramids Of Bosnia - Sam Osmanagich PhD - Vid

Why So Many US Wildfires?

What Is Going On With Bigfoot DNA?

Canadian Quantum Computers Better Than Humans

The Little Sweeties And The Golden Age

Senile Talking Cat - (The Original) - Vid


Stunning Interview With Fukushima Daiichi Worker

Venezuela Offers Asylum To Edward Snowden

The Late Great United States - Vid

Time Is Running Out For America

E Pluribus Unum

Morsi Allies Reject New Regime - Backlash Feared

In Egypt - US Draws Fire From Both Sides

Chossudovsky - Was Obama Behind Egypt’s Coup?

Lamb - Egypt After the Coup…Is Obama Backing ElBaradei?

Western-Instigated Putsch In Egypt


Will The New Egypt Allow Palestinians To Arm? - Vid

NSA Recruitment Drive Goes Horribly Wrong

Anti-NSA Surveillance Demonstrations Across US - Vid

Dzhokahr Tsarnaev Claims Innocence

An Empire Of Secrets - Vid

In Obamaland ‘Rule Of Law’ Is For The Other Suckers

Obamacare Strikes - Part-Time Jobs Surge To New High

Israeli Biometric Database To Begin in Two Weeks

Senate Passes Bill Requiring Biometric Airport Exits

Tea Party Called ‘Top Terror Threat’ In US


Photos Of Heroes Who Won America's independence

Controlling The Message - Targeting Press TV

Time To Sequester Air Force One Vacation Flights - Vid

GeoEngineering Causing Drought And Fueling Fires

Martin - FDR's Right-Hand Perjurer?

Hunger & Thirst...Primary Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Immig Bill Gives Big Money To Big Defense Contractors

NRA Exposes Cal-DOJ Firearm Confiscation Program - Vid

Ohio Police Set Up Fake Drug Checkpoints

'Model' Gay Adoptive Fathers Abused 6 Yr Old For Yrs


Abortion Supporters Chant 'Hail Satan' In Texas - Vid

Third Of UK Children Have Suicidal Thoughts

Group Finds High Levels Of Carcinogen In Pepsi

New, Dangerous Tick-Borne Disease Mimics Lyme - But Isn't

Pepsi - Will Stop Using Aborted Fetal Cells For 'Flavor'

Big Tobacco Quiet On Radioactivity In Cigarettes

Newly-Discovered Koala Immune Deficiency Virus

Where Is The True North Pole?

Head Transplants Now A Realistic Procedure

Subconscia (contributor)


Best Sleeping Position and Getting Out of Bed (video)

Cats And Dogs At Risk From New Fungus

Seattle Man Catches 200 Yr Old Fish

Dopamine - Love, Lust & Addiction?

Study - MERS Virus Not Yet At Pandemic Potential

2013 H3N2v Cases Spread To Hancock Co. Fair In IN

Iceland Congress Bill To Grant Snowden Citizenship

Snowden Still A Headache For Putin - Vid

Morales - We Don't Need A US Embassy In Bolivia

Privacy Advocates To Challenge NSA Surveillance


MERS-CoV Essen Sequence Matches England

2013 Grant Co IN H3N2v Matches 2012 Cases & Swine

2013 Grant County Indiana H3N2v Matches 2012 Cases

Jeff & Lindsey Williams - Insider Globalist Plans Revealed - Vid

The Anti New York Times - SCOTUS, Mandela, Brazil

US Army Restricts Access To The Guardian Site

Obama - No 'Wheeling And Dealing' Over Snowden

How The NSA Is Still Harvesting Your Online Data

Br. Nathanael - Snowden...When Truth Becomes Treason


Ecuador Breaks US Pact To Thwart 'Blackmail' Over Snowden

US Says China And Russia Got Into Snowden's Computers

Snowden Asked To Brief Russian Parliament On US Espionage

WH 'Doesn't Know' What Files Snowden Accessed

Snowden - Shooting The Messenger

Is NSA Blackmail Inc For The Military Industrial Complex?

Jeb Bush To Give The 2013 Liberty Medal To Hillary (!)

Obama In Africa Stuxnet Leak Inquiry Target Top US General

US-Japan War Games Off CA Coast Mimic China Invasion

Agenda 21 And The Rise Of Enviro-fascism


Canadians Discover US Is A Police State - Vid

Obama Threatens To End All Pal Aid If It Joins ICC

What Will Obama Do?

Ex Official - CIA Helped Jail Mandela

Of Whistleblowers And Free Inhabitants

Martin - The Muted News Of The Zimmerman Lawsuit

Russia To Build 100 New Military Bases And Airfields

US To Send Arms To Syria In A Month

US Spooks Stockpile Arms For Syria 'Rebels' In Jordan

Russia Slams Arming Syria Rebels

Turkish PM Chilling Treason Claims Against BBC Reporter

Intelsat Admits US Behind The Ban On Iran Channels

Netanyahu Admits Secret Israeli Aerial Missions


The House That Broke The Camel's Back

Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program

Organized Jewry As The Destroyers Of America

Unbearable Shame Of Cameron’s ‘Torah’ Government

Ex Japan PM Says Elderly Should 'Hurry Up And Die'

Nichols - Al Gore Lied (shocker)

Stuxnet Leaker May Be The General Who Got It Built

Senators - Student Loan Interest Rates To DOUBLE

What Do We Tell Our Children?

Risk Of 1937 Relapse - Fed Gives Up Fight On Deflation

Bankers' Comments Damaged Democracy Says Merkel

Those Otherworldly, Bizarre Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid


Deputy PM Clegg - No GMO Food For My Kids

Bill To Expand US Database To Verify ALL US Hires

Britain Shale Gas Could Supply Country For 25 Years

Agenda 21 - UK Moots Electricity Rationing

British Govt Waging War On The Poor

The Moment Science Took Over Our Genetic Inheritance

Two For The Tango Or Dancing In The Dark

Japanese Scientists Clone Entire Mouse From Drop Of Blood

Kamchatka Volcano Spews Ash Up Over Miles

CDC Vax Agenda - The Rise Of Herpes Zoster

Germany Can Keep Eichmann In Argentina Records Secret


Are You Fascinated By Really Big Airplanes? - Vid

Study Finds Processed Food Is Truly Addictive

Counterfeit Food More Widespread Than Suspected

New Gen NASA Telescope Poised To Solve Sun Mystery

New Revelations Show Decade Of Bulk NSA Internet Spying

CIA Plan To Crush Leaks Gets Leaked

America's Terrifying Future - Vid

Senate Roll Call Vote On Amnesty (Treason) Bill

Syrian Orthodox Bishop Beheaded By Syrian 'Rebels'

'Father' Of ADHD Admits It's A Fake Disease

Graf Zeppelin Returns To NY After World Tour In 1929 - Vid

Zionist Jews And Communism

Lindbergh, The Nazis And American Isolationism - Vid

Free Download - David Irving's Bestselling Bio - 'Hitler's War'

Houdini And The History Of Magic - Vid

All Hospitalized Al Hasa MERS Dialysis Cases Died

Indiana H3N2v Outbreak Raises Concerns

Sequence From Taiwan H6N1 Case Has G228S

Senate Passes Outrageous Immigration Bill - Vid

FBI Knew Plot To Execute Occupy Activists...Did Nothing

Pike - Is Israel Wiretapping America?


Glenn Greenwald Smeared For NSA Revelations

Jeff And Yoichi Shimatsu - Snowden & The NSA Nightmare - Vid

NDAA-NSA Surveillance Will Lead To Indefinite Detention

US Should Not Change Russia Politicies Over Snowden - Vid

Edward Snowden - In Defence Of Whistleblowers

(New) 'World Order 'Unjust And Immoral!' - Ecuador’s Correa

Who OK'd NSA And GCHQ Spying On Germans?

UK Spy Agencies Get $154mn Bonus Amid Big Cuts

Obama's Not Here 'But I'm Sure He's Listening In - Jagger

Snowden, NSA, Blackmail & Boys In The Back Room

The 'New Normal' - Who Did This To America And Why?

Harris/PressTV - US Economy Set To Crash Very Hard - Vid


Comprehensive List Of Stock Market Crashes

Snowden, Syria And The Soviets

Russia Deploys Intel Ship Off Syrian Coast

Russia Pulls Remaining Personnel From Syria

Duff - Syria Crisis And America’s funeral

Al-Nusra Leader In Syria Is A CIA Ooperative

Iran Dismantles 'Israel-Linked' Terror Network

Israel World's 6th Largest Aarms Exporter

Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act

Rothschild And The Gay Cambridge Apostles

FBI Sued For Access To Facial-Recognition Records

Agenda 21 - Unconstitutional Conservation


The Danger of DNA Databases

Challenging US Lawlessness

Mandela Alive - Oz Pol Apologizes For Death Statement

1800s Airships - 19th C. Secret Society Of Flight Enthusiasts

UK UFO Files Show MoD Monitors Anti-Gravity Research

Prof Doom - One Last Joke Of Accreditation

Corzine Charged In Connection With MF Global Collapse

Search Engines Warned By FTC Over Ad Labelling

8 Incredible And Alarming Labor Force Statistics

IRS Accused Granting $500m In Suspicious Contracts

UK Cuts 'Risk Food Banks And Loan Sharks'

UK Announces £100b Infrastructure Spending


‘Diverting money from poor to rich under guise of economic crisis’

The Excrescent Efflorescence Of The Flowers Of Evil

Duke Students Play Vid Game With Their Minds

Top 10 Toxins In Your Home, Room By Room

Nitrates In Drinking Water Linked To Birth Defects

Saudi Arabia Reports Seven More MERS Cases

H3N2v Confirmed In 4 Attendees At Indiana Fair

Snowden In The Midst Of US-Russia Spy Wars - Vid

World Says Yes To Snowden, No To Obama

The Snowden Case - What You're Not Being Told - Vid

Sauder - Machine Is Already Awake...Snowden's Revelation?

10 Possible Destinations For Snowden


NSA 'Disappears' Its Own Fact Sheet On Spying Program

Why Hasn't The US Govt Snatched Ed Snowden Yet?

Corbett & Chossudovsky - The Imperial Agenda In Syria - Vid

The Federal Reserve After Ben Bernanke

Supreme Court’s War On Democracy

Operation Insider Threat

Coming West Heat Wave May Set Records

Wilde - The Rise Of Fascism - Vid

80% Of Processed Foods In US Banned In Other Nations

GMO Cabbage With Scorpion Poison Coming Soon


The Slaughter Of The Bonds Has Begun

Intl Demand For Privacy Answers On Google Glass

US Pressured Japan To Continue MOX Program

Using Children To Promote Nuclear Agendas

Fukushima Radiation Dangers - Don't Worry Be Happy!

Cs-134/137 In 15 Of 15 Tea Leave Samples In Shizuoka

Chernobyl Children Now Sicker That Ever - Vid

Fed Up TX Teachers Won't Teach Summer School

Individual Ignorance Is Strength To Institutions

Murderous Hypocrisy - Angry Yet?

The Naked Empire

What the World Rejected - Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933- 1939


Why Warp Drives Aren't Just Science Fiction

Human Body Emits, Communicates & Is Made From Light

Blueberry Coconut Dreamsicles

Anomalies In Jordan MERS Cases

Friend - Michael Hastings Investigating CIA When Murdered

Bush Advisor - Hastings Crash Matches Car Cyberattack

Russia Rules Out Snowden Expulsion, Rejects US 'Ravings'

Snowden Hid Copies Of Secret NSA Docs For Security

Snowden - How The Constitution Defines Treason - Vid

Why Edward Snowden Is An American Hero

'Snowden Should Be Executed' Says Nutter Trump


John McCain Calls Putin A KGB ‘Apparatchik’

NSA Won't Confirm Or Deny It Has Your Data

Obama’s Informants

Germany Blasts Britain Over GCHQ Secret Cable Tap

Sayanim Hague Defends US-UK Spy Links

State Sponsored Murder - The Sordid History - Vid

UK Delays Smart Meter Installs For Year, Italy Bans Them

Agenda 21 And Steady-State Techno-Corporatocracy

FBI Aids Terror Death Ray Plot To Foil Terror Death Ray Plot

Emperor Obama To Bypass Congress On Climate Change


World War Z - Zionist Predictive Programming

US Army To Chop 12 Brigades Over Budget Cuts

Syria - The Faces Behind The Terror

Kissinger Says US Media Lying About Syria

Syrian Army Hits Rebels, Saudis Yell Genocide

Syria Blames Saudis For Conflict

Syria Oilfields Create Surreal Battle Lines

BBC Part Of Plan To Destabilize Turkey: Erdogan

Israeli Authors Try To Stop Eviction Of West Bank Pals

Jews Allowed To Puncture Tires, Palestinians Not

NWO Zio-Tool Oz PM Gillard Ousted


State Dept Debunks Iran-Latin America Terror Links

GMO Golden Rice For Mass Population Control

Clinton Pardoned Bankster Marc Rich Dies

Gold Prices Set To Fall Further, Forecasts Goldman Sachs

Gillard Replaced As Oz PM By Man She Deposed

Fury As EU MEPs Caught Faking Work - Vid

June 13 Tsunami On The East Coast? - Vid

Tsunami Waves Along New Jersey Shore?

Depleted Uranium, Diabetes, Cancer And You

CA Man Faces 15 Yrs For Anti-Bank Chalk Writing

Texas Rushes Ahead With Voter ID Law


Virginia Governor Scandal Worsens

Of Ring Pass Nots, Animated Shits & Positive Ends

Autobahn Sniper - 700+ Road Rage Shootings In Germany

Mystery Sky Rings Appear Over Copenhagen 2013 - Vid

Alarming Rise in New Drugs

UK Pushes Tamoxifen Alternative To Breast Surgery

3 'Super-Earths' Found In Nearby Solar System

Brit UFO Doc Release To Deflect Public, Media Interest

Honeybee Collapse Could Cost $100s Of Billions


Mystery Shrouds Ancient Oshoro Circle

Ticking Metronomes Can Automatically Synchronize

Floating An Ozark River

Saudis, WHO Report 8 Asymptomatic MERS Cases

Putin - 'Snowden Is A Free Man In Moscow Airport' - Vid

Russia Spies May Be Chatting With Snowden

New Video About State Assassination Tactics - Vid

Ecuador Confirms Snowden Asylum Request

Snowden...An Exercise In Disinformation?

Jeff & Yoichi Shimatsu - The NSA Surveillance Outrage - Vid

Hellions Inc. - Snowden Ex Employers Exposed

Br. Nathanael - The Jews Who Own The Media - Vid


Obama Forces Federal Workers To Inform On Colleagues

FedEx Jet In Near Collision With 2 ChemTrail Tankers - Vid

The US Afghan Exit May Depend On A Syrian One

Employers May Fire Americans, Hire Amnestied Illegals

Secret Talks To Control Worlds Food Supply

Japan Radiation Already Killing North Americans

War And New Nuclear Danger - Fukushima & Beyond

TEPCO Admits Increasing Radioactive Leaks To The Sea

Japanese Media Lies About Food Safety

Fukushima Worker - TEPCO Deceiving The Public

Caldicott - War And The New Nuclear Danger

Confessions Of NWO Zionist Jews - Vid

A Conversation With Gilad Atzmon - Vid


Famous Jews Who Changed Their Names - Vid

Melanie Phillips Zio-Centric Tantrum On BBC - Vid

Atzmon - Hot News...'Israelis Aren’t Racist'

Brazilian President Proposes Political Reform

US Army Undergoing Massive Restructuring

Control Over Food At Stake With Trans-Pac Partnership

Home Invasion Caught On Home 'Nanny Cam' - Vid

Milwaukee Cops Massive Tank To Patrol Streets

Magic Stairs - Try To Explain This One! - Vid

Digital Currencies Threat To Current Financial Systems

Bernanke Fed Playing With Deflationary Fire

Is GMO Rewiring Our DNA?

The Global Pandemic Of Vit D Deficiency

Myths Of Cosmetics Safety

Town Where 1In 6 Are Hooked On Happy Pills


When Teen Drama Turns Deadly

Asian Tiger Mosquitos Invade New Jersey

Madness Made Them Great

Putin - Snowden In Moscow Airport, Won't Be Extradicted

McGrath/RT - Snowden Must To Stay Invisible Now To Live - Vid

Snowden Never Crossed Border Into Russia Says Lavrov

US Accusations Over Snowden Unacceptable – Lavrov

Snowden Is ‘Safe And Healthy’ - Assange

Edward Snowden - International Hero

‘Mad Invader, Eavesdropper’ - China Slams US

China State Paper - Snowden Tore Off Washington's Mask

Ed Snowden, NSA & Fairy Tales A Child Can See Through

The Snowden Snow-Job?


US Rulers Fear The American People

Snowden Case Proved There Is No Democracy In US

Obama Praises And Vows Whistleblower Protection...Remember?

Snowden May Be Deliberate Infiltrator For Liberty

Booz Allen Hamilton - Far Worse Than Blackwater

Rockefeller 2002 Email Outlines Armageddon Agenda

Obama Back First Strike Nuclear War As US Policy

Kirwan - Congratulations, We Have Killed The Future!

Empty Lectures About The Sanctity Of The ‘Rule Of Law’

Criminalizes Legitimate Redress Of Grievances

SCOTUS Destroys The Right To Remain Silent


Lieberman - Israel Needs To Completely Cleanse Gaza Strip

Israel Approves Prawer Law Expelling Bedouins

Most Rabid Zionist New Britain Trade Minister

Dozens Killed As Syria War Spreads To Lebanon Town

How Qatar Became A Global Power

Ahmadinejad To Meet Putin In Moscow

Ron Paul - Iraq FAR Worse Than Before US Attack

Iraq Vet Suicide Letter - Forced To Do War Crimes

Ten Car Bombs Kill 39 In Baghdad

Richard Falk - Speaking Truth To Power

Washington In A Rage, Trying To Run The World

Fox News Host Admits On Air They Make Things Up - Vid


Criminalizing Investigative Journalism

On The Cusp Of Irrevocable Change

1 Week Of US Military Spending Would End World Hunger

Total Combat Simulation - Hyper Stress And Realism - Vid

GMO Wars - You Call That A Tomato? - Vid

Drug Cartels In Oregon - Violence In The Northwest - Vid

Natural Gas In Drinking Water Near Fracked Wells

Nikola Tesla - Calling All Freethinkers! - Part Two

Spanking For Jesus - Unholy World Of ‘Christian Discipline’

Scientists Want Human-Animal Hybrids To Grow Organs

What Happened To The Humans Of The Sahara?

3 Planets In Habitable Zone Of Nearby Star


How 3 Meters Of DNA Is Crammed Into A Cell

Self Reliance In Health Is Political Defiance - Vid

Wacky Contra Cancer Ideas - Vid

Bella The Dog Mourns Death Of Friend Beaver - Vid

Vanishing Acts - Ed Snowden And The Red Panda - Vid

Critics Blast US For Manhunt Seeking Snowden

Amensty Intl - US Must Not Hunt Down Snowden

NSA Accused Of Worldwide Criminal Violations

NSA Metastasised Intel-Industrial Complex Ripe For Abuse

I Saw The Order To Wiretap Obama In 2004


Paul Craig Roberts - Stasi In The White House

Psy Wars - A Short History Of The Battle For The Mind

America - Police State Ruthlessness Writ Large

Et Tu, Bernanke?

The Multiple Prongs Of Agenda 21

Four Secrets Societies You Don't Know About

Brazilians Demand Social Justice

FL Cop Makes Woman Shake Out Bra And Cry - Vid

Pipeline To The President - Keystone Protest In LA

The Global Threat of Persistent Organic Pollutants

4 Required Steps To Keep Monsanto Out Of Your Garden

GMO Humans And The Consequence Of Exploiting Nature


Vax Developer - Gardasil, Cervarix Don’t Work, Dangerous

7,000 Cancer Deaths To Cell Tower Radiation

Why We Should Study Cancer Like Ecosystems

New Virus Found In Vietnam Brain Infections

Parents Furious - School Scans Kids Eyes Without Permission

First Disneyland Admission Ticket Ever Sold - Pic

Tourists Chased By Giraffe - Vid

This Rare, Clear View Of Alaska Is A Bad Sign

Digital Wayfinding Adapts To Your Needs

Is Arctic Permafrost 'Sleeping Giant' Of Climate Change? - Vid

Another MERS Death In Saudi Arabia

Two New Confirmed MERS Cases In KSA

MERS Continues To Spread - Pandemic Fears Mount

More Than 33% Of H7N9 Patients Die Despite Treatment

Latest Bird Flu Strain 'Kills More Than A Third'

Scientists Warns Against Complacency On H7N9 Bird Flu


Ed Snowden Missing After Failing To Fly To Cuba

US Warns Moscow Not To Let Snowden Escape Russia

Russia Defies Obama, Snowden Whereabouts Unknown

China Persuaded Snowden To Flee Hong Kong - Sources

Kerry Calls Snowden ‘Traitor’, Warns Russia, China

Russia Warns US, EU Against Arming Syria 'Rebels'

Pity Poor Vladimir Putin...He's Sooooo 'Isolated'

Presidential Rule By Deception - Obama, The Master Con Man

Trafficking In Lies About Syria

AIG-Collapse Player Appointed Bank Of Israel Governor

Israeli Jets Pound Gaza After Rocket Attack

Lebanon: Clashes Between Army & Supporters Of Sunni Cleric Continue

Takfiri Extremists Kill Top Shia Cleric, 4 Others In Egypt


The Hastings Murder - Cyber Auto Abduction/Hijacks Easy

Cunningham - US Rulers Fear American people

What's Behind The Official Rage Against Leakers?

