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Will ET Save Us? Can ET Save Us?

By Ray Larsen
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Whenever I’m asked, “Do you believe in UFOs?” I usually respond with “I’ve no need to believe, as I’ve experienced UFO phenomena many times, first hand.” Every sighting was different, about the only thing they had in common is Unidentified, Flying and Object. As a Naval Aviation Vet, I did learn a few things about Flying Object Identification.

Just have a look at a MUFON sighting report form. There’s quite a variety there to choose from. Also, while you’re at it, go checkout Peter Davenport’s National UFO Reporting Center and Major Star’s UFO Center. Marvel at the diversity of it all. We should commend the people who started and operate these sites, as they have organized huge amounts of sighting data for the use of the public and researchers trying to figure out the truth. They sure don’t do it for the money!

Diversity, chaotic diversity. That’s the problem with UFOlogy. There are some dedicated researchers with a wide variety of theories about who/what they are and why they come here, where they come from and how they get here, huge, way beyond the scope of this article. The mysteries just continue to deepen as the evidence piles up.

After the dawn of the nuclear age, UFO sightings increased a lot. Once the ET’s realized that “the children are playing with firecrackers again,” they devoted more resources to Planet Earth. There are tons of cases where UFOs interfered with nuclear weapons sites. Typically, one or more saucers, hovered over missile fields on both sides of the iron curtain. Freaked out crews thought they were losing control of their missiles as their electronic control systems became scrambled.

Little “nudges” like this (there have been many) may have led to the historic Reagan ­ Gorbachev summits. These 2 men had been arms racing their nations for a decade, following the doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). Suddenly, they get together and decide to change course. MAD certainly worked for a long time, but Ronnie and Gorby wisely agreed to begin reducing the numbers of nukes in their arsenals. Both sides trusted, but they also verified the balance of nuclear power. Seems today’s leaders have forgotten about this. Think we need another demo?

During the Chernobyl disaster, just before the graphite core was about to explode, a spherical craft appeared above the damaged reactor and fired 2 beams of “crimson” light right at the core, quenching the out of control fission reaction. If the core had been allowed to explode, the amount of radioactive materials raining down on parts of Europe and Russia would have been hundreds of times worse. From Pravda, The UFO brought the radiation level down. The level was decreased almost four times. This probably prevented a nuclear blast. “It seems that aliens are….basically worried about the planet’s environment.” They left it up to us to finish the job. Not long ago, it got a brand new sarcophagus, but the area around it is still very dangerous. The radiation is causing accelerated evolution.

Did Fukushima get any help? Looks like it did, if the videos posted to youtube are the real thing. Just go to youtube and type in Chernobyl or Fukushima ufo. If only 1 of all those videos recorded reality, we just might have some friends out there?

Sometimes, you have to get above it all to see the “big picture.” When I perform a thought experiment that I like to call “zoom out,” many of those confusing little details gradually pixilate, becoming irrelevant. Looking in my little “crystal ball,” some interesting things begin to come into focus.

NASA is just beginning to admit that there are plenty of star systems with habitable planets in our little backwaters of the galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is 200,000 light years across, a tiny fraction of just the observable part of the infinite Universe, about 13.8 billion light years in any direction, beyond that, we just can’t see it, due to redshift. Within 1/1000 th of the galaxy, our local neighborhood, there are at least several hundred decent planets.

I suspect that within 200 light years of Earth, there are around 50 spacefaring civilizations. They long ago discovered methods of propulsion completely different from rockets that must spew some mass out the back to move forward. Simple Newtonian physics.

Imagine space-time as a road, your space ship like your car. The tires on your car are encased in ice, no traction, so you’re going nowhere. Take away the ice and now your tires are gripping the road.

The ET’s propulsion engine grips the fabric (dark matter) of the space-time continuum like the rubber meeting the road. Apply lots of energy at certain frequencies and wallah, you are now moving away at increasing velocity, relative to your starting point.

Since there are no fixed points in space, your acceleration can continue indefinitely. As you approach the speed of light (C), relative to your starting point, you redshift and disappear to your friends back on Earth. Stars behind you look red and the ones ahead look blue and violet, shrinking down to a bright point as you hit the speed of light relative to the stars of the galaxy. You can go way beyond the speed of light relative to the galaxy, I think the theoretical limit is C to the 2nd power, a big number, indeed. At your halfway point, the frequency pattern is simply reversed to decelerate.

The point here is that C is not the speed limit we’ve been led to believe by the de-bunkers. I suspect Tesla (a real hero of mine) had figured this out in his later years, but never wrote it down. He no doubt had his reasons.

Some of the ETs visit Planet Earth regularly and have been for hundreds of thousands of years. I think those huge cigar shaped craft are ET’s version of the “cruise ship”. They go from planet to planet just having some fun? readers likely know that our real history is not what the schools teach. ET’s may have interacted with the civilization on Mars several million years ago before the 5th planet became the asteroid belt, more or less destroying poor little Mars in the process. If they got any advance warning, I wonder how many Martians escaped to Earth? Like Frank Jacob’s “Packing for Mars” in reverse.

But, I digress, so let’s get back to the fundamental question. Some powerful clues live in the works of Gene Roddenberry, visioneer of future history. As we all know, he created the framework for Star Trek. Among Trek fans, a common saying goes, “You can learn everything you need to know about life.” All you need do is watch all 726 episodes and 11 movies, about a month of binge watching, if you did nothing else. It’s all there folks! At the root of many episodes is a “gem,” a nugget of spiritual wisdom for those with minds receptive enough to learn.

Trek’s fictional government is the United Federation of Planets, its powerful military arm called Starfleet. People from all the races serve together to explore the vastness of space (and that’s just 1/4 th of the Galaxy, the Alpha quadrant), defending member planets from the likes of the aggressive Cardassians and the Borg, who travel the entire galaxy. War is seen by the Federation as the last resort of last resorts, when all else has failed.

Then there’s that pesky Prime Directive (PD), designed to prevent political and technology contamination of pre-warp planets. Captain Jean-Luc Picard expressed his view, "The Prime Directive is not just a set of rules. It is a philosophy, and a very correct one. History has proved again and again that whenever mankind interferes with a less developed civilization, no matter how well intentioned that interference may be, the results are invariably disastrous."

However, there were many ST episodes where the only sane solution to a particular situation involved violating the PD, it was up to a Starfleet Captain to decide the fate of a planet whose residents usually had no idea their fate was being decided. Made a great plot device.

On a planet being considered for provisional Federation membership, a civil war was imminent. A Starfleet Admiral ordered Captain Sisko to evacuate all Federation citizens off the planet. He said that the Federation had no business interfering with the politics of that planet. One side was getting support from Cardassia and both the Captain and Admiral knew it, still, he stated, “The Cardassians may involve themselves in other peoples civil wars, but we don’t.” Sisko didn’t like it, but he followed the Admiral’s orders. Sound kinda familiar?

All the Captains violated the PD in one situation or another. These were not easy decisions to make, as Captains often agonized over them while their senior staff presented the pros and cons.

If our ET’s have their own version of the Prime Directive and stick to it religiously, regardless of the circumstances, looks like we could be “toast”. On the other side of the coin, the ET’s may have never heard of the PD. Since there may be up to 50 different ET types visiting here with differing agendas, I think it likely that some follow their own version of the PD. The rest will do whatever they want, some may choose to intervene if this little water planet needs saving. I’m certain they have the technology, but wonder how much hardware they have available here? Perhaps most importantly, do they have the will?

This article is filled with conjecture, speculation and educated guesses. It represents just one man’s opinion.