JFK Blows The Whistle - His Secret Society Speech - Vid

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars - Deborah Tavares - Vid

Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

Long Draconian Arm Of The New World Rule Of Law

Amnesty Capitulation Assures A Failed Society

Peak Crackers - A Very Aware Spiritual Rant - Vid

Power Begets Abuse, And Only We Can Stop It


Ex-Marine In Major Anti-Zionism Rant - Vid

The Third Joke Of Accreditation…Improvement

Miami, As We Know It Today, Is Doomed

How MDs Are Mind Controlled - Vid

Berlusconi Gets 7 Years Over Sex Scandal

UK Dog Owners Face Charges If Pet Scares A Child

How Can We Trust A Government That Spies On US?

Barclays To Sell 13 Million Customers Spending Data

Ginger Baker...Greatest Drummer...'Meanest Man In Music'

Anti-Depressants Major Risk To Unborn Babies

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, Engulfed By Pollution Haze - Vid


Nik Wallenda Tightrope Walk Over Grand Canyon - Vid

Gorgeous Pictures Of Supermoon 2013

Was Hastings Car Remotely Hacked? - Vid

Was DARPA In On Michael Hastings Murder? - Vid

Snowden Expected To Fly To Cuba Next

US Urges Russian To Expel Snowden To US - Vid

Snowden's Escape - China, Hong Kong & Russia Foil US

Snowden Seeks Ecuador Asylum In Diplomatic Storm

Snowden Escaped Arrest In HK Due To US Errors

Pelosi's Defense Of NSA Draws Boos

'Why Shouldn't I Work For The NSA?' - Vid


Mossad Recruiting Algerian Youths To Fight Syrians

Qatar Behind Chemicals To Syria Militants

South Korea To Purchase Bunker-Buster Missile

Kim Jong-Un’s $7 Million Yacht

Double Click ANY Face In This Crowd And Watch... - Pic

The Word 'Chemtrails' Was Invented By USAF

BoA Whistleblowers - 'We Were Told To Lie'

UK Nuke Cleanup To Cost Billions More Than Thought

Dengue Scare Sweeps Southeast Asia

Poor, Uninsured Adults Healthier Than Medicaid

In Hawaii, As On Mars, Lava Tubes Hide Secrets

The Internet Of Things

Br. Nathanael - Obama's Jewish War On Syria - Vid


The Case Of The Missing Ancestor

Want Fewer Hurricanes? Pollute The Air

Chinese Plant Wipes Out Cancer In 40 Days

Wilde - Understanding Time

8 MERS PCR Confirmations In Asymptomatic HCWs & Kids

MERS PCR Confirmed In Asymptomatic HCWs In Taif KSA

How Or Why - Do Viruses Become Lethal?

Eyewitness To The Michael Hastings Car Crash - Vid

Duke - The Black Secret Behind Communism - Vid

China Slams US As World’s Biggest Villain

McGrath - War...It's All About Money, $7 Billion Wasted - Vid


Russia To Give Syria Weapons 'Never Seen Before' In Mideast

Revealed - Russian Advanced Weapons For Syria

Saudi Slip Signals Iran Obsession In Syria

Foreign Ministers OK 'Urgently’ Arming Syria Terrorists

Zionist British PM Calls For Military Coup In Syria

Duff - US Endangers World Peace With Troops In Jordan

Edward Snowden Arrives In Moscow

Snowden To Seek Asylum In Ecuador?


Snowden WikiLeaks Escort An Assange Advisors

Whitehouse.gov Petition To Pardon Snowden 106k Signatures

On Snowden Charged Under The Espionage Act

Statement By Assange After Year In Ecuadorian Embassy

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Slams NSA Spy Program

GCHQ Monitoring A 'Catastrophe' - German Pols

Real Life Spy Drama On US Bound Plane - Vid

US Accused Of Cyberwar Hacking Of China

We Are A Conquered People - Vid

Is Obama Worse That Bush?

Obama - The Worst Ot Nixon/Bush II Writ Large


DHS Insider - 'It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now'

Don't Stand Too Close To These People

Jeremy Skahill Book Discussion On 'Dirty Wars'- Vid

Kirwan - Interventions Created High Treason

Tyranny As A Jewish Construct - Wildly Demonizing Euro Nationalism

Monsanto - Sabotage At GMO Contaminated Wheat Field

Ecowarriors Destroy 6,000 GM Beets In Oregon

I-522 - The WA State GMO Labeling Ballot Initiative - Vid


GMOs - A Modern Disaster

USDA Organic Formula Has Ingredient Worse Than GMOs

Obama Birthplace Error - Yahoo News Won't Comment

How Declaration Of Independence Got Hijacked

It Seems We Cannot Avoid Our Own Uprising - Vid

How Many Nuke Weapons Does US Have? Congressman Clueless

Kirwan - Complicit In The Worldwide Murder Of Justice

Shocking Study Finds DNA Damage From Radiation - Busby

Fukushima Water Leak Dose Can Be 1-2 Sieverts/Hr

High Strontium, Tritium In Well Water At Fukushima plant

320,000 Bq/kg In Fukushima Plant Port Fish, 3,200x Over Limit

Seattle Has Been Taken Over By DHS


The Drone Spotting App - Vid

Six Principles Of Global Manipulation - Vid

Frightening, Incredible Claims By A Rabbi

Western Last Bastion Quivers

Israeli War Criminal Convicted Of Smuggling Drugs

Israel Says UN Report Of Child Torture Written 'In Bad Faith'

Iran & The US - It Takes Two To Tango

RT Reporter Water-Cannoned In Ankara

Lame Erdogan Now Blames ‘Foreign Conspiracy’

USA - The Imploded Dream (contributor

13+ IMPORTANT Things You Car Mechanic Won't Tell You

World War Z - Emergency Prep, UN, Predictive Programming


Why Americans Hate Their Jobs - Vid

Dedication By Snordster '4 Neil' - Vid

Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Closer To Being Solved?

Dumbed Down Japanese Students

What 100 Years Of Change Looks Like

Lighting Up The Sky - Time Lapse Dazzling Images - Photos

Record Alaska Heat Troubling Sign Of Geoengineering

Images Of The Severe Alberta Flooding - Vid

TED - Processed Foods Make Us Fat, Malnourished, Sick - Vid

A Wacky Idea On What Is Causing Cancer - Vid

Pet Seat Belts Fail ALL Testing

20 Signs Big Pharma Is Running A $280 Billion Scam


More On The Titanic Conspiracy - Vid

House OKs State Rights To Grow Hemp For Research

The Future Of Bionic Humans - What's Next

Melting Ice Pulls Norway Closer To Asia

Your Moisturizer Could Increase Your Diabetes Risk 60%

Lawmakers Skip NSA Briefing To Attend Paris Air Show - Vid

Former Enron CEO Skilling's Prison Term Cut To 14 Years

Facebook Says Technical Flaw Exposed 6 Million Users

SCOTUS Arbitration Ruling Reduces Consumer Protections

Rousseff Responds To Brazil Protests, Vows To Battle Corruption

Flooding To Close Core Of Canada's Oil Capital For Days - Vid

Flood Toll Reaches 1,000 In India As Thousands More Await Rescue

Haze Hangs Heavy Over Singapore

House Passes Amendment Protecting State Rights To Grow Hemp

Solar Panels Could Destroy U.S. Utilities

Oregon Bumble Bees Killed By Poison Meant For Aphids

FL Indian River Lagoon- A "Killing Zone" Of Mass Animal Deaths - Vid

The Future of Bionic Humans: What's Next in Bio-Hacking?

6 Natural Bug Sprays That Work

Obama Called A WAR CRIMINAL In Irish Parliament - Vid

Ireland Has Been 'Prostituted To The Obamas' - Irish Politician

Will The US Target Whistleblowers With Drones?

Secret CIA Murder Weapon Causes Heart Attacks

Hong Kong Silent On Edward Snowden Extradition


Facebook Security Officer Moves To NSA

Google Ordered To Delete Street View Cars Data

GCHQ Internet Mastery Means Mastery Of Everyone

Legal Loopholes That Allow GCHQ To Spy On The World

The Anti New York Times. Stunning 2nd Issue (illustrated!)

Duff - Bloomberg Plays Hoax Against Obama

Holocaust Industry - More Fake Memoirs Showing Up

Paedophile Politicians Are Above The Law says EU!

'Gay Cure' Christian Leader Admits Attraction To Men!

UK Intros Mandatory Smart Meters Via Backdoor

The Digital Age Is Changing Us Completely


Russia Offers Iran New Replacement For S-300 – Paper

Ship Full Of Weapons For 'Rebels' Splits In Half, Sinks - Pics

Friends Of Syria' To Give Full Aid To 'Rebels'

Obama Fighting Al Qaeda By Supporting Al Qaeda

Another Israeli War Criminal of the Year Award

UN Rejects US Claim On Syria Chemical Weapons

Syria 'Rebels' Fabricated Chem Weapons Evidence

US Training Syria Terrorists In Turkey, Jordan – Report

Syria Seeing Its Ancient Architecture Destroyed

Chronicle Of A Slow State Assassination

The Mystery 'Privacy Board' Touted By Obama

Nuclear Arms Reductions To Be Multilateral – Lavrov

General Wesley Clark: Whistleblower, Warrior


FBI - Destruction Of GMO Sugar Beets Economic Sabotage

Cameron Says He'd Feed GMOs To His Family (right)

GMOs BANNED From House Of Parliament

The Frankenfood Conspiracy Secret Summit

GMO Eggplant Found Unsafe As Human Food

BRICS View The Red Line Called Syria

BRICS Development Bank Can Be Ready By 2015

The Last Mystery Of The Financial Crisis

IMF Roots Of The Social Crisis In Brazil

Enron's Skilling Jail Sentence Cut To 14 Years

World's Top Bitcoin Exchange Suspends US Withdrawals


EPA Refuses To Blame Fracking For Water Pollution

Nano 'NeverWet' Waterproofs Fabrics, Wood, Metal, Plastic

Brazilian Cops Sit Down In Respect To Protest - Vid

Take Back Your Power - Official Trailer

Did MoD Release ALL Of Its UFO Files?

MoD - UFO Desk Served 'No Defence Purpose' - Vid

UFO Over Stonehenge? MoD Releases Last Batch - Vid

Top 10 UFO Sightings - From Roswell To A Berkshire Pub

The Electric Comet - Full Documentary - Vid

Moonstruck, We Become…

Rescuers Battle On As Indian Monsoon Toll Nears 600


Jurors At Raw Milk Trial Befriend Hershberger

'Don't Take Vitamin Pills' Says Pharma Scaremonger

Lack Of Vitamin D Saps Your Energy

Vaccines Cause Symptoms Of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Snordster - Remember Me...Tribute To Rumi - Vid

MERS-CoV KSA Deadly Hospital Outbreak

US Files Espionage Charges Against Snowden

The Obama Era - When Hope Became Despair

Obama The Hypocrite Of The Century - Vid

Depopulating An Entire Region Of The Country

Animal-Human Chimera Embryo Experiments To Get OK


More Holocaust Fantasy Fraud Memoirs Revealed

Google Given 35 Days To Delete Wi-Fi Data

China...Conquering US One Company At A Time

CFR, Bilderberg & The Knights Of Malta - Vid

CA Marijuana Crops Threaten Forests, Wildlife

Fed Court Orders Release Of 10,000 Inmates

Ritual Sex Abuse At British Fire Stations?

The Man Who Lived With An Alien, UFOs Over Parliament...

Alien Nation - MoD Releases Final UFO Files

Syngenta GMO Sugar Beets Vandalized, Destroyed In So Oregon


'Only Monsanto Can Save The Babies'

Why You Should March Against GeoEngineering On 8-25-13

John Barbour - Troubled Man And God

UFOs Over London - Vid

World's Biggest Planes...How Can They Fly? - Photos

Sacred Sites And Energy Fields

Oz Tornado Of Fire - Photos

WWII Pilots Who Survived Greenland Crash & Winter - Vid

River Cleanup Reveals Bottled Secrets


Stacy Westfall Championship Bareback & Bridleless - Vid

Supermoon Of 2013 on June 22-23

How Guerilla Gardening Can Save US Food Deserts

Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - Trending Towards Disaster - Vid

Washington Funds Secret Israeli ICBM Missile Base

The Todashev Killing And The House Of Cards

Sick Pigs From GMO Foods - Jeffery Smith - Vid

Academics Admit Falsely Claiming Dairy Hormone Safety

'Obama Declared War On Journalists' - Michael Hastings

NBC - We Will All Have Injected RFID Chips By 2017 - Vid


Bernanke Sparks Violent Sell-Off In World Markets

Fed QE Withdrawal May Mean Big Trouble Ahead

Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

Nuclear Cuts Only Come With Missile Defense Talks - Lavrov

US Will Continue To Invest In Nuke Weapons - Hagel

FBI Chief Demands More Surveillance Powers

GCHQ Taps Fiber Optic Cables, Spies On The World

Demo Of How To Make Hoaxed UFO Photos - Vid

Sen. Graham's Plutonium Pork Boondoggle

Obama's Berlin Moment

McGrath/RT - Ed Snowden Asylum In Iceland? - Vid

Snow-Job Over At The NSA


Russia Right To Dismiss Obama Nuke Fakery

Obama's Nuclear Arms Reduction Hoax

Whistle Claims NSA Wiretapped Obama In 2004

WikiLeaks May Publish More Snowden Revelations

Rules Allow NSA To Use Data Without Warrant

Wozniak - I Feel Guilty For Enabling Surveillance

Skype Secret Project Gave NSA Customer Data

Kim Dotcom Files Wiped In Largest Data Massacre Ever

Deadly Secret - Alzheimers is A Prion (Mad Cow) Disease

Senators Bill Will Block US Arming Of Syria 'Rebels'

Syria Invasion Next Phase - Central Bank Connection

Seize Saudi Assets For Supporting Terrorism?

Erdogan A Dupe Of Zionist-Controlled West

Club Of Rome Founder Proposed 'Global Matrix'


Atzmon...Gaza In Brazil - Vid

Israelis Caught Organ Trafficking AGAIN!

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Metzger Arrested

The Most Contaminated Land In The Mideast

US Taxpayers Pay For Jewish Apartheid Israel Regime

Palestinian PM Quits After Two Weeks

1 Million Protest - Rio de Janeiro, June 20, 2013 - Photo

Pakistan Rage Grows Over Obama Death Drones - Vid

17th Polio Case In Pakistan This Year

Agenda 21 Comes To China In Stealth

The Judges Who Preside Over US Secret FISA Court


UFO Hoaxes At Touch Of Finger With iPhone App - Vid

Why MoD Shut Real-Life X-Files

The Hasbara Hula & The Empire Of Vice

Vietnam War Photos Show Mass US Response To Sniper

Feds, DOJ Increase War On CO Pot Dispensaries

Top Kids Vitamin Full Of GMOs, Aspartame, Toxins

20 Items To Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan

66 Crazy Ways The Govt Is Wasting Your Money

Top Kids Vitamin Full Of GMOs, Aspartame, Other Toxins

Five Signs Your Body Is Starving For Vitamins

1,000 Mark Solstice Before 'Historic' Stonehenge Moment


Canada Floods May Force 100,000 From Homes - Vid

The Devastating Sight of India’s Floods

25,000 Bees Found Dead In OR Parking Lot

Admiral Says Obama Conspired To Stage Benghazi

Barrett Brown And Michael Hastings Vs FBI

'Free Barrett Brown' Wants Investigation Of Hastings Death

'The FBI Is Investigating Me' Hastings Told WikiLeaks

LAPD Denying Foul Play In Hasting's Crash

Hastings Death Met With Horror By Journalists

Raw Footage Of Hastings Car Accident - Vid

Hastings Running Red-Light Just Before Crash - Vid


Cranking Up the Washington Lie Machine

DHS Insider Quietly Being Targeted

DHS Preparing For Total Police State Takeover

Skype Gave Backdoor Access To NSA Before Takeover

Google Admits Questions Were Waste Of Time

Cameras In The Cable Box To Monitor TV Viewers - Vid

Kirwan - Opening Pandora's Box

House Rejects Food Farm Bill

Hanford Nightmare - Explosion Seen A Real Possibility - Vid

Centuries-Long Crisis At Fukushima - Vid

Nuclear Facilities Turn West US Into A 'Radiant' Wasteland

IDF's Syrian Blitzkrieg

Brazil Is Saying What We Would Not


Russia, China Reach Unprecedented Oil Supply Deal

Human Organs Could Be Grown In Animals In Year

Country Legend Slim Whitman Passes At 90

Slim Whitman's Timeless 'I Remember You' - Vid

Strange UFO At Sunset In Pennsylvania - Photo

How Did A Third Radiation Belt Appear Above Earth?

Earth Has 'Bubble' Of Live Bacteria At 33,000 Feet

Planet X? Clash Of The Gods - Interesting Times - Vid

The True Science Of Parallel Universes - Vid

73-Year-Old Faces Prison For Pot

Stress - Making Us Fat, Bald, Crazy & Extremely Unhealthy

Vaccines, Heavy Metals, GMOs, Brain Damage


Oz Law Bans Un-Immunized Kids From Childcare Facilities

Indonesia To Use Rain Making Chemicals On Fires

'Himalayan Tsunami' Leaves 65,000 People To Be Rescued - Vid

MERS Easily Spreads In Hospitals

Person-To-Person (H2H) MERS Transmission Confirmed

MERS SARS-CoV-Like KSA Surveillance Concerns

You Do NOT Have The Right To Remain Silent - SCOTUS

McGrath - Manipulated, Drugged, Dumbed Down, Spied On - Vid

NSA Spying Damage Control Teams Hit US MSM

21 Facts About NSA Snooping You Should Know

Obama Confident NSA Not Reading Our Emails (hilarious)


Human Genes Inserted Intoi Kansas Rice

The Horrific Truth About Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide

'Nobel Prize Of Agricuture' Goes To Monsanto GMO Chief

31 Million GMO Meals Are Served To School Kids Each Day

What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains - Vid

Bernake Clarifies Fed's Moves...Markets Freak

IRS To Pay $70 Million In Employee Bonuses

Chomsky - Obama WH Dedicated To Increasing Terrorism

Obama Berlin Speech Draws 4,500, Last Time 200,000

Obama Calls George Osborne Jeff Osborne Three Times


Obama's Plan To Depopulate The Suburbs

The Forced Depopulation Of America’s Rural Areas

TEPCO - Seawater Cesium Level Higher Than In Groundwater

Inside Huge Underground Kansas Survival Shelter - Photos

Bradley Manning - A Liberty Versus Tyranny Issue - Vid

WikiLeaks Says Hastings Contacted It Just Before His Death

Duff - ‘Flight 800 Investigators Admit They Lied'

Was TWA Flight 800 Shot Down? (is grass green?)

US Destroying $7 Billion Military Equip In Afghanistan

CIA-Mossad Protests In Turkey & Brazil Aimed At Putin?

Putin - Russia Wasn't Isolated At G8 - Vid

Kerry Argued For Air Strikes On Syria 'Chem Weapons'

Victory Of Syrian Forces Nears


Warmonger Blair In Jerusalem Urges Syria Intervention

Jordan, US Hold War Games

Yak-130 Jets For Syria Waiting 'Political Decision'

Intelsat Suspends Satellite Services To Iran TV Channels

Why US Backs Al Qaeda But Fights Taliban - Vid

False Flag Bio Attack Expected This Summer?

Mystery Dolphin, Manatee Deaths Indian River Lagoon, FL - Vid

America Has Only 27th Richest Middle-Class In World

McDonald's Closing All Restaurants In Bolivia

Secret Agreements Threaten Last Shreds Of Food Safety

Cascadia Fault Line Ready To Rip


The Ship Of Fools On A River Of Darkness

Love The People, Hate The System

Kyrgyzstan Deadline For US Air Base Withdrawal

Env Minister - UK Must Become World GMO Crop Leader

UK Supreme Court Quashes Iran Bank Sanctions

'MI5, MI6 Tried To Recruit Brother Of Woolwich Suspect'

Stunning UFO Appears Next To Sun? - Vid

1,000 Low-Power FM Frequencies Up For Grabs - Vid

Has The Plug Been Pulled On The Atlantic?

As Feds Spend Less On Fire Prevention - Wildfires Abound

Longest Day Of The Year, Summer Solstice, June 20


70% Of Americans On Prescription Drugs

Microwaves - Cancer Causing Radiation Thru Your Food

Obesity Now A 'Disease' - New Drugs, Vaccines En Route

A Time For Letting Go

Decrepit US Bridges Take Economic Toll

High Protein Foods For Vegetarians

Vegan Hummus

Three More Cases Of MERS Confirmed In KSA

MERS-CoV Like Outbreaks In Al Hasa, KSA Hospitals

Cloud Computing - How Safe Is Your Data?

The Snowden Revelations...You're The Target!


Big Brother Writ Large In America

Duff - The Murder Of Michael Hastings - Vid

Revenge? Michael Hastings Dies In Explosive Crash - Vid

Brave, Outspoken Journalist Dies In Suspicious Crash

Kirwan - Madness & Insanity, Incorporated

Deadly Strontium In Fukushima Groundwater

CDC Is Lying To You Again - Flu Fiction vs Flu Reality

Pike - Does The Bible Predict Israel's 'Nuclear Shield?'

Bill Clinton Shoved Obama Into Military Action In Syria

Fast-Tracking Toward War on Syria

Ferocious Fighting In Aleppo Reported

Afghan Govt To Shun US Talks With Taliban


Gallup Poll - Virtually No One Trusts Mainstream Media

ISS Threatened By 'Mold And Bacteria Contamination

There Never Was A Red Phone In The White House

The Decline Of American Intelligence

Second Joke Of Accreditation...Institutional Effectiveness

The Forced Duplication Of America's Rural Areas

Stuck In Ft Meade With The Kunia Blues Again

The Great Pyramids...Gateway To The Stars - Vid


Tweeting Our Way To Oblivion

Death By Fear

Big Pharma Doesn't Care About Vaccine Harm

The Purpose Of Thinking

Mild & Asymptomatic MERS-CoV Cases Confirmed

Gerald Celente - The Business Of War - Vid

Jeff & Michael Collins - Fukushima Radiation In The US - Vid

Fed Keeps Buying Bonds But Sees Econ Risks Easing

1944 - The MURDEROUS Allied 'Liberation' Of France

Ex-Investigators - TWA 800 Was NOT Result Of Fuel Tank Blast

FBI Admits Using Drones Over America

Chinese Predict Future H7N9 Pandemic


PRISM Targets Hong Kong For Its Financial Role

Too Much 'Surveillance'...This Could Happen - Vid

Sayanim Hague Deploys Police State To Gag UK Media

Sayanim Bolton - Snowden's Leaks A Grave Threat To US

Ed Snowden Is Not A China Spy - Beijing

Iceland Aproached About Snowden Asylum

Yahoo Admits Giving User Data To Intel Agencies

The Deeper Meaning Of Mass Spying In America

Putin Affirms Support For Assad, Defies G8 Warmongers

Russia Warns US, EU Against Arming Syria 'Rebels'

West Prepares To Send More Weapons To Syria

Israeli President Backs US Plan To Arm Syria Mercs

Merc Death Squads In Syria Larger Than Stated

Turkish Unrest Could Encourage Attack On Syria - Vid

Iran To Stop 20% Enrichment, West Must Do Same – Lavrov

Hasidic Jews Attack Christians In Uman

Record 'Dead Zone' For Gulf Of Mexico

Goldman Sachs - First Learn, Then Earn And Serve

Journalist Who Exposed Gen McChrystal Dies In Car Crash

Unusual Heat Wave Bakes Alaska - Vid

FISA Oversight - A Look Inside A Secret, Empty Process

Why It's So Hard For The Poor To Get Ahead Today

Farmers Market Sues City Over 'Pave Or Vacate' Order

Skynet Awakens And Demands Immunity

100 Hospital Patients Exposed To TB?

White Nose Syndrome Poised To Hit Wisconsin

Lone Star Tick Bite Can Cause 'Meat' Allergies


UFO Video From Shuttle Discussed By Astronaut - Vid

Obesity Is A Disease Says Doctors Group

Doctors Dump Health Ins Plans, Charge Patients Less

Morphing 'The Azure Isles Of The Aluna'

Brand Confronts Bewildered MSM Mannequins - Vid

Book - Child-Catchers Got Boys For Elizabethan stage

'Doomsday Weapons To Syria' - Putin

Putin Throws Down Obama

Putin ‘Not Lonely’ At G8 Summit

Putin Alone At G8

Russia To Build New, Heavy ICBM In 2014

Obama, Putin Agree Never To Talk Again (Humor)

McGrath - Tyranny - It's Going To Get A Whole Lot Worse - Vid

High Level Opposition to Escalating Syria's Conflict


Snowden Blocked From Google Trends

Snowden Delivers Cybergift To Beijing

Google's Deep CIA And NSA Connections

The Women Of Fukushima - Vid

Buzz Off, Monsanto

A Viral Plague Of Megalomaniacs & The Fall Of Empire

Darpa To Make Computers That Can Teach Themselves

The True Powers Behind Multiculturalism, Globalization, World War

The President Who Wants To Be Worshiped

Camp FEMA 2013 And Obama's Youth Army - Vid

Where The Elite Will Retreat - New World Capitals - Vid


Another Major Advertiser Dumps Rush Limbaugh

Brazil Protests Over Crony Capitalism - Vid

People Revolution Spreads To Brazil - Vid

Opposition To Southern Leg OIf Keystone Grows

Illuminati Renegades Of The Military Schools

RFID Chips - Another Obamacare Secret

50 Top Scam 'Charities' - Kids, Cancer, Firefighters, AIDS

LA School Board OKs $30m For Apple iPads

LA Freeway Traffic In 1955 - Photo

How Do Death Valley’s “Sailing Stones” Move Themselves?

Bad News: BPA in Mothers May Harm Newborns


Mexicos Mt Popo Hurls Burning Ash Into Sky - Vid

Infants Exposed To BPA In Breast Milk Now Common

Diabetes Risk From Red Meat Soars By Almost 50%

600 Fewer Daily Calories Than 30 Yrs Ago But 30 Lbs Heavier

Junk Food Still Marketed To Children

AIDS-Like Disease Seldom Mentioned

10 Useful Medicinal Plants For Your Garden

Novant Health Makes Flu Jab Mandatory For Employees

Better Than Microwave Popcorn, No Transfat & Carcinogens - Vid

3D Map Of Universe Shows Galaxies In Stunning Detail - Vid

Grating Whole, Frozen Lemons To Sprinkle On Food


A Single Neuron Can Alter the Brain

The Breathtaking Flower Hill Of Hokkaido

Kirwan - Infinity Augmented Reality

China Passes US With World's Fastest Supercomputer

The China Version Of Agenda 21 & Why It Matters

Obama - Putin Cut A Deal At G8?

Did Syria Or Did She Not Use Sarin Gas?

Spy On Us All So We Won’t Lose Our Freedom

21 Facts About NSA Spying You Should Know

Lawless NSA Global Spying


The Deepest Secret Of The Ed Snowden Operation

Operation Overload - NSA Public Service Ad - Vid

Snowden - US Govt Has Destroyed Chance Of Fair Trial

Snowden - Cheney's Traitor Charge In 'The Highest Honor'

Tarpley - How To Identify CIA Limited Hangout Op?

Fetzer - Behind The Scenes Of NSA Surveillance

Spooks And Their Intelligence Addiction

MoD D Notices Over Surveillance Leaks To News Outlets

Syria & Iran: In America's Crosshairs

Europe Will Pay The Price If It Arms Syrian Rebels - Assad

Dean - Western Gunboat Diplomacy Returns

Iran Denies Plans To Send Troops To Syria

Ron Paul - US Seeks Total Iraq Destruction For Syria

US Deploys 1,500 Marines To Yemen

Barrett - Bathtubs More Dangerous Than Terrorists

Naftali Bennett Calls For More Palestinian Land Theft


Shimon Peres - Israel And Iran Could Negotiate

'Build Build Build' Comments Go To Heart Of Israel's Problems

Atzmon - Jewish Culture, Jewish Lobby & More - Vid

Atzmon - The Most Contaminated Land In The Mideast

Jewish Humanist Charles Saatchi In Action - Vid

David Ray Griffin, Gilad Atzmon Take The UN!

Merkel Shocked At Turkey Police Brutality On Protesters

Racism Or Assimilation?

Streisand Criticises Treatment Of Women By Ortho Jews

The Cost Of Inequality - Vid

UFOs - Weapons Of Mass Deception - Vid

Japan Experts Mull Rules On Chimeric Embryos

Johns Hopkins Scientist Blasts CDC For Pushing Flu Jab

The 12 Principles Of Enslavement

Texas County Sued For Running 'Rape Camp'

US Identifies Names On Gitmo 'Indefinite Detainee' List

Eternal Vigilance Is The Price Of Liberty Valance

MERS Spreading Out From The Middle East

Americans In Bahrain Warned Of MERS

Three NSA Veterans On Snowden - 'We Told You So' - Vid


Snowden - Obama Expanded 'Abusive' NSA Programs - Vid

Assad Routs 'Rebels' In Aleppo

Obama Lauds Syria Policy, Mocks NSA Spying 'Ruckus'

Rothschild Zio Cameron Threatens Putin - Vid

Putin Denounces Britain's Immorality In Syria

Russia Says It Will Not Allow Syria No-Fly Zones

Russia Will Never Give Up On Syria - Vid

Black Fungus Has 70x The Radiation Of Adjacent Asphalt

First Delivery Of MOX Fuel To Japan Since 3-11 Due

How Fracking Killed Nuclear Power

Banks Cooking Up Another Financial Crisis

America Feeds The Rich

How Zionism Exploits Judaism, Kills Jews Around The World

Our Spiritual Enslavement - Vid


Navigating Thru The Fog Of Impending Global War

Scalia Strikes AZ Law Requiring Citizenship Proof To Vote

Conspiracy Theorists Are Sick of Alex Jones

Silence - The Conceit Beneath It All

The US Is A Rogue State By Its Own Definition

Aging Source - Jimmy Hoffa Buried In Detroit Field - Pics

TED Talk - GMOs And The Future Of Agriculture - Vid

China Hospitals Advertise Sale Of Unwanted Babies

Tens Of Millions Of FL Bees Drop Dead In One Day

Frozen Inca Mummy Goes On Display


Unique Russian 4++ Gen Fighter At Paris Air Show

SWAT Bursts Into Wrong Home Over A STUDENT LOAN

A Theory Of Everything - Has Physics Gone Too Far?

Will New Tectonic Fault System Kill The Atlantic?

Atlantis-Like Lost City Unearthed In Cambodia - Vid

Woman Replaces 40 Meds With Raw Cannabis Juice - Vid

Coconut Oil Boosts Brain Function In Only One Dose

Cannabis And Pregnancy - Dangerous Or Beneficial?

Statins Proven To Be Worthless In Study Of 4m People

The Origins Of Bioluminescet Fungi


Moscow Cat Theatre - Vid

20 Million Tons Of Fukushima Debris Getting Closer

Eight More MERS-CoV Confirmed Cases In Jordan ICU

Saudis Announce Four MORE MERS-CoV Deaths

MERS-CoV Taif Cluster Raises Ramandan Concerns

MERS-CoV Coronavirus Not So Much Like SARS After All

United Stasi Of America Through The Echelon Prism

Peak Crackers - Molding The Digital Choke Hold - Vid

How Hackers Can Kill You - Vid

1935: Huey Long: MURDERED By FDR And The NWO


US Troops Bring Fear To Sex Workers In Okinawa

Br. Nathanael - Snowden ... When Truth Becomes Treason - Vid

See What The Schools Are Teaching Our Kids

Peak Crackers - Molding The Digital Choke Hold - Vid

Cheney - NSA Whistleblower Snowden Is A China Spy

Is Edward Snowden Hiding In The Wrong Country?

Civil Liberties: Surveillance And The State

NSA Targeted Medvedev At London G20 Summit

NSA Chief Seeks Cyber Shield For Cooperating Firms

Dual Government? US Operates In Sunshine And Shadow


Stunning Technology Makes Troops Invisible - Vid

Duff - Obama, Morsi, Plunge Middle East Into chaos

Putin Attacks Cameron Over Syria

Annexation Of Syria Airspace Bring Russia, Iran Into Picture

Sayanim Hague - UK Must Protect Syria Mercenaries

US And Israel Aim For Hezbollah In Syria

Killing Your Own Veterans

Mercenaries Ask West For Tanks, Warplanes

Turkish Police Arrest 500 Protesters

‘Clearing Gezi Park Is My Duty’ Says Erdogan


Turnkey Tyranny

Top 7 Myths About GMO Foods & Monsanto

Target To Eliminate GMOs From Simply Balanced Brand

A New, Giant Vax Scandal Exposes Govt Lies And Psyops

Japan Health Ministry Stops Gardasil Recommendation (bravo)

Corporate America Loves Jason Furman

A Tribute To Stuart Wilde - Vid

Purging Archontic Deception

Bono - Elite Frontman For Great African Land Grab

Singing & Dancing In A Golden Shower


Other Famous Leakers In Recent History

US Says S-300s In Syria Threatens US, Israeli Strikes (gosh)

Jordan War Games - Patriots, F-16s, 4,500 US Troops Near Syria

US Close To Arming Syrian Terrorist Mercenaries

Turkey Cops Crush Protests, Govt Refuses To Resign

Israeli Minister Danny Danon Decries 2-State Solution

Iran Rejects Russia S-300 Substitute Offer

US Gulf Allies Crack Down On Internet Freedoms

Taliban Raid Kabul Airport Attack Leaves Several Dead

Duff - US Military Sliding In Terms Of Morals, Sense Of Duty


Not Impeaching Bush Sure Paying Off

Counter-Terror Drill Staged In Downtown LA - Vid

US ‘Finds’ Long Lost Diary Of Hitler Aide

Police Reveal Scale Of Elm Guest House Pedo Investigation

Serial UK Pedo Walks For Second Time

Zionist Hollywood Rolls Out BIG Name to Embarass Russia!

The Essence Of DNA Identity

John Barbour Looks At Alex Jones At Bilderberg!

Peak Crackers - Welcome To The Boxed Inn - Vid

Gillard Funded By Israeli Lobby - Push Against 'Anti-Semitism'


Friends Of Israel - Enemies Inside The Gates - Vid

Netherlands UFO Photo Not Manipulated - Vid

Remarkable Pic Of Netherlands UFO - Photo

US Student Loan Racket - Stiffer Debt Bondage

ComingLawsuit Claims BP, Courts Colluded On Oil Containment Tech

Vermont Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession

11 Waze Of Israel - Google Beats Facebook

The Birth Of Summer

Time Is Of The Essence At Disastrous Hanford Nuke Site

Heroic NSA Whistleblower Warns Of Threat To US - Vid


Edward Snowden Heroic Whistleblower On NSA Surveillance

Greenwald Demolishes Ari Fleischer On Government Spying

Surveillance USA

Ex-NSA Director - US Surveillance Expanded Under Obama

5 Things To Note About NSA Surveillance Programs

Taliban Launch Large Scale Attack On Kabul Airport

Uranium Mining Is Poisoning World's Bread Basket

Abe Admin - Removal Of Daiichi Corium To Start In 7 Yrs

Support Structure For Fukushima R4 Now Complete


China's Economy Stumbles - Growth Seen Sliding

911 And War By Deception - Vid

Ever Changing Remediation - A Specific Example

Pike - What is Spiritual Rest From War Within?

At Least 21 Killed By Floods In Central Europe

10 Amazing Inventions From Nikola Tesla

Confronting Electro Pollution & Smart Meter Toxification

Mt. Shasta Street Luge

Is Yonaguni Monument The Japanese Atlantis? - Vid

Only 1 In 15 Online Child Porn Suspects Arrested


Best Used Cars Under $10,000

Time Is Of The Essence At Disastrous Hanford Nuke Site

Revealed - £2bn Cost Of Failed Sellafield MOX Fuel Plant

The US - A Distorted, Bastardized Illegitimate Government

BBC Puts Alex Jones On TeeVee, Gets More Than Expected - Vid

BBC Sunday Show On Bilderberg, Full Version - Vid

World On The Brink

Obama Death Drone Kills 5 More In Yemen

Missile Defense Killer - Russia Finalizes Tests On Prototype ICBM

Former CIA Worker Admits Leaking NSA Documents


NSA, The Secret AT&T Spy Room And 2 Israeli Companies

Br. Nathanael - A Religious Solution To A Jewish Problem - Vid

NSA Snooping - Who To Blame, What To Do

CISPA Will Legalize PRISM Spy Program

Google And Facebook DID allow NSA Access To Data

Obama - 'You Can't Have 100% Security And 100% Privacy'

US To Launch Leak Inquiry Into PRISM Reports

Sayanim Hague Defends State Data Intrusion - Vid

Obama Invokes Special Privilege To Stop Scrutiny Of Data Mining

DHS Defends Suspicion-Less Searches Of Laptops, Cell Phones


Police Want 'Kill Switch' To Disable Smartphone

Will Obamacare Mandate RFID Implants?

Lindorff - Where’s The Bullshit Repellent When We Need It?

Monsanto’s Roundup – The Ultimate Killing Machine

5th Santa Monica Shooting Victim Dies - Vid

Revealed - £2bn Cost Of Failed Sellafield MOX Fuel Plant

The Creative Versus The Machine

Prison America

US Suffers Biggest Pay Drop On Record

Sauder -Amazon Death By Umpteen Thousand Illegal Cuts


Pakistan Summons US Amb To Protest Latest US Drone Slaughter

Netanyahu Hints At Israeli Action In Golan Heights

West Did Atrocities In Syria, Not Assad Govt - Chossudovsky

Lebanon Bravado About Syrian War Replaced By Foreboding

Turkish Protests Intensify As Unions Join Forces With Demonstrators

Magnetic North Pole Now Racing A Mile A Day

The Prison Industrial Complex

Proof Of Apollo 11 On Stage In Geographic Documentary

Trojan Horse To The Golden Calf - The Power Of Deceit

The Sweet Pull Of Unwanted Gravity


The Dream Fog & The Cemetery Future

G8 New Alliance For Food Security & Nutrition

Heartbroken Mom Fights To Ban Acne Drug

Is Diabetes Super Drug A Cancer Risk For 2 Million?

10 Quick Reasons You Gotta Love Chocolate

New Natural Cancer Treatments Resource

Don't See Cicadas? Don't Be Surprised

Bilderbergers Talk 'Big Data'

Bilderberg Visitors Interviewed - Vid

The Over-Hyped Bilderberg Show - Vid


Freedom In America - Rest In Peace

NSA Secret Tool To Track World Surveillance Data

Israeli Involvement In NSA Spying

Gold In Biggest Drop In 30 Years

Water Shortages Threaten Humanity This Century - Vid

Letter From President Of Santa Monica College After Shootings

108,000 Private Contractors In Afghanistan Are Clueless

Pakistan's Answer To US Drone Defiance

Bashed By Liberals, GOP, WH Launches Defense

Alliance Of Deceit - Christian Zionists & Religious Israelis


What You Must Know About Monsanto Before Its Too Late

Keiser - Predatory Monopoly - Vid

CA Senate Unanimously Approves Hemp Legalization

Dairy Industry Pushing Hard For Hidden Aspartame In Milk

UFO Stops, Descends Into Mexico Volcano, Mt Popo - Vid

Best UFO Sightings Of March 2013 - Vid

Pilot Sees Stunning UFO Over Texas - Vid

Online Marriage Becoming More Common

One CT Scan Is Equal To 500 Chests X-Rays

Bizarre Shooting Death Of Green Beret


Time Running Out To Save Elephants From Ivory Trade

The Bushmeat Photographs Of Karl Ammann

When Statistics Can't Predict The Future

Hitler In Colour - Documentary - Vid

Deterring Mosquitoes And Relieving Bites Naturally

Meet A Plasticarian

Saudi Silence On Deadly MERS Frustrates WHO

Flu Virus Mutations Could Result In World Pandemic

A Bad Months For Privacy

NYC Increasing Security Cam Surveillance


US Desperately Tries To Hide Truth About Breaking Constitution

Unconstitutional US Data-Mining

Obama Defends Secret PRISM NSA Spying Program

Inside NSA $1.9 Billion Utah Valley Data Center

'How Few Rights You Have' - More PRISM Docs Revealed

NSA Surveillance Spying Data Shared With Brit Intel

NSA Targeting All Our CC Transactions

DHS Source Warns 'World War About To Break Out'

Obama Orders Overseas List For Cyber Attacks

New York Times Editors Defend The Indefensible


Direct Link - Agenda 21 And Local Planners

Verizon - The NSA Are Constructing The Red List

Kennedy, The AIPAC Lobby And The Bomb

Alleged Anonymous Hacker Raided By FBI

US Army Chief In Japan Suspended

Airline Pilots See 2 UFOs Over Britain's Scientology Base

2 Daylight UFO Discs In 'Close Shave' With Airliners In UK

Evidence Of Mass UFO Sighting Uncovered - Biedny Confirmed

Insane New Technology Worse Than GMOs? Read

Mars Rover Opportunity Finds Traces Of 'Drinkable' Water


Santa Monica Gunman Said To Have Mental Health History

Peak Crackers - 'No Time On Rule Of Law'

Peak Crackers - 'No Time On Rule Of Law' - Vid

David Icke Arrives At Bilderberg 2013, Statement - Vid

Atzmon - Ben Fellows Exposes Bilderberger MP Ken Clarke

Financial Elite Hold Governments To Ransom

David Cameron Attends 'Private' Bilderberg Talks

Shakespeare - Beware Of Spying Bilderberg

Cdn Ex MOD Hellyer - We Must Overthrow The Illuminati - Vid

Hedges - We Are Seeing The Collapse Of Globalization - Vid


Atzmon - Israel Is Losing Its Syria Battle

Syria Takes Last 'Rebel' Stronghold In Qusair Region

US, Israel Lobby Reel From Hezbollah Victory

US Funded 'Rebels' Massacre Entire Christian Village In Syria

US Marines Deployed Along Jordan Border With Syria

Tarpley - Britain, France Pushing Obama To Attack Syria

Iran Awaiting Russia’s Response To S-300 Proposal

Israel Must Choose Between Haifa And Hebron

Zionist Rationalizes Stealing Palestinians Lands

Ex US Drone Pilot 'Haunted' By 1600 Dead


Air Force Removes Video That Mentions God

Trojan Horse To The Golden Calf & The Power Of Deceit

Leaving Montana

Africa's Great Apes Vanishing To Poachers, Land Invasion

2,629 Rush Limbaugh Sponsors Say GOODBYE

Flying Robot Bird 'Robo Raven' Even Fools Hawks

Residents Run As La Sinkhole's Protective Berm Sinks

Truth & Lies In A Material Culture

Pub Goers Shocked By 'Car Crash' Vid In Restroom Mirror

Amazing - Hero Dog Carries Tiny Infant To Safety


None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds

Vodafone £5 Billion In Pays No Tax For 2nd Year

Five Myths About Legalizing Marijuana

Hawaii Gentle Breezes Disappearing - Scientists Stumped

Coffee Drives You Crazy (Give It Up And See)

Recipe - Organic Macadamia Nut Burgers

Breastfeeding Boosts Baby Development By 30%

Colonoscopies - U.S. Leads World In Health Expenditures

WHO Raises Its MERS-CoV Count To 55 Cases, 31 Deaths

Limbaugh - 'We Are In The Midst Of A Coup'


San Onofre Is Dead And So Is Nuclear Power

The Dark Moon Goddess And The Bilderberg

Hezbollah's Role In Syria - Vid

Peak Crackers - The Anti Semitic Jewish Zionist Punch Bowl - Vid

Criminal Probe Likely In NSA Leaks

Facebook, Google 'Didn't Know' Of Prism Surveillance (!)

US Declassifies Phone Program Details After Outrage

Is Obama Lying About Big Brother?

Obama - 'Noboby Is Listening To Your Telephone Calls' (right!)

Israelis Bugged The US For The NSA


Obama Speech-Less...Prepared Remarks Are No-Show - Vid

Privacy Disappears In A Prism

A Timeline Of Mass Surveillance In America

Legendary Columbia Professor Never Heard Of Obama

Top Expert Certifies Obama Birth Cert Is A 100% Forgery

Obama Has Lost The War On Leaks

Zionist Media Unleashes Attack Dogs On Putin

NY Senate Makes It A Felony To 'Annoy' A Police Officer

GMO Giant Monsanto Joins Big Biz For Agenda 21

Monsanto Wants To Brainwash Your Children


Mothers Want GMOs Out Of School Lunches

Army's 'Bird' Drone Attacked By Real Birds - Vid

Frightful Beauty Of SoCal's Powerhouse Wildfire - Photos

Hungary Next To Face Surging Danube - Photos

NASA - Noctilucent Clouds Get An Early Start - Vid

Coronal Ejections/ Entire May Sequence - Vid

374 Ministers For 4,4 Million Palestinians In 19 Years?

JoeTalk - Joe For Governor? Ha - Vid

The Exorcist In The 21st Century - Vid

Morphing UFO Stuns Witnesses, Caught On Video - Vid


UFO Sightings Reported On Colombian News Channels - Vid

Heat-Seeking, Alien-Hunting Telescope In 5 Years

Could A Volcano Power America?

Global Industry Slaughtering Africa's Elephants

Jellyfish Could Wipeout An Entire Foodchain

Rare, Giant Fish Caught On Video For First Time

14 Things You Dont Want To Know About Groceries

Edison Will Close San Onofre Nuclear Plant Permanently - Vid

Aba Election Pandering And False Promises

Secrecy In Plans For Radioactive Dump Near Great Lakes


Edison Will Close San Onofre Nuclear Plant Permanently - Vid

Yet Another Radioactive Leak At Sieve Fukushima

Gunderson - Fighting A Dragon I Cannot See - Vid

18,756 Bq/kg Cs-134/137 In Tokyo Street Gutter Mud

Skelton - Bilderberg 2013...Friendly Cops, A Press Zone, One Show

Bilderberg 2013 - Live Updates

Road Blocks, Helicopters, Blacked-Out Windows: At Bilderberg

Is Romney Man Enough To Take Obama Down And Out?

Obama´s Unparalleled Spy State

McGrath - PRISM...Total Surveillance, Total Tyranny - Vid


PRISM Scandal -.Even Bush Wasn't This Power Mad

NSA - Surveillance Giant's All-Seeing Eyes On America

PRISM - Tech Giants Deny Giving NSA Direct Server Access

Obama Verizon Surveillance Reveals Mass Loss Of Freedom

The NSA Spying On Americans Story - Vid

Senators Knew About NSA Phone Spying Since 2007

Anger After NSA Phone Records Court Order Revelations

Paul Craig Roberts - America's Greatest Affliction...The Presstitutes

Kirwan - Diane Feinstein...An American Traitor

Repeal Of Monsanto Protection Act Blocked From Vote!


Mexico Protests Monsanto With Carnival Of Corn

Why A Food Shortage When We Waste 40% Of Total Food?

China Buys Big Employers To Dominate 1000s Of US Towns

25% Of Gitmo Hunger Strikers Now Being Force-Fed

Rape, Sex Assault, Prevalent At Youth Detention Centers

The Minimum Wage - Putting Some Myths To Rest

US Turns Native Populations Into Refugees To Build Bases

Martin - More Forrestal Fiction

Israel Bolsters Defences At Syrian Border

Israel Anger Of Austria Withdrawal From Golan Heights


Roy Tov - It's Not Terror If We Do It

Israel Scrambling To Complete Barrier Along Syria Border

Russia Deploys Permanent Naval Unit To Mediterranean

Moscow Slams Western Support For Syria 'Opposition'

Can Cameron Explain Why He Put Us On al-Qaeda’s Side?

Putin, Wife Announce Separation In TV Interview

Russian Missile Forces - 200 Drills In Next 6 Months

Charlie McGrath On RT - Vid

Erdogˆan Demands End To Turkey Protests

War And Rape Go Hand In Hand


Holmes Attys Enter Insanity Plea, Next - Insane Psychiatrists

Fracking Hush Money - Drillers Paying For Silence - Vid

Dresden Hit As 100,000 Germans Fight Floods

Every Metals Transfer Request Being Rejected Multiple Times!

Huge Wealth, Debt Slavery, Conditioned Consciousness

Belgians Protest Austerity, Demand Better Conditions

Another UK Soap Star On Pedo Charges

Speed Cams Increase Risk Of Serious, Fatal Crashes

S. US Logging Soars To Meet Foreign BioFuel Demand

Snordelhans - Thought Of You - Vid


An Anunnaki History - From Then Until Now - Vid

No Big Deal, Just A Giant Hole In The Sun

A Sun-Grazing Comet, Secrets Of Sun's Corona - Vid

Nikola Tesla - Calling All Freethinkers

Payback & Push Back From The Lip Of The Crypt

JoeTalk - Satan Rules - Vid

JoeTalk - DNA Is The 'Mark Of The Beast' - Vid

Bolivian Man Buried Alive With Woman He Killed

Looking Past Issues To The Causes

15 Foods That Can Be Regrown From Scraps


Fast Food Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water - Vid

Flu Vax Causes 5 Times More Respiratory Infections

Drugs In Our Water Supply

How To Stop Rise Of The Superbugs

Kale Salad Recipe

Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell - The Cult Of Celebrity - Vid

NSA Direct Access To Google, FB, Apple User Data

Judge Napolitano Rails Against NSA Spying - Vid

Anonymous Releases Private NSA Documents Regarding Spying

US Says It Gathers Online Data Abroad


Obama Administration Has Now Lost All Credibility'

Congressman Delivers Epic Obama Indictment - Vid

Obama Nat'l Security State Now Beyond Dem Control

CIA Chief 'Spilled Secrets To Hollywood

FL Gov Arrests Sheriff For Allowing Concealed Carry

Bilderberg Conference Convenes

GMO Papayas Approved In US & Canada But Not Europe

China To Build New Canal Across Central America

We Live In Hen Houses

BP Deepwater Supv Kaluza Challenges Manslaughter Counts


Who Are The NeoConservatives?

Assad Troops Retake Golan Heights Crossing

Israelis forces reinforced along Syrian Golan border

US Must Send Missiles To Syria Mercs - McCain

Israel Closer To Surrounding Itself With Barriers

Conservative Canadian MPs Used Like Trained Seals

Samantha Power For UN Envoy

FEMA Corps Graduates First AmeriCorps Members

The Meatrix I - Vid

The Meatrix II - Vid


DC & Breakdown Of The Colombia-VZ-FARC Peace Process

19.2 Euros From EU Taxpayers For Corrupt Regime

EU Ambassador Visits South Sinai

Walmart Workers Speak Out At Annual Meeting

MRI Study - Breastfeeding Boosts Babies Brain Growth

Colombias Cure For Coke Addicts - Give Marijuana

Alien Planet Orbiting Bright Star 300 Light Yrs From Earth

DNA Data To Be Shared Worldwide

Scientists In Dramatic MS Treatment Breakthrough

Wilde - The Trance Daze Of The Global Mind


How To Start A Tiger Tank 131 - Vid

Ring Of Steel Drawn Around Bilderberg Conference

How To Destroy A Planet Without Really Trying

Senator Not Sure Bloggers Deserve Free Speech Rights

Duff - Uncle Gordy And Jeffy On Government Crimes - Vid

Obama Defends NSA Collecting Your Phone Records

Susan Rice For National Security Advisor

The Unspoken Qualifications For President Of The US

Doom - The Ultimate Effect Of Remedial Education

UFO/ET Disclosure/Confirmation By Cdn Defense Chief - Vid


20 Brain Dead Courses Offered At US Universities

How Pentagon Removes Entire Peoples

‘Escape From North Korea’

Syria 'Rebels' Take Over Crossing In Golan Heights

Washington Blasts Syria, Hezbollah For Freeing Town

Liberation Of Qusayr Major Blow To Israel, US

Anti-Syrian Blame Game Escalates

Assad's Forces Sense Turning Of War Tide

UN Questions French ‘Evidence’ Of Syria Chem Use

The Cost Of A Mossad Assassination


Judaizing Jaffa

Barrett –Erdogan's Attack On Syria Backfires

Turkey Resistance Fueled As Woman In Red Pepper Sprayed

Protests Unite Turks Across The Social Spectrum

Activists Present List Of Demands In Turkey

Egypt Gloom Leaves Million Facing Food Shortage

25% CIA Drone Victims Unidentified (how about 75%)

Can Pakistan Stop Obama's Drone Attacks?

Obama Tabs 'Pragmatic' Rice Natl Security Advissor

Obama Death Drone Kills 3 Afghan Children


Afghans Protest US Forces - Mutilated Bodies Found

Will Gold-Backed Yuan Make It The Global Reserve Currency?

JPMorgan Parts With 21,000 Oz Of Gold, Holdings New Low

US Mint - Gold & Silver Demand Remains 'Unprecedented'

France Bans Shipment Of Gold & Silver In The Mail!

Gold Rush Could Transform Uganda's Wild West

Ghana Arrests 124 Chinese For Illegal Gold Mining

Spectacular UFO is Described As 'Blimp On Fire'

Strange Lights In The Sky Reported In Caledon East

Pipelines Spill - Tar Sands Kill


French President Gets UNESCO Peace Prize For Mali War!

Facebook Virus Steals Bank Details, Money From Accts

Scientists Create Device That Tears A Whole In Time

How Killer Bees Kill

HFCS Food For Bees Increases Colony Collapse

76 Yr Old Pilot OK After His Plane Parachutes To Landing

Saudis, WHO Raise MERS Count

Saudi Try To Control MERS Before The Mecca Hajj

H7N9 Bird Flu Has Cost China $6.5 Billion

Duff - Israel's Secret 'Doomsday' Nuke Bake Revealed By US


Obama Wants Whistleblowers Silenced

Kirwan - Where 'Anything Goes'

Bilderberg 2013 - Welcome To 1984

Bilderberg Agenda To Decide Fate Of Mideast, Africa

Monsanto Sued Over Shocking GMO Wheat Discovery

We're All Bradley Manning

NSA Collecting Phone Records Of Millions Daily

Another Radioactive Water Tank At Daiichi Leaking

Japans Leader During Fukushima Meltdown Opposed Nuclear Power

Fukushima Kids - 12 Thyroid Cancers, 15 Suspected


EX-NRC Chief Not Happy About San Onofre Restart

June 6, 1944 - D-Day...A Gift To Joe Stalin!

The Rare 'Anticyclonic' Tornado In El Reno, OK

Inside China's 'Cancer Villages'

Why Gold Is Money

Japanese 'Maglev' Train First Test 311 mph

Kaspersky Lab Uncovers Global Cyberespionage Network

Not Everything Is Anti-Semitism

New, Risky Way To Get Drunk

Paradise Does Not Exist For US Children


Hijacked Christianity

What Did Air China Jetliner Hit At 8,000 Feet?

Miami B-Girls Caught On Tape - Vid

Space Weather On Par With Tornado Threat - NASA Boss

Pregnant Women - Risks From Everyday Chemicals

Dr. Wakefield On Vaccine Deaths - Vid

How HIV Decimates The Immune System

Multiple Scientific Studies Link Pesticides To Cancer

Ignore Every Single Sunscreen Message

Smart Car Opens Five Doors To Go Outside - Vid


A Long Lost Piece Of King Tut

Twin Flame Soulmates

Ray Stevens - Come To The USA - Vid

Japan’s Leader During Fukushima
Meltdown Opposed Nuclear Power

Is The FBI In The Execution Business?

The Covert Op To Destroy The Word 'Freedom'

Obama Wants 73,441,399 Gun Background Checks

Obama To Name Rice As National Security Advisor

Jeff Rense & Gordon Duff - Government War Crimes - Vid

Bradley Manning Looks Downright Ghostly


Chomsky - US Is Intent On Winning Race To Disaster

Little Girls Gone Wild - Too Sexy, Too Soon

Duff - Proof No 'Airlners' Used On WTC On 9/11 - Vid

Ward - Talmud...The ‘Bible’ Of Genocidal Bigots

Sane, Human Health Care In Canada

Sparrowdancer - Obamacare And The Marx Men

Shocking, Heart-Breaking Testimony From US Soldiers - Vid

UN Chem Weapons Report On Syria Blames Assad

Syrians Test Positive For Nerve Agent Sarin

Syrian Town Falls To Hezbollah...Victory For Assad


Syria Ravaged - Typhoid, Cholera, Measles, Tuberculosis

Syrian Military Threatens Israel After Border Victory

Turkish Police Detain 25 For Posting On Twitter

Turkey Protests Continue Despite Deputy PM Apology

London Declaration On Anti-Semitism - Jewish Phobia

Supremacist Rabbi On The 'Nature Of Islam' - Vid

Cracks In Iran Nuclear Reactor Facility After Quakes

PM Sharif Demands To Obama Death Drone

US Soldier Pleads Guilty To Afghan Massacre

At The Bilderberg Venue The Day Before - Vid


FBI Raids California Capitol Building

US Offers $23m Bounty For Islamists In Africa

The Roubini - Faber Debate

The Sell-Off Is Spreading Fast

Helicopter Controlled Entirely By Thoughts - Vid

2 IRS Staffers Placed On Leave Over Free Food, Gifts

London Mosque Burns - Arson Suspected

CA Senate Approves Industrial Hemp Bill

Huge Mystery Blob On Weather Radars Still Unexplained

People Have Killed Their Fear of Authority


Multiverse Or Universe? Physicists Debate

Invisible GM Ingredients - Print Out, Taking Shopping

Nestle's Wet Dream - Marking Up Water 53 MILLION Percent

Secret Man Caves Found In EPA Warehouse

Obama Nominee Behind 'Driving While Black' Case

The New Microbiome Frontier

Dissolving Micro Chip Will Tell Big Bro Your Every Move

River That Created The Grand Canyon Going Dry

Food, Energy Soaring Dramatically Across Britain

10 Weird And Deadly Ingredients To Avoid


Food Allergies - What’s To Eat?

GMO Rogue Wheat Now Found In 127 Countries

Innocent Until Proved Dead

North Korean Officers Join Assad Forces

Israels Fraying Image And Its Implications

The Cause Of Our Conflict

New Jersey Witness UFO Abduction

Apple Banned From Selling Some iPads, iPhones

Death Toll From Friday OK EF 5 Tornado Up To 19

APPLE Banned From Selling Some Items


Feinstein Hubby May Make Millions From USPS Contract

Comex Says Its Gold, Silver Inventory Reports Are False!

China Gold Premiums Leap From $7 To $120 An Oz

Concern Over Marcellus Radioactive Waste

Call For End Of Exemptions From School Vaccinations

The Real Victims Of 'Fashion'

Can Hanford Be Cleaned? 56M Gal Of Death, 586 Sq Mi

Alert - US Hack Scientists Green Light Sushi Eating

Boom In Japan Solar Power Industry

The Toxic Legacy Of War And Imperialism


20 Week Abortion Bill Advanced By All-Male Cong Panel

Frosty's 2013 Continental Divide Bicycle Ride

Which Chemicals In Your Home Are Toxic? EPA Doesnt Know!

Hog Manure Explosions Vex Scientists

The Winning Combination

How I Fell For Farmers Markets

You Had ONE Job To Do...

Five Smoothies For Perfect Skin

Veggie Refried Beans - Vid

Raw Veggie Juice And Sprouts


Why Navy Scientists Want To Mimic Cicadas

Rare, Nearly Complete Skeleton Of Triceratops In WY

Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year

Why Big Data Is Not Truth

Take a Virtual Tour Of The Sistine Chapel

Synchronicity And The Mystery Of Chance

Genes Aren't The Problem...It's The Toxic Food

Reducing Your Blood Pressure Naturally

TEPCO Wants To Store Radioactive Water In Aquifer!

Filer's Files # 22 - 2013 - Evict Tornadoes


Filer's Files # 21 - 2013 UFOs Disable ICBMS

George Filer - Interview With Gen. Goodpaster

MERS Asymptomatic Cases Raise More Testing Concerns

MERS-CoV Asymptomatic Cases Raise Test Concerns

MERS-CoV Asymptomatic Health Care Workers In Italy

Todashev Murder, Obama Drones Coming Home

Bilderberg 2013 - Just Your Average Charity Case?

Morris...I Intend To Cover Bilderberg - Vid

Keiser - Fake It Til You Make It Or Potemkin Policies - Vid

TEPCO Wants To Store Radioactive Water In Aquifer!


McGrath - Death Of Free Speech, Most Will Cheer - Vid

Ward - Zionism...Worst Plague In The History Of Mankind

DOJ Pushes To Jail Hershberger After Acquittal

An Effective Substitute For War - UN Agenda 21

Moral Degenerates Are Running Our Colleges

A Look At The 'Serious' Courses In Today's College

Moyers - The Secret Government And Constitutional Crisis

Snordehans - Pigs! - Vid

Snordelhans - 911 Is The Litmus Test - Vid

Turkey - The REAL Story Of Turkey's 'Uprising'


Protests Expose Erdogan's Autocratic Ambitions

At Least 3 Protesters Killed In Turkey Violence So Far

What Is Really Happening In Istanbul?

1 Dead, 3 Hurt Near Russian Embassy, Damascus

Kerry Suggests Declining US Sway Over Syria Events

Syrian Disease Outbreaks 'Inevitable' Warns WHO

Bradley Manning Court-Martial: Secrecy and Injustice on Trial

Illegitimate Palestinian Prime Minister Appointed

US To Send Patriot Missiles, F16 Jets To Jordan

Israel To Steal 91 Acres Of West Bank Pal Land - Vid


Jerusalem Between Zionists Theft, PLO Ignorance

Terrorist Jews Wrote - Christians Are Monkeys

Radical Jewish Youths Step Up Attacks Against Arabs

Hitchhiking War

Iran Says Britain Trying To Undermine Its Elections

Dean - Western Hoax On Iran Nuclear Energy

6 Dead, 19 Wounded In Weekend NY Shootings

NY Man Arrested In Threatening Calls Case

Stepping On Frogs And Enemy Mines...Kaboom

Nannying MP Says Eat Less Meat Or Face Food Shortage


US Navy Caught Monitoring UFO Internet Sites

When It Happens Again – Will You Be Prepared?

4 Fresh Water Ideas That Could Change The World

Vegetarian Diets The Secret To Long Life?

Unprecedented Violence In Turkey - Vid

China, India, Pakistan Boost Nuclear Arsenals

Obama Imposes New Economic Sanctions On Iran

Assange Statement On The First Day Of Manning Trial

'Everything Being Said In Japan Is A Lie'

TEPCO Admits Fukushima Groundwater Full Of Cesium


Obamacare To Double Cost Of Insurance For CA Residents

Kirwan - Purging The Purge

Bilderberg Attendee List For 2013

Maddow - Something Weird In FBI Shooting Todashev - Vid

Monsanto GMO Deception Game In Europe

Washington St Voters Get To Decide - Yes On GMO 522

Phillipine Court Stops Field Testing Of GMO Eggplants

GMO Trees On The Horizon

Do GMO Foods Cause Autism?

Roubini - Gold Price Heading Towards $1,000


China's Demand For Physical Quadruples Gold Premium

Baby Boomers Suiciding At Alarming Rate - Vid

Entire Western Half Of The US Are Is Rapidly Drying Up

CA To Wal-Mart - No More Subsidized Profits For You

Online Daters 'More Likely To End Up In A Happy Marriage'

13 Things I Wish I Was Told When I Was A Young Guy

Your Mind Is Not A Computer

DMT - The Thinking Man's Moonshine?

NJ Sen Lautenberg's Death Puts Gov Christie In A Bind - Vid

40% World's Bank Publicly Owned - $20M To Start One


SCOTUS Rules Cops Can Take Your DNA Without Warrant

'I Doubt Obama Will Finish 2nd Term Without Disaster'

Obamacare Cheapest - $20,000 Family Plan Or A $2,000 Fine

IRS Making Up Obamacare Tax Rules As It Goes Along

Br Nathanael - McCain Meets Terrorists In Syria - Vid

Obama Wants To Fix Mental illness

8 Reasons Why The NWO Hates Syria - Vid

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey And Israel Are Allies - Vid

Erdogan's Kharmic Spring - Vid

Central Europe Hit By Major Floods - Vid

Depression, Dementia & The Dialectics Of Disaster


Hoffman - Two Agents Of Disinformation

Henderson/Press TV - Student Loan Crisis Hits America

The 'Cloudy' Skies Corporations Want to Sell You

Gay Teens Voted High School's 'Cutest Couple'

Video Shows Drone Nearly Hitting Passenger Jet

Coins Release Nickel, Cobalt Causing Allergies In Millions

Dolphins Gain Unprecedented Protection In India

Newly Discovered 'Alien Planet' Shown In Photograph

MERS-CoV Asymptomatic Cluster In Florence Italy

‘There Has Been No Legitimate US Govt For Decades'


Book - Bill Clinton Called Obama 'Incompetent'

25 Signs Obama Is Treating Veterans Like Human Trash

Hagel Rebuked By China General Over US Asia Buildup

Nuclear States Making More Weapons, Defying Treaty

Hanford Nuke Facilty A Deadly Environmental Wasteland

The US Should Be On Trial, Not Bradley Manning

Congress...Who The Hell Do You People Think You Are?

Monsanto’s Deception Game On GMO In Europe

Europe Rejects GMO Crops, America Seeks Labeling

What Is It? 'Mars Rat' Taking Internet By Storm - Vid


Grim Evidence Of Israeli Mass Murder Discovered

Israel To Send African Migrants To Unknown State

New Palestinian PM British-Educated Rami Hamdallah

Fisk - Hezbollah Lured Into Unknown Territory

Russia Blocks UN's Qusair Resolution, Calls It ‘Unilateral’

Syrian Stops Mercenaries On Lebanese Border

Erdogan Blames Protests On Twitter & A Few Looters

Anti-Government Protests Rock Turkey

Charlie Skelton's Bilderberg 2013 blog

Bilderberg Authoritarianism Destroys Humanity


CT Lawmakers Vote To Label GMO Foods

How To Hide Your Digital Comm From Big Brother

What Did You Do For The State, Mr. Danon?

Unspeakable Madness At The Turning Of The Age

Jimmy Savile ‘Took His Passion Wagon To Scout Camp’

Police Shot Kids As Young As 12 With 50,000 Volt Taser

Taiwan Says Former President Attempted Suicide

Fake Votes Mar France’s First Electronic Election

Chinese Against Sex Abuse - 'Sleep With Me, Not Kids'

'Canned Hunting' - Lions Bred For Slaughter


Lost Egyptian City Revealed After 1,200 Yrs Under Sea

Michael Douglas Says Oral Sex Gave Him Throat Cancer

Dick Van Dyke - Titanium Dental Implants Make Headaches

Top 10 Natural Health Remedies Of Coconut Oil

Two More MERS Cases Confirmed In Italy

Three More Deaths From MERS

Giant Sinkhole Follows OK Storm, Flooding - Vid

Venezuela Goes For Ban On GM Seeds

Israel Prepares As War Clouds Darken

Easy Fix To IRS Corruption


Its Not A Housing Boom - Its A Land Grab

US Militiaman Warns Congress To BACK OFF

Pole Shift Has Moved 161 Miles In 6 Months

Ward - A Simple Tale Of Unbiased Global Warming FACTS

Jewish Jean Stapleton & 'All In The Family' Deceived US

Russia & Hezbollah Shift Balance In Syria

Fracking US National Parks

Sauder - On The Crepuscular Cusp Of Whatever

UFO Activated Nuke Missiles At Minot AFB - Launch Officer

Congressman Mocks UFO National Security Concerns


Russian Base Jumper World Record Off N Face Of Everest

See NoCal's 'Glass Beach' Before It's Gone

Our Spirit Speaks The Loudest

Herbicide, Pesticide Exposure Linked To Parkinson's

Winter Flu Bug Off To Early Start In Oz

Black Hole Bonanza Possible - Huge Gas Cloud Passes By

12 New Volcanoes Discovered In Southeast Alaska

A Moonbeam And A Song

MERS Now In Italy - Vid

10 Years After After, Now We Have MERS And H7N9


H7N9 Takes Another Life...Shanghai Man Dies

Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption

CA A Step Closer To Nullifying Unconstitutional NDAA

CA SB 374 To Attack 2nd Amendment - Demand Gun Reg

Obama's War On Whistle Blowers

Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption

Mike Zullo - NOTHING Can Stop Us Now - Vid

Jeff Rense & Stan Deyo - Cyber War & Antigravity - Vid

Kirwan - Crossroads...Further Than Ever From Sanctuary

3 Storm Chasers Killed By Oklahoma Tornado - Vid


Bill Clinton Gets Half A Million From Israel

Monsanto Set To Halt GM Push In Europe

Monsanto Shares Fall - S Korea Joins Stop In Wheat Imports

CT Lawmakers Resolve Differences Over GMO Labeling

Yahoo Users Told - Let Us Read Your Email...Or Goodbye!

Syrian Army Seizes Sarin From Mercenaries

Israel Pushes US To Destabilize Syria

Netanyahu To Decide On Price Tag Of Jewish Terror Org

Duff - Al-Qaeda Is US Neocons Private Army In Syria

Hezbollah Kills 17 Syria 'Rebels' In Lebanon


Turkey Explodes In Violence

Turkey PM Terrorizing His Own People - Syria

Turks - Erdogan, 'You Are Not A Sulatn Just A PM' - Vid

Israel Rage Of Private Sales Of Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

Iran's Arak Reactor Pulls Into Israeli, Western View

VZ Launches Drones Built With Iran's Tech Assistance

The Black Secret of Higher Education

Prophet For A Dying America

Radioactive 'Black Dust' In Fukushima Town 'Off The Scale' - Vid

Frightened To Go Home - A Fukushima Father's Story


There Is No Distant Love In Morph City

6.2 Quake Causes Gas Explosion In Taiwan

Toronto Protesters Call For Mayor Rob Ford To Quit

Vatican - Millions On Churches And Artists For Them

The College-Industrial Complex Doesn't Want You To Know

Mayflower Oil Spill Coverup - People Are Getting Very, Very Sick

Peak Gold - Vid

Time Travel - Historic Nostalgia...Amazing Old Photographs

David Icke - The People's Voice

David Icke To Launch Revolutionary TV, Radio Station


The Dark, Deadly History Of The Opium Business

All Of Us Can Be Arrested For Drugs...Made In Their Own Brains

Wilde - The Tyrant

Before The Fall - Evidence For A Golden Age

Nuking Dangerous Asteroids Might Be Best Protection

The Merchants Of Shame

Hogwarts For Hackers

Woolwich MI6 Link - Younger Bro Paid $1,000s To Spy In Mideast

HSBC Recruits Former MI5 Chief

Dutch Social Workers Catch The English Disease


Record Number Maimed UK Troops Denied Disability

Taser Gun Demand For All UK Cops

China Drinking Water Poisoned, Report Misses Cause

These 34 Anti-Semitism Commandments Must Be Obeyed

Investment In Green Energy At 7 Year Low

Elevated Carbon Dioxide Making Arid Regions Greener

Hep-A In 5 States - What The FDA Wants You To Know - Vid

Doctor’s Doubts Imperil Lucrative Diabetes Drugs

Native American Denied Diploma, Fined $1000 For Feather

Ikaria, Greek Island Of Long Life


MERS-CoV Cluster In Italy ex-Jordan

Italy Announces First Caes Of MERS-CoV

Obama Names Monsanto VP To Food Safety Czar! - Vid

Obamacare To Raise Health Ins Premiums By 64-146%

Obamacare Begins Rationing Pre-Existing Conditions

Google Must Give Customer Data To FBI Says Judge

Google Must Comply With FBI Secret NSL Demands

Virtual Life In The Future Matrix

The College Industrial Complex

US Firm Plans Network Of Drones For Delivering Goods


Video Shows Yet Another UFO Entering Mt Popo Volcano - Vid

IRS Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions

The IRS, Glory Days And Its Checkered Past

Worldwide Protests Planned For Bradley Manning Trial

Walmart Workers Rely On Food Stamps - Study

Murder, Inc - Official US Policy

Balance Of Power Shifting To Assad

Russian S-300s Put (thermonuclear) Israel At Risk (!)

Syria Won't Get S-300s 'For A Year' - Russian Media

Syria No-Fly Zone Would Be Act Of War - US General


Russia To Sell MIG-29 M/M2 Fight Jets To Syria

68% Of Americans Against US Military In Syria

Russia To Send Nuclear Subs To Southern Seas

State Dept Terror Report - Upping Stakes For War

Tehran Says US, Not Iran, Sponsors Of Terrorism

Iran Cuts Hamas Funding Over Syria

Lying UN Says No Cancer Rate Rise From Fukushima!

How To Deceive Public About Dangers Of Nuke Disasters

Fukushima Fishermen Forced To Test Fish For Radiation

Cost Of Reactor Dismantling Dumped On Japan Public


Protests Spread Throughout Turkey

US Obama Death Drone Kills 7 In South Yemen

Over 1,000 Killed In Iraq Violence In May

Ethiopia Diverts Nile For Mega Dam, Egypt Concerned

Israel And Greece Sign Strategic Agreement

Natan Blanc - Heroic Israeli Refusenik

‘Price Tag’ Attack Targets Jerusalem Church

Starbucks Bans All Smoking On Premises

What KIlled Elvis? Question At Michael Jackson Trial - Vid

Actress Jean Stapleton...'Mrs Archie Bunker'...Passes - Photos


Harassed For Photography At Port Of Tacoma - Vid

Going In Reverse From The Cradle To The Hearse

Hep-A Cases Tied To Townsend Farms Org Frozen Berries

Gitmo Hunger Strikers Force-Fed, Demand New Drs

Texas Man Gets 50 Years In Prison For $35 Theft

Woman Records Cops Barging Into Her Home - Vid

5 Yr Old Wets Pants After 2 Hr Grilling Over Toy Gun

Why MERS Is So Scary

Tracking Deadly MERS-CoV

5 Dead In New OK Tornados - Heavy Rains On OK, MO - Vid


Kerry - Russian Missiles Put Israel At Risk

NC Law Would Make It Illegal To Expose Monsanto!

Ex-Teacher - 'Everything I Loved About Teaching Is Extinct'

Crushing Student Loans And Worthless College Degrees

Ben & Jerrys Is Going Non-GMO

Abe To Intensify Efforts To Restart Nuclear Power Plants

60 Bq/kg Cesium, Dried Plums, Outside Fukushima Prefecture

High School Students Picnic In 0.93 Sv/hr

Google & The Politicians Who Won't Step In To Porn Row

Let Go Of The Baggage Or Go Down With The Ship - Zen


Strange UFO Over MN - Photo

Couple Cuffed For Free Speech At Independence Hall

Another Child Stolen By State...1 Day Old - Vid

Ex TN Cop Shoots, Kills Pharmacist During Pill Robbery

Mass Grave Of 600 Palestinians Killed By Jews In 1948

Ecological Disaster Looms For Sumatra Rain Forests

Will We Ever Understand Consciousness?

Do The Math - Vid

New Theories Of Space-Time

Rising Radioactive Spills Pound Fukushima Fisherm


Tornados Return To Oklahoma City Area - Vid

Multiple Tornados Visit OKC Area

MERS-CoV Stalking Humanity - May Be Highly Contagious

Preston James - Secret Space War 2

'FBI Killed My Son To Silence Him' -Todashev’s Dad

Todashev Dad - Murdered Son Told Him Tsarnaevs Innocent

Is This The Man Who 'Radicalized' Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

Duff - 1st Super-Governmental World War Begins

Thousands Blockade European Central Bank In Frankfurt

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto Crops


Label Shows Kraft Mac & Cheese Has GMO Wheat!

Japan And South Korea Bar US Wheat Imports

lEU Countries Banned From Choosing To Be GMO Free

Engdahl - Monsanto...The Metaphor For GMO Food Chain Control

Chinese Organic Food Not Good Enough For Pet Food

No One Will Hold Henry Kissinger Accountable

Nuclear Statecraft

NYC Mayor Cands & Jewish Blood-Sucking Circumcisions

Former IRS Chief Visited White House 157 Times

Conversation With A Zionist On James Forrestal's Murder


Russia To Sell MiG Jet Fighters To Syria

Obama Betrayed Moscow Over S-300 Deal With Iran - Russia

Syria's New S-300 Missiles Are Game-Changing - Analysts

Israel Could Hit S-300 Missiles In Syria, But With Risks

S-300 Missiles Won't Reach Syria Until Fall Says Official

Iran Will Not Allow Overthrow Of Syria - Iran Deputy FM

Lavrov - 'Politics' Stopped Syria Chem Weapons Probe

Besieged Syria Mercenaries Beg For Help

25 Years After The Assassination - Israel Lost

Rising Radioactive Spills Pound Fukushima Fishermen


The TRUTH About World War 2 You've Never Heard

France’s Eutelsat Jams Iran Press TV Channel

Spring Will Be Coldest In 50 Years Says Met Office

Italy Shivers Through Cursed Spring Of Relentless Rain

Could Artificial Sweetener Splenda CAUSE Diabetes?

Europe's Record Youth Unemployment Just Got Scarier

Crackers - Religious Disinfo Combo With Riots & Cheese - Vid

Petraeus To Join New York Investment Firm KKR

Reprisal Common In US Military For Reporting Rapes

Disinfo Trolls Work All Over The Net To Antagonize, Stir Anger


What Could Go Wrong? Dreamliner Batteries For ISS

MPD/DID - Jenny Hill And Her 22 Personalities

OK To Develop Synthetic Human Blood In Scotland

From WalMart To Jell-O, Proof Ad Profanity Pays Off

Jay Leno’s 3D Printer Makes Old Car Parts

Solar Industry Anxious Over Defective Panels

Black 14 Yr Old Tackled And Choked For Staring At Cops

150m Americans Go To Mex, Swim Back, Become Millionaires

Perfectly Preserved Woolly Mammoth With Blood Found - Vid

Lessons In Farming With Limited Space & Budget


Could Artificial Sweetener Splenda CAUSE Diabetes?

Harvard - More Magnesium Slashes Heart Risk By 30%

Live Animal Cams - Lots To Watch

Monsanto Halts GE Corn Production In Most Of Europe

JAPAN Cancels US Wheat Order On GMO Fear

Google To Help Cops Track 'Extremist Sites' Via Search

Kirwan - Bankster Attack On Syria To Enslave America

Turkey Finds Sarin In Homes Of Anti-Syria 'Rebels'

Ex Israel Def Chief - 'We Can Deal With S 300s In Syria

Israel Threatens Syria


Israel Fighting Regional War In Syria

Hezbollah And The Syrian Pit

CIA Global Renditions

Americans And Their Military, Drifting Apart

Georgia Guidestones

Approaching Asteroid 1998 QE22 Has A Moon

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smoking Crack In A Video - Vid

World War 3 Has Already Begun

ATC Warned Pilot Three Times - Vid

Br. Nathanael - National ID Lurks In Immigration Bill - Vid


Keiser Report - Love, Trade, Recession - Vid

Tarpley - The Coming Mass Strike Surge Of 2014-2015

Goldman Sachs Dir Quits 'Morally Bankrupt' Wall St Bank

Apple's Dirty Little Tax Secret - Vid

How One Irish Woman Made $22b For Apple In A Year

US Pork Giant Smithfield Sold To China For $4.7b

Why Governments Are Eliminating Financial Privacy

Top US Tax Breaks To Cost $12 Trillion In 10 Yrs

Illegal Mother Of 7 - Food Stamps, Meds, Housing For 20 Yrs

The Fourth And Worst Myth Of College


Terrifying Offspring Of GMO Salmon & Wild Trout

The Deep Sea Mystery Circle - Vid

Kindergartener Opens Up About Surviving Tornado - Vid

Collapse - 'Everyone Took Everything...It Was Like A Storm'

Mars Explorers Face Huge Radiation Problem

JPL - Ancient Stream Bed Found On Mars

Needed Today...The Henry Ford Trade School - Vid

Elder Abuse - An Impending National Crisis?

Ex-Microsoft Mgr To Create First US Pot Brand

What Animal Sounds Look Like


33% US Bee Colonies Died Last Winter

Raw Veggie Juice And Sprouts

Synchronicity And The Mystery Of Chance

Genes Aren't The Problem...It's The Toxic Food

Reducing Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Seven Key Benefits To Raised-Garden Beds

20 Re-Purposed Window Greenhouses

Mandalas, Geometric Animations From Light Weaver

Three Litre A Day Cola Habit Kills Man

Healthy Homemade Chocolate Cups


Another Hospital MERS-CoV Cluster In Eastern KSA

Is MERS The New SARS? Possible Pandemic

French MERS-CoV Sequences Identical To England2

Morocco MERS-CoV Case Ex-Middle East

Photos Prove FBI Murdered Todashev With Head Shot

FBI Agent Executed Todashev

FBI Used Photoshop In Boston Evidence - Report

'I Am Absolutely Fine' Dzhokhar Tells Family

FBI Ran Child Porn Biz To Catch Pedophiles

Google And The NSA Connection


How Did GMO Wheat End Up In An Oregon Field?

Syria Already Has Russian S-300 System - Assad

Syria Will Retaliate Against Any Israeli Aggression

Israel Threatens Russia

US Demands Hezbollah Pull Forces Out Of Syria

All Options Remain On Table About Syria - US

McCain Met With Infamous Kidnapper In Syria

Barrett - Banksters Attack Syria To Enslave America

Kirwan - RISK...Who Is Responsible?

Why Obama Wants To Change Key Terror Law


Obama Will Have To Prove He’s A Changed Man

OH Rep - 'How High Did The IRS Scandal Go?'

Obama To Bring Drones Out From CIA 'Legal Shadows'

The Final Nail In America's Financial Coffin

Obama's Anti-Populist Agenda

Fire Closer To Nuclear Waste In St. Louis Landfill - Vid

Duct Tape, Broom Sticks Traffic Cones For R4 Leaks

Hillary's 'Shocking' Book - A Lesbian? Obama An Alcoholic?

Bilderberg Conference June 6-9

Schlafly To Repubs - Ignore Hispanics Focus On Whites


VZ Furious After Colombia Pres Meets Zionist Capriles

2 US 'Diplomats' Shot In VZ May Have Shot Each Other

Rendition Project Maps US Global Kidnapping Program

Go Ahead, Iran!

Israel, US Generals Draw Plans For Iran Attack

Israel To Build 1,000 More Homes In E Jerusalem

Zionist Canada Imposes New Bans On Iran

Pakistanis Tell Obama The Drones Must Stop

The New Suffragettes - Courage In Cairo

7 Million Egyptians Sign Anti-Morsi Petition


2-3 Years Until The Situation Settles In Egypt

'Sonar Image Could Be Amelia Earhart's Plane'

Keiser - The Ultimate Business Model Is Fraud - Vid

'Sonar Image Could Be Amelia Earhart's Plane'

It's Time To View UFOs With Our Eyes Open

60,000 US Veterans Remain Homeless

Ex NASA Official Dead In Thailand - Neck Rope

Get Back To The Garden

Billionaire Gina Rinehart Calls To Sterilize The Poor

Crazy For Feeling So Screwed, Blued & Tattooed


Detroit Cop Trial For Killing 7 Yr Old Girl

10 Things Govt Can Do That Would Jail You

GM Salmon Will Breed With Wild Fish - Make Hybrids

Target Joins 58 Other Retailers To Say NO To GM Fish

21 Facts About Rising Government Dependence In US

The Missing Dimension Of The Education Debate

Top Kids Vitamins Contains Aspartame, GMOs, Other Toxins

MERS Takes More Lives, Spreads Further

More MERS-CoV Deaths Reported As Clusters Profiled

More MERS-CoV Cases And Deaths In Saudi Arabia


WHO - SARS-Like Virus MERS Threat To 'Entire World'

USDA Finds Illegal Monsanto GMO Wheat In Oregon! - Vid

Anonymous Claims Downing Monsanto Website

List Of Politicians Accepting 'Bribes' From Monsanto

Monsanto-Caused Superweeds Spreading At Warp Speed

The Monsanto Blackwater Connection - Vid

WHAT Killed Cullen Finnerty? Cell...'I'm Afraid' & 'Danger' - Vid

HILARIOUS - Rand Paul Explains Obamacare - Vid

Did McCain Violate NDAA By Visiting 'Rebel's' In Syria?

Chechen Killed In His FL Apt By FBI Was Unarmed


Rick Perry Vetoes Bipartisan 'Buy American' Bill

McGrath - You're A Rolling ATM Machine - Vid

Letter To Mayor Bloomberg Positive For Ricin

The Rebel Against The Controlled World

Disgruntled Vets Targeted By WH As Potential 'Terrorists'

Germany Is World's Most Popular Country

The David Icke Effect

Feds Plan To Vax Your Family - Add To Database

Public Colleges Often No Bargain For The Poor

Learn Sarver Heart Continuous Chest Compression CPR


Birth Control Pills And Depression

Vintage Rodney Dangerfield From 1978 - Vid

Crow Adopts Stray Kitten - Vid

Bear Cubs Balancing Act On Residential Fence - Vid

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Beer

‘Transparency & Solidarity’ Needed To Fight MERS

Shakespeare - Time For Russia To Make A Stand

Russia To Send Arms To Syria As Fears Rise

Russia Blasts US Twin Standards Over Syrian 'Peace'

US Backs EU To Arm Syrian Rebels, Slams Russia


Lifting the Fake EU Arms Embargo

Russian Jet Evacuates Some 130 People From Syria

Horrible Immigration Bill Up To 1,000 Pages

Obama - America's Second Teflon President?

Google And The NSA Connection

Google's To 'Internet' Africa With Blimp Network

AG Holder Controversy - Five Key Points

Drones To Use Facial Recognition, Ending Anonymity

US Navy Ponders 3D Printing Of Drone Fleets

Drones Are Changing The Face Of Conservation


Drone Scientists Try To Change Public Image

Obama To Confront China Over Cyber Attacks

Br. Nathanael - Fact Sheet: Jews Control America

China To Hold Digital Cyber War Games

No Right To Know...Where Is The Freedom? - Vid

Ultra-Orthodox Conscription Enforced

Israel Lifts 49 Yr Blockage Of Jordan River

Israel Incursion Into Besieged Gaza Strip

A Journey Thru Iran - Stunning Photographs

Pak Condemns Recent Obama Death Drone Strike


Pakistan - Completion Of Unfinished Agenda

Epic Plunge In Total Comex Gold Inventory

On Eve Of WW2, Four Jews Dominated US Media

MD Bridge So Scary Locals Pay $25 To Have Cars Driven - Vid

Big Quakes Create Global Scale GPS Errors

Proof Of ET - The Lost UFO Archive - Vid

Monsanto Corporation Gets Owned By 11 Yr Old - Vid

Modern Wheat Is The Perfect 'Chronic Poison'

CO Laws Regulates Sale Of Recreational Marijuana

Freight Train Derailment, Massive Baltimore Explosion


The Physics Of Bridge Collapses

Poet Ezra Pound - An American Giant

Cartoon Encourages Transexualism In Little Children

Pressure Cooker Found At Dearborn Hotel

The Crucible Of Karma & The Horn Of Plenty

Increasing Your Odds Of Survival

Seven Last Minute Prepping Items

Charles Launches Scathing Attack On Food Industry

Hospitals Serve Overcooked GMO Slop To Patients

The Medicinal Uses Of Mint


How Can You Tell If You're Eating Real Chicken?

Oz Supermarket Digital Tracking What Customers Buy

WalMart $82m Fine For Dumping Hazardous Waste

Ancient Aliens...The Viking Gods - Vid

Skeleton Lake Of Roopkund, India - What Killed Them…

Who Decides How You Die? MT Assisted Suicide War

Saudi Arabia Reports 5 More MERS Cases (not good)

MERS-CoV Called 'Threat To Entire World' - Vid

Drug-Resistant Strains Of H7N9 Found

2 More Die Of H7N9 - Virus Develops Drug Resistance


Did Syria Sink An Israeli Submarine?

Obama Surprise Admissions In Terror Talk

Is Monsanto Protection Act Rage A Turning Point?

Senator Unsure If Bloggers Covered By 1st Amendment

Oz Worried About China Hacking Threat

Immigration Bill To 33m New People In 10 Yrs

Democrats Accept More Cuts In Food Stamp Program

Apple Hints At Wearable Devices

Think Fracking Bad? Gas Industry's 'Acid Jobs' Due

Human Robots, Nano Implants, Mind Control Gang Stalking - Vid


Overpopulation In America Pt 11 - Killings Bees

Russia, Greece, Turkey, Other Central Banks Buy Gold

World Bank Insider Whistles Corruption, The Fed

SCOTUS Rejects Ban Funding Planned Parenthood

The Third Myth Of College

Frosty - Plastic Onslaughts In An Ocean Of Grief

Why Wildfires Are Getting Fiercer, More Frequent - Vid

Yahoo's Tumblr, Google's Makani And Noah Cross's Future

The Charmed Life Of Liberace

Accelerating Disappearing Of Earth's Plants & Animals


CoQ10 Can Half Deaths From Heart Failure

Many Friends Getting Cancer Pt 1 - What You Can Do

Many Friends Getting Cancer Pt 2 - Natural Cures That Work

Mood-Altering Yogurt?

Six Habits Of Highly-Empathic People

Children Accidentally Ingesting Pot On Rise

Milliman Medical Index On Obamacare

Why Is Pesticide An Ingredient In Baby Formula?

Pet Obesity Rising In The US

Star Mystery Solved


Exploring The Universal Glue

1st Annual Walmart Car Show

Emergence Of H7N9 R292K Tamiflu Resistance

Crazy Dow Closes At Record 15,409

Sinclair - US Banking System Missed Collapse By A Hair Tues

2 US Embassy Officials Shot In VZ Capitol

Pentagon - The Chinese Stole Our Newest Weapons

US Weapons System Compromised By Chinese Hackers

Corbett - Meet John Kerry, Skull And Bones Amb - Vid

Monsanto And The Bio-Rape Of India


Stunning Info Revealed - Restarting San Onofre Now Off Table

Seaweed Shuts Down Nuclear Reactors

Googles Stunning New World Maps

GM American Activist ‘Groped By TSA Agent’

Gitmo Perfect Terrorist Recruiting Tool - UN

Ex-MI5 Head – Snitch On Your neighbors

Ten Attacks On Mosques Since Woolwich Murder

Gay Obama - Six Photos, You Decide

War Lust - Obama Asks Pentagon For Syria No-Fly Zone

Israel Warns Russia Against Arming Syria


Syria Mercs Ask McCain For US Strikes On Hezbollah

Russia - ‘Syrian National Council’ Unfit To Rule

Russia Calls S-300s ‘Stabilizing Factor’ In Syria

Russian S-300s Deployed At Snap Alert Drills

Russian Still Concerned About US Missile Plans

Israel Builds Military In Occupied Golan Heights

Israeli Bill Would Elevate Judaism Above Democracy

Comoros Sues Israel

Israel West Bank 'Settlements' Up To 1,977 Acres


Iranian Navy Warships To Dock At Russia’s Port

Pike - Pentecostalism's 'Health, Wealth & Miracles' Scam

Clear Daylight Photo Of UFO Saucer Over SoCal Barn

UFOs Captured On Video Over Vancouver This Week - Vid

Police Investigate 100s Of UFO Reports In Sussex

KS Senate Bill To Require Lawmakers To Take Drug Tests

Life If Journalist In Hunger Strike Endangered

Big Brother Propaganda At The British Library

DHS Markets Fear At The Indy 500 - Vid

McGrath - Memorial Day Weekend Fun - Vid


Supermarket Loyalty Cards Track Brit Food Habits

Food Banks Struggle To Feed Hungry

How Animosity & Wickedness Degenerate Its Future

Diet Soda Habit As Bad For Teeth As Meth Addiction

Why Not Use, Easy & Safe Mega-Dose Vit C For Cancer?

World Is Not Ready For A Mass Flu Pandemic

The Emperor's New Speech

Obama Targets Vets In War On Free Speech

Milliman Medical Index On Obamacare

The Future Of Internet Freedom Is At Stake


Tale Of Two Countries - One Survives, One Will Not

McGrath - Outrageous, Shocking...The Syrian Con - Vid

Israelis Poison Medication For Gaza Patients - Report

Peace Process Pretense

US Spy Device 'Tested On NZ Public'

Is It Ever Too Late To Wake Up?

How To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Hey, Monsanto, Did You Hear That?

Handheld GMO Detectors Coming Soon To Consumers

How Congressional Incompetence Is Ruining America


Ex-CIA Agent Speaks On The Jewish Question - Vid

Man Who Jailed 1000 Bankers Tells Us How

Political intel Firms Set Up Investor Meetings At WH

Demand For Physical Metal Is Simply Extraordinary - Vid

UFOs (Lanterns?) Over Downtown Los Angeles - Vid

How To Build Your Own AK-47? - Vid

Stolen Purse Found In Tornado Debris 4 Yrs Later

94% Of Brit Army Uniforms Are Made Abroad

Always Tomorrow - 1941 Portrait Of Coca Cola - Vid

1945 - Moroccan Troops Rape 4000 Italian Women


British Mom's Cancer Treatment Made Her Radioactive

The Uncharted Territory Of Remote Healing

Is Medical Pot Safe For Children And Adolescents

Getting To Know Our Microbial Roommates

The Robot Revolution Is for the Birds

One Month On Fake Mars

Lost Egyptian City Found - 1,200 Yrs Under Sea - Vid

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies - Edible Harmony

Teacher In Trouble For Advising Students On Constitutional Rights

Winter Is Back - White Memorial Day Weekend - Vid


H7N9 - One New Death, No New Cases In China

Afghan War Comes Home To Philadelphia

Memorial Day - From Civil War To Iraq

The Path Of The Warrior - Vid

WW2 Marine's Diary - Brief Look At A Brief Life

Kirwan - Who Will Live And Who Will Die?

Could Obama's War On Guns Become...WAR?

The Attempt To Destroy The Unique Individual

Controversy Over Suspicious Death Of 2 'Boston' FBI Agents

Obama At Annapolis


Congressional Resistance Against Presidential Despotism

Over Two Million March Against Monsanto In 52 Countries

10th Arrest In London Over Cleaver Murder - Vid

Cruise Ship Diverted To Bahamas Port After Fire - Vid

Chinese Hacking Spies Steal ASIO Blueprints

Mrs Banks Lobbyists Help Draft Financial Bills

The US Press And Repression In The Obama Era

Why The Whole Banking System Is A Scam - Vid

Amazon Staff In Germany On Strike


Views That US Govt Is Too Powerful Stay Constant

High Tech Industry Big Imigration Bill Winner

Unhappy Green Economy - People + Planet = Profit

Internet - Do We Need Representative Government?

Why Is Fluoride Poisoning Children Considered Good Policy?


Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Clinically Dead

UK Paper Claims Russia Cancels S-300 Sales To Syria

Hezbollah - Syria's The 'Linchpin Of Resistance'

Syria Fighting Rages - Reports Of Chem Attacks


Jordan Lets Israeli Drones Fly Over To Watch Syria

Syria War Mapped Using New Global Events Database

Kenya Warned Britain Of 'Dangerous Radical' In 2010

UK Stormtrooper Raids Grab 4 More Useful Idiots

'Greed Is Good' - Top 7 Most Piggish Commencement Talks

Brain Overload Explains Missing Childhood Memories

Accessories Of The Darkness In Devil's Playground

The Universe Might Not Make Sense

Alien Material On The Moon

Time To Retire The Phrase 'Crack Baby'


Menendez - Immigration Lacks Votes To Pass Senate

No Economic Recovery Coming...Prepare Accordingly - Vid

Visa, M/C Ask Federal Ct To Legalize Transaction Fees

100% Chance Of Market Crash Coming In Near Future - Vid

Warning A 25-50% Downward Move Is Almost Certain - Vid

Journalist Exposes Mass Fraud At Generic Lipitor Maker

Delinquent US Student Loans Hit Record - $100b Past Due

29 Facts Prove US College Education A Giant Scam

McGrath - Waking Up...GMO Protests & Solutions Pt 1 - Vid

No World Power Can Harm Iran Says IRGC Cmdr


War Is Hell And Dont Forget It

US - 3 NYU Scientists Took Bribes To Reveal Work To China

Seattle Cops Deploy Crime Prediction Software City-Wide

50% Of America In Poverty...Creeping Toward 75%

40 Stats On The Fall Of The US Economy

How Corporations Subvert Tries To Rein In Their Power

Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories

Collateral Damages Weighed For Corps, Not Individuals

Celebration For Palestinian Traitors For Israel

VZ Reports At Least 3 Dead From Swine Flu


Judge Gets 28 Years For Selling Children

We're There, Folks

Things To Consider Before Bugging Out

Helping Clean Up In Devastated Moore, Oklahoma - Photos

James Cameron In Deepest Solo Ocean Dive Ever

Your Baby Shouldnt Read

Breeding Nutrition Right Out Of Food

A Walk On The Wild Side - Pokeweed

Soil pH balance - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Texas Skyscreamer...Six Flags Over Texas - Vid


JoeTalk - Russia, China And Cyber War - Vid

Why Dogs Live Less Than Humans...Answer Of A 6-Yr Old

How Our Brain Tracks Physical World Around Us

Saudi Arabia Records 18th MERS Fatality

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Liar, Globalist Traitor

Celente - $17 Trillion & The Two Worlds Of Gold & Silver - Vid

Keiser - Drowning In The Central Banking Abyss - Vid

Wall Street Is Writing Its Own Regulation Bill

Our System Is So Flawed Fraud Is Guaranteed - Vid

Free Adam Kokesh Page Made 6 Days Before Arrest - Vid


Duff - ‘Obama Surprise Admissions In Terror Talk’

Obama Expands Militarization Of Police

Holder Approved Warrant To Search Fox Reporter's Emails

Obama Drone Oversight Proposal Prompts Concern

The Entire World Is A Pentagon Battlefield

The Fiat End Game - Preparing A Way Forward - Vid

17 Major US Bridges Should Be Fixed Immediately

Solar Outbursts Could Destroy Civilization - Vid

'Sounds' Of A Supersonic CME Striking Earth - Vid


EMPs - 'Earth Will Have 15 Minutes To Save Electronics' - Vid

Ward - Two FBI Agents Murdered Over Danny’s $235,000?

Pilger - The Zionist Depleted Uranium Genocide Of Iraq

Mourn The Millions The US Slaughtered...THEN US Soldiers

Hezbollah Leader Vows To Stand With Assad In Syria

Israeli AF Chief - Multi-Front War May Be imminent

Iran Fields 'Massive' Number Of Missile Launchers

Zionists Plot To Break Up Sudan

More Cars Torched In Sweden Ethnic Rioting

Bank Of Cyprus Says Troika Misleading EU Ministers


Venezuela Supreme Court Rejects Vote Fraud Lawsuit

I Live In Sodom And You Live In Gomorrah

A Logical Question With No Answer

Oz Teen Paid Thousands To Hack Tech Giants

John Hinckley Jr And The Trilateral Commission

Memorial Day Memory - Love From The Pacific Theater

Body Armor For Home Defense

Dancing With The Retards, Fry Cooks & Sewer Felchers

Vintage Apple Computer Auctioned For $668,000

California Faces New Quandary, Too Much Money


Researcher Teleports With A Kitten

12 Yr Old Food Grower Gives 2 Tons To Homeless

Formula One Car Parts 3D-Printed

It's Time We Knew The Real Gay Marriage Story

Bishop Williamson On The Evil Of World Zionism - Vid

Aide In Benghazi Talking Points Scrub Promoted By Obama

Massive MO Train Collission Takes Down Highway Overpass

1000s Of US Bridges Vulnerable To Collapse

Jan Smith's Morgellons - CDC Says It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'

The US Is, In Fact, An Orwellian Tyranny


Paul Craig Roberts - Why Disinformation Works

Japan Radiation Widely Contaminates Pacific Marine Life

Fukushima Radiation Spreads Worldwide

San Onofre - Beginning Of End Of US Nuclear Industry?

Great Haste Made Great Waste At Hanford

New Fracking Rules Leave Drought-Ridden States High, Dry

Soon - Handheld Devices To Detect GMO And Toxic Foods

800 Scientists Demand Global GMO "Experiment" End

Activists Stage Bee Die-In At Monsanto Lobby HQ

Monsanto - Profits Above Human Health


Monsanto Produces AGENT ORANGE

Raw Milk Acquittal - A Victory For Freedom

Obama Forgets To Salute Boarding Marine One

Lebanon's Victory Day Of National Resistance

H7N9 Could Combine With Swine Flu To Form Novel Virus

2 FBI Agents In Dzhokar Arrest 'FALL' From Helicopter, Die

IRS Ignorance, Corzine Corruption, & 'War On The Poor'

Bankers Write Their Own Regulations

Workers At Dizzying Heights On WTC Pinnacle - Photos

Myriad Genetics CEO Claims He Owns Your Genes


Chemtrails - Staying The Deadly Course In Santa Cruz - Vid

Why China's Filmmakers Love To Hate Japan

Dogs And Babies Sleeping Are What World Needs Now

How To Ripen An Avocado In One Day - Vid

Amazing Volcanic Lightning In Iceland - Vid

Latest Comet Was Two Comets - Vid

Shimatsu - The Hanford Site...West Coast Radiation Crisis - Part 3

Obama Intends To Collapse US Economy – Ann Barnhardt

Sisa - Economic Collapse Drug Of Choice

US Is The Biggest Money Launderer In Existence


There Will Be No Economic Recovery - Prepare Yourself

Cities Will Collapse Even Sooner Than We Fear

Sheriffs Creating Army To Set Our Nation Free

Why I Spoke Out At Obama's Foreign Policy Speech

Media Responses To Obama's Speech

Obama - No Large Terror Attacks On US Since 9/11

Obama - Defending The Indefensible

The Five Most Horrifying Things About Monsanto

Monsanto Protection Act Signed By Obama

Immigration Bill - Not Enough Votes To Pass Senate


'Why I Say No To Amnesty'

Google To Build Wireless Networks Across Africa

Bitcoin: Fad, Fraud Or Future?

Lebanonizing Syria

The Japan Implosion Is Progressing

For U.S. Companies, Money ‘Offshore’ Means Manhattan

Baby Sammy - The 'Legal' Kidnapping Of Our Children - Vid

MI5 ‘Tried To Recruit’ Woolwich Murder Suspect

Hershberger Judge Orders Jury NOT To Use Conscience

Occupy Activist Jerry Koch Jailed For Silence


Details Of Mystery UFO Filmed Over Ipswich Revealed - Vid

Fake CA UFO Photo Fools Ohio TV News - Vid

Evidence Of Existence Of 'Multiverse' Revealed For First Time

UK In Syria As Reprehensible As Woolwich Attack

Three More Arrested In Woolwich Murder - Vid

Woolwich Murder Suspect Is Probation Officers Son

Confirmed - Canada 2011 Polls Were Frauds

Entire Western Half Of The US Rapidly Drying Up

Red Alert - AstroZen

The Second Myth Of College


Not Exactly A Walk In The Park

Alzheimers 'Wonder Drug' May Be Totally Ineffective

HFCS Is Causing Addiction Similar To Cocaine

'Quantum Microscope' Peers Into Hydrogen Atom

After Months In Space, Gravity A Drag For Astronauts

The Mystery Of Gobekli Tepe And Its Message To Us

How Laughter Makes Life Better

Why Flowers Close Up at Night | Nyctinasty

South Pacific Kava Plant Can Treat Anxiety

Mercury Taints Chinese Pharmacys Remedies


Saudis To Send Animal Samples To US In MERS Probe

Seeds Of Death...Unveiling The Lies Of GMOs - Full Movie

Senate Kills GMO Labeling On Eave Of Monsanto Marches

Global Protest In 300 Cities Will Take Aim On Monsanto

Elementary School Indoctrination In Common Texts - Vid

'Northern CA Earthquake Shook Our House' - 20 Aftershocks

Ward - Covert Operations Desperately Hides 'Proven 9 11 Nukes'

Ward - The US Wouldn't Nuke Its Own People? - Wake Up & Glow

Kirwan - Reducing This Society To Rubble

Open Carry March On DC Is A TRAP


Kirwan - The Darkest Secret

DOJ Wanted To Read Rosen's Emails For Life

Holder Approves The Spying

Could AG Eric Holder Have A Perjury Problem?

Tax System Is Voluntary - Vid

Can Research Predict Coming Events In America?

Boston Bombing - What You Weren't Told - Vid

Student Experiment - Plants Won't Grow Near Wi-Fi Router

Israeli Bankers & the Middle East Blueprint

Cities Will Collapse Even Sooner Than We Fear


Man Who Paid His Mortgage Early Facing Foreclosure

The Future Of Online Reputation Management

EU Bans Bee Pesticides

8 New Things We've Learned About Thunder & Lightning

Brighten Up, The Super Moon Is Coming

Obama - The Great Pretender - Vid

The Benefits Of Juicing Vegetables And Herbs

Nukes Used In The WTC Vaporization

NY Times (1945) Explains 9/11 Nuke Vaporization Of Steel Towers!

What Did Obama Know And When?


Could Barack Obama Really Go Bulworth?

Obama Tell Heckler 'Why Don't You Sit Down'

Obama Meets In Oval Office With Illegal Aliens

Obama - Killing People Saves Lives

Chomsky - ICC Should Try Obama For 'War On Terror'

Senate Shoots Down Pro GMO Labeling Bill

NDAA Debate - US Programming The War Machine

Russia's Top Brass Blast US 'Security' Policies

The Individual vs The Collective In The Matrix

IRS Scandal All Just Political Theater


Obama Energy Chief - Climate Change ‘Not Debatable’

Armed Domestic Drone Strikes Will Soon Be Reality

Truck Hit Caused WA Bridge Collapse - Vid

Shocking Video Of Oklahoma Tornado...One Block Away - Vid

Baffled German Govt Says 'Global Warming Has Stopped'

Climate - Extreme Rates Of Warming 'Not As Likely'

No Mention Of 'Liberty' Allowed During Raw Milk Trial

Activists Tasered, Arrested Protesting Holder & Bank Fraud

NJ Woman Tells It Straight In 2nd Amendment Hearing - Vid

NWO Bill Maher 'Hates Guns' But 'I Ain't Givin' Up Mine' - Vid


Eton Exam Asks Boys To Justify Army Killing Protesters

DA Won't Prosecute Man For 2 Extra Bullets In Gun

US Government...Walk Slow

Keiser Report - Narcissists Rally - Vid

Orthodox Patriarchate Of Jerusalem Sells The City

Israel Ready For ‘Surprise War’ With Syria If Assad Falls

Syria Army Routing Rebels At Will

Counting US Drone Strikes In Pakistan, Yemen

Big Earthquakes Create Global-Scale GPS Errors

Plate Fracture In CA, OR? - Insiders Leaving Big Cities?


8.2 Quake Offshore Russia

Tremors Felt In Moscow As 8.2 Quake Hits Sakhalin Region

4.9 Quake Offshore From The Destroyed Fukushima Plant

7.4 Quake Hits South of Fiji Islands

5.7 Quake In NE CA, Felt In 3 States

4.7 Shaker Hits Indonesia

Reports Of UFOs Flood In

Alabama - Silent UFO Shining Light Beam To Ground

UFO Photographed Over Euless, Texas

It's Not a UFO - It's A Solar-Powered Plane


Put Portable Outlet On Window To Start Using Solar Power

50+% Of Americans Have Never Been Out Of Country

How To Neutralize Radiation And Chemtrails - Vid

French Vid Game Urges Players To 'Kill' Indian Billionaire

Archaeologists Find Nearly 5,000 Cave Paintings Mexico

Brussels Gravy Train Like 'Last Days Of Rome'

Outrage Forces EU To Reverse Olive Oil Ban

Russians Name Brezhnev Best 20th C Leader, Gorby Worst

Black Pentagram Bikini Makes Satanic Tan Lines

Is This The First 3D Printed Bullet?


New MERS Case Reported - Mysteries Persist

H7 G228S Raises H7N9 Pandemic Concerns NOT

Main US Weather Satellite Fails

China Space Program Ramping Up Capabilities

The Biggest Criminal Enterprise In History

WHO Complains Of Slow Mideast MERS Releases

H7N9 Bird Flu Found To Transmit Through Air (gosh)

H7N9 Can Spread In Mammals (gee)

Truck Hit Caused WA Skagit River Bridge Collapse - Vid

Waters Confirms Obama Has Big Brother Database On ALL Of Us


Jay Leno Unloads On Obama In 'Tonight' Monologue - Vid

What If Obama Signs The UN Arms Trade Treaty?

Stewart Rips Obama For Going After Whistleblowers - Vid

Lois Lerner Refuses To Quit, Put On Administrative Leave

Br. Nathanael - The Real IRS Scandal - Vid

Boy Scouts To Allow Gay Youths To Join

You Should Have Seen What Hillary Tried To Do To Us

How To Escape A Car Underwater - Vid

Fifth Night Of Rioting Rocks Stockholm

Islamist Bombers Kill 20 At Niger Uranium Plant


S Korea Says N Korea Fires Sixth Rocket In Sea

China Spends $125b A Year On Riot Gear And 'Stability'

Fracking Industry Using Military Psych Warfare

12 Yr Old Girl Suicides - Note Says Cyberbullying

Sinkhole Eats Vancouver BC Street - Vid

Harry Cooper - Compelling Evidence Hitler Escaped 1/2 - Vid

The Box Factory - Vid

Elvis - If I Can Dream - Vid

Inspiring Images Of Space - Photos

80 Yr Old Conquers Mt Everest - Vid


So Where Are We?

Porn Harms Children For Life

Company Rolls Out Rifle That Can Track Targets

Fluoridation Slowly Being Defeated

The Mystique Of Nicola Tesla

Mindscapes - First Interview With A Dead Man

Four Alternative Cancer Therapies

Sub-Human Poachers Killing Off Elephants

'I Was Hit By Lightning Yesterday, Boy Am I Sore'

Cheetah Bot Runs Into Post-Apocalyptic Nightmares


Submerged Structure Stumps Israeli Archaeologists

Govt Lab Reveals A Quantum Internet For 2 Yrs

TV Ad - Hold Obama Accountable For Benghazi - Vid

UK Police Arrest Man, Woman Linked To Woolwich Attack

CBS News Pres & WH Benghazi Writer Are Blood Bros

Assange - Eavesdropping Suggests He's Being Framed

Kirwan - Boomerang

Syria To Hit Tel Aviv If Israeli Strikes Again

Mercs In Syria Get 35 Ton Saudi Arms Cargo

Mission Creep Toward Full-Scale War On Syria


CIA Chief Makes Unannounced Israel Visit

Henderson, Barrett - The Israeli Lobby In America - Vid

Israel Attacks Church Of Scotland

US Jewish Woman Pushes Multiculturalism In Europe - Vid

Israeli Pillar Of Cloud War Crimes

Gilad Atzmon In NY, Sunday, May 26 At Smalls Jazz Club

The First Myth of College

Harris - Too Big To Fail Banks Security Threat To US - Vid

Bernanke Sparks Massive Sell-Off

US Bubble Economy To Become A Black Hole


America Gone - 18 Yr Old Rapper Faces 20 YEARS For Lyrics

Learn GMOs And Do NOT Eat Products Containing Them

Israel Ready To Launch War On Syria - Israeli Cmdr

Russian Med Returns – An Unintended Consequence

Iraq Today - America's Imperial Legacy

Wrecked Fukushima Daiichi Plant Struggles To Keep Staff

TEPCO's New Meltdown In Tokyo

Biggest GOP Foodstamp Foe Gets Huge Farm Subsidies

50 Things To Disappear During An Emergency

The $60m Dollar Decision - No China Blood Money


Boron Deficiency Symptoms

The Boron Conspiracy

'Major Security Threat' Goods Seized At Two NY Malls

Ministers Ordered Bugging King Edward VIII Phones

Streetlamp Interference - A Modern Paranormal Mystery

Amazing Video Of Garlic Preventing Chemically-Induced Cancer - Vid

Scientists Show The Connection Between Stress And Cancer

Shimatsu - The Hanford Site...West Coast Radiation Crisis - Part 3

2 Viruses Revealed In Mystery Alabama Flu Deaths

SARS-Like MERS In Middle East


H7 G228S Raises H7N9 Pandemic Concerns

Most H7N9 Cases Required Intensive Care

Swine Virus Confirmed In Iowa, Indiana Hogs

NBC News - Buy Extra Food Due To Asteroid QE2

China Destroys 3 US Shipments Of GMO Corn

Cuomo To NY Sheriffs - Shut Up About Gun Law Or Else

Lerner Claims Innocence, Invokes The Fifth

Did Lerner Waive Fifth Amendment Right? - Vid

IRS Refuses To Give Com With WH On Targeting

Hidden Agendas And The Plan For World Government


You'll Never Guess Who Started The Holocaust Story!

The Chemical Castration Of Our Children's Brains

Military Suffers Wave Of 'Gay Sex' Assaults

Bernanke Injected Foreign Banks With $1 Trillion

Are Student Loans Next Subprime Disaster?

We All Know How This Will EndBadly

House Passes Bill To Speed Keystone XL Pipeline

Umbrellas And drones

Secret Bill Blocks 'Some' Sandy Hook Documents Release

Secret Arrests By Wisconsin Cops


Stunning Images Of Tornados Being Born - Photos

Honolulu 'Sustainable Infrastructure Program' = A 21

Frosty - So Many Of My Friends Coming Down With Cancer

Adobe No Longer Selling Software Discs - SUBSCRIPTION ONLY

An Implication From The Penn State Scandal The MSM Missed

Planet Earth - A Different Perspective

Wilcox - Find A Way To Peace

Cell 'Towers' NOT What We Were Lead To Believe

CA Teen's Invention Charges Cell Phone In 20 Sec

Spain Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer - Vid


New EU Law Could Ban Our Seeds

The Wonderful World Of Mints  Part II

High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked To Bee Death

See Inside A Chrysalis As Butterfly Develops - Vid

What Is Energy Medicine?

Monumental Actions To Avert World Enviro Crisis

Fukushima Cs-134/137 Going Deeper Under The Pacific

Urgent - MERS Outbreak In AL??? 2 Dead In Cluster At Ft Rucker

H7N9 In China Appears 'Under Control' Now

FBI Kills 'Friend Of Tamerlan' In His Orlando Apt


Guess Who Started The Holocaust Story!

Obama's War On Free Expression

Brit Soldier Hacked To Death On London St - Vid

Reporters Who Found Cell Phone Security Flaw, Threatened

Mystery UFO Filmed Over Ipswich - Vid

UFO Over Santee, CA - Vid

CBS News Star Hacked - The Big Chill

The Ugly Truth Of Class War

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos!


Revenue Budget Projections

Govt Theft Of Retirement Accounts Has Begun

Morris - Ruling Us Is Like Stealing From A Baby - Vid

Secret Lobbying To Ban GMO Labeling AT State Level

Veterans And The PA Criminal Justice System

Israel Heads Closer To War On Syria

Senate Panel OKs Weapons For Mercs In Syria

Syria Asks UN To End Israeli Violations

Saving Private Alfi

Before Zionism, Most Christians & Jews Were Pro-Palestinian


Battle For Qusayr, Sectarianism, Zionists, Zombies - Vid

Zio Germany Backs Terror Label For Hezbollah

Letter From Palestinians In the Diaspora

Iran - Rafsanjani Blocked From Running For President

‘Don’t Interact, They Are Not Humans’ - Gitmo guard's Orders

11 Yr Gitmo Prisoner, Cleared For Release, Still Held

Pentagram Wants $450 Million For Gitmo Upgrade

US Bubble Economy To Be An Economic Black Hole

Antiwar.com Sues FBI After Secret Surveillance

India To Arm Afghans Against Pakistan?


China PM Vows Stronger Partnership With Pakistan

India Test-Fires BrahMos Missile From Ship

New Spanish Submarine 'Can't Resurface'

Riots Engulf Stockholm Suburbs

Pussy Riot Band Member Starting Hunger Strike

NASA 3D 'Food' Printer To Create Dishes From Insects, Algae

The Bride With 25,000 Guests

Strange - No New H7N9 Cases In Over A Week

H7N9 Flu Has Cost $6.5 Billion To Date

Senate Panel Passes Immigration Bill


Portland, OR Rejects Water Fluoridation

Horror Tornado Upgraded To Highest Rating Of EF5 - Vid

UFO Fleet Seen From Edmond, OK After Tornado Disaster - Vid

OKC Funeral Homes Offer Free Services To Victims

Jeff & Jay Weidner - The Satanic Sexualization Of Children - Vid

Syrian PM Says Victoy Nearing

Syrias Failure To Lose

Obama Death Drones Mostly Kill Civilians

Top IRS Official Takes The Fifth - What It Means

Ron Paul - The IRSs Job Is To Violate Our Liberties


Fukushima Cs-134/137 Going Deeper Under The Pacific

M6 Quake Caused New Leak At Fukushima Daiichi

Plutonium In Fukushima Plant Significantly Increasing

Boston Blueprint For Martial Law - Vid

iRobot Military Bots To Patrol 2014 World Cup

Pentagon Facing Another Sex Scandal

The Big One - Preparing For Mid-America Quake

5 Overlooked Lessons From The AP Controversy

Fabian Society - Pay For Permission To Use The Earth

DHS To Install IFR Sensors Along Entire Border Of The US


Witnesses Saw People 'Vaporized' On 9/11

Transmitting 'Minaret' Atop New WTC Tower?

3D Printed Food? - Vid

The Occult Meanings Of Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'

Richard Russell - I Haven't Seen This In 60 Yrs Of Writing

The FED - Celebrating 100 Years Of Stealing From You Every Day

Apple's Massive Cash Hoard

Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

Are Japanese Bonds Signaling Trouble?

Farage - Germans Keen To Keep UK In EU...Not Brits - Vid


There Is Now A 100% Chance Of A Market Collapse

CT Senate Approves GMO Labeling Bill

Stem Cell Powder Regrows Finger - Vid

Remove Aspartame And Splenda From Food Products

Study Finds Vitamin C Kills Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis - Vid

You're Now 'Crazy' - New Psych Guidelines Include Many 'Illnesses'

Daring To Approach The Infinite

Elderly Woman Dies In Court - Cops Withheld Her Meds

Raw Vegan Lasagna - Recipe And Photo

Hotel Bans Kids With Down Syndrome


Wilde - The Split Man

Mystery Of Moon's Magnetic Field Deepens

Vortex To Another Dimension Reported In Brighton

Researchers Find High Cesium Radiation In Pacific Plankton

Researchers Find High Cesium Radiation In Pacific Plankton

Tornado Survivors Tell Harrowing Stories - Vid

Keiser - Down Is New Up, Up Is New Down - Vid

Accused Ft Hood Shooter Paid $278k Awaiting Trial

Pike - Does God Forbid A Palestinian State?

Ousting Monsanto & Ushering In An 'Earth Democracy' - Vid


Tornado Survivor Finds Her Dog Alive In Rubble - Vid

The Awesome Scale Of The Oklahoma Tornado

Tornado Followed Path Of Deadly 1999 Storm

Kirwan - History Determined The Endgame We Created

7 Signs We Are Heading For A Mass Extinction

Russia Adds 2 More Warships To Med Task Force

Syrian Army Destroys Israeli Military Vehicle In Golan Hts

Israel, Syria Third Cross-Border Shooting In Week

Israel Expands Western Wall

Sayanim Hague Threat To Arm 'Rebels' Unless Assad Deals


US, Turkey, Israel Made Strategic Blunders In Syria

Iraqi Sectarian Attacks Kill At Least 86

85,000 Vets Seek VA Help For Sex Abuse In Military

Authorities Never Have 'Issues With Authority'

Clients Denied Gold At Major Banks...Shortage Grows

Apple’s Web Of Tax Shelters Saved It Billions

Supreme Court Colludes with Monsanto

Reinventing Guatemalan History

US Gold Exports Near 130 Metric Tons In Jan-Feb 2013

Silver Halted 4 Times In 4 Minutes Overnight!


Central Banks Looking At Bitcoin As Real Threat

Bitcoin – The Tyranny Test

Saudi King Gold Plated, Ultra-Luxurious Metro Station

Senate Panel OKs Even More Stringent Biometric Measures

Gross Incompetence Over Stockpiled Tamiflu

MRSA Now Found At Sewage Plants

Pesticide Food Less Regulated Than Vitamins, Minerals

Cost Drops For Manufacturing 3D-Printed Weapons

UK Cops Put Journalists In Same Bracket As Criminals

African Coin Discovery Could Rewrite Oz History


Video Of Pope Francis Reportedly Doing An Exorcism

Could Simplicity Be The Key To A Peaceful Life?

Schmoo Nation & Their Disneyland Jesus Christ

Wright Brothers Beaten By 2 Yrs By German Pilot

Biggest Tornado Ever? Kills At Least 91, Razes 30 Sq Mi - Vid

Photos And Videos Of Astonishing Destruction - Vid

Earlier Oklahoma Killer Tornados... May 3,1999

Centralization And Sociopathology

Half Of America Wants Obama Impeached

Obama Won Re-Election Through Illicit Means


It's No Conspiracy Theory...It's Happening Right Now

The Other IRS Scandal - Outright War On Pot Dispensaries

Screwing Our Troops - What Else Is New?

Monsanto Planting New GM Soybeans In 20 Locations

Syria Seizes Israeli Army Vehicle Used By Mercs

Paul Craig Roberts - No Bear Market In Gold

Ron Paul On Gold - No One Knows Value...Im Buying

US Takes $300b In New Debt After Hitting $16.7 Trillion

Japan Financial Crisis Is 30x Bigger Than Greece

Being Detained By DHS Because Of Constitution - Vid


DHS Training Local Cops To Enforce Martial Law

Amnesty Would Legalize 45% Of ICE Criminal Caseload

7 Things About The MSM They Don't Want You To Know

Read The GaGa Lyrics, Think, Look At The Video Images - Vid

Jesse Marcel Jr On Roswell And More - Vid

Details Of Roswell Crash Photo Evidence Leaked To The Public

Meet Ellie...Your Creepy Shrink Bot - Vid

High Plains Aquifer Dwindles, Hurting Farmers

Hedges - Rise Up Or Die

Mother Questions Vax Has Newborn Taken Away


A Vaccine Horror Story

New Asteroid Discovered - 2013 KB - Vid

FL Teen Felony Charges Over Underage Gay Relationship

The Reality Of Chemical Terrorism In Our Food

How To Help The Hawkbill Sea Turtle

Radioactive Leak Found At Palisades Nuke Plant

Up To 30 Children May Have Died In OK Tornado Hell - Photos

Rescue Images From Shattered, Moore, OK - Vid & Photos

Seven Children Dead In OK Elementary School, 20-30 Missing - Vid

2 Mi Wide Tornado Hits OKC Suburb - 'Unbelievable' Destruction - Vid


Oklahoma Sucker-Punched By 2nd Round Of Twisters - Vid

Massive Tornado Rips Across Moore, OK - Vid

Fatal MERS-CoV Confirmed In Tunisia ex-KSA/Qatar

Dr Niman's MERS-CoV Map Of Confirmed Cases To Date

A Pack Of Questions About The Boston Bombing

Twitter's Role In The Boston Bombings

AP Boss Condemns Unconstitutional' Phone Seizures

The Large Families That Rule The World

The US Government's $5,100 Anthrax Pill

All Semi-Auto Pistols Sold In CA Must Have 'Micro' ID


Fight For N Dakota Fracking-Water Market

US Drone Pilot Quits Over Killing Civilians, Children

Corbett - G20 Policing, Chinese Internet, Troubled Waters - Vid

Kirwan - Endgame In Virtual Reality

Silver Drops 10%...No One Cares

Media Once Bitten, Forever Scorned

Nancy Pelosi’s Greatest Hits

Labor Union Chief - Immigration Bill 'Dangerous'

Russian Med Fleet Returns - An Unintended Consequence

Hezbollah Fighting Anti-Assad Mercenaries


Hezbollah To Help Syria More, Israel Threatens New Hits

Video Shows Syria Mercs Whipping Men

Merc Killers From 29 Countries Now In Syria - Assad

Calling Syria A Civil War Is A Vast Deception - Vid

Netanyahu Vows More Stops Of 'Weapons To Hezbollah'

Atzmon On Synagogues And Rationality - Vid

Atzmon - Arch AZZ Surrendered

When ? Equals 3 - The Battle For A Zionist Chief Rabbi

Israel Is World's Biggest Drone Exporter

US Robots, Drones To Blanket 2014 Brazil World Cup


Israeli Inquiry Claims Palestinian's Death Video 'Staged'

Israel Bars Selected Tourists From West Bank

Remembering Deir Yassin Massacre - Vid

Muslim Delegation To Poland To Cry Holocaust

Iran Opens Full Production Of New Air Defense System

3 Day Portland OR Disaster Drill Preps For BioAttack

Miami Suicide Led To Heartbreak Hotel...& Rock 'n Roll

Hero Cop Accused Of Raping Women - $60m Bail Set

Discredited Warming Idiots Refuse To Go Away

Tar Sands Development Would Mean Game Over For Climate


Climate Meltdown Unlikely But Human Disaster Looms

Pharmacies Give Poor Advice On Drugs - Patients At Risk

Multiverse? Is Our Universe Merely One Of Billions?

French 'Spiderman' Scales Highest Outdoor Elevator

Tornadoes Rip Through Five States - Vid

Deadly Tornadoes Tear Across Central OK - Vid

Jeff & Noel Tyl - Magnificent Mario Lanza - Vid

UN Chief In Russia As Syria Crisis Deepens

North Korea May Have 200 Missile Launchers

The 'Global War On Terror' Is Now Officially Permanent


China Tests New Anti-Satellite Missile

Israeli Police Officer Rapes Two Palestinian Boys

Belgium - 2 Reactors With Cracks Are OK To Restart!

CODEX Food Safety? Hidden World Of Radioactive Food

Rice Planted In Former No-Go Zone Near Fuksushima Daiichi

Nuclear Coverup At Fukushima...To Save Money

Training Local Police To Enforce Martial Law

Where Obama Was During Benghazi Attacks - Vid

The Benghazi Attack...What Really Happened - Vid

Guantanamo Force-Feeding Constitutes Torture


An Ignorance & Denial Too Vast To Measure

Gold In 2013 - Too Many Mysteries Remain

How 47% Of Congress Became Millionaires - Vid

Adam Kokesh Is Now A Political Prisoner

America: A Modern-Day Sparta

The Outlook Ain't Pretty - But Looking Up Is Great

Pike - NPN Alerts Police To Jewish Pedophilia

Getting The Platform Influx?

Spontaneous Pledge Of Allegiance At Gun Hearing - Vid

30 Titles From Fox & The Onion -- Guess Which Are Which


Mysterious Poop Foam Causes Explosions On Hog Farms

Bee Alert! A Cause To Celebrate And Capitalize

Clergy To Bless Utica Planned Parenthood At Re-Opening

FL DOT Changed Yellow Light Standards...More Tickets

Of Rocks And Snakes

Fever Reducers Don't Shorten Kids Recovery Times

Climate Change...Human Disaster Looms - Research

58% Of Public Pools Are Contaminated With Feces

Google's Plan To Take Over The World

Alert - Obama Administration To Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty


Obama's Endgame

When Will Obama Say - 'I Am Not A Crook'?

Peak Crackers - Victory Day Imperialist Pig Roast! - Vid

Piers Morgan Admits US Govt 'Bordering' On Tyrannical - Vid

Unfreedom Tower Cast Dark Shadow On Gulag America

Planted Question Gambit Backfires On IRS Officials

DARPA Axes $200m - Fractionated Satellite' Project

Jeff & Noel Tyl - Magnificent Mario Lanza - Vid (speakers up!)

Security Guard Assaults Citizen Taking Pictures - Vid

Israel's Deficit Cure - New Taxes On Occupied Palestinians


Israel Sells $400m Of Drones Annually

Israel - We Are More Anti-Semites!

George Galloway Rips UK Terrorism In Syria

US 'Unaware' Of Russian Missile Shipments To Syria

Rebel Groups Clash In Syria

Iran Executes Spies Working For CIA, Mossad

Iran Unveils 10-Kilowatt Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Our Wars Are To Stop Closed Communities - Vid

Latin America Issues Drugs Challenge To West

App Allows Votes vs Monsanto For GMO labeling


The Great Escape

Disconnect - Soaring Markets, Troubled Economies

Globalist Tax Avoidance, Global Tax Solution

Italians Protest Austerity In Force

5th Grade Girl Threatens To Kill Classmates - Stays In Class

Angels At Work? Miracle Non-Collision On CCTV Cam - Vid

Photoshop Awesome - Amazing Images

Honeybees Trained In Croatia To Find Land Mines

Native Americans Quit Talks On Keystone XL Pipeline

Cardinal Keith O'Brien Still A Danger Say Abuse Accusers


4th Coronation St Star Accused Of Being A Pedo

Anything But The Truth - Vid

Cancer Drug Linked To Flesh-Eating Disease

Five Easy Ways To Be More Active At Work

Is Your Multivitamin Synthetic?

A Plant That Teaches

Assad - Peace Will Fail Because West Wants War

Bashar al-Assad - 'I'm Here To Stay' - Vid

Russia Sends At Least 12 Warships To Syria

North Korea Fires Missiles Into Sea


McGrath - Most Astoundingly Disturbing Hearing Ever - Vid

Tsarnaev Attorneys Seek Permission To Photograph Him

Radioactive Leak Found At Palisades Nuke Plant

Big Campaign To Hide Severity Of Fukushima Radioactivity

Japan To Open $30b Nuclear Reprocessing Plant

House Judiciary Step Closer To Restricting Drone Use

Is Obama The New Nixon?

The Health Toll Of Immigration

Ilegals Non-Deportation Rate Now 99.2 Percent

AZ Limits On Illegals Drivers Licenses Upheld


GOP Has Moved Beyond Obstruction To Treason

What Angelina Jolie Forgot To Mention

Oregon Laws Would Make Environmental Protest 'Terrorism'

NASA Scientists Discusses UFOs During Lecture - Vid

Bigelow Aerospace Director On UFO Queries - Vid

Is That A Lizard On Mars  Why Is NASA Silent?

Is This A Mars Lizard? - Vid

Congress To Fight Over Deep Food Stamp Cuts

KBR To Army - $500 Million & 13 Years To Close Iraq Contract

One Terrorist, A Million Psychopaths, Eight Million Sociopaths


Rangel - Citizens United Was Invitation For Abuse Of Tax Code

Deek Jackson - The New History Of Humanity - Vid

Opting Out And Paying The Price Of Being Awake

FEMA Plans To Destroy 85,000 Berkeley, Oakland Trees

Anti-Marijuana NY Assemblyman Busted For Pot Possession

Oz To Ban Anti-Vax Kids From School

China Rainstorms Death Toll Reaches 55

Sixteen Tornados Rip Through Texas

US Weakens Fracking Rules (more environmental suicide)

Seagulls Are Literally Pecking Whales To Death


Biggest Meteorite Explosion Rocks The Moon

'QE2' Asteroid To Pass 3.6m Miles From Earth

The Incredible Healing Effect Of Mother's Touch

Health Crisis - Wifi, RF Toxification Of US

A Nation Of Porkers Eating Ourselves To An Early Grave

Hidden Opiates In Our Food Explain Food Addictions?

New US Manual For Mental Disorders Published

6 Minutes Of WONDER...The Known Universe - Vid

Br. Nathanael - Jewry's Push For Homosexual Unions

Br. Nathanael - Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Vid


Outrageous Dose Of 65 Microsieverts/hr In Fukushima City

WHO - MERS Control Requires Urgent Investiagitons

H7N9 More Likely To Transmit H2H Than Other Bird Flu

Prosecutors Need 'More Time' To Indict Tsarnaev (hmm...)

Obama Suspends Constitution For 'Endless', Fake WOT

King Accuses Obama Of Illegally Waging Endless War - Vid

The 2013 Terrorism & Political Violence Map

General Blasts Obama For Treating Marine Like 'Butler'

Russia Reveals Identity Of CIA Moscow Chief

Obama Media Shield Law Makes Prosecuting Journos Easier


Beleaguered Obama A Lame Duck Already?

Preston James - The Chumps 'R Us Club

Celente On Fire - 'Leading Into Disaster' - Vid

US Military Claims Right To Quell 'Civil Disturbances'

VT May Be First State To Force GMO Labeling

Farmer Owes $80K In Losing Monsanto Patent Case

Merkley To Push Repeal Of ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

Kenya Bans GMOs - Vid

Remarkable UFO Revelations Hurt By Clear Disinformation

IRS Official During Tea Party Now In Health Care


Majority Of CO Sheriffs Join Suit vs Gun Control

Coldwell Declares Anti-Gun Laws Null & Void - Vid

Brave IDF Commando Filmed Crapping On Friend’s Head

Video Shows Israeli Special Forces In Syria

Zio US Anger At Russia Sale Of Missiles To Syria

Russia Dismisses Zio US Uproar Over Arms To Syria

Morris - Russia Has Stopped A Middle East War - Vid

No Sensation, Only Standing Arm Contracts – Lavrov

Israeli Forces Clash With Anti-Settlement Palestinians

Zionists Planned To Take Palestine In 1899


France To Buy American Drones For Mali War

New 'Stealth Drone' Boats Will Take On Pirates

Oil Price Manipulation Linked To Food Price Rises

Bitcoin Threatens Econ Monopoly, Bolsters Free Speech

Rosbank Chief Placed Under House Arrest

Humans Fully Outsourced To Robots by 2045?

Welcome To The US - Now Get In Line For 3 Hrs

Only 25% Americans Fit To Serve In Military

Korean Atrocity - Forgotten US War Crimes

Weiner Wife Hid Consulting Work While In State Dept


Gitmo Lawyer Speaks Out - Vid

Israel Among World's Most Racists Countries

Seven Illegals Block Broadview Detention Center

Virtue, Integrity...And What We Get

Deek - The New History Of Humanity, Final - Vid

The Dirty Hippies Were Right All Along - Vid

JoeTalk - Killing Americans - Vid

Morris - Russia Has Stopped A Middle East War - Vid

Just Be Yourself End Times Are Here - Vid

JoeTalk - Paper Money - Vid


Toronto Mayor Ford Faces Crack Cocaine Allegations

EU To Ban Olive Oil Jugs From Restaurants

World’s Richest Man Taunted Laughter And Kazoos

McDonalds Worker Sees Own Stolen Car At Drive-thru

Why Obama Will Survive Equivalent Of '5 Watergates'

Kelly Blasts IRS At Hearing & Gets Standing Ovation - Vid

IRS Scandal Headlines - More Than Meets The Eye

Military Gives Itself Power To Deploy Troops in US Cities

Israel Paying Internet 'Workers' To Tweak Online Content

Jeff Merkley Pushes 'Monsanto Protection Act' Repeal


20% Of Human Genome Already Patented By Corporations

A Fun Evening With Jeff And Jim Marrs 2/2 - Vid

Kirwan - This Must Be Done

The Continuing Fukushima Cover-Up

E-Verify = E-Total State

TX Resident Gets Video Of Tornado Closing In - Vid

We Have Blown The Largest Bubble In History

Trans-Pacific Partnership Looks Like Corporate Takeover

Entrepreneurs Gear Up For Colorado's Green Rush

The Fridge Has Eyes...And More


Images From Britain's Best Wildlife Photographers - Photos

Coldwell - Angelina Jolie Could Make Millions Mutilating Herself - Vid

A 'Hempire' Growing In Springfield

What Happens If You Get MERS-CoV

MERS Rapid Risk Assessment

Duff - US Media Create Conspiracy Theory Addiction

Google & NASA Unveil Hyperfast Quantum Computer

IRS Tax Scandal - Second Senior Official Quits

McGrath - Only Hope...Take Out The Snake - Vid

VERY Respected Names Who Said Jews Caused WW2!


Bolivia Mauls American Media Journalist

Eric Holder - Idiot Zen Master

Some Of The Sheep Are No Longer Asleep

Incredible - DHS Wants Actors For Fake Disaster News - Vid

House Immig Group Reaches Deal, Helps Amnesty

EPA Defends Approval Of Bayer's Bee-Killing Pesticide

Monsanto Roundup Features The Darth Vader Chemical - Vid

GMO-Free Food Companies - Support Them

Dane Wiggington Exposes Chemtrails Over The US - Vid

Obama Calls In Defense Chiefs Over Military Sex Crisis


Martin - Post Suppresses News On Rosie's 9/11 Doubts

Turley - 'JFK Assassination Enablers?

Robo Raven - New 3D-Printed Drone Mimics Nature

US Drone Strikes 'Deadly And Dirty'

Russia - CIA ‘Crossed Red Line’ On Recruitments

CIA Brennan In Surprise Israel Visit For Syria Talks

Russian Warships Form New Mediterranean Force

Atzmon - Right From The Rabbi’s Mouth...Zionism = Judaism

Israeli Regime Threatens More Strikes On Syria

Israel Prepares For War In The Golan Heights


Endgame Draws Near In Syria

Israel Trying To Legalize Illegal Settlements

Middle East Update For Beginners - Vid

Assange Warns US Threatens Latin American Sovereignty

Jon Stewart Mocks Horse-Race Media Attention Span - Vid

US To Reach Debt Limit Saturday

Wal-Mart Warns Of Economic Disaster

Physical Demand Shows Gold In Massive Bull Market

Many States Tout Israeli Junk Bonds

Home Foreclosures Comparable To The Great Depression


The Cashless Society Arrives In Africa

'Mom, They Did Bad Things To Me' - Alleged TSA Abuse

Mimic - Meme Of Archons (Zen)

World's Tallest Dam Approved By China

Billion Year Old Water Found Under Ontario

California Sinkhole Swallows Hillside Homes - Vid

How Did Mustard Gas End Up In Northeast Clams?

Inventor Of Fish Sticks Passes On At 96

Pig Female Cop Slams Cuffed Woman Face Down - Vid

Stop And Frisk - NYPD Racial Profiling


Toddler Pees On His Front Lawn, Mom Gets $2500 Ticket, Fired

Alleged Victim Calls Jacko A Pedophile On 'Today' Show

11 Different Ways To Halt Seasonal Allergies

Cell Phones Can Cause High BP...From Stress

Zapping Brain w/Electricity During Math Boost Skill By 33%

Carcinogenic Parabens Contaminating US Food Supply

Consciousness, Quantum Physics & Being Human - Vid

Indie Inventors Realize Their Dreams In 3D

The Ten Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels In The World - Photos

Amazing Ephemeral Wire Mesh Portraits - Vid


MERS-CoV Fatal Infections In Children In Eastern KSA

Tsarnaev 'Wrote Note' Inside Boat Prior To Arrest (right)

DHS Refuses FOIAs For Tsarnaev Bros immig Papers

China Threatens To End US Military Rule In Asia

ObamaTrauma - A Deliberately Dysfunctional Mind F**k

Congress Rethinks 9/11 Law On Military Power

Pentagon To Fight (Fake) War On Terror For 20 More Yrs

Pentagram Killers Claim Entire World A Battlefield

How US Turned Three Pacifists Into 'Violent Terrorists'

Every Injured US Soldier Will Cost US $2 Million


Shocking Report - 10,700 Men Raped In The US Military

The Real Story Behind Angelina Jolie's Double Mast

GeoEngineering - If It’s Warming, Why Is It So Cold?

From Mexico To India - Monsanto Killing More Than Biodiversity

Things No One Tells You About Military Industrial Complex

The Internet Destroyed The American Middle Class

Lawson - Israeli Apartheid And The Nakba - Vid

Russian Pacific Fleet Warships Now In Mediterranean

US Navy Tests Underwater Anti-Mine Drones In Gulf

NASA Sees Bright Explosion On The Moon


Premiums Soar - Mass Run On Gold & Silver Continues

Keiser Report - Sacred Dow - Vid

Bill Murphy - No Rule Of Law In US Financial Markets

Sen. Warren - Why Aren't Criminal Bankers Locked Up?

China Female CEO Sentenced To Death For Fraud - Vid

'Smart Rifle' Decides When To Shoot, Rarely Misses

30% Of Bee Colonies Gone Last Year - Food Collapse Near

Colony Collapse Disorder A Fraud - Pesticides Killing Bees

A-21 Meets CDC - 'It Takes A Village' Now A Federal Program

Nasa Buys Into 'Quantum' Computer


Swine Flu In Elephant Seals Off CA Central Coast

'Inventor' Of ADHD Confesses 'ADHD Is A Fictitious Disease'

US Bipolar Rates Soar Despite Heavy Psych Drug Use

Referring 'Natural' Claims To FDA Would Be 'Futile' Says Judge

Jonathan Winters With Johnny...Great Interview - Vid

How Dumb Is Dumb? Read On...

Smoking Test To Be Given To UK Pregnant Women

How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

How We Can Eat Our Landscapes - Vid

Planet Feels Swarm Of Quakes Over Last 72 Hours


Alaska - Pavlof Volcano Rumbles... Blasts 20,000 Ft Ash Cloud

TP Shortage - VZ To Import 50 Million Rolls Of Toilet Paper

WHO Confirms Patient-To-Nurse Spread Of MERS-CoV

SARS-Like Virus Formally Named MERS-CoV

Fukushima Fallout Threat, Coverup Continues

Crack In Shearon Harris Reactor Forces Plant Shut Down

Duff - $15 Trillion Dollar Terror Exposed

Benghazi Emails Contradict White House Claims

Retired 4 Star Admiral Blows Whistle on Benghazi

Obama WH Caught In HUGE Lie & Contradiction - Proof


Why Has Chris Matthews Filed For Divorce From Obama?

Clouds Darkening Obama's Second Term

Morris - Obamagate Drawing Civil War Battle Lines - Vid

House Panel OKs $80 Billion In Food Stamp Cuts

America Dead - Cops Break Into Home, Taser Person Filming - Vid

Dad Of 4 Beaten To Death By 9 CA Psychopath Cops

IRS Watching Those Teaching The Constitution, Bill Of Rights

IRS Sued Big Time By CA HIPAA-Covered Entity

Gang Of 8 Hiding National ID Card In Immig Reform

Chemtrails & Monsanto Aluminum Resistance Gene – Coincidence?


Farrell - Protests Against Mon(ster)santo

Climate Research Nearly Unanimous Claim Warming Idiots

Scientists Agree (Again) That 'Climate Change' Is Real

WHO reports first patient-to-nurse spread of new SARS-like virus

Demanded List Of Students From Conservatives